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By: Stregoni Benefici

By: Stregoni Benefici
(Precious Mauna)

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer‘s the Twilight Saga, except
for those new ones.

A Fan Fiction
Book 2: Full Circle: Jacob Black, Going Against the Nature of Imprint
(Chapters 12-49)

UPNEXT: Book 3: Renaissance (Chapters 40-End)

a/n: This starts of as a Vamp Story (Book 1) but as the story progresses (Book2-3) it‟ll be
more of a Wolf Saga. I want to acknowledge Lori, my proof reader. Dedicated to all my
friends; Sabine, Nicole, Liz, Allie, Yolanda, Lori, AJ Castro, Letisha, Donna, Stephie,
McTigger, Lily, Joan, Cynthia, Vanessa, Danielle, Melissa, Melinda (of Australia),
Jessica (the one that promoted my banner on her site), and to all team Blackwater. Also
thanks to Team Cullen for the being there when I was still groping.


And a time for every matter under heaven:

A time to be born, and a time to die;
A time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted;
A time to kill, and a time to heal;
A time to break down, and a time to build up;
A time to weep, and a time to laugh;
A time to mourn, and a time to dance;
A time to throw away stones, and a time to gather stones together;
A time to embrace, And a time to refrain from embracing;
A time to seek, and a time to lose;
A time to keep, and a time to throw away;
A time to tear, and a time to sew;
A time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
A time to love, and a time to hate,
A time for war, and a time for peace.

"It ached. What Sam did. And it will forever ache. No healing is reserved for me. But
before it was even Sam, it was Jacob. I saw him, all my life. I hated him ever since, as
early as I learned how to curse, and as early as I learned how to breathe, but right now,
its hard to say even harder to see the naked truth."

I wrote this stuff on my loose leaf, its been sometime I haven't use a pen and a paper.
Guess, the outdoors became my new best friend. I wanted to cook dinner, the way Emily
cooked food for the rowdy boys, but I just have too much doubt in me, too much fear that
they will reject my acts of kindness, since I've never been truly kind, in it's truest sense.
Every now and then Sue, my mom would call me using Charlie's phone line, or even his
personal mobile phone. They're obviously getting along, pretty well. So this would make
Bella soon my 'step sister,' since I heard mom mention Charlie's proposal of wanting to
take care of her. Hmm. "This is getting really really complicated." I started scribbling
again on the loose leaf.

"If this was a sure thing to happen, then Bella who is a vampire, will be my 'sister,'
Nessie my niece, and Jake, my niece's uhm..partner in life--so its like him, being my
nephew too. That would be so touching. I love my soon-to-be 'nephew-in-law' who
happened to have kissed me. Yuck!" I know they are already out there, doing their rounds,
just a few hours ago, I heard Jacob's howl, the lullabye that would send me to paradise.

Did I just thought about his howling, and equated it to paradise? I settled back to my
notepad. I need to sort things out before I phase back, talk to him and face everyone
again. "It was during one of those bon fire nights, when the chief told us about our tribe's
legends, that I ran home, crying and scared. It really shook me. Most of the kids laughed
and made fun of me, but Jacob at least tried to hide his mockery. He followed me to my
house, he said.'one day, you and me are going to make those monsters sorry!!' He held
my hand not very long, but long enough for me not to forget the tenderness in that
moment. We grew up, and he changed, only Sam Uley had eyes for me. No guy ever
dared level up to him, I think even Jake- or am I just assuming." I automatically skipped
the part that included all my happy moments with Sam. I jumped to the part where Jake
fell madly for the Swan girl. I wrote again.

"Then Bella ditched Jake, when her vampire reappeared, leaving him, crashed. This time
I allowed myself to see that part that liked him, that dreamt of him, that yearned for-"
now, that's getting too deep. I tapped the pen on the desk, impatiently. They must be
hungry by now. I murmured. Suddenly a soft voice came knocking on my door. I knew
the voice. It was the child who owned Jacob's new heart. Probably I just owned him that
one moment when we were young. Argh, enough mopping! I ran to the door and invited
her in. "Hi Leah! Aunt Rose asked me, to ask you, well, honestly I am a little hungry,
maybe we can cook something for dinner. Jake might be hungry too?" Yeah. I recalled
her folks wanting her to be trained to eat human food. Maybe Rosalie forgot how to cook.
I still felt funny being all kind to the pack, they might get suspicious. Better get ready to
endure all the remarks, and not explode, and not look all sticky to Jake's eyes. And here I
am, ashamed of this angel's kindness. "Leah, we were watching tv, then Jake just covered
my eyes when there were this man who held a woman, like pulling her real close?!" I
wanted to faint or disappear. "Yah, Nessie, I was also thinking of the same thing, what
would you think will be good for dinner?" I wanted her to forget her question. It will
never be our topic to be talked about. "You're a little pink Leah." I hesitated taking her
hand. So she just took mine. "Ok, I like the one I saw in TV, the one with long noodles
and red meaty sauce..." "Spaghetti?" I can not be wrong. She jumped a little. "Yep, that's
it. Esme calls it pasta though. Now I remember!" She was considerate, my blushing could
have turned her question off. She went on pulling me down the stairs. "I'm coming young
stud! Boy, you are strong!" I exclaimed, realizing her unbelievable strength.

The kitchen was dark, there was no one in the house. Nessie turned all the lights on, from
the stairs up to the dinning room. Swiftly, Esme was flying through the back door. "Hi,
Leah! I did not expect you here, the pack's outside?" I merely nodded, her smell is killing
me! The heck! I must endure. "Nessie's hungry, so I will be cooking for the 'half
humans'..." "I'm thinking the same thing!" She said warmly. "So, planning to be the
mother-wolf ey?" She nudged me smiling. "Not really, just got caught in a
misunderstanding." By the way she looked at my face, she already knew who I had a
misunderstanding with. She flinched like she's avoiding to say something, then finally
said it. "A pack means getting along with each other...well, work on that. Sorry for my
being nosey. Anyways what dish do you have in mind?" "I want spaghetti!" Nessie
cheered, opening the fridge. Esme eyes grew big in a nice way. "Oh, expertise,
do you now how to cook it?" She turned to me, getting all the bowls, knife and stuff. I
moved my head from side to side. "Honestly, no. I'll just help..." She eyed me again, "I'll
teach you, well, at least chop the chives, onions and garlic first, here." Those she just said
rolled from her hands to the table. "And here's the chopping board."

She was moving very fast in the kitchen, turning into a blur, Nessie did not mind it, nor
did I, since I can do the same, but I'm not a cook, so I had to slow down, I might ruin her
recipe. "You boil the noodles/pasta first. Then proceed to simmering the tomatoes for the
sauce..." She gave instructions like that, I kept my ears open. When I get back home, at
least I will be useful in the kitchen, since I feel being unuseful beside Jake-just a pain in
the ass. Esme's hand was on my arms. "Focus, you might chop your hand." "Oh-hehe,
sorry there." She looked at me again, at least not the smoldering way Edward smiled at
me this morning, that was, I can not even find a word to describe it. "This is a good peace
offering. I'm sure the wolves are really hungry" Then she smiled, "Help me stir. I can feel
them coming." I also felt that they were coming, faster than the usual, I bet since because
the smell coming out of the house have reached the forest. A set of quiet running steps
began coming closer. My heart thudded, wildly. Esme, was still smiling to herself, I do
not know why, is she hearing my heart beat? "I think the pasta's ready." She said,
referring to the smell. "You taste..." I went to taste the spoon, wanting to make a run up
in the room, I think I can not handle seeing them tonight, all of them. I also did not
realize Nessie flipping through the remote control, watching TV. She was laughing. "It's
good Esme." Unbelievably good for a vampire maybe. Nessie's always in the
background, unaware of what I can do to hurt her. The hell with me, I am a broken

My body stiffened again. "Leah?!" That was Embry. "Is this real?" Seth followed,
running by my side to check my face. My face's I think looks dead, dead with shame.
"Where is my sister?! Where did you bring her?!" He kidded, grabbing the wooden spoon
from my hold. He tasted it. "Not bad sis!" Esme, was chuckling now. "Well, this is a
comfort." Embry said looking at Esme, thankful, for the wonderful dinner they will raid
not later. Jake sat beside Nessie, probably totally ignoring me. It hurt like hell. I washed
my hands. "Well chow chow!" I muttered, preparing to go outside, or upstairs any place
will do, any place far from Jacob Black. "Where are you going?" It was Jacob, he did not
even see me planning to leave. He spoke not looking to my direction. "None of your
business." I muttered again. "Stay for dinner, for pete's sake, don't ruin your own, well
how can we call it, kindness?" He aired, sounding very alpha. Embry was giggling,
grabbing a chair waiting at the table. "Enough talk! I'm famished!!" Seth did the same,
putting the plates on the table. Esme carefully presented the dish. Nessie run out from
under Jacob's hand and sat beside Seth. "Jake, I asked Leah to cook for us. This is my
favorite!!" She chimed.

I still did not sit. Jake shoved his butt from the sofa and sat beside his girl. "Aren't you
going to sit?" he still sounded bothered. I walked draggingly toward the modern looking
table. Some New York design thing. "Sit beside me Leah." He was almost commanding,
coldly. Well it's the only available sit. "My work's done here...enjoy dinner." Esme said,
gliding out of the back door gain. The boys waved to her as she exited. "This wasn't even
a tiny bit of my idea, Nessie asked me." I snapped starting my meal. She smiled as she
scooped pasta into her mouth. Jacob laughed contagiously, red sauce surrounded Nessie's
mouth. "Yup, I was dead hungry...and Leah's doing this for you too, I told her you guys
might be hungry" She turned to Jacob. His face changed a little. Fighting a smile. "Well,
actually, I appreciate this Leah,...we appreciate this." He emphasized 'we', well just my
luck. Some words I wrote in my loose leaf echoed back into my mind, feeling Jacob's
heat just a few inches from mine. Before Sam Uley, it was you Jacob Black, and after
Sam, I am surprised, to have found you again Jake. These things, if I could just dare
whisper to his ear. I looked at him, eyes quick as a wolf. He chomped gleefully on the
pasta. "Is is really good?" I breathed. "Seriously? Nah -I'm just hungry!!" He elbowed
me. "Of course Leah, a good one!" He melted a smile, not as warm as we would do on
Nessie, but good enough to be remembered for a life time. A one-sided love affair. In my
mind I'm coming to a decision. As soon as my guts can handle the reality of leaving him,
I'll head back to Forks. I should really have done this before I got so crazy head over
heels. "What are you thinking about Leah?" Jake asked, the others also noticed, but
feeding themselves came first place. He wiped the side of Nessie's mouth. That hurt
again. "Thinking about me?" he mused. Embry let out a hoot. What a flirt. "Really, I'm
not used you not kicking my ass with those hot fury of yours!! You're really quiet?" He
continued. "I'm not thinking about you , I'm thinking about leaving you!" I stood up. "I'm
done. Seth wash the dishes." Seth scowled. "Ugh..why has it always have to be me?!" I
stormed upstairs, banging the door that made it sound like thunder. "So much for a
peaceful 'Italiano' dinner." Embry barked. Jake did not speak, this must have at least
startled him the tiniest bit.


Part 2


Still LEAH‟s POV

I sulked inside the room, I am becoming used to locking myself in. I wanted to wail, and
mourn, I missed howling. Howling releases all the tension in me. I knew some one was at
the door again. A wolf knows, a wolf hears.
"Jake, I know you're there --just, just leave me alone!" He did not reply. He unnaturally
remained quiet. "We're going back to the woods. You're a part of my pack Leah. Embry
and Seth will take an hour rest." He paused, I waited.
"Let's phase together. There are somethings I can not say in this form." Where did all the
seriouness came from? My heart thudded unevenly. "I'm going to wait outside. This is
our chance to talk Leah."
I prepared some shirts for myself, and took one of Seth's in case Jake forgot his.
"Ok, I'm coming, I won't be using the stairs though. Wait for me outside, below the

He did not answer. I looked out of the window and saw a rusett furred wolf waiting for
me. It just sat. I opened the window, and took some paces back before i threw myself out,
I landed on the thick grass, almost doing it wrongly. Jacob thoughts fluidly flushed in my
head. Dork, you'll always be a show-off. I missed you, a little. He said. I got semi-
paralyzed. Stop it Jake, don't toy with me. First one to cover a three hundred meter lap? I
challenged I missed running with you Jake. I was guarding the outflow of my thoughts, I
had an overwhelming reflection this afternoon, he might see it. I started running, feeling
the tears well up my eyes. I realized I was truly happy. I've never felt joy for a long time,
it filled my chest that it hurted so much swelling it that I might explode any moment. I
ran and ran and ran, seeing Jake running so close to me sent me to the clouds. I could
even die tomorrow. Of course Jake's hearing all of these, the main reason he asked me to
phase with him. I'm happy you're smiling again Leah. Do I really have that power over
you. I barked cheerfully. You can only imagine Jake. You are the only energy that keeps
me holding on to life. He halted running, I kept right on, three hundred meters are not
covered yet. Soon, he was running again. Don't say those kind of things Leah, it's scary,
crazy scary, I can not believe you- He was stuttering in his thoughts. I was first to cover
the lap, as always.

Jake, this is unfair. Let's talk as humans. I don't think I can take it if you will know every
beat of my heart.

I do not mind it Leah. I want to hear everything, and I want you to know everything.
What is there to know? That you only have eyes for Renesme? Sick old you, after dyingly
wanting her mother, now her daughter It hurts like hell Jake.Its absurd, I hate it, but its
here, i can not deny it!! Suddenly, his nozzles touched my eyes, my face and my neck,
brushing my smooth fur.

I'm sorry Leah, I hurt you continually, I know how that feels, I also lived in've
seen it, no doubt about it.

I've loved you for quite a long time Jake. If you can remember, when we were young you
held my hand when I got scared. He was caressing my fur

Sam got you first, I did not want to get in between, or interrupt, I thought he already
imprinted on you.

Stop, I don't want to hear his name.

Do you still love him?

Love? I loathe him, I loathe that Agh, pathetic, your kiss made me weak Jake, I
can not even curse!!

Do you want me to kiss you again Leah, if it would make all the pain go away?

What do you really, really could really want from me? I can not understand your
thoughts, what more your words?

His thoughts down poured like summer rain.

Before you had Sam, I have loved you Leah, you were the most beautiful girl in the
reservation, everyone worshipped you, I was one of them, one of your worshippers.

I gasped, even as a wolf. I gasped. This had become too much to hear.

Why say it now Jake? What for? Why didn't you love me before, when we had a chance?

We did not had that chance Leah. Fate isn't with us. You could have become my life, if
not for Sam, if Bella did not arrive, if Nessie didn't exist, but she does exists, Look sorry,
I'm hurting you again. I'm sorry to had hated you, you were so bitter, it was so infectious,
its like your sorrow is going to eat us all.

You hated me that much?

I hated you, as much as I had loved you.

It came out. He loved me, in the past tense, in the very ancient past tense.

You loved me when there were just us, and our people. Then it stopped? Did it stop Jake?
Leah, you are a wonderful woman, very beautiful, irresistable, no man can deny that-

I'm asking you Jake, did you stop loving me? I do not need your pity now, just quit it.

Then I was sobbing, unconciously, I felt my skin wasn't covered with fur anymore. I was
naked. I hurriedly put on the clothes I packed. Jacob was already covered, his brown
eyes, melting with sadness, and I saw pity there. Two pitiful eyes looking at me.

"As I said, do not pity me." I wanted to shout, but my voice was hoarse. This is just so
He threw himself to me, wrapping me so tight, our heat doubled.

"I'm sorry, I can not give you this life, if it is possible, that things aren't this way, maybe
we could have stand a chance, maybe in some other parallel world, but right now, I do
not want you to waste away that beauty." As he spoke, my sobbing and trembling
doubled, but he still held me in this arms.

"Let go Jake, as you said, this world isn't meant for us."

"Don't fret yet Leah, let me savor this moment, this moment that could have been my life,
you that could have been my wife, even for a couple of minutes. I just want to feel it."

I gave in, throwing my arms around him. Really breaking down in tears. My shoulders
got wet as his eyes rained. I wanted to see his face.

"Jerk, you will never see a tear, its enough you know that I'm crying for you."

"I love you Jacob, I will wait for you, if you never come, at least you know I waited."

"Stupid, don't do that. Someone will find you, and please do not be bitter and drive them

"Jake, I'm leaving tomorrow for Forks, we can not destroy your destiny. I need to find
He was shaking.

"Let me kiss you one more time, if it would ok?" He pleaded.

"Then after this I'll leave you, I can ask Quil or Jared to take my place." I do not know
how can I not stop myself from giving every part of me to him, after this kiss, I must go.
Our one hour is already ending, Embry and Seth will soon be phasing

"No one will take you place Leah, you'll always be my beta." As he said this, his eyes
were already dry. But his voice cracked, Jacob Black stuttering for me, that was a catch.
"Jacob Black, no one will take you're place in my mind and soul, you are my very
essence, I have seen who I am in you. We are made of the same things..."
He did not let me finish, he hugged and kiss me til I am out of breathe. My skin trembled,
and he was trembling too. Our flesh tore, and we both exploded, our clothes shredding
out of our skins, phasing in our wolf forms, together, we howled, that howling that meant
parting, that howling that meant goodbye.

An epilogue to chapter 12
Jacob's Epilogue

I let my guard down. Ugh! Wait, I can not hear her voice anymore.Maybe she already
crossed the Canadian borders, of to Washington, maybe she's on a bus, or a plane.
She would not give me details. She left letters for Embry and Seth, not anything for me.
I really lost my sanity tonight. I let the past sneak up on me. I wobbled my head,
How was Leah able to do that? To shake awake the young boy in me, who dreamt about
her a long long time ago? I badly wanted to kiss her when I was in gradeschool.
Argh!!! And what jerk am I to grab the opportunity to!!?
Her warm long fingers across my body, it left traces on me as she rode on the bike with
not so later before we went back to the forest.
But as soon as she was gone. I can not feel anything no more.
The blood that shouts and cry and binds me to her as a fellow wolf, as a Quileute, as an
Alpha to a Beta,
and as the boy Jacob, its all gone. Just gone.
The magnetic pull was all back to Nessie, the sun of my life, THE EVERYTHING of my
It is all very queer. Although the traces of hurt are there.
I can not feel any emotion. How wickedly strange.
I think I'm smelling something very familiar. Stop dreaming Jake, what she did is best.
We've came across a fresh trail. Its the damn birds alright. Embry churned, rebuking. I'm
going to chew your ear off dummy! How dare he talk to me that way. I'm the freaking
Alpha here! I know I know, the Alpha who almost gave in to his 'Beta'! He bursted, I
imagine him, laughing his guts out.
I'm really gonna de-fur him!
I think it's a bad time to play jokes Embry Retorted Seth shaken at some point, our
peaceful pup.

Better listen to the kid Embs! I can take you down to pieces any minute!

Chill bro! He answered unaffected.


Prologue to Chapter 13


Their voices buzzed around like bees.

People. Noisy people. Their voices aren't even music to the ears. I can also hear the
whisping of the air outside. I am actually preparing an essay, in the library. An essay
about my roots, my origins, my beginnings. It would be nice to write about a suburban
family, with a father, who got off to work in the morning, of a mother who cooked
breakfast and dinner just about everyday, of a brother or a sister, running late for school,
grabbing their packed lunch from the breakfast table, and hoping in a school bus headed
for town. The "normalness" is so comforting so nice to be pondered on. But my life has
never been the little happy suburban life. It was the other way around, so much of the
entire opposite.

But why would I write about the truth if the truth sounds more like of a lie, of a fantasy,
of a dark evil fantasy. I had to make up something, something less scary.

Instead of a warlock father, belonging in a shapeshifter tribe in White Mountains, its

plain safe to write about, a father relocated in Middle East for career purposes of course.

Instead of dead parents, and of black wings and a damnation for carcass apetite, its easier
to say our ancestors grew up in supersition, making us superstitious too.
Instead of saying our ancestral tribe of honorable spirit warriors going through an 8-year
of famine, not having a choice but to let their spirit dwell in vultures for survival (which
was a silly decision to make, but a sensible act at that specific time being), it would be
better to say, my tribe worshipped the spirit of the Aves, of the Neornithes, of the great

It would be more romantically sound to alter these truths, to euphemize the bitterness
with sweet mythological heresies. Instead of saying I have a gift to disorient the senses,
intoxicate feelings due to my black craft, its simplier to write down that I've descended
from a people of great charm. This is all amusing though, lying.

What I can not understand is my twin brother's fascination for the human girl in
Washington, who is now apparently not human, now turned immortal, no longer in Forks,
but presently situated in New Hampshire, of all places, they move in our nearest hide out.
The fascination started when he witnessed an immortal being stalking this girl, he
developed some kind of a complex for curiousity. And why were we in Forks that time?
We heard a lot of killings lately, we simply wanted to join the party. Although, it was my
brother who desired it more. I am content in being half human.

We noticed that we don't age as long as we phase to and back as winged creatures.
For the greed of longevity, we indulged in phasing, developing an ancient hunger for the

As we learned of nomadic vampires in Forks, (our instincts are reliable) and being around
them brings us closer to our apetite, to our food.
After they make a kill, we take their kill. It's hard to stay undetected, but since they
moved about swiftly through places, they were oblivious enough not to notice. Until now,
my brother developed an infatuation for that immortal, probably wanting immortality for
himself. But her beauty was truly beyond compare, frightening, but enchanting. My
brother followed her everywhere but not all the time, ignoring her mate, the immortal
Cullen, the one with hair of bronze hue. He stopped following her when we learned of a
reservation in La Push, knowing that wolves surrounded the reservation, and that their
sense of smell is more animalistic than the vampires, doubting to be uncovered.
The next thing we know, the human girl is now a vampire. I still do not know my twin's
entire motivation, but I am sure he wants immortality more than anything else. He'll try
getting it whatever the cost.

And now, we are here in the university library.

Today Clive wanted to make their 'chase' successful!

(part 2, in the University library)

Introducing Corrine Harper PART 2

And so she entered. Quite a different day from the others, I can not see her mate walking
around with her, who is like a gazelle, or a panther maybe. Her grace was stupendous.
An immortal, a goddess of the souless. I can feel people, their murmurs increasing since
her entrance, entranced on how beauty can reach an unatural state.

Isabella Cullen attends one of my classes. You see, I can see her clearly even from 20
feet from this upper floor, even farther, (a bird sees and knows what is beautiful from not,
it is just our nature to be so discriminating) and I am just working my craft for her not to
sense my eyes darting daggers of look on her.

And there, I see my brother. His black ebony hair, rugged, his too sharp eyes following
the fluid movement of her perfect body. Be careful, I wished on luck. People may not
notice, but some of her little movements can not be seen, but I see them...I feel she has an
intuition, of my brother being around. She now walks on the book shelves where the
classics are, a fan?

My brother tails, fluidly, but unlike her, it was loose and light. "I know you're there!" She
hissed. She is indeed very good. "Show yourself, why are you following me!!" She
continued. They were now in the farther part of library, in an area with less people. I felt
my chest tighten.
I wonder what he will do. I recited the mantra in my head, again and again, to increase
the disorientation. I asked the spirits to show her images that would distract her from our
identity. I wanted her to see that we Clive down there isn't that harmful. He approached
her gradually, taking the steps towards her less forceful. "Hi, I'm Clive, Clive Harper."
That was a spill?!

I relaxed a bit, I'm sure he knows what he's doing. She bit her lip, her eyes loosing the
fierceness that was there a while ago, but she did not loosen up.

"I know that name, I know who you are."

"Yes, I am Corrine's brother, make that twin brother. She's in one of your classes." She
kept stiff.

"I know. You still did not answer my question. Why are you following me?" She tried
holding a tough face, but her beauty smoldered still.

I can see that my brother is having a hard time talking to her face to face, finally, smitten
by her beauty, after a long time of wait. He's infatuation may have gotten stronger.

"It's quite hard to give one answer, there's a lot to say, but...I'll just say one. You're beauty
is astounding!" Though he lacked the facial expression, his voice was deep and breathy,
again, a 2nd spill.
I forgot to recite my mantra and I can feel her planning to throw a quick look at me, I hid
behind the closest book shelf.
"Give me the other reasons?" She demanded.

Clive looked her, gazed at her. "You will know. Soon. But may I just say one thing, I
have known you for sometime." Clive turned his back on her.

"Stop, let's talk." She was starting to unstiffen. "How'd you know me for some time, is
this some kind of a game?" My brother continued walking, swiftly this time. She
followed him, controlling her speed. They have reached the exit by now, I followed them
with my gaze looking out through the window.

And he was there. The immortal that could have made her to be an immortal, his eyes
were burning like coals, a very low snarl was resounding in his chest.
Some students were also coming out of the exit. This was Clive's moment to escape, with
some quick turns, he can no longer be seen through the distant woods.

And as if the immortal would easily give up, even with his mate tugging his arms, the
fury and hate that creased his forehead did not easily vanish, he was just waiting for the
right time. I can feel my brother being able to distance himself, not due to fear but to
avoid errupting wildly in such a place, as our school.

I was also feeling all the tension, as his eyes darted at me. I ran to the other exit, and
quickly strided. But unlike my brother, I had a different idea. I went straight to my next
class, although its still a bit early. The male Cullen kissed Isabella, as he followed the
scent of my brother's trail. As for me, Isabella was the one stalking me. I walked faster
until I reached my class in Theory. "Corrine!" She ccalled out. She already knew my
"We need to talk, you don't need always ran away?" I did not stop. I went into class,
expecting not to see her after the period, or at least the whim of having to escape from her
But she it was also her class, and she sat not too far from me. She was using her cell
phone, probabaly communicating with her husband. I can not tell what's really
happening, and its a bad time to call Clive. Now I am so eager to phase , so eager to fly
away and just escape.

The period ended, and she did not leave me, she was still stalking.

And I kept walking, until I was running, we have left the mark of the trail, and gone deep
into the woods, just near the river. I'm sure this part of Hanover still had some campers
around. I need to be careful. I thought sharply.

As I heard no other sound, only her quick paces I almost screamed as my wings tore out
of my flesh, and not very soon, I was airborne. I tried locating her, only to find her
climbing the tallest trees, almost appearing like a blur, so quick I almost lost her. I recited
my mantra. "Corrine, lets not make this any harder, I know you're civil enough to talk to
me!!" I just let out a piercing scream. I wasn't ready for anything at all, any talks or
negotiations without Clive's approval. I flapped my wings harder, that the sound was
deafening, I screamed to disorient her more, but it seems she was getting the hang of our
strategies. In a speck of time, she leaped from the tip of a spruce, grabbing my feet. I
flapped again vehemently, wobbling my feet to loosen her hold, it was like she was
breaking my bone.

In a few moments I could hear thudding of canine feet, their smell was distinct. Then
came a deep long howl. My skin shivered, for I am outnumbered. In a stream of
intensified adrenaline rush through my blood, for the sake of preserving my life, and for
the intimidation from the wolves' cry, I flew higher into the clouds and hid myself behind
some nimbus, covering a full moon, while the immortal surprised by my sudden strength
feel into the ground.


"Bella are you alright?" It was Jake's voice.

"Of course Jake, why wouldn't I be ok?" I stood up quickly in smooth precision as the
other two wolves, Seth and Embry glared at the open sky, seeing only a faint figure flying

"These creatures are really annoying!" He mumbled, straightening his tattered shirt. He
looked very tired for some reason I can not grasp with my high definition eyes.
"You looked confused Jake." And it did appear that Leah's not around. "Where's Leah?" I
probed more.

But he did not answer any of the two questions. "The heck with you Bella, how can you
notice such things after you fell like 30 feet from the sky!? Where's Edward anyway?"
Which reminds me, I scrambled my pockets for my mobile phone. It had 10 missed calls.
"Now that's frantic." I said, redialing back. In an instant Jake was back in his russett wolf
self. "Bella" I heard his voice through the other line. "Are you alright?" he asked, his
voice velvet. "Yes, Jake and his pack are here." "Good." he answered quickly. "This
really has been pointless. Why chase them, if they can simply follow us?" I pondered,
massaging my temples, recalling the images that flooded my mind during the chase. They
were all misleading. First, I saw Clive walking away but then I saw him standing in front
me, like two realities existed. Then I saw him hold my hand, only that I really did not feel
any physical contact. I rubbed my wrists to reassure, and truly he wasn't holding me.

These images really did its purpose of disorienting me, its like it was showing me many
possible but false forsights. None of them real. I went right back to the divinity I was
talking with at the end of the other line, visually thinking of his voice too near my ears,
almost ticklish
He continued. "I'll meet you in the university then, in front Reed Hall.
And, I love you...I just want to see our Nessie. That Harper guy had a dim mind, it almost
made me tired reading his confused thoughts." Ah, his voice.
"Seems like we experienced almost the same things. And this Clive thought I was
beautiful." I was whispering now.
"Yes, that is exactly how he distracted me love. He kept thinking about your face. He
showed me false futures about you, make that three false possibilities, it was beyond
irritating. I broke his one leg, 'til I fell. I was so angry and distracted!!" he roared a little.
Now what he saw maybe more unimaginable than what I saw. I did want to ask further.

The wolves nodded understanding the need to meet at the house.They all did a swift fall
back, chasing time. and then I wondered again, where could Leah be. It dawned me, just
this afternoon on my way to my library, as Charlie called us up, saying he's planning to
propose to Sue some weeks ago. Then that would make Leah, family-officially? And
Seth, too! Ok, so its more wonderful than I had thought it could be. Just that the Jacob
and Leah thing leaves me unnerved. I can not grasp Jake these days, always in some kind
of daze. I wanted to know. I had to. It concerns him and my daughter.

In a brief of a couple of minutes of running I reached the University. I can see the red
Ferrari parked, and my man waiting for me with open arms. He received me smiling.
"Chasing Clive gave me a head ache. Seeing you here with me gives me relief!" He
breathed through my ears. "I can not imagine possible that you're head would in any way
get messed up?" I said, in some old fashioned way.

He melted a smile, somewhat tired but full of resumed comfort. "I can take a dozen of
false possibilities, as long as I know what's real and the reality of us." I nodded several

"Of course love, of course. Do you want to tell me what you saw? It can help you know?"
We were now getting in the car. I did the driving. It's my car anyway, and I wanted to
listen to my husband talk.
"Well, are you ready to hear it? Its absurd and extremely annoying?!" he warned warmly.
I put the key in the ignition, it made a sleek purr. "Let's have it, try me." I replied
zooming away.

"Ok, I guess it's really me who's unprepared." He made a short ehem-ehem. I felt the
possibilities might be too bad to hear. As soon we were on the highway far from
Hanover, I exceeded the speed limit double the velocity.

"Ok, so it was your beautiful face in his head." he started. "He was kissing you in his
mind. Then there was Jake after that, kissing you too. And I was standing there, my eyes
falling out of my head looking at you, my body parts scattered, some missing, other
vultures pecking on my left carcasses." He summarized, looking straight at the blurring
road in front of us, his voice hollow. I was taken aback, fiercely. I stepped on the breaks
too abruptly, and parked quickly at the side of the road. Our bodies did not hit the
dashboard by the force that pushed the car forward, we were perfectly still. And I was
perfectly stiff. It was a bad vision, worst than bad, it was an abhorring picture.

"The worst part of that. He's eyes were red, red as crimson..." he went on, I cut right
through his words.
"Yes, that's exactly the eyes of a new born." I hissed.
"He wants to be a vampire Bella, and he wants to have you. Jake's involvement in the
vision was just to confuse me and conceal his true desire of having both you and
immortality. He wants this life, and you with it." He spoke detached from these words.

"And you're not mad at it?" I asked. I brought the wheel back on the road. We need to
head home fast.
"I am mad Bella, I just believe he doesn't have the power to accomplish it. I really would
like to assisinate this creature...I just want to talk to Carlisle first. If only he did not have
such an evil mind, I could have thought of sparing him."

Before when I was human, the thought of killing people or creatures was frightening,
(and inhuman so to speak). But now, I figured it as an instinct being inside this predator's
body. Yet as Edward thinks of me or his father when he wants to kill, I think of my
daughter. Would she like this kind of life? Killing anyone or anything that would threaten
our existence?! Is this healthy for her or better ask, is this the perfect life supposedly for

Edward touched my shoulder. "Love, you would miss our exit if you won't snap out of
your oblivion?" He was right, I almost did. I made the turn. "I want to talk some sense
into them. Maybe Corrine will listen."

"The craft that they adore so much already corrupted them Bella. What makes it more
difficult is that, they are motivated by lust, lust for immortality, and his lust to have you.
He would in any way do anything, he doesn't have any game plan or blue print, he would
simply do things randomly. It could be tonight, tomorrow, or --ALICE!" He exclaimed.
Of course he would think of her. Now that he saw the real motivation and intention. "Yes,
and Alice could just follow that specific foresight, and ignore the other false foresights!"
He continued. I stepped more on the gas pedal, increasing more speed. "We need to talk
to Carlisle. Or might as well everybody." All the faces that I consider family flooded
again my head, this time more erratically.

We may not have dreams, but these creatures gave us nightmares (although only
having them all this time that we are awake-as we'll always have to be, just like
having 'bad day dreams.'

Chapter 14 --part 2

...back home
We arrived seeing the house fully lit.

After parking the car in the garage, we proceeded to the door which was opened for us
before Edward could even twist the knob. Esme waited at the door, alarmed. But not
alarmed because we fear death (as if that fear is still applicable), alarmed because our
hard earned peace seem to be short-lived, stolen once again. We entered hugging her
briefly. Every one was there, Jake‟s pack cozied themselves, sitting by the dinner table,
while the rest of the Cullens stayed seated on the long white sofas. Jacob was with
Nessie, who braided his hair while they played on the Siberian carpet. She quickly rose
up and ran to us letting his father carry her. It was a good picture to be captured in my
episodic memory. Only Carlisle and Leah were absent. I know Carlisle‟s still out, but I‟m
not sure about Leah.

“Let‟s have it, don‟t keep us waiting?” Emmett announced hopefully not getting bored
because of the long wait.

“Ok, indeed.” Edward said, but remained standing; he approached closer as he held my
waist close to him. “Upon seeing them and finally being able to sense and chase them, I
learned of their motives.” Edward spoke of it, like he was defending a research paper. He
remained detached, sensitive that he might arouse tension in the meeting, also by the aid
of Jasper‟s calming mood effect. He flickered his eyes on me, and drew some strength.

“Say it Edward.” Alice exclaimed getting impatient as seconds ticked by. Edward placed
Nessie down as she readily also kissed my cheek and then coiled right back near her wolf

“They want to become immortal, especially the male, he wants to become a vampire –for
the sake of existing forever.” His voice was still apathetic. “Well, no one‟s gonna give it
to them, unless you want a bite from one of those birds?” Jake kidded, as we expected he
would. “That‟s just about crazy!” Rosalie voiced out.

“Exactly! No Cullen is willing to do that, which brings us to the second dilemma-”

Edward continued as Jasper intercepted. “And what would that be?”

“He wants Bella; he has a strong infatuation for my wife.” Esme gasped softly. Rose and
Emmett fought out a smile. “You could just pick it up from there.” Edward suggested,
Alice glaring at him. “I know.” I guess he thought using the word infatuation would
lighten up the statement, and as it was safer for Nessie to hear. Edward still wore the
nonchalant mask.

“Bella‟s got a knack for monsters huh?” Emmett boomed, holding his stomach, nudging
Rosalie. He was to explode in humongous peals of laughter, but he didn‟t. The pack
appeared like they wanted to join the folly.
Ever since I turned vampire, there‟s no longer a need to blow a red fire cracker for SOS, I
wasn‟t getting any attention now for any form of klutziness, and better yet, I am no
longer a damsel in distress so only Edward still saw me in some little light under this
category and I utterly understand why. Edward steamed, “So Alice?” He ignored the
others who were making a joke out of this situation. Jake and Jasper intently had both
their eyes on our beloved visionary. She closed her eyes, touching slightly her temples.
“Ok, I‟m seeing a lot here, I‟ll find the coherent ones. Um..since the male is injured, he
plans to rest, make that heal. As where to? Let me see…WHITE MOUNTAIN!” she
vociferated. “Any plan of attacks?” Jake mumbled, smoothing my daughter‟s hair. I sat
beside them. “Not yet. Although he plans to act impulsively, grabbing whatever
opportunity that would come his way, anything that has to do with us, he plans to use it.”
Alice prophesized, her eyes widening now. “Anything about Bella?” Edward probed
more. Alice shook her head. “Birds are navigators” suddenly Embry interposed. “They‟re
very good in surveying and stalking, well as far as I could remember that‟s what Quil‟s
father always say „cause he likes eagles.” Jasper agreed, nodding his head. “That is a
good point to consider.” Edward had his fingers below his chin. “I think it would be
better if I go up and stay at the veranda, his thoughts are very complex.” Alice mused,
already gliding up the stairs, Jasper tailing close behind. “Bella, you mind, I need to
know everything?”
“Of course not dear.” With a quick kiss on my lips, my deity brought himself up on the
flight of stairs. Not so soon, the others went about their nightly businesses, calling it a
day. It seems Alice would take her time for some while. Its really a wonder that the
ancient apprehension that existed before whenever something wrong happens already
disappeared. The perks of vampiretrosity! I got back to one of my previous worries,
secluded in one nook in y head, which reminds me to ask Jake.
“Where is Leah?” I raised. He was now watching Embry and Seth playing cards, Nessie
beginning to slumber her arms hanging around his shoulders, she rocked her gently as my
daughter sank into dreamland. Jake turned to me, “Let‟s get this angel to bed first, what
you think?” I motioned my head in agreement. As he swiftly strode to her room, I heard
no sound of foot steps he was still as muted as ever before. He jogged down the flight of
steps. I was already outside under the quarter moon, dimly lighting the untended garden,
yet it still looked never less than being shabby. “Where is she Jake?” I called from where
I stood. “Just drop it Bells. She just went home, ok? Where else?” I looked behind me
and found him close behind me. Both of us looked up at the veranda, prying whether our
conversation would be an interruption. I lowered my voice so much it sounded very base,
“Leah, would just walk home? And leave your pack, in such a time? She never separates
from Seth –or you? It is very unlikely for Leah to do what you just said.” Jake eyed me
gauging how far would I pester him. “Why are you doing this Bella?” He sounded
irritated. I gave a face that said I will persist asking. He took my wrists for a while, and
pulled me, moving forward. “Let‟s talk somewhere else, this isn‟t helping Alice.” We
both threw a glance up stairs. Edward weakly smiled at me. “Ok let‟s go.” I said

We were half a mile away from the house. “Ok, now ask me.” Jake sighed. Truly he was
my „bestest‟ of best of friends, and my heart (hypothetical heart) churned a little upon
seeing his I can‟t describe face. “I‟m concerned first for Nessie, then for her-you know
the Charlie and Sue thing right? And of course, also for you. These are the reasons why I
am asking you. Now, what made her leave?”
“You make me feel like I‟m talking to a Dean!” He started again. My brows creased, he
sometimes is hard and impossible. “Jake, don‟t push me. We‟re quite far, your pack
won‟t be here to help you right away…” I was fuming now. “Relax…ok…relax…this
actually, well is very personal, and historical…a very human thing you see –I hope you‟ll
understand, since you were human once in you life too, right?...” He jerked a look on my
annoyed face. I de-fumed a bit.
“I‟m waiting Jake.”
He braved to start. “I can not stand her around ok, as she could not stand me either.
Besides, she‟s tearing my head apart –I mean, her strong will is very distracting, how can
I explain this, she‟s a ghost Bella, in my head, driving me mad. And I hate it, she can‟t
stop herself either, -am I making any sense?”

“Little sense, yes, big sense –NO. Ok, so in short, she likes you –probably more, and you
-what like her? The question simply boils down there my friend…”

“Imprinting Bella is stronger than a drive and instinct, it is a heartbeat a life pulse, once
gone, it‟s as if, you‟re gone too. She can not beat it, I can‟t beat it too.” The last words
come out very soft. “And so, Nessie, she‟s my life line, ok? Take her away, or vanish me
from her, it‟s as if I‟m a dead wolf.”

Which leads me to this question. “Where does that leave your beta?”
Jake composed his answer. “You knew how much I loved you, it was terribly mad,
remember?” I nodded shelving the memories out.

“As mad and as strong as I thought it was, it wasn‟t imprinting, although it could be as
good as imprinting, but still –it wasn‟t. My point is, human emotions and imprinting
sometimes do struggle with each other. And Leah, I liked her, a long long time ago, ages
and ages ago Bells. She was like the heartthrob in grade school. It just caught me off
guard that she loved me before she even loved Sam Uley.”

It was my time now to be caught off guard. I felt my jaw fell open, only, it did not. And I
am far too more graceful than that. Leah‟s emotions were so long deeply rooted. But I
still had my blood over water. Nessie always comes first, as a mother would always do.

“She has to go Bella, she can never beat Nessie, and I don‟t want to see her anymore.
Nessie already has my soul.” These words reminded me of how I gave mine to become
Edward‟s wife. It is a very heavy way of putting things. “What are you thinking of Bella,
do you get it now?”
“That makes sense Jake, a lot of sense actually. I just feel for you. I understand what
you‟re feeling; I fell in a similar situation with you before. I just hope things will go well
with Leah, she‟s going to be my sister you know.”
“I know, I know.” He murmured. “Thanks Bells, I can not stand seeing Leah getting hurt
every second my heart beats for your daughter, she deserves a whole lot better that I will
never ever going to be able to give her.”
It breaks me, to hear this story, pulling me two directions apart. Another impasse? No, it
will never be an impasse, for Jake‟s and Nessie‟s love is pre-dertermined, no one can
fight that, that simply is imprinting, an answer before you could even ask, a future

Even from this distance I heard Alice shriek, what in heavens name did she saw?!



We ran back home, well back in Edward's and Bella's home in particular, I really can't
see why Bella looks so frantic now. Alice would shriek any time, its part of her
personality. Whether she's irritated or excited its the same high piercing bell sound. But I
do admit, there voices do sound good, ok more than good, they actually sound like
angels, only they aren't even a tiny bit. Ok, of course they are, they're actually my new
family. But thinking about Nessie, sleeping there peacefully in her room, while Bella runs
frantically back makes me suddenly shiver. This would be something bad.
My hair whipped on my face as the wind beat on us. "Bells, what's happening?"
"I think Alice saw something bad, I've never heard her voice sound like this for quite
some time." In no more than five seconds we were back in the backyard, we leaped from
the garden up to the veranda. Alice's eyes were sharp, as Jasper did not let go of her
shoulders. The other Cullens are just behind us, altogether in the yellow lit second storey
living room. My pack was just about to join us here. So in all, we're quite a party. I
checked on Nessie quickly, and found her tossing and turning, still asleep and enjoying
her dreams.

She knows a lot of what's happening, but she's still as calm, what a child!

It was when I walked back that all eyes were again on me. I hope this is not about the
kiss, or whatever silly or stupid that has anything to do with what happened just a while
ago, which seemed like ages already. I should have heard what this was all about while I
went to Nessie's room, but I just loose my senses figuratively when I am seeing her.
Edward's eyes was the most stern of all. Ok, what am I missing here. "Relax Jacob."
Edward commented on my thoughts. Carlisle was the one to raise the question.
"Where's Leah Jacob?" I already told Bella, she should have answered for me at least.
"On her way home I guess, to Sue?" I cooly replied, throwing a look at Seth and Embry,
they looked shaken. "It seems she did not went home Jake." Seth said lowering his eyes.
I turned to Alice. "Well, so, she did not go home, so what? Maybe she'll make the trip
tomorrow. Embry can you phase back, and tell her to just return here?"
"You aren't understanding this man. They think she was taken by the vultures."
That was the blow. I felt my heart do a somersault, but it did not land on a trampoline, it
landed on thorns.
"Like I told you guys a while ago, the male will act impulsively, he will grab any
opportunity that comes across his path, it seems Leah got across, literally. Why is she
wondering alone out there anyway? I did not see her, but I saw the vulture's plan. He saw
her under a spruce, and would like to use her as a trade-off" Alice scolded.
If melting was possible, I would have melted, or crumbled. Some alpha I am. Now I feel
the tremors crawling under my skin. My heart raced, thudding wildly, my blood pumped
hysterically. "Jake, ease down...we should think about these matters before we take
action." Edward reminded again.
It was my fault. Stupid emotions, Sue will kill me, Charlie and probably Seth and Bella. I
really feel so dumb. Leah, of all stupid reckless wolves, why the girl, she's the only one.
And I am accountable for her.
I try swallowing my anger, I was grasping on some handle, bar, that looks distorted now.
Argh, I can't focus.
"What's the plan?" I tried spitting out. All I really wanted to was to go get her and throw
her in a cage so she won't make a mess out of things again.
Bella stood beside me, and touched my arms. I did feel only a bit better, the smallest bit
better. "Ok, let's see, you can try talking to Leah, as you phase back." Edward advised.
That was the only signal I needed, I ran out the veranda and phased, this way I could
figure out what to do and talk to this dumbass she-wolf! She was suppose to head home,
not phase to her human form and sulk under a spruce. And me, the more 'stupider' wolf,
allowed a wailing wolf wander back home.

Stupid Leah, as always. Stupid me, well not always, just now.

My pack followed and phased as well. Seth howling so loudly.

The heck with Leah!!! He thought repeatedly. Embry's mind was silent, but I know
exactly what it felt when one of us would be placed in such grave danger. "Leah!!
Leah!!!!" I kept shouting in my mind, hoping she will hear me. "Where the hell ar you!?"
I went on again like some idiot talking to the wind, only did I realize we were already
reaching her.
"Sshhhh...." Embry hissed. We all sank in silence, and we heard her, she was already
there a few seconds passing already. She was in pain, now it's coming out clear. Seth's
voice stuttered. "Lee, where are you?" And we heard her shrinking groan, like her bones
withered, and her flesh wounded. "I'm sorry..." she struggled mumbling. I growled, I
could not help it. "Sorry!!!? You should be. I told you to go home, not wander, you don't
know how much...this will all cause us!!" I bursted. "Then let me just die here, ok?!!" She
groaned again in pain. My heart wrecked open. Die? Leah, die? I can not reconcile the
two words.
"Just tell us where you are?" I pleaded suddenly.
"Jake, this is not worth it."
"Shut the hell up . Where are you?"
She didn't answer for some moments. It wrecked me more. "LEAH, WHERE. ARE.
YOU!!!??" I growled, the earth under my paws shook.
"He's injured. So, we're not very fay from White Mountain I guess, I know the scent. He's
taking a rest."
"Can't you outrun him, bite him, eat him?" Embry suggested also starting to explode in
"He threw me like fifty feet from the air. My bones are still broken." She spoke hesitating
to admit her condition.
It made me feel better that we know where she is.
"He wants Bella Jake, he wants trade me for Bella. So if I were you guys, just let me die
here. Its really not worth it. Seth just tell mom, ok?"
"Lee..." Seth sobbed unstoppably. I am close to sobbing too. But, I couldn't. I'm much too
angry with her. She shouldn't die yet. She needs some beating.
"And who the hell is that birdie to dictate what the rules are?!!" I bursted running loose,
into the woods, desperate to find any fresh trail that would lead me to her, Seth tailed
close behind me . I guess Embry will be the one to say all these things to Edward and the

part2 of Chapter 15

Embry's Turn (his POV)

Ok. So what do I do now? "Just ran back and tell them everything -what else?!!!" He

I can't get Jake sometimes. I know he has imprinted. There's nothing left to say, his
dedication to his 'imprintee' is 'beyond compare'. But him and Leah? It's creepy. Like two
masochists beating each other til one bled. For some time hanging around Jake's mind
tires me, to death even. Especially when he's apart from the little half human girl, (who
looks exactly like her dad Eddie) his thoughts becomes crazy with anxiety. Ha-ha. Eddie.
"Stop picking around Embry!" He yelled in the hollow of my skull. I do admit, I'm not a
supreme in smartness, but Jake acts more dumb than me, at times, like NOW? He
growled that my ears and head hurt. The wolf connection has its own fall backs. "Yah-ok,
I'm running, see? can you hear my paws, they're digging the freaking soil..." Why so

But true enough we're really going to become dead meat, in the most literal sense if
something bad happens to Leah. I can just imagine the tribe pointing fingers at us.
Especially the Clearwaters. Oh! Doomsday. What about Sam? Will he be thankful?
Every vampire was waiting outside. Again, doomsday. I can't understand what's written
on their faces. Gloom? “Jake what do I tell them?” I threw at him. But all I heard were
breathing and groans. He did not answer. Was that Leah? It was her. “I'm phasing guys.”
I noted.

I faced the Cullens already wearing clothes, of course, how else would I show myself.
"Where's Jake?" Bella's face was worried streaked. The most natural way he would react
of course will be...Eddie was impatient, he read my mind to answer Bella. "He's going to
White Mountain."
"Leah's hurt." I muttered.
"We already know."
"She will be released if Bella would take her place."
"We know that too."
Darn, what the hell am I here for if there's nothing more to say. "So what do we do?" I
asked finally. "Leah's healing, am I correct?" Edward asked. "Slowly, a lot of bones are
broken, she could have escaped if it wasn't that bad." I analyzed. "I could go?" Bella said,
confident. But she was ignored.
"The tribe in White Mountain could side with Clive, that would be our problem, we don't
know how many would help him, and its going to destroy the treaty." Doc said to her
then. Jasper looked very mad. His eyes could kill.
Now this is sounding and getting more devastating.
"Why startle everybody's peace for his personal ambition?!!" Eddie was erupting now, I
wasn't surprised. Bella run her fingers on his jaw line easefully.
"I can call Sam at the reservation, they could come help?" (Just hope Jake doesn't get
mad with this intervention I'm inventing.) They thought about what I said for a second.
"Perhaps, Sam and the other wolves, but leave the others out of this. It's unhealthy for
Sue, and Charlie." Eddie replied. Jake thought so too. I had Quil's number on my phone, I
made a quick message and sent it. RED ALERT, LEAH AND JAKE TROUBLE IN
WHITE MOUNTAIN. I can not figure out how long it will take for my brothers to get
here, but we need all the help we can get. These creatures are in the advantage, not only
they can fly, but this is their mountain. Leah seem to have a bad bone in her.
I noticed the Blondie and Esme weren't with them. "With Nessie." Eddie butted in. "Of
course." I mumbled.
I felt a sudden urge that Jake and Seth will be in deeper trouble if won't act now. I was
hearing Jake's howl even from a very far distance, or am I imagining things? The fortune
teller did not say a word the whole time, until now. "Half the tribe is going to aid
him...and if Leah stops breathing, well, that's going to be really bad for her.." Her wide
eyes were on me in a surprising instant, "Tell Leah, she should stay alive, awake and
breathing, I know you know what I long as she's healing, she's safe...there's
nothing left to do but to attack, Jacob is outnumbered. He plans to hurt Leah until Bella
tells him the secret to immortality. " she said, her words falling like war arrows from the
Bella became furious. “I'm just planning to do that, only I will not stop drinking his
blood, and puking right after I'm through with him.”
The family was already loosing the calm they had for a while.
I threw the my cell phone at her, "I contacted Quil, you tell them what's happening when
he calls."
Right before their naked eyes I transformed to my most loved wolf form. I love being a
wolf now, as some of us still hate it, I do get used to liking it. In a fast surge, Jake's voice
gushed in my head like an angry river. But his words did not make sense, he was like, he
was running.

“Seth?where are you?” I asked. He wasn't answering. “Jake, man, you guys need to
answer me, we're bringing help, I contacted Quil, Bella got my phone. Leah, keep
breathing, just heal, relax, and don't die, you are much safer if your alive, as far as Alice
saw that's the best thing to do. We are on our way.” I spoke nervous and all. I heard
Jake's growl. “What!!? You told Quil, ok ok. There's a lot of them, we need to find a
place somewhere to hide! We're already here. I can smell all their shitty scent
surrounding the woods. Maybe there's twenty of them. They're not attacking us yet, it
looks like they're simply watching.”
“Leah?” I called.
“Don't pretend you're not hurt, ok?” Jake said, somewhat tender.
“I'm doing my best to heal, someone is tending this creature's wound, he can't do much
right now. The other vultures don't know why I am here, but he is planning to throw a
meeting, we wants to make a new race of winged vampires. He's sick!” She tried
deliberating, disgusted at the thought.
Edward's eyes surveyed me. He was listening to my head, and telling the other Cullens
the information he heard right away. At this point I can see how much more scarier their
faces can get. “Madness!! This creature deserves death!!” Jasper, scowled, his teeth
“Carlisle?” Eddie consulted.
“There's nothing more left to do, this has to be stopped.”
With fangs, snapping, snarls and writhes, the animals we had become, throwing our
bodies to a desperate ran, to attack the enemy pissing the hell out of us.

Through Embry's Voice

I was hell worried. These vampires are actually relying on me, specifically Edward. He
keeps looking at me, surveying my brain for new messages. They were like gazelles, shot
in good angles. And I‟m running with them, running with vampires. Funny huh?

I‟m waiting for Quil‟s phone call. What‟s keeping him anyway?!! Bella was still holding
the mobile.

Then a surge of familiar voices oozed in my supposedly crowded head. So much use for
cell phone these days. One by one their noise poked in. “Embry my man!!!” “Miss you
Embs!!” Ahh Quil! What a softy! “What you‟ve been doing?!!” “What‟s up?!!” Thrill
shot up in my spine. I‟ve been missing these rascals.
A low voice resounded, breaking all cheeriness and slaps.
“Alpha, where‟s Leah?” It was Sam, the anti-climax man, of course the constant spoiler,
he seemed tense. But no one can beat Jake‟s nerves. “Yes, am here.” Jake‟s voice
surprised me. “Leah? You might as well ask her directly.” There was spunk in the way
Jake spoke, not loosing the hot coals. “Shut up Jake.” Leah groaned in pain. The other
wolves almost gasped, surprised on how her voice shrank. “She fell off from fifty feet
high; she has lots of broken bones. And they have her.” Seth said in defense of his sister,
a little incoherent there. I heard Jake sigh. Looks like I‟m the one being expected to
report. “The catch here guys, is that there is another group of shape shifters in the
reservation in White Mountains, who aren‟t in any way four-footed and in any way,
winged. They fly and they are damn vultures!!” I reported.

She seems too weak to be biting at us. She didn't even snapped on Sam. We barely heard
her very visual and hurting thoughts. But I'm quite sure we all felt her emotions tied
closely to the alpha. I heard her mind repeat his name twice.

“Why take and hurt her?” Jared asked. “She‟s bait. For the vampires.” Jake angered out.
A variety of reactions filled the wolf air waves. “This vulture guy wants to become a
vampire, he‟ll strike her if the Cullens wouldn‟t give what he asks.”

“Leah, are you all right…?” Sam went on.

“Lee you ok?” That was Seth. "Hey, girl, how you doing?" And that was Paul.

The bad thing here is, she only responds to Jake. Woops, that slipped out.

“I do talk to anyone Embry. I‟m ok.” Her voice writhed. I felt pins pricking my chest.
Her pain is affecting me, I can‟t believe this! “Stop talking Leah. Just rest ok.” Jake
mumbled. “Where are you guys anyway?” The Alpha inquired of them. “Almost nearing
the borders, in two hours or so, we‟ll be with you” “Good, there are 20 birdies here. How
about you Embry? Where are you, the Cullens are with you right?”

I was about to answer Jake when we all heard in unison Leah‟s voice, immediately
breaking out into a high piercing groan. “Leah?!! What‟s happening?” “Leah?” “Leah!!”
We were all calling out her name. It was an indescribable sensation, I felt my blood
boiling, and my teeth thirsting to tear. Jake was howling uncontrollably, as the others
followed. I was worrying before that we‟ll all end up as dead meats, but right now I see
no reason for our tribe to point fingers at us, nor even throw the blame on us or even to
each other.
We were all in this together. I realized in this abrupt moment, we needed to rescue the
only female wolf in our pack and that we really cared for our Leah.

Edward's eyes shot with terrifying blood lust. as he heard Leah's voice screaming in
our minds.


A magnet, no make that a black hole...

I‟m simply a magnet for trouble. Just like a black hole sucking anything and everything
that comes near it, I have this innate ability of putting the people who I care for in grave
danger, to suck them in and place their lives on Death‟s toll, which doesn‟t surprise me or
anyone anymore. Take, for instance Leah, who, soon will be ushered into Charlie‟s new
family (which still includes me). Of all the “unfortunate mix-ups” and “cataclysmic
randomness” Leah gets to be kidnapped for the purpose of luring me. I would
consequently give immortality to this monster, only if I would be willing to give him the
ill-fated venomous bite. And I am more than willing.

But Clive Harper doesn‟t know that yet, as far as I know. He doesn‟t know that a vampire
has to bite him, and be able to stop drinking his blood for him to become one. I was
planning a diplomatic approach, but realizing what he is about to do with Leah, I can not
see the previous plan being possible. In this one moment, I‟m allowing myself to feel a
particular lust for blood, to drink this man‟s blood until it drains and he breathes no more.
It is actually a pretty good idea.

I could feel the snowy air blowing against our bodies as we ran as if we were flying in the
air. I could already feel the persisting smell of the Evergreens, and I could now smell the
sting coming only from vulture feathers. It all came at once, so I‟m sure we are nearing
the territories of White Mountains.
“Embry?” I called, meeting Edward‟s thirsty, cold eyes, startling me a bit. Embry barked
quickly, confirmed my thoughts. His attention on me, I continued. “If you can tell these
things to Leah, in my behalf of course...”
I immediately let Edward read my thoughts. Love, I am capable of doing this. Please,
trust me. You will be close enough to know if something goes wrong. Hear me out, ok? I
will have to talk to Leah, for her to inform Clive Harper of my compliance. I went on.
“Leah, I know you are hearing me through Embry‟s head, tell Clive Harper that I am
more than willing to comply with his request. And, in fact, I‟m personally delivering
myself into his hands and let him have a taste of the immortality that he desires.” He
nodded eagerly, as I also assume that my message is delivered directly to Leah.

Edward looked as if he was still figuring out the logic behind my words, and then just
right there, it suddenly hit him. Although Jasper was first to express his thoughts, “The
plan sounds awfully cruel, but just about right. When dealing with a kidnapper you‟ve got
to give him what he wants, then trick him shortly after –that‟s a very good one Bella.” I
fought a wicked smile from coming out. Yet looking through my husband‟s eyes, I feel
he is still seeing the weak and helpless Bella. “I‟m very strong Edward. Only you make
me weak. I will bite him and sip his blood until there‟s nothing left to drink...“, I breathed
behind his ears. My Edward gave a grim and worried smile. “I just can‟t accept that it has
to be you, instead of me. Why does it always have to be you?”

We are beginning to see lighted cottages from not more than five miles ahead now;
smoke came out from each one. Soon enough, we began hearing familiar howls. It was
from Jake and Seth. Resonating along with the wolves‟ howls were screeches of birds.
Possessing extremely sharp eyesight we spotted several birds, --vultures, resting their
claws on high branches of closely compacted spruces. The sounds they produce confuse
me; I don‟t know whether they are frightened or they are trying to frighten us. The way
their eyes moved made me sure these are the half humans, but they just sat and watch. I
can not understand their apathy. Seth who is half naked and bare-foot met with us; as our
coven/ family came to a halt. He looked troubled, and grief stroked his eyes.
Part 2

"There you are guys." He panted as he steadied himself before us. "I knew you were
already close by. Jake wanted me to talk to you, concerning... well, you know. Embry,
Jake wants you with him." Embry moved his head as if to agree with Seth. Without much
adieu, Embry ran and quickly made his way deep into the woods.
I wanted so much to pat Seth‟s back, or give words of comfort, or ask him how things
are, but his eyes we're contagiously sad, even as he struggled to put on a straight face, it
seemed in vain, „cause his eyes were too honest. Our poor young Seth is still very much
in his teenage years.

“Seth, are you alright?” Carlisle asked coming forth and nearer at him. He placed his
white hands above one of Seth‟s shoulders. “It‟s going to be alright Seth; we‟re here to
make sure nothing bad is going to happen.” Edward‟s eyes were intently on Seth, and
knew then what the problem was. “We better hurry. They haven‟t found yet where the
vultures have taken Leah.” Edward said.
“Yeah, that‟s the thing. We can‟t find them anywhere. Some people in the village fled,
the others shifted to their bird form. They wouldn‟t help, or speak out…probably too
scared. Gideon knew you were coming for Leah, and they said they‟re going to stay out
of this. Those freaking cowards!!” Seth burst out thunder evident in his voice. He started
to shake. “Jake wants to know if Alice has seen anything yet.” He went on trying to calm
himself down.

“Alice?” Carlisle gestured. “At least that cleared some things up. I was already getting
tired trying to make a sense out of the foresights I‟m seeing. They still have their mantra
working. Ok, let‟s see.” Alice let her fingers touch the sides of her head as she entered
into a trancelike state, closing her eyes drifting into oblivion. “Ropes and blood.” She
sighed. It did not take Alice a long time to see what she needed to see. Her eyes flashed
wide open, a few seconds after she had appeared to drift away. “Leah is strapped with
ropes and hanging upside down on the other side of the mountain. Harper chose the
tallest tree. She bleeds as we speak. Corrine is on watch. The moment they see anyone
besides Bella, he‟ll let go of the rope. Leah, I‟m afraid, isn‟t healing as fast as we
expected her to heal. And he wants Bella, no one else.” There was finality in Alice‟s
We were all taken aback.

