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Sar Draconis

Christopher MacIntosh has reviewed the Neophyte Ritual of the Waite
Fellowship of the Rosy Cross in his book "The Rosicrucians," based on a
copy which was kindly made available to him by Golden Dawn historian,
R.A. Gilbert. Christopher MacIntosh reviews the Ritual as follows:
"It is described as being isued by Frater Sacramentum Regis most
honoured imperator in ordine Rosae Crucis for the direction of
celebrants and the use of Fratres and Sorores under the obedience of
authorised temples. At the beginning is a kind of imprimatur: Certified
in Conformity with the Secret Doctrine and Knowledge of the Rosy Cross.
Sacramentum Regis, Keeper of the Sacred Mystery.
The ceremony is presided over by the Honourable Frater Philosophicus,
Master of the Temple who wears a green rober over his black habit and a
collar of red silk, from which depends a circula lamina, inscribed with
the letter YOD. The green colour of the Master's robe represents the
growth in life which is of GOD. The symbol of the Lion is embroidered
thereon, upon the left side, with the inscription: FACIES TERTIA,
FACIES LEONIS. The master bears a wand surmounted by a Calvary Cross,
bearing four circles at the end of the four arms and one circle towards
the centre of the lowermost arm.
He is assisted by a Practicus, a Theoreticus and a Zelator, whose robes
bear images of the other three members of the obligatory foursome: the
Eagle, the Man and the Bull. Also participating in the ceremony are a
Frater Thurificans, a Frater Aquarius and a Frater Ostarius.
It is interesting to compare this ritual with the corresponding Neophyte
ritual in the original Golden Dawn. In the Golden Dawn ceremony there
is, for examply, no mention of the Rosy Cross (this did not come in
until a member had progressed higher), whereas in Waite's ritual it is
introduced at every opportunity. Furthermore Waite's ceremony has a
much more prayerful tone, with the emphasis on the seeking of spiritual
attainment rather than secret knowledge. Here, for instance is part of
the Golden Dawn proceedings:
Hegemon: My soul wanders in Darkness and seeks the Light of Hidden
Knowledge, and I believe that in this Order Knowledge of that Light may
be obtained.
The equivalent part of the Waite ceremony reads:
Master of the Temple.-- Inheritor of night and time, what seek you in
the places of the Soul?
Guide of the Paths (as spokesman for the Postulant).-- Through the
darkness of time and night, I have come to the gate of the Temple,
looking for the Light within."
Christopher MacIntosh has little further to say concering the Neophyte