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Ch 7: The Untold Story

As I heard Edward running through the forest I started to

hyperventilate. “It’s okay Bella, calm down”. I whispered to myself.
When Edward jumped through the window my breathing slowed
down impeccably. He walked over and gave me a kiss on the cheek
before sitting on the end of my bed.
“Edward I promised to tell you the story so I will”.
He sat there and smiled at me waiting for me to start.
“306 years ago I was staying with a coven. Eliza, Mary and Patricia.
After a year of staying with them we had some travellers who were
interested in our way of life. Their names were Aro, Marcus and
Caius who were guarded by Alec, Demetri and Felix. Aro sent
Marcus and Caius away with the guard as he planned to live with us a
few years. The others welcomed him in to our house while I stood and
watched. I was lucky he didn’t recognise me. I tried to stay away from
him but it wasn’t easily done. I asked my sisters if one of them would
never leave my side. They didn’t understand so I told them the story
of how Aro had killed my mother. Two years later while the girls
were on a hunting trip, Aro decided to make his move. I knew that he
was attracted to me but I didn’t let him know that. When I wasn’t
paying attention he hit me so hard that I got knocked out. I wasn’t
quite sure what happened then but I have a pretty good idea. When I
woke up I was scared to death. I was tied to the bed and completely
naked. Aro was in the corner of the room and just like me he was
completely bare as well. Then he attacked me”. I told him with tears
running down my cheeks.
“Bella, by attacked do you mean raped?” Edward asked.
I nodded my head, and continued the story.
“He left after that, he obviously didn’t want to get caught by my
sisters. When they did come home Mary was the one who found me.
She took me to see her mother. Her mother was a Doctor. Because she
is a vampire she knew all about us. And sadly we knew that we
couldn’t involve the police. After I was healed I left the hospital to go
back home. My sisters wouldn’t leave my side. After a week of being
home, I noticed something. I was pregnant. I loathed Aro for what he
did but I just didn’t want to get rid of the baby. So I waited nine
months for her to be born and when she was, I knew that I had made
the right choice to keep her. I cared for her until she was 200 years
old and let her free. I was then adopted into a human family and here I
am.” As I finished I looked up to Edward to find him with hate filled
eyes. I reached out to his emotions and felt sorrow, sadness, hate,
anger and shock.
“I’m sorry Bella I didn’t know”. He whispered.
I didn’t reply.
To try and change the subject I asked, “How’s Alice holding up?”
He laughed. “Well to be honest, she’s not having the time of her life.”
I laughed as well.
“Bella, did you want to tell me family the story?”
“Um, I don’t think I’m going to tell anyone else for a while” I replied.
“I don’t think my emotions could take it.”
“Okay, I understand.” He whispered. “I just thought they ought to
“How about you tell them?”
“Are you sure? I mean this is really personal. I thought you would
want to tell them.”
“I’m sure. If your okay with it” I said concerned
He smiled. “I’m fine with it”
Ch 8: Messages
Edward left early that night to go tell his family.
A few minutes after he left my phone started going off.

Oh hot damn, this is my jam

Keep me partying till the A.M
Yall don’t understand, make me throw my hands
In the Ayer , ay , Ayer , Ayer , ay , Ayer

I picked up my phone and read the message.

Dearest Bella,
You told our little secret. Those who know are to meet
me here at the castle. I know your little gift can get
them here quickly. I hope to see you soon.
I almost dropped the phone. How did he know?
My little gift to get them there quickly. Oh. He means how I can
move in the blink of an eye. Right.
And as quick as a flash I was in the Cullens house. So, Edward told
them I had been raped. Luckily he hasn’t said the name.
“No! Edward, don’t say anymore!”I shouted.
They all looked at me with confused eyes. I tossed Edward my phone.
As he read the message shock consumed his face.
“Y-you mean that.....”He stuttered.
I nodded.
“Awww c’mon what is it?” Emmett exploded
Edward passed the phone around the room and one by one the shock
all settled on their faces.
“Well this changes things.” Emmett whispered
My phone went off a second time. Except this time it was a call.
Everybody look at me, me
I walk in the door you start screaming
Come on everybody what you here for?
Move your body around like a nympho
Everybody get your necks to crack around
All you crazy people come on jump around
I want to see you all on your knees, knees
You either want to be with me, or be me!

Maneater, make you work hard

Make you spend hard
Make you want all, of her love
She's a maneater
make you buy cars
make you cut cards
make you fall, real hard in love

They all stared at me half amused.