A monsoon wind soon blew pass us, bringing with it the scent of Leah‟s blood. Seth
shook more intensely this time... “Leah!!” And then his flesh writhed; canine fur, teeth
and paws instantly replaced all his humanity. Seth‟s howl sounded a lot different than
Jacob‟s howl, it had more tenor in it. The wind blew a little harder. It was not long before
two more howls filled the air. Jake‟s howl was the eeriest, and the maddest.

“What are we all waiting for, let‟s follow the wolf!!” Emmett exclaimed. We were all
propped to lunge back into running.
But then, there came a rustling in the grass and leaves. It smells like another shape
“Who‟s there!?” Jasper hissed.

“Hear us out, please…” The voice said.

Soon, two women and a little boy appeared from behind the bushes. By the way Edward
composed himself; I felt this people meant no harm. “Please, stop Clive, we know of your
power, and we are all afraid of you.” Her words were simple. I‟m not sure she knows
what we really are. But with our every movement, I see them flinch ever so slightly. She
was scared.

“Do you even know what your fellow vulture is up to?” Edward said, as he read the
woman‟s mind.

“Immortality, he asked our tribe if we wanted such a thing.” The taller woman spoke this

Edward shook his head. “Ladies, we are actually in a hurry…”

One by one we left to follow Seth‟s trail.

Edward continued on with his warning, “But I have to warn you, go tell your people that
trouble awaits at your door if ever you choose to side with him.”

After these words, we were running once again side by side. The fading image of the
three people behind us kept on lingering in my head.

I fervently hope war would not rear its ugly head this time.



It‟s been quite a while.

I‟m not saying I don‟t like keeping peace. But if I would just compare the span of time I
indulged myself in war and its spoils, it is quite longer than the time I‟ve been enduring
this vegetarian lifestyle. But I‟m learning to live it fully, so don‟t judge me.
And yes, I am fascinated with the new Bella. I mean, not really much has been changed
with her; let's just say she simply became more spunky. I like it. And Edward, my
brother, he‟s still getting used to it. He has been her knight in shining armor for a long
time, although she obviously didn‟t need any of that now.
And tonight, a new dawn of opportunity to use these fighting skills that have long been
dormant (since the Volturi changed their minds about attacking us, and Victoria raised an
army of vampires who were too idiotic and robotic that they were simply like ants to be
crushed) has come. Ok, that was cruel.

So how would it be this time? I wonder.

To some extent, I feel this endeavor ironic. Ironic, for we are rescuing a wolf. But I had
to remind myself, these wolves risked their tribe, principles and lives to side with us as
we fought Victoria , and the bigger Italian coven. I shouldn't be having any second
thoughts this time.

What would be the game plan if things get out of hand?

We were now within a twenty mile radius from the vulture. And as the scent indicates, he
had some back up with him, probably a handful, I‟m not very sure. Edward looked at my
direction, he was reading my mind. “As much as possible Jasper, we‟ll not engage in any
war.” He hissed at me. We were never in perfect synchronicity. I‟m quite used to it
though. “It depends.” I muttered. We both stared at Alice . “Harper‟s whimsical, so it
really would depend. Actually, it all depends on how Bella will execute her plan.” She
mumbled lowly. “How‟s Leah doing?” Bella whispered asking Alice . “Barely breathing,
but you‟re gonna make it.” Alice assured Bella. My wonderful Alice , we‟re always at the
advantage of everything because of her.
“Ok, you all stay here.” Bella commanded.
“What a drag!” Emmett cried out.
I had an idea. I was to say it, but Edward interposed for the hundred thousandth time now
since the day I started living with them.
“What is it? I hope nothing bloody.” Edward! I kept my cool.
Alice intercepted too. “I sense fifteen winged people backing up the vulture man. Only
his twin sister is doing the patrols.”
Alice ‟s prediction made the probability of my plan for success higher.
And so I said, “If we ran in different directions all at the same time, scattering ourselves
in random fashion, she may not notice, and get somehow confused, she can not watch us
all at the same time. It‟s all part of using deceit.”
“What if she squeals and makes a noise, if she sees any one of us? Don't you think that
would signal him to send Leah to her grave!?” Emmett boomed out loud.
“And what? Easily kill his bait? I honestly don‟t believe he will let go of Leah‟s rope,
until he is sure Bella would give him what he wants. I think, in his twisted mind, he
simply wants to make sure, we are not any way near Bella, he controls his battle ground,
because he wants a sure win.”
“To lessen the obstructions.” Edward added.
“Exactly!” I confirmed.
“You really got talent in seeing through criminal minds Jasper.” Bella said. I wanted to
smile, but I know why I am so good at this. As much as I wanted the adrenaline, I hated
the „trauma‟ war leaves behind.
This conversation lasted for about three minutes. We vampires have very very quick and
witty minds. Seth struggled but succeeded in getting our drift.

“Ok, I will walk straight to Clive, if he doesn‟t hand Leah over before I bite him, if he
harms and hurts Leah further, and if he calls his back-ups to attack, that would be the
signal to get to us in the fastest time and way possible. Although I still hope I can alter
some of our plans when I get there.” Her last words came out as a whisper.

A strong woody brine scent hit us hard. It was abrupt. We almost thought we hadn‟t
heard any rustling of grasses. Seth had a very wide grin stretched on his wolf face,
although he still appeared less blissful. And sure enough, the La Push pack was there.
He barked a greeting to them.
This is getting good; we can actually attack them and win without much sweat and effort.

“No.” Edward said. Yes, I know. I‟m just making it an option. He nodded and left my
mind alone.

Behind an acacia trunk, a tall man appeared. “Quil!” Bella announced. I never get to
know who‟s who, they are difficult to distinguish. Probably according to scent if I pay
more attention, I would recognize each one. Suddenly I knew Jacob was around too. He
appeared behind Carlisle , with less clothing. Carlisle stood silent all this while. “Jake!?”
Bella motioned. “What craziness got in to you to attack without even thinking!!?”
But he ignored Bella and walked up to Quil, and shortly gave him a bear hug.
Jacob turned to face me. “Jasper, I like your plan. Although we have another suggestion.
Embry found a route behind the vultures. Cover the front area, we‟ll cover the back.”
We nodded in agreement with the pack‟s Alpha “Bella,” He finally said,
“Don‟t worry, we‟ve got you covered.”

I got uneasy that Carlisle was immensely calm and quiet the whole time. We then all felt
that we couldn‟t proceed yet. “ Alice , can you attune to Gideon.” He finally spoke.
Gideon is the chief of this damned tribe. “Affirmative Carlisle .” Alice answered.
“Here, ok…he‟s waiting at the foot of the mountain, awaiting any result. The twins‟
mantra is useless now, we got them.”
“Now then, children.” Carlisle went on. “I will have to deal with the tribal Chief; I feel
there is some little hope left in this bleak situation”
The whole of my being objected tremendously. And what other hope could there be?!
“Yes. There might be.” Bella said softly. I still can‟t see it.
“But you proceed with your plans; I believe this is what I am called to do.”
“Do you want me to go with you?” Alice offered.
“No Alice . I‟d rather you go with the Edward and the others”

With that he left us.

It was unnerving to see our father go about his plans alone. But I do trust his convictions.
Our army has more than enough fighters.

This is going to be my first kill.

Of course, I‟m not talking about hunting animals to feed me, although this person is half
animal, he is half human as well. So he does qualify as my first human kill.
Is killing really the only way?
Edward runs his lips over mine. “Don‟t make him like you too much.” He said as he let
go of my body. The wolves were already in their positions to watch. Jasper and the others
are waiting for Edward. “Yes love. I will be disgusted by his blood and throw up, don‟t
He flew behind the trees, apprehension sinking within his eyes. “Like Jake already said,
we‟ve got you covered.” His parting words floated eerily back to me. I wasn‟t scared in
any way, I was just fearful that I might fail.
“I liked it better, having those words come from you.” I whispered now to the wind. But
of course my Edward heard me. I can not see anyone anymore, though I feel their
So I was technically, alone.

Another wind blew harder this time, like it was luring me to where my future half human
half wolf sister was. The wolves fell silent. Jake held in his hysterics. Soon as I glided
deeper and deeper into the forest, the sweet scent of my family faded. And unlike before
that I usually loose my sense of direction, this time, I was a hundred percent sure where I
was heading. I heard flapping of wings, I must be getting closer.

It did not take very long for the sting of Leah‟s blood to fill my nose and lungs. Even
from five miles, I see her clearly. Alice was absolutely right. The picture she saw was
accurate, only seeing it before my naked eyes made my blood rise. I was angry, because
the beautiful she-wolf was now but a bloody mess. My heart revolted with pity and
loathing. How can someone be so selfish? How far can someone go to become immortal?
I went too far, when I was human. But it was all out of my undying love for Edward. And
now here I am, faced with a somehow similar situation, only that this person (if he‟s even
a person) is doing this out of greed, and madness. Or is there something else we don‟t
know of?
It was like a full circle, facing death, rescuing some one from death, and being the person
to give death. And right now, like a full circle, I was the one to deliver the kiss of death.
Ironically I am now playing the role of James (although again this is a very different

I heard Leah moaning in pain. She lost too much blood she can‟t even heal herself. If
Jake and the others see this, I can not imagine how they will react. I‟m now very close to
the tall tree where Leah hanged and tied feet facing up. Leah!!! My soul cried. She
doesn‟t deserve this pain.

“Show yourself, I am already here.”

“Very well Isabella, I feel that I should call you Bella, I have known you quite well. And
this wolf girl you‟re rescuing, didn‟t you know she hated you all her life.”
I really don‟t care. Leah naturally dislikes all vampires, which includes vampire lovers as
well, so why be surprised I told myself. He spoke without really showing himself. I made
little effort to scan the trees. And then there I saw him, standing on the highest branch,
very near to where Leah is.

“And my sister feels you have cheated in this deal we‟re having.”

I wanted badly to mislead the direction this conversation is heading. “Do you want to
become immortal or not? That‟s the only reason I‟m here.”

“I want immortality as I want you.”

The hair behind my neck rose. Disgusting animal!!

“I believe, the deal is, I trade the secret to immortality for Leah‟s life, and I warn you, I
have the ability to incapacitate you if you will not hand over my sister, before I give you
what you want.” I hissed a little diplomatically. As a two year old vampire I would have
lost my temper, I would climb up the tree, ripped off his head, and drained his blood due
to uncontrollable thirst. But that was too rash; I can not afford to fail. He has the
advantage to fly, escape, and bring along with him Leah. I can not allow that. We‟re
already loosing Leah. “I will let her be, if you first give me what I want…” His voice
became more seductive…

“So…you want me. You really desperately want me…?” I tried not to flinch or gulp, and
did my best to appear and sound seductive. I felt my body and voice obeying me.

“Clive, don‟t you know that all I have to do to make you immortal is to kiss you…”
Of course I do not plan to do that hellish thing; it‟s supposed to be a trick.

“And that means you staying put, while I do the job…of making you…immortal…”

He has to catch the scent of my breath to truly be drawn to me, and that would be
possible if he will cringe closer. He has to come closer, or I will have to do that myself.
But surprisingly he was flying down to my direction.

Edward, Jacob, as soon as I signal you to attack, go for it. But right now, wait on my cue,
once I get this half-man intoxicated, there comes our chance. I hope this mind message
reaches my husband.

In my mind, I knew how much of a rookie I am when it comes to victimizing humans.

But this could not show. I had to go on. I saw him nearing and nearing until his face is
only inches away from me. Gradually his wings folded close behind his back, and his
green eyes seem to be in a very deep haze, and daze. I can see now what happens to
people when they get to near a vampire. He will never recover. I breathed more into his

NOW!!!! I let my mind shout. In a few seconds I hope the others will be here.

He is now offering himself to receive a kiss. But not yet, I let him feel that I am
appraising his facial features. I will delay gratification and let him enjoy it. Even as my
mind strongly opposed, I caressed his face.
If this decoy ends badly, I would have to kill him. I saw Carlisle ‟s face in my head, and
somehow I can not do it. I hope the decoy will work.

I felt the presence of the wolves and the vampires all together, very near... I draw closer
to Clive‟s face and lips. “I want, I want to…”

“CLIVE!!!! IT‟S A TRAP!!!”

But even shorter than a second, I saw Alice climb up the tree, untie Leah‟s tight hold, and
let Jacob safely catch her. Edward grabbed me fiercely, hitting Clive who then crashed
into one of the trees, as he woke up from the trance and then vehemently releasing his
folded wings and flew up the sky. Side by side with his twin they let out a very loud ear
shattering cry. Soon the skies were filled with black winged creatures.

“I almost killed him.” I whispered.

“He almost kissed you that lowlife scum!!” Edward growled.


Behind all us Carlisle arrived, with him was Gideon and some others who followed him.
Gideon repeated his warning.
“Clive, stop this at once. Immortality will cease your life! If you really want to know, that
is the secret!”

“You are lying!!!!” Clive yelled back, who was still torn and humiliated that his plan
back fired. Gideon‟s silver wings tore out from his back, he flew to where Clive was and
a band of other shape shifters surrounded him. Only Clive was captured. Corrine flew
beside Gideon. “Corrine, you, you double crosser! Traitor!!!”
Soon we realized what‟s happening.
Alice approached me, but Edward still had my waist in an iron grasp. He loosened up a
bit. “ Carlisle talked some sense into Gideon; he was also able to reach Corrine.” She
informed whispering.
“But, she wasn‟t going to make you immortal Clive!! She was going to kill you, if you
allowed her, and you were allowing her! This is the best for us. I‟d rather see you chained
than dead.” She sobbed.

Carlisle glided to our small huddle, an expression of content evident on his lips. “I could
not allow you, Bella, to have no other choice but to kill. As Edward loves your soul, this
is the best way I see to keep you and ourselves optimistic of our fate as vampires, if
there‟s a place for us somewhere.”
This is one time I would badly want to have my tears back, to cry. “ Carlisle , oh, father, I
love you!” I jumped up and embraced him tightly. I can feel Edward‟s happy smile from
behind me. The outcome did turn out surprisingly well.

Leah was like a limp fish flinching as Jacob secured his broad arms around her. Jacob
had a relieved smile, and his eyes regained their original calm. The wolves circled around
him. This time their howls weren‟t troubled but were changed from sorrow to pure

“Leah” I heard Jacob sighed as he snuggled her broken body closer to his.

He‟s gonna be dead when we get home.



“How‟s she doing?”

“Well, it‟s been three days”
“Her color is getting better though.”
“And what do you know about „color getting better‟ huh?”
“Well, I don‟t know, I just know ok?”
“Will you guys shut up, just let her rest.”
“So, I‟m the noisy one now? You were the one almost teary eyed when we almost lost
“Oh yeah?!”
“Oh yeah my face!! I don‟t care if you‟re the Alpha now; I‟m still up to kicking your
“Why don‟t try taking me down now, huh? Why don‟t walk your talk?!!”
“Shhh…guys guys, can‟t you at least consider where you pick up your fights?!!”

Stupid wolves. Just when I‟m starting to get better, feel my toes and my torsos back in
good shape, just when I‟m starting to feel all my dislocated and broken bones heal,
(thanks to Carlisle) I get to wake up in a room full of immature gawking wolves!!!!

And why so loud? Is there no other way to communicate!!?? If not only for these
bandages which are incapacitating me right now, I would have gotten out of bed and
slapped their stinking faces. And I am just going to do that. Just wait „til I…

“Jacob, Jared, Embry, Paul, Seth, pipe down a little. I think she‟s still asleep.” It was
Sam, resonating in with full authority, assuming a tone supposedly for an alpha. I can see
he still had lots of hung-ups. I just also hope I did not unconsciously make a face while I
heard him enter and speak. An expression I am fighting not to show. I feel his heat near
me. Sam, that creep.

“So what are you gonna do now, take care of her? You must be kidding me?!” Jake‟s
husky voice taunted grimly. Jacob, that caring (too caring) freak!! Oh…Jacob.

“Let up on the sarcasm, ok?” Sam mumbled, still even tempered not to start any conflict.
“And, its not as if you can do that yourself?” Sam suddenly added.

“Guys, guys!! Life is sweet, and so young. Chill, relax, you both imprinted, so…well, I
don‟t know, you can always care for her I guess, as a sister maybe?” Embry stuttered, a
little hesitant to bring up his point.

I desperately wanted to start moving, and make them shut up. Am I some kind of casualty
to be always looked after and cared for? I‟m not mentally challenged nor am I senile, I
don‟t need their “heart melting” and “obligated” attention. I can take care of myself.

So much for wanting, I‟m getting up. I‟m gonna try to move.

Then, two very warm hands held me down back to my pillow as I was about to open my
eyes. “All of you shut up and go away!!” My voice was still weak, and I think it didn‟t
snap at them too much. Jake was the one holding me down. And all the others behind him
stared down at me, their eyes full of pity, and concern. Or am I just imagining things?
Seth ran to my bedside, moving pass through Jake. “Don‟t move yet, rest some more…”
He whispered his words stumbling. “Hey kid! When are you going to grow big enough to
kick these idiotic bums out?!” I teased pointing towards the pack. He meekly smiled.
“Come on, just get better ok?” This mushy boy is really a therapeutic agent. I‟m SO
getting a load of that.

“Are you ok Leah?” Paul asked. Never did I see their eyes looking at me this way. I can‟t
fully describe it. It is creeping me out. I stared back at each one with my questioning
eyes, which still managed to avoid Sam. It will be a permanent curse. I don‟t know, how,
in any way I will feel peace when he‟s around. Only Jacob can calm the raging bitterness
inside me.

“Don‟t pity me guys?!! Awww-come on!! Just get lost, all of you?!! I mean –do you
really think I could get killed that easily? Even for one second?” I lifted up my arm too
quickly that I felt a piercing pain accompany my movement. I flinched once more. Jake
again was too close. “Stupid, don‟t move yet!! Or do you want me to personally re-break
your bones for you? Obviously you‟re still not one hundred percent ok.” I wasn‟t struck
by the thunder of his voice, I got frozen because he lingered too close, tucking me back
under the sheets. “Jake, you‟re impossible!!” Quil laughed. I saw him blush a little as he
met my confused gaze.

“What?! So get embarrassed now?!! I was the one who carried you all the way back here,
and well, you don‟t have too many secrets to keep from me now; actually, we were all
here when Carlisle patched you up. And don‟t get mad, „coz we care Leah, ok, you may
think we make life miserable for you but we truly care!” He was kind of stuttering over
the word care. “And besides, I know how much you like me…” He bent down and
whispered lowly, “ kept calling my name, how could I leave your side. So, I have
nothing left to do but to live with it. Ok?”

What does he mean live with it?

I suddenly thought of Nessie just simultaneously when Jake backed away slightly from
the bed which left me thankful that I regained my breathing space. His heated presence is
killing me.

As much as I pretended to ignore Sam, in a similar fashion he avoided meeting my

accusing eyes. “Leah, I‟m glad- I‟m glad you‟re ok “After spilling those words out
awkwardly, he left the room through the door. I was too numb to care that he cared.
Although a little part of me said I should at least try and learn to forgive him.

Jared, Paul, Quil and Embry were still examining me with their eyes.

“Man, Leah, honestly you almost gave us triple heart attacks!!!” Quil expressed. Jake‟s
attention suddenly shifted to the open window, across from where my body
unglamorously laid. He moved to look through the window, and later on the sound of
Nessie‟s chuckle discreetly entered the room. I quickly glanced back at Quil.

“Quil, don‟t. I know how irresponsible I was at that time; you don‟t have to feel guilty or
anything, because it‟s really my freaking fault! You all know it. I should have gone
straight back home. It‟s really my fault.” The emotions that lurked in me that lonesome
night crept back in my memory, as I responded to Quil. I tried not to overly grimace.

“Even though it‟s a thousand times your fault Leah, if you get in trouble, it affects us.
Ok?” Quil answered.

“You‟re just making me feel better Quil.” I still doubted their words or is just that I
intentionally don‟t want to believe it.

“We‟re not. I felt it too Leah. It‟s not natural.” Embry added defensively.

“Yep! Girl, it‟s so hard to imagine, but I felt it too.” Paul continued after Embry, and
Jared nodded in unison.

Jake was waving to Nessie still standing by the window. His face was covered with
different hues of happiness. Pangs of jealousy washed over me like acid, I melted with
self hate. “Ok, ok, I understand. I just can‟t believe my ears. I am a total mess and not to
mention a total jerk to everybody, and here you are…”

Surprisingly again in my case, Jake cut into my revelry. ―Here we are dead worried
about you...‖


I think it‟s better to stay asleep or at least pretend that I am asleep, people keep on
coming and coming to visit me in this borrowed room. Jake left feeling certain that I was
tucked in and completely resting. After he left, I flash my tired eyes back open. Taking a
rest can really be a drag. I pulled the sheets over to cover my face.

“Leah?” It was Bella, I couldn‟t mistake her voice. She gently pushed the door open.
Edward followed after she came in. I didn‟t want to show my disheartened and dirty face.

Edward was already laughing quietly. Stupid mind reader. He laughed more.

“Leah, it‟s nice to know you‟re getting better.” Edward said. There‟s no way I‟m going to
talk with them right now. I‟m too emotional. At least I can leave Bella a message through
her mind reader.
Edward, sorry about me calling you stupid –of course you‟re not. And thanks, I know
what happened caused a lot of chaos, and I take full blame. Bella should have not done it.
She should have allowed me to die. Anyways, I‟m alive…so thanks, and I hope can make
it up to you guys –I don‟t deserve her kindness, and I still feel bad. VERY VERY BAD.
He immediately relayed my message to Bella in a swift whisper that lasted only for a
second. “Leah, you‟re going to be my sister, I care about you and I‟m honestly starting to
like you…”

I wanted badly to answer her. But I was tongue-tied. Don‟t like me Bella, I‟m unlikable.
I‟m a complete mess.
Edward whispered swiftly again back to Bella.

“Either way you‟re still going to be my sister…” She murmured. “You take a rest. Ok?”

“And we better leave; Jake‟s impatiently waiting at the door. Again.” Edward said.

There weren‟t any footsteps to be heard, even the opening and closing of the door did not
make any sound. I pulled down the blankets and peeked, just to check if Jake‟s really

“You did not even thank Bella.” And so, he‟s here.

“I was too…” What‟s the right word? Uhmmm. “…guilty, words cannot describe the
guilt Jake.” He shook his head in disbelief and made his point.

“The moment you heal completely, the pack will take you back to Forks, its up to you,
you can live with Charlie and Sue or return to La Push. Just like the original plan.”
“I‟m sorry I turned out to be useless.”

“You‟re not, really. You just, well… you like me too much. And being the only female
wolf, I am somehow drawn to you. It‟s really hard.”

I suddenly thought about that kiss that ghastly haunts me.

But it was for goodbye, it was for putting a period, an end in every single thing that we
did not even dare to start. But in any rate, I had to say...

“I will forever like you Jake.”

“Don‟t. You‟ll meet your fate. I‟m sure there is someone out there.” He started with the
stutters again.

“And of course its not you?”

“Dummy, of course not. But I like you too, we‟re somehow the same, and I understand
you –ok, I should probably just stop talking…I mean I like you, I care for you. As a
leader needs to care for his second in command …and a little more cause I know I have
the capacity to hurt you, and I don‟t want to continuously do that, are you getting me?”
He began stumbling in his words again, being cautious not to say the wrong word.
Although he spoke with his back facing me. I couldn‟t really see his face, especially his

“Jake, can you at least look at me?”

He appeared to think twice but then he turned to show his face to me. His eyes were
struck with anguish.

“Just can‟t bear hurting a fellow wolf, and a wolf who has been so close to my heart.”

“Then just allow me to think about you, at least. I promise I won‟t phase so you won‟t
hear my thoughts”

He led our talk into a rather differnt direction.

“I just pray Leah that you will get over me. You will get hurt, EVERY DAY OF YOUR
LIFE. Nessie is still young, but when she gets to look like she has reached your age, do
you think I could bear the thought that when we‟re together, and you see us walking hand
in hand that you‟ll not-..”

“Die from the pain of it? I get it Jake. I get it. Then just don‟t care for me, don‟t stick
around like this, leave me alone, and if I die, let me die.”

Tremors started crawling across his skin. And snarls began building in his throat.
“Someone will love you, someone who can give more than the little that I can offer you.
There is someone out there. So don‟t say you want to die. Just appreciate that your life
has already been saved twice, first by me, and second by Bella. There is life beyond me. I
could even help you find it if you want?”

“No, no! Probably not even Forks and La Push will be the place for me. And maybe I‟m
going to have to find where I really belong.”

“You already have a family Leah…the pack, Sue?”

“But no one would have my heart Jake, I want someone to love me, if its not you, then
anywhere near you isn‟t any place for me.” I vented out heavily, hot tears rolling on my
cheeks. My body began aching in different parts. And I think it‟s because I ran out of

Jake noticed the hurt written on my face.

“Are you ok?”

“Just call Carlisle, and leave me alone!”



"FINE. I'M LEAVING!" I marched out of the room, fumed and irritated more than

My pack, or let's just say, my friends, were a few paces away from the door, waiting in
the hallway, and even worse...eavesdropping. I threw each one of them the dirtiest
expression I could make out of my face. Almost snarling. Although, I controlled the
tremors from leaving my skin.

"Hey!! we didn't hear anything, we were just passing through, right guys?!!" Stupid
Embry scowling defensively as I caught their over-anticipating guilty eyes. I am not in
second grade anymore to believe those kinds of obvious lies. Only Sam was not to be
found hanging around with them.

I glared even harder. "This isn't really a good time, Embry, Quil, Seth?!!! What even got
into you to hang around with these...these...guys?!" I can't think straight and ran out of
insulting words to say.

"This part where you and Leah are like, “being like this” is so interesting man, can't wait
for the next chapter.” Quil burst out excitedly which made me more sarcastic.

“So I'm living in a Harlequin novel now. GREAT! There is no next chapter Quil -GET A
GRIP WILL YA?!!! As soon as that dumbass can get herself out of bed, you're going to
take her home!"

"To Sue?"

"Wherever just HOME. OK?!!" Home...I pondered on that thought.

No, no! Probably not even Forks and La Push will be the place for me. And maybe I‟m
going to have to find where I really TRULY belong. Her recent words haunted me. She
feels she has no home. But wait, why the hell should I care?!! Although saying that to
myself bothers me to the core. So I do care, that should be it.

I threw another glare at Quil and Embry, Seth with all his might tried not to look at me,
blushing even. "I'm calling Carlisle." I murmured, going down the stairs.

Carlisle was soon in Leah's room. And yes, I left her alone. We'll she was the one who
wanted it, and I'm just willing to give it to her. The hell with her, what part of being
friends is too complicated for her to understand. Although, I did kiss her. Twice. Which I
am now regretting since it made me feel so comfortably open with her. I mean, there are
certain things before that I can not even spill out, but right now it suddenly slips off my
tongue, recklessly, and freely.

Reckless and free, those are the only words that can describe that...kiss.

Do I want her? I had to ask myself. Of course not. That's very unnatural. But I do care.

How far would I go to care for her? And why can't I just allow her to leave? Across the
door I can hear her moaning, and screaming. So she was just pretending to be so tough,
moments ago.

I was already outside, watching Nessie learn how to ride a bike. Well, she did learn it and
in only a couple of minutes, not even days or hours. She has a way of fascinating me,
every freaking second and being with her sends me to the clouds, its surreal. During this
moment, I forgot all about my worries.

"Jake?!!! How is Leah doing, can I go visit her?" Nessie abruptly came to a stop as she
climbs down her bicycle, sitting beside me, embracing my chest childishly. "I love you
Jacob..." She said breathing in my scent. She should have not said that. It makes my heart
wanting to jump out of its cavity. "We will never be apart Nessie." I replied warmly. I
wanted to say I love you too so BADLY, but I don't like her seeing it confined in the
concept of "brotherly love." I will say I love you, once she's ready to receive me as her
lover. I don't want to interrupt this stage of innocence -although I'm very much aware of
her intelligence advancing everyday. But emotionally, I can't see her grown up in that
part yet, and I'm not hurrying her up.

"Come on; let's go visit Leah. I'm glad mommy was strong enough to save her..." She
was now pulling my sleeves. Oh, for the love of the Virgin Mary! I can't let her down!

"You really want to see her? Shall I accompany you, my sweet?"

"Yes. Precisely!" She cried out so happy.

"Ok, let's go see her then." I did not know what awaits us when we get inside that room,
but I'm pretty sure Nessie's sunlight will melt her cold defenses. I will get to explain all
these things to Nessie, when I'm sure she's ready for it. I knew I was dragging myself up
the stairs but with Nessie holding my hand, I almost felt light and giddy, like a balloon. I
knocked at the door.

"Get lost." Leah said as I would guess she would.

"It's me and Nessie." There was silence for a few seconds.

"Of course, come in." She moaned as she replied. Leah's eyes grew big as she saw me
behind my angel. I can just feel again the hole boring in her heart. Nessie ran to her, and
then touched her bandaged arms gently. It was as if Leah's eyes were welling up with
tears. I felt my heart react with… what...ok, with concern.

"Why are you crying?" My Nessie asked. "Where does it hurt?" She went on still. Leah
fought very hard not show her misery. She let out a short smile, and then it faded again.
Through one corner of her eye she shot me a glance.

"Everything hurts Nessie, but all wounds heal, right?" She said. It struck me like stone. I
felt immobilized.

"Yeah, I suppose you're right...but you're going to be ok. I'm sure of that because me,
Jake and the others will take care of you." Nessie sighed still half smiling, like how her
father does. Me and Jake? How more awkward could it get?!

"I'm leaving after I heal, so your family won‟t have to think about me so much." She
answered, trying to make it sound light although she couldn‟t fool me.

"You would leave? How's that going to happen? You're Jake's second in command right,
I mean, can a wolf leave her pack, friends and family altogether?" Nessie could not see
the logic of why Leah should leave, it was way beyond her. Leah was struggling for an
answer. "Jake?" Nessie asked turning to where I stood, wanting an answer from me, too.
"Jacob fired me. He's going to replace me, so it's hurting me a bit. And that's ok, since I
have to take a long rest." Leah cut in.

"Fired? Is that possible, can Jake really fire you, I think that's a mean thing to do?" Nessie
threw me a wary expression.

"Nessie, Leah wanted me to fire her. She wants to leave, so I really CAN'T stop her." I
hate it when Leah puts it that way.

"Well, I hope you change your mind, Jake isn't really a bad alpha -and I'm sure you know
that." Nessie spoke straight from her heart. It isn't really that hard to tell.

"He‟s a good alpha, of course he is." Leah said, now turning her back to us. She snuggled
more inside her quilt. "Nessie, I'm sorry, I still feel a little listless. I think the both of you
should go...and...Thanks for coming to see me."

Nessie wasn't used to seeing very depressed people, so seeing her getting affected sent
me feeling very very sorry. "Leah, please be happy." Nessie whispered cringing away
from the bed. She walked to me, and took my big hands.

Leah appeared to flinch.

This is the only reason I want her to leave.


"Suppose Leah and Nessie are not good swimmers, both drowning in two opposite
directions as both cries for your help, suppose also there's no one around -just you, who
would you save first?"

"That's just so hypothetical."

"Hypothetical as it is, answer me, who?"


"So it's Nessie..."

"And I'll go hurry back to get Leah. Come on, I could never let anyone die. If it's even
Rosalie who's drowning-well that's a different story."

Quil was suddenly a 'Dr. Phil.' He could not stand me walking and walking to and fro,
and little by little wrecking the wooden floor. "Bro, answer me, I feel I need to help you
sort things out. Just answer me, do you have any feelings for our female wolf?"
"N-O. I don't. Period."

"Then why? Why so… INTENSE?"

Intense, do I look intense? "Am I? It's who I am. Give me a break..."

"Well it seems you have some feelings, although not equal to your imprinting with
Nessie, it's like a crack to the 'imprinting' system. Queer though."
How would I get myself unconfused with that kind of explanation?! "Who are you to say
how I feel? Huh?" I debated.

"I can see it Jake, it's not very difficult to see. How are Edward and Bella holding up?"

"There's nothing for them to be "holding up" cause there is really NOTHING going on,
Quil!!!!" I was shouting now, can't he get it!

"Then just let her go. Cause even though you are handling yourself fairly well, she isn't."
I can't believe I am hearing this.

"So we let her go, wander around, by herself?! Look what happened to her when she tried
doing that-although we all know its due to her stupidity. But still, she could get ran by a
car, or shot by a hunter cause she's simply a crazy woman. A very reckless freak. What
will Sue think? Knowing she belongs to our pack? Can't you see the jigsaw puzzle
here?!!" I mouthed on and on, noticing afterwards I did say a lot.

Quil's face had a slightly funny look on it. "OK. NO feelings. Yeah, totally zero!!" He
said apparently exasperated.

"Well don't you agree with me?" I'm very confident I‟m making sense here.

"Age-wise? She's like what 3-4 years older then us, so I guess she can take care of
herself. Are you her personal care taker? Has looking out for her become your
professional career? Go listen to yourself Jake!!"

I hate to say this, but I think there is a very little bit of truth in Quil's words. Ok, a lot
actually. He's right. I do have a problem with her leaving. Talk about leaving? Can't she
just stay as part of the pack, and not like me "that" way? It was better that way, when she
just slapped me around at the back and pissed me off, not worrying if I got hurt or angry.
Well, things will never be the same now. She has to leave, and it's my fault.

I already kissed her. I got too close.

Now I don't know how to back off.

I forgot how to let go.

She‟s Family

“One more thing, what on earth were you thinking?!! Kiss Leah?! We all know it man,
why‟d you think Sam got so cocky?”
He shook his head, which made me feel like he‟s giving up or feeling how much very
hopeless I was, which I believe am not.
“Just go help yourself ok?!!”
Quil gave me one last look and prepared to leave the room, which I was beginning to
recognize as the third living room of the house, the smallest among the other two living
And Bella saw their house as a nice cozy little nook? It doesn‟t look any thing close to a
“cozy little nook”; it‟s pretty enormous, even.

Quil mentioned something about Edward and Bella “holding things up”, a little
unnecessary though, but leaves me wondering right now. How much sensitive are they?
Am I too oblivious not to see myself doing the things I‟ve been doing? And Quil is
actually talking some sense into me. I might just ask for his help. I might, and I should.

Quil lingered by the open door and I snapped out from my short recollection. I lifted my
hands gesturing that he stay for a while.
“Ok, ok then. Of course you all know it, it‟s just how we are as…well no need to mention
right?” I was so forcing myself not to think of of that kiss, but I guess it slipped out when
I let my guard down even for one damn split second. Quil folded his arms across his
chest, waiting for me to continue.
“Ok, so what do I do now? It looks „like‟ I have this weird attachment to Leah, so what
do you think, I mean it‟s really „not normal‟ right?” It bothered me hearing myself saying
any related thing to “liking” that she-wolf.
Suddenly sneaking up from the back of my mind, I suddenly realized that vampires own
this place. And that I‟m too loud, having the nerve to talk about another girl besides my
Quil cracked in. “You love Nessie but you like Leah?”
“Keep it low will ya?!” I exclaimed, nervously still on that realization.
“Relax, their all out, Jasper, Alice, Edward and Bella in Dartmouth, Carlisle in the
hospital, Esme shopping, Emmett and Rose, buying tickets or something…you should
have felt them gone...”
SO, Quil‟s updated. And so also confirms my oblivion -guess I'm really loosing it. And
Nessie?! Oh yes, she's with Embry, and being that sweetest person paid Leah another
futile visit. Again. as always Leah would simply endure it. A total sourpuss.
“That‟s even why I‟m braving myself to bring this up right now.”
“Cool, ok that‟s pretty accurate, seems so. Ok, just to make it clearer…it's “like” not
“love” ok?! Put that in mind.” I answered.
“Hm…who can't you live without?” He tried throwing in again the „Dr. Phil‟ natured
“Of course, Renesmee...” I replied.
“With that answer I see no problem here, so that‟s it! Just let her go!” He concluded.
I let out a heavy sigh.
“I will Quil, as long as I know she‟s gonna be ok, that she won‟t hurt herself and that
she‟ll keep out of trouble…”
“Will it really kill you if she chooses that path to follow?” Quil butted in again, sounding
as if he was scolding.
“Won‟t it do the same to you? So it's all right for you if she gets hurt?' I scolded back
“I get your point but still it‟s her life!” He bickered back.
“She‟s family Quil –I can‟t let her beat herself up with her preplanned ideas of leaving
and living recklessly to the point of harming herself -I just know her too well!!”

Right Leah‟s family, she is a part of this family. That must be it. I feel so tied to her
„cause she‟s family.

Airs of realization seem to have lightened Quil‟s tight face. “Family? –she‟s family all
right?!! But are you nuts? You still kissed her?”
“Awww Quil! I just thought she‟s never gonna show up, and that she‟ll go back to Forks
or to La Push, wherever, and that all these vulture kidnapping‟s not gonna happen, it was
sort of a goodbye thing…do you really have to dig in too deep?!”

Although, it did not help much, it actually made the situation between us worse.

“I won't dig in, k?! I would not even like to hear the details...You're a mess Jake.
you were asking for my opinion, well, it stays. You gotta let her go! You asked me before
if I'd go dating, since my imprint is still very young, and I did answer you it's no longer
necessary to see other girls,. but here you are beating against fate -torn between two?!”

I hate it that he said 'torn between two', and there's really no competition. Because...
"It will forever be Nessie, I just can't see Leah hurting, ok?! Hurting and loving are two
very different things Quil!"

"Still the same Jake, to avoid further pain, I suggest..letting go.It's the 'bestest' way so
Let her go.
That last phrase echoed in the hollows of my skull as it pierced the many different parts
of my body like hell would.
I poured on him with my foremost conditions.
―OK! But I‘ve got to make her promise first. At the least.‖



Part 1

The vulture dilemma is finally over (I fervently hope so).

But the Jake-Leah thing, I'm afraid is far more than striving. And frankly, it's already
getting on my nerves. Jacob and Leah. Of course in the Bible their story was kind of a
success, but in this world of vampires, werewolves and imprints it's just so unacceptable.
At least for me and, I believe, all of us. And I'm pissed that no one's really reacting; it‟s
making me more anxious. I'm a hundred percent sure I'm not overreacting.
As Nessie's mother, of course I feel betrayed. Or is this counter transference?
“Love, relax.”
How could I? I mean, you just read Jake's mind the other night, and there it was again,
another kiss -a different one from the first. And Edward, dear-I have to remind you,
you're the only obstruction that hinders me from shredding his wolfy fur into pieces, or
getting it for Rose to use as a fur coat!!
“That's rather harsh, my love.”

Ah...there he goes again. The eternal maturity of his emotional quotient. “Don't you care
about our child?” I had to spit it out. Edward was 'reading' his notes through his white
wiz book, while I was 'drinking' my latte, in one of the coffee shops near the university.
We were back into the tranquility of our lives ever since Clive was taken down my his
tribe. But he lives, still. And that he...
“Stop thinking about it, rather, about him?!”
I am not; I'm just enjoying the serenity that we have gotten back again. He's still
probably bothered by the 'almost' kiss.
“Glad to know you are aware of it. That's one reason I might be able to kill again, if ever
anything close to that happens even once more.” He said, in a low unintelligible voice
although his perfects lips appearing to be shut close.

“Edward, this isn't going to be our topic of discussion, I was more afraid to have bitten
him to death than him kissing me...”
“I don't want to hear it. Ok, let's talk about something else.” He said closing the lap top
now, giving his full attention on me.
For one second there, I felt how really upset he was that the kiss almost occurred.
“Bella?! Please...”
Ok, ok, let's change the topic, which brings me to my second inquiry…
“Why are you so cool about Jake and Leah, can you give me one rational reason aside
that Jake is a wolf going through his late teenage years?” I sipped again another latte,
which was a bit mechanically done and did leave my tongue awfully wet, I knew I liked
this flavor's just so disgusting and repulsive now.
“Jake is going to solve his own problems...” Edward started and then went on. “He may
not be very mature now, but he will be after he overcomes this 'problem' you're worrying
about. We already had this question answered before, right?”
“So that gives him a license to kiss anyone he wants!? And this is not an overreaction,
and as long as my vampire memory serves me right, I believe you grounded him from
seeing Nessie, and that you warned him about doing a second take on Leah!” I reminded

But like always, Edward will constantly have to consider other possibilities.
“I had a sudden shift of thoughts, what I mean my love is, that I was going to rip his
throat out, what's keeping me from doing it is, first Nessie, and then second, he's human,
what would you expect?” The way he delivered this feedback told me there‟s a story
being built up underneath it.

“So no grounding or any punishment in any form?” I boiled initially irritated.

“Hear me out first Mrs. Isabella Cullen, you may get some wisdom from it…” He mused
too amused.

Edward intently bored his eyes into me for some moments, which was unusual, since our
movements are to be measured infinitesimally. He was on to something, I just know it.
“Bella, did it ever cross your mind that perhaps in the probable future, Nessie, when she
grows up-which is quite quicker than the norm, will or may consider other boys or men?
Or at least not have the inclinations or the ill-mannered nature of turning all her suitors
down?” His thoughts dawned upon me, trying to win me in this arena of debate.
“Just like her mother, who can't say no to her werewolf friend? Who even kissed this 'best
friend' behind her vampire-fiancé‟s back, who really knew what's happening, isn't it like a
full circle dear?”
ARGH!! I can't believe he‟s using this unpleasant memory to rebut my apprehensions.

“Heck, I'm not happy to be using it my love.” He mumbled, which came out as a
beautiful mumble.
“Of course our daughter will love Jacob, it's inevitable, but are we even sure no one
would ever try snatching away that love? There is no perfect love story but there are the
best ones...”

Putting aside intelligence and understanding I chose rigidity and narrow mindedness for
the mean time. I love Leah, of course Jake too, but the two of them together or even the
concept of it...I'm sure will not leave me calm nor appeased.
“So don't force being appeased. But at least be patient. Jake's storm will soon pass, or do
you want us consulting Alice, which reminds me Alice recital is at six?” So now, he leads
me again to one of his many other distracting opening lines...

Alice‘s Cantabile
PART 2-An Epilogue of First Kill

Jasper was already waiting inside the amphitheatre.

From afar, it was quite easy to recognize the pale, beautiful young man (almost as pale
and beautiful as the one standing next to me) seated across the richly upholstered seats.
His eyes were quick to catch a glimpse of us. He waved his hands slightly and at the
precise timing, we saw Alice propping up the stage. It wasn‟t the actual recital yet, these
are but rehearsals for the time being. Alice waved her hand boisterously, so happy that
her rehearsal was scheduled during our free time.
Edward gave a short wave and smiled contently. “Her speaking voice is far better to
endure than her singing…” He kidded. Of course he meant the opposite; Alice‟s voice is
extremely beautiful. Her professors will be astounded by her immeasurable inhuman
talent. “She‟ll sing a cantabile from the Barouche era.” Edward listened to Alice‟s
thoughts and whispered to me. We walked pass the seats and got to Jasper. His eyes
looked very pleased and proud, like seeing his daughter perform her first recital. I let
Edward hear me wonder Do they have ideas on getting married? Edward whispered to
my ears again, a little tickling this time. “Jasper has some plans…I guess.” We sat on the
chairs beside him.
“Plans for what?” my brother-in-law asked curious of what we were murmuring about.
“Getting married.” I did not want him to feel we‟re hiding things from him.
“Yes but, not yet… I‟m having ideas about it though. Sam called, by the way.”
Edward already knew why. “That would be very helpful…” His eyes went back to me.
“Wait… Why did Sam call? Wasn‟t it supposed to be Jake?”
“They‟re going to White Mountain, make sure Clive is undergoes the due process of
punishment…do you want to come?” Jasper replied to me.
Edward became a little glassy. “Tell Sam after classes.” Edward said. I went back to
watching Alice, and seeing her eyes dance while the notes transposed to higher key
comforted me that there wasn‟t any bad news so far.
Speed dialing, Jasper was then talking to one of our wolf friends. But it wasn‟t Sam, the
voice was too familiar. Jasper passed the phone to Edward, and just as I thought. It‟s that
two-timing mongrel!!
“Yes Jake?” Edward answered. I‟m very close to being accurate.
“Sure. How‟s Nessie...Uhuh. Tell your pack after classes, we‟ll have to go back to that
wrecked mountain…I‟ll be the one to do that….No, that‟s no longer necessary…I
will…you take care of Nessie „til we get home...Yes, k, bye.”
Edward flipped the receiver close and gave it back to Jasper. I felt my blood boiling. It
was wise that I did not grab the phone from Edward‟s hand and that he did not let me talk
to him.

Jasper‟s eyes were fixated on Alice who was already finishing the song. I felt the room
too quiet, or is it because Alice‟s singing was too good to be true? Even though it was
just a rehearsal everyone in the theatre stopped whatever they were doing and gave her
thunderous applause. We also stood and gave a big hand, Jasper hooted and his smile was
beyond smoldering. He was very proud indeed. Alice marched down from the stage and
made her way to us. The clapping gradually decreased and it was moderately quiet again.

“Oh, Edward, Bella…so happy you‟re here.” She examined my face and her brows shot
up. Was I making unconscious reactions again? “Bells, so far…nothing bad will happen
later during the visit…” Alice sighed. She guessed right, that was exactly what‟s bugging
and worrying me. Alice relocated her gaze and it melted on Jasper. “Oh, Jazz…I heard
that…” Alice voice was becoming more sultry and low. She touched his broad shoulders.
“Oh, that. It‟s all up to you, the when and the where…the how…”
So are we talking about wedding plans here…? I can not stop myself from sharing a
tender smile with Edward. Bliss reached his topaz eyes as well. I felt like disappearing,
Alice and Jasper seem to have become absorbed into their own self-made bubble. I never
heard Jasper‟s voice have this kind of emotion.
“Finally…” My husband mumbled behind my ears. Yes finally I repeated in my mind.

Clive on the loose

PART 3- An Epilogue of First Kill

The last period of class passed by swiftly. Corrine did not show up in class.
The four of us are already on our way back to Enfield. Esme is probably cooking for the
pack, by now. I let Edward drive tonight, Alice and Jasper were seated in the back. A thin
sheet of snow already layered the streets. And most of the tree branches were bending
downwards from snow loaded upon them. We had worn the latest winter jackets,
although I could not even feel any kind of cold. Jasper and Alice were holding hands, and
the earlier grin did not seem to leave Jasper‟s face.
We usually have quiet rides back home. Only the flashing lights from cars passing by
interrupted the stillness of each one. But this feels normal for us. Edward had his fingers
tuck a loose strand of my hair behind my ears. Afterwards, he runs this same finger to
trace my nape up to my jaw line. It sent tingles down my spine. You can‟t kiss and drive
honey. I let my mind answer his flexes. He kissed me lightly on the cheek, and if I still
had a pulse it would have sped up. A satisfied smile beamed on him, that infamous
crooked half smile, which I will love for my all of my existence. He never missed an exit,
flawlessly driving.
All the lights in both houses were on, except for one room in Alice‟s side of place.
Of course, Leah‟s room. I wonder how her wounds are healing up and rather how she‟s
coping. But it‟s clearly not her that makes me furious (how could she be the one?). It‟s
their alpha.
A sudden change of vision caught Alice.
“DAMN! She‟s here!!” Alice suddenly gasped which caught the four of us off guard.
“Corrine!” Edward expressed enigmatically.
“I was not really attuning to her, since I did not see any thing happen, or is it the magic
craft again?!” Alice cried her eyes in a cloud-like haze.
“She‟s inside, I can smell her!” Jasper half roared. He jammed the door open until it
broke and swiftly we followed right after him. And there on the white sofa inside the
living she sat meekly, almost trembling and fidgety. The wolves hovered around over her,
especially Sam Uley while Jacob was on the opposite side.
“Thank heavens you‟re here, don‟t worry about the door, I‟ll fix it later.” Esme said
greeting us at the door way, her beautiful brows creasing to a bothered facial expression.
“He has escaped.” Edward exclaimed more anxious this time. My stomach would have
made a funny growling sound, I would have felt dizzy or nauseous, and all these
immediate responses would have made themselves apparent if only I was of flesh and
blood, but I wasn‟t.
Edward stormed in, his face wearing that indescribable mask of rage. “Where is he?
Why‟d you let him escape?!!” His voice shook the chandelier, creating brief rattles on the
crystals which hang on the small light bulbs.
She answered, “Someone helped him escape. I‟m saying these things to warn you, and to
plead, if I may, that you spare him this one last time…”
“If he gets too close to harming any of us that just might not be possible!” Edward barked
balling his fists.
Corrine covered her face with her palms, and then slowly lifted her head, her eyes
showing a glint of shallow hope. “I will help you; in whichever way I can…just don‟t kill
my brother.” She offered.
“He still wants to be immortal?” Jasper intercepted.
She nodded “That‟s the idea, I guess he‟s still on to that.”
“It seems diplomacy isn‟t part of his vocabulary!” Edward said, tossing the side of his
hair, which he always does when coming up with strategies. “And Nessie?” he asked.
“She‟s with Seth, next door.” Jake silently answered, who wasn‟t participating too much
in this collaboration.
“--particularly in Leah‟s room.” Quil added.
I winced one sixteenth of a second. In that rate no one would even notice I did grimace.
Are we going to trust this female vulture?
“Who else is with Clive?” Jasper asked Corrine.
“He‟s alone.” She replied.
“Are you certain?” He demanded.
She nodded “Yes.”
“Jacob, what do you think? Do you have anything in mind?” Jasper threw at him.
Leah. I thought sarcastically.

“Someone should guard the house...Although he can‟t really take any of us down, but I
think he can provoke some of us into anger, which I think will make us more eager to tear
him apart, and of course that girl‟s wanting us to spare him…which I‟m starting to hate
doing…the pack will divide. Sam what do you think?” He said with grim meaning. I was
to some degree surprised that Clive angered him so much. But, of course it would. This
man-vulture almost killed his other 'beloved.‟ I still can‟t regain objectivity. And I don‟t
think I ever will. Poor Leah though, he damaged so much of her musculature and bones.
Alice was dialing for Carlisle.

Sam began, “Nessie and Leah are the only ones really needing protection at this time as
far as I can see.” Sam glared at Jake. “And it looks like you‟re the one simply dying to do
that.” He actually was snapping at Jake. Hiding under the pretense calmness, I somehow
felt Sam still had some hints of bitterness, or a few hints anyway.

“O…K... So we‟ll have to divide the pack and…and yeah…what else?” Embry broke into
their tight glares.

“Sam, Quil, Embry, Jared, Paul, same routine, do your assigned shifts and patrols, twenty
miles radius from this point and more. Seth and I will do our rounds closer to the house,
since this is where I think all the real action will take place.” He stared at Sam again and
crossed his arms over his enormous chest. Some dog fight this is. “And Bella, I still feel
he‟s after you…” Jake added. Edward continued to hold his stiff expression.
“He is. He is still after you.” Alice agreed. “Carlisle says killing him will be hard to
prevent and avoid now. So let‟s just hope everyone will be on guard.”

“There‟s really no need to search for him…he‟ll be the one looking for you. And I
promise to tell if ever I feel his presence.” Corrine offered once more.

“The patrols are safety measures.” Jasper affirmed. “And I need now to inform you in
advance, if any of us, comes close to killing him, then there‟s really nothing we could do.
Carlisle already did our part of diplomacy; he can never become a vampire. He will cause
havoc, more havoc than he is already causing now.”

Edward walked out of the hall, with a look in his eyes that could kill.

“Alice, when is he coming?” I ask.

“In a little while Bella…” She rubbed her temples delicately. “He‟s coming as soon as
possible. Therefore I see that there are two very important things to consider.” She raised
her head and grazed her eyes over each face, as soon as full attention was on her she
continued. “First I recognize the persisting presence of three weak points; Renesmee,
Leah and Bella. Obviously meaning that Nessie doesn‟t know how to fight yet, while
Leah is still injured. And second I would presume, if any of you happen to bite him, or
take him down be sure you‟ll finish him until all vital signs disappear. I‟m sorry Corrine,
I see no other way, unless you convince him to withdraw.”

“Why on earth am I a weak point Alice?” I commented on one of her many points

“Can you kill him Bella? Or the question should be, are you capable of and willing to
kill?” She looked doubtfully on me.
“You need to be. Learn how to kill.”



The numbness was starting to dissipate. I can now feel my back laying restlessly on this
humongous king size bed. Why are these vampires so fond of big beds knowing that they
really don‟t sleep ever at all? A bed-collecting compulsion? Could be. Sleeping was
getting out of my league these couple of days. How could I even sleep? I can hear
everything!! Especially those things about me, along with those I need not hear. But what
can I do? Wolf ears are simply part of this freaking canine body?!! These are the few
notable things I do hear, every passing minute. Sam calling Emily almost every hour,
Embry opening and closing the fridge, opening and closing it, opening and closing it
again, and again and then again, again!! UGH!! And there‟s the murmurings of the all the
Cullens. I mean, I may understand if I hear them one after the other speaking, but all of
them simultaneously mumbling away!? It‟s more annoying than purgatory!!!

And Jacob. Mostly it‟s his voice I wanted to hear, that could also be one of the main
reasons I cannot sleep anymore. Wolves usually love sleeping, and thus sleep soundly,
but a crazy dead in love wolf as I am would have to struggle with that. His voice was like
the low rumbling winds of the northern Olympic Mountains , it has a certain rasp to it
that sends shivers through my skin. But he usually just exhales and talks to Nessie. Then
after some minutes he‟ll sigh once more. And then he‟ll have to talk to the pack about
some SOPs. I tossed and turn every now and then, kind of moving and exercising my
supposedly healing bones. I‟m tired being tied to bed. I should be planning an escape by
now. Even how much I wanted to be with Jake, it‟s all but futile effort. Who am I to fight
against the mystery of imprinting-slash-destiny? Self pity bathed over me again, and soon
someone was knocking at my door.

Smells like a half breed little girl. “Leah, can I come in?” Why does she have to always
show up and be so kind and all. Her mere presence sucks the breath out of me. But Jake
might be with her, although I feel something bad going on downstairs. But yet again, I
doubt it, „coz I can‟t smell him.

“Come in Ness .” I muttered. And there, Jake was not with her. Bummer.

“Thanks. How are you feeling now?” She asked shoving the door open, her voice getting
more and more beautiful every passing week. I feel like I might just croak, just like frog
would. My throat was a little dry. And she was extremely sensitive; she got a glass from a
table not far from the bed and poured some living water in it. “Here you go, it looks like
you‟re going to choke.” She assisted me in drinking the water, which was good „cause
there isn‟t any kind of vampire scent in it. I forced myself up; at least my back was
getting better, only my thighs and shoulders were kind of limping its own way. “You
should get better; because Jake needs you…I can feel it.” She placed the glass back on
the table.

“Impossible?! How can you say that, when trouble‟s over?”

“Well, I heard Sam call uncle Jasper, so I really don‟t know, I just don‟t feel good about
it, Sam never calls anyone except Emily and the people in La Push, I mean, Jake says so
too.” Ok. Wish she didn‟t said that. I am totally aware of it

“Nessie!! Leah!!? What‟s this? A heart to heart talk?” It was Embry and he barged in
through the door without even caring to knock. “At least knock first, this is a woman‟s
room for Pete‟s sake?!” I yelled. Good, I got my voice back.

“Aw, I„m sorry there my fair lady…just got a little nervous, „coz this little beauty right
here suddenly got out of my sight...I don‟t want anyone killing me, I love my life too
much!!” he cackled.

“Can we stay here for a while Embs?” Ness asked. Embry nodded his head too happily
and did he just winked right there? “Yeah, sure, sure, I‟m just dying to hang out with
Leah here...” then he winked at me too. “Quit it, wolfy!” I shrugged then sniggered. “You
guys leave me alone…” I sank inside the quilt. I can‟t imagine myself smiling at this
moment. “Or you want me to call Jake…he‟s just had a shrink session with Quil?!” He
began teasing, sitting on the floor, and finally lying down. “Go away Embry!!” I cried
again. “ Ness wants me here…don‟t you my sweet?” Ness grinned. These two are
ganging up on me. Humph!! Too many „sunshine‟s‟ in this room!!

“Leah…Embry‟s here to crack some jokes…you got to at least try smiling, Jake says
laughing is just like drinking medicine…” She chimed in, without any apparent plans of
giving up.

Then there was another knock on the door, it wouldn‟t end would it? It wasn‟t Jake, it
smelled like Paul. “Embry, Jacob wants you with us nextdoor.”

“Ok, ok!” Embry got up from his cozy lying position. “We‟ll have the jokes cracked next
time…you two stay here.” He said while winking wickedly again for the last time. Then
he was out of the door complying with our alpha‟s call.

It was noisy next doors, and Nessie just sat silently with me. She personally did not like
to be around the „adults‟ when they were talking about „too serious‟ matters. Well that‟s
what she told me. Guess what‟s happening at Bella‟s house…I could not get it at first, but
then I paid attention more closely. It seems the male vulture wasn‟t pulverized to feather
particles yet. This is bad. Nessie cringed closer to me, she was sort of startled, and she
didn‟t like what she was hearing. Although I can sense it was not really fear, it was more
of worry. She just reminded me of Bella. “Come here kid.” I mumbled, inching away to
prep some space for her under the quilt. “You want to lie here? I‟m not sure if you‟re
going to get used to my smell (although I‟m not used to hers)…” I was still searching for
words to say when she eagerly jumped in. “Wow, I get to be with grumpy
Leah…hmm…and you just smell like Jake, so don‟t worry I am used to it.”

I stiffened. I don‟t know whether that observation would make me elated or push me
closer to edge of desperation. It flatters me that Jake and I smell the same, but the thought
of her hugging him close enough to catch his smell crashes even more against my
crushed heart. The door was again pushed open, weak light streamed in, and I know now
for sure who it was this time. It was my alpha and Nessie‟s Jacob.


Seth stood just behind Jake, carrying with him a tray of food. Which reminds me, I
haven‟t eaten for some time. “You must be hungry Lee” Seth motioned placing the tray
on the same table. “Its beef and some vegetables” He added. Of course I would know, the
smell was too distinct.

Jake stood quietly as he saw Nessie already close to napping beside me. “She‟s always as
sleepy as a wolf …” I mumbled trying to get up without interrupting her peaceful sleep. I
was just being kind to this girl, not that my envy on her will ever change nor lighten.
“She hangs out with wolves too much.” I mumbled some more.

“Can you manage eating now, are your arms feeling better?” Seth asked, sitting closer to
the bed. Jake was still standing by the door way. He switched the florescent on, seems the
bed lamp did not give enough illumination.

“I think I can eat by myself, thanks Seth.” I said moving my legs gently letting it fall
beside the bed, and touching the floor. It hurt like hell, but I was able to manage an
expressionless face. “See.” Seth moved the table closer to where I sat. He assisted my
back, and I tried lifting my arms. Aw-still hurting here.

Jake winced a bit. “Leah, you don‟t have to force yourself, let Seth help you eat.” He
finally reclaimed his tongue.
“No, I want to try.”
“Do you want me to do it myself?” He threatened in a manner he knew I will give in.
“Fine. Seth, you can help me eat now.” Seth grinned and scooped some to my mouth.
Jake looked like he‟s going to burst out laughing.

And I couldn‟t retort since my mouth‟s full of morsel. He began walking too towards the
bed. My heart beat double time, and then progressed to triple time. He walked around the
bed, and sat beside Nessie. But his eyes were on me. I had to swallow right away before I
throw it up on his face. What he‟s doing is making me sicker!!
“Don‟t even think of running away tonight, at least postpone it. The male vulture is on
the loose, we can‟t afford another round of kidnapping.” He mouthed seriously. How well
can he read my mind? And I thought Edward was the only mind reader.

“Where‟d you get that idea?” Seth scooped another lump into my mouth.

His hot hands landed on mine accidentally which was resting on the mattress. I pulled my
hands away immediately. “Just don‟t leave, not tonight, or tomorrow, I can‟t take another
thing happening to you.” I must be dreaming, he‟s so outspoken even in front of Seth. I
nodded so he would shut up; he‟s just making me want him more, and maybe saying
these stupid things so I will linger still. But I may be wrong.

I swallowed once more. “Ok, not tonight.”

“As if you can even phase, you still look like a darn weakling.” He snapped. He had this
constant air of authority when dealing with me. But he was right. Nessie felt his thighs
beside her so she brought her head to lie on his lap. Now, I‟m hurting, beyond what these
wounds can cause me.

Seth saw me grimace. Jake was still gazing at me. I had to say something. “You better
bring that angel to her room; I might crush her later while rolling over when I fall

Bella appeared by the doorway. She smiled forcefully as she ran her stare to each of us.
“Let me do that, Jake needs to stay here. The others are already outside doing their
patrols.” She stated. Jake needs to stay here?! I‟m not sure to be hearing it right.

