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WUDC 2008 Assumption Motions

Round 1 This House would allow the use of torture.
Round 2 This House believes that Taiwan should declare independence now
Round 3 THW not allow local government to pay for the relocation of homeless people
Round 4 This House believes that the European Union should only direct aid to nations that
pursue environmentally sustainable development.
Round 5 This House believes that every criminal defendant should be required to use a
government provided defense lawyer.
Round 6 THW subject foreign political contributions to greater restrictions than domestic
Round 7 This House would assassinate Vladimir Putin.
Round 8 THB that governments should never rescue failing private industry.
Motion: This House would require doctors to report all cases of suspected domestic
The motion:This House believes that the Turkish military should stop enforcing the
separation of church and state.
Motion: This House believes that governments in the developing world should invest in sex

University of British Columbia, Vancouver 2007

This house believes that economic growth is the solution to climate change
Semi Final
This house would ban websites that glorify eating disorders
Qtr Final
This house believes that people sentenced to life imprisonment should be allowed to
choose the death penalty instead
Octo Final
This house believes that developing nation should nationalize their energy resources
Round 9 This house would grant citizenship in exchange for military service
Round 8 This house would ban Cosmetic Surgery
Round 7 This house would support regime change in Myanmar/Burma
Round 6 This house would abolish all taxes on inherited wealth
Round 5 This house supports independence for Quebec
Round 4 This house would criminalize the payment of ransom
Round 3 This House supports accelerated land redistribution in South Africa
Round 2 This house believes that the UK should abolish it’s nuclear arsenal
Round 1 This house would ban government funding of religious schools
ESL Final
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This house believes that politicians have a right to a private life

ESL Semi
This house believes all serious crimes should be trialed by Jury Masters
This house supports a 35 hour working week
Masters Round 1
This house would designate one city to permanently host the Olympics
Masters Round 2
This house believes that governments should provide heroin addicts with safe injection
EFL Final
This house would lift sanctions on Iran

World University Debate Championship Dublin 2006

Final: That this house would abolish all laws prohibiting cruelty to animals
Semi: This house would prohibit speeches that incite hatred (wording may be incorrect)
Qtr: This House Would permit legislating by citizen initiated referenda
Octo: This House believes that international law should recognise the right of each state to
unilaterally undertake armed humanitarian intervention
ESL Final: This House Believes that European Governments should payparents to have
ESL Semi: This House would abandon the civilian use of nuclear power.
1 This House Would Grant An Amnesty To All Illegal Immigrants Currently In The United
2 That This House Believes That The Catholic Church Should Allow The Use Of Condoms In
The Fight Against HIV/AIDS In Africa
3 That This House Believes The West Should End Military Cooperation With Pakistan Until It
Holds Free Presidential Elections
4 This House Would Prohibit Women Over The Age Of 45 Years From Undergoing Assisted
Human Reproduction
5 This House Would Give Japan A Permanent Seat On The United Nations Security Council
6 This House Would Not Allow Intelligent Design To Be Included In The School Science
7 This House Would Recognise A Legally Enforceable Right To A Minimum Standard Of
8 This House Supports The Creation Of An Independent State For The Iraqi Kurds
9 This House Supports Indigenous Persons Convicted Of A Crime Being Sentenced By Their
Community And Not The Courts

World University Debate Championship Multimedia

University Malaysia 2005
Final This House Supports Corporal Punishment in Schools
Semi-Final This House Would Use Gambling To Rejuvenate Depressed Economic Zones
Quarter Final This House Believes That Mentally Handicapped People Are Better Cared For
In The Community Than In Institutions
Octo Final This House Believes It Is Time For an ASEAN Parliament

Round 1 This House would compel HIV infected people to disclose their disease to their
sexual partners
Round 2 This house believes the EU should open its doors to North Africa
Round 3 This House would not teach vocational studies at University
Round 4 This House would positively discriminate women in the armed forces
Round 5 This House believes that outsourcing is good for the developed and developing
Round 6 This house would have harsher sentences for celebrity criminals
Round 7 This House Believes that anti-terrorism is the new McCarthyism
Round 8 This House Would Expand NAFTA Into South America
Round 9 This House Would Prioritise Organ Donations To Those Who Have Lived a Healthy

World University Debate Championship Singapore

Final TTH would ban the abortion of fetuses on the grounds of their permanent disability
Semi-Final TTH believes war journalists should be forced to reveal their sources in
international criminal tribunals
Quarter Final TTH believes parents should cast proxy votes for their children
Octo Final TTH would support regime change in Iran

Round 1 TTHW try Saddam Hussein before an international tribunal

Round 2 TTH supports all forms of child labour
Round 3 TTHB eviormentalists should use terrorism in support of their goals
Round 4 TTHB students all round the world should be taught in English
Round 5 TTHW tie world bank aid to womens' rights
Round 6 TTHW make the release of child sexual abusers conditional on chemical castration
Round 7 TTH believes only African countries should be peacekeepers in African conflicts
Round 8 TTH would use international sporting events for political change
Round 9 TTH would ban religious symbols in state schools

ESL Final TTH believes that Japanese armed forces should fight in foreign lands
ESL Semi TTH prefers regional trade agreements to the WTO

World University Debate Championship Stellenbosch

Final This house believes that the world has learned nothing from 9/11
Semi-Final This house believes that globalization is imperialism repackaged
Quarter Final This house believes in the absolute right of the patient
Octo Final This house believes that tobacco companies should have social responsibilities
Round 1 This house fears an expanded Europe.
Round 2 This house would return land to its original owners
Round 3 This house believes that AIDS drugs should be freely available to all
Round 4 This house believes that the media is the West's most effective weapon
Round 5 This house believes that harmony is more important than diversity
Round 6 This house believes that environmentalism in the Third World is the responsibility
of the First World
Round 7 This house believes that the West should accept the democratic decision of the
people of Zimbabwe
Round 8 This house believes that the US should be answerable to TRCs [Truth &
Reconciliation Commissions] in South America.
Round 9 This house believes that Sharon should stand with Milosovic

ESL Final This House would make population control a pre-requisite of aid.
ESL Semi This house supports Compulsory Military Service

World University Debate Championship Toronto 2002

irst Rounds
1. This house would bail out failing industries.
2. This house believes that making Yassar Arrafat a partner in peace was a mistake
3. This house believes that the west should treat state sponsored sexism as aparthide
4. This house believes that the WTO is the friend of the developing world
5. This house would force feed anorexics
6. This house believes that political assassinations are a legitimate tool of foreign policy.
7. This house supports domestic content quotas in broadcasting
8. This house believes that the sexual history of rape victime should be admissible in court
9. This house believes that US foreign policy is responsible for September 11.
Octo-Finals: This house would extradite accused criminals to face the death penalty
Quater Finals: This house supports surrogacy for profit
Semi-Final: This house believes that civil liberties must be restricted in the interests of
Final: This house would ban prisoners publishing accounts of their crimes
Semi-Final: THis house believes that prisoners have no right to vote
Final: This house believes that the Nobel Prize proves that the UN has a strong role to play