God Imagers: How God Shapes a People to Look like Him

God’s Distinguishing Rules, part 2: Exodus 21:22-36; 22:1-15 Weekly Quiet Time and Small Group Study In my sermon, I gave one piece of evidence that the Bible is pro-life. In this quiet time, we explore that evidence some more as well as learn many additional evidences for this truth. Thursday, April 10 1. The womb is represented in Scripture as a potential grave. Jeremiah 20:14-17; Proverbs 30:16 2. One of the most horrific crimes in the Bible is “to rip open a pregnant woman.” 2 Kings 8:12; Hosea 13:16; Amos 1:13 3. To cause the premature delivery and death of a baby is murder. Exodus 21:22-23 Note evidence: -not ‘she gives birth prematurely’ but literally ‘her children come forth’ so the nearest antecedent to injury is children not mother -‘there is no serious injury’; if it’s mother, then why not – she isn’t seriously injured or there is not serious injury to her. Notice v 18 “and he does not die” not “and there is no death.” -what comes forth – children; same word used many times in the OT for young children (e.g., Exod 2:6, Moses in basket) -note the punishment is life for life Friday, April 11 4. It is only God who can open the womb (not chance). Gen 29:31; 30:22; 49:25; Deut 7:13; 28:4; 30:9 5. Conversely, it is only God who should close the womb. Gen 20:18; 30:2; Deut 28:8; 1 Sam 1:5-6 6. God determines who is in the womb (and how many). Gen 16:11; 18:10; 25:23; Luke 1:13

Saturday, April 12 7. God actively designs the baby in the womb. ‘to form’ Psalm 33:15; 94:9; Isa 43:7; 44:2,24; 49:5; Jer 1:5; Zech 12:1 (within the first couple of weeks, heart cells begin to beat; within the 1st trimester, hearing, seeing, breathing, swallowing, urination, dreams) ‘to make’ Job 31:15 (Noah made the ark, Gen 8:6; building of tabernacle, Exod 25-27, building of Solomon’s temple, 1 Kgs 6-7, God made the world, Gen 1-2) ‘to prepare’ Job 31:15 (Exod 19, Israelites prepare for Sinai experience; 2 Chron 35, Levites prepare to serve in Temple; 1 Kings 2:45 David’s throne established) ‘to cover’ Psalm 139:13-14 (Ark covered by veil, Exod 40:3; Lord covered by a cloud, Lam 3:44 – veiled glory!) We are veiled in womb until our triumphant exit.



‘to embroider’ Psalm 139:15 (fine needlework of curtains in tabernacle, Exod 26-29; see Exod 26:36) ‘to complete’ Eccl 11:5

8. God brings the baby out of the womb. Job 10:18; Psalm 22:9; Isa 66:9 9. The word of baby in the womb is the same word for newborn baby outside of the womb. Cp Luke 1:41 with 2;12,16; 18:15; 1 Peter 2:2 Cp Gen 25:22 with 27:29 Monday, April 14 10. It is understood in Scripture that those who conceive will give birth (not abort). Hos 9:11; Psalm 7:14; Job 15:35; Isa 33:11; 59:4,13; James 1:15 11. No one in the Bible ever views pregnancy as a curse. Gen 4:1; 21:6-7; 29:32-35; 35:16-18; 2 Sam 11:5 (even pregnancies that occur from tragedies). 12. God enables conception to occur. Ruth 4:13; Heb 11:11 Tuesday, April 15 13. The incarnation began at conception. Matt 1:20 (not at 4 wks, 4 mos. or at viability, but at conception) 14. The word for bereavement (death of a loved one) in the OT is the same word used for miscarriage -- For bereavement – Gen 27:45; 42:36; 43:14; Lev 26:22; 1 Sam 15:33; Lam 1:20. For miscarriage – Gen 31:38; Exod 23:26; Job 21:10; Hos 9:14. Spend some time praying for these things: (1) that our nation would finally recognize abortion for what it is – the taking of innocent life; (2) that women in crisis pregnancies would begin to choose life; (3) that places like our own Mary’s House and Christian pregnancy centers would be beacons of life and hope; (4) that churches would put their money where their mouth is and support life and the mothers who choose it; (5) that women who have had abortions would call out to the Father of mercy and receive His forgiveness and cleansing; (6) that women trying to get pregnant but without success would find comfort in the arms of God, trust in His timing, and pray for His will; (7) that families would consider the blessing of adopting.