“Bella, I can do my job here.” He suddenly exclaimed.

“I know, but I want to be the one beside my daughter at this moment in time. She‟ll be
the only reason I could rip apart that bird‟s wings.” She defended herself.

“Ok, I see your point.” Jake muttered. He took Nessie and held her to give to Bella.

“Jake, take care of grumpy Leah...” She mumbled some of these words unintelligibly.
“I‟m safe with mommy.” She went on. Bella let out a sigh and soon left the room. I can‟t
figure her out just this time.

“Good night my Nessie…” He whispered, and the little one smiled.

Now that Nessie was gone, it was me and Jake both sitting on the bed. “Leah, you have to
finish your food.” He said.

Seth smiled again. “You want Jake to do it?” What am I, a child? I instantly felt like they
were treating me like a dumb helpless lamb. “Let me do it, as I remember it right, she‟s a
bigger eater than that.” He swiftly grabbed the spoon and plate from the table, scooped
some, and dunked a whole lot inside my mouth. I almost choked, I want to hit him but I
felt my eyes bulge. It was a hell lot of food!! “You imbecile!!” I screamed food still in
my mouth.
Seth began chuckling, and Jake followed short after. I was surprised to find myself
laughing along with them.

“I‟ll just bring this stuff downstairs” Seth stood up and gathered the soiled plate and
utensils. “And Jake, I‟ll start patrolling within the vicinity, you‟re staying here right?”

Jake gave a short nod. He threw us a look and with just two strides he was out of the
room. Jake collected himself up from the other side of the bed. I wonder how it feels to
lie beside him. OK, I was drooling again. I tried relaxing my back against the back board
of the bed instead.

“Honestly, where does it hurt still?” He asked out of the blue, he leaned his back near the
window. The moon shone through it. What a beauty! (I‟m referring both to the moon and
to the wolf-man)

Of course he already knew my heart hurts still, but of course I know he‟s asking how my
body‟s coping up with healing. “My back‟s better, but the rest‟s still killing me.” I finally

He sat again on the bed. My heart did a triple back flip. “Get better ok?” What kind of
getting better is he talking about?

“Of course, my body‟s gonna heal, I‟m just worrying that my heart won‟t.” I replied,
slowly this time, and felt stupid that I let my tongue slip again.

“Don‟t start again Lee.” He just used my nick name?! What a nice thing to hear!!!

“Start what?”

“This talk of you not getting any better with that heart…” His eyes were crossed. This
time he deliberately held my hand. I was not able to respond. The thoughts of him and me
that one night flooded back into my memory (not that I do not make a dozen of replays of
it during my spare time). “Can you promise me one thing? Just say yes.” He was a
pushover, like the heck he is.

“Promise you what silly?” I was running out of oxygen.

“Just don‟t do anything stupid ever again.” He squeezed my hands tighter „til it hurt-but
wasn‟t really that painful at all.

I struggled to get my hand loose. “You got to be kidding man. Every time you come this
close, you‟re killing me.” I mumbled.

“Hey, I‟m asking you to promise?!” He sounded lighter now but still pushy.

“I‟ll do my best…”
Then a thought dawned upon me. I want to be the one to initiate something this time,
before I finally go (which I‟m itching so much to do for the longest time). I gulped a lot
“Um, Jake, before I make any promises that I might soon break…Can I smell you?”

“Huwhaaattt? Smell me?” He must be thinking what an animal I am. He had a confused
look on his face.

“I just don‟t want to forget your smell, I mean I know it sounds crazy, but as a wolf that‟s
the strongest sense I possess, and I want that strongest memory of my…well…my alpha
to linger…as long as I‟m in this sick world.”

He had a sick smile on his face. I can‟t describe it, so let‟s just say sick.

“Are you like this with Sam?” He said rather smugly. With Sam before, the feeling‟s
mutual, so I wasn‟t this desperate, but Jake doesn‟t need to know.

“Shut up, no Sam-talk, ok?”

“OK then…Here comes the smelly me…!!” He erupted cheerfully sitting closer beside
me. But his eyes were still lonely. But now that he‟s so near, I didn‟t know how to start.
He‟d do anything for me to make that promise.
Oh God. He smells a million times better this close, now that I am paying more attention.
I neared my nose to his neck, his chest, his arms, and like fire reviving a dead night I felt
my soul being lifted. And true to his reputation he really contains a lot of sunshine within.
If only my muscles weren‟t swollen to death I might have lifted his shirt up. But just

I freely leaned my face on his warm chest. Nessie is forever fortunate to have this warm
person with her for the whole of her existence. Not only warm literally but with such
good personality. Unlike me who‟s rotten inside and out. I sighed too heavily. I heard his
heart beating a little quicker than the normal. His hands are then found to be wrapped on
my draping shoulders.

I will never forget this sweetness Jake. And your scent will linger and forever haunt the
insides of my soul. My mind whispered. It‟s too much to be mentioned.
“So is my smell any good?” He kidded around trying to ease the tension.

“You stink!” Like heaven would stink?! “Hey Jake, remember that night, well you

“Yeah, what about it?”

“I‟m just glad you gave me a chance to…to, well to tell you how I felt about you…that I,
you know it, no need to mention right?”

He did not answer but then I felt his lips on my unwashed hair. The embarrassment of it!
This really sucks!
“I love the way you smell Leah, reminds me so much of home…” He breathed on my
black hair. “You got to rest, you should, actually.” He murmured softly.

An old reverie crept back again in my head…I had to ask him. “Remember what the old
folks sang to us when we were small back in the reservation?”

“That‟s easy, the song about the horses, running in the wilderness?”

“Yah, that one…I want to hear it, just one refrain, hum it for just a sec?”

“Ok, ok…whatever! Here it goes…”




Tonight, Clive did not attack.

He probably had a change of mind, a change of mood, or a change of direction. Either of

the three, I really and honestly don‟t know. Alice saw that Clive hesitated to even show
up. So that should be enough to pacify the commotion earlier.

Now I am content to have Nessie by my side and Edward back to his original calm. He‟s
in the garage installing a new software to our cars. A software I‟m not very familiar with.

Corrine stuck by, but she refused to stay with us, and also since the wolves didn‟t seem to
get along with her.

Every one was quite relieved, vampires and wolves alike.

Speaking of wolves, I can‟t make sense of what‟s going on inside Jake‟s head. Imagine
the horror of finding him both with Leah and Nessie at the same time, in the same room,
on the same bed?!! Oh, it‟s more than I can bear, especially me. And there‟s really no
need to explain why.

It‟s already past midnight . I wonder if Jake already left Leah‟s room. My mobile phone
rang. Oh. It was Alice !? (Since everyone had already resumed to their rooms and
designated houses.)

“He already left, a few minutes ago, you don‟t have to go look here.” She immediately
spoke when I flipped the receiver open. “Always ahead, never misses anything…” I
groaned. “And you really had to make such a call?” I added. “Of course, and I
know…wait a minute, you worried that he and Leah, will…?” She trailed off; I took the
chance to pick up from where she had left, eager to ask my psychic sister the questions
that seem to haunt me very recently.

“Will they be together in some way? Can you see anything? I know don‟t need to worry,
because fate is fate, but still?

“It‟s better to ask Edward Bells in regards to what Jake is thinking, but, well…as far as I
know Leah‟s already fixated on leaving, it might be tomorrow or very soon, and as for
Jacob, his future with our Nessie is infallibly secure, I can not see anything or anyone
hindering it. But…” She paused. “Do you want me to come over, I suddenly feel silly
that we had to use our cell phones and talk like this?”

Alice was a master of the cliff hanger. “But? What? Just say it my dear Alice ?” I
pleaded; I can‟t let impatience get the best of me this time.
“She will continue to become a part of our lives –and you already know this part, but
Jacob‟s life, rather…the Black family‟s life. Though it‟s still very vague, that‟s all that‟s
coming out clear.”

I know Leah‟s gonna be a „Swan‟ technically and lawfully, but a part of the Blacks? How
come, and how in the frigging world!!?

“But it has nothing to do with Jake and Nessie, of that I‟m a completely, positively and
absolutely sure.” She assured her voice confident, certain and which in effect tried to ease
the different emotions that had skewed my face that she could not actually see. “Bella,
you‟ve got to say something? You want me to come over?”

“It doesn‟t make sense Alice. Will Billy adopt her? I mean, she‟s gonna be lawfully
Charlie‟s „daughter‟ (or step-) right? But this has nothing to do with Jake and Nessie?”


I suddenly regretted not asking Alice to come over, to see her face react to the things she
revealed herself. Not that I feel her keeping other things from me. “Puzzling…” I sighed.

“You can say that again, but as always it will come clearer as time inches closer. Sit back
and relax Bella…ok?”

I went on with expressing my apprehension and paranoia. “IS that really all?”

“Of course silly, why would I keep things from you? Paranoid vampire.”

Nessie stirred a little on the bed.

A rustling came from outside the glass sliding door. Of course I would sense and hear it.

And the scent wasn‟t anything that should or would worry me.

It was Alice . Phone in hand and a big smirk on her face.

“Bella, Bella?” Her voice rang like church bells. Hm, church bells? Which reminds me…

She sat on a couch, which was another piece from the Amazon coven.

“Enough about Jake. I‟ll deal with that when the other details clear up.” So I started. “I
guess you are aware of Jasper‟s plans of action at the present.” Now we‟re like cackling
desperate housewives.

“Plans…yeah. And I‟m not ready.”

“WHAT? NOT? READY?” I can‟t believe in the whole of over a hundred years of
togetherness Alice is still NOT READY? I feel the balls of my eyes protrude.

“That‟s not what I mean Bella.”

“Then what is it that you mean by that?”

She held her calm. “I‟m not ready because I need a longer preparation. Do you think I
want wedding plans to be rushed? No way. I want it big. Like BIG BIG!!”

I instantly regretted the thought that Alice is unprepared or in any way „not ready‟, „coz
in fact she wants to prepare BIG TIME. And when Alice says big, it‟s really more than
BIG. I just didn‟t now when. “When?”

“Not yet sure Bella.”


Some one must want to shoot me now.

Or kill me.

This is way out of hand.

Let her smell me.

And then let myself smell back.

It‟s not only up to this day that I figured how much „wolfier‟ we can get.

And why am I even allowing this? WHY?!!!

I‟m such a girl!

To think Clive‟s out there, and we‟re in there…heating things up? Just think about it!!!?
And just kill me, come on.

Not that I totally hate it, well it‟s pretty cool to have someone drooling over you, but not
good if you're already madly in love with someone (who actually sees you as a brother, at
least for now). Why does every girl I like see me initially as a mere brother?

Yet, I sang, for her. And she‟s sleeping right now. As much as I was very sleepy too at
that time, I had the restraint to walk out that cozy room.

These things can‟t be really, actually happening.

I heard Bella talking with Alice in Nessie‟s room, so much for visiting hours.

Frankly, Leah can‟t really beat my fate with Nessie, but with her around I feel my wolf
existence better. She‟s one wolf who understands me. Not the great me, but the ugly
weak me.

“Jake!!” It was Seth calling from the yard. Its past midnight and the other patrols already
are on the way back –I think. Alice informed us that the vulture changed course. He
probably chickened out, because of our number.

He‟s crazy to even think of attacking, or even winning against us.

I wonder if he‟s gonna make a great bucket of fried wings. Obviously not. Ick. Phew.

“How‟s Lee?”

“Fell asleep kiddo.” I muttered. Her smell covered me for the entire evening, so at least I
can take a break and not have this conversation about her. “Do you like her?” Seth asked,
which I wasn‟t expecting, and as much as I want to, I should be avoiding.

“She‟s already like family Seth.” I mumbled away again.

“Yeah right.”

“Don‟t yeah right me kid, ok? You should be reporting not snooping around?” I retorted.

“Ok, reporting now…He hasn‟t been around yet. No vulture scent anywhere at all.”

“And the others?”

“Embry called for a night out…so they asked you if you wanna come. Well, I‟m going,
just gonna get my bike…”

I looked around and scanned reasons in my head why I should or shouldn‟t join them.

First, there will be no single wolf left in any of our posts. Second, I don‟t feel like
partying or whatsoever. Third, I might just kick the guts out of Sam when I get drunk (if I
even get drunk but I don‟t really drink so and, I‟m already eighteen ok, give me a
freaking break). And fourth, Seth‟s a minor. Yeah, Seth‟s still a minor.

“You can‟t go Seth. I‟ll need you and it‟s my turn tonight to be on guard –the psychic
may have seen nothing, but we can‟t all become too lax right?” I know how much of a
point I am making, and the heck I will stand on it.

“Well, there goes my night out…” He soon retracted, a frown building on his face.

“You‟re still a minor –got that? I‟ve got no other reason to stop you besides that.”

His head lowered. “Yeah…sure, sure.”

I speed dialed Quil outraged by these plans of a „night‟ out.

“Hey Jake?” He says answering his phone.

“What‟s with the guys night out?!!” I angered a little controlled.

“Oh, ok…no, it‟s really not like what you are thinking?!”

“Embry called it a night out, what else would I think it is?” I was now hearing hoots and
shouts in the background.

“Embry got this crazy lingo, so it isn‟t any bar thing. You know Sam hate bars. We‟re at
the tip of the Connecticut River , making bon fires. But yeah, we‟ve a got some punch,
hotdogs and er…milk.”

Milk? I am overprotective, ok. It‟s the „uncool‟ part of being an alpha. The part that you
worry too much and feel sick if something happens to them and the tribe might damn
you. But nothing will happen, never did before (when Sam was alpha, then a little later
when I took his place) never ever would today or tonight -I hope.

And since Bella became a vampire, the “security system” surrounding her loosened up.
Probably it‟s just me and Edward constantly freaking out. I mean, Edward still worries a
great deal for Bella, and I worry the BIGGEST deal for Nessie, and some part for Leah

Well, they‟re undeniably vulnerable to some point. “Just make sure things are going to be
all right.” I reminded Quil.

“Sure man, come on, chill…” I can tell he‟s rolling his eyes.

“Whatever. Be back before dawn. I might get myself some sleep after my rounds.” I
shake my head and give in.

“Ok, bye. We‟re on your call, ok?” Quil says trying to calm me down.

“Yeah. You should be. Ok, bye.” I almost threw my phone to the ground still raging on
Embry‟s happy-go-lucky take off. And I‟m starting to miss the bonfire nights we have in
La Push. Will Nessie like it there in La Push the time I bring her to live there (of course
on the proper time)? Or is it me going to live with her and where?

Anywhere would do though, as long as we‟re together. Just hope Leah‟s moved on by
that time.

Ok, enough with the obsessive thoughts.

Of course things will be and should be different by then…


There‟s yet one more reason I chose to stay…


I don‟t want her escaping, running around and getting herself kidnapped, hurt, killed and
thrown fifty feet from the ground for the second time around. Since no one really ever
freaks out like this besides me, I make myself responsible for whatever‟s going to
happen, good or bad, either way.

Everybody must be sleeping. Oops, my bad. Only Nessie and Leah‟s asleep.

I almost forgot, I‟m in vampire territory, so there‟s really not much sleeping from around
here. But, just to be contrary, I‟m extremely sleepy. A loud dog yawn escaped my mouth
just now while I stayed in wolf form. Remaining human during patrols isn‟t very helpful.
I heard Seth yawning who was at the back of the house. We‟re just like bloodhounds
guarding property by night. What an inspiring job.

I had Nessie‟s face continually flashing in my memory as I take a rest under an ancient

Seth reported, there‟s no trace of the birdman anywhere. I wasn‟t nearly tired at all. The
moon wasn‟t full and some clouds were scattered across the sky. I wonder how the „night
out‟ is coming along. I was the one who was always up to such fooling around before,
when I wasn‟t the alpha, I sighed. I constantly gave Sam a headache. Now it‟s the other
way around. I steadied my back against the crumbling trunk. The immeasurable heat that
circulated in my body always made it possible for me to rest comfortably just about

Nessie‟s laugh resounded in my mind. I dream of her, every single night. There in my
dreams we‟re simply doing the usual, me giving her a piggy back ride, her laughing at my
every word, always asking anything about everything, wanting to go anywhere at
anytime, untiringly hugging me, brushing her face on the contour of my back, and
holding my big warm hands. She has a particular fascination with the animal kingdom,
and cries at the slightest thought of them getting hurt. She‟s very pure. I am not even
worthy of her. I‟m actually glad that as much as I had imprinted on her, it seems she
mutually likes me. She‟s very beautiful, although she looks like a nine year old at this
time. But why would I even care, I fell in love with her when she was not even a day old
so what‟s the difference? Although in the present situation, I had to ask myself, am I
betraying my beloved?

The wind sent good vibes that made me sleepier. I can‟t hold this off any longer. In less
time than a person can finish a steaming cup of coffee, I had gradually drifted to sleep.

Then the grass sounded like it was moving, someone was nearing my position and
coming in my direction. I shouted to myself to wake up, but I simply continued to linger
in my deep sleep. A shape forming up in the dark began to concentrate and make
sense…it was another wolf. Wake up Jake, wake up man!!! I called out to my wolf self,
as if I was a spirit separate from my own body. I realized too late that it was a she-wolf I
know far too well who was approaching me. Don't tell me, she also has a power of
invading me in my sleep.

“Go away Leah!” But she did not hear me, as I was already screaming at the top of my
lungs. Then she was very near, too near, she started coiling beside me and leaning her
muzzle on my furry neck, looking like she was enjoying herself a lot. Ironically I was
comfortable having her on me that way. I noticed later on, it was a different wolf Leah
was curling up beside. It wasn‟t me, and it had a different color on its fur. But I felt it in a
way that I thought it to be me. How could it be a different wolf? It wasn‟t any one
belonging to my pack. So does that mean there are other packs? I better just let that
rhetorical question pass. Of course only the Quileute has that kind of genetic make up –or
am I misinformed? Though looking at Leah happy with that wolf gave me a kind of queer

I felt something moving beside me, wait was it really her beside me, I‟m getting more
and more confused and this dream is getting freakier by the minute?!

Soon I heard far off voices, blurry at first but then was getting more and more distinct as I
brought myself back into consciousness.

“Hey, sleepy head!!! Can‟t you find yourself a bed?!!!”

“Leah, don‟t, not there, here….there…”
“Cut him some slack will yah…!?”
My heavy wolf eye lids struggled to open, as I forced my body to inch and respond to
those voices taunting me as if asking and wanting to get beaten till they look like mashed
“Jake? Time to get your butt up man?!”
Ok, so I was dreaming, and these boozed men are making fun of my dreaming. One by
one I stretched my hind and forelimbs, shook my fur loose and woke my system up.
These guys are gonna be really dead. I run a little behind the oak and jumped to the air to
phase back to human form. Of course I was naked, and I did not bring any piece of
clothing with me. I did not expect to fall asleep under a tree.
My pack stared at me blankly. Sam, I assume already went in. So there were only four of
them here. The boisterous laughing ceased as they saw my fuming face.

“Jake, can‟t you take a joke?!! Come on?!!” Paul piped in.

I knew it was Embry who made the moaning sounds. He flicked a wicked smirk on me.
“What were you dreaming about anyway?!!” He bickered.

“You can‟t chase us naked though…” Jared noted.

“Says who?” I finally answered, prepared to pounce on them at any given time. “You
better start running. I‟m really very pissed with what you guys did tonight?!” I taunted
more grimly.

And so off we went to the chase.

And I expected bones to be broken soon. Ha-ha!!! No wolf has ever been able to stand
up against me, so far.



I woke up wearing clean pajamas...

I can‟t even remember going to bed. Someone must have dragged me, and made me wear
these printed pajamas! And whoever that was… I began mumbling phrases I can‟t make
sense of. Did I phase back? Of course, I must have.

Then something hit me. It was last night‟s party by the river. Awww... I was like this close
to that night out. I even spent all my week‟s money for my bike to have a full tank.
ARGH. And according to Jake, it‟s because of me being a “minor”and that‟s why he
didn‟t „allow‟ me to join them, like I‟m a „house maid‟, stuck here. I would do anything
for a break or a day-off.
Another thing hit me hard, but this time it wasn‟t my head but my nose. Holy cow!!! It
stinks in here. I took a good look around. Ok, they are all in here, and they‟re all dead
asleep. Except for Sam who I heard was talking downstairs over the phone to Emily.

The sun shone generously through the wide windows. What time is it anyway? I began
searching for my watch and found that it was already past eight. Holy mother of god!
Mom‟s probably sick worried. Ever since Lee got herself into this “motorcycle accident”
mom made phone calls twice a day, and sometimes even more. I looked under my bed to
find my cell phone lying there. Oh no, oh no, oh no! I panicked a little. I looked at the
monitor and there were three missed calls. The stench stuck in my nose. I can‟t see
anything wrong with taking a shower before lounging in bed. I called with speed dial,
stood by the window and opened it, so clean and „unsmelly‟ air would fill my lungs, and
replace that stink, in my throat.
Did the phone even ring? I suddenly heard mom‟s breathy voice from across the other

“Seth, my baby…how‟s your sister doing? I‟m a little worried that she isn‟t healing as
fast as she used to?” She spoke like she was being chased by something.

“Mom, slow down „k? Well, she is healed –technically –at the most, and Carlisle said she
simply needs more rest…Like I told you for the billionth time already.”

Ever since Jake and I transferred here with the Cullens, I was like the house maid-slash-
personal secretary of almost everyone. Not that I really hate it. It just sucks, and big time!
Just because I‟m the youngest, I‟m the one who ended up doing the lousiest jobs. I
actually wanted to rush the conversation, so that she won‟t have time to ask for too many
specific details, cause from what I see, Leah still looks a little more than wasted.

“Seth, do you want to talk to Charlie?”

Er, no?! But before I could start objecting Charlie‟s voice sounded through the speakers
of my phone.

“That‟s what I‟m telling you about the dangers of riding such ridiculous bikes! I
remember reminding Jake last week about it. You kids don‟t ever listen…” He chatted
some more about safety measures and stuff, but I simply turned a deaf ear. There are
other things more dangerous than motorbikes, talk about stalking vultures, but he
wouldn‟t like to hear any of that. “Seth, are you there, are you listening?”

Was he asking me about something? “Uh what Charlie? I‟m sorry can you repeat it

“I was asking how‟s Bella and uh, Edward? No accidents so far?” Oh Charlie's a bit
anxious about Bells...Like just I told you, I‟m everyone‟s receptionist, clerk, secretary,
name it. And like Bella can‟t tone down that temper and rip someone's throat apart?

“Oh that, no, not even a scratch, no cut or wound whatsoever. Edward looks after her just
fine.” I tell him truthfully.

“How about Nessie?” I wish Charlie wouldn't worry so much.

“Nessie‟s studying with Rosalie, you know, with those advanced modules and stuff…
she‟s learning and growing up pretty well.” Make that fast. Growing up really FAST!
That‟s one reason Edward and Bella decided to leave Forks right after Charlie knew
about Nessie. It‟s for him not to witness the strange, become stranger. Though I‟m
confident Edward has something up his sleeve as to how to explain things to Bella‟s dad.

“Really, modules? Hm. I might just call Bella after her classes, here‟s Sue. Darling…?”
He trailed off then it was mom again.

“Seth dear, when are you boys coming home, Sam and the others just suddenly left, is it
really just because of your sister?” Does she have a third eye?

“Actually mom, Jake asked them to come here and pick Lee up, after she fully recovers.
That really was the plan.”

“All four of them? Why can‟t you and Jake just do that?”

The first reason would be, Jake can‟t leave Nessie, second, I can‟t leave Jake, I was like
his P.A. (personal assistant –agh!) so the third reason might just do, she doesn‟t need to
know the other two. “You know how stubborn Leah is mom, after this accident she might
get herself to more trouble, she sometimes doesn‟t listen to anyone, so this is Jake‟s way
of forcing her to go home and take a break. At least these four would be able to bring her
back safe.” And no need to mention Jake and Leah‟s...uhh... „attachment issues.‟

“Is that so…how about you dear? I‟m really missing you…” Awww…do moms always
have to be this mushy.

“I miss you too mom. I just might ask Jake if we could visit sometime soon…” I try to
appease her.

Although mom‟s moved into Forks with Charlie; I really miss the beach at the rez. I miss
the tides beating against my chest, and of course mom‟s infamous fish fry. Oh…my
mouth is just about to water.

“Is it fine for the Cullens to have all of you there? And you and Jake living with them, do
they find that all right too?”

“They‟re more than used to having us here. It doesn‟t even matter anymore…hey mom, I
need to check on Leah, and bring her some breakfast, I better hang up now.”

“Sure, right. Tell her we called, and say hi to Bella and the others, special regards to
Carlisle…ok? I love you Seth.” She sighed.

“I love you too mom. Bye.” Then I hung up. She‟s my favorite woman in the whole
world. I can only hope my imprint will somehow be similar to her. I quickly ran out of
the room and still none of the guys felt anything. They‟re as good as cadavers.
Outside I heard Jasper‟s bike roar to life, and through the open door I saw Alice hop onto
the back of his big dirt bike, a model far superior to mine. Alice has her own bike, but
she‟s riding with Jazz today. She threw a big wave at me. “Seth, we‟re leaving –
obviously, you take charge of the house, ok?” In other words, I should go tend the house.
Ugh. But, nice guy that I am, I waved back and said okay. “There‟s cooked food in the
kitchen, Carlisle and Esme went to a medical convention in Lebanon (NH), you can
always call if there‟s anything else you need, okay?”

“Sure!” I yelled back. With another wave and wink from Alice, the bike took off.

I rushed downstairs seeing Sam drinking cocoa at the breakfast table, I put two bagels
and a bottle of pulpy orange juice on a tray to bring to Leah‟s room. I pushed open the
door to her room quietly and saw her trying to stand up, her hands gripping the window
railings. I put the tray on the table and ran to her. “Lee…what are you doing!?”

“Oh, come on, don‟t be silly. You‟ve been doing too many errands for me, and I‟m tired
being stuck in this dumb room.” Her voice was full of life now, which was very good.She
raised her hands palms forward gesturing that she doesn‟t want my help. “I can manage
kid.” She muttered. “And don‟t worry; I will eat everything I need to eat. I‟m going to get
better and finally leave this place.”

I watched her trying to move around, as her hands still held on to backboard of her bed. I
knew she was hurting because of Jake. I wonder what awaits my sister in the area of her
love life, will she imprint or will she get imprinted, or will she just fall in love all over
again without imprinting to anyone? Or Jake would somehow –argh! These kinds of
things give brain tumors. So never mind. Live one day at a time. She finally sat back on
the bed. I hurriedly brought her the tray of food. “Here you go…afterwards, practice
again. Call me if you need anything.” I positioned a table in front of her.

She gave a brief but contented smile, “Thanks kiddo! What am I gonna do without my
little brother –who actually doesn‟t look any smaller anymore?”

“I‟m always here Lee…” I said.

“Yeah? Until the time comes and you imprint on some girly? So, I‟ll enjoy the time
you‟re still officially single.” She smiled a bit again. I honestly haven‟t thought of that

“I can‟t see myself imprinting on anyone for now.”I shake my head with disappointment.

She munched on the bagel. “How in the world would you know? No one knows when
your imprint will finally show up.” She snapped. She‟s right again, but well, whatever.
Live one day at a time. I want to bring up Jake, but I don‟t want to start anything with
her, especially this early in the morning.

I switched topics. “Mom called.”

She makes a face, “I know, and I heard everything. Tell her I‟m coming home soon.”

I nodded. “Lee, I‟m getting hungry too, so, I‟m gonna leave you for a while, ok?”

She shot both her brows up. “Run along…thanks for everything…I love you just as much
as mom loves you, you know.”

“What‟s with the „I love you‟s? Don‟t do anything stupid Lee…” I warned suddenly. If
she gets overly kind, it scares the hell out of me. And she's too kind today, she may be up
to something.

She gives me a smirk. “Just taking the opportunity to say it, bro. I‟m leaving soon, right,
do you want me saying 'I love you' in front of the whole pack, you‟ve gotta be kidding

I went over to the other house, Bella‟s side of the place, where Jake and the other
vampires stayed. I know Jake was already expecting me to report, but surprisingly, I saw
him marching my way. “Where‟s Carlisle?” He abruptly asked, his eyes looking above
my head like he was preoccupied with something.

“He went to a convention in Lebanon, but he might be in the hospital by noontime.

Why?” I answered then asked again.

“Don‟t worry about it. How‟s Lee?” He was determined to move through this
conversation quickly.

“She‟s practicing to stand, and walk…I already brought her breakfast.” I reported.

“And the others?” He asked with a twitching smirk.

“Those bums are still asleep. You beat the crap out of them last night didn‟t you?” I

“Rosalie won‟t let me in Nessie‟s room while they‟re studying.” Jake mumbled not
giving a direct answer.

Anyways I still wanted to know why he was looking for Carlisle. “Hey, what‟s up with
you looking for Carlisle?”

He looked at me incredulously. “I just wanted to acquire some wisdom.”

I have to assume this has something to do with my sister. “About what?”

He‟s eyes were more irritated now. “You‟re nosy, Seth.” Then he rolled his eyes but
answered me. “I had this weird dream, that, well, I can‟t stop thinking about.”
“About Leah?” I chimed quickly, trying to be one heck of a guesser.

“Yeah. So shut up, and don‟t ask again, ok?” I can tell I'm on his last nerve.

“One more question. What about?” I gotta hear this.

He glares at me. “She‟s with another wolf, ok? Just quit it, I‟m only giving you answers
because I know you‟ll just never give up.”

“And you‟re jealous?” I raise my eyebrows.

And that was it, I had unnerved my alpha, pushed him to the limits of his patience. “Just
shut up. Or do you want to fall asleep and never wake up?”



I tried to move my suicidal ideas out of my head by altering my mood, by trying to be

cheerful, giddy and all. Seeing Seth doing his best for me to get well is simply heart
Wait until he imprints and he‟ll barely feel I exist. Why kill myself? I‟m going to have a
„new‟ family. The wedding‟s soon. I battled on.
Mom and Seth love me. Jake now is being very kind although I didn‟t know still, why in
the world he would kiss me. Because from what I can see, there‟s really no basis for his
action. Would he give such a shitty kiss out of pity? Just to experiment with my reactions
and emotions? Just to have a feel of my desperate lips? Not even in another parallel world
would I find him falling for me. It‟s next to impossible, and worse it‟s next to „criminal.‟

I have fallen in love with two wolves, two wolves that have imprinted on other people.
Two wolves who also gave me their kisses and embraces, two wolves who both told me I
could have been theirs. All these are „could have been‟s, I suddenly felt that it would‟ve
been better if neither of them had said any of these things. „Coz all of it really didn‟t
make me feel any better about myself. I will never be promoted from second place to first

Come on Leah, think happy thoughts. Fight back desperation. I encouraged myself
silently. I felt tears welling up my eyes. It‟s ok to cry, you‟re alone no one‟s watching.
Yes, I am all alone. Literally.

Honestly Jake has been my „superficial‟ „food‟ supplement. I know his actions aren‟t to
be misinterpreted, but it does help. Although it was false hope, its better than having
nothing at all. He lets me speak my thoughts and feelings about him, he allows me to
touch him, smell him, and he lets me kiss him. I think he knew I wanted to kill myself.
He has snuck up on me in my mind many many times in the past. He must have seen that
secret plan of mine. Or he‟s simply suffering from a super hero complex. Always wanting
to be the solution and answer to everyone‟s problems (especially to his pack). So that
must be his reason for being undeniably considerate.

But then again, this is one of many days I wanted to pierce a dagger on my chest or steal
a bottle of valium from Carlisle ‟s medicine cabinet. Let that bird man find me and throw
me 100 feet high from the ground, or go find that river near Hanover and drown myself.

Or go somewhere where no one knows me. Change my name or something, it sounds

cliché, but it makes me feel better that I will no longer be Leah Clearwater. Maybe I‟ll
change it to Samantha Whatever or Samantha De Loser although I‟ll be needing cash for

I practiced moving around the room. I can‟t stand this immobility!! But as I am mostly
hating it I was getting better.

My life‟s already pathetic; at least I wanted to have the energy to go find other creative
ways of expressing my desperation. I can‟t starve myself, that‟s too obvious. And being
in this room hinders me of doing anything stupid, everyone‟s on guard. But yeah…I
promised Jake, not to attempt anything stupid. So maybe anything intelligently planned
would do.

I did not notice my blouse being too soaked with tears. I inched to the mirror and saw a
girl hardly recognizable. She looked pretty ill. Maybe a shower would help. But first I
should get rid of all these plasters and bandages. Esme left a mobile phone under my
pillow this early morning, in case I needed something, I can call them anytime. I returned
to the bed struggling, looked under the pillow, took the phone out, wiped my tear stricken
eyes searched for Esme‟s number and before I could press „call‟ the mobile phone just
suddenly rang. Alice ‟s name flashed on the monitor. What in the world was she calling
me for?

I hesitated but pressed the answer key.

“Leah don‟t do anything irrational!” She scolded forthrightly, not caring to say hello.

“What?! What are talking about!?” I exclaimed.

“Don‟t kill yourself! Ok?!” My ears hurt due to her angry volume.

“I was just going to call Esme, to ask if it‟s ok to take a shower.” I lied. Ugh! I almost
forgot about Alice . Of course she would see any plan I decide to execute. Triple UGH!!

“Yeah right. I‟m warning you, I almost called Jake up, I just thought he might overreact,
so I‟m asking you first, don‟t even try Leah. I‟ll be attuning to you more, and Jake‟s a
dial away…” She still spoke with a harsh voice.
“I don‟t even have the control to do anything I want to do with my stupid lifeless life!” I
can not help not yelling out loud.

“Just go take a shower. That‟s one step out of your suicidal tendencies…Jake and Seth‟s
on their way, thanks for shouting out, Rosalie could help take the bandages off.”

I suddenly heard Rosalie‟s piercing cry next doors. “I don‟t like to do it!! And I‟m
tutoring Nessie, we can‟t be interrupted!”

Well the feeling is mutual I don‟t want any of her filthy fingers on my body anyway. It
just came upon me that I didn‟t feel like taking a shower anymore.

“She‟ll do it, don‟t worry. Again Leah, I‟m warning you. And I‟m assuring you, you can
not even find a way around me. I may not be proficient in seeing a wolf‟s future, but I‟ve
been learning and practicing, so there.” Her tone did not dismiss that taunting edge.

“It‟s ok, I‟ll just ask Seth, or I‟ll just do it tomorrow…” I replied defeated.

Ick. Tomorrow, I‟m going to be stinking by then.

“Too late, like I told you she‟ll do it. Bye Leah, keep safe.” The line disconnected and
soon like troops marching to war I heard thunderous foot steps coming towards the room.
I saw Seth first then Rosaleech came from behind him, Jake was the last one to enter. I
felt extremely embarrassed. I looked horrible. The smirk on Rosalie‟s face faded when
she saw my ugly state, yeah whatever! She marched up and sat me on the bed.

“Silly wolf.” She mumbled a small smile building on her face. She walked out and in a
second was back inside, a big comb in her hands. “Here, steady yourself.” She said sitting
beside me. I sat like a statue. She was surprisingly nice, has this anything to do with me
looking too pathetic? She started straightening the knots in my black hair with her comb.
She was quick to finish. She was now unbuttoning the back of my blouse. I snapped out
and realized Jacob watching me intently.

“Get out Jake!!” I didn‟t want him to see me like this. He did not even budge his leaning
position against the wall. Seth stood next to Rosalie ready to assist as she little by little
removed the bandages that covered my legs, arms then chest and my entire back, I was
like a mummy. “Jake, I said get out!” I repeated at him. Rosalie glared in his direction.
“Do you really want to see her naked again, you pervert?!” Of course he wasn‟t a pervert,
only that, that‟s her sick way of talking to him.

“Jake I just don‟t want you to see me like this, ok?” I said in a low voice. He threw me a
meaningful but brief gaze and nodded. He walked out without saying a word. I heard
Nessie giggle downstairs, as I heard Jake‟s foot steps reached the ground floor.
“I‟m glad study time‟s over.” Nessie chattered. He chuckled a bit too.
“So where do you wanna go?” He warmly asked her. “Up in Leah‟s room. I heard her
scream while ago, just want to go check.” She spoke her voice sounding like wind
“Leah‟s going to take a bath, now‟s really not a good time.”
“Then when?”
This is killing me.
How many ways would this hybrid like to kill me with her all thoughtfulness and

Rosalie sent Seth out too when I was nearly naked, and then she put a robe on me.

“Err, thanks Rosaleec- uh Rosalie.” I stuttered but was grateful.

“You really looked like you needed a hand.” She mused. “I know this is an unsolicited
opinion…anyways I‟m just going to say it.” She rolled her eyes and went with her
unsolicited opinion. “Make sure you settle your issues with that mongrel. It‟s just going
to cause you more pain in the future.” I felt her filtering her words; I‟ve known her to be
much franker than this. I really must look terrible to have softened her to some extent.
She looked as if she wanted to say more. “I can‟t figure you wolves out…go take your
shower.” She mumbled striding out.

Of course everyone knew. I have Edward to thank for that. That‟s one of the many
reasons I wanted to leave in the first place.

I was alone again in the bathroom. I almost slid off my feet and hit my head getting into
the tub. But I didn‟t, and I don‟t want to die that way, yet I must say; the hot water‟s
revitalizing. It even felt like it sent me to sleep.


Part 2

We were like a 911 search party. Looking for Leah.

Alice could have warned us, she should have called, and she must have seen something!
And Seth could not find her in her room. Did he really take a good look around? Rosalie
brought Nessie to Hanover to get her some new clothes. And of course that blond hog
wouldn‟t the slightest allow me to come, saying things like, „it‟s a girl thing.‟ The rest of
the pack went road tripping, or just probably escaping further punishment. They took off
right after they raided everything in Alice‟s fridge and kitchen, of course Alice and Japer
wouldn‟t have even the slightest interest in any of it, and they won‟t miss food for all of
eternity‟s sake.
Sam was still on the damn phone. He put the receiver down. “I‟ll go look outside; she
could have wanted to take a stroll…” He said swiftly phasing out the door. At least he
found something to do besides woo Emily, as if she needed more wooing than she
already has. And they‟re like freaking married!
Of course Leah didn‟t show up during the ceremony. That‟s one thing I expected though.

I‟m about to have another round of emotional roller coaster ride inside me. It seems I feel
this way every time I sense something bad is gonna happen.

I checked again in her room and had a little hunch that maybe; just maybe she‟s in the
bathroom. I walked decreasing the sound of my footsteps. I slowly opened the fogged
glass door. And, (sigh) ok, she‟s in here. And so the dumb ass fell asleep in the bath tub.
I walked out the room and told Seth to tell Sam I found her sleeping in the bath tub, and
went back in the room again. I figured she‟s sleeping in there for a couple of hours now.
Her mopping around could have made her tired so much.

I didn‟t know mopping could be that tiring.

She really looked terrible just a while ago. Gloom, hopelessness, and all sorts of
pissyness were written on her face. No wonder Blondie‟s heart from stone went to gooey
mushy. But Leah continuously breaks my heart. I‟ve been too submerged into her silly
bitter flashbacks.

I rummaged in her closet for a big towel... big enough to cover her, so I wouldn‟t see
anything I am „not allowed‟ to see. I pulled open the glass door once, as silently as I
could. She looks better asleep. Her feminine head leaned on the other side of the tub and
her shoulders drooped down. I half closed my eyes as I lifted her up with one arm, and
covered her with the towel I held with the other free hand. And I swear in Edward‟s name
(or even Carlisle ‟s!) that I did not see anything but a blurry image of her err… body. She
did not wince even a bit; she must be really be sleeping deeply. The heat coming off her
body was kind of magnetic. I put her down on the bed immediately. Did I just think of the
word „magnetic‟ argh –bite me!?

Finally she woke up, shaken by the sudden way I placed her down. She was still a little
dazed, and realized too late that it was me who got her out of the tub. I was already at the
door. “Jake?” She paused and got freaked out to find herself naked under a towel on her
bed. “Oh my god! What the hell Jake!!?”

“I‟m not doing anything dummy! Go get yourself dressed, I‟m gonna take you out.
Like on a date, ok?” I did not know what the hell came into me. I just wanted her to smile
again. She did not answer. So I thought of turning my eyes back to her.

“Don‟t look! Or I‟ll chew your ear off. Just, ok, just wait. Ok, I‟ll get dressed.” I heard
her stutter angrily. I slammed the door behind me. Whew. That was close. I‟m not sure if
I felt it before, but right now, I‟m pretty sure her body heat was, really hot. She‟s the
hottest girl I‟ve ever touched. Not hot like HOT, but hot like LITERALLY.

My phone started to vibrate.

I had a message from Billy. So I read; (It‟s quite long…so I simply bear with the old
Hey kid, say hi to the grizzlies and mountain lions for me. I heard that place‟s loaded
with wild life. So how are you? Why aren‟t you calling? You think you‟re too old to call
your dad every once in a while? I‟m still the one sending you money so, get a grip, ok?
But that‟s not the reason I‟m sending you this message. My youngest brother –your uncle
paid a visit yesterday. He wants to see you, and the rest of the pack although I‟m not sure
he knows you‟re a pack. I wasn‟t able to tell him everything, he was kind of in a hurry.
He got the address from Charlie, so well, I don‟t know what‟s gonna happen. And I just
don‟t know when he‟ll drop by. You know that guy, he can‟t stay put in one place,
always going around the world. And he doesn‟t know about the Cullens, which means,
you‟re in deep trouble.

HOLY COW!!! I immediately ran in and phoned Billy‟s house. It‟s as if he‟s not taking
these things seriously, telling me that I‟m in deep trouble?!
I almost forgot about that uncle! That archeologist, who left La Push when he was my
age, not mention sending post cards from anywhere he went and who was weirdly fond of
making surprise visits. Uncle Daniel is only seven years older than me, we were like
cousins, or rather we‟re almost brothers. I just call him Dan, and DAN IS COMING
OVER! That eccentric strange guy!!!

What‟s taking Billy so long to pick up the phone?! “Yello?”

I don‟t even bother with a greeting. “Dad, why didn‟t you stop him?!!”

“Who?” He bluntly replied. What the heck! This old man‟s playing dumb!

“Dan, uncle Dan?!”

“Oh. That. I didn‟t actually know what he‟s up to, up until he already got the address
from Charlie in his office, so Sue wasn‟t even aware.”

“Oh my good Lord! Do you have his number?!” We are in big trouble if I can‟t reach him
in time!

“The question is, does he even have a cell phone?” He cackled like it was the most
normal thing in the world.

“And you‟re not worried?” I ask him.

“I am, that‟s why I sent you the message.” He sounds surprised that I‟m questioning him.

“And that‟s all?” He‟s unbelievable!

“Pretty much, son.” I can‟t believe this, he‟s not being helpful. I‟m gonna need Alice
badly this time. “Ok, whatever, I‟m going to call Alice .”

“Good luck…but you can‟t fool Daniel. A Quileute in one way or another will always
know. It‟s all in your hands son.” Billy chimed for finality. I bitterly ducked my fingers
on the plunger and was too rude to say goodbye. I was so pissed. So it seems, its going to
be my problem now. I took my mobile phone out again and Alice was already calling.
Thank heavens. “I know you‟re going to call, so what‟s the problem? I haven‟t seen Leah
killing herself so far?” She briskly chatted along.
“No, that‟s not why I wanted to call you. My uncle‟s coming.”
“And…? Well I haven‟t anticipated any visit from anyone yet, I haven‟t seen anything.
But what possibly could be the problem in that? Unless…Is he fully human or part-
“I don‟t know. He was human when he left La Push, but he might be. And his Billy‟s
youngest brother so…I don‟t think he phases…I just think he isn‟t that aware of vampires
like the Cullens and of us being real close, like family-close?”
“Ok…that would be the problem…but, if he‟s human, as you say he is, I would see him
coming, and I will let you know, ok Jake? We‟ll just have to act human…” Alice is way
smarter than me, but I had to make my point clearer.
“He may have not been around to know everything that‟s going on, but a Quileute always
knows and always feels, that‟s what I‟m worried about, that he might freak out…get mad
or something I don‟t know…”
Alice paused for the shortest time. “Well, don‟t worry I‟m telling everybody. We‟ll find a
way. I‟ll try attuning to him. He‟s your uncle, so, he may more or less be a little similar to
you. What‟s his name?”
“Daniel Black.” I replied abruptly.
“Daniel Black? Oh my God!?” Alice instantly shifted moods. Her voice got to a higher
pitch and was more tensed, it wasn‟t hair raising, she was more like excited. “What?!” I
yelled. “Nothing, I‟ll talk to you later.” I was planning to be really pushy, and ask why
she just got excited, but her line went dead. So I‟m just going to have to wait. I heard
Leah call my name. I climb up the stairs and went inside the open room. She was sitting
on the bed wearing an „I love WSU‟ shirt.

“What‟s with the crumpled face Jake?” She came on sarcastically. It occurred to me that I
was still wearing that irate look.

I let out a loud sigh. “Dan is coming, I mean my uncle, you know him right?” I tried

“Yeah…was he the one who left for Zimbabwe , the archeologist? I can‟t remember what
he looks like, I just know him by name.”

“Not only Zimbabwe , he went to Azerbaijan after that, just name all the weird places you
can think of he‟s been to all of them.” I felt little better. But the dread did not leave me.

“You‟re worried that he‟ll discover we‟re living with vampires?” Her voice was flat.

“Bingo!” She guessed right. But she was quiet again. “Just tell him the truth Jake. Tell
him everything.” She said lowly. She started grabbing her jacket from across the
humongous bed having a little difficulty doing it. I ran to assist her. “I really can‟t walk
long distances right now, where are you taking me anyway?” The heat from across her
body reached me again. I flinched and quickly gave her the jacket. I stepped a few steps
back “Anywhere, where do you want to go? I can call the other guys, the more the
“Ok whatever. It‟s up to you. Hmm Jake, I don‟t think I can ride on your bike, my body
is still a little shaky” I tried distracting myself. “Ok, we‟ll take the Rabbit.” We were like
sixth grade again being awkward and everything. And like she said, she was still a bit
shaky. She fumbled her way out of the room. I went to her and held her elbows.

“Am I going home tomorrow? That‟s why you‟re taking me out?” My heart sank with
guilt as she said this.
“Do you think you could stay here with out me hurting you more and more every day?” It
was hard to speak those words. Tomorrow the pack‟s gonna bring her back home to
Forks, or La Push. I will miss her after that. No more stupid irrational female mongrel
getting on my nerves and mopping around.

“Let‟s just enjoy this day.” She mused trying to smile, but still, it looked like a frown.

I sent a phone message to Quil that I‟m taking Leah downtown. They can meet us up
there, when we go watch a movie or stroll in the park. Seth volunteered to stay at home.
(No-I actually forced him.) Leah looked out the window, while I drove. I knew she was
crying although I could not hear any sobbing. I really can‟t expect her to be happy with
the things I can‟t give her.

I steadied the car to 5th gear and reached for her hands. “Lee… please don‟t.”

She didn‟t turn her head to acknowledge me, her eyes stuck to the trees outside. “I‟m
going to miss you Jake.” She gradually started speaking up, still looking outside. “I don‟t
know how long I would suffer knowing I can‟t own your heart.” I almost hit the breaks.
She surprises me with too much of her tenderness that is barely noticeable to be a part of
her. “Don‟t shut me up just yet, I‟m not yet done.” She went on. I swallowed hard and my
head started to spin a bit. “I love you and thank you.” She then had her eyes turned to me,
it was sparkling with tears. She kissed my hands, her lips were feverish hot. It sent
shivers to my skin. “Thank you for sharing some of yourself to me. I will apologize to
Nessie, when that time comes…”

I can‟t look her straight in the eyes afraid that she‟ll see what my eyes conveyed. Nessie‟s
heart melting smile suddenly wrenched through my chest. Now my head‟s spinning wild,
I parked the car on the other side of the road. “Lee…my ultimate goal is to make you
happy, I just want you happy, but I can not be your lover…you know why, I don‟t have
to be repetitive about this.”

“I know, I‟m not really forcing this on you. I just want it out…”

“Well don‟t.” I debated whether to tell her the truth of matter, I decided I needed to.
“Cause as much as my heart and soul is tied to Nessie I‟m just a man, my body and
instincts might back stab me. I don‟t want to hurt this child whom I love. I don‟t want to
kiss you again Leah Clearwater!” I can‟t look at her. I just can‟t. I might just kiss her.

“Then just hold me this one last time?” She pleaded.

“I‟m afraid I can‟t do that too anymore.” I breathed out heavily. I am already too close; I
can‟t afford giving in to her heat, sometimes I want to hold her until her body ached of
pleasure, --I want to deny myself of this. Being close to Leah for me was like swallowing
a handful of small knives; it cuts me and makes me bleed inside. I can‟t believe I‟m
hearing myself say this.

“Why?!” Lee started crying quietly.

I went looking for a way to ease up the mood, and force out my sunny side. I flashed a
cool smile as soon as I found the motivation to do so. “You know why…let‟s just meet
up with the others…come here, I‟ll hold your hand” It‟s the very least I can do, but I
know this is platonic. I reached out and took her small hands. “And let‟s enjoy the rest of
the day. Come on, give me a smile and make my day?! Please?” I added “with a „cherry
on top?‟” Lee gave me a revolting frown but to my surprise it melted into her sweetest of
all smiles. “That‟s my girl!” I slightly brushed the tears near her eyes with the back of my
hand. Someone should love this woman. Someone should see this smile, it‟s like three
wolves should imprint on her all at the same time. I put the keys in ignition and started on
the road again. My phone on the dashboard started vibrating. “Lee will you, please?”

She smiled that cute smile again and answered my phone.

Nessie‟s laugh resounded in my memory, and my heart twitched and tugged me back to
my imprint‟s unfading image. Everything‟s clear now. Leah will remain my beta and
Nessie will forever hold and own my heart. And I wouldn't eat my own words if I'd stop
this fooling around.


Embry Call

Part 1

They came around a little late, and Leah‟s eyes were kind of swollen. Jake had a funny
look on his face, as he slammed the Rabbit‟s door shut. He was holding Leah‟s elbows
like she was going to break. I wonder what happened in the car. I can just use my
imagination. Things have been heating up between our leader and his faithful assistant.
Obviously, everyone hates „the thing‟ going on between them, I mean who won‟t right?
Everyone thinks Jake is irresponsible, a goof ball, a two timer, and a freak? I don‟t really
give a damn. I haven‟t imprinted on anyone. Thank God!! Who wants to be tied down to
one girl for the longest time and this early? I love my youth, so well excuse me?
Although, once a wolf imprints that‟s it. So why was he still hooked to Lee? But boy is
this she-wolf desperate, we all knew she was going to kill herself any time, I somehow
heard her thoughts say that the last time she phased. So I guess we really have to pour her
a lot of sunshine there. Well specifically, Jake‟s sunshine. Autumn is supposed to be cold
so I suppose people will be wondering why Leah was wearing just a shirt. We stood
beside our bikes in front of a diner. We expected Jake to buy us some burgers. Billy sent
him money today, Seth was aware of „the schedule‟. The pair marched up to us. Jake‟s
eyes still looked annoyed. “What took you so long?” I gave him a high five, he went on
grimacing. “Dan‟s coming; I just don‟t know when he‟ll show.”

“Hi Lee, feeling better today?” I heard Paul ask Leah. Quil and Jared went behind her and
threw both their arms on her shoulders.
“Too bad, I was hoping for a rematch…” Jared piped in with Paul.

Quil just grinned. “Glad you‟re out!”

“Whatever! If I feel like it, I might just kick your asses and beat you all at the same time”
Leah muttered. “I still feel a little sick, and hell, both your arms must weigh like ten
tons!” she mumbled some more. If Leah didn‟t look too weak, Jared might have bitten
her neck.

“Oops. Yeah…Sorry.” Paul said taking his arms off her. Quil did the same.

“You mean Daniel, your uncle? I thought he was dead!?” I shout out loud. The others
chuckled along. Daniel would be freaked if he comes here and sees for himself that we‟re
best friends with vampires.

“Well, that‟s gonna be a problem.” Quil harmonized with me.

“The psychic vamp can help, right?” Paul suggested.

“I already called Alice .” Jake confirmed. “Ok great, that settles everything. Now let‟s
eat!!” I deliberated. Jake paused for a sec and turned to Leah. “Wait.” He ran to where he
parked his car and from the backseat took out a jacket. In five big strides he was back.
One good thing about this town, like Forks, that there aren‟t too many people here. Like
today everyone‟s either at school or at work, so not too many people were hanging out at
this hour.

“Wear this.” He puts his jacket on Lee.

“I don‟t feel cold.” She said.

“Just for props, and in case it rains.” He replied.

Ok, this is making me hungrier. “Man, we‟re famished come on!?” I barked intruding the
Jake-Leah moment.

“Everyone‟s chipping in ok, I get this feeling that all these were gonna be on me.” Jake
played his hunch. He‟s got good instincts.

“Naww…‟f course not!” Quil rubbed Jake‟s shoulders as we shoved him into the eatery.
The rest followed closely behind.

“And you tell what happened during that bon fire party…” Jake added.

We sat connecting the two tables; we were a little too big for just one.

“Are you hungry, what would you like to have?” He asked Leah first. Unfair. I was the
one truly and deeply hungry.

“You of course.” I snickered. Jake glared at me for that black joke.

“Any kind of burger would be fine.” Leah hissed, glaring at me too. Her eyes were
awfully tired looking.

We were finishing off the quarter pounder beef burgers when we got to the topic of the
recent bon fire party. Well, there isn‟t too much to share, except for that great round of
„skinny dip‟ swimming we had, and of course the hunting game we played. It wasn‟t that
exciting, coz not everyone was there. And without Leah there, there‟s no one really fun
teasing. Sam did not join as well; it would‟ve been cool to throw him into the river.

“We should do that again the next time around, and invite the Cullens with us…” I

“Yeah…not a bad idea.” Jake agreed.

“Where‟s Ness ?” Quil asked out of the blue. Leah sipped her coke.

“Shopping with Rosalie.” He replied right away.

“Since when were you always apart from your imprint?” Quil was leading him on to
something. And it‟s quite destroying the mood.

“Blondie also imprinted on Nessie, that‟s why we‟re fighting over her time!” Jake
bickered sarcastically.

It was pay up time, and time to work out our rehearsed acts. The waitress approached our
table. “Oh no, I left my wallet at home…” Jared complained.
“Same here.” Paul joined in the club of liars.

“Honestly, I‟m broke” Quil admitted.

“You boneheads really planned this out didn‟t you?!!” Leah reacted almost screaming.
Her face spelled S-C-A-R-Y. She brought out rolled bills from her side pocket. Now this
was humiliating, a girl‟s going to pay for a bunch of boys.

Jake grabbed her hand. “Let me…” He said. “But if we aren‟t anywhere public I could
have turned your tails into pretzels. You guys are going to pay me when we get back at
the Cullens.” He was looking really angry now. We were quiet, we did not expect Leah to
assume the paying.

“Don‟t tell me I‟m going to treat all four of you at the movies?” Jake fumed more.
“You guys go ahead…we can wait outside.” I finally answered, looking pathetic now.
But an idea suddenly got me thinking. Jake gave his cash to the lady with an apron and
was about to say something again.

I wanted this idea out. “I have an idea. Remember we used to play hide in seek in the

“Come on, we‟re a little too grown up for that.” Quil remarked.

“No this is a modified hide and seek, we‟ll play in our wolf forms. Are you up to it Lee?”
I know she‟s still recovering but she‟s a tough girl, she‟ll get by it. “I don‟t want to phase,
and that‟s so childish.” She exclaimed.

“I think it‟s cool.” Jake said. “But, not in wolf form, ok? If we‟re in La Push, then it‟d be
fine. This is New Hampshire , and it‟s not even twilight. And besides Leah doesn‟t look
like she can be up to any games right now.” He continued.

“OK, there‟s this mountain side in Lebanon , I surveyed the place the other night. There‟s
a cool waterfall there.” Paul suggested. It was safer than my modified „hide and seek‟
game, and considering Leah, it‟s more doable for her.

“Sounds good…” Quil mused. Jake started to look worried. He brought his cell phone out
and sent someone a message; I suppose it would be for Bella or Nessie. “Come on this
would be fun, before we take Leah home tomorrow…” Paul convinced Jake.

“I‟m calling blond leech…” Jake answered. “Hey…yeah good you already know.
No…uhuh. The pack‟s taking Leah for a stroll. Can I talk to her? Hey honey, yes, I‟ll see
you later…is there anything I can bring you?...Thanks. I love you too sweetie.” That‟s
how someone who has imprinted sounds like. They‟re like love zombies.

Leah excused herself and went to the rest room. Guess she still can‟t take it. I just hope
she‟s holding up well.

Everyone walked out excited about the unplanned despedida. Except Leah.

But of course, I am excited. I like expecting the unexpected… We were already outside
when the unclear skies became darker by the minute. Soon there were thunders and
In short it began raining. Bummer! Damn it! So much for impulsive goodbye parties.

“This sucks!?” I groaned disappointedly.

“Ok, since it‟s raining I think its better we play „It‟” Jared spoke still very much hyped
up. Imagine, he wants us running under the rain, getting soaked and wet? Yeah…running
under the rain is definitely cool! He ran to „it‟ Paul behind his back but he was quick to
escape his grappling hands, unfortunately Leah was in his way. “It Leah!!” Jared
screamed. Ha-ha!! She was now „It.‟ “When will you grow up?!!!” She yelled her voice
breaking under the hard down pour.
“Oh come on, when did you become such a sissy!?” Jared took all the freedom of teasing
her. Jake began laughing under the rain; the others counted themselves in the joy parade.

“Oh Lee…don‟t tell us the bird man made you a limping coward?!” Jared was still
unnerving our beta.

“And just as we thought you were the fastest…quite close to Edward, aren‟t you?” I
snapped enjoying her creasing brows. I know in a few seconds she‟s going to explode, we
gotta start running.

We ran leaving the main road to the dirt road and into the forest. I though Jake was going
to take her place and become the „it.‟, but he just didn‟t. This is going to be a simple yet
interesting game.

“Leah, give us your best shot.” Jake encouraged as he ran in disappeared in the path he
had taken.

We did not get lost as we ran crazy and around the scattered patches of tree. We have our
sense of smell to thank for that. What makes this chase hard now is the rain. It cleanses
the trails so it‟s a little difficult to track down anyone. Leah yelled victoriously when she
was able to catch up with Jared. So I knew it was Jared who‟s it again. I can‟t find any
trails of Jacob anywhere. The rain did not bother me. I‟m too hot. I mean, I‟m like
burning coals inside my body, and this heat is never exhausted. I paused for me to hear
any sound coming to my direction. And when I was sure that I was the one being chased,
Quil suddenly caught me by the neck. “You‟re „it‟ bro!” He shouted. “Jake never got to
be it. Can‟t find him…” Quil complained.

“We‟ll just see about that...” I replied accepting the challenge. Quil ran again and faded
behind the curtains of rain. “Where could Jacob Black be?” I murmured trying to have a
feel of him, or even catch a whiff of his scent. Jacob smells like La Push, and that hint of
spruces in Forks, but somehow a sweet strong vampire smell can soon be found sticking
on his skin. I did not run so I couldn‟t make out that particular scent. Even without the
rain no human ear can hear the sound of my foot steps. I then successfully tracked Jake‟s
scent it leads deeper into the woods. I followed the trail eager to surprise Jake and beat
him. As the scent became stronger, the thrill I feel in my body became stronger. Hmm,
there‟s something funny with this scent. It is combined with…wait a minute, this is
Leah‟s scent. Are they together? Or is she just doing what I am doing of tracking him

I was a little doubtful. I went on probing. Then I heard Leah‟s voice. She was talking
very quietly with, ok, I‟m hearing Jake‟s voice now. I suddenly felt like I‟m some kind of
a voyeur, and so I just wanted to turn my back and leave them in peace. But since I‟m
here…I might as well hang around and listen closer.

Ok, I can‟t take it. Honestly this is just too much.


Part 2

“You‟ve got to say and watch.” I went on telling myself.

When did I start talking to myself? I struggled to move my feet from where I stood,
wanting to walk away and leave these stupid love birds alone. But curiosity has gotten the
best of me. It‟s all right to tease them, but to watch them this close? It makes my stomach
wanting to heave. A private moment always has to be private even for a prankster like
me. But I was there, and everything was clear as a new morning sky. I swallowed hard.
I‟ve never touched a girl the way Jake touched Leah.

His fingers ran along her back, as she huddled closer and pressed her face to his chest.
They were saying things I could not make sense of since I myself was caught in a daze.
The rain poured harder. And I still hid behind a large evergreen. Some words like “Stop
this Leah…” began to form out of the mist that‟s forming in my head. So it was Leah
who had started all this…but Jake was still giving her a piece of him so this isn‟t a one
sided wolf affair. I was hearing her saying „I love you‟ now, desperate and pleading, it
was actually kind of sexy.

I tried listening more attentively like the jerk of a tattle tale I am. “Leah, don‟t do this. I
may not be able to stop myself.” I heard Jake hesitate in words. Though from what I see,
there isn‟t too much hesitation in the way he reacted physically.

