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Code of Practice

ADE is committed to operating its business practices based on professionalism, integrity,

ethics and quality customer service. ADE has a strong focus on continuous improvement and
always strives to develop and expand its operations. Continuous improvement is focussed on
(but not limited to) training and assessment services, client services and management
systems and operations.

ADE will maintain a learning environment that is conducive to the success of course
participants and will ensure that the facilities, methods and materials used in the provision of
training will be appropriate to the outcomes to be achieved. ADE will maintain systems for
recording and archiving client information including results and will provide clients with access
to their own records upon request.

This code creates a framework of minimum standard of professional conduct that ADE must
adhere too. Central to the Code of Practice is the underlying principle of being fair and
reasonable. All ADE members are expected to abide by the code in the way they conduct
business and in the treatment of clients and colleagues. Any member of the organisation who
breaches this code will be either subject to suspension, reprimand, re-training or termination.

This code of practice applies to all employees, subcontractors and consultants (‘personnel’)
of ADE.

For nationally recognised training programs all assessments will be designed in such a way
so that they are fair, reliable, flexible and valid. A variety of assessment approaches will be
used and where necessary reasonable adjustments will be made provided they do not breach
the Training Package guidelines. All assessment tools will be validated in a standardised

ADE will be open to any audit requirements by appropriate authorities and
contractual agreements.

Communication during Training

Because the trainer is seen to be in a “power position” in relation to the student/client or fellow
work member, any conversation/comment has to be absolutely unambiguous and
professional. The following are examples of what would be determined as inappropriate
comment or abuse of your professional position/relationship:
• Using gender references for various parts of the vehicle, especially parts located on
the gearlever.
• Asking for personal information from the student or fellow staff member.
• Making favorable comment about the student’s or fellow staff member appearance or
distinguishing characteristics
• Providing advice to students or fellow staff member on their personal issues. Anyone
providing advice, whether by professionals or not, can be sued if the expectations of
what happens when the student or fellow staff member follows such advice and the
results do not meet the expectations of the student or fellow staff member.
• Holding lengthy conversations with only one of the students, leaving the other student
feeling left out.
• Holding any conversation on a Test Drive that is not related to the Test Drive.
• On courses where one or both of the students are female, both students will be
required to stay for the whole Course
• Only officially approved roads, streets and industrial parks are to be used for training.
At no time is an Instructor to take students to the student’s home, or instruct the
student to drive through recreational parks.
• No staff member will be aggressive, threatening or violent to any other staff member
or student at any time.

Complaints and Appeals

ADE will do everything within their power to service the needs of their customers and
eliminate customer dissatisfaction. ADE will handle all complaints diligently, in a fair and
equitable way, sensitive to equality, cultural and religious requirements. A record of all
complaints will be kept.

Confidentiality and Privacy

ADE will maintain and keep confidential all student records.

ADE will abide by all copyright requirements when delivering courses that are owned by other
organisations or government departments.

Discrimination and Harassment

ADE will ensure that staff and clients are not subject to any form of harassment (sexual, equal
opportunity, religious or otherwise) or discrimination (sex, equal opportunity, religious or

Fair Trade
ADE will conduct all aspects of its business inline with ‘fair trade practices’.

ADE issue appropriate financial records to relevant authorities as part of their private provider

ADE will update our knowledge on legislation and procedure changes related to our job

ADE will market their training products with integrity, accuracy and professionalism, avoiding
vague and ambitious statements. In the provision of information, no false or misleading
comparisons will be drawn with any other provider or course.

Marketing will occur through radio, yellow pages, yellow pages on-line, industry magazines,
and by the process of relationship marketing with employment agencies and motorcycle
retailers. Recruit students in an honest, open and factual way, both verbally and with
supported written material.

Course Information
Prior to enrolling in a course clients will be provided with up-to-date and accurate information
covering the following points:
• Course objectives and outcomes
• Details of any legislative and/or licence requirements
• Delivery methods and subjects covered
• Assessment methods and/or testing requirements
• Course dates and times
• Opportunities for RPL/RCC or mutual recognition where relevant
• Course fees and refund policy
• Course pre-requisites
• Resources and facilities
• Available support services
• Complaints and appeals procedures
• Client records and information
• Welfare and guidance
• Access and equity
• Client rights and responsibilities
• Enrolment and selection process

National Recognition
For nationally recognised training programs ADE will recognise the qualifications and
Statements of Attainment issued by other RTOs. ADE will check the NTIS website to ensure
that the RTO is registered and may contact the RTO to check results if required. Certified
copies of results from other RTOs will be kept in the clients file for evidence purposes.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

ADE will adhere to its moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work
environment for employees, contractors, customers and visitors and to ensure its operations
do not place the local community at risk of injury, illness or property damage. ADE will adhere
to all OHS procedures and policies laid down in their quality manual, VicRoads and legislation
requirements. ADE’s policies and procedures cover the following information which must be
adhered to by all:
• OHS Policy
• Managements responsibility
• OHS Register
• OHS Committee
• Issue resolution
• OHS promotion and publicity
• Hazard identification, risk assessment and control
• Location of library in lecture room
• Contract review
• Working off site
• Fleet maintenance
• Evaluation and induction of personnel
• Safety signs and safe facility
• Hazard registration
• Emergency and communication
• Workplace inspection
• Health, hazard and injury reporting
• Personnel competency, licence and training records
• OHS induction program

Qualifications, Statements of Attainments, Certificates and

ADE will issue qualifications, statements of attainment, certificates, permits and licences
within the guidelines of the AQTF, Training Packages, AQF and VicRoads.