“What? I like the song okay?”
Emmett tossed me my phone and I answered it.
Hello young Bella.
“How did you get my number?”
I have my sources.
“What do you want?”
I’m just curious as to what is taking so long.
“We are on our way just be patient”
Hmmm I hope so cause you know what will happen if
you’re not here before tomorrow. So I suggest you
hurry up.
“Whatever. We will come when we are ready!”
Ohhh Feisty just the way I like them.
And with that I ended the call.
I looked around the room to find Alice and Edward fuming with rage
and Emmett and Jasper laughing their asses off.
“Jeez Bella, calm down” Jasper said between laughs.
“I can’t calm down. You would know why but I can’t tell you the
story” I said angrily.
“Bella we should probably get going” Alice said sadly.
I frowned and nodded.
“I’ll bring her back safe Jasper. I promise” I whispered.
He was speechless so, he nodded.
I grabbed Edwards hand and told Alice to hold mine.
“Don’t let go” I warned her.
And within seconds we were at the entrance of the Volturi temple.

Ch 9: The Volturi
Alice, Edward and I walked swiftly through the front doors and
towards the front desk. The lady at the desk looked up and smiled at
“Hello, what can I do to help you today?” she asked politely
“Hi. We are here to see Aro.” I stated
“I’m sorry but Aro is eating dinner at the moment. Could you possibly
wait an hour or two?” she smiled
“Yeah sure.” I replied tonelessly
We walked silently toward the seats in the room to wait to see Aro.
It was over an hour later that Giana said we could go through to see
Aro. We all said a polite thank you before running at an inhuman
speed to the dungeons. We stopped at the door and knocked. Aro said
“Come in Bella”
Edward opened the door for us and then held my hand. Alice trailed
by my side silently.
“Well well what do we have here?” he observed. “Hmmm young
Alice, young Edward and of course young Bella. Fascinating.”
“Yeah. Just fascinating.” I replied heavy on the sarcasm.
Then I heard an intake of breath. We all looked around to see who it
was. That’s when I saw her. My daughter. A tear fell out of my eye
but wiped it away before anyone could see. Then I filled up with rage.
She found her father! Edward looked at me questionably and I said in
a whisper “that’s her” More tears poured out of my eyes. I had about a
second until I ‘saw’ what Aro would do.

Start vision
Aro walked over to Lissa (my daughter) and said ‘you stupid girl’
and slapped her across her face. Lissa whimpered in pain and he
just slapped her again.
End Vision
“No!” I roared. I ran across the room and stood in front of Lissa.
“You touch her and I’ll snap your neck!”
He shuffled forward and raised his hand. I raised my fist and punch
him so hard that he ended up on the other side of the room. I turned
around and told Lissa to go stand with Edward and Alice. Aro lunged
at me and as we collided a bang filled the room. I wondered why
Aro’s guard hadn’t stopped me but then realised he’d called them off.
While I had the chance I ran over to Alice, Edward and Lissa. Aro
stood up and looked at me. “I remember you from somewhere not
from what happened 300 years ago but before that.”
Then I turned myself into an 8 yr old. “Remember me now?” I asked
He gasped. “You mean that was your mother I killed?”
I nodded. And once again I was seventeen.
“Anyway back to business.” He said
“What business?”I exclaimed
“Well were gonna have to kill you and your little friends”
“Because I told you not to tell anyone.”
“And I told you to stay away from her” I yelled
“Yes. I’m well aware of our agreement but that’s not the point”
“Yes it is! I told you that I wouldn’t kill you if you would stay away
from Lissa and never contact her!”I objected
Edward once again took my hand trying to calm me down.
“Mum? What do you mean? Why can’t he contact me? Who is he to
me?” Lissa wondered
“Lissa, Aro is your father. I’ll tell you why and how when we get
back home.” I responded.
Aro whispered something in Jane’s ear and I felt a sharp jab in my
“Blocking her out are you Bella?” Aro frowned “I’ve got an idea!”
Edward and I both hissed when we heard what he was thinking.
“Come out of your shield Bella and feel Jane’s wrath for a whole
minute and you all are free to go or you all die” Aro told me
I looked around at Alice and Lissa they looked back with eyes that
were sad. Then I looked at Edward. He said “Don’t do t please Bella”
“I have to. It’s the only way” I whispered.
Then he bent down and kissed me so passionately that I could have
fainted. I broke the kiss and turned my back to him. I stepped forward
out of my shield ready for anything.
Ch 10: Pain
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