“I‟m giving myself to you Jake, please take all the pain away.” She worded out, desperate
and yeah…way sexy. Both their jackets were soaking on the ground Leah‟s body almost
visible since she‟s wet of the rain. I guess seeing a woman this desperate will make any
man weak. Well especially if that girl has a certain x-factor. Leah‟s one of the boys, but
she‟s hot in her unique way. And from what I‟m seeing, she really can be kind of „hot‟. I
haven‟t seen that until this very minute.

Jake must have seen it for quite some time. I won‟t blame him, he‟s only a man. And
Leah‟s all out for Jake. Leah went on forcing a kiss on him but Jake‟s head turned down
and away from her. “Please Jake, I want you like crazy. I know somewhere there in your
heart you can love me, even for just one day, even for just one freaking minute…give me
this last chance to love you…” She cried her shoulders shaking craving for his attention,
desperation ever present. Jake loosened his embrace and Leah slowly fell on her knees to
the wet ground her body shivering -disappointed? Maybe...

I thought Jake was going to walk away and leave that way after that. But he too fell on
his knees to the ground, totally near her, he grabbed her shoulders pushed her against the
tree and man!! --he kissed her like there was no tomorrow, her neck her face and her
chest all together!! I was a good ten meters away from their spot; I simply have good

Their passion was intense. I hope he‟s not wanting to be inside of her, Sue wouldn‟t take
it lightly if Leah goes back pregnant with a baby who‟s family name would be Black
someday. And I can just imagine Edward and Bella (and the rest of the Cullens)
pulverizing all of his body parts into microscopic pieces. It would definitely be a pain in
the ass and in the head, that's a given already.

So… Jake wouldn‟t and shouldn‟t dare; this is too much as it is. And Nessie…of course
our dear little one would be gravely affected –to the core as I should put it. I suddenly
felt this attraction to be something sick. This emerging „relationship‟ between them could
make a lot of people unhappy.

Poor Leah though…Jake has a future with someone. She just hopes she has. I could date
her? But nah!!! -she'd rather kill me right on the spot.

Leah was about to take her shirt off when Jake held her hand and just kissed it. “As much
as my body‟s crying to make out with you, I love you too much I can‟t hurt you…” The
alpha stuttered.
“You making love with me wouldn‟t hurt me, never in a million years!!" She said pulling
his hands from hers, and placing it on her chest. “Can you feel that Jake? My heart‟s
beating just for this moment to have finally come…” Her chest must be that kind of
tender. I wanted to walk away seeing things getting deeper by the minute and seeing
myself turning into peeping tom. But I had to make sure they aren‟t going to make a
baby. It would make things a hell lot of worst. Jake made patterns on the skin of the back
of her neck using his nose.

“Someone will make love with you someday…” He sighed.

“I have this someone already here with me…he just doesn‟t want to, yet.” She fought

“I‟m just stealing every piece of you from him…” He continued as if talking to himself.
He kissed her wet hair. “I will miss you terribly Clearwater…” I started to relax. Jake got
a hold of himself, and his two feet are back on the ground.

“Shut up, Black!! Do you really think I‟m capable of loving somebody other than...well,
you?!!” She hushed snapping, but was a little cute. He began tickling the sides of her
waist. She pounced on him making him lay flat on the ground and mud splattering all
over. He stood up not accepting defeat and bit her ear playfully. The rain gradually
thinned to a shower. And these two regressing wolves began playing on the dirt, laughing
hysterically like hyenas.

“Who knows? You might just suddenly forget about me. Imprint or get imprinted on.” He
kidded throwing dirt on her face.
“Imprinting doesn‟t have a power on me; I‟m much too strong for that. I will love whom
I choose to love.” She said attacking him with more mud, like she was particularly
referring to Jake.
“Then you just have to find yourself another Jacob Black, because I‟m taken.” He
responded in kind.

Leah smirked, jumping to piggy ride on his back. She gave him a neck lock. “There will
only be one Jacob Black. But...well...maybe your uncle might do –I‟m kidding of
course!” She burst laughing. Leah barks but she rarely laughs. Jake must have worked
some kind of magic on her. Finally she whispered closely to his ear, tenderly grabbing
him near by his neck. “I love you Jake.”

“Maybe, I love you too, in an odd kind of way.” He replied lowly.

Ehem...ehem. Time to break the love spell. I ran from behind the tree and lunged myself
towards Jake. Humiliation was written on both their eyes. Leah quickly stepped down,
her eyes lowered. "Come on...Jake! You're it!!!" I screamed slapping his back and
running away as fast as I could but before that a wicked smile formed on his lips. With
three quick strides I felt his hands around my arms. "Embry, you're still it!" He
whispered. He ran back to Leah and flipped her over to his arms...he ran away from me
carrying his beta.

Guess I'm it again. Humph!



The rain came to a drizzle and finally stopped.

“Where were you guys?” Quil asked.

“Jake got deep into the woods…” I began saying my gaze passing Leah. Jake hurriedly
went to his car and avoided the question. He gathered the wet jackets, dumped them in
his trunk and got fresh towels out from the backseat. He threw one to Leah. He‟s being so
obviously biased… then he threw several to us as well. Now that‟s treating us as equals.
“Towels? These guys are such babies…” He mumbled; kind of eating away his words.
“You should thank Seth for that. I don‟t know where he got the maternal instinct.” Jake

Jared and Paul laughed at the retort. “Seth? Come on? Anyways, I‟ll thank him when we
get back, which we better do A-S-A-P.” Quil spelled after.
“Just hoping the roads aren‟t that slippery…” I remarked. “I haven‟t checked my tires yet
since we got here. I better do that tonight.”

“Yeah, me too.” Paul agreed.

“We‟ve got a long ride back to Washington tomorrow.” I added.

Jake really has this way of making Leah shut up; every time they‟re together I notice
recently she seldom snaps at any of us that much. Way to go alpha.

“Boy after that game…I feel like I can eat a whole cow!!” Jared abruptly said. “But I
guess the psychic‟s house ran out of supplies.” He went on scratching the back of his

Leah suddenly snapped, “You mean you ate everything in the fridge and in the cabinets?”
Ok, my bad. She does snaps still. “Oh my god! That‟s for at least three days!!” Leah
scolded. The four of us looked like grade school kids who got caught for cutting classes
or stealing apples from a store. “The worst part is you guys are broke! Argh!! I‟m going
to the grocery…” She raged. “What a shame! I hope Alice wouldn‟t mind…” She
muttered shaking her head and looking dismayed. It looks like she got some attachments
with the vampires as well.

“Yeah! You‟re loaded with cash, where‟d you get it?” I asked being nosey, really being
curious, but also changing the subject.
“Charlie sends money, and Bella doesn‟t let me contribute to the expenses, so I get to
have a lot. Anyways, this isn‟t free –if you‟re thinking it is; I repeat IT‟S NOT FREE.
You pay me later.” She began marching away.

“Lee get in the car, that‟s not the way to the grocery.” Jake called out. He gave us a
piercing look. “You guys never change…” He said getting inside the Rabbit, revving up
the engine to life to catch up with Leah‟s swift strides. I felt a smile form. “We don‟t
change, and never will.”

The shopping cart almost stumbled over. I mean it‟s frigging overloaded. But definitely
that food will be finished up even before dawn. I mean there‟s me, Jared, and Paul; plus
the, somehow more controlled, but just the same, big eaters; Quil, Sam, Jake and Seth.
It‟s strange though that Leah is buying these all for us. Err…yeah, we got to pay her later.
She can always tell Charlie about us not paying her up. That in itself would be a
dilemma. Paul and I accompanied Leah to the cashier. Jake and the others were waiting

“We‟re sorry about this.” Paul said guiltily.

“Paying up later would make me happier than you being sorry.” She said harshly with a
sarcastic smile. “Well, o-kay… It‟s all right Paul, you loosen up k?” She said kinder this
time. She has this certain girlish kind of glow, which is better compared to how she
looked when they first arrived a while ago.

“You‟re glowing Lee –figuratively.” I noted looking at her face (taking note of her body.)

“Shut up Embs!” She exclaimed blushing pink. She started dumping our stuff on the
counter in front of the lady in a uniform. “Can you hurry up? We‟re kind of in a rush.”
She asked her impatiently, which was very like herself. Complying to her request the lady
panicked and did her best to pack the groceries right away. “You guys go ahead and bring
these bags to the car. I need to go buy something else.”

Back outside Jake leaned against the side of our bikes. “Hey?!” Quil shouted out to us.
We got the keys from Jake‟s free available hand and placed the groceries inside the trunk.

“Where‟s Leah?” He asked impassively.

“She said she has to buy something.” Paul answered ducking his hands in his side
pockets. “She‟s practically prettier now-a-days.” He commented. Jake winced at the
“Yeah, she‟s kind of hot.” I added, noticing him fight a blush not to show.
Jared let out a hoot and threw his arms around Jake‟s shoulders. “What‟s it like kissing
her Jake?” He asked smiling sheepishly.

We all knew about that kiss they shared before Leah was abducted by the birdman. It was
quite a scandal that time. Wait „til they learn the two had another go for it a while ago.
Only Quil was annoyingly uncooperative, who remained soooo serious. I thrust my arms
around his neck and grabbed him away from Jared.

“You‟re a bad wolf Jake!!” I teased. “Come on, how‟s it like?” He pulled himself away
from my grapple and twisted my wrist. “Awww…quit it man!” I cried out loud.
“Give her some respect bro!” he rebutted proceeding to his car, turning fiery red.
Quil had his arms folded across his chest. “Was it really that good Jake?” He finally
spitted out.

Jake straightened up fixing his messy hair. “It was very good, actually…I know what
you‟re thinking Quil…and I couldn‟t be sorrier.” If Quil hears about the most recent
„event‟, it‟ll knock him off his feet, of that I am sure.

Leah arrived with a small paper bag in her hands. “What were you guys talking about? I
can hear your loud voices from across the lot?” She wondered eying each of our faces.

“Let‟s get back…” Jake interposed and continued. “We were talking about you...Get in
the car, unless you want to ride with anyone of them, like say Embry or Jared?” She had a
weird look on her face, missing a point which Jake didn‟t plan to clear out –I missed the
point too. Or was he just jealous right back there?
“Huh?” She muttered.
“What‟s in the bag?” Jake redirected the conversation.
“Oh this? A little something for Bella, Alice, Esme and of course I included the blond
leech as well.”
Jake nodded. "Okay..."
“Are you ok now?” Paul inquired.
She shook her head. “With all that running around? I forced myself to adjust all right…It
was good exercise though; I guess I‟m better now.” She replied getting inside the Rabbit.
“I‟m riding with you.” She whispered lowly to Jacob. “Of course it has to be you sweet.”
Ooh she went to being sultry.

We started our engines simultaneously and headed back at the Vampire Residency.

Winding down into the Cullens' gigantic garage a Hummer H2 parked there came
flashing before our eyes. "Oh my freaking god!! Is that Daniel‘s ride?!"




Like a mantra, I kept reciting his last words he said to me while we kissed under the rain.
Maybe I love you too, in an odd kind of way. This would be enough to satisfy me, and it
should be enough. As much I wanted him inside of me, I knew how criminal it was. I‟m
glad now that he resisted me a while back.

Oh my god I almost made love with Jacob Black!

In my eyes he is the perfect man. I don‟t know why though, I just feel that it is so. I hope
I can endure not seeing him when the pack brings me back to Washington tomorrow.
I will miss my wolf man.
“Lee…are you crying again?” Jake‟s voice almost startled my revelry. We were heading
back at the Cullens. Jake drove silently on the road.

“No.” I gently brushed my fingers against the skin of his arms. He smiled at me…finally
I saw that smile I wanted so much to see.
“Lee…I don‟t care if you forget about me, just be happy? Ok?” I don‟t know where in the
world he gets these ideas; forget about him, sure, that‟ll happen. His hands, his lips and
his breath have left tattoos on my mind. My body yearns for him constantly as the waves
wash over the sea. “You were wonderful today Leah. I mean, if you stick to this new
personality of yours, everyone will love you again. It‟s better than the old Leah –although
I really don‟t mind your old spunk.” He advised, and yeah…he‟s truly therapy.

“Where do you get the idea that I will forget you? Coz I don‟t think I ever will.” I asked
really wondering, hanging on to his earlier words.

“My instincts tell me, I just think so…I honestly don‟t think you‟re a dead end. There is
something out there for you…you just don‟t it yet”

I know I love you, for now that‟s the only thing that matters. These words filled my mind.
I wanted to hold him again, and tell him to bring me anywhere but here. Just to kiss me in
the sunset or in the dark under the moonlight. Oh god…I‟m so in love. I had to look
away; the way my eyes looked at him already gave me away. My heart was jumping; I
want to have a taste of Jake‟s lips again, and taste it right now!

“Your heart, it‟s a little noisy.” He said quietly.

“I‟m sorry. I just can‟t stop thinking about our kiss.”

He sighed after hearing my confession. “Don‟t be sorry…it‟s all right Clearwater …”


Oh my god!! This woman‟s driving me crazy. Is she aware of her body heat? It‟s freaking
overpowering! It‟s hotter than my car‟s heater. Not to mention her heart that‟s deafening
noisy! And she touches me like she wants to have a baby!! She‟s a bad bad wolf! Ugh!! I
can‟t think straight. I can‟t keep my eyes on the road.

My mind wouldn‟t shut up. No Lee, don‟t look at me that way, do you want me ripping
your clothes off? Stop, stop stop!!!

By the way she looks, I don‟t know if it‟s just me, it‟s like she‟s giving herself away it‟s
pushing one step closer to the edge. Wait, was that a song? I have to say something or
else my head‟s gonna explode. I tried toning down my thoughts. “Your heart, it‟s a little
noisy.” With all my might I tried to sound normal. But my voice came out a little wimpy.
“I‟m sorry. I just can‟t stop thinking about our kiss.”

Ugh! That‟s it. That‟s my limit. No, I can still hold this up. I tried again sounding neutral.
“Don‟t be sorry…it‟s all right Clearwater …” I can see the roofs of the twin houses now;
we‟re not very far from the Cullens. I have to fix myself, and not think about this
afternoon‟s rendezvous. Which reminds me, I have to warn Leah too. Are there some
other ways I could call her other than her nick-name? She has called me sweet just some
minutes ago. Naww…I can‟t push myself that far, her nick-name‟s fine, it‟s cute as well
as her last name. “Lee…if you could just not think about that thing we did, you know,
about that time we had, in the forest, a while back, you know Edward, and yeah…
Edward‟s gonna see…I just don‟t think he‟ll like it. No one will actually.” I was loosing
coherence. It‟s all because of her oozing damning body heat!! Oh torture. I think Embry
and Jared are right…she‟s a whole lot prettier now, especially today (although I already
thought so before). So I kiss her, and she suddenly blooms like a flower. And what‟s left
of me? A confused sidetracking man!

“Jake, I‟ll be careful and try my best. Don‟t worry, are you ok?” I must have grimaced;
she began to notice how anxious I was.

“I‟m ok, as long as you are.” As long as you put a jacket on, and turn that heat off!! I
rummaged the back of my car for a thick dry towel. It‟s too much. I gave it to her. “I
know you‟re not cold or anything, but I honestly can‟t drive with that heat of yours…”


“I know you‟re not cold or anything, but I honestly can‟t drive with that heat of yours…”
Jake said a little fidgety. He handed me a towel. I took it right away. So that‟s what‟s
making him shaky. Is there something wrong with my body? I‟m quite sure we ran and
have the same centigrade of eighty or so. I began feeling awkward.

“What I mean Lee is that, you make me a little weak. Um…I want to at least appear sane
when we get home.”

So I drive him insane, really? Do I? I wrapped my body with his towel. “Here, is it better
now?” I asked concerned.

“Not really, but it‟s more tolerable.” He smiled again that sunny smile. Ok, I‟m boiling
again; this is getting sillier and sillier. I‟m starting to believe the animal lurking in me
sneaks behind my back giving me these crazy wolf-natured instincts (which may hold
true for the rest of us as well). I wasn‟t aware my body heat‟s attracting him. And that it‟s
driving him insane.

“I wasn‟t aware Jake; I‟m not doing it on purpose.” I said, so he‟d understand.
“I know, it‟s just…it‟s ok. Just put that towel on, and draw the window shields down and
lower.” I did as he says.


“Better.” He grinned and turned uphill.

“Oh, we‟re almost here.” I muttered.

“Yeah we are…stop thinking about me for a while, okay?”

I want to call him an air head, but he was dead right. All I did was think of him. “I‟ll do
my bloody best.”


Was that a Hummer H2? I turned uphill and got closer to Edward‟s garage. Beside it was
a reconstructed H2.

HOLY COW!!! Oh don‟t tell me that rascal‟s here? A Black has this indescribable fetish
and trademark for automobile reconstructing. Daniel‟s already here. That intruding freak!
Not even bothering to make a call, send a letter or just let us know in any possible way. I
did not expect him this early. I mean I thought he might arrive tomorrow or the following

“Is that your uncle‟s ride?” Leah pointed to the jeep turning to me.

“I‟m afraid it is. What an air head!” I muttered, irritation building on my temples.

“He must have really missed you?” She said.

“Yeah… right. Let‟s see what awaits us. Dan isn‟t the kind of person who will celebrate
once he knows we‟re living with a bunch of vampires! I just hope he‟s human all the
way. He‟s just 7 years ahead of me, making him relatively far from Billy‟s age. And if he
phases, that‟s just going to make matters worse.” I stopped the roaring engine of the car
and went out.

Embry and Quil were already paying homage to Dan‟s H2, Embry‟s eyes were almost
teary watery with err…joy. Definitely a quirk!

“Man! This is so beyond words!” He cried out loud.

“SWEEEEET!!” Quil mused touching the side of its body.

“It‟s monstrous!” Jared chimed in the salutation.

“That‟s reconstructed, he‟d never buy it brand new.” I sourly responded.

“How‟d you know?” Paul replied.

“A Black knows…it‟s a family hobby.” I said. “Let‟s go inside and meet the man of the
hour!” I went on. I suddenly wanted to hold Leah‟s hand, just for strength. I gave her a
little squeeze, but let go right away. This attachment is making me contagiously
dependent. I‟m not really envious of my uncle, I just hate surprises, „coz surprises bring
problems along with it.

“Go ahead…meet your man.” Leah whispered.

I lightly pushed the door open and saw the entire Cullen clan clammily seated on their
fully furnished living room, like characters in a painting. Nessie ran and meet me with
welcoming arms. She leaped and kissed my cheek. Suddenly everything was perfect

“Hi love!” I hugged her tenderly. Oh my baby-slash-angel-slash-imprint-slash-LIFE!

Edward almost smiled and I knew he was listening to my thoughts. Leah did not enter the
house. I would not force her though. A man of contradictions, that‟s who I am. I wanted
to sulk, guilty from the previous engagement I had, but Nessie has this immeasurable
sunshine, warmth and love locked in her that she releases to the people she considers
family and she loves. There‟s no space left for feeling sorry and bitter around her. And
her beauty‟s tantamount to perfection. I‟m turning Shakespeare again.

“Where‟s my uncle?” I asked Edward.

“I‟m afraid his not here at the time being.” He replied trying to hide an expression I could
not figure out.

“But his jeep‟s park out there, unless we‟re expecting another visitor?” I said, getting
somehow lost.

“Yes, it‟s your uncle‟s, he‟s just not here… Alice?” So there‟s something Edward can not
say, that Alice can. Just as I thought, surprises and problems go together. I placed Nessie
down and she went out to greet Leah.

I took a good look around and saw the others, eerily and unnaturally quiet. Emmett wore
a bandage around his arms. What? Emmett? With a bandage?

“What happened to Emmett?!” I almost gasped. I‟m starting to see the whole picture
Alice stood up and approached me. “You‟re uncle‟s a wolf and he attacked Emmett just
fifteen minutes before you arrived.”

“How‟s that possible? Where is he?”

Bella held in her hand pieces of cloth I believe to be Dan‟s. I looked back at Alice‟s
perky eyes. “Edward?”

Edward started speaking. But Carlisle asked us to take our seats first. We readily sat
down obeying the doctor‟s request.

“I read his mind.” Of course you did what else would you do?

“Do you want me to continue Jacob?” My bad again.

“Sure. Sorry Ed, as you were saying…”

“He was in the Amazons; he was nineteen that time when he came across Nahuel‟s
coven…to his surprise he phased and became a wolf…but since he was alone he did not
attack the coven. Now, the moment he arrived here, it was Emmett who opened the door,
everything flashed back in Daniel‟s memory and he just phased and attacked Em over
there. Too bad bro!” He explained then turned to Emmett.

Emmett just smirked. “No hard feelings Jake. It‟s all right. It‟s not like he can control

“No Emmett it‟s not all right. He‟s just as stupid as his nephew…and why are you so
filthy?” Rosaleech bickered glaring at me.

That jerk! I felt ashamed and guilty again.

“It‟s all right Jake.” Edward replied rolling his eyes to Rosalie.

“I was not expecting him to arrive, at least not today. Anyways, you thought he was fully
human, right? At least it‟s all beginning to make sense now; I wasn‟t able to see him
coming, because your uncle‟s a wolf, and an unfamiliar one, at that.”

“So he‟s a lone wolf. Poor Daniel.” Bella mumbled, speaking like he knew him as a long
time friend.

“I‟m so sorry for all these…I just have to know where he is.” I apologized still trying to
patch up and device a plan. But I can‟t say I‟m not angry.

“JACOB!!!!” It was Leah screaming outside calling me.

Quickly I ran out of the door and saw a wolf with a darker shade of brown ready to
pounce on Nessie. Leah stood between them her arms spread wide.

It‟s Daniel. And we‟re of the same size. I quickly phased and leaped on the wolf tossing
him over and farther. I could not hear his thoughts simply because he‟s not a part of my
pack, and Bella‟s right he was a lone wolf, no other wolf would hear his thoughts,
naturally only Edward would.

Angry snarls were building up in me. I wanted so much to break all his four legs, for even
daring to attack Nessie. I howled vehemently. He rose from his fallen stance and barked
back as heavily. Suddenly I heard Leah‟s thoughts. She also phased and stood her post
beside me. “Jake, is that Daniel?”

“That‟s him for sure.” Soon all the other wolves planted themselves beside me. We
formed a circle around Daniel. Seth was the last to join.

Nessie‟s not weak herself, not at all. But of course, Edward and Bella would never fail to
worry. They placed her behind all of them.

If only I could reach Daniel‟s thoughts. Then this would be a lot easier. I‟m afraid with
our number; it will be quite easy to take him down which I really prefer not to do. I just
got pissed „coz he almost hurt my imprint. But if he does it again…I can not promise any
kind of compassion.


Daniel Black. His name was sending shivers through my spine. A kind of familiarity
penetrated through my skin. I looked again at this strange wolf that was being surrounded
by our pack. And it seems I was being captivated by a strong magnetic field most likely
coming from him. I can‟t draw a conclusion out of it. I just feel so much drawn to him. I
tried thinking anything and everything about Jacob…but this faceless man drowned me in
his presence. It‟s all so weird but also familiar. All I wanted was to evade this, but it
started sinking into my system. Words aren‟t enough… And I think I am going mad…
This thing that‟s happening to me is taking and stealing all my personal will…My head
started to spin… Am I being imprinted on? Or is it me imprinting on this new wolf? Or
am I just plain crazy?

No one heard my thoughts because it was so awfully noisy.

I fought the thought and fought the feeling.
Then everything literally jumbled up. A mad flashback of all my moments with Jake
bored into my consciousness. And preceding it, a sudden massive emotional attack filled
my chest. Daniel‟s name replaced the mantra of Jake‟s voice in my head. Awareness of
everyone‟s too familiar voice began gushing through my head. Although, I was still
unconsciously searching for my alpha‟s voice, a more prominent sounding voice
interrupted me. No, it actually startled me, to the bone.

I knew it was Daniel. I say his name like I already knew him forever…

“You are Harry‟s girl, if I‟m not mistaken.” He said.

I refused to answer. My body ached when I did so. “And you‟re Jake‟s uncle?”

“I hate to say it but I am.”

“Leah, Lee are you hearing me? Leah?” Jake was calling me like I was lost or something.
I realized that though I was close beside him, he couldn‟t find my voice. “Everyone, will
you please shut up?!!” Jake commanded. Everyone followed then it became very silent.
Even the growls and snarls toned down.

“I‟m here. Jake? I‟m just here, were you loosing me just then? Hey...I can hear Daniel‟s
voice.” I answered my panicked alpha. I answered afraid he‟ll learn what happened to

“What you can hear him? How in the-? Well, tell him to stop, and phase back, we need a
decent talk...” He explained.

“Jake, I‟ll try convincing him.” I reassured.

“Hey…Dan, (this is still all so weird) umm…Nessie –the child you planned attacking just
then is Jacob‟s imprint. As you should know we have this rule in Wolfland that no wolf
can harm another wolf's imprint...So this vampire family…I guess is already family. And
uh...your nephew wants to talk to you…badly” I usually curse strangers, he must be an

His voice came again, and my heart beat came to a stop. “Tell him to make all his other
troops back out…and the hell with him!! Of all creatures why imprint on a vampire!!!?”
Daniel was being hard.

“Can...can you phase back at least, for a decent talk?” Nessie's practically not full-
vampire, either way...whatever.

“With all those bloodsuckers around, hell no?!!” He growled. Jake heard his replies
through my head. Jake was growling more and more wildly now.

I have to do something.

I looked back at the vampires, standing neutral on their post. They were counting on my
negotiation. I‟m sure Edward caught that moment. I just can‟t believe I‟ve imprinted (or
got imprinted on) in a middle of a fight. The Cullens must have known (thanks to
Edward, again) I have imprinted or the other way around. And the pack was so absorbed
in this „meeting‟ and in their own mind chatter they should have reacted right on the dot
if only they have heard me but they didn‟t. So…

I stepped away from Jake‟s side and approached the other Black. I had to do it before
they tear each other apart. I felt the other wolves stiffened, enraged and stupefied by what
I was doing. Then it all came clear to them, when I sniffed the sides of Daniel‟s neck with
my nozzle.

Like a chorus they all said, every voice resounding in my head, “Leah has imprinted!!”


“Hey there…Leah...?” That's stranger's voice rang again, eating me away with extreme
tenderness. His voice was a full one, while Jake‟s was husky. I felt him sniffing my ears, it
was tickling. I moved away immediately and tried to act normal. I went back to Jake‟s
side.This man is quite a scandal.

Jake read from my mind everything that has transpired (the imprinting and
all)...Although I tried very hard to keep it for myself.

He sighed. “Like I told you Lee…someone will find you.” His mind became very quiet
after he said those words.

Soon I can see his flashbacks of our heated moment under the pouring rain. My head
spinned wilder. Everyone in the pack saw Jacob's photographic recall. And so I felt a
stroke coming. "Jake...please..." Was he making his uncle jealous?
"Jake!" I called out again. "Don't!! Please..."

His wolf eyes looked deep down into me. "It's ok if you forget me, like a told you a while
ago, just stay happy."



“I said stop it Jake!!”He kept replaying our kiss in his hollow brain. And it‟s just killing
me. I can now feel their looks, as if daggers are being thrown at me from all directions. I
can hear the mixed reactions coming from the pack which I don‟t care to detail. I looked
to my peripheral and met Edward‟s brief yet bewildered expression for half a second.
Edward, I know how much this sucks…I‟m so sorry. I poured a thought specifically
intended for him to hear. Jake‟s gonna be dead. I thought again. Edward has never ever
raised his voice with me. He may have felt it pointless or maybe it was just out of pity
again –I guess. But Jake has this innate ability to make his blood boil, from day one to
eternity (although I‟m hoping it would not be that long). And I was actually thinking
they‟d synch after he imprinted on Nessie until along came stupid Leah with her stupid
heart, and then everything‟s jumbled up into jigsaw pieces again.

Daniel‟s voice shrank in silence. I assume he is now seeing what Jacob was showing
through my head. I wanted to say something. But how in the freaking heck would I do
that?! How could I explain something so obvious? How can I redirect a truth to a lie?
How can I explain Jake‟s „eye witness report‟? One thing is clear though; he just gave us
away and got us „on‟ a hook. In other words he told on us. And what perfect timing to do
that!? Just when the cosmos finally lined up the stars for me, just when I was rest assured
Jake wanted this to have finally come, just when everything‟s starting to fall on the right
perspective once again, he tells on us!!!

STUPID JACOB BLACK!!! Can an imprinted hate his or her imprinter? „Cause I‟m
afraid Daniel might just hate me because of what Jake is showing him. I can‟t stand this
any longer; I lunged towards Jake growling, my paws landing on his abdomen, as I
pinned him to the ground. He wasn‟t expecting it and was caught off guard. He did not
fight back and that caught me off guard! He simply gazed deep into my eyes. I growled
and howled some more. “You‟re so stupid Jake!!” I let my thoughts scream that it should
bust his ear drums. I felt my fur being tugged by some human fingers. And I immediately
recognized the smell; it was Jacob‟s hybrid imprint. How‟d she get here?! I threw a quick
panicked look to her parents. Edward gave a nod. Alice must have seen that nothing bad
will happen if Nessie should be near us.

“You guys gotta stop fighting.” She said.

I saw Daniel stiffen up. Snarls began to build in Jake‟s throat as he carefully shoved me
towards the ground, and stood his post in front of Nessie while his head was again filled
with her different facets, soon his lingering memories of our kiss vanished in thin air.

“You tell my brainless nephew that I‟m willing to have this „decent talk‟ now…I‟ll try my
best not to bite those vampires –due to you. Just you stay beside me and I will be
ok…more than ok honestly.” Daniel‟s voice mystified me. It leaked into the cracks of my
frenzied head. I haven‟t seen his human form yet, but I‟m sure it would be as beautiful as
full his voice.

I repeated Dan‟s words in my head and that turned Jake‟s rage off. He shook his muzzle
and pointed it back at Edward and Bella. Nessie, don‟t have me worrying…go back to
your parents, I will be with you later. The words in his thoughts pleaded.
She squeezed him around his collar and diligently went to where the Cullens stood.

“Is the fight over?!” Rosalie snapped.

Alice and Edward answered in unison with a yes.

“Then I‟ll just go inside, Em you coming baby…?” She said, taking Emmett's arms and
leading him inside the house. Edward darted a piercing look towards Jake‟s direction,
before the rest of them followed Rosalie into the living room.

“Just tell me if you guys are hungry?! And there are some fresh new clothes in your
rooms…” Esme reminded us as if the arrival of Jake's uncle did not equal trouble.

The other wolves fell back as well and rushed into the house through the back door.
They‟ve been terribly quiet after Jake‟s flashback. I expected at least Embry to make a
joke out of it, but surprisingly he didn‟t. He must think our action too evil. Now only the
three of were outside.

I guess the storm‟s not yet over.

Both of the Black wolves locked each other in a tight stare. I can no longer think of any
reason why they continued to be that way. Nessie‟s safe, and Dan is now more than
willing to talk. What could be the fuss now?

“Jake, Dan, I‟m going to grab you something to wear…I‟m phasing back.”


I have been keeping up fairly well with Jacob for the longest time now. I have stretched
my patience as far as it can go. I have been keeping some of his numerous secrets all for
the sake of keeping the peace. How far would this teenage wolf go? I have been justifying
his acts just so Bella would not be stricken with worry. But what I saw back there is more
than I can take. How could this kid love two people at the same time? And I thought
imprinting would make things fall into their rightful place. Apparently they would not,
which might only be true in Jacob‟s case. There must be some mutation in his wolf genes,
rather his genetic make-up. I placed my clenched fist inside my pockets for sometime,
and I‟m absolutely assured that sooner or later Bella will notice my apprehension. So
should I once again for maybe the millionth time cover up his shortcomings? Bella is
now looking into the depths of my eyes searching for what could have bothered me.

Are you worried about Jacob‟s uncle? This was her inquiry when she opened her mind to
me. I shook my head the slightest. Then what? You know how wolves are, with all the hot
temper and poor self-control. Her thoughts kept expressing. Then what is it?

“I need to deal with Jacob.” I finally said without giving away too much information for
the time being.

“For what?” Bella voiced out this time.

“It‟s a „man to man thing‟.” I mimicked one of the many human clichés and smoldered a
smile. I‟m giving this mongrel one more chance to stop his messing around.
Alice was eying us while she comfortably sat on the sofa; of course she knew what I was
planning to do with the alpha. “Bella, did you remember what I told you about Leah
being a Black? Well, the evidence‟s just outside.” Alice smugly beamed.

“Does her weird attachment to Jacob has anything to do with her imprinting on his
uncle?” Bella asked.

Alice went on with the distractions I am already aware of. “Presumably, but the cute
thing there is that Daniel also imprinted on Leah, it‟s a mutual imprint so to speak.”

My wife‟s eyes grew wide with delight. “No kidding? I can say it‟s worth the long wait.”
She expressed with much elation. And then her eyes attentively went back to me. “Now, I
still do not understand, what‟s with that face of yours? I may not be able to your read
mind but I can read your eyes…”

Very perceptive indeed, I have to come-up with a better alibi. “It‟s still about Leah. It
wouldn‟t be more than a heart to heart talk with Jacob my love…” I bluffed a little.
Of course I would have my words not only voiced out but literally imprinted on his


Again, the crowd inside my head should be put in discreet mode. I easily found Leah,
Jacob and Daniel‟s voices although the latter is not speaking the native tongue of the
continental U.S. Was he just thinking in Spanish right there? Why would he do that,
unless he has learned of my ability, or did Leah forewarn him? So this Daniel is also a
linguist. Did he not know I‟ve lived long enough to learn sophistication and every
civilization? Or was he just singing? Ok, now it‟s getting clearer, he was and is
continually thinking about Leah.

So he went on to his cantabile. “Amor a primera vista! (Love at first sight!) Por pura
afición (For the pure love of it, ah… just for the love of it.) Por el amor de una rosa , el
jardinero es servidor de mil espinas!( For the love of a rose, the gardener is the servant
of a thousand thorns.) Enamorarse Leah! (To be in love with Leah!) ” This man is
definitely a hopeless romantic.

I hid a chuckle. The mushiness is getting a moment's hold on me. But this does not excuse
him from his rather over the edge ill behavior toward my daughter. Yet, matters must be
prioritized. The first on my hit list would be my daughter‟s mongrel. So where could he
be? I stood still by the veranda, calculating for the appropriate time of my entrance. I
must know what‟s transpiring first and foremost before anything else. Jacob seems to be
far off, is he running again in the forest? Hmm…looks like it. And Leah…oops, that
wasn‟t intentional --never wanted to hear any of those anyway. She‟s presently bathing.
And Daniel…seems to be in his car; still antagonistic and paranoid of us.

Jacob is just in the perfect place at the perfect time. And I also feel like running under the
moonlight tonight. I was about to launch into motion when I heard my daughter‟s
thoughts. She was walking towards the garage. No, she was already there. So this is
Jake‟s uncle. Quite like him in a way, only a little snobbish and mature? Guess that‟s just
the perfect word. Why is he looking at me that way? I always make people smile, so
what‟s up with this man? “Hey, Jacob‟s uncle? Are you still planning to attack me?” She
was joking of course.

I am close enough to help her if this wolf man explodes again. No, I will only show
myself if I don't like what he has to say. I don‟t know what happened to the Quileutes, to
have befriended leeches. And supposedly this gorgeous little girl here is Jacob‟s imprint.
Well I met Claire, who isn‟t old enough herself. How in the world will I be able to control
myself in front of these freaks of nature?!

So we are the freaks? Is that right?

He began trembling.

Now‟s the time…When I was about to make a run into the garage, Leah‟s mental voice
became more audible, she must be real close to the garage…then she was there.

“Hey Nessie!” She called out.

The tremors building in Daniel‟s skin came to an abrupt halt, as if Leah‟s voice had a
tranquilizing effect on him. His head was filled with images of her, the way she walked,
talked, moved her head and her arms, every detail had become of great significance. But
then a brief image that Jacob flashed to Leah which got to him was retrieved instantly…
particularly the heated kiss under the rain. But he fought it; he can‟t afford to be a jerk in
her presence. “Leah?!” Mi amore… Can I hold her? Oh my good god! My blood‟s
boiling…I think I‟m sweating all over...why is it suddenly so hot. He got out from the car

Leah‟s mind was filled almost with the same passion. She watched the way his lips
moved, the way his hands held the handles of his jeep‟s door, wishing it has her waist he
was holding, but soon after, she thought of Jacob‟s nose tracing the back of her neck. Oh
Jake. Although the moment she mentioned Daniel‟s name, the images of Jacob were
disregarded. “Daniel?” Get a load of this man?! I think I can die right here, right now!
Why are his eyes telling me that he wants me…I am not used to this…the heck with
it…and he resembles Jake -a lot! And I mean a lot! “Nessie here is also half human…”
She stuttered greatly dismissing her thoughts. She wanted to explain matters in Jake‟s
behalf. “She‟s Edward‟s and Bella‟s daughter…well she wants to know if it‟s ok, that she
touches you, I mean, she has this gift, and you‟ll see…do you mind?”

His thoughts are conflicted. What is she talking about, this girl is a hybrid? And touch
me? Touch…touch? Should I? Should I not? Her looks can kill…how could I say no?

"Daniel, you really shouldn‟t worry, I do this with all our special visitors, just to let them
know what‟s really happening…it will take only a few seconds.” Nessie explained.

“I‟ll be right here Dan.” Leah warmly consoled.

Nessie approached Dan, Dan knelt low to receive my daughter‟s touch. And like a wild
river, the memories of the past couple of years streamed inside his head. Daniel learned
the events that happened from the moment Nessie was born up to this day. Dan locked
his gaze to Leah. “Unbelievable!” He exclaimed. And you make me breathless
Clearwater .

Ok enough with the mental spying, I should be getting to Jacob.


I‟m not that wonderful at tracking, I‟m more of the runner in the family. But tracking
Jacob had become easy; I get to re-learn his scent every single day. His scent is all over
the house I might add. His rioted mind began shouting inside my cortex. And as always
his mental voice is the loudest, which makes him quicker to locate. But just to be
contrary, he‟s got the keenest sense, so I‟m confident that he knows now I am around.
I‟m sure he was sulking and moping a few moments ago, until he felt me. He changed the
course of his self-pitying. Edward, I know you‟re following me. So, as I said, he‟s
extremely keen. Just show up man! Kill me if you want?! Through the years this man is
still a boy, still impulsive and whimsical. “What do you want Ed?” He was yelling now.
The impatience was unnerving. I landed on the top branch of a spruce and slid down to
the ground until I saw his confused face in front of me.

“You might try being careful with your thoughts when you‟re around me Jacob Black!” I
firmly stated. He suddenly turned soft. I did not expect this kind of reaction. I was
expecting a little violence, giving me an excuse to beat him up.

“Of course you‟ll know everything…” he murmured, like he was more reminding himself
than talking to me. “I know, Lee told me that you might come for me…I was actually
expecting you, that‟s why I went here…so Nessie wouldn‟t see. You can hit me
anywhere you like…it‟s not like I don‟t deserve it.” He grieved not looking at me. Pity
washed over my plan of imprinting a punch on his face.

“Are you in love with Leah, Jacob?” I felt being forthcoming useful.

“Naww…just attracted, maybe. Oh man! This is so hard!!” He replied with too much
agitation. I paused and waited.
“Anyways Edward, hitting me could be therapeutic. So why don‟t you give it a go?!” I
was not that hard to provoke. And my fists have been itching for wolf blood. “Or do you
want me to remind you of the reasons why you should hit me?”

“Humor me.” I muttered. And did I mention that his memory is highly photographic.
Everything seems real and actual and so when he does flashbacks you instantly feel the
initial feelings you felt the first time you experience it. Well, it still works on me. “This is
to wake you up Jacob Black!” I hissed hitting him in the gut and throwing him seven feet
away. I really hate hesitating, but I did hesitate at that rate.

“Is that all you've got Cullen?!” He shouted from the wrecked trunk where he crashed
and landed. “Hit me!! Do it for Nessie!!” I came running to his position and loaded into
him another hell of a punch. He flew another 8 feet away, I could make it a good twenty,
but that would mean 3 days of healing, I don‟t want to be that conspicuous. I at least
wanted him to fight back, for the fun of it, but he remained motionless. There really was
no serious damage, these wolf guys are malleable.

“Do you want more Jake?” I asked for courtesy‟s sake, shaking my knuckles loose.

“One more Ed?! Puhleeezz?” He teased groaning of pain.

“Let‟s do it a little more creative this time, try attacking me…then I‟ll give you what you
want.” I called out.

“Ok, no problem!” Jacob ran to me like a wolf would go for his prey. I prepped myself
and mustered some strength.

Jake wanted to sleep outside. So it‟s just fitting to leave him groaning and 'sleeping'
under the moon in the middle of the wild.


I let Edward use me as his punching bag. As much as he hates what he sees in my head, I
hate myself more. So it‟s therapeutic for both sides. Everything‟s so still-perfect but why
do I feel so shitty?! Did I go too deep with Leah? I may have not noticed it…that my pity
for her turned to something more than pitying. Can pity and empathy turn to attraction
and love? I felt her heartbreak for Sam before, now I‟m the one left heartbroken. Perfect.
Just perfect…So what do I do now? I‟m dead serious about sleeping out here. But what
about tomorrow? I can‟t sulk all day. I have responsibilities. I may just have to live with
it. I may even learn to forget it. God what‟s wrong with my wolf genes?!! I‟m supposed to
be happy with my imprint and her alone. But why is my heart splitting in two? Seriously,
something must be wrong with me. And now she‟s found Daniel, who unfortunately is my
uncle, the world should be in good balance, and in synchronized harmony, Leah‟s no
longer what she thinks she is, no longer a dead end, so why can‟t I let her go? How could
I still love her? What do I tell my heart? Do I play nonchalant? They are probably
making out right now. I wanted her too, that way. But I can‟t push myself that far. A
stronger pull deep inside me makes me want to stop.

Edward‟s punches and blows were pretty strong…I had to heal fast before I go back at
first light. Hmm…sleeping is a good idea. I‟ll just think of a way to get by tomorrow. I
always get by, Jacob Black always gets by. I failed to notice I was already sleeping for a
couple of hours now, but I had sensed something move around me. Or am I just
dreaming? I half opened my eyes and realized Leah was licking my face for me to wake
up. Ok, thank God I‟m dreaming. And this isn‟t a very bad dream…not at all. I was
thinking about her before I drifted into sleep, so most probably she‟ll have me revisited in
my dreams. “Quit it Lee.” I groaned, my bones were still aching a bit. Soon the licking
stopped, I moved my head and didn‟t find even one stray trace of her shadow. Well, that
dream was short. Soon enough, I sensed the grass rustle again, the way only a wolf could
make the softest of sounds. I opened my eyes wide now and sat up. “Ugh!” I grunted with
my sudden movement. Just then someone or something went covering my eyes.

Disoriented, I realized a little late that small hands were the things that covered my eyes.
A tender laugh followed after, a familiar laugh that is. I knew who it was. The rare scent
gave her away. “What are you doing here? You‟re supposed to be back at the house!” I
almost scolded. She did not let go of my eyes and continued dazzling me with her
appealing laughter.

“I sneaked away… I noticed you were missing. You always say good night before I go to
sleep, I just wanted to see you bad…you bad wolf!”

“You‟re parents are going to kill me when they find out that you‟re hanging out with me
this late…come on, I‟ll take you home.” I hid a grunt (Ed really had stone tough
knuckles) and tried removing her fingers from my face.

“I don‟t want to go home, I want to sleep here with you!!” I hate to think of her as bratty,
but she is acting like it right this very moment. I‟m just concerned, purely concerned for
her welfare.

And does she even know what she‟s asking for? It would send me to my deathbed, of that
I am a hundred percent certain. “ Ness , sweetheart…please just do as I say...” I pled.

“No, I‟m staying. Do you think I‟m too young not to understand what „imprint‟ means?
Quil told me about it, and told me about Claire. It means we‟re going to be together,
forever. Leah helped me find you, just a while a back, I‟ve went too far around the rules
just to find you here and get sent home!?” She was clearly exasperated. And that got me
bewildered and frantic. So Quil had been concocting a plan of his own, but well I did
underestimate Nessie.

“And I know you already explained that to me before, but it‟s getting clearer now, as I
see your uncle and Leah. Before I thought it was simply about you being my best friend
and best guy…well it‟s more than that isn‟t it?”

I blushed greatly. “ Ness , where do you get these ideas?!!” I am unsure whether I should
be rejoicing or acting as an adult should act. But where in the wolf bible does it say a
wolf can resist his imprint?

“Don‟t worry Jake, I know why you‟re so protective…and I know I‟m still very young…
but you just wait and see, I‟ll be the most wonderful girlfriend you‟ll ever have!” She
loosened her fingers‟ strong grip around my face, and turned my head so that only an
inch of space separated our faces.

She‟s an angel. “Of course, Nessie, you‟ll always be my best girl. And I wouldn‟t be able
to live without you.” I whispered.

She kissed my cheeks lightly and gradually. “Wait „til I turn fifteen –technically, then I
can be kissing you on the lips!” Argh! This child is making me boil over a hundred and
fifty centigrade! Did I miss something, anything? Where was she getting all these ideas?
I‟ll get to Quil tomorrow. I really will.

“Ok, Nessie honey…I will be waiting ok, but don‟t rush through your life…come here.” I
laid her head down on my arms that I spread on the ground.

“Jake, is Leah giving you a hard time? I really can‟t figure it out, but you seem so tense
around her, is there anything I can do to make that go away?” Ok, I admit this is yet
another underestimation of my little Nessie.

I began speaking words which I originally planned to say in a few more months, but she
seem to have somehow advanced emotionally these passed weeks. “You are the cure, my
love. You don‟t have to do anything…you‟re mere presence is more than enough.”

“So that means you‟re going to let me lay here with you, until tomorrow?” Dang it all, I
can hear the hope in her voice.

I shake my head, “Uh-uh and Uh-huh. No, because I‟ll sneak you back into your room
before dawn breaks. Yes, because we still have a few more hours.”

“Good…” She snuggled beside me and wrapped her arms around my oversized looking
body. In no more than a few minutes, she was found to be sleeping soundly. I played with
the loose strands of her dark auburn hair that adorned her slender neck. I swallowed hard,
tempted to touch her neck and absorb the scent that it gives off. I was nearing her skin
when the hairs of my skin all stood up. One smell wouldn‟t kill me, would it?


He walked up the stairs and brought Nessie back into her bedroom. It was nearly
daylight. I can not sleep knowing Edward had beaten him up although he seems well
right now. I waited for him outside…I just hope he noticed me here...sort of waiting...


Part 1

I switched the shower on and did not care about the cold water swooshing on my body.
I‟m actually overheating today…expelling excessive heat…not being aware that this
causes bodily attraction and that it made Jake want me, though not as desperately as I
wanted him.

I really didn‟t mean to yell at him that afternoon. But he just wouldn‟t stop. It‟s really
stupid. He told me not to think about him. But he just gave us away. I can't understand
him. He‟s not back yet and I know he‟s out there running under the moon.

After taking a shower, I wrapped a robe around my body and peeked through the window
to where I know Daniel is to be found staying. And true enough, he‟s still in his H2; still
paranoid of the Cullens. I already gave Jake and Daniel their clothes half an hour ago. He
just snagged it from my hand using his mouth and ran away; he did not even care to
phase and have this „decent talk‟ with his uncle. I‟m really not sure how to explain to Dan
what he saw recently in my memory. But I‟m planning to do that right now. All the while
this thought lingered; I imprinted on Jake‟s uncle, isn‟t that like a black joke? Ha-ha, a
„Black‟ joke!

I should start getting dressed. I opened the closet and searched for my much tattered
North Face shirt. Wait a sec? All my shirts are gone. What the hell?!! I wanted to go find
Seth, but what on earth would he do with my clothes?

Someone came knocking at the door. “Come in.” I muttered still ransacking the drawers.

“It‟s Alice and Bella!” I heard Alice chime as the door was pushed open. I turned at

“Hey, hi…well, I‟m kind of at a loss for garments…” I said busily digging inside a third
drawer. Both were smiling as if someone won the lottery. Alice glided in and sat on my
bed. Bella followed in carrying a big box with her hands.

“Uh...what‟s that?” I asked suddenly being reminded of the gifts I was planning to wrap
and give to them tonight. All I got them were Quiluete charms. I already had the stones,
but I paid a custom making store down town to make them look as charms.

“It‟s a present.” Alice voice rang.

Uh-oh! I have a feeling that my sudden lack of clothes has something to do with that
humongous box. Is she over projecting? Overseeing? Over-predicting? Everything that
went through Alice‟s hands has an „over the top‟ neon sign stuck above it.

“Won‟t you ask what is it for?” She rang her bell-like voice again.

“I have a gazillion of guesses in my head…but not even a single one that I am confident
of…” I replied.

Bella‟s smile was kind of reaching her ears, and stretching across her face this time.
“Oh…come on…congratulations!!!” She cried standing from the bed; ready to squeeze
me in a vampire hug. Ok, I‟m lost. She‟s beginning to sound like Esme.

“I already knew you‟re going to imprint on Jacob‟s uncle, but those kinds of things
shouldn‟t be announced too early right? I don‟t want to spoil the surprise." Her eyes
shone unanimously. "…but Lee, are you aware that he also imprinted on you? It‟s a
mutual imprint! How much cuter could it get!!?” Alice, without a single pause chattered
along. I accepted Bella‟s hug and as she squeezed me into her arms I can‟t stop thinking
about how worst of all monsters I am, specifically in this house. I‟m so surprised Edward
kept his mouth shut. Well I guess what he saw was way too much, too much for Bella to

Aside from that Alice‟s news had given me a stroke…a good stroke that is.

Alice opened the box. “Well, I‟ve been dying to buy you some clothes since you got
here…although I know the cold weather doesn‟t bother you that much…plus I noticed
you really don‟t wear a lot, do you? With all the phasing and stuff…but still…here they
are…” She pulled out a long summer dress as she went along babbling. “You can put a
coat over it if you like.” She practically sang.

Ugh, a dress. “Clothes are like rags for me Al –no offense…usually I don‟t have time to
change outfits, as you already took note of, after I phase everything that‟s left
is…rubbish.” I answered. “Not that I‟m not grateful…I just don‟t deserve this, well that‟s
my second reason.”

“Looks like, we‟ve got another Bella here…always shying away from the glitter…” Alice
groaned. I felt like an ingrate.

“But, ok…I‟ll wear that tonight…I may take a few back home too.” I can‟t afford being a
sourpuss right now, and I hate embarrassing Alice, I‟ve been staying in her side of place
for many months now, and she‟s been nothing but hospitable and kind to me.
“I know you‟re planning to talk to your imprint…so…tah-tah!” Alice said kind of
suggesting that I flatter him, with that dress lying on my bed. Or is it just me, telling that
to myself?

“Leah…we‟ll have more time to talk when we get back at Forks, you know to attend
„our‟ dad‟s wedding …Hope you have already found your happiness…” Bella stuck a
meaningful gaze at me and said words that carved deep with implications.

I just nodded and smiled. “I guess…Daniel‟s the man!”

I found Nessie trying to make conversation with Daniel in the garage. And he was there,
as stiff as a cactus. I wanted to burst out a giggle. I suddenly felt so giddy.

“Hey Nessie!” I called her name out. She turned to me and smiled angelically.

Daniel climb down his car seat, his gaze fixated on me. “Leah?!” His voice resonated
inside the chambers of my heart the moment I heard him say my name.

The way his lips moved so, the way his hands held the handles of his jeep‟s door, how I
wish it‟s my waist he was tightly holding. And then like an unpredictable summer wind I
was reminded of Jake, as if I felt his hot breath burning on the back of my neck. Oh Jake.
But the instant I say Daniel‟s name, and at the same time, caught a whiff of his scent
Jake‟s ghastly memory was put aside in short order. “Daniel?” I can‟t help reacting to
this, this heck of a…get a load of this man?! I think I can die right here, right now! Why
are his eyes telling me that he wants me…I am not used to this…and he resembles Jake –
a lot! And I mean a lot!! I‟m so sure I‟m gonna stutter, so here goes nothing and
everything… “Nessie here is also half human…” I shouldn‟t be explaining these things in
Jake‟s behalf –but since he‟s NOT. HERE…Dan needs to know everything. “She‟s
Edward‟s and Bella‟s daughter…well she wants to know if it‟s ok, that she touches you, I
mean, she has this gift, and you‟ll see…do you mind?”
Daniel looked like he‟s gonna explode to his wolf form. I saw tremors building on his

"Daniel, you really shouldn‟t worry, I do this with all our special visitors, just to let them
know what‟s really happening…it will take only a few seconds.” Nessie explained.

“I‟ll be right here Dan.” I consoled, hoping he really felt relieved. Well, I can give him all
the relief he needs.

Nessie approached Dan, and slowly Dan knelt low so she could touch him. I really didn‟t
exactly know the exact images she wanted Dan to see, but I am quite aware that his gaze
locked onto me. “Unbelievable!” He spoke intensely after Nessie let her hands fall on
her sides, satisfied with Dan‟s agreeable reaction. Was he just saying that to me, or was
he responding to the vision he just saw? Cause either way he took my breath away.
From a distance I knew it was Quil who was approaching, walking a bit lankily, his long
features aren‟t to be mistaken for anyone. He got a wide grin on his face. I folded my
arms and looked away…feeling so whorish.

“Whoa Lee…look at you!” I didn‟t know if he was being sarcastic. I continued avoiding
his eyes. “Alice forced this on me…might as well wear it…” I murmured.

“Well…it‟s really good…on you…I should say…hey Ness, want to go some place else?”
He kind of stumbled directing his eyes now on Dan who was still disturbing me with that
gaze. “Dan…you really got a nice ride there…welcome, man!!” He threw Daniel a bear
hug, he gave one in return. “You‟re quite a talker back home –why the hell so
quiet?…Guess you found what you‟re looking for…” My senses told me that Quil was
glancing his eye balls on me. Obviously it was me he was pertaining to.

Daniel responded with a light chuckle. “Got surprised too…hmm those vamps are…
what? Vegetarians!? Jake‟s beautiful kid right here showed me a lot of things…”

“You‟ve got to trust us on this man…I can arrange that you have a talk with Carlisle, he‟s
like the father-leader of the Cullens, he‟s a good man.”

“A good? man?” He still got that suspicious glint. “You mean a good vampire?”

“You really won‟t feel them weird or cryptic…they‟re very human in many ways…
anyways…let‟s have that talk tomorrow, when Jake comes by –you two got lots of things
to discuss.” He briefly shot me a look. “And I‟ll go ahead…I must have interrupted you

I‟m gonna make Quil eat some dust tomorrow. He‟s prancing on my gritty nerves again.
Nessie shook Quil‟s hand. “Where‟s my Jacob?” She asked. “We‟ll look for him
later…let‟s have a heart to heart talk first.” Quil said. What could he have meant by that?
Quil carried her on his towering shoulders and a they left us alone.

Dan again smoldered that disturbing gaze. I‟m running a little over a hundred twenty
centigrade now. “Um…Quil‟s right, I‟m quite a talker…so I better start talking…” He
stuttered loosely. I had to respond immediately to get my mind off the heat that's oozing
out of me.

“That's ok, I‟ll start…Hi…I‟m Leah Clearwater…I know this sounds dumb…but it‟s still
best to get formally introduced…I‟ve known your name – but just your name…I can‟t
quite match it up with your face…and I‟m sorry about a while-..”
God he didn‟t let me finish, he just dove in and went for my lips, drawing my neck closer,
pulling my hips to his pelvis, grasping on my hair hungrily. And I was simply stunned
and out of breath. But how in this crazy frigging world could I resist him? With all will
and power, and everything else combined I will never ever be able to resist my god sent
(goddamn!) imprint! He suddenly paused for the quickest moment, allowing me to catch
my breath.

He looks me in the eye and speaks. “Hi...I‟m Daniel Black and I think I‟m in love with

And like a mad woman lusting for her man, I swallowed and then chanted near my
imprint‟s ear.“Well, don‟t stop now…Daniel Black.”


Both parts in Leah's POV


I broke off from his tight embrace as I felt someone arrive. I held my breath in and
covered Daniel‟s mouth with the palm of my hand, moving away from him a little.

“Relax Lee…it‟s just me Edward.” He said while shaking his fists then walking though
the door.

There‟s no secret hidden from that mind reader. Sorry Ed. I know he‟d hear that. Deep
inside my feelings are contradicted; I felt so exposed but so heated at the same time. Like
I‟m watching myself from a distance, but feeling my body react to my imprint‟s magnet.
I instantly knew why he was shaking his knuckles. Oh my god. Jacob! My eyes woke up
from Daniel‟s hypnotic daze.

“Leah? Umm…did I hurt you, or something?” His voice quivered of worry.

“No Dan…that‟s not even possible…” I breathed out.

Both his hands held my face; he peered into the windows of my soul. “I know that blood-
what‟s his name, Edward…just got in…but I feel something else Leah.” He pronounced
my name like it‟s the most beautiful name in the world.

I swallowed as I struggle to find my words. “I‟m so sorry Daniel…don‟t you think we‟re
going way too fast?” I felt it; something‟s a bit „off‟ to say the least and it‟s not that
thought that bothered me.

“We can go at any rate you like…name it from slow to moderate…or fast…your call.
Though I have a feeling this is about someone –blood related…just a feeling baby…”

He called me „baby‟…I‟m burning again. Argh! What is this thing with imprinting
anyway?! I can‟t believe this is what Jake and Quil are going through. And to think
they‟ve imprinted on kids!! What kind of self control do they have? Or should I get a tip
from Sam? Hell-NO! Although both me and Dan are eligible adults. Which reminds me
again…I hope Jake‟s okay.

“Blood related?” Ok, he‟s funny…oh…gotta tell myself…breath in, breath out. I mused
then vocalized some of my thoughts. “Honestly…I‟m burning because of you (that was
too frank)…can you let go of me for a while… I CAN‟T THINK STRAIGHT.” He
started to loosen his hold around my waist. I moved inch by inch away from his heat.

“I‟m also new at this thing so…um…sorry.” He‟s cute when he‟s awkward…here I go
again. Ok…focus. He began leaning away from me, more towards his jeep. “Ok
then…let‟s talk about you and Jake…” He began more straightforward this time. “Are
you his girlfriend, or former, or um…well…uh…”

I chose the word and finished his line for him. “…I‟m his…well, right hand –I mean, I‟m
the beta of the pack.”

“So you must be very important to him…” he replied.

It‟s actually the other way around he‟s the one very important to me…until you came and
shagged my world! I can see that he‟s trying so hard to be casual, well same here, but,
honesty always works best. I just can‟t grasp why I feel so transparent around him.
“Daniel…there are a few certain things you should know about me…” I admitted.

“I‟m all ears.”

As long as I can‟t feel his summer skin, I can relax and speak out. “First, I‟m a bad
person…second…I‟m in love with your nephew and third…I can‟t be apart from you
which brings us back to the first point…I‟m a bad person.” That‟s all I can say…I can‟t
apologize and remind him at the same time of that kiss under the rain.

“It‟s ok. I can manage being a martyr…if it‟s for you…you can love him all you
like…I‟ll be waiting when you‟re ready.” His words were very cool and confident.

What the?! What I wanted to really say was, it isn‟t necessary for him to wait, I‟m all his.
But I don‟t trust myself enough, not until I really settle things with Jake. Honesty was
still on its way. “…what if I wouldn‟t ever stop loving him?”

“Then that would really suck.” He threw his eyes on me in way so tender, that my knees
started to weaken. “Don‟t kill me by saying that Leah.” he finally confesses. “If I didn‟t
travel around so much, and had just stayed in La Push, I could have met you sooner and I
could‟ve saved you from all this confusion and hurt…”

I was reminded of my wayward self. Sam breaking his promises and Jacob trying to
mend my shattered heart, it just hurt that the heavens opposed our affection…Jake was
always there…a pain in the butt, but an oasis of comfort, love and warmth, always
willing to give a piece of himself, loving me in his own special way. Then along came
this man from outer space. “You know what‟s so special about Jake, he knows he‟s never
gonna be the one for me…but he keeps on trying…he has this way of fixing broken
people…you can only imagine what kind of person I was then when Sam imprinted and
left me for my cousin…I was as good as trash…but then here came you-know-who…and
did his „thing‟…you see now a different Leah…” I didn‟t know how my face looked like
while I said this, but Dan‟s face remained composed.

“Should I be thankful…?” He asked, pondering on my words.

“Don‟t trust me yet Dan, I still might break your heart although I think I will never ever
be able to resist you at anything.”

“That‟s good enough. Then can I ask you a few questions?”

Like what I said, I can‟t say no to my imprint. “Go ahead.”

“Would you like to make love with me, bear my children and build a family?” My heart
began to race. That‟s simply overrated.

“It seems your heart is giving me a yes?” He flirted, but it sounded too sincere.
I swallowed a whole lot of fluid. “I will…allow me first to settle some things...” I tried
sounding „formal‟, but my body was already responding to a yes.

