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Nestle Pure Life

Nestle Pure Life purity preserved in a plastic bottle of water available for the nominal amount of

A Purified Water is packaged water readied with an extraordinary and suitable parity of minerals
to convey the best taste. Nestle Pure Life is giving the requirement of thirst with clean, safe and
immaculate water to look after a sound lifestyle.
Nestle pure life comes under 4 different sizes.

The Smallest size of Nestle pure Life is 0.5L. This size is also used in place of soft

The Second size is about 1.5L mostly used in meetings, social gatherings.

Third is 5L bottle mostly used in Home and offices.

Lastly the 19L size nestle pure life product also used in offices and Home with dispensers
available in the market.

Prices of nestle depend upon sizes. The prices are as follow

Whole Sale Price (with Retail Price (with GST

(General Security*



Sales Tax)


















Security has been taken by the Nestle Pure Life only on 19L bottle which is refundable.

As a costumer Nestle Pure Life is found almost every Retail store, convenience store, grocery
store and can be found in restaurants and hotels throughout the Pakistan. They also offer office
and home delivery for 19L bottle at your door step.

In October, 2005 earthquake I was a part of the team from Comsats Institute of Information
Technology, Abbottabad and volunteered my services for the earthquake affectees of Balakot.
We witnessed a Nestle team, that had arranged a huge supply of Fresh Food packages and Pure
Life (Mineral water) for the affected people. All the quake hit areas like Balakot and
Muzzafarabad were facing shortage of food and pure water. Nestle had arrange the same for the
volunteers and philanthropists as well. That was the moment I had the chance to know about yet
another pure product from Nestle; Pure Life. And now advertisement, billboards, newspaper
Ads, pole signs and different types of promotion is done by Nestle Pure Life. In shops Nestle
Pure Life is displayed in the refrigerator and is available chilled for instant drinking.

Nestle provide services of free home delivery at your door step.
Nestle Pakistan has a customer service name Talk to nestle where they receive complaints and
suggestions from the customer.


Nestle Pure Life


Whole sellers



Legal and Regulatory Requirements

Food and Drug Administration Pakistan
FDA is the regulating body with the safe drinking water act. FDA sets specific standards for
different types of bottle.
Environmental Act (1997)
Environmental act confirm that at every stage of its operations, the environmental impact in
Sales Tax Act 1990
The taxes which we pay on the product at the time of purchase come under Sales Tax Act 1990
of Pakistan.

Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority Act, 1996

Setting up standards regarding the manufacturing of quality products and Testing of the raw
material and finished products

Public Pressures
The most amazing claim on Nestle Pure Life by people in general is that they sucking up nearby
water supplies to give mineral water to the high society as a status image while the poor watch
wells run dry and their children fall ill. In the little town of Bhati Dilwan, villagers have viewed
their water table sink several feet since Nestl moved in. Additionally to some degree, nestle are
answerable for making water shortages in Pakistan. Also a campaign is started by the people
named Stop draining Pakistan Dry
As a consumer there is no doubt that Nestle has provided a huge source of preserved water, but
at the same time natural reservoirs have been disturbed as nature doesnt follow demand and
supply concept. The water is exceptionally grimy, as well as the water level sank from 100 to
300 to 400 feet. The company earns huge revenues, but the imbalance certainly exists and
becomes a reason for several problems that are never addressed.

Ambiance Pertaining to the Offering

Drinking water customarily for the duration of the day is the favored approach to keep up sound
hydration. We have to Store in a cool, dry, clean place away from light, strong odors or
chemicals. Consume within 3 days of opening. They are focusing on the individuals of urban
areas where clean water is not accessible.