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Guys, here it is, the last post for FC. She asked me to post this in her behalf . I don‟t have all your contacts, so just let the others know…

SB‟s a/n:

Thanks Jessica for noting that; indeed the name „Jacob‟ and „Leah‟ originated from Hebrew. In the Old Testament, Leah is Jacob‟s first wife. Jacob means that one who‟s chosen to save. What I didn‟t know was that Lea is also a deity in Hawaii. Thanks for sharing that fact. So why would SM choose Leah to be the Beta‟s name. I really don‟t know; it should have been Jill or Sally, or some Tala, or Mary. Crap.

Stregoni Benefici is Carlisle‟s alias, it‟s Italian, it means the good vampire, enemy of the bad vampire. It‟s implied. That alias could be found in Book 1, when Bella was doing research on the Cullens. I hope I‟m correct. Guys, I guess this is goodbye for me. I hope you love this last chapter of Full Circle. I have a friend who wants to adopt my other FFs. I‟m not sure though. If not, then let‟s just see each other in Twiland and in Freedom Fan Fiction Writers. I will miss EVERYTHING we have shared. Love you all. Thank you for the support; it‟s my lifeline in writing. I mean it, I do love you all. BTW the song Harvest Moon by Donna Lewis helped me finish this chap. It‟s attached down below. Hoping there aren‟t no typo errors.

This wedding had lots of mixed influences but mainly Native American.


Leah‟s POV

I never thought my life would have to come to reach this point; this point wherein my life song which was once an elegy has now turned into an ode, into a sonnet, into a beautifully woven rhapsody. I‟ve been through tumultuous times, heaven knows for how long, damn the stars knew the pile of dung I had my feet sunk deep into, and everyone knew I was born with a curse. Being the only female wolf, being the only genetic dead end, being the only one who can‟t technically build a family, I didn‟t expect a 360 degree turn, all the more I never anticipated a full circle.

Now I have children. Now I have Jacob. But most of all I know now who I really am. I am Leah Clearwater, and I learned what love truly is. Love isn‟t cruel, love is fair, love doesn‟t leave one alone, love delights in the joy of others, and love achieves the most wonderful balance in the universe.

And as for Jacob and I, it hadn‟t been a walk in the park, it hadn‟t been a one-shot realization either; it was more of learning it the hard way. People got tackled along the process, but somehow everything got healed in its own natural course. I still cannot

believe Jacob is my partner for life. I cannot believe his love is for real. At first I thought it was just pure lust, merely for mating purposes, but Jake lingered. He stayed, he clung on, he went to hell with me and back. I almost lost it; he helped me find my way back home. HOME. Jacob is tantamount to HOME.

Alice did cooperate with Jake‟s wedding plans. We both didn‟t like the all white traditional wedding. Jake knew how his parents got married; and they exchanged vows by the way of the whalers. We want to get married while each of us are on two canoes afloat on the Quillayute River. Jacob already brought the dowry to Charlie‟s place, coz, technically mom is a full-fledged Mrs. Swan now. It were the choice products of our tribe, which I‟m certain Charlie would enjoy, I think he was a Quileute in his past life. I wish Dad was here to paddle me up to Jacob the time we‟d declare our vows in front of the tribe and our loved ones.

There aren‟t wedding invitations. The wedding was announced during the family circle drum night two weeks ago. We decided to stick to our customs, which kind of ticked Alice a bit since she had already envisioned “the perfect invitation” and all that jazz. Ha. Alice. But she insisted to have Eddie form a mini orchestra for the sunset wedding. She said there should be an entourage; at least we retain that matrimonial element. Red carpet, flower petals, plus wheat grain. Wheat grain symbolizes prosperity, a new beginning. Flowers symbolize fertility. Red carpet symbolizes Alice‟s Hollywood fetish.

Seth and Carlie promised to babysit the babies during the ceremony. Rosalie showed me Alice‟s design for my dress, and I was surprised that it wasn‟t one of the freaking over the top Frenchic syndromic chiffon dresses. It actually looked tranquil, reminds me of the ocean, reminds me of Jacob‟s rough palm over my hand, it reminds me of the stars….

