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College of Musical & Theatrical Arts

Ministry of Public Works

PRODUCT DATA SHEET 0 - Drawing and general provisions of the contract, including General
and Supplementary Conditions and Division 1 Specifications, apply to this Section.



The Power Distribution Board (Feeder Pillar) for Landscape/Street Lighting shall be
freestanding type suitable for outdoor installation on 30cm high Concrete Foundation. Its
Enclosure shall be of double wall type for sandwiching 25mm thick Fiber Glass heat
insulating material to minimize the outside heat transfer in to the Board. The Enclosure
shall be fabricated from galvanized sheet steel of minimum thickness of 1.5mm and have
minimum 80 microns Electrostatic Dry Powder Epoxy Polyester surface coating. The
Enclosure shall include a Canopy at the top and slopping down towards the backside. All
four sides of the Canopy shall be bend inside and welded continuously with the body in an
aesthetic manner. Any stitch welding on this will not be accepted. The Protection Grade of
the Enclosure shall be IP 54.


The doors shall be in two vertical parts and provided with substantial stainless steel spring
hinges to close automatically. The pad locking strips shall be minimum 3 mm thick with 14
mm. dia. Holes


The window of the photo-cell shall be 50 mm x 100 mm with suitably sized round holes on
the enclosure itself and fitted with a transparent, clear polycarbonate or plexiglass plate
minimum 5 mm. A sliding type shutter for closing from inside shall be provided. The
ventilators shall be one at the top and one at the bottom on each side of the Feeder Pillar.


The mounting changes shall be provided with holes suitable from M16 anchoring bolls and
two Nos. of separate gland plates with weather proofing gaskets shall be provided for
fixing the incoming and outgoing cable glands. The dust filters shall have standard
dimensions of 150 mm (W) x 100 mm (H) x 4 mm. (Thick).


The equipment mounting panel shall be fabricated from minimum 3 mm thick galvanized
sheet steel and shall be provided with robust stainless steel handles at the top and bottom or
at the two sides. At the front of the equipment mounting panel and inside the Feeder Pillar,
a full length second door from minimum 1.5 mm thick galvanized sheet steel with
necessary slots for the opening knobs of the MCCBs and RCBOs shall be provided to
prevent any accidental contact with bus-bars or other live material during maintenance. The
single lent door shall be hinged to the body on its left hand side by at least 4 Nos. of
substantial stainless steel hinges and shall be closed on the right by galv. Steel captive

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Section 16445- 1

double pole 30/32 Amps. I. M. The phase terminal blocks shall be all single unit type suitable for 35 sq. The incoming and outgoing moulded case circuit breakers shall comply in all respects to the IEC Publication No.L. Ref. b. electrical danger sign of approved type. Power Socket for maintenance and test equipment shall be installed at an accessible location and shall be wired and connected with a single phase 15A. L. mm. The electromagnetic contactor shall fully comply with the IEC Publication No. No. The terminals shall be pressure type a 120 mm. 2% spare of load break switch (isolators) of each copper conductors. mm. of each size Document – III / 2 Section 16445.C. for easy identification. K. H.S specifications. Miniature circuit breakers (2 per each phase) shall be mounted in the Feeder Pillar. 947-1. The RCBOs shall have a rated service short circuit braking capacity of 10 KA at 240/415 volts and earth leakage element to trip the breaker in the event of an earth fault of 300 mA. four pole 10Amp. engraved with details. Also. All wiring inside the Feeder Pillar shall be carried out with high temperature Type-5 PVC insulated 600/1000 V. x 50 mm non-corrosion metal name plat at the front of the left had side door. Spare Parts For distribution boards and switchboards provide the following spare parts: SQEC a. 2% spare circuit breakers for different rating of mccb’s. and Manufacturer’s Name. SP and 1 No. x 150 mm. 2%spare HRC fuses for different rating. Round and stranded 2. For outgoing circuits 2 Nos. Additionally. 1 No. 2% spare of C. 15 Amp.5 sq. 15 Amp. Rating No. of outgoing ways etc. also from a metal plate shall be fixed on the right hand side door. The Neutral and Earth Bars shall be provided with suitable pressure type terminals for connecting the main Neutral and the Earth conductors and the number of outgoing terminals shall be suitable for 16 sq. Each Feeder Pillar shall be provided with a 120 mm. Type 5 PVC or XLPE insulated Copper cables. single core rigid.2 . d. J. The connection between the contactor and the phase bus-bars shall be by Type-5 PVC or XLPE insulated standard copper cables and the connection between the outgoing MCCB an the terminals by 35 sq. 30 mA RCBO. or greater. c. copper conductors. 947-2 and the value of the Breaking Capacities specified shall be the Rated Service Short Circuit Breaking Capacity as per this IEC.O. G.College of Musical & Theatrical Arts Ministry of Public Works F.B.E. copper conductor cables all complying with latest relevant IEC and/or B. N. TP RCBO (30 mA) shall be provided for 24-hour power supply. A high quality 13 Amp. and 6 Nos.

C.College of Musical & Theatrical Arts Ministry of Public Works 2. Or approved equal END OF SECTION 16445 SQEC Document – III / 2 Section 16445.3 . Al Nisf Electrical Co. Al-Ahlea Switchgear D. Sahara F. Ebomac B. General Control Group E.0 List of Approved Manufacturers A.