Breaking Up

As much as he hated it, he left me alone to think. But soon Nessie came running to me.
“Leah, Jake isn‟t home yet…I‟m really worried!”

It‟s very late…but Nessie?! “Why are you still up? Jake‟s gonna be fine…he‟ll be here
tomorrow…” I went consoling her.

“No I really want to see him; I don‟t know I just feel so…worried.” She pleaded. I‟m
beginning to believe I am no longer talking to a child.

But I was also dying to check out on Jake. “Ok, move aside sweetie…I‟m phasing.”

Nessie held on to my fur as I patrolled and searched for our alpha‟s scent. It wasn‟t even
difficult; after all, I‟ve been 'too' close to his skin so many times. I wanted to howl, so he
can hear me, but that would wake the others and call them out as well. Then his scent hit
me. We carefully followed the trail. He laid flat on the ground, and his shirt didn‟t look
like a shirt anymore. Edward‟s blows and punches left traces on his chest and abs. Nessie
stood behind me. She wanted to surprise Jacob. I licked his face, maybe for the last time.
He stirred and I panicked, he shouldn‟t know I‟m here. Then he mumbled something. It
was for me. “Quit it Lee.” He knew, or was he dreaming…of me? He started moving.
Ness came closer to him. And I began running back home.

Dawn was nearing. Jake and Nessie haven‟t returned yet. I was already awfully sleepy,
but I shouldn‟t catch any z's „cause today I decided was my final day. A few moments
passed and their arrival woke me from my half-sleep by the stairs. Jake had Nessie
wrapped in his firm embrace, ready to bring her back to her room. I waited. I just hope he
knows I‟m waiting. After receiving brief banters from Emmett and Jasper from inside
Bella‟s living room, Jake went out, walking towards the stairs, walking towards me.

“Where‟s Daniel, you should have slept with him!?” His voice growled at me bitterly.

I rubbed my eyes…focusing it on his tired face. “Stop it Jake…I waited for you for hours,
and this is all I get?”

He shot me an angry glare and began pulling my arm; dragging me up from where I sat
and bringing me back again into the sea of grasses beyond the trees. He walked very fast,
but I caught up with him effortlessly. He found a shady tree and slammed my back to it.
“So what do you want to receive?” he thundered at me enclosing both my sides with his
long arms.

I bit my lower lip, at a lost for rebuttals to throw back. I can feel the sorrow behind his
words. I wanted to press his body towards me, but his head gradually fell near my
shoulders, his lips dwelt beneath my chin breathing in and out hot air against it. I moaned
quietly for the familiar pleasure it released. “You‟re killing me Jacob Black...” I
whispered containing the intensity.

His voice began trembling, and soon, the quivering came upon his entire body. “Is this
the end of the line for us Clearwater?” My shoulders became wet from his tears. I had my
fingers entwined around his face, feeling the texture of his skin. Tears unknowingly fell
from my eyes. I smooth his hair, as he leaned his forehead against my forehead.

“It‟s going to be really hard breaking up with you, I mean you breaking up from the
pack…” I had to smile at his paraphrasing. “…I‟ll miss that smile that can drive a dozen
wolves mad” Then I frowned at what he said, it had strong hints of farewell. But yet he
continued in his revelry, “You have finally found your soul mate…”

I felt all my words try in vain to erase the fact that the things he just said were nothing but
the truth. I attempted to have another taste of his lips and dipped mine onto his eager
mouth. I took the lead this time. “Like I told you before, there‟s only one Jacob Black…”
I kissed him long...soon forgetting to breathe.

“But don‟t you forget, you also mentioned that my uncle might just do…you just hit that
right…my love.”
Then he kissed me some more.

Breaking Up

Jacob‟s POV

I saw the house now; of course it was lighted from inside and out. Vampires never, ever,

The air around me seemed to make me float as I wrap my arms tighter around my little
angel…she has grown a few inches more. She continuously babbled my name as I carried
her inside to her room. I carefully placed Nessie back on her bed. “She went out looking
for me…I‟m so sorry about this.” I apologized to Bella‟s face, it looked like she‟d do
anything to have jack hammer thrown at me.

“Of course Edward knew she‟d go out to find you…and that Leah was with
her…so…that took the worry off me...almost!” She muttered a little unconvincingly.

I stopped. It wasn‟t a dream then, it was Leah who licked me awake.

She eyed me in a funny way, the same way she would if she wanted to ask something. I
was ready for her to shoo me out when she finally spoke up; “You should be happy for
Leah and your uncle…I mean, you are, right?”

“Of course I am, where‟d you get the idea that I wasn‟t?” I tried to sound as positive as I
could and should, but I truly felt good that time I was inside my Nessie‟s room. She
smiled briefly, and I walked out.

I left the living room with Emmett and Jasper throwing me their best of punch lines. I
was too preoccupied to get back at them and to unlock the implications those lines meant.
And as if I still had the nerve to just do that. I‟m like the black sheep around here. Baa-

And of course I saw Leah dozing off by the stairway when I brought Nessie in. What‟s up
with her? She should have slept with Daniel or something, or at least went to bed.
Who the hell does he think he is anyway!!? Just strut around my lot and take my beta
away. Just like that? Ok, it was never my lot but all this is just not fair. It‟s just not
fair…and I had to smash it into my stinking mutt brain, that I never owned her. I never
owned her for even one goddamn freaking minute!!! Everything‟s just stolen; every
moment, every touch, every k-kiss…a mad robber -- I should call myself that. I wanted to
doze off somewhere too but I just found my feet bringing me to her. She began rubbing
her eyes open, sensing my arrival. I felt my voice box producing unwanted growls.
“Where‟s Daniel, you should have slept with him?” I planned it to come out kinder and
calmer, but I couldn‟t hold off the growl.

And she was startled, she sat up. “Stop it Jake…I waited for you for hours, and this is all
I get?”

Was she expecting me to be super cool about this? I, like, gambled on my feelings for her,
crossed the line, been a total jerk just to be there for her, (although all it took was one
experimental kiss to drive me insane)…not to mention that brought me deeper into her
life. And then what, Uncle Dan arrives sweeps her off her feet, and she‟s here, ready to
ask for another piece of me? A sudden angry frenzy hit me, anger I felt for her, anger for
myself, and rage for her goddamn imprint –Daniel!

I pulled her arms so she‟d stand up, and pulled her more so I could bring her somewhere
far from the house. I don‟t want to cause too much noise, not that we aren‟t scandalous
enough already. I didn‟t know where we were heading; I just know that it‟s far enough
from Edward‟s „mental reading‟ range. I slammed her against a shady tree, and she bit
her lip, her eyes were bewildered like it was wincing at approximately three times per
minute. What is she thinking about? Is she going to try to explain the obvious? I read her
thoughts this afternoon; it all came out crystal clear –no explanations needed. I
remembered her question earlier, and locked both her sides with my arms.

“So what do you want to receive?” I kept inside so many things I wanted to say to her,
arghhhh …there‟s so much more to say!!! Unexpectedly, her back-stabbing heat struck
me out of my angry bubble, and all I could think of doing now is to kiss her skin, feel her
insane heat, and brush her lips with mine.

Her dress was lovely on her, and it revealed much of the skin of her neck. I went for
it…like the animal I was, the animal I have been just like the wolf before that ran away
from home. I ignored Dan‟s scent that surrounded her too, ignored the thought that he
may have touched her the way I had touched her. It was hard to ignore, but it shouldn‟t
matter now. What matters is I have this last moment, my last moment with Leah. I hate to
be greedy, but I am greedy, got to keep it real.

I breathe her in, as all the hairs of my skin rose, the pleasure was indescribable I couldn‟t
stop…her hot scent… I had to suck it in. I let my lips touch the underside of her chin,
pressing on it harder. “You‟re killing me Jacob Black...” and with that…voice, I didn‟t
know if I could ever stop. Then something inside me pulled me back.

Shivers ran through my every fiber…I felt my surroundings shake; and found it was my
body that quivered wildly. Tears which I wasn‟t expecting, started to show and pour
down my face

Jeez…I‟m crying for Leah…didn‟t see this coming ever before… “Is this the end of the
line for us Clearwater?” I had to say pushing close to her wet teary face. She held me so
near, and I drew my face nearer still. And like a two minute TV ad, everything I knew
about her rained down on me like crazy; her way of challenging me to beat her in a race,
her unpredictable temper, her bad mouth that I already learned to love and kiss, her
bitter snaps, her desperate pathetic pleas, her hot skin, her sharp eyes, her beautiful
mess, and her lingering sadness, her helplessness, her bitter tattered soul, and her
irresistible wolf call, Clearwater, my wolf girl. She was nothing to me before, she is a
part me now. “It‟s going to be really hard breaking up with you, I mean you breaking up
from the pack…” I had to paraphrase. Oh my frigging god, did she just smile back there?
“…I‟ll miss that smile that can drive a dozen wolves mad” It was weird hearing it coming
from my mouth. Well she may be planning on leaving the pack –I mean I‟ll let her, but
she has to come back…after some time I guess…right? But then again, Dan might take
her on one of his stupid expeditions…No, I can‟t talk about this right now, I can‟t spoil
this moment by talking about that jackal…Wait, what is she doing?! Her eyes were now
softly looking at me, too soft actually, and her lips looked hungry. Err…her lips, I think I
can die right now, right here.

“Like I told you before, there‟s only one Jacob Black…” She said pulling slightly away.

She stopped! I want more of her, more Leah please…kiss me some more…Wait, she just
said, there‟s only one me, well that may be right, but also wrong…Ok, I have to say this.
“But don‟t you forget, you also mentioned that my uncle might just do…you just hit that
right…” I searched my heart for a word equivalent to her name…and say it, even for just
once. There! Found it… “…my love.” My chest wanted to go into cardiac arrest when I
said that. Though it looked like she, too, wanted some more.

So I let her kiss me, and as she was already doing… I let her take the lead.



“So what do we do now?” I asked after he pulled away. His eyes never looked this lost, “I
don‟t really know Lee.” I mustered the little strength left in me. We‟re running out of
time, though honestly we have forever within our reach, you know, being werewolf and
all. And it‟s strange to feel that time actually is running out. “Do…you…I
mean…do…you, like, really love me?” He just called me love a while ago…I‟m not
senile enough to forget that in such a short time. And I have to take note of it. He called
me love. I think Jacob loves me! Well, it‟s hardly the perfect time to call for a
celebration, „cause I think I‟m in love with Daniel too. And he has the upper hand since,
he imprinted on me -and vice versa, so that should mean, he‟s the right one, but how
could I leave Jacob this way, I‟m like head over heels crazy for him?!

“I do, silly, are you deaf? Don‟t pretend you didn‟t hear…I‟m actually kind of
desperate…” He sounded like he‟s cussing. Desperate? And I thought I was the desperate
one. “Well, do you still love me?” He asked downrightly.
He put emphasis on the word „still.‟ “Would I kiss you if I didn‟t?” It seems honesty now
is the rule of the game.

“Who‟s knows!? Probably you‟re just thinking I‟m kinda hot and all!” AGH ! The
airhead strikes again!!!

“I love you Jake ok, I love you. But…I think, I love Daniel too. ” Those last words came
out almost as a whisper.

He suddenly began pulling his entire body away from me, unclasping my shoulders and
hips, turning around, and walking away, his back facing me. What the?! “Jake!” I called
out loud. Why wouldn‟t he turn around and just get back here? I called out again. “Jacob
Black!!!” He went moving away really really fast. I began chasing after him; the good
thing was it‟s a downhill trek; I caught up quite easily and reached for his hands,
squeezing it with all my might.

“Where are you going?” That wasn‟t the question I was intending to ask, but it‟s the
easiest question to start with. “Obviously, as you can see, I‟m getting back.” he muttered.

No no no!!! “Why? I mean, you‟re just gonna leave me like that?”

“Try listening to yourself Leah!” He thundered and was about to say more, but somehow
he managed to control his tongue, his tongue that I love kissing...

“Stop being such an ass! Am I the only one who‟s got an imprint here?! You even got to
imprint first. What if I ask you about Nessie, if you love her? The answer‟s plain and
simple right? There‟s really no need asking!! You freaking LOVE her!!!” I was already
exploding with fury. He‟s acting so damn self-righteous!

His eyes narrowed as he decided to defend himself. “Daniel arrived yesterday, you were
kissing me like the world was gonna end „yesterday‟, and that‟s just an hour before you
met HIM. You said you love me, ten minutes before you laid your eyes on him. Then
bada bing bada boom…true love?! It was only a five minute difference LEAH?!”

“Don‟t tell me it didn‟t happen to you too?! Crying over Bella, like someone had died,
then just a few minutes after Nessie was born, what?! YOU. FREAKING. IMPRINTED.

I really didn‟t know where this talk is going to bring us. But then he swiftly grabbed me,
pulling my face closer to his. “Ok, I love you, and I love her. Right. But I can‟t kiss
Nessie, I can never touch her, but you, I can and you, I did. I still love her that‟s never
gonna change, but…but I, I can‟t believe I‟m saying this…I became obsessed with you
Lee…” I must deranged to be hearing this. My stomach twisted and churned to this

“So all this is just about my body?” Skin and lips and…Was it? I felt like fainting, but I
was too healthy to faint.

Jake‟s brows showed a crease. “Hardly Lee, I just learned it, I mean I learned to love you,
though I was fated to love her…everything about you Leah is just about plain sick…then
it got through my system, now I can‟t get it out…your body though is an additional
benefit…” ARGH!! Honesty, more honesty still reeking its way. The heck with benefit?!

I thought only his kisses could kill, but so did his words. This brings me now back to my
first question. “What do we do now love?” Oh my God, I slipped!

He too was taken by surprise by what I just said. “Can you repeat that again?” He teased,
the crease straightening.

Just then the guilt came resurfacing once more, killing me morsel by morsel, pigment by
pigment. I was shaking my head hastily now. “I can‟t do this to Daniel, something must
be wrong with me to be continuously loving you!!” I cried, unable to contain everything
and anything anymore. Jacob? or Daniel? or Jacob? or Daniel? I‟ve known Jake all my
life, I‟ve seen him as a stinkin‟ little kid who now is still a kid, only way better, more
handsome, buff and…ok, I‟ll say it. Sexier and Hotter…And loving and so warm
and…sigh. And Daniel… I never knew him, not until yesterday, and well he‟s the one,
every part of me screams that HE.IS.THE.ONE. Did he just say obsessed a while a back?

“Stop shaking Leah…” Jake whispered softly. “Are you all right? You need to calm
down!” He whispered again his lips too close.

“Stop it Jake.” I breathed, feeling so hot again. I‟ve got to place my two feet back on the
ground. What I had with Jake will only be a dream. Daniel is my reality, and there are
many other „realities‟ that would get hurt if I make Jacob Black „my reality.‟ He was still
hugging me so tight, perhaps feeling that this day wouldn‟t be for us and that perhaps our
days are soon over.

Consequently, a piercing growl aroused us from our self-absorbed state. A wolf nearby
carried on with his snarls. Of course I‟m not that stupid, I knew it was my imprint.
Of course it would only be Daniel.


I didn‟t need to wait for Jacob. I can talk to leec- er… Carlisle by myself. The other boys
were kind enough to accompany me though. I just wonder where my Leah is.
The doctor introduced me to his entire family. And although my nose isn‟t really
accustomed (and will never be) to their smell, I did understand what the beautiful child
showed me last night. What intrigued me the most is Bella, and her story. It‟s one of the
main reasons I felt something good in them. But I can‟t fully trust them; I am particularly
referring to the blond male vamp.

I left her at the stairway last night. The perky vampire told me she isn‟t in her room. And
Jake‟s still out. Well, I told her last night that I‟ll wait till she gets over Jakey. I just hope
it wouldn‟t take a decade or so. Although, I have to admit, she wanted me too. She can‟t
resist it that‟s a fact; it‟s the infallible part of who we are. The pack is supposed to bring
her back to La Push today. Well, I can take her, it will never be a burden, and it‟s actually
more of a perk.

All I can think of is her. It‟s all bizarre, but I will bet my life on her. If she doesn‟t want
to travel or have me traveling, I‟ll stay. If she wants to go with me, that‟s absolutely fine.
If she wants to do something else, I‟ll try to help, if she wants to love Jacob still…now
that‟s a problem right there. That‟s the real problem right there. If it hadn‟t been for
Leah, he could have grabbed my neck and poked around with me, joked and punched me
on the sides. Well, today‟s already a different story.

I felt like taking a stroll outside; just trail the forests of Enfield that stretched far out into
the wild, although it would be more meaningful if I had Leah here walking with me. It‟s a
bit disorienting to have finally embraced my wolf side. I never needed thick clothes. The
reliable heat helped me a lot in my expeditions and it did ward in a lot of women. This
wolf thing is kind of an advantage. But women, they‟re just people. I really haven‟t been
attracted to anyone lately, I fell in and out of love, but I can‟t find any reason to hang on
to the relationship.

It was only yesterday, I had a strong overdose of attraction; it hit me like a bomb, it hit
me like a plane crash.

One of the many perks of being a werewolf is the heightened senses, speaking of
heightened senses; I knew I heard Jacob‟s voice around here somewhere. I listened more
intently. Then Leah‟s voice flew in with the breeze. It is no assumption, they‟re together.
I did not expect such a reaction from me. I was prepared to walk away and wait for her to
return. But I exploded. All I could remember was that my muscles were tearing almost
for the thousandth time, and that I was ready to kill my nephew.

I saw them barely five meters away. Jacob was holding her, like he owns her. I felt
aggravated, more than ever before. I was ready to take him down anytime. I growled
ludicrously and more furiously each passing second. Leah‟s face was unmoved, her lips
in a tight line. Her eyes that shot at me appeared brave and confident. Was she confident
that I would not harm that, that back stabbing-… I couldn‟t even find a word fit enough
for the filth I felt for him right now!

Both their voices drowned in a slur as rage seethed in my veins. In no time, the both them
phased as wolves. Leah‟s voice gushed through my head instantly. “Daniel…I‟m so
sorry…Daniel…please...don‟t do this.”

Was she actually pleading so I won‟t harm that imbecile! I ignored Leah and focused my
attention on the one implicitly touching my imprint. I was so much controlled when I was
in human form, I didn‟t expect I would blow up like this. But it‟s already too late.

Leah hurriedly posted her stance between us. “Daniel, Jacob…please…for heaven‟s
sake, we belong in the same tribe, you‟re both family.” I ignored her plea.

“Tell my nephew, that if he touches you again I‟m going to lash his throat out.” I

Jake heard my voice through Leah‟s mind; he reacted with a loathsome snarl. And then I
heard his reply through Leah too. “I took care of her; before you even knew her! I
wouldn‟t do it if she didn‟t want it…she asked for it...I love her that much I would give it
to her…even though it made me the worst jerk!”

That was it, I howled so stridently, that even my body did a double take on shuddering. I
was very infuriated. If I attack Jacob, would she run to cover him, to protect him? I was
too self-absorbed that even Leah‟s voice turned to a background murmur. Would Billy
mind the hospital bills? I could pay for it later. Wait, could I really kill my nephew?! And
I knew that I could, and that I would.

Leah suddenly shifted back to human form, it was my first time to see her naked. And it
angered me ever greatly that Jacob has seen her like this probably over a dozen of times
already. Wait, was she crying? She picked up the rest of what‟s left of her dress, put it on
and began running. Oh no! I didn‟t know what she was doing, where she was going. I
didn‟t listen to her last words. Quickly after, Jake began chasing her, phasing back too. I
shifted as well. There‟s no point in fighting now. My reason for living is running away.


I had to run away.

I had to shift back, to shock them, to distract them, so that they‟d forget about killing
each other.

Stupid Black wolves! And I love them both!!! Sam dumped me. Now I didn‟t know who
to dump! I can always love Jake in secret, but that would make me a double crosser,
wasn‟t I? Cause in the process of loving Jake, I know I‟d hurt Daniel. And I love Daniel;
he‟s the force that‟s living in me. Like I said, I love them both. So I had to run. And wait
until Jake gets married? That way I wouldn‟t dream of kissing him. And that way I could
love Daniel freely without having Jake sneaking around and stealing me away. Of course
I‟d like to have babies with Dan, but what about Jake?! I can‟t have babies with both.
That‟s insanity!

I ran up the stairs and into my room, no one dared talk to me or ask what‟s going on,
surprised upon seeing me barely covered. I put my undergarments on, slunk into a
sweatshirt, got in a pair of jeans; I took Alice ‟s big box of clothes, grabbed my cash from
the little drawer, left the charms on the bed and ran again outside. Jake was already
catching up, I saw his Rabbit just a good six meters away from me, and made a hasty
dash for it. He had an absurd expression on his face. He seems to be searching for the
keys inside his pockets but as I got in the car, the key was still in the ignition, it must be
my lucky day!

Soon Dan appeared across the drive way, and I felt my heart being stabbed through and
through as I met his lonely eyes. I held the grief in, and drove away still.

They have Alice with them; it wouldn‟t that difficult for them to find me.

Some bits and tidbits of information about WOLVES

They have scent glands (esp. female) pheromones, that is used to attract wolves for love

Alphas are loyal to their betas (usu. these are their mates/wives, one is to one) but some
(very rare) can mate with two

They can smell/sense their mate 50 meters within their radius

If two male wolves are fighting over a female wolf (usu. for canines) it‟s a first come
per serve basis protocol. LOL!!!

I‟m not saying the Quileute wolves are exactly the same…but most probably there
would be some similarities.




I kept on running. I did not even care to look back. Her last instruction was for me to look
down, which according to the Clearwater dictionary would mean only one thing; she‟s
phasing back to human, and I just am not a retard not to know why and what for?! I was
too proud to howl. I didn‟t want her to hear my agony, my anguish that she have seen and
dealt with for the millionth time –since Bella‟s doomsday. It just did not occur to me, that
she‟d add on the list, I was even surprised that she has that power over
me...uh…well…she can make me moan, she might as well can make me cry. I should
have really wanted her, more badly than I expected. But I do want her, and I want her
still. The fact Dan‟s probably fornicating with her right now doesn‟t erase the fact that I
may want a little Jacob with her, or a little Leah, I really I don‟t care, as long as it would
grow in her. Ugh!!! This is crazy!! I should hear myself saying this; the fact I am
thinking about it is enough to make anyone wish I was just dead. But, really, can she get
pregnant? She is a dead end all right –she‟s quite known for that, still sounds like a theory
to me. But have she tried testing the theory? She may be testing it with Daniel right this
f*cking minute!!! Though I can‟t get that solid feel of wanting to take him down, the way
he plans to do with me. Or should I try getting a front seat row ticket and watch them do
each other? Just to have that overwhelming doze of rage? But she just chose her imprint
(take note –sacred word), over me, that‟s a given, but I won, right, the deal was who finds
her first, and I did, so I actually won. I may still have a chance. No, negate ‗may‘ I

31. HOME

At the Cliffs

Jacob‟s POV

Tonight the council would go about their regular general meeting; I know very well that
no one would be in their wolf forms at that time. Except for me. Though being an animal,
or a wolf isn‟t half bad. Life became simpler in fact. Who doesn‟t like a simple life? I am
so long past this stage, so why does it seem that I‟m about to have another episode?

I know the shortest way to the Clearwaters‟, I‟ve been here so many times since I was a
kid, of course I‟d know. Well, if Daniel‟s around I‟d just have to bolt out. Will Leah
attend the meeting? Nah…her mother‟s there, she wouldn‟t be of any use at this point. I
must smell like shit. I‟ve been in this form for almost three days now. I pawed along and
ran by a lake, I got myself in the water and phased human for a while, I had to at least be
clean. The water was refreshing; it did me good, clearing up my head for the mean time.
Ok done, time to abduct Leah. Only one room was lighted up in the house, and that room
must be where she is staying. I can hear no one and nothing except for her breathing and
a comb being run down through her hair.

I took a deep breathe and felt her power all over me, it‟s been three days since I‟ve been
away from her allure and magnetic pull.

She looked very calm as she lay on her bed, she always looked better when she‟s asleep,
and I have noticed since we moved with the Cullens in NH. No traces of grimace, no
creasing of eyebrows, no smirking, just pure beauty. And her skin…I don‟t know if it‟s
just me, but I really find it tempting. Breathing in her scent is as good as being
intoxicated with wine. Though I‟ve tried wine only once or twice, not really into it…but
damn it made me soar til I reached the highest peaks. Oh no...she‟s waking
up…well…maybe not


Okay, so she was really expecting my uncle. That hurts…what would I expect though?

“Lee, it‟s Jacob.” I whispered too closely, I can‟t resist that sweet aroma encircling her
neck. I took it all in. …gulp…

“Go away Jake…” She must be thinking that she‟s dreaming. Well, I can be the ‗man of
her dreams.‘ She shoved away a little and so the moonlight shone on the curves of her
back. Again, how can I not, have a feel of it? I caressed her there, hoping she‟ll
remember how much she loved the way I touched her before. “Lee…”

“Shut up…” she groaned again. Was that a yes or a no?

“Lee meet me at the cliffs.” I murmured. I would love to make a go for her in her bed, but
something‟s not right. If she‟ll follow me to the cliffs, then that‟s one step forward to a
yes. I don‟t want to force her into choosing me, if I had to beg I would beg. These cliffs
are memorable for me. This is where I played rough games with Quil, Embry, and the
rest of the boys. This is where Bella made her attempt on a „new sport‟ called „One
Hundred and One Ways to Kill Myself?‟, which she has successfully made, but I gravely
prevented…ugh! This is where I let off steam when I‟m really pissed with life and the
world. And I guess this is where I want to make love with Leah. From a distance I knew
it was her paws I was hearing, running closer to my location. I suddenly felt scatty. I
shook my fur loose to get the goose bumps out. I sat pretty on the moist rocks and in a
few seconds my she-wolf arrived, naturally defensive, and just plain irresistible.

“Lee...” Oh my god Leah, you‟re here. Finally My hair err…fur all stood up with

“Jake, can‟t get over me huh?” I must be crazy to be this confident. Oh god, he‟s really

“Make love with me Lee…please…” Woops…that slipped…Argh too fast... to

desperate…to cheesy…but I want you… her…God, another slip!! Dang dang dang it!

“Ok …That was frank…” Too frank…actually…this is killin‟ me…Jake is killing me.

“I know…” My words trailed off, but I went on anyway. “I‟m not asking it for any reason
you already know of, I‟m not asking it because you said you love me, not also because
you liked me before Sam, I‟m asking it…well for a few dumb reasons…really…

“Namely?” This better be good Jake…

“Well, I want you to be my first.” Shit! Ok another overly forthcoming revelation.

Double shit! Was that another slip?! The heck?! “What?! Jake?!” I saw her whimper, and
look down to ground, like she was holding something in.

I couldn‟t meet her eyes…I was such an asshole. In any way I put it I know I sounded
like a maniac, like some junkie addicted to her. But how can I stop myself, she‟s already
here, and I want her, I want her so much I could throw myself down to be eaten by
sharks, only there are no sharks here. I have no option but to keep it real. I gathered some
more strength and finally let the cat out of the bag. “I want you to be the one Lee, you
heard me all right…and I can‟t exist without you being the one, I need you Lee…you
know I‟m stronger but I don‟t want to force it on you…that‟s why I‟m begging…can‟t
you see…it‟s the other way around now…I‟m the one begging…” And besides the heat
and all, I really love her.

Ok, he intentionally thought of that, so I‟d hear. Hey, Jake, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!
Oh my god, I‟m a goner! I walk towards her, four feet on the ground, the wind blew more
wildly this time. I rubbed my muzzle on her furry neck, brushing all the way down
beneath her.

”Jake you‟re such an animal!” Crazy, crazy, crazy Jacob Black!

“So are you!”

“Oh…Jake…stop wait, dang it! Wait! Stop it! I‟m phasing Jacob!”

I almost forgot, we haven‟t phased human yet.

I didn‟t mean to suggest or imply that we ―do‖ it in wolf form. I just got carried away.
So I phased. And she phased too. Now, what do two naked people do when they see each
other naked? Of course, I‟d heat up even more. I‟m not in the best state of mind right
now. Staying wolf for three straight days kind of stuck to my system.

Ok, I tried not to look, really really tried, but what‟s the use? Leah and her body are two
inseparable things that can drive men crazy; particularly ME. As she turned her back on
me I was more than struck with awe, her rear view is just as good as her front view. Can‟t
breathe, can‟t breathe!!! Then she used that voice that made my heart flutter.

“What am I to you Jacob Black? I‟m just your second in command, and we‟re not fated to
love each other. Why are you forcing things?! We‟ve been over and over this talk…it just
couldn‟t work, and I‟ve imprinted, you too…needless to say right?”

What are you saying Lee…I‟m lost…what was she saying…it‟s plain English all right,
but why does it sound like Chinese? Oh, right…I‟m loosing my mind. This can‟t be
helped either. I swiftly found my spot just behind her. It was almost an involuntary
movement. I squeezed her in, closer, nearer, deeper…her heat drowning my sanity. I‟m
home, finally I‟m back home “You are my fantasy Clearwater , you know it, I‟m quite
obsessed with you…and you know that too…don‟t you?” These words just escaped from
my mouth as I whispered behind her ear. I felt her heart accelerate with mine. Leah come
on…just surrender…don‟t fight it. I thought, and I prayed …just say yes.

“If I turn you down, what would you do?” Her challenge felt like an ice pick had been
thrust into my chest.

“Please…don‟t Lee…” I brush her hair with my lips, breathing and taking in the full
scent of her hair. I crushed her behind nearer to my thighs, hugging her back and
shoulders closer to my chest. The fever I felt was red hot. “I really need you…right
now…really really need you…want you…please…Leah…please…” I pled
desperately…who cares. I‟m desperate!

I heard her sigh as we both felt our heat synchronize. Then suddenly, she dropped the
bomb. “Ok, if you really want me to be your first, you got to be more forceful than that,
and this is going to be our little secret. Agh! Man you‟re so push-…” I did not let her
finish, that was my go signal. I spun her around so she‟d face me and practically yanked
her and pushed her against some mossy boulder. I stole her lips, tasting all their flavor. I
plunged her body against to mine, hearing her bones crunch because of the impact.

“Jake…!” She screamed.

“Scream some more Lee…” I moaned feeling her tender chest pressing against me…I
kissed her there, I kissed her everywhere…just name it, god, I‟d do anything for her! I
loved her from head to toe. I craved every inch of her.

“Oh my god Jacob!” She moaned more hysterically each passing second.

I had to ask her, I had to get in. “Can I…will you…if it‟s ok that I-…I really want to Lee,
if it‟s-” I was out of breath, and the hell with the impressive stutters!!!

“Just do it Jake, you‟re welcome, COME IN…this very last time…I am yours…come in.



Oh my freaking god! I made sure I smell a whole lot like myself, with no hints of Jake
on me. The good thing was I found none. And how did he bring me back here? Did I
doze off? I did a quick review on my rendezvous last night, which I honestly hope was
just a dream. It‟s better off as a dream…yeah right An alpha always has this peculiar
control over his subordinates; I didn‟t know that applied to sex too. Ugh! He is like a
curse. How can I get him out of my…system? I began remembering it little by little. I did
fall asleep, in his arms. So he must have sneaked me in, and gave me a shower?!! Or
maybe I did that myself, I was just too sleepy to even take note of the memory. So what
now? Was I „safe‟ last night? I know of a few preventive measures, though I‟m not sure if
I was aware enough to even think of using those measures that time. What am I saying?!
A one night stand can‟t make me pregnant, besides I had more of that with Daniel. We
did it all the time since we got here, (which was like yesterday). This is utter madness.

Daniel was already in the kitchen, and damn…I feel like crap. The man of my life is out
there fully devoted to me, and here I am, goofing around with his nephew. It didn‟t
sound, look or feel right. And like, this mopping is sooo not helpful. Great. Now I have to
get out of bed because today we go visit mom and Charlie. I left my room. And then I
saw him; my heaven-sent man, cooking in my kitchen, being the total stunner that he is.

“Hey, baby…” I greeted as I got to the smoked filled breakfast area. He turned and gave
me „that‟ smile. My knees felt weak. I know, it‟s still too early, but I turned to mush for
him. And surprisingly with him around, there‟s pretty much no room for any guilty
feelings. I sat at the table and he gave me a plate. “So, you‟re filling my brother‟s job
now?” I kidded, watching him move under my eyelashes. God he‟s so sexy!

He placed some pancakes on my plate. “What would you like, coffee, tea or me?”

Ha-ha. I know he just stole that line from some lame cliché archive and that he was just
kidding but it hit me bad and hard, and I don‟t care about coffee at all, the hell with
coffee!!! Absolutely I‟d choose him! He placed a cup on the table and I carefully grab
him by the hand, instantaneously twining my fingers with his. “You Dan…You can
throw that cup away.”

And that started our day with a bang.

No one would dare drop by my house today, everyone knew how imprinted people act
around each other, and it is more than anyone can tolerate. I had shared thoughts with the
pack and believe me; I wouldn‟t want to stoop into any of their love replays again –ever!
Ick! But then as I take a look at myself, it‟s really funny to realize that I‟m caught up as
well in the same love craze. Daniel filled all the spaces in my head; I‟m like under a spell
I wouldn‟t even dare breaking.

I ran back in my room and he chased me there, catching me and enclosing my entire body
in his arms. Oh…did I laugh so hard as he tickled my neck with his nose, sending happy
signals to my skin as he brushed my ears with his lips. He whispered something that
resuscitated the woman in me, almost making my knees give out; “I love you Leah, I love
you so much…”

Oh Daniel, for crying out loud!

“Say you love me too…Leah…I know imprinting is a little bizarre, but I feel so much
that I was born to love you…” I hear this kind of words many times, but it sounded
different coming from Daniel‟s lips.
I was holding the sides of his face with my one hand, meeting his eyes, and maintaining
the long gaze. I pulled his one arm from his side and kissed his warm palms. “The
feeling‟s mutual Dan.” I steadily tasted his fingers one by one; as he abruptly pulled me
nearer, his vast chest striking me feverish. “The bed or the floor?” I said attempting to
mimic his killer voice.

I smiled impishly as he answered softly, “None of the above, let‟s do it on the

table…close the window shades...”

What? WOAH!!!


The drive to Forks was never really long; ten minutes is NOT LONG. But I felt so clingy,
as if I wanted to be attached to Dan‟s body 24/7. When are we going back? We just left,
and I‟m already thinking of going back!? Damn! I did not look at him, afraid I might
devour him while he‟s driving.

“Lee…can I call you Lee?” He said with his eyes at me.

I kept my eyes outside the window. “You can call me dude and I will still love it.”

He chuckled lightly. “How about baby? You called me baby a while ago?”

I know it wasn‟t intentional, but his voice is killing me! “Dan…you‟re not helping! I‟m
trying really hard not to reach over and start kissing you!” For heaven‟s sake!

He grinned, “I‟m sorry…um, so…I was thinking…since, you know…do you want to get
mar-?” He wasn‟t able to finish. We already saw Charlie waving both his hands as we
drove upfront of his driveway. Dan threw me a sweet smile, which wasn‟t just sweet…for

“Take your time Lee…and I love you…” How can I not love him?!

“Love you too.” I mouthed; you know how it comes out without any sound. I hopped
down from his jeep and he smoothly grappled my waist. “This will kill my mother.” I
whispered close to his ear almost tasting it, almost. Charlie welcomed Dan with a big

“Finally you‟re back and uh-looks like you two are getting along pretty well!” Charlie
has his way of expressing himself. We get along way more than well.

“Yeah…I found my match…” Dan admitted, I noticed his cheeks blush, and I felt my
heat augment.
“Well, glad to hear that, so congratulations then?” Charlie shot me a smile, which I think
meant, „Boy! Is this really happening?‟

“Thanks chief!” I simply replied.

“Of course Leah…but, as much as I want to I really can‟t stick around, got some rounds
to do. I just waited for you two to arrive, Sue‟s inside, so just help yourselves right in…”
He gave the both of us another mystified look, and then jogged away.

My mom came out of the kitchen and her eyes grew big when she saw Dan‟s arms
around my hips. She quickly tried dismissing her previous reaction (which she did in
vain). “Oh! My!” She muttered as she took me in, hugging me quite tighter than the
usual. “Missed you sweetie…Ehem-ehem…so, I‟m witnessing before my own eyes what
Sam told me the other day.” She gave Daniel the look a mother would give if she found
her daughter making out with him. It‟s dead embarrassing.

“So, when is the wedding?!” She finally broke off from her scrutiny with a question that
is beyond humiliating.

“MOM!! Can we at least sit down FIRST, that‟s even not the reason why we‟re here!?”
Ugh, or was it?, I gazed nervously at Dan, he was just as shaken as I am, but maybe he
kept his cool better. She tried composing herself. “Ok then, you two take your seats.” We
obediently sat down. I felt the need to initiate „this‟ talk. “Ok mom…here‟s the thing, you
know the way we are, and well the imprint was mutual…” Mom looked like she didn‟t
hear me at all.

“Ok, I know that…so Daniel Black, do you really love my daughter?” She paused and
went on with her speech, both of us held in our breaths. “I was supposed to be calm,
knowing that this is inevitable, but I just had to ask, I‟m still a mother…and Leah has
been hurt badly in the past. Imprint or not, please don‟t you dare leave or hurt her.” That
was a shocker!?

Oh mom…

“Ma‟am, I could turn my back on everything just to be with your daughter, I love her
more than I love myself, or anyone or anything else.” Dan readily answered, with no
stutters this time. I would have recorded it if only I knew. “I‟m going to hold you to that
young man.” What the hell is making my mom so freaking worried about?!

“MOM…this imprint thing is strong enough, as if you didn‟t know…and besides, if you
worried about us not getting married, then stop. We‟re getting married.” Isn‟t that
supposed to be coming from Dan?! Shoot! I just ruined his moment. His hands around
mine tightened in a way that‟d heat me up. Ok, so he‟s happy I said that. But mom had a
weird look on her face. Is she having attachment issues here? Or separation anxiety of
some sort?
“I can‟t believe I‟m feeling this way, guess parents do get too attached sometimes…” She
took a deep breath. There you go mom. Breathe…

“Ok then, so have you discussed this thing with Jacob, he‟s the alpha…he needs to know
what his beta‟s up to?” Right. “And aren‟t you going to finish college first?”

Oh come on. “I could do both mom…anyways we‟re here to help you out with your own
wedding plans.” Not mine, not yet.

“Emily‟s planning it, and Alice , she just called…so what about Jake?” What is she
babbling about Jake for, of course Jake couldn‟t to anything about it. Speaking of the
extreme paradox of my life …I just made out with him LAST NIGHT. What the f*ck!

“Did I just hear someone say church bells?” That sounded like Jake; OH NO. It IS Jake.
He just came out of nowhere. How?! And I am not ready for this DISCUSSION and I
never will be. He walked around the sofas and sat next to mom. He gave her a warm
hypocritical smile.

“I guess Seth can always taker her place.”

So he was listening, and we didn‟t even sense him? Or did he just move so fast, that
there‟s no time to even notice his presence? He gave me another one of his naughty
smiles. My stomach reacted noisily. THIS. IS. GOING. TO BE. DIFFICULT. I stood up
in an instant. “Hey guys, I‟ll get us something to eat…I‟m really starving.” Before
walking out I glared at Jacob, hoping it had bore a whole on his face. I remained in the
kitchen, and let them start the „talk‟ without me.

“So you‟re going to take her away?” Jake asked. He masked his voice, and used his alpha
tone. He seldom does that (although I feel sometimes he usually uses it on ME), unlike
Sam, who on the other hand overused it.

“It‟s really up to her…” Dan replied. My mother did not move an inch, but she remained
seated, I guess to moderate the tension that is obviously in current.

“What if she still wants to be my second, would you allow her, and would you join my
pack?” Jake was suddenly reasonable. What got into him? Though I‟m sure I won‟t be
comfortable standing close to him anymore. He better get a grip! Why does he even think
I‟d choose to remain his beta? And Dan…he has been a nomad for seven years, is it
possible for him to submit himself under Jacob?

“If she wants to remain as your second in command, I‟ll be at her side, AT ALL TIMES
Jacob.” Dan taunted.

I did a recap inside my head. Can I leave the pack? Would it bother the elders if we start
a pack of our own? Of course it would, it would show discord, and the old folks expect
unity, „cause like they always say, we all belong in one family. But how is this going to
work, could we co-exist this way?

“Leah!” Jake called out, using again that frigging alpha slash idiotic tone! It appears he
still has that power on me.

“Yeah…I‟m coming.” I put the bread back on the saucer and marched out. Freak. We‟re
back again to where we started, me and Jake.

“Are you leaving the pack?” He asked, not loosing „the unswerving' tone.

I glanced between mom and Daniel. Dan would really hate it if we stick to Jake‟s pack,
he‟s just saying it‟s ok for show. “Mom, would the elders mind if we start a pack of our
own?” I lowly asked, avoiding Jake‟s forceful eyes. How could he show himself so

“What is your reason Leah? Is there any issue between you two…Jacob…Daniel?” Mom
suddenly turned her question over at them. “Cause I can‟t see any problem why there‟s a
need for you to have two separate packs, or is there something I do not know of yet?”

Issues mom needs to know of!?! MY ASS?! Hell no! “I guess I‟m not leaving then, but I
request that I be demoted. I can‟t be your beta anymore Jake.” I placed emphasis on
those last words and meet his stare…but Jacob‟s demeanor wasn‟t shaken.

“FINE LEE . Daniel, would you like to replace her as beta?”


Sometimes being the one who knows what‟s going to happen is extremely high
maintenance... not to mention annoying. I had to lie to Edward literally all of the time,
that's twenty four hours of mind blocking watch. Well, it‟s not that difficult thinking
purely of wedding gowns, especially if I was going to buy the cloth in Milan. But it
seems my Milan shopping spree, in reality is a wolf hunt in Forks. I need to talk to Jacob.
I made all the fuss asking for Zafrina‟s help, but look, he just threw it all away. I need to
fix this myself before it gets too big. Too big that Edward might go blank and kill Jake on
the spot.

And since I‟m the one less infuriated at him, which is all due to my confidence in his and
Nessie‟s future, I can somehow handle this catastrophe he is creating. Although, I saw
that he already did it with Leah, but truly Leah also did it with Dan…so if ever she
becomes pregnant, well, how‟d I know if it‟s Jake‟s or Daniel‟s or will I ever know?
That‟s the blind spot there…that‟s kind of bugging me a little…ok, a lot actually.

Anyways…where is that mongrel? I know I caught his scent here somewhere. Yep.
He‘s near the cliffs. The treaty line is void, thanks to Jake‟s imprinting on Renesmee.
But it seems, Jake‟s double attraction is going to cause us trouble. I freely glided my way
to First Beach , leaving the car near the Black‟s residence. I said hi to Billy, and he said
he wasn‟t sure if Jake has arrived here yet.

And then I found him…very unlikely in appearance. I had to get back and get him some
clothes. I threw what he calls clothes at him.

“Al?” he said.

“I‟m going half a mile away. I‟ll be back when you‟re…err…covered.” In less than a
minute I got back, I knew he was already done.Time to fire the guns away.

―I know everything Jacob Black.‖


Leah‟s POV

Mom kept on staring at me; specifically at my face, my body, my tummy and my

freaking butt!!! “MOM!? What the hell? Is this some kind of security inspection?!” I
spoke utterly annoyed; while I helped her out with some of the floral arrangements she‟s
going to put on the tables around the dining and receiving areas. She wants to experiment
with the color combinations. I‟m not so much into flowers, but what she‟s doing seems to
be quite interesting.

“Where did Daniel sleep last night?” She snapped in a flash.

Last night?! Can anyone not talk about last night?! Last night was indeed a defining
moment of my life, and I know that soon, that one night will mean me, being thrown to
limbo!!! So why bug me with questions, I‟m kind of anticipating doom already. It isn‟t
really helpful and necessary anymore. “Dan slept at Billy‟s… of course” Yeah … „coz it
was Jacob who I slept with last night. So please, just shoot me!

“But you already slept with him?”

Mom is very pushy today. Is she starting to have menopausal cramps? “Mom, why are
you so worried, you know I had it with Sam too. It wasn‟t my first time, so…what‟s the
fuss now?” Ok, suddenly I feel like throwing up, hearing myself speak Sam‟s name.

“Well, I just want more honesty Lee…what I‟m really leading up to is… are you being
safe? I mean…I do care what the boys are up to and how they deal with their imprints,
but they have their own parents to worry for them. Of course, Lee, I‟m your mom; I had
to ask.”

I looked at her incredulously. When will I ever graduate from these kind of sex talks?
“Mom, do you want a detailed testimony of how it is to have an imprint?” I snapped
back. Which suddenly reminded me, Dan imprinted on me, so it means I have a chance
on being pregnant, I mean I know that, that I might get pregnant, but I‟m not one
hundred percent sure, I still phase, and I can‟t pregnant or never will get pregnant if I
continue phasing…that‟s according to the „BIG THEORY‟. Well if that‟s the case, then
maybe…I just have to continue phasing…that way, I‟m safe…and I‟m not going to get
pregnant with Jake. But I want to have Daniel‟s child, that‟ll be the fall back there.

“Describe it to me then.” Mom replied. Her eyes were somehow eager to get illuminated.

It‟s good that mom asked Dan to buy some groceries in Port Angeles so we‟re a little free
to talk about certain things. And tonight‟s going to be a bit special, because everybody‟s
finally back. She‟s planning a little dinner party. Which won‟t really be little; the pack
has got BIG appetites. Daniel's face resurfaced into my consciousness. I really wanted to
be with him…what‟s taking him so long?! Ok, I just have to endure some hours of
separation. I wonder where we‟ll do it next; and how long would it be…

“Lee…hey…as you were saying?” I was little startled to see a huge grin on my mom‟s
face. What was she saying? “I guess you don‟t have to give me a detailed explanation, I
was talking to you back there…you don‟t seem to be hearing me, were you thinking
about Dan?”

No, I still wanted to tell her. “Ok, Mom I‟ll sum it up in six words. I. CAN‘T. BE.
APART. FROM. HIM.” Yet I wanted to say more, so I said more. “He makes me feel
so much, and think that holding on for „dear‟ life is worth it… that life is not really a
living hell, that life can actually be…a living paradise.” And if I got myself killed (back
then, like twice already), or did kill myself, I wouldn‟t have met him. “Now, I‟m just
happy to be alive…happy to be breathing…”

Jake‟s face suddenly popped up inside my recollection. Of course, Jake was there, when I
almost did try killing myself. He consistently prevented it to happen; because of that I‟m
still here and I met my Dan. But I did not use Jake. I love him, I knew I loved him, but he
can‟t really love me forever…and that I knew too.

“Lee…I still have a lot of questions though, we all thought you can‟t get imprinted
on…well, that is one of the reasons I was really surprised when I heard the news, I‟m
saying this since we‟re being honest now…but I guess we can‟t really tell the magic in
our blood what‟s possible and impossible.”

Good, she answered her own query, I really didn‟t know too.

She already had five arrangements on the table. That was fast. Then I saw a second round
of weirdness dawn on her face. “What‟s with Jacob Black though?” Her brows creased
and I know I can‟t easily dismiss her suspicion this time; she wouldn‟t stop until I admit
something. Jake gone back to Billy‟s place already, the elders wants to see him. Mom felt
the need to shoo him away, „coz it appeared he wasn‟t going to leave us in peace. Mom
went on. “And what‟s with you leaving your position? I don‟t oppose Dan filling it in, but
you dropping it like hot coal…I know there is something very wrong going on?!” I
immediately felt hot…though I did not tremble; I was unexpectedly more collected these
days. “Jacob Black acted as if he owns you…” It‟s not hard to see that I got my
frankness from my mother. Now I had to cook up a plausible story.

I snorted as I answered her. “He‟s just attached, you know how we got close, especially,
as his beta, I was always around him. It‟s entirely platonic Ma. Then Daniel arrived…he
imprinted on me, and I imprinted on him too…so, Jake‟s kind of in shock.” I tried
explaining with the least emotion possible. But I could not wake her out of her revelry.

“Daniel also looked like he could kill Jacob…Well I feel both those men are quite head
over heels for you.” She babbled on and on. Then Mom‟s eyes just got so big.

“Leah Clearwater, you are not to be found alone with Jacob Black…do you understand
me?! Oh my God Nessie!” She shouted her lungs out, then mumbled Nessie‟s name right

“What do you mean!?”

“Just do as I say, young woman!?”

Mom went from calm to lunatic. What is it now!? She stormed right up went to the phone
and called Old Quil Ateara‟s house. Of course, I‟d know, I can hear her crystal clear.
“Hello? Yes Quil…it‟s Sue…Leah‟s home, I‟m afraid we have a rare case of double
imprint!” Mom thundered. Beside from assuming that Mom had overreacted and had
misinterpreted Jake‟s reactions, upon hearing that, I felt the heavens threaten to tumble
down on me.


“Sue calm down…this isn‟t affirmative as of the moment. We haven‟t assessed the whole
situation yet. By the way Billy is already here with his son.”
I heard Old Quil talk to Mom from across the line. My heart was still staggering. I can‟t
believe what my ears are hearing. I don‟t even have the will power to repeat Mom‟s
inference. This is way beyond comprehension.

Mom can not forthrightly explain to Dan why they had called an emergency meeting. It
seems I am the first and only one to have heard about another freakish event that has
befallen us. But I can not be sure that Billy isn‟t warming things up for Jake, and I‟m
alarmed that Daniel will be most devastated once he learns of this. We are now close
enough to see Old Quil‟s front porch. Dan parked near the open fences the surrounded the
bungalow house. I felt my body going over a hundred and twenty again, and I did avoid
Dan‟s eyes, I‟m missing him and I‟m dying to be with him. Stupefied, I can‟t find the
exact word to encapsulate how I feel as to what awaits us inside.
The house had an extended conference room preceding the receiving area which is the
place where the elders regularly meet. But sometimes they do it in the backyard or in our
house (when Dad was still alive and with us, I had to wince at that) or near the beach, if
they just want to chat about lighter things. But closed door meetings such as this one
were seldom and severely nerve wrecking.

Sam was there, and all the members of the first pack. Jacob sat beside Billy, and Daniel
sat on the other side of Billy. I wanted to run away, but Mom held my wrists as if they
were in handcuffs. This isn‟t a very pleasant issue to discuss; talk about my PERSONAL
SEX LIFE, ugh?!?
“Why is the entire pack here?” I simply had to ask. “This is MY life we‟re talking

“They are witnesses Leah.” Old Quil calmly reassured. Right. Witnesses. They knew
about me and Jake, of course that was before I met Dan. I still didn‟t know what Mom
saw in Jake‟s face this morning, to be creating a fuss such as this.

“Sue, Leah, please take your seats.” Old Quil gestured, his eyes stayed focused on me. He
no longer beat around the bush; Old Ateara went straight to the point. “The first issue is,
Leah, someone had imprinted on you; who is nonetheless Daniel Black, which is
something that none of us have expected. It means you can bear children, but how and
why? Have you noticed any changes in your body lately?”

“Ok, that‟s personal.” I muttered, noticing the devious smiles forming across the faces of
some of the boys, namely Embry and Jared. They are enjoying this.

“Well, I‟ve been running a hotter temperature these passed few weeks, more than a
hundred and ten I think.”

“Make that hundred and thirty” Jake suddenly cut me in. Jerk. Billy winced.

“How about your period?” Old Quil probed more.

“Er…I have monthly intervals at times, though usually I still have it monthly…but…I
hadn‟t had one for almost two months.” Oh my god. Well I did not have sex with
anybody during those times.

“The boys said that you looked and smelled quite appealing these past weeks as well.” I
didn‟t know how Old Quil was able to bring that up.

“What?!” Did I? I saw Sam shake his head ever so slightly. Pig!

“I have a theory.” Billy spoke up. “Since Lee here is the first female wolf, we really don‟t
have much information about occurrences related to her. But since the main reason she
can‟t bear children is her ever changing body, probably there are new changes that had
taken place in her that we aren‟t aware of. We‟re somehow limited in knowledge and we
need science to back it up, I guess we should get Dr. Cullen‟s opinion on this.” Jake
winced. The rest of the pack, stiffened at the name. I guess they know just about
everything, except that event last night. Dan sat like a statue; he wasn‟t comfortable
having me as a live specimen in this meeting.

“The Cullens will be here tonight.” Jake informed.

Meeting adjourned, meeting adjourned!!! I kept shouting in my head. But Old Quil just
said awhile ago, that was the first issue, so there is a second one.

“Moving on…” The old sage called. Now it‟s my Mom‟s turn to acid up. Billy raised his
hands, and motioned that the pack leave the room, only Jacob and Daniel remained.
Thank God! That saved me from a lot of tension. I just hope they really keep out. Those
guys are snoops!

“Jacob, can you describe what you feel when you see Leah?” He looked like he‟s gonna
puke. Daniel‟s eyes started to burn. And I would like to faint on the spot.

“Come on, isn‟t that too much?!!” Jake reacted. But our elder seems to have back-up
information. “My son, told me things Jacob.” He coolly interrogated. Jake must have
took note of that, he isn‟t used Quil telling on him.

“Ok then, I‟ll try to tone this down. First, what Quil told you is accurate, I felt exactly
that way. Second, sometimes more than that.” Billy winced more explicitly this time.

And where is Jake getting all this fighting spirit?

“Did you try applying what you feel in action, or had that strong urge to do just that?”
Old Quil made it sound like it was frigging Physics.

“The boys told you that?”

He nodded, “They have no choice.”

“SO why are you still asking me?”

Old Quil glared, “It‟s part of the SOP.”

“Fine! I did apply what I feel.”

I turned beet red, wishing I could bury myself alive underground.

“Are you still on to the compulsive thinking?” Billy tried to participate in the
interrogation. Jake looked at Daniel, who was now trembling and then he answered “Yes,
can‟t get her out of my head.”
I quickly ran to Dan‟s side and held his shaking hands. Jacob looked like he‟s gonna bite
him. In that short moment of our intertwined reactions they‟ve seen it all; Jacob let out a
short snarl and Daniel crouched in an offensive position. Mom looked terrified.

“This is a definite problem.” Billy mumbled shaking his head. “Daniel, Jacob, WILL
you two SIT DOWN, for heaven‟s sake!!!” Billy thundered. It took some seconds before
the two found their calm.

“You said you imprinted on Daniel?” Billy asked me this time.

“Yes.” I said, trying to shake all the weirdness that‟s showing its face. I wanted to say
how much wonderful it felt, how my world changed when I felt Dan‟s presence, but…it‟s
just not the perfect time.

“She‟s a wolf, she can imprint.” Old Quil inferred.

“What about Jacob, do you feel any magnetic pull from him?” Billy asked me still.

Dan lowered his eyes, this will hurt him. “Only when he‟s around, but I can only see
Daniel in my mind now.”

Jake had a hurt expression on his face. The truth hurts, I had to make some sacrifices.

“And you Daniel?”

“Only Leah, I can‟t feel anything for anyone else.”


“Just kill me, I‟m the freak here. I see Leah, and I see Nessie.”

“I think our alpha had imprinted twice.”


We were thrown in the living room after we had answered all their questions. But it‟s
really no use. Even if they lock themselves behind iron gates, we can hear them „coz
we‟re freaking werewolves here. But the three of us kept our silence. The revelations
were too much to bear.
Even if they hit the lowest decibel, we can still hear them.

“Taha Aki had three wives?!”

This came from my mom, “Come on Quil, he had them all in different periods of time,
not all at once!!!”

“I am aware of that Sue.”

“But truly, some alphas, though very rarely, do happen to imprint twice. It‟s only up to
twice though.”

Mom again responded, “So you mean this second imprint had been influenced by the
animal within him?”

“Look at the signs, Leah smelling good, having seasonal menstruation, and heating up
over a hundred and thirty? And Jacob knew…?”

“This is the 21st century; we can‟t let him keep both.” Mom sounds livid

Old Quil snaps, “Of course that won‟t happen; Jacob should make up his mind. Leah
made up hers.”

“Did he just agree that he „applied‟ what he felt for Leah? Should we ask how far he went
in applying it?” This time my mom sounded scared.

Billy spoke decisively, “We should know first if Leah can really bear children, we‟ll set
an appointment with the doctor ASAP.”

Mom‟s voice now sounded tired, “Tell your son, to stay away from my daughter. I don‟t
want her having babies from two different men.”

Billy sounded happy but worried. “Well that wouldn‟t be hard; it seems Leah chose my

“There‟s one more dilemma, Edward Cullen will not like the sound of this.” I hear the
dread resonating in my mother‟s voice.




We were called back right into the old conference room. I‟m still so much in a daze as to
what had just taken place a few hours ago. How could I not notice that I imprinted a
second time around? All the symptoms were there but it did not urge me to conclude it
that way. All the while I thought this fatal attraction was way off.
But imprint or not, it still seem wrong. The council would not call an emergency meeting
if it‟s the most normal wolf thing in the planet.

“Sorry kids, we could not just let it rest, we had to come up with temporary solutions and
a plan of action.” It was Dad who said that. Sue was really giving me „the looks.‟

So what?! Does she find me harder to trust compared to Daniel?!

We took again our sits around Old Quil.

Leah‟s eyes warily went from my direction to Daniel‟s. I can feel her doing a memoir in
her head. But she didn‟t throw cold gazes at me anymore, the softness in her eyes were
back again.

Oh Lee…if I could keep you without causing a tribal war. She couldn‟t hold Daniels
hands now, probably worried, or I don‟t know, maybe she doesn‟t want to see me hurt.
But what about a while ago? Did it made a difference now that she knew why I‟m acting
so deranged?

“Jacob, when did you start having this unavoidable attraction towards Leah?”

I didn‟t see the question necessary, though I can see Leah waiting too for my answer. “Is
this really necessary?” I said.

“We‟re trying to get something clear, just answer the question.” Old Quil demanded.

“I don‟t know, maybe like four months ago...I suddenly just wanted to kiss her, and so I
did.” I saw Daniel flinch. Leah bit her lip, those lovely lips.

“Well, frankly not only kiss her; I was dying to constantly be with her.” It took a lot of
nerves to say that.

“Very well…during these four months Leah, how did you react to Jacob?”

Her skin was turning a deeper shade of pink. Oh…her skin…

If she could curse, she could have let out a mouthful by now. Too bad it‟s the elders
we‟re talking to. “Well, I‟d rather keep such things to myself…but I‟ve been awfully
drawn to Jake as well, -at those times, I mean.” She glanced at Daniel. Why was she so
concerned about his reaction?

Sue was still stiff as a frozen delight. It feels like she wanted to dig deeper, and shoot
bullets to my brain.
“Four months you say?” Old Quil repeated, though mainly to himself.
“This next question will be very difficult to answer, but I NEED you, Jacob and Daniel
to answer me HONESTLY.” The Old man, suddenly looked grave.

“This is off the record, but, if this will not be brought to the open, we would not know
what course of action we should take. If you are not Alpha Jacob, and if you imprinted on
one, we wouldn‟t even have this meeting. Now, let me ask you two…Did you or did you
not MATE with Leah Clearwater?”

Sometimes I feel they‟re really just being nosey. These old pricks, can‟t they see THIS

“Can I at least excuse myself; this is way too personal for me?” Leah cried cupping her
face with her hands. She looked like she needed a hand to hold, but whose hand?

Why can‟t I just take away that damn frown off her face? How can I give her a soothing
touch, when I am the one causing all her distress?

“We want to preserve peace and unity Daniel, Jacob and Leah, among ourselves and
among the Cullens, we need to know in advance the consequences of your decisions and
actions. Now please, think of it as an aid, rather as an intrusion. You are a pack, we are a
family. We will not judge you; we will try to fix this.” Old Quil paused shortly, but then
went on again.

“Just so you know; I think Leah is fertile during a seasonal basis, although we still need
the doctor‟s say on this. And so she can attract her mate or imprint to be with her during
‗this‘ time, it just so happen the two of you have imprinted on her. And it appears the
genes of the „wolf‟ are very active in Leah‟s blood. SO did you two DO it?”

I fell silent, and lowered my eyes; I could not meet any of their gazes. Daniel was also
looking down, turning his eyes away from the elders.

“THIS looks like a doubleyes to me.” Dad assumed…–RIGHT!

“Oh my god! OH MY GOD!” Sue frantically uttered, she stood up and faced the wall.

Lee shook her head; looking really really shaken. Lee…

“I‟m sorry Mom. Daniel…I‟m…really…sorry…” She mumbled, her eyes getting moist.

I was anguished to see her this way. But can I be there for her? All I really want to do is
to ran to her and wrap my arms around her…and just be there. But I guess Dan‟s feeling
the same way. I heard myself whisper her name. My wolfgirl…

“OK, now…we will run tests, we aren‟t that sure yet with this hypothesis. We‟ll have to
rely to paternal tests, only after then we can start with the other amends…we‟ll take
matters one step at a time. We will arrange that Carlisle and Edward Cullen join us in
another meeting. They have to know this. I will make a phone call right after we
adjourn.” Old Quil finalized.
I‟m not terrified that they would once and for all know everything…I‟m terrified that
they will hate me to the core more for it.