The only objection I have on all these is that Jacob and I have to separate for 3 whole days before the wedding. Jake‟s on his second day now on staying over at Billy‟s. It‟s silly but I miss my life size pillow, I miss lil Lee-lee‟s daddy….

And like usual, the babies are fast asleep. I just got out of the bath tub filled with coco milk; Alice instructed that I bath myself with milk tonight. She told me it‟s also part of wedding the ritual. Yesterday Alice brought me to a spa. I wonder what fruit Alice would rub me with tomorrow.

“Leah? Baby?”

Damn Jacob! I already found him standing by the window, just right after he let himself inside.

“Just wanting to make sure you‟re okay.”

“Baby? Oh…god…isn‟t this like, aw…you know the ritual, and of course I‟m okay.”

“I just miss you Lee, come on?!” He reasoned out; his voice thick with longing. “Just really wanted to see you before I hit the sheets, peek at the kids and maybe get a lil kiss from my bride-to-be. I really really just miss you Leah.”

Quickly I felt him behind me, brushing both his hands down the length of my arms. His heat always soothed my jumpy nerves.

“I miss you too Jake, you won‟t even know how much.” I whispered realizing a little too late that my skin gave off this really fragrant alluring smell. After two days of skin deep pampering, I shouldn‟t be that surprised, though I could see now its effect on my fiancée. “Lee…” He murmured lowly, breathing in the scent off my hair. His skin against me burned iron hot.

“Hmm, so, breaking the rules again huh?” I lovingly responded, hacking his arms, pulling his hands so that it went wrapping around my waist.

“Not really.” He said. I spun around to catch the expression on his face. “I wanted to see you, that‟s all.”

“Liar. And what else?” I teased, running my hands over his muscled abs.

“And to kiss you goodnight, of course

Jacob‟s definitely a gift of Mother freaking Nature.

He went on, melting out a handsome smile.

“And?” I picked up, trying in vain to suppress a highly satisfied grin.

“And make sure you hear my voice before you sleep as I want hearing yours before I crash too.”

My lips hungered for Jake‟s hot mouth. And the hunger was fed the moment he pulled me close to give me my personal aphrodisiac. I was born to kiss and love my Alpha. I, Leah Clearwater am created to become Jacob Black‟s wife for the rest of eternity.


Jacob‟s POV

As the wars with the vulture hybrids came to an end, I have started reading Ateara‟s ancient texts about the Quileutes; especially those pertaining to the first generation spirit warriors. Old Quil and his ancestors are the chroniclers of the tribe. I wonder why Dad didn‟t a keep a library. Why didn‟t he expose us early to wolfhood? The latest whale leather handed to be once belonged to my granddad‟s father, Ephraim Sr. It was a record of his last astral travel with his wife; Tala (“Female Wolf”). The soul traveling happened under a Harvest Moon; a time when the moon„s shining so bright, you‟ll think the sun‟s still up, like some kind of an extended daylight. Another Harvest Moon is calendared tonight and the timing‟s just perfect.

I ran back to Dad‟s house. It took me a lot of strength to resist Leah tonight. God. Her beauty‟s gonna kill me one day. And her fragrance…man, incomparably spell binding. But I just can‟t break the ritual like that; we need the rituals completed as requisites for our soul travel. Leah doesn‟t know yet, but I want us reaching Elysium the time we officially become man and wife. It‟d be the best gift, the highest form of marriage among the shape shifting tribes on the face of the earth, according to the Q-Chronicles.

I barely slept. Today‟s D DAY –our wedding day. Damn all I can think of is seeing Leah in a really really nice gown. I heard Embry‟s voice in the living room. He was the one who fetched the wedding rings, and who was faithfully accompanied by Alice. She just wouldn‟t lay off even for a tiny bit. But that‟s why we all love her. I hit the showers and then went with Embry to go check the venue for the wedding ceremony.