Refund Policy
• Full course fees are payable no less than 14 days prior to the commencement of a
course. From time to time the office staff call to remind candidates that their fees are due
however this is a courtesy and not a requirement. It is the candidates’ responsibility to
ensure that they pay their fees in the required time frame.
• If a student fails to pay the course fees in full 14 days prior to the course starting their
place on the course will be cancelled.
• All students are informed of the course requirements, licensing requirements and
medical requirements of courses prior to commencement. If a student gives false or
misleading information regarding their eligibility to participate then they will be removed
from the course and no refund will be granted.
• If a student gives more than one week (7 days) notice of cancellation prior to the starting
date of the course(s), or does not meet VicRoads health or licence requirements, or is
rejected by a VicRoads Medical Review more than seven days before the course
commences, a full refund will apply.
• If a student cancels less than one week (7 days) from the starting date of the course(s)
or does not meet VicRoads health and licensing requirements, or is rejected by a
VicRoads Medical Review, a 40% refund will apply.
• If a student fails to attend, or cancels the course(s) or fails to meet VicRoads health and
licensing requirements on the course starting date, no refund will be given.
• It is the student’s responsibility to check course start times and to ensure they arrive 10
minutes prior to a course/lesson commencing. In the interest of student safety and
fairness to others if a student arrives for a course/lesson more than 30 minutes after the
starting time without prior consent they will not be permitted to participate. In such cases
the student will not be eligible for a refund.
• If a student commences a course or fails to arrive for a course or arrives late for a course
and is not permitted to join the class then they will need to pay the full course cost in
order to join a place on another course.
• Students on courses that are fully or partially funded will be liable to pay the FULL course
fees if they cancel or withdraw from the course will less than one week (7 days) notice or
are removed from a course for any reason.
• ADE reserves the right to remove any student from a course who disobeys instructions
from the trainer, who behaves in a manner which is disruptive or who endangers the
trainer, the other students or themselves. If a student is removed from a course due to
unruly or unsafe behaviour they will not be eligible for a refund.
• All refund applications must be made in writing and addressed to the CEO.
• All refund requests will be responded to in writing and any refunds granted will be
received by cheque within four weeks from the refund application date.

Resources and Facilities

ADE will purchase, lease or operate training equipment, training ranges or facilities that meet
VicRoads, Government or Council guidelines. This equipment, vehicles, Training ranges or
facilities will be maintained to the standards laid down by VicRoads or other relevant
legislation. ADE will keep vehicles in a sound mechanical order, cleaned in side and out when
required and kept free from body, smoke and chemical odour.

ADE will have an open access library in the lecture room so as relevant course texts can be
viewed and referenced by students.

All ADE staff are required to deliver a professional service while maintaining a high standard
of integrity throughout all aspects of our business practices.

ADE will contact appropriate stakeholders on any changes related to its accreditation

ADE maintains a quality management system designed and implemented to fulfil its
obligations under the AQTF and to VicRoads. This system creates a framework for clearly
defining the control of all processes relating to ADE and the training, assessing and testing of
clients. Regular internal audits and reviews are conducted to ensure that ADE complies with
it’s quality manual.
Student Recruitment
The recruitment of students will be conducted at all times in an ethical and responsible
manner. Recruitment decisions are the responsibility of the CEO with an emphasis on the
aspirations, proficiency and qualifications of the student in line with the competency standards
and course outcomes.

Testing (VicRoads)
It is Management’s responsibility to schedule Tests for students. In the interest of fair testing
ADE staff members will not test any relation or personal friend of theirs. A neutral staff
member not related to the person or a personal friend will conduct the assessment.

Trainers, Assessors and Testers

All trainers have at least the minimum qualifications required as determined by the NQC,
AQTF and VicRoads. Trainers, assessors and testers will not use foul, abusive, or suggestive
language when they’re with or within 100 metres of a student. Trainers, assessors and testers
will be drug free and have a blood alcohol content of zero as per legislation and ADE’s job
role requirements.

ADE will manage and plan training, assessment, evaluation and reporting based on AQTF
and VicRoads guidelines. ADE will develop or purchase training curriculums that meet or
exceed VicRoads or Industry guidelines and standards. For all nationally recognised training
programs, ADE will ensure that the latest Training Package or accredited course is used.

ADE will provide an appropriate training environment that is aligned to curriculum,

competency, and VicRoads requirements. Training will be delivered based on appropriate
adult learning techniques in the most flexible manner relevant to the students’ and
organisations’ needs.

Training routes are to be strictly confined to main roads, freeways, industrial parks and
allowable minor roads. Our trainers, where practical will use the ADE training model in
delivering training.

Uniforms and Staff Presentation

ADE will ensure that relevant personnel will comply with company uniform policy and wear
safety vest or jacket when training and testing as per OHS requirements. Additionally ADE will
ensure that their personnel maintain a high level of personal hygiene (no body or smoke

Work Ethic
ADE and its staff will on all occasions will act in a professional manner in all facets of its
business. The will not deliberately poach clients from other organisations or run other
organisation down, but focus on the positives of ADE performance and quality outcomes. If
clients approach ADE of their own free will, ADE will focus on delivering quality training and
assessment outcomes to service the clients’ needs without rubbishing the other organisation.