Just then suddenly Dan shot right up, pinning me against the wall, his heavy breathing
became more distinct, as the sound of his growls broke out from his mouth. I heard the
chairs crash on the floor. The movement was so quick, no one knew it even started.
Daniel could not put his anger into words. I did not fight this time; I was guilty beyond
reasonable doubt. I know I loved Leah, but if I was a little less stupid, all these shouldn‟t
had happened. I am the alpha, I should have known better.

“Daniel!” Dad called.

“Back off Dan!” I hissed. This jackass wouldn‟t let loose.

“JACOB!!! YOU ASSHOLE!!!” He finally found his tongue to let it roar on me.

“Dan, please…” Lee consoled with that voice that I love.

And like magic, he was suddenly calm. But loathe remained in his eyes. His tight grasp
loosened a bit.

“I‟m sorry bro, I love her, just like you do.” I spat to his face with raging acid.



Dan walked out of the house extremely outraged. I didn‟t know what he was thinking.
Jake followed us outside as well, but he remained at the porch. I avoided the expression
shadowing his face. “Daniel? Please Dan…come on…Dan, I‟m so sorry. I‟m a
FREAKING two timer!!! It‟s blatantly obvious, but please; tell me what‟s on your

He wouldn‟t even look at me. “You‟re the only one in my mind Lee, and I‟m NOT even
angry at you! For god‟s sake!!! I am this close to lashing his heart out, but you… I‟m not
mad at you!” He finally looked at me, thank God. “Why does this have to happen?!” he
held the door of his jeep. His hands were starting to shake again, I readily held it tight.
These were the hands that touched me, healed me, and that went inside of me. I kissed his
hands. “Don‟t kill Jake this way Leah…” I was surprised for his concern for Jake. “He
actually imprinted on you first…”

What the-?! The three of us are broken beyond repair, what‟s more… if Nessie learns of
this, that‟d make it four people broken by this damn imprinting thing!
“You made love with him Lee…it means you love him as much as you love me. Is there
even a difference between me and Jake?”

Where in the world did he get such crushing patience, which by the way isn‟t really

“I will love you even if you choose Jacob, Leah, I will only imprint once.‖ Ok this is too
much. His kindness is beginning to torture me. He can‟t leave me, I love him, and he‟s
the rainbow after this murderous sadistic storm.

“Daniel…why are you saying this?” I heaved out, anxious. I badly wanted to feel his
embrace, RIGHT NOW.

“I‟m giving you a choice here.” He spoke these words with difficulty. “You can think
about it Lee, just… please, don‟t ban me from your house.”

“Why would I do that silly?!” My agitation began increasing. HE CAN‟T LEAVE, OR


“All I‟m saying is think about it. I will wait forever, until you are ready. I‟m going back
to your house now…I‟ll see you later.” He gave a peck on my neck, and let his lips linger
there a bit longer. It nearly killed me with anticipation. He rode his jeep and drove back
to the house.

Now Jacob Black is still waiting for me. This is getting sicker and sicker and SICKER!!!
I‟m marched my way to the beach; I know he‟ll follow me here, he‟d follow me
EVERYWHERE! “Lee, stop walking, please.” I‟m starting to feel he‟s really overusing
his alpha voice on me. But yeah…I did stop. It‟s already a registered response. I can see
the afternoon sky now, and the humid winds blowing over the waters. I did not turn to
him, but I felt his hands around mine. “I‟m sorry, was I a pain in the ass back there?” I
can‟t let go of his hand, this double imprint thing is taking its toll on me. My body is
reacting to his touch. Tomorrow morning I might just lock myself up in a padded cell.

“YOU were an ASS back there!” I raged almost growling.

“Don‟t you think its better that I didn‟t resort to lying? They will find out sooner or later,
probably in the most embarrassing way possible, its better they know it beforehand!” He
fired back.

Mom said that she‟ll wait for me in Old Ateara‟s porch. She‟d be furious that I‟m with
Jake again. But now I‟m beginning to realize why she prohibited me. I want Jake the way
I want Daniel, and I can‟t seem to find the strength to totally resist, one part of me
continuously drools for Jacob. He was still holding my hand. I tried yanking it out, but
then he pulled me into a tight embrace, my back still facing him.

“I love you Leah…” He whispered intensely.

“The Cullens will arrive in a few hours Jake, I can‟t see any feasible way that‟d make this
thing between us work.” I had to say something distracting. His insane heat began
washing over me like red sea. Snap out of this, Jake, snap out of it NOW! Little by little
his tight hold loosened up. I slowly turned around so that I‟d be facing him. His eyes
shone for me, and that smile –his smile that haunted me in my dreams was right back
there, beaming away. I‟d once thought that I would kill to own that smile. Now it seems to
be mine My eyes went blurry and before I knew it, tears flooded over my face. My
memories with Jake overwhelmed me with sudden grief. “Jake, I will not forget anything
about you; every detail of our times together, every inch of your skin, every word that
you said…I will NOT forget last night. You‟re my first love … you‟re my savior, and if
this child is going to be yours, I‟ll be happy to bear him…or her. But we simply can‘t be
together. The complication's are eating us up! IT JUST CAN‟T BE! I‟m sorry.”

Jake was speechless.

I broke away from his arms. I‟ve decided that if I‟m possibly going to be pregnant with
Jacob‟s pup, I‟m gonna keep it without any regrets. I started walking back to the

“Lee, my Leah…” He mused; my heart throbbed hearing his sad voice. I spun around to
get a last glimpse of my alpha, but he was already running towards me, like he‟s going to
pin me down to the ground, only, he didn‟t. Instead, he swept my feet off the sand, and
carried me in his arms like a TOTAL idiot! “You said that! You can't take back your
word on me! You said, you‟re going to keep whatever it is that is mine that‟s growing
inside you even it‟s only hypothetical for now you made me very happy Leah!” His
cheeks looked like they were gonna burst.

“Put me down you jerk!” I strangled continuously. I honestly felt elated. My soul found
bliss in the thought that Jake may take part in this pregnancy.

He began kissing my cheeks, like he‟s some ten year old geek. “That‟s all I want to hear
Lee, that you would like to have and keep my friggin‟ baby.”

(Chapter 34 -An Outtake, could be...)


I choose Daniel. And that is final. ARGHHHH!!! But I will forever be connected with
Jake. I wanted that. I actually wanted that…I thought I wanted that but then Dan came
But how in this f*cking world did Jake imprint on me? Would that explain everything
single thing that happened between us two? Was it the pull of gravity that I should go
BLAMING?! Was it our bodily magnets that CURSED us to be slaves to it? SCR*W
IMPRINTING!! SCR*W IT ALL!!!!! It‟s just makes me want to heave, all this is hurting
Daniel!! DO I EVEN QUALIFY to HAVE A HEART! I must be a heartless, ruthless,
sick sick animal! That‟s why I choose Daniel, Daniel only has me. Jake has Nessie…at
the same time he had me. Which reminds me somehow of a story about a mambo jambo
King, who had a thousand concubines, but managed to „steal‟ his general‟s only wife.
Sick. Although I practically LET Jake steal me, that‟s the dividing line there. But was it
stealing? He f*cking imprinted on me! So much for stories, it makes me look more
miserably offbeat.

I need to collect myself.

There‟s a party tonight. It was suppose to be held in old Forks, but Mom thought it cool
that the vamps get a taste of First Beach. So it turned into a bonfire party. No fancy
dinner tables, no small talks, no flower arrangements or napkins, no oven cooked and
gourmet meals, just pure buffet and part-ey! (And as if the Cullens would mind, they‟d
rather have wildlife a la carte).

I might not show up though. And like I said to myself, its better I lock myself up in a cell
or a dungeon, but that‟d cause Charlie to freak out so my room‟s going to be the
substitute for now. I told Jake I‟d keep his pup, if it‟s his pup, and I‟m happy, actually
more than thrilled to have let him know that. That‟s why my guilt‟s consuming me, like
leprosy eating up skin, like a celestial vacuum eating up my being.

And what about Dan? “Lee…” That was him at the door. His voice has lost its
confidence, and it‟s all because of my slutty fertility call. But he‟s still here…he‟s still

Damn me!

He should have just hurt me, or pounced on me, growled, snarled, bit me, grabbed me,
scraped off my fur, drowned me in the sea but instead he suffocates me with his love,
poisons me with his kisses, hugs me, holds me….makes love with me.

Oh Dan…man, this is insane…

“Lee…can I come in?”

I wanted him to just barge in, kick the door open, and damage me, hurl me into the
wall…just kill me with his fury, but what the heck is he doing? Instead of all of
these…he is killing me with his love. “Curse you! Curse you Leah Clearwater!!! Damn
you stinking woman, I curse the day you were born!!!” I was expecting these lines and a
bit more hard core cursing in it. But I could hear none. I got up and opened the door. My
reaction caught me unprepared, the moment I saw loneliness dwelling in his eyes, I cried.
I cried like hell. I cried like a schizophrenic. I CRIED LIKE SH*T!

“I‟m so sorry Daniel.” I sobbed. I don‟t even have the right to sob, and be such a
softy…after making him go through hell and then back?! I tried to stop, but the tears
were not going to be deprived, I yearned for his retribution. But it looked like he doesn‟t
have any plans of making me suffer, thus making me feel guiltier, guiltier than ever.

What‟s with all this heavenly GRACE?!! Break me limb by limb Dan, you idiotic dim-
witted angel!!! I can no longer contain this contagious kindness. I blew up. I started to
“Why don‟t you just kill me? Do you want me go reminding you of what I just DID?! I
slept with your nephew goddamnit!!! I‟m a whore, a two-timing b*tch, a freaking
nymphomaniac, I‟m everything anyone should freaking hate!!! I COULD have both your
child and Jake‟s…I was a freak not to have babies before, now I screw TWO BLACK
WOLV ES and get pregnant with BOTH your seeds…Aren‟t you mad enough YET, or
would you like to HEAR more?!!!!”

He began trembling the way us werewolves would soon phase. “I don‟t see you that way

I immediately took him in my arms. Oh Daniel. “F*ck you Dan!!! You‟re such, you‟re
such, you‟re such…an angel.” I was going for stupid, but I can‟t fight the magic in his

“Lee…please…calm down…” He hushed, his warm hands cupping my cheeks. Imagine

he‟d still EVEN think of HUSHING me, whereas he‟s really the one badly needing one.
“I can‟t hate you Lee…I wanted the hate to seethe…I wanted to leave you and just be
disgusted with you, but I simply CAN‟T!” He pondered more. “I‟m so sick in love with
you Leah…that‟s all I feel, that‟s all I know…”

I thought the gods were boozed when they were lining up the stars for me; well I guess
they did play me for a fool. I wasn‟t expecting to have bumped in to a Daniel. “If there‟s
a Jake in there…-the thought of it, kills me, really…but leaving you would kill me
more…” I want to jump out the window. Or bang my head, I need a retribution, of any
form, from anyone…I need to feel my blood gushing out, my bones aching, breaking…I
want to feel his pain…I want to freaking feel his freaking WRATH!

“Hurt me Daniel…I need you to hurt me!” But he won‟t listen. He wouldn‟t even lift a
finger to me. “I need you to f*ckng HURT me Dan!” He still won‟t budge; I quickly
moved away from his embrace and ran to my dresser and smashed the mirror with a
chop. The sides of my hands bled, my skin cracked open. But a few seconds after he was
again holding it, wiping the streaming blood with his shirt, stupidly I knew how quick my
wounds heal. All I did create was one pathetic noise…I wasn‟t even hurt!! Damn!!!

“Stop it Lee…come over here…I‟ll try taking the pain away…” He whispered his voice
inviting me in.
I began punching his chest with my clenched fists. “You‟re the one hurt…I‟m the one
hurting you!!!” Dan ignored my display of self hate and pulled me closer, pushing the
small of my back closer to his body. “It‟s all right…I can‟t hate you Leah…” He began
kissing my neck, taking in the air that surrounded it. I began giving in, as I always do.

I surrendered.


“Someone‟s Got to Give”

Alice‟s POV

Edward, I‟m coming with you, invited or not! The elders did not specifically invite me,
nor mention me coming, but can‟t they see the benefits if they‟d have me around?

“I know Alice.” Edward muttered literally seeing through my mind. Putting Edward‟s
moodiness aside…

Emmett was just so thrilled with MY idea of buying surf boards and jet skis. Since we are
free to „cross‟ borders…we might as well INDULGE! We‟ve been dying to have a party
like this…mall hopping is starting to get boooring…ok not really. But, oh my…a beach
party, is just sooooo fab! I was really thinking of going for bikinis…oh Rose would look
like a she-devil with a burning red Roxy, but well…my mood got switched off when I
„saw‟ Sue make that phone call, and when I „saw‟ the elders‟ decision to finally let
Edward KNOW.
Edward scowled hearing my mind spout that. Carlisle managed to project a calm front
after the notice but…well, Bella‟s got strong intuition, especially now she had mastered
the facial abstractions of my beloved brother who was the one driving us back to Forks.
We‟re almost home, just picking up the jet skis and the surf boards before proceeding to
the Rez.

Ness sat between Esme and her mother, she seemed to regain her former
enthusiasm…she‟s really looking forward to seeing Jacob Black again. And I‟m glad
everyone was quite distracted, thanks to the jet skis. Edward mentioned that the three of
us should go ahead. Esme was still up to cooking her „contribution‟ for the party. She
wanted the pack to have another taste of her newly learned recipes. Nessie insisted on
joining us…it would have been an automatic yes, if the meeting was not anything about
her, but on the contrary… it is partly ABOUT her, and Leah, Jacob and Daniel, of course.

Edward was fighting a grimace to surface up as he freely preyed on my every thought.

“Nessie…sweetheart…you‟ll shortly be with your Jacob.” Edward almost choked out
Jacob‟s name. She curled her lips cutely and knew she was denied. I wonder why Bella
did not do her probing. I guess she‟s really pushing her gift of self control to the limits,
and YES, it‟s paying off. But I can just imagine how‟d she will react ones she learns
EVERYTHING. As soon as the Audi was ten miles away from our garage, Edward let
out his steaming fury, I just hope not directed at me, or maybe it is. “Alice, what do you
know about this…this subject I can‟t even t put into words? What in Hades‟ name is this
all about?”

I thought happy thoughts, I thought of Sue‟s many options for a wedding dress…

“Alice?!!” Edward was gripped with impatience.

I raised one brow. “Brother-dear, its better if you hear it from the elders…I don‟t want to
spoil the sho- surprise, would I?!”

“This is going to be about Jacob, I presume and obviously, about Leah and Daniel as
well. Of course I‟d guess that, but what about them?” Ok, that is definitely self talk.
Carlisle was deep in thought in the passenger‟s seat, I glanced up at him through the front
mirror, and I saw him sigh. I think he‟s getting a drift of the reality that awaits us there.

“Alice give me a hint, just ONE HINT.” Edward insisted.

“N-O. No.” I don‟t want to die, Edward. His grimace leaned more to irritation.

“Very well then.” He scowled.

“Ok, ok, I will not give a hint; instead I‟ll be giving you a warning. Be open minded,
BRACE YOURSELF and pretty much expect the worst.” I winced at that. Another item
that I added onto my Happy List is that, the council‟s staging everything. I mean, they‟re
the ones taking full responsibility and are actively involved in FIXING this jinx. I
thought I WAS ALONE, glad I‟m not. Of course I‟m looking forward to wearing my
Ferregamo tank, and beating Jasper in a Jet Ski race, everything‟s almost perfect, unless
the heavens send a firestorm and the gates of Hades let loose. Hmm…a beach wedding
isn‟t bad, NOT BAD AT ALL.

“I will never decipher the complex workings of your mind can you think of
bikinis at a time like this?!”

Figure and ground Ed. Figure and ground.

“Whatever.” He jeered.

Old Quil and Billy Black stood in front of their run-down porch. They weren‟t happy,
apparently not in the best moods and not in their board shorts?! Well, I got extras; they
could spare a few... “ALICE!” Edward practically cried. Oh. Sorry…got carried away.
We quickly hopped out of the car and Carlisle shook hands with both the pillars of the
Quileutes. “Where‟s Sue?” I cared to ask.

“Preparing…in Charlie‟s home…she will not join this meeting…we‟ll meet up with the
rest of them, later.” Old Quil answered, his eyes focused on Carlisle and Edward. “Well,
Alice insisted that she would be useful to have around, so…I hope you don‟t mind her
gate crashing.” Edward was already unnerving; the meeting hasn‟t even started yet. OH
MY GOD!!! Of course, he KNOWS everything now!!! He threw me a death glare.

“Edward, could we at least have a „verbal‟ discussion for the sake of your father? Come
on in.” The Old man negotiated, keeping his shivers hidden when he met Edward‟s eyes.
Although, Edward‟s balling fists can not be hidden, even though he did try. We entered
the house and the meeting began. Not one member of the pack is present, not even a soul
dared to be around. Well, no one would want to see the look on Edward‟s face.

The room became exceedingly solemn. Edward looked like he needed all the breathing
space he could muster. I kept my calm. Carlisle remained tranquil. Hearing the wall clock
in the living room tick and tock Old Quil began his revelation. But even before a word
could leave his mouth, Edward literally growled that the ceilings shook and one of the
windows broke. Everyone gave him this moment; he NEEDED this moment. No words
are necessary to explain the anger that washed over his countenance.

“Son…” Carlisle gave Edward a soft pat on the back. This signaled that Old Quil collect
his bearings. Edward would have naturally relayed to Carlisle what he heard from the Old
man‟s mind, but he can‟t seem to find the words and strength to do it.

Old Ateara began. “I won‟t make this sound pleasant, since you have already seen its
devastating effects on your son.” Quil paused, and proceeded when he saw Carlisle‟s
ready façade. “We have learned that Jacob Black imprinted on Leah Clearwater in
addition to your Nessie. There is such a thing as double imprint, although it has more to
do with Jacob‟s wolf side. This had been going on for four months already. And we
believe that both Daniel and Jacob mated with Leah during mating season, almost a week
ago. I‟m very sorry we weren‟t around to assess the situation earlier. You need to know.”

Edward vainly kept the snarls building up his throat. Carlisle‟s face was unmoved, but
heartbreak became evident when his voice broke when he first tried to speak, but, he
fought it and began being as objective as the circumstances allowed. “Well, we can‟t
change the past…” His voice edged, still, he went on. “But we can do something in the
present. As soon as Leah‟s ready, I would have to look at her, and have her undergo a
few tests. We will only know what to do next after we get the results. We can‟t disregard
the assumption that she could be pregnant with both. But another critical thing that we
will need to uncover is how she is able to bear children. As we all kn- ”

Edward cut Carlisle off. “I‟m sorry father. BUT THERE IS SUCH A THING AS WILL
Nessie away and send her to study in France, or in Alaska, anywhere away from that
MORONIC mutt!!!”

“It‟s up to you Edward Cullen, it‟s your decision and your right to take your daughter
away. What we can‟t really control is the nature of imprint and the wolf instincts that
sometimes govern Jacob‟s being. Jacob might still go after Nessie, as he might do as well
to Leah. But, an alpha will not be productive if he has a divided heart and mind. Someone
has to give. Now we can not fully place this matter in our hands. We have to wait for the
results, we have to wait for Jacob, Nessie, Leah and Daniel fix this thing among
themselves. For now, our utmost priority is that we will arrive at terms that wouldn‟t
harm either of our families.”

Carlisle let out a weighty sigh. Not because Edward was blowing up, but because he too
was really caught up. “Of course, at ANY COST , we keep the PEACE. Edward, we‟ll

This is the part where I enter. “You still have me guys?! What am I doing here if I
couldn‟t shed some light on this for you? Jacob and Nessie…well they‟re going to be
together, that‟s FINAL and ABSOLUTE. How do they get there? Well, that‟s the blind
spot. But, they will GET THERE.”

Edward can‟t be pacified. “I WILL PREVENT IT ALICE!!!!! I don‟t have anything

RIGHT to be against JACOB!!!” He outrageously roared.

“Even so, EDWARD.” I bickered back. “They will get there. THE WAY BELLA GOT



“What if I tell you, that Nessie is WILLING to take ALL OF THESE?”

Part 2

Alice POV

“How in the world could you THINK that Alice ?!!! Is that what you saw?!!! And how
would she be capable of that kind of comprehension?! She‟s a bit young for THAT in
both deed and cognition?!!” Edward was livid.

There‟s a bigger picture Edward. If you kill Jacob, well that‟s when the future becomes
somewhat bleak. I had the answer in my mind. I didn‟t know if he was able to pick it up,
but before I was able to voice it, he stormed out of the house, to who knows where?!

Carlisle nodded and gestured that its ok, Edward needs to be away to put his thoughts in
order. And as for me, if I let myself become too emotionally involved I don‟t think I
would be of any help. I could have just assassinated Jake myself, but that‟s not really how
things are supposed to GO. I have to remain objective and improve the present to
improve the future, as destiny has already cast its vote.

“Billy, please tell Leah to come to the hospital first thing in the morning…and well, if
Jacob and Daniel insist that they be present…I can‟t see anything we can do about it.”
Carlisle deliberately requested of him, shaking his head, knowing the message will
quickly get across.

Billy was passive the whole time. It isn‟t that difficult to figure out why.

I think I‟ll keep tabs on Edward, just to make sure there will be no murder toll tonight. I
left the conference room.

Carlisle remained inside to further talk about the issue, and to put it under even more

I was thinking whether to track Edward or call Bella. They will arrive at the beach I think
within the next fifteen minutes. Help Sue out by the beach or go comfort my brother?
Hmmm… Ok, I‟ll keep tabs on Eddie and go enjoy the party!!! Silly insensitive me… but
I hold on to THAT future.

Before I even knew it Edward was back at the beach helping set up tables for Esme‟s
buffet. Esme‟s dishes could not do without plates and tables. The waves aren‟t good
enough for surfing…but the jet skis are just perfect. I caught Emmett and Sam racing on
the sea –total boneheads, while Bella and Nessie rode together on one jet. Humph!!! I
can‟t believe Bella didn‟t wear the tankini I gave her… Well, ok I can. So much for the
Hawaiian theme, but Rose…wow…nothing but ravishing . Vampires and werewolves
aren‟t the least bothered with extreme climates.

Edward had put on a pleasant face, I guess he couldn‟t ruin Charlie and Sue‟s welcome
party, which also serves as an announcement and open invitation to the upcoming
wedding. It‟s actually better he knew everything before the party; it‟d be something that
would hold him down, temporarily. The boys were still hoping for the waves to get
bigger, huge enough to ride on. Jasper was now approaching me; appraising my black
bikini. Of course I would not fail to impress with my style, nor fail Jasper‟s expectations.
Everyone was there, except for the mating trio. But then again

Jacob had just decided to show up. He‟ll be around very very soon.


Jacob‟s POV

“Jake Jake Jakey!!! My Jacob!!!” Nessie practically came running and jumping into my
arms. Guilt again got lost somewhere inside of me as pure bliss came crashing into me.
My beloved little Nessie! She gave me a choking hug. (She can choke me until I crossed
the bridge to the after life, and it‟d still be ok.) And everything nice just about filled my
thoughts and my senses. Nessie‟s got magic in her every glimpse and smile. I wanted to
call her all the names a lover might call his girl…but…its too early for that. I resorted to
something that wouldn‟t freak Bella out.

“Sweetie…god I missed you…” I said and smiled at my angel. Nessie looked straight
into my eyes and grinned back, and suddenly it‟s as if the sun broke through the clouds.
Although the sun‟s about to set in an hour or so.

From the corner of my eyes I felt Edward‟s fatal glare. Of course he already knows. And
to mention I was even thinking of Leah before I got here. He‟s mind vacuum surely
would have gotten that. I know how he wants to snatch Nessie away from my arms, he
just CAN‟T DO it, „coz it would pain the little girl. But I was surprised; Eddie‟s keeping
his calm. Later on Bella walked up to him. I‟d be crazy not to think he has no fantasies of
gnashing me „til there‟s nothing left of me.

I put Nessie on her feet and took her hand. We walked away from the party coot.
And although I can smell all the goodness of Esme‟s sea food grill I still felt it better to
wind down a bit. I‟m the villain here, I should remember that.
Nessie began talking; her voice resembled the chimes that could relax anyone‟s disturbed

“Jake, how have you been? How‟s Lee?” What the heck!? Why ask about her?

“I‟m sorry my Nessie…uh, I‟ve a got a lot of wolf problems lately…I can‟t stand you
seeing that…and Lee, well…sigh…she‟s very fine, extremely fine with Daniel.”

Nessie looked like she wanted to ask more (as much as I wanted to say more), but maybe
she saw something on my face that made her hesitate.
“Come on, I‟ll take you for a walk…I have a favorite spot here in the beach…” I
hummed near her small ear. Despondently, to get there we need to pass by the boys who
are now prepping up to ride the waves. The waves are getting bigger now, since the moon
is soon to be up.

Quil who is carrying his Claire sprinted barefoot to get to us. “Welcome back Nessie!”
His voice was high with enthusiasm.

“Thanks Quil!”

“Hello..Ness-ie” Claire greeted. Claire‟s four now, and how‟d you know how Quil‟s still
holding up?!! It‟s because he‟s just so damn good at this!!

“Jake…still on the rocks „ey my friend!!?” Embry threw me a bear hug. Seth gave me a
pleading look, but Paul and Jared we‟re more than entertained, they find this double
imprint thing freakingly fascinating. Sick dogs.

“Bugger off Embz!!!” I barked kidding him at first.

“So where are they?” What the-?! What is this bozo talking about in front of Nessie!!?

“I don‟t know, why don‟t you try dropping by their nest…and go see for yourself half

Embry gone from healthy copper to blue…I think my snap bit him hard. He always hated
that we mention that he‟s a candidate to be my half brother (or Quil‟s, or Sam‟s and/or
etc.) Nessie pulled my hands and grimaced at my ill tempered tone. Of course that
crushed me.

“I‟m sorry man…I still love you though amidst it all…so just chill…ow-key?”

Embry was easy to be friends with; grinning sweet he nudged my ribs and started running
to catch a wave. After they all heard the elders theory of double imprint, they loosened up
a bit, I think.
“Wooaaahhhhh!!!!” We all can not help not to express our awe. He caught one
humongous wave and is now frigging riding it. “Way to go wolf man!!!” We all hooted
and yelled. He jigged his booty and stuck out his tongue, taunting us, challenging us to
catch our big wave. I would have taken the challenge, but my mood was in the gutters.
Plus, I wanted some alone time with my Nessie. But Nessie became awfully quiet. She
would usually tell me everything that happened to her during the day, touch my cheek so
to easily communicate all the wonderful images she has stored in her memory.

We began walking away, until all we heard were distant cries. I had a strange feeling that
Nessie had undergone some drastic changes. There‟s something in her eyes. Of course I
knew that glint in it that claimed she knew a lot and that she‟s smart, but just right now,
her eyes looked older, not aged, but mature?

“Is there something wrong sweet? How‟s studying with Rose? Did you miss me that

Her eyes appeared like it would tear up, but it didn‟t. My heart was instantly gripped with
pain. What‟s she thinking of? I suddenly feel like talking to a very very young woman.
She walked a little away from me and closer to the shore.
“I‟m almost done with my middle school curriculum. After five months or so…I would
be in the same level as you are…I mean, I‟m going to be in the junior year…”

Was this supposed to be for my information, or was she getting on to something…or


“We can go to college together Jake and you can join me in my home schooling…I don‟t
think you need an instructor, everything‟s modular. Then you‟ll have to pass the exit
exam…these are just my thoughts though…it‟s all up to you…”


“Nessie, well that‟s good, very good, actually. My answer should be a glistening yes.

“But?” She was a little shaken. I just know how Edward would loathe, make that PUKE
AT the idea.

“But I don‟t think your father would be thrilled with the idea of us doing everything

“Well, why not?” She almost whispered. She sounded so different; this is a Nessie I had
not known yet. She looks ten now, but she‟s speaking like she‟s fourteen, a very
responsible fourteen year old teen.
“ Ness …I‟d love to be with you…as how you see it…but, well-..Nessie…could I just
ask? Why are you being like this? I didn‟t know you were already thinking of college...?”

“I have ears and I have eyes, I learn, and I quickly learn Jake…well, I just want to know
why you think Daddy will hate it?”

I was thinking of what answer to give when, from a far I heard Daniel‟s distressed voice.
It wasn‟t even a scream but I‟m dead aware of it. His voice came from the direction of
the Clearwater ‟s supply store. Of course it would kill me that he bawled out Leah‟s

I suddenly didn‟t know what to do. I‟m having a heart to heart with Nessie but I‟m dying
to know what had just happened to Lee-lee and why Daniel was freaking out. No,
please…don‟t tell me…

I shot a look at Nessie who just looked as shocked as I was. I also heard the stressed
murmurs from the direction where the rest of the pips are. So, seems everyone‟s extra
sensory powers are all working here. I flipped Nessie so that she was piggy back riding
on my back and I went running through the small patch of green towards the Clearwaters.
I can hear lots of whispering now from Dan.

Leah fainted, she FREAKING FAINTED!!!

Leah lay motionless on Daniel‟s arms; he was now carrying her inside the H2. A few
seconds passed some of the Cullens were already here. It seems our instincts are quite
interwoven with each other. I gently put again Nessie down but suddenly felt so trapped.
I was dying to be with Lee at this time. My flesh is screaming out to be the one to hold
her, and take her where she needed to be. My one hand was holding Nessie but…how can
I be there? I feel like SH*T! My god…oh Leah!? Is she well?!

Carlisle was quick to assist Dan. He checked her vital signs. “She fainted…this is normal
when one is pregnant. You can bring her back home. There‟s no need to hospitalize her,
I‟ll be right back with my kit.” He instructed sketchily, running in vampire speed towards
the direction where his car was.

My heart was noisily rambling. Rosalie began staring at me, at the same time she, Jasper,
and Emmett, had their jaws fall open when they heard the word PREGNANT.
“Pregnant?!!” Rosalie was dumbfounded. “Pregnant babe…you heard it!!!” Emmett
cackled. Rosalie was still disturbed with the noise my heart was making, her glares were
getting annoying --the hell she is annoying!!!
Suddenly, someone took Nessie‟s hand away from me, Edward. “What‟s the problem
Daddy?” Nessie squirmed.

“You should be with your mother at this time.”

“You aren‟t answering my question?!!” Didn‟t Ed know he‟s making it more obvious?

“I‟m not mongrel; I‟m preventing it as a matter of fact!”

“I will stay with Jacob NO MATTER WHAT?!” The way she said that felt different. It
lost lots of it‟s childish hints. And again I felt it thick with implications. Nessie stared at
me, I felt the gravity shift, and felt it slap me on the face. She looked so strong-willed.

―As long as you are under my roof young lady, you are going to abide to the things I
think is right for you.‖


Hate Equals Love

Jacob‟s POV

“What was that Jake? Would you mind repeating that? You did what?!!!” Bella went
ahead expressing in acidic surprise. I sensed that she was going to lunge at me, but Nessie
took a step in front of me, was she trying to protect me?

“Nessie…” I hushed.

“NESSIE!!!” Bella commanded her to step away. Edward posed as if to grab her.
OH GOD!!! I can‟t believe my eyes are seeing this!?!!?

“I want to talk to Jake…Mom, Dad, please…I want to talk to him alone!? Give me time
to understand this.” Nessie pled.

I was too shocked to react. I can‟t make Nessie‟s new identity sink into my system. I
can‟t seem to get a good grip on it. What the hell is happening?! It‟s so weird, the feeling
of being shielded by someone so very young. Geez…this is freakin‟ humiliating!!! I can
just feel Ness turn into a beautiful version of the Loch monster. I mean, the way she can
stun Edward and Bella like that…her own parents. What a gal!

Edward seemed to be deep in thought but it looked like he was going to grant Nessie her

“I‟m giving you half an hour Renesmee. And Jacob, right after that, she‟s going back
home. This time, I won‟t just ground her from seeing you; I am putting any connection
between the two of you on hold INDEFINITELY . And Nessie…I hope you realize that
I am doing my best here, not to let you get hurt…but it looks like your will is too strong
to even recognize your father‟s concern and forewarnings.” Edward stated reasonably,
rage still visible in all angles.

Bella had her fists clenched, her shoulders were stiff, and if she didn‟t feed on animals I
would think her eyes were blazing red flames. Edward leaned to her ear and whispered
something to her. Bella relaxed a bit, and they glided away until they were out of sight.

Nessie did an about face; I kneel again so she could see my face, and so she wouldn‟t
need to look up at me.

“What do you mean, Jake? You imprinted on another girl…does that mean, there‟s
someone else you love… other than me? I mean…is that possible? Uh, is it someone I
know…I mean, w-what‟s happening? I thought this imprinting was somehow forever,
that it happens once in a lifetime…so what do you mean Jake? I can‟t seem to… well…
is this really true? I really…can‟t…get…why, I can‟t…I can‟t-?” Nessie babbled
disjointedly now, going around in circles. I realized right away that she was breaking
down, little by little, piece by piece. I can‟t handle being responsible for that!

I shook her lightly. “Nessie…oh…my Nessie…” I hugged her gently hoping her
stammering would stop. And then she began sobbing, her little body shook.

I felt worse then a rotten tomato, a pile of horse SH*T. I‟m a COMPLETE ASSHOLE! I
just fractured Nessie‟s pure soul. All I really deserve… is DEATH.

“It‟s Leah…isn‟t it Jake?” She whispered brokenly.

“Please don‟t cry my love…seeing you like this makes me feel like I don‟t deserve to
live.” I DON‟T DESERVE TO LIVE -that‟s already a FACT. I cleaned up the tears
rolling down her cheeks with my oversized fingers.

“Tell me Jake, is it Leah? I mean…HOW? She has Daniel…you have me…can‟t you
wait for me…at least?”

I took a deep breathe. Here comes Armageddon. “I…don‟t really…have….a choice,

Nessie...It sucks I know, I mean it is evil…and as much as I hate it, it looks like I have a
glitch in my head, maybe I‟m „the definition‟ of the crack in the imprint system, I feel
like a total FREAK to be loving two people…and yes, I‟m afraid it is Leah.” I made an
attempt to explain. Of course it sounds lame; IT IS LAME…knowing that you can‟t
really say „I‟m sorry‟, „coz you‟re THE ONE causing all the pain. Not only that, I know I
will keep on doing it, because no matter how I try to stop, I can‟t find inside of me the
will to stop. And it probably won‟t even stop, once Leah gives birth.

“Can you forget about her?” She held my face with her small hands, it was comfortably
warm. “…somehow? Can you…will you try?” Her eyes bored sweetly into mine. Nessie,
without thinking began working her charm now, though she is already magical without
the moves. “I‟ve learned a lot recently… I can live forever… so…I think I will wait for
you, Jacob Black…I don‟t care how long.” Her voice was soft, but confidence hangs on

“I‟m not sure…” I wanted to tell her that I might become a father, but probably it‟s best
to wait for Carlisle‟s diagnosis. I‟M SUCH AN INSENTIVE MUTT!

“You‟re not sure of what?” She looked panicky… „coz I can‟t freaking decide!!!

I had to tell her… it‟s not that I don‟t dream of being with her…it‟s just that, I
WRONGED her. I don‟t deserve her. I‟m, maybe, going to be a father…a frigging
FATHER!!! I honestly love the idea…but… “I‟m not sure I deserve you…Nessie…” I

“Why do you think that?” She‟s on the verge of tearing up again; I took her hands which
were still holding my face. I guess I can‟t wait for Carlisle anymore…

“Leah‟s pregnant…and… I might have something to do with it.” My heart stopped in

sick anticipation… she ABSOLUT ELY hates me now… I just know it. I waited for the
storm to arrive. It took some minutes before I heard her reply. A RMAG EDDON, surely
it‟s on the way!!

“Well, I am surprised. But I am more surprised with myself…” She looked at me, love
becoming more evident. “…I think, maybe, I can also handle that Jake…”

My jaw LITERALLY dropped to the floor. Who is this, and what did she do with my

“Ness?! Do you realize what I am trying to tell you…I think; I might, I mean…I‟m going
to be a da-…”

“Sshhh….” She touched my lips with her minute finger. I‟m going to be a dad Nessie… I
simply continued the unfinished sentence in my mind. “I am half vampire…I will not
change my mind.” She reassured.

“Nessie, I AM GOING TO HURT YOU…probably every day, probably every hour,

every minute…every second…” I vainly attempted showing her the GRIM picture. Why
can‟t she see it? I realized too the damage this would do on Nessie‟s heart. I am being a
real DUMBASS to not even REAL IZE that. But surprisingly she managed a smile, only
it was glum; which just proved even more the CRAPPY guy that I am, and will continue
to be.

“I am like my father, Jake. I know this is forever. Why do you think he got so angry? He
knew I wouldn‟t change my mind.” She touched my hair and went on stunning me. An
unfamiliar range of sensations surged right through me. It felt strange being stroked by a
hybrid, though it‟s my imprint. This is the first time she made me feel this way –I don‟t
even have a word for it. “But being my father‟s daughter…I will obey him, and not see
you for quite some time. I‟m still a freaking child in everybody‟s eyes.”

“Nessie…” You aren‟t just a child to me…you‟re my soul…but Leah…she has body…and
maybe she also has my baby… I ignored the body and soul analogy and just went on with
my idiotic response. “I‟m surprised Ness, I mean I feel retarded right now. W-What did I
miss?” Her statements were making me speechless! I felt so damn CAU GHT UP in this
crazy haze! Heck…I was tongue tied! I can‟t squeeze out the right answers; I can‟t ask
the RIGHT questions!

“I am young…but I knew and felt how much you liked me…loved me, Jake, and I
realized, the times you were away, that…I feel the same way.” Her words were like fresh
wind. But I can‟t shake myself out of my state. And it didn‟t bother her in the least.

“RENESMEE!” Edward impatiently interrupted. “Times up young lady.” He called out

from behind. We saw him standing like a rock a few meters away from where we are.
Nessie‟s face fell down when she heard him. It made her return to panic again. She
hurriedly repeated the words she had said earlier, like she was afraid that my regressed
brain won‟t hold it well. “Jake…I love you…if ever they send me too far…please
remember that I…well I really do love you…say hi to Leah for me.”

I wanted to say I love you...too…but I can‘t say it. I can‟t guarantee forever, I am not
confident of the future, I do not want to lie and I don‟t want to give her false hope. I love
her. But I FREAKING love Leah too.
She ran to her father‟s protective arms. And as quick as a flicker of a lamppost, Eddie and
my Nessie were out of sight.

Two things came out in the open, hitting me like a stink bomb; one is I don‟t deserve
Nessie… and another is, I can‟t have Lee.

My body is starting to ache. This double imprint thing is taking its toll on me. I fall on the
ground shaking. Images of my two imprints swirled ominously in my mind. I actually felt
my flesh being torn in many directions. My veins throbbed outrageously. I can feel my
skin breaking out free. But I wasn‟t phasing, I was appallingly mid phasing, which felt
like purgatory. I wasn‟t in hell yet but the flames are already smacking the soles of my
shitty feet. Nessie might be leaving soon; and Leah‘s f*cking sleeping with Dan and
might even get married right in front of my freaking face!!! It‟s as if the rain won‟t
stop pouring its bitter gloom on me. Old Quil once told Sam that he needed to settle the
issues of his heart before he starts becoming an effective alpha. When‟s that day coming
for me? IS THERE SUCH A DAY?!!! When will my day of redemption just finally land
on my GODDAMN head!!? When will my heart be settled and WHEN will I start acting
like a real alpha?

I violently quivered. I CAN‟T MAKE IT STOP. Being dragged away from both of them
and being IN LOVE with both of them, would definitely EAT AWAY AT MY SOUL.

“Wolf” in Quileute

Jacob‟s POV

Days passed…ok-ok!!! WEEKS passed after the bonfire celebration. And I remained this
way, this state where I am in constant pain and a constant pain in Billy‟s ass. My muscles
twitched, and writhed in inexplicable ache. I remained in my room almost every day,
except during patrols. Daniel finally moved in with Leah to be ever present in providing
her every need. I could have done that. I WOULD HAVE DONE THAT!!! If only, she‟d
allowed me… When suffering became my way of life, I was then mental enough to sneak
into her house when Daniel was away to buy supplies and groceries, or when Sue
summoned him to help with the preparations of the wedding at Forks. So while Dan was
out, I had the pleasure of seeing her which was just PATHETIC. She wouldn‟t even smile
at me. Instead she‟d coil in bed, turn her back, hide her head and shoo me out with her
tormented voice. Sometimes I‟d catch her cooking, and I would try to hold her hand or
her shoulders, she‟d pull it away, or she‟d flinch and tell me the hell I should leave.

I wanted to feel her growing belly, to listen to the movements inside of her, I wanted to
hold and kiss her, the way she would allow me before. But this is insane. She made her
choice, a choice that tore me apart bit by bit. I was nothing but a piece of junk. I was
dysfunctional. Even Quil, Embry and Seth dread hanging out with me, so usually I patrol
alone. They can‟t stand Leah‟s naked body in my mind. I was like a maniac obsessed
with her. Daniel did not phase wolf ever since he got here. He can‟t leave Leah‟s side for
more than an hour. But when he does…I‟m just about ready to rumble!!!

Charlie and Sue‟s wedding went by smoothly, except for my awkward drooling and
staring. Alice plans things and Alice makes sure her plans will be executed precisely and
perfectly. I was the only flaw of the event, a total wacko during that time. My eyes were
glued to Leah, like I was some kind of voyeur. I‟m sure everybody was there to witness
my brain damage.

Nessie saw every lame detail of my shameful display, but she endured it. Yet as much
as I contained the physical torture I felt being apart from Lee…seeing Nessie a few
meters away inflicted horrible pain just the same. My out of this world behavior disrupted
the event so that I had to leave early. Ok, they actually forced me leave… way earlier
than I needed to. Jared and Paul found it entertaining which again was no longer
surprising –those DAMN PERVERTS! Argh!!! I CAN‟T FUNCTION.

Why was Nessie so confident of me, of US? I had to wonder. I get sick every now and
then. The old folks say it‟s all because I am separated from my imprints…But man…it
was ok…I‟ve been causing lots of friction lately…well, at least now…I‟m the one taking
it all in. I can just die, and I‟d be happy. I can just shiver until hell freezes over. Maybe I
could ask Daniel to just kill me so to appease everybody.

Weeks had passed after Carlisle had announced the results. And this was one of the rare
days that Daniel is out. HE IS OUT!!! I snuck behind the house through the kitchen door.
I just turned myself into a pathetic STALKER. I heard her humming. O-kay…Leah
was…humming? And it sounded like the one about the wild horses, her favorite
Quiluete lullaby…the one I sang to her while she was recovering from severe bone
wreckage! That song where she actually fell asleep in my arms. This should encourage
me. This must be something good. Her moods swings were severe…I just hope the
humming signaled me a good one. “I know YOU ARE HERE Jake.” She called out, as I
was still on my way inside. Her angry voice sounded lovely no matter what. I‟m crazy,
and truly psycho. “I don‟t want to see you…Isn‟t that clear enough YET?!!!” She

I walk slowly into the living room, she was stitching some pieces of cloth
together…which WAS QUITE…NOT LIKE HER.?! “Lee…you SEW?!!” I exclaimed
honestly surprised.

“Yes, and I embroider too DUMMY Now get out!!! Don‟t try distracting me with your
silly remarks!!!”

Of course I did not intend to distract her, I was just curious and I was really dead
interested. I walked closer to the sofa and saw four pairs of small socks. I CRIED. I
literally cried that point in time. To think that one of those socks belonged to my baby,
Well, one is not bad at all! How can it ever be?! She‘s the only girl!

I want to name her after Leah…I know it‟s sick, to still be lingering…but I CAN LIVE
with „sick‟. Carlisle did this genetic amnio-whatchamacallit thing, and we waited like
forever. Of course I was ALWAYS where Leah is. I should SEE her everyday, even if I
was only welcomed at her porch. The reason why I wasn‟t of any use in the rez was
because I waited there everyday. I can‟t help it. I was too dazed to notice how abnormal I
am. I bore every stinking second I had to see Daniel‟s face. And I bet he knew I‟d grab
every opportunity of seeing Lee each time he takes off.

Then, well, I wasn‟t immediately there when Carlisle broke the news. It was one of those
times when Embry and Quil dragged and forced me to leave Leah‟s porch to hang out
and cliff dive. They were also begging me into getting back to school, which I was
seriously considering AFTER I learn about Lee‟s „condition.‟ I mean, Rosalie had to call
me up to let me know that almost everybody was in the hospital cause the results were
out. I literally RAN and phased wolf to GET there. I was completely ecstatic. Events had
turned out better when I showed up a little late. Carlisle had announced earlier that Daniel
had three boys with her!!! Freaking T-H-R-E-E boys!!! Beat that! I could have killed Dan
right on the spot, to the point he‟s no longer for ER but good enough to be in the freaking
morgue if I heard it with my own ears!!! He‟s just lucky I didn‟t. But my exploding hate
collapsed when Carlisle mentioned a baby girl in Leah‟s womb carrying my exact genes.
I could have howled like a mad dog. What made my heart drunk with contentment was
that the news made Lee smile. Her smile was insanely captivating. The „event‟ wasn‟t
perfect. (It couldn‟t be, you must be sick to think it that way) Awkward was the theme of
the day. What made it awfully good was that Leah is happy.

“I hope you like green…I mean…I know pink is the usual color for baby girls…but
hey…she‟s going to be special…so ordinary wouldn‟t suit her…she‟s the only girl so…”
Then her voice was suddenly kinder (I instantly forgot my internal dialogue), perhaps she
was moved by my unmanly and pitiful tears.

WHO WOULDN‟T CRY?! FOR HEAVENS SAKE!!! I went diving into her
unsuspecting arms, hugging her fiercely. “I love you Lee!” I sounded like a sixth grader
being kissed for the first time, but who the hell cares!!!

“You‟re crushing me Jake, aww…stop! You‟re killing me!!!” I wanted to kiss her…but I
know it will piss her off to the core.

“You know what I want Lee!” I expressed a little wimpyness this time.

“NO!!! Are you nuts?!!”

“I‟m not referring to THAT! I just want to feel her kick…just let me touch you…I mean
let me touch your belly?”

Leah was still beautiful even with that lump on her tummy. Carlisle said she‟d go through
pregnancy the way our mothers went through it, only that he prohibited her from phasing.
She shouldn‟t phase, and that she shouldn‟t be PROVOKED to phase, so the tiny angels‟
growth wouldn‟t be interrupted, and would stabilize. Carlisle also mentioned that he‟d
monitor the growth rate of the babies…he thinks her due date would be earlier than the
usual. Like five months or so…since we‟re both wolves…and Daniel…well is a wolf too.
She abruptly pulled my hands from around her waist and let it touch her lumped tummy.
“There…” She mumbled.

I felt motion and some sort of bumping from each side. “Lee...oh, my little Leah…
Daddy‟s here…” I whispered automatic and euphoric, if I was capable of fainting I could
have fainted with JOY! It was my first time to feel her move. I just knew she‟s the
naughty one inside, kicking and reacting now that I‟m around.

“Did you just call her Leah?” Lee reacted. I can‟t figure out what she‟s thinking about
right now.

“Uhuh…I‟d like her to be named after you…well, its one of the few requests I would like
to ask of you…if you would just…you know, allow it…and well, make me the happiest
guy in the world…” I confessed, a bit unsure.

“I love it Jake!!! Right now just like you, having these babies is making me the happiest
woman, no-no make that mother…the happiest mother in this friggin‟ world!” Her voice
was really happy…it almost didn‟t sound like her. She held my hands while I still had it
on her belly. Then doubt slowly swept inside my mind. I felt freaked.

“Let me see her…ok? At least, let her always see me…don‟t take her away too far from
me Lee… I begged you before to make love with me. And I‟m begging you again…
allow me to see her…”

She winced, but she answered. “Jake you will see her. What are you talking about?!
You‟re her… well, truly you‟re her daddy…nothing and no one can ever change that!
Ok, we‟ll name her Leah!” Her reply was reassuring. She flashed her nurturing smile…I
felt a surge of contentment wash over me. I felt my lips twitch up in a wide grin. “You
will see her…you will see little Lee-lee.”

I was dying to seal it with a kiss. But it felt wrong. So I just took her hands kissed it, drew
close to her forehead and lightly pecked it. She did not pull away. What‟s with her today?
“Hey…I honestly feel alive again Lee. So… thanks… thanks for giving me a chance
today, I feel like I‟m less of a jerk… and uh… thanks for making me feel like a real…
almost…d-dad…” It was still odd. I am a father now, in its truest sense. And I felt a little
blown away because Lee had suddenly and finally let me into her house, again.

“You are a jerk…but, uhmm, yeah…it‟s all right…I‟m very happy with-…” I felt her
fight her tongue to not say more than she needed to say. Then her eyes were suddenly big
and panicked. “You better leave Jake, Rose and Dan are on their way here …I don‟t want
you fighting with them… I just can‟t tolerate the thought of it… what more if-…”
I cut her off. I know she can‟t be put through to any kind of stress. Though, it‟s not that
he doesn‟t know that I will always BE around…no matter how much he PUK ES at the
idea…jeez come on…I have a RIGHT to be here! But I was resolved to being reasonable.
I gave her a somewhat normal response. “Don‟t mention it…I‟m leaving…” I quickly
stole a kiss from her blushing cheeks. “And I love you Clearwater…” Perhaps forever.

She frowned at the kiss, and pinched me on the arms. “Scram Jake….!” She hissed with a
little grin on her lips.

Even though that visit went ever so well, I have the distinct feeling that Leah‟s simply
being considerate to me… I could see Daniel in her eyes.

Here is some stuff about the quileute language i found on wikipedia, stregoni. i
found it rather interesting:

The Quileute tribe is probably most well known for their unique language. They speak a
dialect, called Quileute or Quillayute, which is part of the Chimakuan family of
languages. The Chimakum, who also spoke a dialect of Chimakuan, called Chemakum,
Chimakum, or Chimacum were the only other group of people to speak a dialect from
this family of language. The Chimakum were almost wiped out in an encounter with
Chief Sea'th'l (Seattle) and the Suquamish tribe in 1850, leaving them with only about 90
people in 1855, and they were wiped out completely in 1860 in another encounter with
Chief Sea'th'l and his tribe. Since the 1940s, the Chemakum language has died out
completely. But the Quileute dialect is still in use today, though it is in danger of dying
out. It is spoken by only tribal elders at La Push, and some of the Makah people. The
Quileute language is different from any other spoken in the world. This is because it uses
no nasal sounds. The language has no "m" or "n" use. The words in Quileute were very
long and could sometimes express ideas rather than only words. The Quileute used one
word for "those are the people who think that I am the one who is going to Forks," but,
the word, kitlayakwokwilkwolasstaxasalas, is hardly shorter than the sentence. The tribe
is now trying to prevent the loss of the language by teaching it in the Quileute Tribal
School using books written for the students by the tribal elders. The Kings family was a
big part of the tribe.

“Wolf” in Quileute

Jacob‟s POV
Days passed…ok-ok!!! WEEKS passed after the bonfire celebration. And I remained this
way, this state where I am in constant pain and a constant pain in Billy‟s ass. My muscles
twitched, and writhed in inexplicable ache. I remained in my room almost every day,
except during patrols. Daniel finally moved in with Leah to be ever present in providing
her every need. I could have done that. I WOULD HAVE DONE THAT!!! If only, she‟d
allowed me… When suffering became my way of life, I was then mental enough to sneak
into her house when Daniel was away to buy supplies and groceries, or when Sue
summoned him to help with the preparations of the wedding at Forks. So while Dan was
out, I had the pleasure of seeing her which was just PATHETIC. She wouldn‟t even smile
at me. Instead she‟d coil in bed, turn her back, hide her head and shoo me out with her
tormented voice. Sometimes I‟d catch her cooking, and I would try to hold her hand or
her shoulders, she‟d pull it away, or she‟d flinch and tell me the hell I should leave.

I wanted to feel her growing belly, to listen to the movements inside of her, I wanted to
hold and kiss her, the way she would allow me before. But this is insane. She made her
choice, a choice that tore me apart bit by bit. I was nothing but a piece of junk. I was
dysfunctional. Even Quil, Embry and Seth dread hanging out with me, so usually I patrol
alone. They can‟t stand Leah‟s naked body in my mind. I was like a maniac obsessed
with her. Daniel did not phase wolf ever since he got here. He can‟t leave Leah‟s side for
more than an hour. But when he does…I‟m just about ready to rumble!!!

Charlie and Sue‟s wedding went by smoothly, except for my awkward drooling and
staring. Alice plans things and Alice makes sure her plans will be executed precisely and
perfectly. I was the only flaw of the event, a total wacko during that time. My eyes were
glued to Leah, like I was some kind of voyeur. I‟m sure everybody was there to witness
my brain damage.

Nessie saw every lame detail of my shameful display, but she endured it. Yet as much
as I contained the physical torture I felt being apart from Lee…seeing Nessie a few
meters away inflicted horrible pain just the same. My out of this world behavior disrupted
the event so that I had to leave early. Ok, they actually forced me leave… way earlier
than I needed to. Jared and Paul found it entertaining which again was no longer
surprising –those DAMN PERVERTS! Argh!!! I CAN‟T FUNCTION.

Why was Nessie so confident of me, of US? I had to wonder. I get sick every now and
then. The old folks say it‟s all because I am separated from my imprints…But man…it
was ok…I‟ve been causing lots of friction lately…well, at least now…I‟m the one taking
it all in. I can just die, and I‟d be happy. I can just shiver until hell freezes over. Maybe I
could ask Daniel to just kill me so to appease everybody.

Weeks had passed after Carlisle had announced the results. And this was one of the rare
days that Daniel is out. HE IS OUT!!! I snuck behind the house through the kitchen door.
I just turned myself into a pathetic STALKER. I heard her humming. O-kay…Leah
was…humming? And it sounded like the one about the wild horses, her favorite
Quiluete lullaby…the one I sang to her while she was recovering from severe bone
wreckage! That song where she actually fell asleep in my arms. This should encourage
me. This must be something good. Her moods swings were severe…I just hope the
humming signaled me a good one. “I know YOU ARE HERE Jake.” She called out, as I
was still on my way inside. Her angry voice sounded lovely no matter what. I‟m crazy,
and truly psycho. “I don‟t want to see you…Isn‟t that clear enough YET?!!!” She

I walk slowly into the living room, she was stitching some pieces of cloth
together…which WAS QUITE…NOT LIKE HER.?! “Lee…you SEW?!!” I exclaimed
honestly surprised.

“Yes, and I embroider too DUMMY Now get out!!! Don‟t try distracting me with your
silly remarks!!!”

Of course I did not intend to distract her, I was just curious and I was really dead
interested. I walked closer to the sofa and saw four pairs of small socks. I CRIED. I
literally cried that point in time. To think that one of those socks belonged to my baby,
Well, one is not bad at all! How can it ever be?! She‘s the only girl!

I want to name her after Leah…I know it‟s sick, to still be lingering…but I CAN LIVE
with „sick‟. Carlisle did this genetic amnio-whatchamacallit thing, and we waited like
forever. Of course I was ALWAYS where Leah is. I should SEE her everyday, even if I
was only welcomed at her porch. The reason why I wasn‟t of any use in the rez was
because I waited there everyday. I can‟t help it. I was too dazed to notice how abnormal I
am. I bore every stinking second I had to see Daniel‟s face. And I bet he knew I‟d grab
every opportunity of seeing Lee each time he takes off.

Then, well, I wasn‟t immediately there when Carlisle broke the news. It was one of those
times when Embry and Quil dragged and forced me to leave Leah‟s porch to hang out
and cliff dive. They were also begging me into getting back to school, which I was
seriously considering AFTER I learn about Lee‟s „condition.‟ I mean, Rosalie had to call
me up to let me know that almost everybody was in the hospital cause the results were
out. I literally RAN and phased wolf to GET there. I was completely ecstatic. Events had
turned out better when I showed up a little late. Carlisle had announced earlier that Daniel
had three boys with her!!! Freaking T-H-R-E-E boys!!! Beat that! I could have killed Dan
right on the spot, to the point he‟s no longer for ER but good enough to be in the freaking
morgue if I heard it with my own ears!!! He‟s just lucky I didn‟t. But my exploding hate
collapsed when Carlisle mentioned a baby girl in Leah‟s womb carrying my exact genes.
I could have howled like a mad dog. What made my heart drunk with contentment was
that the news made Lee smile. Her smile was insanely captivating. The „event‟ wasn‟t
perfect. (It couldn‟t be, you must be sick to think it that way) Awkward was the theme of
the day. What made it awfully good was that Leah is happy.

“I hope you like green…I mean…I know pink is the usual color for baby girls…but
hey…she‟s going to be special…so ordinary wouldn‟t suit her…she‟s the only girl so…”
Then her voice was suddenly kinder (I instantly forgot my internal dialogue), perhaps she
was moved by my unmanly and pitiful tears.

WHO WOULDN‟T CRY?! FOR HEAVENS SAKE!!! I went diving into her
unsuspecting arms, hugging her fiercely. “I love you Lee!” I sounded like a sixth grader
being kissed for the first time, but who the hell cares!!!

“You‟re crushing me Jake, aww…stop! You‟re killing me!!!” I wanted to kiss her…but I
know it will piss her off to the core.

“You know what I want Lee!” I expressed a little wimpyness this time.

“NO!!! Are you nuts?!!”

“I‟m not referring to THAT! I just want to feel her kick…just let me touch you…I mean
let me touch your belly?”

Leah was still beautiful even with that lump on her tummy. Carlisle said she‟d go through
pregnancy the way our mothers went through it, only that he prohibited her from phasing.
She shouldn‟t phase, and that she shouldn‟t be PROVOKED to phase, so the tiny angels‟
growth wouldn‟t be interrupted, and would stabilize. Carlisle also mentioned that he‟d
monitor the growth rate of the babies…he thinks her due date would be earlier than the
usual. Like five months or so…since we‟re both wolves…and Daniel…well is a wolf too.
She abruptly pulled my hands from around her waist and let it touch her lumped tummy.
“There…” She mumbled.

I felt motion and some sort of bumping from each side. “Lee...oh, my little Leah…
Daddy‟s here…” I whispered automatic and euphoric, if I was capable of fainting I could
have fainted with JOY! It was my first time to feel her move. I just knew she‟s the
naughty one inside, kicking and reacting now that I‟m around.

“Did you just call her Leah?” Lee reacted. I can‟t figure out what she‟s thinking about
right now.

“Uhuh…I‟d like her to be named after you…well, its one of the few requests I would like
to ask of you…if you would just…you know, allow it…and well, make me the happiest
guy in the world…” I confessed, a bit unsure.

“I love it Jake!!! Right now just like you, having these babies is making me the happiest
woman, no-no make that mother…the happiest mother in this friggin‟ world!” Her voice
was really happy…it almost didn‟t sound like her. She held my hands while I still had it
on her belly. Then doubt slowly swept inside my mind. I felt freaked.

“Let me see her…ok? At least, let her always see me…don‟t take her away too far from
me Lee… I begged you before to make love with me. And I‟m begging you again…
allow me to see her…”
She winced, but she answered. “Jake you will see her. What are you talking about?!
You‟re her… well, truly you‟re her daddy…nothing and no one can ever change that!
Ok, we‟ll name her Leah!” Her reply was reassuring. She flashed her nurturing smile…I
felt a surge of contentment wash over me. I felt my lips twitch up in a wide grin. “You
will see her…you will see little Lee-lee.”

I was dying to seal it with a kiss. But it felt wrong. So I just took her hands kissed it, drew
close to her forehead and lightly pecked it. She did not pull away. What‟s with her today?
“Hey…I honestly feel alive again Lee. So… thanks… thanks for giving me a chance
today, I feel like I‟m less of a jerk… and uh… thanks for making me feel like a real…
almost…d-dad…” It was still odd. I am a father now, in its truest sense. And I felt a little
blown away because Lee had suddenly and finally let me into her house, again.

“You are a jerk…but, uhmm, yeah…it‟s all right…I‟m very happy with-…” I felt her
fight her tongue to not say more than she needed to say. Then her eyes were suddenly big
and panicked. “You better leave Jake, Rose and Dan are on their way here …I don‟t want
you fighting with them… I just can‟t tolerate the thought of it… what more if-…”

I cut her off. I know she can‟t be put through to any kind of stress. Though, it‟s not that
he doesn‟t know that I will always BE around…no matter how much he PUK ES at the
idea…jeez come on…I have a RIGHT to be here! But I was resolved to being reasonable.
I gave her a somewhat normal response. “Don‟t mention it…I‟m leaving…” I quickly
stole a kiss from her blushing cheeks. “And I love you Clearwater…” Perhaps forever.

She frowned at the kiss, and pinched me on the arms. “Scram Jake….!” She hissed with a
little grin on her lips.

Even though that visit went ever so well, I have the distinct feeling that Leah‟s simply
being considerate to me… I could see Daniel in her eyes.