“Jake, hey, why don‟t you chill, go back in the rez, while I do the checking, what d‟ya think?” Embry cut me into my inner rumblings. Did I really appear like I was nearly freaking out? He hit on the breaks, pulling his truck over the side of the road.

“I‟m okay man. Just want to make sure nothing would go wrong.” There‟s nothing wrong with wanting everything to turn out perfect, j-just for once. A perfect wedding isn‟t too much to ask, is it?

“Nothing wrong‟s gonna happen dude. Okay then, let‟s go and double check.”

Embry parked near the clearing Emmett and Jasper fixed last night. And I didn‟t have to get out the truck, I was a hundred and one percent sure that my wife-to-be is freaking nearby! The air screams „Leah‟.


Leah‟s POV

Today Alice wasn‟t the one who gave me the water ritual, it were my blood relatives; Emily, Mom and some of my aunts from the Makah Rez. It was cool and fun actually, it felt like a mini reunion. Even though a bandana was tied around my head to cover my eyes I could hear the sound of the rushing river nearby.

“Careful with your steps cuz.” Emily whispered. The path to the river was downhill, which would never be a problem of balance for a wolfess like me. “Piece of cake Em.” I replied. Soon we reached the waters. I could feel their hands all over me, taking my dress and sandals off, til nothing was left on. I heard Mom thank the river in Chimakuan for its cleansing powers then I heard her mention Dad‟s name. I felt Mom‟s hands grip mine as she whispered, “Harry‟s very happy, and he‟s very proud of you Leah.” I didn‟t want to cry on my wedding day, but that‟s like asking for the impossible.

Emily led me into the river, up to the point the water reached up to my waist. The current was weak, just perfect for a bathing ritual.

The wind brought with it Jacob‟s woodsy aroma. That peeping tom of a wolfman. I wanted to call him join me in the water but we just have to wait a little longer. Rituals shouldn‟t be disrupted and last night had been a very close call.

“Lee, are we tickling you?” Em asked sifting through my hair, wondering why I was smiling to myself.

“No-no, I‟m just ogling.”

Jacob‟s POV

Embry pulled me before I lunged myself into the river where I saw Leah having the last and final water ritual. Crap. I almost phased on my best man.

I wore Billy‟s wedding coat made of bull leather and Siberian fur, which was a little distracting. The clearing was now filled with anticipating guests. The Cullens were all here. Edward and Rosalie led the mini entourage orchestra and looks like they‟ve got some philharmonic imports from the Irish and European coven. Alice, and her non-stop over the top antics which will never ever wear out even if the universe crumbles down to dirt.

The music drowned my head with thoughts of my bride. It‟s already passed 3 and damn where on earth‟s nirvana is she?

“Jake, you need to load on the canoe now, Sue called; Leah will arrive in any minute now.” Embry whispered, a little pushy, since I felt my feet already shooting roots deep into the ground.

“Okay.” I walked up to the riverside and went into the canoe. I was the one who paddled myself in the middle of the steady river. The Quillayute River knew to acknowledge the descendants of the Spirit Warriors.

There are no flower girls, and ring bearers, there‟s only a short procession of the parents, the elders, the best man and of the bride. The ring was with me all the while. The final binding of matrimony will be made in Elysium. Billy sat beside Ateara. A white tent was put up where under it were these really good chairs and tables I don‟t have any idea where Alice got from. The bowing tree branches were tied and decorated with hanging bouquets and the grass was covered with red maple leaves, it was as if the land was covered with scarlet kisses.

