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Dear Trading Enthusiast, Thank you for stopping by and requesting a FREE copy of our MetaStock “Buyer’s Guide” that we call The 7 Vital Questions You Must Ask Before You Purchase Technical-Analysis Software. You are reading this guide for one of many reasons, which likely include the following: • • • • • You are new to trading and want to start out on the right foot by using a well known charting software tool. You have been trading for a while, but have had little or no success. You have decided to seek out charting software tool that will help you make more profitable trades. You are a seasoned trader using another piece of software. For whatever reason you do not like your current software and are looking for a change. You are tired of leaving your financial security in your broker’s hands and want (at the very least) to track the trades they have made on your behalf. You are highly competitive and take pleasure in beating the Dow. You are looking for the right charting software tool to give you the upper hand in determining your trades.

To help you achieve your goals (whatever they might be) consider asking yourself these 7 questions when determining which version of MetaStock® is right for you:

MetaStock End-of-Day

MetaStock Professional

MetaStock Pro FX

1. What kind of trader are you? 2. What experience do you have with the markets? 3. What charting software features are important to you? 4. How complex do you need the charting software to be? 5. How important is software training to you? 6. What amount have you budgeted for to purchase the software? 7. Where will you get your market data feed? (Let’s break these questions out further … on the following pages ►) | Page 2 of 10

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We have found that asking the right questions early on in the process will save you a lot of time and effort down the road by ensuring that you choose the right software in the first place.

Quick Tip: You can upgrade MetaStock at a later date if you decide to move from one version to another without any worries. So don’t be afraid to try the MetaStock End-of-Day version now knowing that you can upgrade to the MetaStock Professional version later.

Now let’s take those questions from the first page and flesh them out a bit:
1. What kind of trader are you? MetaStock Professional is perfect if you: • • • Don’t have a typical “day job” (or you are a non-professional day trader) and absolutely need to see what is happening throughout the trading day with real-time or 15minute delayed data. Are a “Swing Trader” and need to see things on an hourly, daily, weekly and/or monthly basis Enjoy the excitement and drama of being more of an “active trader” than a “buy-andhold investor”

MetaStock Pro FX is perfect if you: • Are only interested in trading currencies in the FOREX market.

MetaStock End-of-Day is perfect if you: • • • • Have a “day job” and do your analysis after the markets have closed Are new to trading and would like to slowly get into the stock market Are a "Buy and Hold" long-term position investor and you are less interested in what has happened hour by hour throughout the day Are more of an “investor” than a “trader”

2. What experience do you have with the markets? Do you consider yourself a: Technician who prefers to analyze the stock charts to make your “buy” or “sell” decisions or a … Fundamentalist who prefers to analyze a company’s financials (such as sales, earnings, debt, management and growth potential) to make your “buy” or “sell” decisions? MetaStock is first and foremost a technical analysis tool and if you are a technician then you are going to fall in love with this program. Stock charts is what it does best! If you are an active market fundamentalist then you might consider having a look at Quote Center®. It provides both a real-time data feed and comprehensive market news from Reuters with over 700 data fields to pour over including: trailing 12-month cash flow, accrued interest, annual dividend and previous year’s earnings. For more information go to: | Page 3 of 10

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Do you trade online or call your broker to place a trade? → MetaStock allows you to link to your online broker’s website within the program so you can quickly and easily initiate your trades. Do you understand the power of computers and enjoy using them, or do you just get by? → MetaStock is easy to use, but if you do find you are having a problem simply contact Equis® Technical Support by phone, fax or email and they will be happy to assist you. → On Demand Online Training is available by going to the following website:

Quick Tip: Do you trade from an office or do you travel and work with a laptop? → MetaStock allows you to install the software on two computers (such as your desktop and your laptop) so long as you only use one at a time.

3. What charting software features are important to you? • Charts are a visual interpretation of a security and we each have our own preferences as to how the charts are shown. You can view charts in any of the nine charting styles that are included with MetaStock. You can choose from Candlesticks, Line, Bars, Candlevolume, Point & Figure, Kagi, Renko 3 Line Break and Equivolume

You can also create your own lines studies & add comments directly on the chart. The following line studies are available: • • • • • • Trend lines Fibonacci lines Gann lines Regression channels Tirone levels And many more … | Page 4 of 10

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4. How complex do you need the charting software to be? • MetaStock is as simple or as complex as you need it to be! You can: i. Look at charts ii. Run daily scans to find new stock picks

Quick Tip:
One of your biggest challenges is finding which securities to watch. MetaStock’s Explorer saves you time by quickly scanning through your universe of securities and finding the opportunities that match your criteria!

For example – MetaStock’s “Explorer®” can quickly scan through multiple securities to help you find which security has just generated a “buy” or “sell” signal based on the MACD expert.

iii. Run detailed back tests to test your trading ideas on one or more securities | Page 5 of 10

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iv. Use over 200 built in indicators and experts to determine when to buy or sell

Quick Tip: For a complete list of the indicators included in MetaStock please
go to the following website: If the indicator that you are interested in does not appear on the list, then consider: 1. Building your own indicator (more info on the next page) … 2. Looking at purchasing one of the many add-ons or 3 party plug-ins that are available for MetaStock … 3. Visiting the Custom Formula section of Equis’ website where users have posted their own formulas …

The Expert Advisor allows you to "consult" a built-in trading expert for advice on what to do in your particular situation. | Page 6 of 10

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v. Build your own indicators and formulas using MetaStock’s custom programming language

Quick Tip: For more information on MetaStock’s custom programming language please go to: Download the FREE MetaStock Formula Primer [PDF] as it will explain the MetaStock Formula Language and how it works.