Nessie‟s POV


I can‟t sleep. Although, I‟m the only person –uh kid who does sleep under the Cullen
roof. I can‟t forget Grandpa‟s wedding. Of course Aunt Alice‟s plan for the wedding bash
was mesmerizing; it turned out lavish beyond compare and yeah…it was definitely

Well, I‟m unable to forget it because I saw it in a whole different light. I knew I saw love
there in Jake‟s eyes… sadly this love wasn‟t only for me. He‟s somehow broken, –
broken and in love with his beta; that‟s honestly the best way of putting it. I didn‟t know
how to react to it, you know, the moment I saw it…Jacob‟s the only guy, the first guy
who could and would break my heart –since he‟s the only guy I knew how to love. I
didn‟t know how much it would hurt until now.

I can‟t think of anyone who could possibly understand a hybrid, a half human and half
vampire such as I am. I‟m a teenager trapped in a pre-adolescent‟s body! It‟s really
frustrating! Of course, I didn‟t know loving Jake would give the people around me a
painful head ache…but it can‟t be as painful as the heart ache Jake is causing me…

My poor, baby Jake. I sigh.

Part 2
The Wedding

“Mom! I‟m so going! I have the right to be there. Grandpa‟s gonna wonder where I‟ve
gone to, don‟t you think?” I argue, surprised that she wouldn‟t know that it‟s my place to
be there. Aunt Alice already had placed the dress on my bed. Its cream colored, and the
shoes looked pretty pricey. I‟m excited to see Jake in a tux, or at least a coat and tie,
never saw him looking really formal.

“Nessie, sweetheart… I don‟t think it‟s going to do you any good. Ugh! When did you
get this stubborn?! And I know you know the real reason why I don‟t think you should
go…” Mommy stood her ground, but I was convinced I wanted to be there… no matter
what heart break awaits me. I just want Jake to feel… that I‟m still here. It sounds a bit
pitiful… but I think the imprint thing still has a hold on him. I‟m not fully confident, but I
AM HOPING in a way… I tried looking tough… I was about to throw a fit… when my
Mom JUST gave in. And then she began helping me get into my dress. She went on
reminding me while smiling faintly. “I still don‟t think this a good idea, and your father
…your Dad, Nessie specifically asked me to talk some sense into you…but…ok, sweetie
…I just want you to know…I‟m always here…okay?” I knew my Mom wants to shield
me from the pain, but it‟s all gotten so bizarre…from the moment I realized I really really
like Jake. I can‟t find my way back to the way it used to be. It‟s as if the decision had a
life of its own. I can‟t not like him, now. That moment became fixed in space and time.

Aunt Rose was a bit scatter-brained these days. Its been tearing her apart too. She hates it
that I love Jake, and her constant boycott served to show me her intense dislike. She
scolded me for being rash, and for growing up way too fast. But it just snuck up on me…
this mature heart. I understood in my mind what Quil and Jake told me many months
ago, but when Jake took off… my heart, well, it almost jumped out of my chest. I got
surprised too. It‟s hard to explain in detail…but let‟s just say, my heart finally
understood what my mind was saying. And it‟s all overwhelming…I can‟t change my
mind and I just know my heart won‟t change either.
Aunt Alice marched in, still giddy, the wedding preparations were carried out smoothly!
The wedding‟s gonna be held in La Push, near the sea shore. The bon fire party inspired
her, and like „bada-bing bada-boom, it became the „it‟ venue…suddenly it was „the place
to be‟. Aunt Al had all her equipment with her, she pushed Mommy aside. “Step aside
Bells, and let the master do the trick, although this young lady over here already has all
the magic in her!” Aunt Al spoke smugly. Mommy moved away and sat on my bed.

“What‟s gonna happen at the wedding Al?” She asked still glum.

Aunt Alice chose her words carefully. “I think our Nessie would be able to handle
whatever‟s going to happen in the ceremony. She‟s maturing fast!” My Aunt winked at
me. She‟s giving me credit more than I‟m asking for. I just hope she‟s right though.

Aunt Al and Mommy did not let go of my hand the time we finally arrived at La Push.
The motif was cream, white, and aquamarine. A thousand bouquets of white roses were
attached to the laced poles that surrounded the ceremony spot. The chairs and tables were
all covered with white linen; it matched perfectly with the blue ocean line. Grandma Sue
had a white flowing china-silk dress, that revealed her beautiful copper skin, and her long
neck, while Grandpa suddenly looked ten years younger with his cream and khaki top to
bottom get up. I was looking around for Jake, only my eyes freely pranced on each guest.
Sam sat beside Emily at the back. Jared sat with Kim, while Paul was with Rachel. Seth
chatted with some of the younger members of the pack.

Then Daniel walked in holding Lee‟s hand. Jake trailed behind them. Oh god! He looked
terrible. I was dying to run and jump into his arms, but Mom knew that I‟d do that so she
tightened her hold, Aunt Alice did the same. I wasn‟t planning on making a scene so I
simply gave in.

Jake shot me a glance. His eyes… I couldn‟t make out what they were saying. He looked
like he was being pulled from all sides. His eyes locked onto me with affection but he sat
across from where Leah is, and I sat at the far side, with Mommy and my Aunts.
Everybody seemed to be disturbed by the exchange of gazes. Mom nudged me, and held
my hands tighter. Daddy sat beside Uncle Billie. Dad‟s the one very aware of what‟s
going on. Well, I‟d rather not know now what‟s going on inside Jake‟s mind. The way he
looked at Leah already gave him away. I can‟t express it in detail, it‟s too much.

The procession was quick but solemn. Lee was maid of honor, and Carlisle was best man.
Daddy was the main musician. Daniel almost stood up; he‟s eyes burning at Jake, when
Jake almost ran to Leah‟s side when it was time for her to march. Although Jake…I don‟t
know… doesn‟t seem to notice anybody else so how can he possibly notice his own

Quil shook Jake out of his state. It didn‟t really help much, but he stopped.
During reception, Jake‟s staring got out of hand. We were all seated at a long table.
Everybody who was considered family was there. But the rest of folks couldn‟t eat.
Jake‟s eyes were glued to Leah like someone has to tie him up and prick his eyes blind to
make him stop. Grandpa Charlie kept calling for his attention; he wouldn‟t move an inch,
not even to look at him.

“Jake…bro, you better snap out of whatever it is that you‟re thinking… don‟t undress her
with your eyes man.” Embry whispered so low…that only the vampires and the
werewolves heard him. He pulled on Jake‟s sleeve. Jake just went right on. Daniel
clenched his fists.

“Man, you are freaking everyone out… I think you need some fresh air.” It was Quil this
time who attempted talking some sense to him. But Jake turned deaf ears.

“Oh…Jake…” I murmured, sighing softly. To my surprise, he heard my voice. The way

his eyes gazed on me made me tremble. He looks like he‟s going to loose it. I wanted to
be there for him, hug him, and shower him with my kisses, but how? Mommy wouldn‟t
let me be apart from her side. Dad shook his head at me. That means a NO.

But then he went back to staring at Leah. The whole pack needed to drag him far out
before Daniel could even think of doing anything drastic. Lee moved her head slightly.
“No Dan…” She whispered, and then he was a bit more calm. But Jake wouldn‟t stop
either. Sam got up from his seat and went over to Jake.

“Jake, let‟s go.” He said. Jake won‟t budge. Embry grappled one arm, Quil grabbed the
other. The moment Jake realized what‟s happening he started breaking loose.

“What the hell are you doing?” He cussed. “Sam…I‟m gonna kill you if you won‟t let me
loose…” He threatened more.

“I‟m just waiting for you to do THAT Jake.” He hissed back.

“Guys…this is Sue‟s wedding…bite your tongues and save this violence for the feast
instead.” Embry soothed.

“Jake…you need fresh air…Being here‟s not doing you any good…please be considerate,
Renesmee‟s here.” Quil scolded inaudibly, it almost sounded Quileute.

“You guys will not tell me what I need; or what I don‟t. I want to be here… I want to see
Lee!!!” Jacob yelled consequently stabbing my heart. Finally Jared and Paul went over to
him too. They all dragged him back to the rez. Jake couldn‟t break free against five of his
pack members., was quite a scene, even Grandpa and Grandma Sue didn‟t know what to
do. It was only after Uncle Emmett broke the ice that the festive atmosphere came back
little by little. “Do you have some grizzlies on your menu, Sue?” He boomed.
“Well, no, but I can always dial delivery!” She responded. Soon, everything seemed more
normal. Some guests were already laughing.

But as for me, I just wanted to go home, lock myself inside my room and cry.


Part 1: MILK
Jacob‟s POV

I ran out of the house as I was able to smell both Rosalie‟s and Daniel‟s scent becoming
prominent within my immediate area. Well, Leah really did let her walls down today. I
mean –Why the sudden change of mood? I still had to wonder. I remember that she
directly told me doesn‟t want me in her house. Which I find surprisingly reasonable since
all I wanted to do was to smack the daylights out of Dan‟s skull, and grab Leah and take
her with me.

I stride back home, and went straight to my home made garage. Leah let me touch her
belly… and well, I felt little Lee-lee kick in response to my being there. I didn‟t tell her
though my other „few‟ requests. It really isn‟t that big of a deal… since it‟s all related to
our baby girl. It‟s all about me, being able to have time to visit, and Leah telling me
everything that‟s going on, I don‟t care if she does it in person or over the phone, as long
as she updates me… coz honestly it‟s way too hard seeing Dan. He awakens my thanatos
–or in other words my instincts to kill. I pulled a mat from under the seats, lay on it and
eased up a bit. I plan to sleep out here. I hate bothering Billy with my screaming. I
usually dream of Leah…and well, Nessie… I put aside the thoughts and simply
fantasized about hearing how my little girl would laugh, how she‟d smile, how she‟d play
and goof around with me, and how she‟d call me her daddy. I tried imagining how her
voice would sound…and soon everything became blurry…

I opened my eyes and realized the morning sun burning against my eyes. I walked back
in the house took a shower and saw Billy waiting… for me. Who else?

“You go pick up the milk I ordered at Forks; you can bring the other five gallons to the
Clearwaters…” I can‟t believe Billy‟s giving me another reason of dropping by at Leah‟s
house. He had stayed neutral ever since the results were out. He didn‟t side with either
me –his son, and with Daniel –his brother. Today‟s different I suppose. “Dang!!! Look at
you!!! All worked up and uh…never mind, at least bringing something would make you
look productive other than just drooling in the doorway!” I would have fired back at him,
but his efforts were just heartwarming. I was too engrossed with the idea of having
something to bring to Leah. I hope Dan doesn‟t hinder me. It‟s just milk…for Pete‟s sake!

“Thanks Pop!” I cheered grabbing the car keys from the kitchen counter.
“After you drop by Lee‟s place… I expect you to enroll at school this semester… I don‟t
care how LATE are you at catching up… it‟s going to help you… ease your mind, give
you time to think about things… and hey, you‟re going to be a dad… might as well plan
for the future.”

I stood frozen. Hearing those words come out of Billy‟s mouth is a bit disorienting. He
wasn‟t that verbal since we all learned about the double imprinting. So now… he
suddenly is. “Well, thanks again… d-dad… I‟ll be sure to do that…” I mumbled still in
lame stupor.

“Did I ever congratulate you? I guess I didn‟t…so congratulations, son!” He called out; I
was already striding towards the door.

I turned around abruptly. Did he just congratulate my idiotic fatherhood?! OH, HAPPY
DAY!!!! But I had to smile…I smiled a really BIG grin! “Ok…that‟s quite nerve
wrecking….in a good way Pop, ok?” His face told me he wants to hear more. “Ok-ok!
I‟ll do my best…and…” I almost trailed off, but I felt it fit to say it. “…love you Dad!”
Ok, I‟m sure I heard myself clearly say that. I felt the weight of his words gradually fall
on my shoulders. I‟m going to be like Billy…I‟m going to be a Dad. Eighteen‟s the
wrong age for „daddyhood‟, but considering Billy‟s concern and er… support… I‟m
gonna do what I can… I ran out and got in my Volkswagen, eager to get the milk
delivered. One smile on her face would definitely set my day right. Then the dynamic
duo, Embry and Quil suddenly ran across my drive way. These guys put up with lots of
stupidity to have always stuck with me. Of course I knew they were bothered by my
sanity issues and neurotic tendencies. Hah! Yeah…right. I have no choice but to stop the
car. I can‟t run them over!

“Where you at, lover boy?!” Embry opened the front door, he invited himself in.

I threw him a pissed glare. “Old Quil TOLD YOU guys to do this. Didn‟t he?” I asked

“Err… yeah… but hey, we‟re, like, used to this, right? So…just give the old folks some
peace of mind… it‟s not like you‟re planning to abduct Leah?! Right??” Quil inferred.

Abduct Leah…? I got her pregnant by abducting her. She‟ll kill me if I do that… again.

“Are you…going to…do-?” Quil was worried now.

“Get a grip, Quil! Before I even got her a mile away from First Beach , I‟d be a dead dog!
Plus… I‟d never do anything that‟d cause her stress or something…” I cut him in

“O-kay…I was kind of trying to figure out the look on your face…so, where you going?”
Quil opened the passenger‟s door and got in, and then I started driving away.
“I‟m picking up Leah‟s milk at Forks… Billy bought her some. Those ones refilled in
large canisters?” I replied pretending like it was the most normal thing in the world.

“Milk? Billy bought her milk…? Man! He just realized he‟s gonna be a granddad…I
thought he‟d totally stay out of this…of course he wouldn‟t, it‟s really dumb to even
assume that. ” Embry pestered, answering his own inquiry. “And… uh… we haven‟t
really congratulated you yet bro!?” He added a bit kinder this time I looked outside the
window so they wouldn‟t see me smiling.

“What name are you gonna give your baby girl?” Quil suddenly seem hyped. Guess
babies do soften people up.

Hmm…well, at least I‟m going to be spared from one of his countless pep talks, though
both appeared undeniably awkward in spite of the cheeriness. Is it just me or am I
freaking them out again? “Just spit it all out guys… you two look like constipated
puppies!” I ranted.

Embs began with the honesty. “OK! Man?! How are you holding up? I mean, isn‟t it
torture, besides the fact that we know how this must be driving you bonkers? I mean…”

I exactly know what Embry‟s trying to say. There‟s going to be lots of custodial
arrangements once my baby (with Dan‟s babies) gets born, especially by the time she
grows up. I shoved the thought away. “It‟s all right…what matters now is little Lee-
lee…” It came out almost as a murmur.

“Leah really isn‟t that LITTLE, dude!?” Embs assessed.

“Dummy… I was referring to the baby.” I corrected.

Quil had a big grin building up on his face. “Bro!!! You named her after Leah!? That‟s
freaking sweeeet!!!”

Just when I thought Quil would be the major opposition here. “I thought you‟d hate the
idea Quil... Well I know how I appear to you… but I can‟t go back to the way things

“You can stink like there‟s no tomorrow, bro! I‟ll be right here…” Embry mushed.

“And we‟re going to be little Leah‟s godparents… how‟d you like that? Only if you say
yes? We can ask Leah too…?” Quil offered.

Ok, I suddenly have a social support network. But I love the sound of godparents…
WAIT! Embry hasn‟t imprinted yet…ok-ok, why would I get too far ahead?! Nothing‟s
happened yet. Breathe Jake…breathe….
“Ok, you can be godparents …” I glared at Embry

“Geez! WHAT NOW JAKE!!? What did I say?!” He looked like a deer in someone‟s set
of headlights.

“Nothing.” Moron!


Part 1-B

Jacob‟s POV

The canisters filled with fresh milk were light as tin cans for us; the only problem was
how it‟d stay secure in the trunk and wouldn‟t spill out as I was driving. I should have
repaired Bella‟s truck than left it sitting to rot in my garage… that monster would come
handy at a time like this. Hmmm… I might just do that. Well whatever, maybe securing
the lids tight would do the trick. I asked the store owner for some plaster tapes and made
sure I sealed them all well. Embry and Quil watched me from behind my back after they
have done their share of loading the cans in. I rubbed both my palms together happy that
the cans all fit in at the back. Embry and Quil were still staring. “WHAT?!” I asked
curtly. They kept their mouths buttoned up. “WHAT?!!!” I shouted getting more
impatient now. Jeez, these clowns… I‟m no mind reader.

“Look at you man… you‟re still Jacob Black alright, but a little bit more and then some
...” I shot my brows up hearing him say that. “I‟m glad to see you like this though…”
Embry continued. So the comment was actually supposed to be a compliment. He has this
way of sharing his views, somehow a twist of fickle, hip and erratic.

“Aw…. -come on you two… just get in the car. I‟ve really done nothing yet. This milk
delivery is MY DAD‟S IDEA…so…I really don‟t deserve all the credit here.” I
grumbled, culture-shocked with Embry‟s inspirational speeches.


I felt my body react and my blood rejoice as soon as we hit the street leading to the
Clearwaters. But the festive feel shrank to zero when I smelled Dan‟s and Rose‟s reeking
scents. I‟m in for another day in limbo. “Man…calm down…ok?” Quil reminded me, like
he‟s some kind of team coach.

“Daniel‟s not gonna die today… as long as Leah wants him… well, I‟m steaming but I‟m
also backing the hell off.” I am grateful how I don‟t need to filter my bad mouth around
these guys. I parked the car behind the stinking H2. I heard Leah arguing a little with
Daniel and Rosalie inside the house. Quil and Embry flanked my sides. Well, not because
we‟re about to barge in and attack, but because they‟d pin me down if I „loose‟ it again. I
took the five gallon canister out of the trunk. “You guys wait here…” I instructed them. I
don‟t want them witnessing my star-struck face the moment Leah opens the door. It‟s
utterly degrading.

I was about to knock when the leechy blond was already flinging the door wide open.
“Billy called and told us you‟re coming…”

Do I really have to be announced when I‟m just dropping by? “Yeah…well, he thought
Leah could use some milk…” I didn‟t want to start the day all wrong for Leah, I know
she was in hearing distance. I handed the handles to Blondie‟s hands, thinking that maybe
it‟s better to walk away quietly and peacefully. I held in all the blond-ish cusses I banked
in my head. To my surprise she stepped aside and gestured that I enter. What else did
Billy tell them?!! Rosalie took the canister inside the kitchen. Daniel disappeared, but I
think he‟s just in the back yard. Leah looked huge. I mean her belly was slightly bigger
today. “How are you feeling?” I automatically threw her the foremost question that
popped in my mind.
“I feel more like a whale now rather than a wolf…”She grumbled. “Daniel‟s in the
backyard, well…he said, you could use some time to ask me things regarding our –your

“Our daughter Lee…” I pointed out with hints of heartbreak.

“Uhuh… yep… our daughter…” She almost choked the word out. Needles began
sinking in my skin… she‟s so freaking aloof.

I yearned for reassurance, so I had to ask. “You love her right?” I just wanted to hear her
say it.
Her eyes shot up wide. “More than my own life Jake! Don‟t you dare doubt me in regards
to that!” She exclaimed.

I smiled „coz that just DID it. I felt my sunny grin scream out my face. “The milk‟s not
that much… and frankly it‟s damn obvious that Daniel‟s everything to you now… and,
well, just let me know what‟s happening with our baby, I mean… I‟m just a call away,
just a few blocks actually…and uh, in case you‟re interested… I‟m going to school again,
so… I‟m kinda hoping I get to visit you uhmmm… once in a while –I mean, not every
day –if you‟d hate that. Just want to make sure here that the mommy of my little cub‟s all
well, and healthy as a horse –no… of course you‟re not a horse, you‟re too pretty to be
that, hey… you know what I‟m trying to say right?” I had to spill all the beans; even if I
had to stammer hideously in her face. I don‟t get chances like this every day, might as
well make the most out of it. (Blondie marched out the house, saying I‟m suffocating

“Yeah… if it‟d give you peace of mind… sure... I‟ll let you know. But do give me a call
before you drop by… again… „kay?”

Well, that‟d be enough to help me get through the day –not to mention MY LIFE !
“Thanks Lee.” I breathed out and then went on… “So, you‟re one hundred percent sure
you‟re ok?”
She nodded in reply, letting a little smile escape her lips. It was a stitch in time that I wish
I could preserve. “You study hard Jake…alright?” She said her voice friendlier.
And inspiration struck me! Homerun! But I felt my time just speeding past. I hurried up a
bit. “Can I touch your tummy again Leah? I‟m kind of missing Lee-lee kick… and move
and stuff...” I lowered my eyes and kicked some invisible dirt off the floor. It felt so
elementary; you know having to hide my sweaty palms inside my pockets.

Leah‟s making me weirdly agitated. “Go on…no one‟s really gonna stop you, I mean
except for Dan… so just do it fast Jake… I don‟t want you thinking I‟m depriving you of
your „daddy rights‟…” I smiled briefly and caressed her bulging belly. Ecstasy filled my
every living cell as I felt motion inside of her. “I guess she‟s responding to you…” Lee

“Of course…that‟s my girl in there…” Her casual smile became a little intense though. I
knew why so I drew my hand away from her growing lump.

“You better go…Dan‟s on his way back in here.” Leah appealed, her eyes stricken with
The smile on my lips gone from euphoric to acidic, “I‟ll stay Leah… I‟ve been avoiding
him since the beginning of creation.”

Her expression turned gray, her voice was back on the cold gutters. “Jake…please…get
your ass outta here! This is the last thing I‟d want to see happen!!!”

“No Leah. I‟m staying… he‟s going to have to DRAG me OUT.” I stood my ground,
prolonging my stubbornness. The movement was infinitesimal. Daniel was already
standing behind Leah… no footsteps had sounded. Everything happened as quickly as
one would snap his fingers.

Leah‟s expression was like shattered glass. I JUST COULDN‟T STAND IT. It‟s as if
she‟s going to have again another one of those fainting spells. My mind did a quick
reassessment. Leah‟s suffering apparently because of me and because of Daniel. I guess
Dan also saw the dread in Leah‟s face as he saw the reflection that bounced back from
my eyes. I looked away. This is outrageously out of my league, deviating from my VERY
nature, AND SO NOT LIKE ME. But Leah‟s dying… stressing seeing us like this, ready
to make war at any foul movement.She‟s not supposed to be stressed, Jake you IDIOT! I
gazed back again to her eyes which gave away her agony.

“Do you want some more time with Jacob?” He wooed Lee contradicting himself as well.
I HATE to say this. But I feel like I‟m the one who‟s supposed to give, since this is the
MAN that would give the love of my life a better future, a future free from the curse of
this double imprint, a future free from guilt, the GUY she chose…so I cut him off. “No
need for that DANIEL! I‟m leaving. Just take good care of her.” Of course he will!

I turned around, walked away and swallowed all the pride I had since the day I knew I
had it. This doesn‟t mean though that I‟m not going to be that responsible dad of my little
baby girl. I‟m going to love her, up until my soul chooses to leave this earthly body.

36. KWOLI-2
Part 3
Little Lee-lee

Leah‟s POV

It has been days and weeks, and I felt my uterus expanding like an overgrown
watermelon. And the cubs inside are doing well, swimming altogether, and moving
altogether. Sometimes I feel two of them awake, and the other two asleep, and only if I‟m
lucky…all four asleep. I can‟t find a comfy position when I try to sleep on my bed.
Sometimes they all stay in one chamber, and so I have a hard time tossing and turning
„coz of that. Even Dan‟s arms can‟t find a comfortable position as to where to wrap his
blazing body around me. Sometimes he has to hum a lullaby to make me and the babies
finally find our sleep.

But most of the times there‟s one baby inside of me that‟s unimaginably hard to calm…I
don‟t have to think hard and deep, I just know who among the four beauties is difficult to
put to sleep…Jake‟s, -just like her father, undeniably impatient and darn pushy! Our
little girl…doesn‟t have a name yet. And I can not just name her alone; Jake has to be
with me.

Well, tomorrow…I‟m gonna leave my options open. I just hope he wouldn‟t start any sort
of brawl. He just keeps on getting on my nerves these days…I mean, he‟s always eager to
engage in war. Of course that‟d set Dan off too and of course that‟d cause me a lot of
stress …and well, I wouldn‟t want to shake and phase would I? I shouldn‟t phase…I
can‟t risk this pregnancy! Carlisle kept on reminding me of the possible risks, low birth
weight, palsy, and some other stuff. But the greatest among them is the unknown risk
phasing would entail. Even Rosalie‟s unusually calm.

“Baby…you awake?” Daniel stirred as he felt me inch a bit. I pulled the sheets so that
it‟d cover us both…our reckless positions were well, too rated R. One baby began stirring
awake. “Did they give you a hard time sleeping, love?” He whispered against the skin of
my plump and growing chest.

“Only the little girl…I guess…”

He rubbed me in. “Oh…maybe she wants to know her name too…good morning kids…”
He whispered once more this time breathing through my ears; it tickled me all the way

“Daniel…oh…wait, aw…come on…obviously…as you can see…I‟m doubling in

size…” He was kissing the back of my neck, and the width across my shoulders, he
pulled me closer, my behind felt his burning warmth. I succumbed little by little to the
overwhelming heat.

“Don‟t make me burn Daniel…” I sighed loving the pleasure his hot breathe gave off. He
began rubbing my thighs, gradual but intensely.

“Am I…? I‟m just worshipping every inch of you…baby…I‟ll be away today, I need to
reconnect with my clients and with my boss...and I‟ll buy some stuff from Port Angeles
…I hope you won‟t mind?”

I DO mind!!! Oh my gosh! Separation anxiety hit me like a smashing baseball bat.

“No…I‟ll miss you Dan, like crazy!” I spun around and squeezed myself closer to him,
but somehow the distance my tummy‟s causing can‟t be helped. “But, you go ahead…I
should learn to be apart from you…sometimes…”

But his stiff reaction was odd and wrong timing. His body somehow flinched, I‟m not
sure if he was aware of it. “Maybe… Jake would come over… and well, ask about the
welfare of his little girl…” Dan said, working on being „tranquil.‟ His realizations are
stunning me; he had been like this ever since we started naming our wolfies.

But in some way this made me think, he‟s quite right…Jacob had every right to know
each and every single thing. “You‟d be ok with that?” I had to make sure he‟s cool about
this arrangement.

“Of course NOT! But, what could I do…I just have to allow it Lee. Honestly, I CAN‟T
watch him do that sweet talk on you; you know exactly how would I react, right?”

I nodded ploddingly, letting his words sink in. Then it sank and I snapped out, “SWEET
“Jake talks all sweet and innocent when he‟s around you, you should be aware of that…”
Dan accused Jake, seriously unhappy about having to explain his nephew‟s behavior.

“Daniel?!” I examined his sincere eyes, and chatted away. “Alright, I‟ll try tone down my
mood swings when he comes around…I‟m JUST certain he‟ll be here the moment you
drive away…”

Daniel forced out a grin, “I‟ll try not to think of the things he might do to you while I‟m
I gently took his hands and placed it back on my ripping chests, so he‟d feel the rambling
my heart was making. “Remember, we had this heart beat talk back in the hospital, and
please remember too that I just told you this heart beats only for you…”
Rose had to hunt again. Emmett came over a couple of hours ago, to kneel before her and
ask if she could go join him on his hunt. But hey, I‟m not slow or a dimwitted fool…I
know he wanted her for some unmentionables too. It‟s quite understandable…I know
how vamps treat their mates…and I‟d say their DAMN POSSESSIVE! I started
entertaining my lonely self by knitting socks. I KNIT. AND I EMBROIDER. I do know a
lot of girly things, and once I get my paws on it, I practically won‟t stop until they‟re all
done. I sat on the sofa and started on it. In no time…I had three pairs done, three pairs of
socks based with shades of indigo, and then I started working on the pair for Jake‟s girl,
our girl. I was thinking of pink…but pink is too common, I‟m sure this girl is gonna be a
tough one and one of a kind…heck, she‟s the one keeping me awake at night! And I so so
love her for that…she kind of reminds me of myself.

I began humming, that lullaby about wild horses running in the wilderness… I didn‟t
need to sniff the air, as Jake‟s scent filled my lungs. It‟s all too familiar, it‟s a permanent
mark. “I know YOU ARE HERE Jake.” I wasn‟t really planning on being „harsh‟ but it
just came out automatically, “I don‟t want to see you…Isn‟t that clear enough YET?!!!”
Ok…I can‟t fight this current mood swing. Argh!!!

“Lee you sew?” He obviously looked surprised. My mouth let out another biting
retort…my mood‟s getting worse!
“Yes, and I embroider too DUMMY Now get out!!! Don‟t try distracting me with your
silly remarks!!!” I put down the last set of socks on the empty sofa, scrambling my head
for the word „relax.‟ Then I heard Jake sniffing…and sobbing…and CRYING?!!! OH
MY FREAKING GOD! Jake‟s crying. Oh…of course…he saw me knitting socks for his
li‟l girl. My heart seemingly got stabbed with gushing guilt.

I tried to calm the moment. I CAN‟T get carried away, “I hope you like green…I
mean…I know pink is the usual color for baby girls…but hey…she‟s going to be
special…so ordinary wouldn‟t suit her…she‟s the only girl so…” All the love I felt for
our little girl resurfaced. But Jake was still crying…I wasn‟t really wanting to look into
his eyes, I knew I‟d see something that I wouldn‟t want there.

I shot a look from right under my eyelashes, but suddenly like a school kid he threw his
arms so tightly around me. “I love you Lee!” He breathed against my untended hair.
I simply couldn‟t catch my breath.

“You‟re crushing me Jake, aww…stop! You‟re killing me, here!!!” His face got too
close, and I knew, I just knew he was planning to kiss me. I turned away.
“You know what I want Lee…” He‟s voice gone from childish to sultry.
I was doing my best not to respond back “NO!!! Are you nuts?!!” …is it just me and my
dirty mind or was he trying to say something else?

“I‟m not referring to THAT! I just want to feel her kick…just let me touch you…I mean
let me touch your belly?” He clarified, probably getting back his sanity. Unconsciously I
smiled. I felt my lips pull up to grin. I lightly pushed him away, took his hands quickly
from around my waist and let his warm palms feel the movement in my tummy.
“There…” I hushed.

Jacob never looked this satisfied, ever, as far as I know. “Lee...oh, my little Leah…
Daddy‟s here…” His voice was captivating…and WHAT?!! WHAT DID HE JUST
SAY?! LITTLE LEAH?! “Did you just call her Leah?” I bit my tongue and held my
reigns in.
“Uhuh…I‟d like her to be named after you…well, its one of the few requests I would like
to ask of you… if you would just…you know, allow it…and well, make me the happiest
guy in the world…” He admitted, a bit shaky.

Jake‟s happy…now I can‟t seal in my happiness too in any longer! “I love it Jake!!! Right
now just like you, having these babies is making me the happiest woman, no-no make
that mother…the happiest mother in this friggin‟ world!” Warmth washed over my every
morsel. I am a mother, little Lee‟s mother…and I‟m living my dream. I loved it that he
wanted his girl named after me.

But shortly after, Jake‟s mood reversed. What‟s with guys these days?! “Let me see
her…ok? At least, let her always see me…don‟t take her away too far from me Lee… I
begged you before to make love with me. And I‟m begging you again… allow me to see
What on earth was he thinking?! “Jake you will see her. What are you talking about?!
You‟re her… well, truly you‟re her daddy…nothing and no one can ever change that!
Ok, we‟ll name her Leah!” I had to reassure him…he‟s loosing it again. What to do?
What to do?!! “Jacob Black! You will see her…you will see little Lee-lee.” I almost
screamed to pull him out of his soon to be state. The smile reappeared on his face. I was
about ask, why he thought I‟d be that cruel to him…but he drew me close and his warm
lips touched my forehead.

“Hey…I honestly feel alive again Lee. So… thanks… thanks for giving me a chance
today, I feel like I‟m less of a jerk… and uh… thanks for making me feel like a real…
almost…d-dad…” I realized this is what Dan referred to as Jake‟s „sweet talk.‟ I felt like
crossing a tight rope, but I knew my heart now.
“You are a jerk…but, uhmm, yeah…it‟s all right…I‟m very happy with-…” I knew and I
felt Dan on his way back, though he advocated this „talk‟, I won‟t gamble on it. “You
better leave Jake, Rose and Dan are on their way here …I don‟t want you fighting with
them… I just can‟t tolerate the thought of it… what more if-…”
But he cut me off too early, I plan to say more. I wanted him to know me and Dan named
our second boy after him. “Don‟t mention it…I‟m leaving…” He stole me a kiss on the
cheek that paralyzed me, I wasn‟t capable of reacting instantly. “And I love you
Clearwater …”

I frowned and pinched him hard. “Scram Jake!”

He strode away leaving through the back door. It was then that I realized that my heart
was thumping fast and loud. I had to make better arrangements with him. He‟s like a
thief, and that doesn‟t seem fair. Daniel is becoming more open to changes, so I guess
this could be a possibility.
There came a knock on my door. That would be my Daniel.

36. KWOLI-2

Part 4

Bella‟s POV

Why does EVERYTHING I know have to come from the council?!! Can you NOT tell me
yourself…or can Jacob maybe? Or Alice…anyone less official?!!! So that I‟d have every
freedom to express how I really feel! And to think, THAT I AM THE LAST ONE TO
KNOW!!! My mind screamed code red as I dumped out my tote bag to make sure I had
everything I needed to go flying back to New Hampshire.

“Bella.” Edward spoke my name gravely touching both my shoulders with his steel

And I CAN‟T EVEN YELL AT YOU RIGHT NOW?!!! Carlisle and Esme would get so
freakin‟ worried!!! I consider it a perk sometimes that my husband read minds. I don‟t
have to verbalize everything (as long as de-shield my mind). The only difference was
Edward didn‟t look pleased at all. He usually found my thoughts fascinating, humorous
and highly intriguing, but right now...I‟m sure he‟d rather have my thoughts veiled and

“Isabella…” He went on soothing me with his velvet laden vocals.

I‟m not done yet Edward Anthony Masen Cullen!!! And to think that Alice knew all about
this…and Carlisle …and ROSALIE!!! Rosalie‟s fixated! Not that I object… well… at
least you should have warned me so I wouldn‟t get freaked out to the verge of wanting to
flee…it‟s all sedentary now, you could have broke it down to me at least… little by little.
My words were like bullets being shot into his head but Edward‟s eyes remained

“Bella…please…” He took my hands which were mechanically packing some clothes

now. It should be hard to resist those eyes and that voice.

Soon my nerves relaxed. I tried picturing our meadow, and paced my breathing.
Edward‟s not at fault here…it‟s not fair to be unloading my burden onto him like this. I
had to remind myself this. And since I had fumed enough… I unshielded my mind once
more as my mental voice rang like silver bells. Love, I don‟t know…this is going to be
really hard for Nessie…that‟s my main concern…she‟s always in her room… I‟m just
thinking…maybe I need to bring her back to NH…but…

“…she doesn‟t want too.” Edward finished the sentence for me; gloom became eminent
upon his features. “I did not expect her emotions to mature quite so fast. But Jasper has a
theory.” He waited to be sure that I focused on him fully, and then he continued.
“Renesmee is constantly surrounded by couples, and since she picks up and learns fast,
conditioning, and modeling is inevitable. Of course, we missed that… I honestly caught
some of it…but, I overlooked it…sigh…”

I sat on the bed still contemplating whether to take Ness to NH with me, shoving aside
the huge traveling bag I‟ve been prancing on …but I really can‟t force her. She‟s so so so
stubborn…just like ME…yeah…just like me.

“That‟d be our problem.” Edward responded to my mental debate, smiling the slightest
but then it pulled down again to a grimace. “Bella…” He sat beside me and caressed the
skin of my hands, pressing it. “I just thought it‟d be better you hearing it from Old
Ateara, he sees this dilemma far more objectively…and I‟d presume, he‟d be less biased
…and Carlisle…he‟s always pro-life, and pro-peace…and since our daughter took it all
in, and I know…it‟s a oddly sick…but can you think of anything we can do to UNDO
these things? It‟s as if fate has told us it‟s bidding…and we are all just pawns of
destiny…even choosing to fight it is fate in itself.”

It seems my man already did a lot of retrospection, I‟m quite lagging behind. But I am
still Renesmee‟s mother; I can‟t NOT try to make things better for her. “Jacob Black is
going to be a father…” I whispered shaking my head. “He isn‟t even through with his
senior year…” I mused more. “Maybe we can take Ness on a vacation?” I suggested.
Edward shook his head this time. “I don‟t know…her thoughts kept screaming all
day…she wants to talk with Jacob.”

Jacob‟s just the luckiest guy…and I guess Ness already made her choice of mate, a
vampire knows once and for all, and just once in our lives who we finally want to spend
the rest of our existence with…and once this choice is made, a vampire‟s heart becomes
unshakable, and immovable…tempests may come…but like an ever fixed mark the
choice and our affection stays the same.

Edward nodded in agreement to my inner realizations. “But love, I wasn‟t expecting life
to prove itself to be so cruel to our angel… If it wasn‟t for Carlisle and Nessie and
Leah…I WOULD HAVE HUNTED HIM DOWN!” Edward admitted, through his
gritted teeth, stressing his point. “I am more than infuriated myself love, but… Carlisle ‟s
words struck me…”

“He also told me that….we can not do anything to change the past, but we can always do
something to better improve the present…” The words came out easily, but my emotions
were all juggling around, hitting each other like water molecules. I‟ll try convincing our
daughter to give it a rest…just this once…” I stood up, ready to have a heart to heart with
my daughter.

“Good luck!” Edward kidded, but the hurt did not leave his eyes.
I knew I wouldn‟t let Jacob easily off the hook…but I have to be in harmony with my
family‟s decisions. I wanted to see the bigger picture…but HOW could I do that when
my Nessie would live all her life with Jake hurting!? How could Jake ever redeem
himself…or should we just accept his shortcomings and make the most out of who he
really is? That last thought crept me out…but it did make a lot of sense.

I knocked as soon as I got to Nessie‟s door softly. “Come in…” she tried sounding
cheerful, but hey I‟m her mom, I‟ll get her all figured out in no time!

I pushed the door and found her under her blankets. “My angel…are you hungry?” I
asked her instantly…she looked famished. “You want to go hunt some lion?” I asked
some more, rubbing her forearms.

“Sure, later…” She answered sickly.

“Or I could cook you some pasta?” She likes Italian.

“Can I have some time alone…? I mean in the woods…I promise I won‟t take long…and
if ever I come across a deer or something…then I‟ll feed…”

“Nessie YOU ARE NOT GOING TO SEE JACOB! NOT NOW!” It was an automatic
response. It just came out, but I won‟t be taking it back

“What makes you think I‟d be doing that?” This young lady of mine is playing innocent.

“Would you want your Dad tell me what‟s in your mind?” Ok this talk is going in the
WRONG direction, I need to pacify… “Ok…dear…sorry for jumping into conclusions,
what would you do in the woods then?”

“Ok, I‟ll be honest with you Mom” She sat up and looked me straight in the eyes. She did
not touch me so for me NOT to see everything that‟s in her mind, instead she went on
explaining. “I NEED TO SEE JAKE! PLEASE!!! No one‟s really there for him right
now…Quil messaged me…no I actually messaged him asking about Jake…Ma, come
on?! Then I‟ll go vacationing with you, but only for two days at the most!” That was an
outright demand!!!

“ONLY…if he meets with you within the premises of the Cullens‟ property, ok? I‟ll try
calling him to come here…” I gave in. As long as I can take her on a vacation and try
unwinding her mind…this bargain does sound fairly good. Oh, my daughter‟s learned to

“No Mom…I‟ll be the one to call him…uhmm…ok?” She was stunning me the wrong

I suddenly felt out of her league. This time I held her shoulders, I felt it‟s about time
discussing about the birds and the bees. I got freaking scared…I got flashbacks on the
memories of how Rene broke this down for me. I think Carlisle also needs to give my
daughter a general check-up, to know if she‟s even capable of menstruating… I
shuddered, for a vampire that is just lame. “You…know about the birds and bees and

Ness cut me off mid sentence. “MOM! You‟re too late! Aunt Rose already told me about
that! And please…I don‟t want to hear it again!”

If I had blood…it could have made my cheeks shout out, only IF. Ugh! And Rosalie!?
She‟s gone ahead of me AGAIN. “Ok-ok, now you‟re mother‟s unprepared…
Renesmee… don‟t you surprise me again like this!” I almost choked. “Since you know it
already, I‟m hoping you wouldn‟t disappoint us by not doing it just as we say, ok?” I feel
so WEIRD! My daughter‟s driving me INSANE!

She nodded. “Yes Mom, I‟m still too young…”

This time I cut her off mid-sentence. “NO, REMEMBER what I just told you TAKES
EFFECT until after you reach seven years of age…alright?!”


Nessie‟s POV

I just wanted to hear his voice. I‟m missing him every second he‟s gone. I dialed his
number on the keypads and heard his cell phone ring. I quickly turned it off. I am
nervous. Why am I nervous? I always hear Jakey‟s voice. So why feel shy now? I know
Jake‟s all messed up. I didn‟t care. I will love everything about him. I don‟t know if I‟m
just purely innocent, but I really just didn‟t care. Maybe I‟m one of those girls who are
called „blinded by love‟.

The phone vibrated. And it flashed a message, sent by my Jakey! It read:

I‟m sorry Ness , you can just come over and kill me.

He finally understands that I can take his foul mouth, and that he doesn‟t have to always
be nice around me. But I miss „nice.‟ Yet I know Jake‟s really a bit bad. I replied and sent
him this message:
No…you come over…I really just want to see you…”

Your parents Ness …aren‟t they going to get-? Anyways…I‟ll be there.”

36. KWOLI-2

Part 4-B
First Kiss
Nessie‟s POV

Honestly, I can‟t understand myself at all. Sometimes I feel like a monster –a pretty one
of course. My mind can take the why‟s and how‟s of the changes I am going through, but
my body and my emotions are crying out the opposite. Everything‟s moving so fast and
it‟s disorienting. But this seems to be the „norm‟ in my case.

“Nessie…” There came another knock on the door. But it wasn‟t any of my parents. It‟s
Aunt Alice. I was getting ready to go out and meet Jake.

I wore something comfy …I want to go hunt today. “Come in Aunt Alice…”

She went in like someone was watching her…but seeing me ready to be dolled up, her
perkiness bounced back. “Hey lovely…I so know what you‟re up to…” She hissed
swiftly nearing my side. She immediately took a comb and started fixing my hair. What?
UP TO?! All I wanted was some time with Jake…as much as I am allowed to get. I didn‟t
know how long my Daddy would hold off his curses on Jake. “Just don‟t fool
around…ok?” She went on, which got me perplexed. What was she warning me about?

“Why would I goof? And why so…sneaky Auntie!?” My aunt is such a nutcase
sometimes, she‟d look so disconnected at one time and then all vigilant the next time.

“It‟s hard not to think about it and at the same time warning you about it…just, act your
age…ok?!” She wasn‟t making any sense at all!

“I‟m gonna go hunt with Jake…that‟s all I‟m planning for today…and of course I‟m
going to talk with him, you know…stuff…about his…b-baby…” I felt my throat tighten
as I said that. My boyfriend‟s a daddy now, it took me a week to finally say that out loud.

“Oh…Nessie…” I checked on Aunt Al, looking at her reflection on the mirror. Her eyes
gazed at me softly, and she hugged me lightly. “Do you truly understand what it means
that Jake‟s a father now?” She asked, solemn.

Someone has to ask me this question, and only Aunt Al has the guts to do it. I need to talk
it out I guess. I try to gather up my feelings. “I can‟t find the right word to describe it
Aunt Al, but…it feels like my heart‟s gone missing…I mean, he‟s in love with his beta…
and well, I hope he still wants to see me, but now they have a BABY…I CAN‟T
UNDERSTAND IT? How did that happen?! I mean, as far as I know, people get married
and then a baby follows right after that, Aunt Rose gave me „the talk‟ about the birds and
the bees, Mom almost did that too…but I can‟t just seem to get the connection…” I knew
I was being pathetically incoherent again, but, all this information is just about making
my head explode. “And they aren‟t even married…Leah‟s marrying Daniel…SO how-?!

I realized a bit late Aunt Al‟s eyes were already about to bulge out. “NESSIE!” She
practically shushed. She‟s done with my hair now. “Ok, this is what I‟m actually freaking
worried about…THANK God Edward‟s off to hospital with Carlisle …they‟ll be taking
home some medical equipment, and Bella…I bet she‟s hearing all of these. Uh…Bells,
calm down wherever you are…I‟ve got this covered.” She eyed me warily. “So Rose
gave you „the talk‟? Did it make sense to you?” She was attempting to calm herself down
while I was attempting to figure myself out.

“Well…to be honest, not… really. But I do know that‘s what happens somewhere in
between the wedding ceremony and having a baby, and…that it is more than kissing…” I
blushed greatly when I said the word „kiss‟, that one I could picture clearly.

“That‟s RIGHT…and I might add…you need to reach a certain age to go through that in
between stage…” My head began to hurt again, she‟s beginning to sound like my Mom.

“Aunt Al…I totally reject any idea that has to do with the birds-n-bees thing. I‟m aware
of it… but I just can‟t digest it please?”

The good thing was…Aunt Al‟s somehow, although not totally became relaxed after I
expressed that. “O-kay…I‟m going to give you credit for that. You be a good girl…OK?”

I had a feeling my Aunt‟s gonna stalk our hunting galore. I stood up and ran to my
ringing mobile phone. It was Jake! “Nessie!” His voice was beautiful.

“I‟ll meet you by the river…” I conserved my speech, and cut the line early. But off the
record…I‟d say my hummingbird-like heartbeat just got faster.

“You have to be back before twilight Renesmee.” Aunt Al noted as she left the room, I
peeked at the window and a mile from our patio I saw Jake waiting for me. His russet
skin contrasted my pale as he took my hands and walk on the dirt path farther from our
house. “I want to hunt…I hadn‟t had anything for a week, except for Grandma‟s dishes!”
I spoke first.

Jake was suddenly morose. He knelt and examined my face… “You should hunt the
moment you feel hunger…don‟t delay the next time, ok…?!”

“Nah…it‟s alright, I only want to hunt with you…” Stabs of sadness made up his face, as
my mouth continually slipped all my obsessive thoughts out.

He held my hands tighter, he stood and gestured that we walk more. “Nessie,
sweetheart…I‟m so sorry…it‟s alright if you hate me…why don‟t you hate me?”

I felt my tear ducts well up; but I held them in with all my might. “I can‟t Jake. It‟s all but
crazy, but I just can‟t.”

He stopped waking again, and I saw we had arrived on the spot where a small water fall
runs. This was one of our favorite spots. “Nessie…everything‟s a mess…and- …”
I cut him off there. “Want to go for a swim!!?” I cheered. I didn‟t want to hear his
apologies right now; I just want to pretend that nothing happened. I ran to the small
stream and jumped right in. He soon followed me in. I tried playing around with the cool
water, (that never bothered either the two of us) splashing it on his apologetic face, my
Jacob always looked so huge. I wanted to laugh, but it didn‟t fit the feel of the day. He
looked gloomy. I braved up and spoke my mind, “I know you want to tell me a lot of
things…and same here, but can we just like forget about it even just for an hour? Then
we can talk.” I didn‟t touch him as I always do; I‟m afraid he‟ll see how bad my weeks
had been, and feel…guilty. I want him to make him smile today, and somehow make
things better.

Then he neared me, picking one of my arms that was dipped into the water. I pulled it
slightly away because I figured out too late what he wanted to do. Jake was strong it
wasn‟t long enough „til the tip of my fingers touched his face, like electric current, my
flickering flashbacks filled his head. “I‟m so sorry…” His voice cracked, as he dropped
my arms. “An hour Jake, give me an hour…I don‟t want to think about anything for an
hour…” Before I knew it, he snagged me into a tight embrace. I never felt him this close.
Then feelings that are unfamiliar to me shot me through my bones. I felt jumpy and as if
my skin was shouting SOS! Suddenly my body reacted, I had to pull away. It
felt…HOT…too HOT! Jake was IRON HOT. I‟m feeling freakish again. What is
happening to me?!

“Uh…let‟s go h-hunt J-Jake…” I stammered. HE still won‟t drop the long face.
“Jake…please, no frowning…I‟m really hungry, and an elk would really really make my
day!” I did my best focus on that, since my stomach‟s a broken record now. He took my
hand again, and a few moments later, his smile shone like the sunrise.

“Ok…wait for me Ness …” He said walking behind a tree. I never wondered why he
always had to phase behind a tree, but now…I wondered. I was tempted to
peek…but…then my big wolf was already out. I usually ride on his back before, but
today…I will run with him; I‟m a bit tall now for wolf back riding.

Jake ran faster than a speeding meteor, I did my best to catch up, but even on his wolf
face I knew he carried a wide grin. He howled while we ran and I screamed my vampire
scream. Jake was giving me my hour, and I‘m so glad he is.

We ran by a herd of grass-eaters although that didn‟t excite the hunt, I was too hungry to
think of what‟s exciting or not. Our mere stance made the herd loose their natural
formation, a few went running north while the others ran frantic in pointless directions, I
ran to the one closest to me and clasped its feet that I felt it‟s limbs break, I readily sank
my teeth into it‟s furry neck and took in all its potent blood. Another one ten meters away
scampered for dear life, my mom told me to follow my instincts when feeding, and my
instincts told me I wanted one more.

Jake was already gnashing the beating heart of one of the largest elks, wolves love going
for their prey‟s heart, next the lungs, and so on. He let out another happy howl. We
dashed back to our small water fall, and I washed my face with clean water, Jake drank
some, dipping in his muzzle. And then my gaze got stuck on his wolf face, and I CAN‘T
look away. I got caught looking at him. I realized I had snapped after he licked and
gently nudged my cheeks. I ducked my head in between my knees and Jake let out a yelp.
I went on hiding my face. He‟d see the crazy look in my eyes and he‟s gonna really know
how crazy I am for him! He let out a short bark and went behind another tree, so he could
phase back to human. Just then he suddenly called out my name. I felt the hairs of my
skin stand up. “Nessie?”

“Uh…yeah Jake?”

“This is silly…but I think I left my jeans hanging around there somewhere…would you
mind going to check?!”
“Sure!” It wasn‟t hard looking for it…I always knew how Jake smells. I saw his pair of
jeans hanging in some branch of another tree. And like an Olympian I leaped and grabbed
it from a high twig.

“Jake I got them!” I walked back to his tree, but stood a few good meters away from it.
For some reason, he stepped out of the shadows, held out his hand and, ahhhhh! Jake‟s
NAKED! I saw him freaking NAKED!!!! I frantically threw his pants over his face and
ran back to the spring. It‟s like waking up and seeing something strange flash before your
eyes! I almost cried, no I was crying, I curled up and sat on the grass, so that my back
was facing him. Shortly after, I felt his very warm hands on my shoulders. I flinched like
a hamster.

“Nessie…I‟m sorry, I forgot I had no clothes on!”

I braved up again. He‟s such a dummy! “Sure, i-it‟s cool…I-I‟m okay…” I lied. I can‟t
push the image of Jake‟s naked body off my mind.

“Nessie, aw really…I‟m sorry…oh please, don‟t cry!”

Ugh! Can‟t he get it! I want to grab him and WAAAAAH! The birds and the bees
suddenly made sense. Ahh!!! I can‟t be hearing myself say this, even silently.

He shook me gently. “Nessie!”

I felt my cheeks turn beet red and about to explode! “Jake, close your eyes please?” I
didn‟t know where I got this idea, but he can‘t see me drool.

“W-why?! Ok, sure sure…” I turned around and saw his eyes diligently closed. How I
wanted to feel each and every corner of his face.

“And you listen, ok?” He pretended to zip his mouth, seal it and throw the key away. It
almost made me smile…I held his face with both my hands. I trembled a bit as I realized
his cheeks are just as hot. I took a deep breath and started talking.
“I-I know you love Leah, I know you‟re a dad now, and that you have a baby with her...I
KNOW IT ALL! Though I can‟t understand HOW? But I don‟t care! Maybe I‟m too
young and inexperienced to feel deep seething anger, but maybe I‟m just really in love
with you Jacob Black!” I confessed non-stop!

He flashed his eyes wide open now, his mouth dangled, but before he could even see my
love struck face I slammed my palms back to cover his eyes again. “ Now, Ness …I got
to see your face when you say things like this…”

“Stop treating me like a child Jake!”

“Do you want me to kiss you then?!” His voice crawled onto my skin. Gradually he lifted
my hands off his eyes.

I bit my lips, and my eyes moved from his face to his lips and to his chest. I turned my
head down and then away, extremely ashamed. Yet I wanted him. “Yes Jake, please kiss

I made myself face him, as he drew my face closer pulling in my chin. ―Now, it‘s time
for you to close your eyes Renesmee…‖
36. KWOLI-2

Part 4-C

Jacob‟s POV

“Now, it‟s time for you to close your eyes Renesmee…”

I was planning to go for her cheeks, just peck her right there, and then STOP so to
protect her from my aggressive mating instincts. Agh! Did I just say mating?!! AGH!!!
NO!!! My angel‟s not there yet…and AHHHH!!!! Stop Jacob Black. What‟s with the
steamy preoccupation?!! But it just isn‟t possible not to kiss her there, her lips were
waiting for me, they were eager, though with closed eyes her wincing told me she was
nervous. I was still holding her chin, her heart beat skipped like a rock on the river…it‟s
not just fluttering it was damn near freaking racing! I swallowed hard.

That time we hung out and went skinny dipping into our small spring, my instincts just
told me Nessie was…changing. Her skin gave off signals that were not yet known to me.
I had to kiss her on her cheeks…only on her cheeks! And so, I kissed her cheeks,
quick, tender and dang lame. But Nessie‟s strong grip caught me around my jaw; it was
so so so…“Nessie!!!” She pulled me in and kissed me ON.MY.LIPS. My eyes bugged
out. But her lips…were not bad (how could they be?!) they were small…and tender…I
had to be dreaming and I was far from wanting to wake up.

The good thing was she kept her lips close. Whew!!! If she happens to open it while this
is happening, EVEN for a second…I don‟t know how I‟ll be able to convince myself that
I‟m SANE, NORMAL and NOT A CRADDLE SNATCHER!!! But then she parted her
lips open. NOW I was able to T-TASTE her-…and…NO!!!! I hesitatingly pulled back,
almost throwing myself away, savoring the brief sweet taste of her lips, I just hate that I
had to, BUT I HAD TO…

Her eyes shot wide, her skin fiery red. I hugged her real real long and real real tight...that
her rambling chest throbbed against mine. “I‟m sorry Nessie…I can‟t kiss you that
way…” Not that I didn‟t want to…I knew she‟d just hate me more. Nessie kissing me that
way told me she‟s coming to understand romance, and she‟s coming to understand how
to love a man. But it just isn‟t fair for her, there‟s another woman I STILL think
of…and…she‟s technically much too young…I don‟t want to take advantage of that. She
began squirming out of my imprisoning hug. I held her tight coz I‟m just sure she‟d push
it, Nessie is a very strong hybrid, and I‟m already feeling her getting FREE FROM MY
DELIBERATE BEAR HUG! “Nessie…please!!! You should understand…now‟s NOT
THE TIME!” She struggled free which made me fly five feet away. I fell flat on my ass.
She began walking away.

“Nessie!!!” I called out.

“Why ask me if I wanted a kiss from you if you‟

ll just regret it after!!!?” She practically screamed. I knew that scream is vampire ear-
sensitive. I suddenly fear for my life. I kind of sniffed lots of Alice trail from around here.
It‟s so friggin hard to balance this situation. “That‟s not the point Ness…of course kissing
you is like a dream… but… hey, can you please stop walking and listen to me?!” I sat up
from my fallen position, and strode up behind her. I caught up, naturally. I hooked her
thin arms.

“Nessie…stop. Please, look at me!” She really got pissed. Well, yeah…pulling out from a
kiss is really a pooper! But dang it! She has to get my goddamn point!!!
She halted and I spun her around gently. This feels like a lover‟s quarrel…but hey, we
aren‟t official yet in any known way. “Ok, I‟m looking…is there something you can say
or do that would overturn the way I feel right now?”
“Tell me Ness …I‟d do anything…” Ok, I shouldn‟t have said that.
“Kiss me again Jake…?”
WHAT!!!!!!!!? I‟d really loved to…but..

“See you can‟t do it…I have my reasons…I really do…” Nessie cheeks were turning a
dark shade of red again. “I‟m sorry…I don‟t mean to force myself to you…I just wanted
to feel you, coz my heart screams for you…I‟m just scared of the future…and…” her
voice was softer than a whisper in an instant; she switched foot and walked

This time I ran to get to her. I grabbed both her slim steel but warm arms; and hauled her
up against me, she‟s a couple of inches shorter than her mom so I had to pick her up for
her lips to reach mine. “Hold on tight…Sweet Angel.” I whispered, hugging in her thighs,
lifting her to my level. She‟s wearing those really cute trek clothes. Her blushing face

As she drew closer to my face her pointed nose touched my own. I whispered, “Nessie…
this is for loving me…” I parted my mouth and invited her in, she was a bit edgy but I felt
her passion as her lips melted on mine. It wasn‟t too long „til I paused briefly, and told
her some more… “This is for understanding me…” I got a little more aggressive with the
second kiss, but I was still holding myself back. Her lips got lost in my mouth. Again I
stopped and let my breath catch her scent, it surrounded her, the hair that was clipped
behind her ear. “And this is for the wonderful woman you are becoming...”

I was about to kiss her the third time around when she cut me off, “Teach me to kiss
Jake…I know I‟m just so elementary at this kind of stuff…”

The heck, there‟s really need for lessons when one is in love. “You‟re doing fine my
angel…” I whispered
“D-Do…you love me Jacob?” She came back at me quickly.

“Yes, BUT-..” I stammered.

She cut me off again. “No! That‟s enough, at least for me…ok…I think I‟m ready for
another kiss…”

This is so selfish of me. H-How?! How can she not hate me!!!! “How can you love me
this way Ness ?” I had to ask, to justify my actions.

“You really want to know how and why?” Ness asked, not letting go nor loosening up;
her arms secured around my neck. I nodded and mumbled a slurred yes. “Because I chose
to love you and because we‟re sort of destined…” She switched focus…which caused my
muscles to tighten up, not that it already isn‟t. “Can I try be the one to l-lead this kiss…I
might suck…but, is all right my Jacob?” Her sing-song voice penetrated through my skin.
Did she just claim me? I can‟t feel my toes.

“Sure, sure…” Was all I said, I was so PANICKED-STRUCK WITH LIGHTNING!!!

She looked through my eyes. “Jake…I can look into those eyes and do it everyday…or
maybe if you want –like forever…” Nessie talks…so sweet, stammering… and I‟m JUST
dying here, in a beautiful wonderful way. I feel her face inching her way to me…she was
taking it slow. I‟m not used to going slow. In a few seconds I can feel her breath tensing
against my imperfect lips. “Jake…I‟m kissing you, because you‟re the man of my
dreams…” She murmured.

Was she enchanting me?! Cause the effect‘s like LSD—theoretically!! And damn
I‘m enchanted! The inching finally came to a stop…and her lips touched mine. Her arms
snagged tighter, as she took in my moist mouth. This is heck criminal! but…I want to
devour –gently. I hold her small body that‟s now crashing into me; Nessie kissed me. I let
her lead on. I still reigned myself in somehow. But I would say it was simple, tender and
pure, just like the person she is. This was enough to assure me that life is still good and
beautiful. It should be, it really should be.

Tonight I‟m on my patrol shift. Only Embry was willing to join me in my rounds.


Part 1

Jacob‟s POV

I brought Nessie back to the house, with Alice impatiently waiting and tapping her foot
by the doorway. I don‟t know when to make ‗us‘ official. Ness told me she‟s going back
to NH, that she had promised Bella. My head is still in a whirlpool of strange forces
pulling me in different directions. Nessie wouldn‟t let go of my hand as she was about to
enter the house. I suddenly wanted to visit her in her room later…sneak up or something.
But in a mansion full of vampires?! JUST SHOOT ME MAN! There‟s simply no way I‟d
be able to break into such tight security. She leaves for NH tomorrow.

Alice noticed Nessie‟s edginess. She shot me a dark nymph glare. She raised her left
brow and walked back in. “Edward, Emmett and Carlisle paid Leah and Dan a visit…
Bella‟s waiting inside. I‟m gonna leave you two alone…I suppose Ness wants that…”
Her glare didn‟t break away from me…until she went back inside.

“I will miss you, Jake…” She whispered, biting her lips. I wanted to kiss that lower lip
she was biting. “And I love you…” She said shamelessly.

I bent a little bit and whispered in her ear, “I love you too my angel” I whispered. “I will
try make things right…just wait and see…” I added.
Unexpectedly she drew too close, and in vampire speed stole a kiss from my lips. “See
you soon…thank you for still wanting me…” She murmured. It didn‟t sound right...

“Of course Nessie… I want you…but, you know… that my other nature had chosen Le-
another girl…” I didn‟t know what effect it‟d have on her if she hears the way I say
Leah‟s name.