Not so soon I caught a whiff of Leah‟s skin. Turning to the direction where the wind gently blew I saw my angel. Her simple silvery white dress danced with the breeze as she reached the riverside. Sue in behalf of Harry accepted Billy‟s pledge of commitment, as head of the Black family to Sue, head of the Clearwater family; in other words a brief ceremony of parental alliance of some sort took place. Charlie this time, in behalf of Harry led Lee to her canoe and paddled her up to me. Old Quil seeing Lee‟s canoe touch mine stood up, and started giving thanks to the earth, to the spirits, and to our ancestors. It was followed by a song of mating and a song of prosperity and matrimony which the elders and women joined together in singing, I scarcely noticed Siobhan accompanying them with a freaking harp. I took Leah‟s hand as she got up to transfer to my canoe. Embry paddled back to the riverside. All of them stood up to witness the exchange of symbols. I took of my coat and placed it over her. This signifies I will protect and shelter her at all times, and that it symbolizes that she, my wife is a crooked rib that was taken out from me. I knelt down to unfasten the cord of flowers clamped around her ankle; this meant she promises to house in my seeds and give me sons and daughters. I pulled out the ring from my coat pocket. Her addictive scent began infiltrating my system.

Leah‟s deep brown eyes welled up with tears. I kissed them dry before it could e ven leave her eyes. “Til death do us part Clearwater….” I whispered. I gently picked her right hand resting on her side, and placed the wedding band on her ring finger.

“And I give you all of me O fearless Alpha. I need to belong to someone, and I choose you Jacob, I have chosen you right from the very start.” Leah answered, her tone laden with nostalgic teasing. She did the same and put the band on my ring finger. That line hit me bad, although it‟s kind of old, it suddenly reminded of Leah‟s first day of joining „my little renegade pack‟. My eyes immediately felt heavy with tears. Very manly. “I‟m all yours, you already know that Mrs. Leah Black.” Leah started kissing my pathetic tears as well. From the riverside I heard Old Quil declare us Man and Wife. Now it‟s time to meet Ephraim.

“Leah, I‟m bringing you to Elysium.”

“W-What? HOW?”

“It‟s easy, all you have to do is to save me.” I don‟t want giving her all the details; I know how she‟ll hate the idea, at least initially.

“WHAT?! Jake, it‟s okay, you don‟t have to take me there. It doesn‟t matter, just stop being silly!”

Leah‟s POV

Jake jumped off the canoe. Ugh. What does he mean we‟re going to Elysium? I jumped into the water to follow him; since he didn‟t give me time to stop him. Above me, I could see canoes paddling mid stream. DAMN Jacob is serious. I think he meant that we‟re

going to have an astral travel. I swam deeper and felt my blood rise when I couldn‟t find him right away. This is crazy. Engaging in a near death experience to astral travel is plain lunatic. Of course Jake would be able to hold in lots of breathing air that‟s if does it deliberately on freaking purpose.

I found my husband in Leah-you‟ve-got- to-save-me mode. I panicked though I know

what he‟s after. My adrenaline pushed me a lil farther as I grabbed my Baby and let him suck my mouth for precious air. Even underwater I knew he was happy. I wanted to give him a good punching on the sides, but I can‟t goof around since I can‟t even imagine my Jacob drumming the line between life and death. His heartbeat began slowing down and I had to pump air real hard into his mouth this time. Before I knew it, it‟s like I‟m feeling my entire self separate from some heavy mass of flesh. Everything was feather-light, surreal, weightless, disorienting? I felt another presence and saw a bright rainbow colored light that resembled my husband. He had my hands tightly secured to his.


“Yeah babe, it‟s me.”

You big bad wolf, you freaking scared me to death!

I‟m sorry, but I want us to go through this together, this is, in preparation for the future. And I want Ephraim to be the final witness of our matrimony.

I gazed down to see Embry and Sam securing our lifeless earthly bodies as Old Quil

explained to them what was happening. While under the tent Charlie started freaking out, Mom had to calm him down.

Next thing I know we were both blinded by a very bright light.

With my and Jacob‟s naked body side by side we met Ephrain in Elysium, the assembly area in the world of the of spirit guides. I was overwhelmed to see a different level of paradise, definitely a higher level of utopia. It reminded me of the first garden on earth, Eden.

“Grandfather, I want you to meet my wife, Leah, we are here to receive your blessing.”

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