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Shri Shirdi Sai speaks-3rd Jan/Latest News from Shirdi for 2010

Om Sai Ram !Om Ganeshaya Namaha!

Jai Maata di!Om Nama Shivaya!
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Latest News from Shirdi for 2010:

Shirdi Trust Hikes Prasad Price UnequallyYogesh Joshi -
Hindustan Times-Pune.January 02nd`2010
After Homes and Restaurants, the faithful of Shirdi are the latest to feel the
burden of the
Hike in Prices of food Grains and Vegetables.As of January 1st`2010 the
Shirdi Temple Trust — one of the Richest in the country — has raised the
price of the Prasad Thali sold to Devotees at the "SHRI SAI
The Rate Hike applies only to the General Public and not the Privileged
Devotees, including the rich and the famous, who will continue to pay the
old rate.For General Devotees, the Trust has hiked Prasad price from Rs 6/-
to Rs 10/- but for the VIPs, the Rate stays the same as before, at Rs 25/-.
The Trust has not touched the Rs 5/- slab of Prasad Thali for Children.
Devotees reacted angrily, expressing disappointment over the
hike as well as the discrimination.
According to information from the Trust, the Temple gets an average of Rs
350 crore in donations every year. The Trust said it currently loses Rs 25
crore every year because of the subsidy on Prasad rates.“The Trust
subsidises the Prasad offered to every person by around Rs 17. However,
with increased prices of vegetables and foodgrains, it is impossible to hold
the Old rates, which is why the trust has hiked prasad rates,” said Urmila
Jadhav, a trustee.
Pune local Varsha Kulkarni, who visited the temple with her family, said:
“This Trust has earnings running into Crores. Why don’t they offer free
prasad? And hiking rates for the poor and retaining those for the Rich is
Discriminatory.”At Temples across the country, devotees get Prasad free of
Cost. Some of them — like the one at Shegaon, where thousands come to
worship the saint Gajanan Maharaj,even offer Free Meals to all Devotees
every day. Some also commented that the VIP's get a separate seating
where they can eat at ease, unlike the other General Public.The trustees
have now said they will also consider hiking Prasad rates for the Rich/VIP's
also.“We had proposed hiking VIP rates also, from Rs 25/- to Rs 50/-, but
some Trustees Opposed it. Now, we will consider it in the next meeting,”
said Jadhav.Around 25,000 devotees visit Shirdi on weekends. On
Auspicious days, like Ram Navami, around Two Lakh devotees come to the
Sai Baba Shrine
Latest News from Shirdi in 2010:
2nd Jan 2010:
Shirdi Earns Rs.200 Crore's in 10 Days
Shirdi : From Christmas till New Year's ie, since last 10 days, Shirdi has
earned a whooping Rs.200 Crore's.
According to information, received Shirdi Sai Sansthan has made a net
profit of Rs.8 Crore's in the last 10 days itself. 25 lakh Devotees had the
blessed Darshan of Shirdi Saibaba and made around Rs.6.5 lakhs donation
in all, as offerings to Baba.
Apart from it, Shirdi Sai Sansthan earned Rs.1.5 Crore's by Prasad Bhojan
distribution etc.During this period all the Private Hotels / Lodges have also
made a good earning. Hotels, Lodges, Florists, Parking, Private Luxury
Taxi/Bus services etc had hiked their Fares by Four to Five times. Inspite,
of all this Devotees spent crore's generously in the name of Sai Baba.
Source - http://pratahkal. com/index.
Message from the teachings of Sai baba for 3rd January

Pilgrimage To Shirdi
The evil deeds get nullified with charity, righteousness, service, pilgrimage
to holy places and mind gets relaxed by visiting the shrines. Therefore, let
us undertake pilgrimage to Shirdi and pay respects to our Perfect Master
and God-Sai Baba. A work is conceived first in the mind. By the very
thought of journeying to Shirdi, our internal journey to Shirdi has begun.
When the objective is good, Baba will ensure that our journey to Shirdi is
cleared of all hurdles. Baba had several times cautioned His devotees not to
visit the shrine by borrowing funds.Our resolve to visit Shirdi implants the
seed of happiness in us. The enthusiasm for starting the journey springs up
in the mind. The heart prays with respect, saying, "Baba, You have to take
me to You". With this, our duty is over. Look! Sainath's grace will take care
of every step in our pilgrimage to Shirdi. Money and other things would
come from unexpected sources. Some more people will get ready to
accompany us. The mind always watches the glory of Sai Nath Maharaj. The
tongue keeps singing His name. The ears would be pleased to listen to His
songs of praise. But, the eyes impatiently yearn to see the beautiful idol of
Baba seated on the throne at Samadhi Mandir in Shirdi. Why the delay
now? Let us start for Shirdi. Hail the Supreme Divine Master of all, Shri
Sainath Maharaj.
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Shree SatChidananda Sadguru Sainadh Maharaj Ki Jai