5. How important is software training to you? One of the nice things about purchasing MetaStock is that you are never alone and left to “fend for yourself” once your purchase has been made. In fact, opportunities abound when it comes to getting answers to any questions you might have about MetaStock or trading in general! These opportunities include: → On Demand software training available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on our website: → Live Webinars & Seminars put on by Equis International (the developer of MetaStock). For details go to the website: → Assistance from Equis’ Technical Support. For details go to the website: → Getting Help From Your Peers via the Equis Forum or MetaStock User Groups

(Note: Equis holds weekly online user group meetings to discuss current trading topics.) | Page 7 of 10

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6. What amount have you budgeted to purchase the software? Another important thing to consider is how much you want to spend on the software. If you have done any research you’ll already know that the cost of this type of software ranges anywhere from $500 to over $5,000 (market data feed not included). MetaStock is priced (if you wanted to purchase the software outright) as follows: MetaStock End-of-Day MetaStock Professional for Quote Center MetaStock Professional for eSignal MetaStock Pro FX $449 USD $1,395 USD $1,495 USD $1,095 USD Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

Note that the software is identical and is configured to only work with this particular data feed

It is also worth pointing out that you can subscribe/lease MetaStock instead of buying it outright! The subscription version will be of interest to those people who: → Would prefer to pay for the software over time (rather than upfront) … → Know that they can cancel their subscription at any time (i.e. there are no contracts to sign) … → Know that when a new release of the software comes out they will automatically get a copy without having to pay more for it … The monthly fees for the subscription versions are as follows: MetaStock End-of-Day MetaStock Professional for Quote Center MetaStock Pro FX $34 USD/month $100 USD/month $80 USD/month Sign-Up Now Sign-Up Now Sign-Up Now

If you click the above Sign-Up Now links, you will be taken to a sign-up page that will let you try the subscription version FREE for 30 days including market data!

These monthly fees will be charged in addition to your monthly data fee so your total monthly charge would be: MetaStock End-of-Day (with Reuters Data Link) $59 USD per month MetaStock Professional for Quote Center MetaStock Pro FX $235 USD per month $179 USD per month Sign-Up Now Sign-Up Now Sign-Up Now

Real-time data may have additional exchanges fees (visit here for a list of fees) Remember, if you have an older version of MetaStock, you can easily upgrade to the latest version (10.1). Also, if you want to start off with MetaStock End-of-Day, upgrading to any of the Professional versions is easy to do! Pricing for the upgrades and crossgrades can be found at this website: | Page 8 of 10

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7. Where will you get your market data feed? The final thing you need to think about when purchasing your technical analysis software is your market data source. After all, you can’t do your analysis without market data! Some people who call us ask us what we think about the free data services. We usually tell them to consider the following: → There are no free lunches; you get what you pay for … → What about support or guarantees on how accurate the data is? → Updating the data may require manual importing so MetaStock can read the data. What you might save in money you waste in time and accuracy … → Manipulating the data manually also means you yourself might create an error in the data that you might not catch … → Why risk making a mistake that could cause you to lose some of your hard earned money on free data that could very well have errors in it? It is certainly your call though -- it is your money! If making your buy/sell decisions are based on quality, and dependable data is important to you, then here is who we recommend you consider for your market data needs: Software Data Service Monthly Cost $24.95 USD More Information

MetaStock End-of-Day

MetaStock Pro for Quote Center

$135.00 USD

MetaStock Pro for eSignal

$125.00 USD

MetaStock Pro FX

$99.00 USD

If you are interested in considering the major differences between Quote Center and eSignal data, please go to: It is worth pointing out that this monthly data fee is by “data group” and these “data groups” are typically divided by geographical areas (i.e. North American, Asian & European markets). To see how each data package is organized please go to the following websites: → → → Reuters Data Link Quote Center eSignal | Page 9 of 10

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In Summary, Here Are Your Options:

Target Group For beginner, less active traders and buyand-hold investors

Professional for Quote Center
For active traders and those interested in live news and market data

Professional for eSignal
For active traders interested in real-time trading

Pro FX
For those who are interested in trading the Forex market only

Option 1 – Purchase Software Outright Software Cost Guarantee Data Source $449 USD Reuters Data Link $24.95 USD / month $1,395 USD $1,495 USD ** 30-Day Money Back Guarantee ** Quote Center eSignal $135 USD / month $125 USD / month $1,095 USD Quote Center $99 USD / Month

Option 2 – Subscription Version Cost (includes data) Contract To Sign? Data Source Free 30- Day Trial? $59 USD / Month No Reuters Data Link Included Yes - Click Here $235 USD / Month No Quote Center Included Yes - Click Here Not available N/A N/A N/A $179 USD /month No Quote Center Included N/A

You take no risk whatsoever … As summarized above, if you purchase the software outright you are protected with our 30-day money back guarantee! Try the software and if for any reason you feel that it doesn’t meet your needs then return it within 30-days in good condition (i.e. there are no notes in the manual, no sheets are torn etc.) for a full-refund on the purchase price of the software (shipping not included). If you opt to go with the subscription version, you can try the first month FREE and then cancel at any time after since there are no contracts to sign! The market presents so many options for trading software that it can make your head spin. I wrote this buyer’s guide to help you make this process easier by laying out nearly everything you need to know about MetaStock to make an informed choice before you invest your hard earned money into a solution. We hope you have found this guide to be both useful and informative. If you do, however, have a few remaining “burning” questions that need to be answered, please do not hesitate to give us a call and we will ensure that you are taken care of promptly. You can reach us at 1-877-386-3763 (USA) or 1-877463-7638 (Canada), via email or you can visit us online at We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Scott Young |Business Manager P.S. Our website is full of helpful information. We are sure you’ll find MetaStock is the right analysis software tool for you! | Page 10 of 10