“Yes, you don‟t have to remind me…I know that already… by heart.” Her upturned lips
slowly lost its cheer. “Thank you for that kiss though…”

Now I blushed HEAVILY. I felt my skin heat and redden up. “Nessie…you‟re mom‟s
inside… and Alice…and… hey baby… it‟s not that I‟m ashamed or
anything…ok…they‟ll know anyway. It‟s just that I‟m not the best GUY for you
anymore…I‟ll try to do right by you… I promise I WILL REALLY TRY!” She smiled
strangely… I can not figure out this young tigress.

“One more kiss Jake…I‟m sort of getting addicted to it…” She whispered, the
enchantment stirring up in the air once more.

“Renesmee!” I almost growled, hissing at her lovingly.

“Renesmee Carlie Cullen…YOU GET IN THIS HOUSE RIGHT NOW!!!‖ That was
Bella‟s angry voice. Should I walk her in?

“Do you want me to walk you in?” I asked.

“Would you do that?”

“Well, yeah…why not?!” We walked in the house I‟ve been to so many times before, for
reasons that I‟d rather not remember again. I can remember the blood…Bella…Leah…all
those…ugh! But everything turned out better…so, no need for bad flashbacks. Bella was
waiting in the living room; she was reading a book…actually three books at the same
time. These vamps are like marvel super heroes.

“Jacob.” She said. “Nessie you go to your room.” She went on.

“No Mom, I‟m going to hear anything you‟ll have to say to Jake.” Ness fought with

“Young lady, just this once…do as I say.” Bella sounded like a school principal.

Nessie took a deep breathe and obeyed her mother. “Ok, I will…I‟ll see you later, or
talk…to you…” She complied smiling at me and rushing up the stairs.

Bella stood up. I did not dare sit down. I have no right to be here anyway. “I know Nessie
can hear this, but it‟s better that she‟s not here in front of you. So…Jacob Black, how will
you make this work out? I‟m just wondering?” The traces of the old carefree Bella were
almost gone. She‟s really freaking maternal now.

“I would become a good father first; I‟m going back to school this semester,
actually…and well, you know I‟m a dad now, that‟d be my priority…and as you know
everything now Bells…I‟m a freaky alpha…imprinting twice…it‟s all…” Her
face remained immovable.

She took in a lungful of air. “And Leah?” I gathered up all the plans I had in mind and
broke it down for her.

“I can‟t be with Leah, she‟s with my uncle now… I‟ll try to forget her, it‟s going to be as
hard as hell…but I should…”

Bella cut me in. “But you‟ll always see her, she‟s gonna have your baby…how would it
be possible Jake…? You‟ve got to convince me, I‟m giving you a chance at my daughter,
since we all know she will never change her mind…but you‟ve got to convince me

This is hard, yet I‟ve got to keep it real. I pulled my brains out to explain clearly the
things I can‟t assemble in my own mind to Bella. “I will have to be realistic here Bella…
Number one, I can‟t give Nessie the perfect life…I know that. Number two, I will have a
daughter with me, and three, Leah‟s gonna haunt my dreams, „til…I don‟t know when,
but…I will try and devote the rest of what‟s left of me to your daughter…this residue…
these broken pieces… I‘ll do my best to put myself together again… I‟m sorry I can‟t
offer her the grand life… but I DO PROMISE to do my BEST! It‟s all so sick, I know it
is… but I will make myself whole again…I will, Bells…” It sounded like a speech…but I
have to make good in front of Bella. (It will not be just a front for her…of course for

“Ok, I‟ll consider that.” She muttered.


I was back at my place and it was my turn to do the patrols tonight. There weren‟t any
bad updates so far, but we still have to do the regular rounds. As long as we phase
wolves, it simply means the rez wouldn‟t easily be threatened nor attacked, be it leeches,
other shape shifters or mutated monsters. Staying wolf for over four years now made me
paranoid to danger. Embry barged in the door; I just know he‟s briny woodsy scent. And
he brought with him…FOOD!!! The aroma was eating up my stomach.

“Hey nomad… you got to eat something before doing patrols!!! I‟m patrolling with yah.”
Embry sometimes sounds like my friggin‟ girlfriend.

“Where‟d you get that?!” He placed the bowl of delight on the kitchen table.
“From Rosalie?!” Bleh!!!

“You go ahead eat, I‟m not hungry…” I mumbled taking of my shirt, I‟m phasing.

“Ok, dude... Lee cooked this stuff, she just told me to say this came from Rosalie… you
better taste it… it‟s really good.”

My heart cart wheeled. I quickly took out two plates, and spoons and forks. “Come on,
let‟s eat. I‟m FAMISHED!!!” I growled happily.

Embry sat and took his plate. “ are BIASED!”

I swallowed in four scoops of rice. “Hey…what got into her? Why this?” I chomped and

“She knows you patrol alone lately…and that you eat raw now-a-days…that‟s what she
told me. Billy‟s over there too… he‟s excited to be a granddad and an uncle all at the
same time!!!” Embry chattered as if it was super normal.

I almost threw out the food in my mouth. I took some water to drink. “O-kay, that‟s real
life drama over there…hey you sure you have what it takes to patrol with me, my head‟s
a mess…and…well, I still wouldn‟t mind patrolling alone, tonight, I‟ll howl for you if I
need you.” I can‟t let him through my mind…not tonight, not ever!

“I‟m worried bro…you‟ve been outdoing yourself for many nights now…come on, give
yourself a break…it‟d be less stressful if I‟m around…I can take it.”

Well, I can‟t hide my head forever. “Ok…we‟ll patrol…but I‟ll drop by Leah‟s first, ok?
Wait, no-no, I‟ll just do that in the morning…let‟s go!” I still want Leah…I want to kiss
her tummy, and say sweet nothins to our baby…but, I have to tone down my passion for

“H-How was Nessie?” Embry asked, jittery.

“Beautiful as ever…after all this, I‟ll work my way back to her again.” I answered

“And Leah?” He stammered. He‟s not so good with „serious.‟

“You go to her house, it‟s damn obvious she‟s crazy for Daniel!” I glared at Embry.

He simply nodded. “Life sucks…but man you‟re lucky!”

“Ok Embs, I‟m warning you again…my mind‟s all porn –ok?!!! I‟m really sorry if I‟ll be
polluting your mind!” I said as I run and phased in less that a second. I was already butt
naked so there‟s no shredding of clothes tonight. My muscles were almost numb of the
tearing feel and my nerves used up with all the pain. I heard Embry‟s voice in an instant.
“Where are the others? I forgot to ask you.” I asked, running the mileage.

“I forgot to tell you too; almost everyone is at the Clearwaters, except for Sam and

Dickhead. I blurted out silently.

Embry became extremely quiet. All I heard was his paws digging the ground. He was to
cover south and east, I‟m north and west which include all the forests and grounds within
our territory. Then his mental voice suddenly broke the piercing silence. “Man…YOU
KISSED LITTLE NESSIE!!! You cradle snatcher!” I didn‟t know whether he was
celebrating or rebuking me.

“She isn‟t that young anymore…” I muttered. He paused again, watching the images play
in my head.

“This is going to drive everyone insane Jake…well, Nessie‟s changed a lot …I‟m so
FREAKING surprised.” Then Leah took over my memory and I heard Embry yelp.

“Stop Jake…not Leah…oh my god…she‟s pregnant you can‟t make me see this!” His
thoughts screamed volumes beyond normal range.

My thoughts of her revolved around that night we had on the cliff, the night we made
Little Lee-lee, the night I will remember for the rest of my life. Then it all reeled back to
Nessie, these things that happened by the spring…that small lips I wanted to take in...her
soft hands pulling me in. No matter how hard I try not to think of them, the harder the
thoughts persisted.

“Man…it isn‟t hard being you, its hard being in your head…I can get you some
coffee…would you like some? I can phase back, I‟ll meet you at the forest patch near
Quil‟s house?” I just knew Embry would give in. “I‟m not giving in…I‟ll just…help you
relax THAT mind…I‟ll be right back.”

Soon I was alone again. The silence was deafening. I heightened my senses. I had to
know each and every smell I‟ll come across to. Then I came across Daniel‟s scent. I
thought he never phased here. How come I never heard his voice? I still can‟t hear him.
This is not good.

Soon I was alone again. The silence was deafening. I heightened my senses. I had to
know each and every smell I‟ll come across to. Then I came across Daniel‟s scent. I
thought he never phased here –EVER?! How come I never heard his voice? I still can‟t
hear him, can I? This is not good. Ok…I‟m not that sure…I don‟t actually stalk him.

I run further.
And I came across another scent. It wasn‟t fully vampire, nor hybrid or shifter. This is not
a very good time for freak attacks.


Part 2
Breaking Dan

Jacob‟s POV

I drank Embry‟s coffee. This dude can make coffee. He could be a secretary or
something. “Hey where‟d you learn how to make this?” I sipped a load full of hot liquid,
let it run down my throat and somehow my nerves did relax.

“I make Mom‟s coffee every freaking day, heck I‟m really an expert!” I can‟t drink
coffee in wolf form can I? We phased and sat in Quil‟s porch. I‟m so dying to go pass by
Leah‟s house tonight. But I‟d hate to see something, I shouldn‟t. I know like Dan is
CRAZY for her; which brings me back to Dan. “Hey man, I just caught Dan‟s scent out
there, west part of the forest…and I thought he never ever phased on the rez…you want
to hit back and double check? There are patrols every night, I never heard him log in…
how about you, heard his voice even just once?”

“Nah…I know who‟s who, and never heard him, as far as I know…tell me when you‟re
done…I want to hit that trail, I can sense something odd…” Embry was unexpectedly

“One more thing Embs…I caught a strange scent, it isn‟t Clive I‟m sure of it…but its not
vampiric either. I don‟t know if I‟m getting freaky paranoid… but I do need second
opinions… once we confirm it doesn‟t belong to anyone on the rez and of the Cullens,
I‟ll call a snap meeting.” I just felt my voice go alpha on him, he took his clothes off and
phased before me. In a blink of an eye, I phased wolf too, leaving all traces of human

We ran back to where I caught the stale scent. I‟m the keenest among all the wolves, and
I‟m proud of it, but damn this one‟s confusing. And it just kills me that it has to hit near
here when my beta‟s pregnant with my girl. Embry‟s muzzle grazed on the moist grass,
taking in all the different smells that covered it. “So…what do you think?” I asked.
“You‟re right…it‟s dang unidentifiable...but I will make a mental note on it…Jake,
everyone should have a say on this…” I didn‟t have second thoughts on urgent matters
like this. I let out a long howl, that‟d be enough to signal a pack meeting‟s just about
called. Everyone is required to show up, hmm…how about Daniel…would he subject
himself under me?

“I can pick Daniel up, if you want to?” Embry inquired firstly.
“Yes go get him, I need to confirm something, though I‟m not sure he‟s going to leave
Leah‟s side…but, Blondie‟s there…so I guess tonight‟s not really critical, as of the
moment –I hope.” My intuition‟s rarely wrong, so once again I‟m putting faith on it.
Let‟s see if Daniel‟s gonna be an asset or one heck of a liability.

Embry paced frantic, I can hear his heavy breathing, and the quick digging of his paws.
Embry is seldom frantic…so, this thing happening now is damn untimely. My heart
raced. I felt trouble brewing.

My head was soon filled with different voices. Quil was nippy to log in, Jared and Paul
arrived almost simultaneously, Seth followed right after, and Sam, he‟s back. Collin and
Brady were here too. They were all running to my direction. Only Seth‟s mental voice
stood out, it faltered. Like Embry he sensed something, and was apprehensive. I‟m just
sure this is pure concern over his pregnant sister. God…I‟m so needing my beta right
now. She‟s freaking good in making haunches. Now the gush of thoughts is going to be
unavoidable. I better warn them. My thoughts aren‘t general patronage AT ALL!

“Guys, welcome to my freaky head. I‟m sorry if it‟s kind of rated, I mean I‟ll do my best.
Collin and Brady, you two got a better assignment…one of you go run tell the Cullens,
and the other please be watch-dog over at my beta‟s house.” Both yelped. They knew I
was taking them away from the action scene, but we can‟t all be here. We need to be
vigilant, and like before, everyone should KNOW. That‟s what patrols are for. But of
course these wolfies ran along and obeyed.

“How old is the trail?” Sam asked.

“6 hours old.” I readily informed.
“WHAT?!!!” Seth was really on to breaking down. “That thing, whatever it is somewhere
near Lee, and we didn‟t know?!!!”
“Yeah…You‟re right. I‟m freaking too Seth so just…calm down.”
“Man you kissed your little „angel‟?” Jared was way off TOPIC.
“Shut up, or do you want me going alpha on you?” Which I still hate doing.
“Quit it J!” Quil was always so supportive. When will this pack act as one freaking
“Ok-ok guys…let‟s just do our jobs and identify the scent.” I concluded. Soon I see the
Quileute wolves closing to a circle around me…The Alpha… Their colors are distinct
and different depending on who they are inside.
“As always, after we pick up the scent we‟ll have to cover every length of the reservation
stretching out up to the boundaries…same assignments…we go out in pairs. Quil wait up
for Embry…Jared and Seth, Sam and Paul…well, I might go pair with Daniel, since
Leah‟s not around.” It kind of felt retiring and deranging saying that.
Embry‟s voice soon crept in. “Man I‟m at their door. I‟m phasing now…wait Lee‟s
opening it…update you later.”

I scratched my paws impatiently. The other wolves had the scent recognized and before
going about their rounds, we waited for Daniel. This pack thing has to be official with
him. It‟s either he joins the pack, or he stays human until he leaves the rez…which I
doubt he will do. I was of course listening to each stinkin‟ one's reports, but I was
anxious for Embry‟s… Then he was back. That was FAST.

“I‟m on my way man…” He staggered.

“Where‟s Dan?” I wanted an update.
“He‟s here…I can‟t hear him. You can‟t either? You‟re right. Dan‟s freaking nomad on
us, coup-de-tat man!!!! Though he agreed to help out…”
“How can he HELP US if we CAN‘T F*CKING HEAR HIM?!!!! Man my uncle‟s a
freaking autistic!!!”
“Yip, one heck of a problem. I dunno man…do you need like to tear him to pieces before
he starts behaving like one of us?” I hear him fast approaching the medium clearing. I
didn‟t know if Embry was goofing saying that, but it gave me an idea, no actually it
reminded me of how our ancestors break a person to make that person SUBMIT.

But to my surprise my uncle was ahead of Embry. He was regal in his posture and not at
all friendly in his defending crouch. Well, I don‟t feel like my friendly self today either.



Part 4


I did not break off from my mind link with Daniel. His thoughts tortured me to hell, but I
need to his see memories, to know what his first kill looked like, and of course with that -
her mate!? Jeez!!! He killed Nahuel‟s sister!!??! My uncle‟s so out of touch!!! That group
is kind of one of our alliances!!! And this crackhead just created havoc with them! I‟m
not sure if Daniel could phase, but we cannot carry him back to Leah as a wolf.
She‟d literally kill me.

“It‟s alright…I‟ll make her understand…” Dan‟s voice crept through our heads.

Lee…understanding every single word Dan says, kind of hit me bad… Sam‟s just the
right size to be able to carry Daniel back to Leah‟s house, only…I‟m sure she‟d hate –no
abhor the idea. “Can you phase back Daniel?” I asked and remained aloof. “We‟ll be
bring you over to Dr. McSparkle‟s…”

“Is there no other doctor around here?” He groaned.

“Well, we have a witch doctor, but he‟s AWOL!” I snapped. We‟re finally getting some
casual conversation here, without the blood and the fangs.
“Alright to Doc McSparkle‟s, then!” I heard a hint of ease in his voice. I guess the
breaking ceremony is doing a number on him; he‟s easing up on me. “So almighty
alpha…you‟re still up to making me your beta?” So now he‟s learned to kid around.

“I have no choice, Unc! It‟s not like our pregnant, Leah could do the job!!!” Ok this is
freaking me out a bit. I‟m talking to him like he is my relative. OH YEAH! He is...


I saw one scene stand out from the rest, reeling clear in his mind. I finally got the
WHOLE PICTURE. The mate of Nahuel‟s sister, will not go for Daniel alone. I‟m not
stupid enough to miss the obvious: that HE‟S F*CKING GOING AFTER LEAH!!! I
wanted to KILL Daniel right on the spot. MAN my mood‟s going bipolar again! He
brought this on her. HE FREAKING BROUGHT THIS UPON HER!!! I planned to
pounce back onto him. Quil -the peacemaker intervened.

“Jake, it‟s not like this stuff was pre-conceived…” Quil gave his counsel again. “Calm
down…we need to work on this together….” He should use counseling as his bread and

Dan‟s head at a snail's pace got filled up with devastating remorse. “I‟m sorry…I‟m so so
so sorry. I didn‟t know. I really didn‟t know. It‟s a very foolish mistake.”

I was grabbing on to the little calm reserved in me. Dan is already all broken up. I can‟t
murder Leah‟s imprint.

Go ahead. I‟m better off dead He‟s mind screamed.

I can‟t do this to Leah,‟re the father of her three boys… and her imprint. It‟s
a law in the pack that we don‟t kill someone‟s imprint. I was being rational… which was
damn hard.

Yeah…I can‟t die, can I…alright, I‟ll try to phase back He said. In a few seconds, he‟s
returned to human form. I phased human as well. We‟ll be needing my car to drive him to
the Cullens…


Dan‟s all patched up now. I saw that my mobile phone has got twenty missed calls from
Leah. It went on ringing still. “Lee…” I wanted so much to call her honey.
“Where‟s Dan, it‟s passed midnight !!??!” she shrieked.

As always, honesty is the best policy. “You heard of the breaking ceremony?” I
mumbled, walking out of Carlisle‟s office. I think Bella and Nessie‟s trip was postponed.
I assume my angel‟s asleep now.
“Yeah of course… you said WHAT?!!!” She figured out quick and easy. “JACOB
BLACK!!! How dare you?!!!!”

She was frantic. “How is he????? Where is Daniel?!!”

“Lee… it was necessary… it has been several months…and I never heard Dan‟s voice…
I‟m afraid he will not be able to walk for two days… We‟re at the Cullen‟s.” I toned
down, waiting for her wrath to pour down. But then she turned awfully quiet. It made me
nervous. “Lee?!! Leah? Honey?!!” I can‟t help calling her that though she didn‟t answer.

Dan was sedated. Everyone present noticed my apprehension. I knew Rosalie was
there… but still. I dropped my mobile phone, jumped out of the room window and
phased. My god…please let nothing happen to Leah! It took me five minutes to reach the
Clearwater ‟s. And there I found Leah sedated as well.
Rosalie sat beside her bed. “She was shaking badly…she was about to phase…I had to
give her a tranquilizer… ”

“Are you sure that‟s safe?” Of course I‟m still an imbecile when it comes to meds and
drugs. I neared her bed. I touched her forehead, and her neck, slightly running my fingers
over her rounded tummy, which was understandably humongous.

“The one I gave her is safe for pregnant women, Jacob…of course it is. Can‟t you see I
care for this woman too …She‟ll be on it the entire evening.”

“Wouldn‟t she get hungry?” I asked.

Blondie shook her head. “Well, that‟s another thing that‟d wake her up.”

Oh. “Rose…can you permit me… just this time while Dan is away…that I –that I help
you take care of her…?” It‟s contradictory and all kinds of crazy, but I‟m taking all the
chances I can have. I want to be of use to her at the very least. I want to see her tummy
grow even if it‟s only for two pathetic days.

“If she doesn‟t push to go over to our place –where Dan is. Just don‟t get her angry –
which I think is inevitable… in any other way that‟s our topmost priority… you got that
Jacob?” Rose said.
I smirked but agreed to her. “Sure Blondie…”

“So with that… you go take your time Daddy Jake!” She flashed me her Hollywood
smile which could have caused someone to HIT a wall or a tree. Her charm has no
network coverage on me.

As soon as she‟s out of the door I stole a kiss from Leah‟s lips. I know Lee won‟t allow it
the moment she rouses. I fell asleep sitting close to her bed. The movement of her fingers
triggered me awake. She started to stir, mumbling Dan‟s name. But even half awake, the
familiarity of my smell smacked her. “Jake!!! What in heaven‟s name are you doing
here?!!” She gradually sat up.

I watched her every move, as if she was breakable. “I just want to be here…I‟m sorry I
broke your Daniel… I had to, he is a Black; he needs to heed the rules of Ephraim‟s
pack…” I explained lowly.

“I get that part…of course I do…where is Billy? Rose? Mom? Charlie?” That was one
heck of a roll call.

“The humans are asleep; they kind of relied on me to watch over you… the blond vamp
is awake.” The word sleeping and awake doesn‟t REALLY apply to vampires but she
gets my point.

“What time is it?” She whispered suddenly.

“It‟s 4 am …” I replied maintaining a low voice. "I'm so sorry...I know this is all because
of the breaking ritual..."

"Honestly it is...but, if it's for the better of the entire pack...I need to be open-minded
about it... and I can't stay angry... can I?" She admitted.

I shifted topic. She needs to get her mind off the stress. “Are you hungry?” I continued.
It was captivating the way the moon shone on her skin and on her face. “Yeah…you‟re
right I am. But what I would really want to do is to check how Dan‟s doing.”

Her lack of guile kills me. “I‟ll bring you over to the Cullens, first thing in the

A little later there was a light tapping on the door. “Jacob, Leah?” the voice was like
„twinkle twinkle little star‟, so it‟s none other than Alice . What‟s she doing here? “It‟s
Alice , I‟m with Jasper…” Her bell like voice rang.

“Come in, the both of you…” I invited them to just feel at home.

“I know you‟re planning to tell Leah this thing about Daniel… and well, I just thought if
Jazzy‟s around… Leah can keep her cool more easily, and so avoid phasing…”

I quickly sensed Leah‟s skin tremor. Soon Jazzy‟s emo power washed entirely over us.
“What do you need to tell me, Jacob?” Leah did her best and contained her temper, her
skin‟s reaction lessened.

“Jake, hold Leah‟s hand… it‟ll help.” Alice kind of instructed.

She lost all the blind spots and got real good at seeing our future now, so I held Lee‟s
hand. “Daniel‟s first kill was Nahuel‟s sister… Nahuel‟s sister had a mate… this mate is
…well, he‟s uhmmm… tracking you down.” I laid it all down. Lee‟s hand stiffened.
“You need to hold her, now, Jake.” Al dictated like we‟re fricken lame robots…did she
switched talents with Edward?

But I did hug Leah, her breathing was becoming erratic and she was starting to shake
again. “It‟s alright hun… we‟re all here… Don‟t underestimate Daniel, it‟s going to be
hard as hell to take him down, we‟ll work hand in hand, and we‟ll think of something…”
I‟m not sure if it was the hug or the assurance regarding Dan, but soon I felt her heartbeat
slow down to a normal pace.

She moved away and stared gravely at me. “I‟m worried not just for Dan and everybody
else… I‟m WORRIED for my kids… our daughter… and Dan‟s boys too…”


Part 5

Jacob‟s POV

I drove Leah to the Cullens. It felt good, having her in my car, seeing her pregnant with
my little girl, only tha. It is the moment of truth though. Bella‟s finally going to see how
large Lee is, reality coming over to meet face to face with her. Nessie‟s gonna see as
well. Man…this is going to be a busy day. Oh I forgot to say Rosalie was driving behind
us, in her all magnificent convertible.

Esme was already by the door way, Carlisle stood regally beside her, both looked
blissful. I suddenly felt an overrated preparation in Alice‟s part, feeling a welcome party
about to come up. I pulled over near the doorway so Leah wouldn‟t have to walk long.
Esme was freaking excited, practically running to receive Leah in her arms. “Look at you
Leah…you are HUGE, but nevertheless beautiful my dear…” She sang, Carlisle and I
simply watched the scene reel out. Oh…Lee was crying. “Thanks Esme, thank you
Carlisle, thanks for your understanding…I‟m both grateful and so so sorry…” I‟m lucky
to have witnessed this. Leah was loving and thanking the vamps…I did see this one

“Come on inside…Jacob, Leah…Dan‟s already awake.” Esme inviting us in warmly and

eagerly. I wanted to walk in the house hand in hand with Leah. But the heck with that!

And I was right. The house was all dolled up, it wasn‟t really painted with pastels before,
but it is now. Balloons were bundled, filling up the entire ceiling. Alice and Jasper was
sitting on the long white couch. “These are good colors….what do you think Jake?” Alice
winked and pixied around. She pecked Lee on her cheeks. “Welcome Leah! This is
actually my way of toning down.”

“Thanks…I love what you did to my room…I‟ll make it up for you, as soon as I get these
wolfies out…” Leah promised. “No need wolf-mommy…it‟s a pleasure being of help.”
Love overflowed in this house, it‟s all but plain awesome, it was overwhelming.

Esme and I assisted her up the stairs, her every step seem to be a burden to her now. As
soon as Lee saw Dan lying on the bed she ran and held him. I spun around and quickly

Edward, Bella, and Nessie would be in their cottage, I suppose.

“Jakey?” No one has called me Jakey ever since my sophomore year; that would only
mean Nessie. “Lee‟s here?” She asked, I looked for her and found her in sitting on the
stair case. She is seeing everything, and I mean absolutely EVERTHING. “Let‟s go to
your room angel to talk , or do you want to say hi to Lee first?” It was sick to the core

“No…I‟ll say hi later…let‟s go to my room, actually it‟s no longer my room…I asked

Emmett to remodel it into library, a personal library.”

“Oh…okay. Sure.” I took her hands. I still know where her „room‟ is, it‟s on second
floor, two doors after the music room. “Where are your parents?” I cared to ask and
know. “Out. Hunting. Alice told us you‟re bringing Leah here. Mom wanted to have a
breather, you know how she is.” Nessie‟s hands a little warmer than the usual.
“I completely understand Bella…uhmm, Ness, you don‟t have fever or anything do you?”

“No…I don‟t think so…why?” She answered snappy. I let the back of my hands feel her
neck. “Nothing…you just feel hot, hotter than the usual.” Then she took my hands.
“Don‟t do that Jake…it tickles.”

Alice gasped from downstairs. My ears can hardly be wrong. I ran downstairs holding
Nessie in my one hand.

“Nahuel‟s coming, with some other group of shape shifters creatures.” She murmured.

“WHEN ALICE?” I was practically screaming. I just knew why this coven is so itching
to do some dropping by. “Tomorrow.” Her answer was definite. We all know the reason
of course; they are coming for Leah. I think Daniel wouldn‟t be okay until tomorrow.

“You and your pack have been helping out in our battles ever since Jacob, if ever this
ends badly; you‟ll find me taking my stand by your side.” Jasper rarely voices out his
opinion, and this is one of those times that I thank God for him and the Cullens. Each
vampire nodded in agreement, Carlisle was last to affirm but his is the most crucial and

“I‟ll be the one to talk to Edward and Bella.” Alice proposed, leaving us and going
towards the direction of the cottage.
I tightened my grip around Nessie‟s hands. “I think I can negotiate with Nahuel…” Ness
suggested. I gave her a resounding no. “NO NESS!” Rosalie‟s brows shot up. “I agree
with Jacob, you will not leave our side young lady…” She scolded although Nessie
appeared to fold up, her face remained decided. I carried her the way I did when I kissed
her. “Nessie…this family will lose its life and spirit once something bad happens to
you…please, as your Jacob, I am making this request of you to go stay out of

She smirked but looked like she had agreed. “Sure, sure. I will say yes. But remember,
I‟m no child anymore Jacob Black.”

Chapter 38: Hybrids and Shifters

Part 2-Flashback

Daniel‘s POV

I was my mother‟s last born. The youngest of the seven siblings, my brother Billy was the
middle child, we happened to be the closest. No one expected that my mother was still
capable of bearing me, I was her menopausal baby. I was a little out of place, since my
brothers and sisters already had their children who were already in the same age as me.

I have a nephew whom I really considered as a brother, Billy‟s son Jacob. I am eight
years ahead of him, but this kid is sharp. He can relate with anybody. I couldn‟t stay in
one place, nor did I desire to live all the days of my life in La Push. It did not even come
across my mind that I‟d marry any woman belonging to my tribe. Hell, I wasn‟t the
marrying type. My beliefs are of the liberal leanings.

I hated the Quileute stories of shape shifting, and vampire grudges; these are all mere
legends and a pile of bull. I strived to attain several scholarships and pursued Archeology
in the University of Washington. I just had to get away from First Beach, away from
these old quacks and fanatics.

My first assignment was in Asia, in the Middle East, to be more specific. I was ecstatic to
leave the continent and see some other places. Yet I had this persisting feeling that
something was missing, thus making me go back every time I had the chance to the land
where I was born. I saw Billy‟s kids every now and then… eventually Becca married one
of my colleagues, they now reside in Hawaii.

My second assignment was in the Amazons. This is where my life did a 180-degree turn,
the place I cursed the heavens for my freaky loathsome transformation, the land I‟d rather
forget about in the length of my existence.

It was the usual daily routine; we were taking samples of dirt. I broke off from my team.
Whenever I was within this particular coordinate shivers run through my veins, I feel heat
shooting up from all my pores; I felt my muscles mutiny, tearing me up, erupting in
various directions, I feel like I would explode anytime into something I wasn‟t aware of.

Yet I remained intact. It wasn‟t until one of my team mate‟s got attacked by this beautiful
woman. Initially I thought they were kissing. But then I felt the earth shake, eventually
realizing it was me who shook and tremble vehemently, it was so strange to react this
way, it became stranger when this particular scent struck home, almost driving me to

I felt my clothes getting smaller and smaller, soon finding them all shredded into pieces
on the ground. I screamed but an eerie howl came out. I screamed once more and the
howling became more prominent. I still didn‟t understand into what I turned into but I
had this instinct to bite and kill the woman kissing my crew mate.

The legends say we descended from wolves, so I‟d presume I had just turn into one. I just
ate my own words; everything the council said was true.

Returning my gaze back at the beautiful woman, who I realize was 20 miles away from
where I stood, my sense of sight and smell intensified. The scent of blood became more
distinct by the second. And the drive to attack the woman dominated my being. I felt
myself run; I looked down at my hands and saw PAWS! I looked more into what I was
and say I was freaking covered with fur! Yeah, of course, I am (all the way) half canine

But the exasperation did not stop my instinct to kill. It only took me three minutes to pull
away and to dismember this blood sucking creature limb from limb. She was a beauty,
but, I knew I had to kill her. I felt someone was watching me, a presence not human in a
any sort of way, I got terrified that I started running crossing a number of borders and
realizing I was already as far as Mississippi . I stayed wolf for a month up until I ran back
to Washington. I snuck, shifted back to human, and saw my stuff boxed, sent here by the
association. I never returned to the Amazons, but was relocated to Vietnam.

Then I felt another pull. Actually it felt more like of a biological drive. I „did‟ some
girlfriends but felt empty as sh*t. There‟s only one place that keep on flashing back and
forth in my mind it was none other than my native homeland in First Beach.

I always felt lost, as if something were missing for no apparent reason, but then the
thought of going home always gave me immeasurable and lingering peace. And so I went
home and learned Jacob was in NH. I knew I had to see him, I just had to.

A friend of Billy‟s gave me the address in Enfield, with his help I reached Jake in no
time, and later still learned of the Cullens. It was this close into being a totally wrecked
first meeting, since I attacked one Cullen, but somehow I regained control.

I returned to the house and saw a pack of wolves. I knew who Jake was among them, and
even in wolf form, I knew the one who flanked his right was the most stunning, most
captivating, most enchanting woman/she-wolf I have ever laid my eyes on, and her scent
ah, it nearly killed with bliss. The attraction was instant, instinctual, automatic, magnetic;
fatal…I wanted every single inch of her. And it didn‟t stop just yet; my mind was filled
with a million facets of her; I wanted to mate with her; I wanted to cohabit with her. I
wanted to marry and love her, to have a family with her, to be with her. I knew my world
would never the same, the moment I met Leah Clearwater. My collective unconscious
might say it is imprinting, but I‟d say, it is destiny. And I wasn‟t alone in this imprint
love; I felt her imprinting on me too.

But then there is also this other side of the story, her story with my nephew; Jacob.
Skipping this part, right now, that she is pregnant with my babies, and with Jake‟s, my
past actions are taking A GREAT TOLL ON ME.

Back in NH, I was able to ask Dr. Cullen many things regarding the Cullen-Quileute
alliance, and some other coven alliances they have established. Learning from him that a
coven in the Amazons was affiliated with them, I just knew the sky came falling down on
me. How could THIS be? Doc Fang told me more of how vamps get their mates and
again I felt an impending doom arising. I put these aside though for the mean time, only
to wake up to this HORROR.

Jacob made me submit using our ritual of breaking a wolf. It‟s also similar to what the
other tribes use in taming animals such as horses and the like. Only it left me heavily
fractured. I felt like a dilapidated piece of flesh. I just hope I heal tonight instead of
tomorrow. I need to help the pack protect my woman.

Leah is my mate and my woman.

Jasper‘s POV

Alice had to lock herself in again. Her agitation was overwhelming. What more could go
wrong? She just made a quick report on Nahuel‟s unfriendly and upcoming visit
tomorrow, but what more could she have seen? She practically shoved me out of our
room, saying she needs more space for introspection. The lines under her eyes bothered
me. She was seeing something else. I can just feel it.

I heard Jacob looking for me downstairs. Of course, we needed a battle plan. I kept
projecting a calming effect to help Alice. I will get back to her later. It seems Edward had
tuned out our voices. He should have come running to us by now. Hmmm… probably
preoccupied with the examinations being run on Nessie.

The pack waited for me down in the living room. I already heard Jacob‟s plan of action, I
only have to give a few pointers and some battle strategies. We were still dealing with
vampires here. Emmett came in the front door and sat on the couch, crossing his legs
Freudian style.
I sat down beside Emmett. “Well, I think splitting the pack is most sensible for now. But
we need to know how many Nahuel is going to bring with him, and we need to be clear
on his purpose. I think Daniel would be able to help us identify their scents. I am sure he
still has a memory of it. We‟ll need Edward at this point to sift through his mind.” The
silence was ominous. They paid close attention to my every word. Jasper Cullen, A.K.A.
the War-master; I‟m still damn reliable! So I continued, “Patrols are going to be
necessary. Leah should be protected by the strongest. I have no doubt that she is the
target. But we will adhere to Carlisle‟s principle of negotiation.” Did I just I hear Paul
scowl at that? “We wait for Alice‟s further instructions. I think she has something more
in store for us.”

Jacob was still deep in thought. “Jazz, I suddenly realized, you guys are actually doing us
a favor here…so in advance I want to thank you. This isn‟t your battle…but here you

“Like I said Alpha… we are indebted to you and your pack, we had two battles with your
wolves by our side, and you contributed greatly to our victories, this is the least we can
do for you.” He nodded solemnly.

“Either way Jazz…thanks. This means a lot to me, and I‟m sure to Daniel as well.”

Edward was already in Daniel‟s room. I did not need to tell him. Because the description
of this scent was so intricate, we asked Nessie to take a break from her physical
examinations; we needed her to translate it between us. So her dad explained it to her,
and she was able to make it into a picture in her beautiful mind. After processing the info
she went over to Jake and slightly touched his face to give him a picture perfect... almost
imprint of it. Jacob gestured with a nod, signifying he knew now how the scent smelled.

I went back and knocked on the door of our room. Surprisingly Alice would rather have
me stay out a while longer.

“What‟s happening to Alice?” Edward whispered, swiftly appearing into sight.

“You tell me, I don‟t read minds!” I snapped at him.

“She won‟t let me in Jazz, she‟s singing some German carol inside her head!” Edward
says. I share his frustration, but I‟m also worried.

Jacob‘s POV

Jasper‟s a good man. I OWE HIM BIG-TIME!

On the other side of the pole I was immersed thinking of Leah. I can‟t keep „jealousy‟ off
my back. Leah is HUGE, but still pretty and yeah…alright, she and Dan are just so happy

I was outside Carlisle‟s office, which by the way he turned into a laboratory for the sake
of examining both Leah and Nessie. Edward was forcibly cordial and Bella was inside
with her daughter. As of now, there are no hi‟s and hello‟s between her and Leah.
Carlisle mentioned that the tests are ob-gyn in nature, which he implied was exclusively
female. I know how Leah needs such examinations, but Nessie?! Man!

Nessie wanted me to wait for her here though. So here, I wait.

I did a quick recap of Jazz‟s SOPs. I can‟t wait to phase out and track the scent we got
from Dan‟s memory. I suddenly regretted the breaking ritual. I needed Dan badly.

Carlisle marched out of the „lab.‟ In no time Edward stood by the hallway. Bella bit her
lip as she accompanied Nessie out to meet us. Edward‟s eyes bulged out. Wait-wait!!! I
need to know!!!

I can‟t make anything out of Carlisle‟s expression. “Jake needs to know.” Nessie
murmured, batting her eye lashes. I took a deep breath and anticipated 'awkwardness.'

Dr. McSparkles heaved out a loud sounding sigh. “Nessie soon will menstruate. That‟s
one reason her temperature went up. We‟ll learn more as the days pass by...for the time
being, it's too early to be drawing conclusions...”

What the?!

Chapter 38: Hybrids and Shifters

Part 3- Hours Before The Visit

Jacob‘s POV

I didn‟t know what to feel when I heard Doc Fang said that. Menstruate??!?! Well
considering the council‟s deliberate involvement with Leah‟s fertility I still honestly
think that it isn‟t something that should be exposed in „broad daylight‟. But well yeah, if
you are a hybrid and a rare one at that, you can‟t just escape the fact that every stage of
your life would be exposed detail by detail. Poor Ness. I could only imagine the
awkwardness she‟s feeling right now.

After Carlisle had to dumb it down for me, Nessie ran to her room, flushing a beautiful
shade of pink. I‟m not sure what she saw in my face that made her ran away. She was the
one that prompted her granddad to do so. I found it adorable in a way though; she‟s
officially going through the pains of teenage life, and officially starting to be an
unpredictable female at that. Bella ran after her to soothe her. I know I‟m not the right
one to give her any comforting words, am I? I was apparently the cause of her

“She‟s going to have it in a few weeks.” Doc continued, remaining objective. “But, I do
have an assumption; I think her cycle would only go about for two years. When she
reaches her peak age, and finally stops aging I‟d say all her human functions might reach
a frozen state too, I‟m not so sure about this though…”

Edward cupped his chin with the sides of his palms. “Are you saying Nessie‟s capable of
having a normal pregnancy?” Edward gravely asked for confirmation. Why the hell jump
to that TOPIC?! He was so freaking straight to the point. I can see he was trying to shoo
away the mental noise I was giving him.

“In a couple of years, yes Edward, she could.” Carlisle rolled his eyes and stole a glance
from me. Playing deafly innocent, I stared up at the ceiling.

I already have a little Leah, would I also have a little Nessie?!! AHHHH!!! MAN THIS IS
GOING OVER BOARD!!! I‟m not done yet with my Senior year and I‟m still trying to
figure out how to raise Lee-lee with my meager resources, and here comes another
season for MATING??!?! Argh!!! Oops. Of course I didn‟t forget about EDDIE‟s mind
intrusive super powers, Ijust got CARRIED away!

He practically flung me against the wall. Carlisle shook his head at the dramatic scene.

Eddie pinning me anywhere is NO headline anymore. It‟s all but our natural interaction,
like any other ordinary day, since HOUR ONE. “If you really want some „peace of
mind‟, a little piece of advice, stay out of my friggin‟ head! It isn‟t a very friendly place
to hang out EDDIE-BOY!!!” I growled at him. I was just going about the „implications‟
not planning to execute them?! MAN GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK!!! I don‟t see your
daughter that way alright!! I screamed mentally. GET THAT?! You better do, you belong
to the freaking Ivy League!!!

“You don‟t see her that way?! Well, not yet Jacob Black, but once you go over her
without the proper proceedings, I‟m gonna send you off to Iceland!”

“Chill man! I know you‟re just being the anxious-getting-ahead-of-things „vampiric self‟
that you are!!! I‟m not gonna violate her alright. I‟m done with that season. And man, I‟m
learning okay…I have a daughter, now too…so, well…so…chill…ok …chill!!!” And
besides, I need to start being the responsible „Alpha-wolf‟!

He loosened his grip, rolled his eyes and I felt my feet land back on the floor. “Trust me
at this Ed. No hanky panky. I‟ve caused the Cullens enough much trouble.”

He seem to have find his way back to normality. I straightened my ransacked shirt as he
distanced himself from me. He began to update me, diverting away from our previous
encounter. “Alice had another vision, it‟s just me and Jasper assuming things. It‟s quite
disturbing since she won‟t let me into her mind. Plus she doesn‟t want Jasper near her as
well. It‟s beginning to get a hold on me.” He confessed.

Well, IT DID GET A HOLD ON ME. I felt my heart beat quicken. “Do you have any
intelligent guesses?” I asked wanting to hear Eddie‟s ideas.

“I can‟t really give an accurate guess Jacob, but if Alice hides a vision, it‟d probably
mean there‟s something coming that WE CAN NOT P REV ENT –at the very least, or
maybe it could be something that had contradicted her earlier predictions…and that she‟s
too prideful to admit she made yet another mistake.”

A vision contradicting a previous prediction? But she had tons of foresights, which
among those were contradicted? It sounded terrible.

“It really does sound terrible.” Edward mumbled.

I wanted to go find Alice and FORCE this vision out of her. This is OUR WAR and I
have a strong pestering feeling that it has something to do with us WOLVES.

Leah‘s POV

I watched Daniel sleep the entire day which got Rose all „goody-nursy‟ on me. I took all
the supplements, all the milk formulas, ate all the fricken fruits and food preparations,
drank blood Mary juice, along with apple shakes just to satisfy Esme and Rose‟s
compulsive worrying over me and my pregnancy. I also let Carlisle run further tests, and
he said the pregnancy‟s going well and continued to appear pretty human-like to him.

Although my due date is in a month or so, and that it‟s almost four months now, and I
just about increased to mammoth-size! I could not enter a door unless it‟s wide enough. I
felt my womb taking up the entire space of my abdomen, even felt the babes pushing me
deep down to my cervix. If I‟d be standing sideways, and my tummy‟s gonna be
measured as to how far it is protruding, it‟d be half a meter in length. I practically can‟t
hug someone, unless they‟d be at my sides. Yet every day I hope for my little ones to join
this world sooner instead of later.

I‟m all excited to pour out on these li‟l tykes all the love I learned from my tribe, from
my family, from the pack, from my friends and from my explorer-man Daniel. I wanted
so bad to EXPLORE him tonight. You know conduct a little ‗expedition‘ on him (since
he so loved the outdoors, I may just out-do him!) Speaking of which, how is that gonna
be possible? I‟m visually a GIANT ogre!!! Argh!!! And my man‟s still injured.

“Rose?” She was outside, but I‟m sure she‟d pick this up. “No visits this afternoon and
tonight, please? I‟d like to spend some quality time with my Daniel?” I softly requested. I
heard Rose respond with a resounding YES. My voice seems to have woken Daniel up.
The endorphins were working. Carlisle devised this chemical that when mixed with our
blood the healing doubles up in pace. So instead of healing within a week, we wolves can
heal in about three-four days, thanks to Carlisle‟s „wolverine magnum-extra strong!‟
Daniel stirred some more while I sat and waited for his „inching‟ towards wellness. Step
by step I bored my eyes onto his every little movement…

First, he opened his eyes.

Second, he repeated my words, murmuring “You…you want some ―quality time‖ with

Third, he gradually sat up. Twilight had already kissed the sky.

“Can you manage?” I said, worried and excited both at the same time, for my lover slash
soon to be husband was no longer incapacitated. Thus now capable of…

Fourth, he tried flexing his arms and his torsos.

He was half bare. I wanted to rip off what‟s left on him, but instead I just ogled and

“Look at you all Aenas and kingly, and here I am looking like Free Willy!!! Ugh!” I
complained clearly exasperated. I watched him get up as he began to practice walking. I
wanted to jump right at him. BUT HECK with THAT!!! I already felt tired carrying these
four, the whole day.

He leaned in and whispered his little sweet nothings close to my ears. “I read once on-
line that sex is amazingly good for pregnant women. Although it‟s a case to case basis
maybe it be could our „case‟ as well?” This guy‟s just gone from hell and back and he‟s
already steamin‟ for his whale of a woman!

“Look at me Dan… can I still sexify you looking like a mambo jumbo?” I got more and
more disillusioned. I can‟t even turn myself on with this this this BODY!!!

“That won‟t be a problem…” He said going McSteamy. I was seated on a stool, wearing
a freaking maternity dress, with straps that kind of fell off my shoulders. He slid the
straps entirely off. I gasped inwardly and way excitedly at being reminded of his tickling
arousing caresses.

“You don‟t have to move much. I‟ll be doing everything this time…” He drew in the air
around my neck, taking all the scent that enveloped it, unbuttoning the back of my lousy
dress, sliding it down, lower and lower until I felt the cool air surrounding the round of
my behind. I then felt his warm hands massaging the pair of masses on my chest.

I felt the tips of my teats juice something out…oh man I was freaking lactating!!! With
his lips glued on my neck, Daniel‟s hands rounded me some more, tenderly but with
stimulating weight.
We just got started but I was already reaching my goddamn climax!!! My moans were
getting louder every second, as my lactation got worse. “Dan, please, if you don‟t do
something about my spilling milk, I swear it‟s gonna drown us both!!” I couldn‟t directly
ask him to have the first drink…I strangely got a bit shy for no logical reason at all.

“Y-you want me t-to drink it?” He heaved out breathlessly… His eyes were wide, not to
mention aroused.

“You don‟t have to ask Danny, J-JUST g-GO DRINK IT! But save some for the
babies!” I yelled impatiently yet with fervency.

Chapter 38: Hybrids and Shapeshifters

Part 4-A ‗Foresight‘

Leah‘s POV

This feeling was glorious.

Daniel continued pressing his mouth on the tip of my breasts, sucking in the first outflow
of my lactation. I never thought it‟d felt this good. I could tell by the way I felt his body
react how he wanted himself inside of me. But that would be a challenge, wouldn‟t it. He
can‟t have me frontal assault, unless he is desperate enough to take me from the behind.
He was sitting on a stool too, right in front me, that we were facing each other; while he
delighted himself with protein I was lovingly supplying him. And all I could do was to
groan and moan with the immeasurable pleasure of his licks. “Dan, are going to enter
me?” I said between staggering breathes.

He was so into my breasts! “Anytime you want; are you ready? I might do it from the
“PLE ASE DO IT!” I whispered dying of pleasure exhaustion.
“Do you want to stand up? You can sit on me?” He started sniffing the sides of my ears.
The heat was insurmountable.

“I‟ll sit on you…these babies are heavy, I can‟t stay upright for too long…” I said, the
words simply sultry. He straddled me, gently carrying me to sit on his lap and he was
THERE. He was already inside me. My back was facing him and I felt his heart beat
triple-time. “You are my life Leah. You are everything to me.” He whispered as we
moved in synchronicity. He had it harder and harder inside of me…

Soon it became more than I could bear!!! “Dan…oh…Danny…oh my GOD!!!”

We lay on the bed happy again to be together. A day apart from him felt like a thousand
days away. It‟d be fine if it‟s because of some official crap, but he got hurt, of course I‟d
want to be right beside him. He covered my chest with his arms, which were actually like
a blanket. “You have the body of a goddess my love…just thinking about you like this
makes me feel how I am always in need of you…” Dan was ogling. Haha. I couldn‟t turn
sideways, coz that‟d make me uncomfortable. Danny played with the loose strands of my
hair, while my eyes lovingly bored onto his manly contours. I run my fingers on his

Pillow talk aside from steamy is always about honesty. “You mean the world to me…you
are my world Daniel…” I let him taste my fingers. I was still on for another one…but, he
needs rest…I guess, I do too. “It‟s only a few hours til the dawn‟s gonna break…aren‟t
you scared?” I suddenly opened up.

“I am scared, but not for my life…” He gazed at me. I instantly knew what he meant.
“My life is nothing if it couldn‟t be a shield to protect you…” He always knew the right
words. Well that‟d be because we are SO RIGHT for each other.

“Danny…you aren‟t just my shield…you‟re my torch, you keep the dark night at bay
…but most of all, you‟re going to be my husband…and the father of my children…I can
still have more kids, you know… next mating season?!” I was kidding… a little…but
frankly I will have as many kids with Dan as wolf-ly possible. I swear.

“Sure, everyday is mating season for us Lee…” He softly pecked me on my forehead and
said some more. “We‟ll talk some sense into Nahuel…although that‟s practically
pointless. I know they are about ready for the kill. I‟d have to be THAT KILLER again.
Our pack must be able to take them down, for your sake, and for the babies as well…” He
mused, reminding himself at the same time.

“Jake might be needing me right now…” He went on, looking at me.

“Five more minutes hon…kiss me for five more minutes, without stopping…just hold
your breath and…” I wasn‟t able to finish my request; Dan elevated himself a bit and
crushed his lips onto mine, his tongue savoring all the different flavors of my mouth. His
free hand caressed me intensely from my thighs up to my massive chest. We held our
breaths in, and kissed, a little over our time limit.

Jacob‘s POV

―Alice!‖ I knocked at the door.

Jasper was with me, looking puppy-eyed. Alice is torturing him. Edward stood across the

I yelled again. ―Alice!‖

“I can hear you lapdog!” It has been quite some time since I‟ve heard her call me that.
“Hey Jazzy‟s crying blood. And if you keep us out like this, we‟ll never be able to help
you get rid of that headache you‟re having!”

Eddie smiled at that. “You have good negotiating skills.” He commented in a low voice.
“I heard that, too, brother!” Alice hissed from inside the room.

“I don‟t think you can handle this war all by yourself Al!” I went on with my come-out-

Finally she turned from irrational to rational. “Fine.”

Alice was at the door of her room… MAN I never did see a female vamp looking this

Eddie‟s and Jazzy‟s eyes almost gored out.

“Al!” Her bro reacted.

“Baby!” Jazzy cried.

“OK, enough with the German Carols, you‟ll let me in now, Alice?” Eddie was asking
permission to intrude a mind…isn‟t that NICE ? Alice nodded. Edward‟s eyes did a
double goring out. It became more eerie when he directed that „look‟ on me, but then
rolled it away. “What plans have you come up with so far?” He went back asking Alice.

“I was thinking of finally telling Jazz and Jake…” She went on. I anticipated. I suddenly
felt shivers running through my spine. This doesn‟t look nor FEEL good. “I-I‟m not
sure…really…you know how the future is…” Alice was trying to pacify.

“Say it Madam Fortune Teller!” I demanded.

“Alright, alright I‟m gonna say it. Hold on tight.” She warned. I was clenching my fists
into balls which I hid in my underside. Alice‟s face was GRIMMER than GRIM. “It‟s
Daniel… he‟s gonna…he‟s gonna...”

Alice not only turned into a „two-day anti-social monk‟, she had gone retarded. Eddie
smirked at me.

“He‟s g-gonna DIE, Jacob!” If Alice wasn‟t an immortal leech she could have had a
breakdown and went mad crying. Jazz held her tight while she shook and her knees went

My entire system ceased to respond in a few. “H-how…how is…that…g-go-… Can we

do something to avoid it?!” I needed to get a hold on myself.
“We will do our best. I have a plan. I‟m not sure if it‟s gonna help us win… over FATE.”

“How many hours away is Nahuel?” Eddie inquired.

“We CANNOT let them get near the house; we should get TO THEM ahead of schedule
no-no-no…ahead of EVERYTHING!” Alice frantically preconceived. I can feel Jazz‟s
emo-power infiltrating the entire area. He held Alice closer to his chest.

“I WILL DO EVERYTHING IN MY POWER ALICE.” I affirmed. “Tell me what I

should do!” I continued on.

“Give me the count Al…?” Edward repeated.

“3 hours.” She murmured still loosing it.

“Let‟s call the pack and the rest of the family.” Eddie said. I nodded and shifted in front
of them, just like how I‟d do on any normal day. I howled inside the house that I felt the
ceilings shake. Soon the pack still in human form gathered in the front yard, the moon
and the sun are now both present in the sky. Eddie whispered to Jazz that I am shifting
back to human. Jazz took some reeky clothes from their room and threw it at me. I ran
inside an empty room shifted and wore Jazzy‟s body hugging shirt. Blehck.

“Should we tell Leah?” I asked.

It was definitely UNIVERSAL. ―NO.‖ Eddie said.

“NO… for now...” Alice seconded. Jazz shook his head. Like me he hated hiding fatal

“We WILL prevent it.” Eddie added.

“How?! I mean Al…come on, give us some details?”

Her eyes stigmatized. Her hands began to shake. I never saw Alice this captivated by her
visions. “The vultures have found a way to kill wolves, or let‟s just say they have already
done that to other animal shape shifters before…it has something to do with a shifter‟s

“Tell me more Alice!!!” I was freaking myself out. I hold tight onto my chest. I felt for
my uncle, I felt so much more for Lee. These vultures know how to kill us? Our hearts?!
What about our hearts??! Uncertainty and adrenaline both churned within me. I never
thought we had an Achilles‟ heel…or heart as the case may be.


Chapter 38: Hybrids and Shapeshifters

Part 4-B Pre-War

Jacob‘s POV


My heart was really going triple –make that quadruple time.

Edward again was deep in thought. “Jacob, remember how the vulture-shifters eat
vampire cold cuts?”

I nodded and illumination bathed over me. “So they have an appetite for wolf organs
too?” This is getting grosser.

Alice eye‟s told me that I HIT the mark. “They seem to have been the cause of why the
other shifters have gone to extinction.” Her voice was becoming raspier.

Some endangered species we are, we better call WWF and get these vultures tried in
court. Maybe they deep fry our hearts and sell it in the market as a delicacy. How much
weirder could it get? I snapped out from the twisted humor.

Now I understand why Alice almost crossed the bridge to monk-hood. This is HARD to
digest. “Then let‟s just dismember these freak-a-ziods?!” I suggested. “Pulverize them to
pieces until they‟re like dusts in the wind!!” I outraged.

“They fly. That‟s their advantage.” Eddie meditated. He turned to Alice for advice. Then
his eyes bulged out. He stared grimly at Alice . These twin-diots!!! “NO ALICE !!!

“We will back her up!!! It‟s not like we‟re going to abandon her!!! Edward, she needs to
learn the ways of war and the inevitable life of the vampires…we will be THERE!” At
once, I knew it was Nessie they‟re talking about. “NAHUEL will LISTEN to her and
then hopefully Nahuel can convince the winged-shifters to reconsider.”

“And how could that prevent Daniel‟s death?!” Eddie hissed.

“Like you already know, the future is unstable Mr. Omniscient!!!” Alice growled.
It‟s as if I was watching a teen flick, HA! They got distracted with my silence.
“Jake, what do you say?” Al asked.

“Nessie‟s growing up, I guess she needs to get the hang of her warrior-self.” I muttered.
Edward frowned at me, like his face is gonna break. “Alright then. BUT we watch her

Then I heard Leah scream. I ran to their room and yep…she was screaming, wailing so
loud it could open the gates of Hades. Sweat beads covered my body. How can we be so
dumb?!! Of course she‟ll hear us; we‟re all supernatural freaks here. Our plan to
„conceal‟ the plans was futile from the very start. I guess we‟ve been so carried away,
that we forgot to proceed with extra caution.

“YOU WILL NOT LEAVE THIS ROOM DANIEL!!!” Her voice bounced as echoes on
the hollows of the entire mansion.

“Leah…predictions doesn‟t always happen as they appear to be. Please baby, settle
down.” I heard Dan plead with her.

I wanted to call myself a MORON. I knew Leah was already shaking; my ears were that
sensitive to hear even the movements of her muscles, and the reaction of the babies.

“Dan you can‟t, you can‟t GO!!! I‟ll die Daniel…I‟ll freaking DIE!!!” She wept in

“Lee, DON‟T PHASE…for HEAVEN'S SAKE mi amor!!!” Daniel hushed.

THIS TIME WE BARGE IN. Edward ran to Carlisle ‟s office to get some calming drug.
Alice and I pushed the door and invaded the couple‟s brawl. Daniel was embracing her,
and Leah trembled like hell was on top of her. Edward got back in no time and with swift
almost invisible movements, went behind Lee and shot her with the tranquilizer. I didn‟t
want to see her artificially fade from consciousness. But we need to do this.


Rosalie and Esme volunteered to stay behind with Leah who remained sedated inside the
guest room. Daniel was far more than crushed, but he promised to comply with whatever
plan the Cullens and the pack are going to devise. Edward had a harder time explaining to
Bella why Nessie had to come, but she agreed eventually since Nessie was also more than
willing. The entire pack‟s joining the advance party, except for Seth and Jared, they need
to back the Cullen mansion up; I got this paranoid feeling that the monsters inc. might
just sneak us up from behind us. Jared covered the front area of the Estate, while Seth
covered the seven mile radius, at the back.

Jasper threw me a tight glare. “I‟m staying behind then, you, Edward, and Carlisle are
more than enough. Besides you‟ve already got it in you. I have this feeling that I‟m going
to be needed here. I can always expand my influence…” Jasper had an „emo upgrade‟,
like Bella he can spread his psycho-emo-influence within ten to twenty miles of radius
coverage. “…I will do my best to play with their psyches.” He assured.
Daniel had already shifted to wolf. He insisted on joining the advance party. I still say he
SHOULD STAY BACK. If he so loves his dear life, or at least his dear wife-to-be (I had
an overnight thick nerve-growth spurt) and his soon to be family, he‟d consider shoving
his wolf ass out of this war. But on the other hand, I understand him, who wouldn‟t want
a piece of flesh from anyone who dares murder the woman of your desires and dreams.

I shifted to wolf and MAN these wolfies are excited for WAR. Their mental voices
flooded in and I randomly searched for Dan‟s. Oh, he wasn‟t even talking.



I‟m gonna watch your back, okay, I‟m doing this for Clearwater…umm….so uh don‟t go
moping about death and stuff, just take a look at her, and that‟s only preliminary! Take
note of that!

Jacob, if ever the psychic pixie is right, please…you know what to do. I have a bank
account in…


EXISTENCE IF YOU DIE ON HER!!!” My mind RALLIED on him. I went on. She‟s
freaking pregnant, do you want her babies to come out as lunatics? I wasn‟t sure if what
I was saying was factual, but man, this guy‟s getting overboard.

I will lay my life Jacob, if that‟s gonna be necessary to spare her.

Yeah…sure, just don‟t talk about bank accounts and stuff, we need you alive and kicking.
If you DON‟T want her BLEEDING herself dry!


The Omniscient One‘s POV (This is not Edward, ok, it‘s actually me… ‗The

Fear isn‟t a word the vampires and the wolves know much about. Fear is but a construct
yet never a reality. But today fear is evident on both sides of the camp, fear finally found
its way in.

The Cullens alongside with the Wolf pack „flew‟ ghostly across the Evergreens of Forks;
as if lost spirits running late for judgment day.
“Three more minutes and we‟ll come across these shifters and hybrids.” Alice the
vampire gifted with foresight reported. Each and everyone anticipated the meeting. Every
mind silently prayed and hoped for victory.

In the far opposite side of a majestic dominion of woods ran the traveling averted rebels.
Nahuel lead the coven of the heterogeneous creatures. Since evil is driven by evil, one
cannot expect much logic and compassion from them. Only thoughts of hunger,
obsession, cravings and revenge dominated their black souls. It appears that only Nahuel
and her other sister Andromache were capable of such civil bearings.

“We will ask the Cullens to hand over Daniel Black in exchange for what he did to
Persephone.” Nahuel hissed, his clothes almost torn from the long three day running.

Andromache agreed in silence as she looked up to monitor the v-formation the vulture
shifters were forming as they flew above them.

Chapter 39: The Spirit Warriors

Part 2-"The Stadium"

Carlie‘s POV

I never saw a man look at me like that before. It reminded me of the concept of magnets,
of how opposites attract. I wasn‟t really attracted. But I was drawn to him.

Jake, Dad and Mom were all in front of me, thinking that I probably cracked my head or
that I‟m playing „sacrificial lamb.‟ It seems to be the right thing to do, right now. If
Daniel fights back, there would be chaos. If he surrenders the pack will try getting him
back –that‟s still chaos right there. If we do nothing, they would attack and chaos would
still persist. But if I try offer Nahuel something, that might just work. Aunt Alice seems
to have mentally noted Dad that I‟ll do just fine. After some introspection and
reassurances, the three most important people of my life permitted me an open
negotiation with the Amazon coven leader.

“Nahuel, what can we offer you to appease that anger?” I wanted to be modest and
straightforward both at the same time. I heard snarls build up in Dad‟s, Mom‟s and Jake‟s
throats. Relax Nessie…relax… I darted my eyes back on the eccentric half bred. His eyes

―YOU.‖ He breathed, as if a heavy weight has been lifted off his chests. I felt his answer
wrench through my chest. His voice had this power I cannot explain.

“NAHUEL! Brother??! What is this child, some kind of an enchantress??!?” His sister
was frantic; she shook him really hard.
“Andromache. HALT! I finally found who I want.” He snapped at his exotic looking
sister, flinging her hands off his chest. It felt graver to be hearing it come out of his very

His sister fell back hearing her brother talk to her that way. And the vulture shifter‟s eyes
burned into me, not at all pleased that their leader seemed to be flattered with me around.
I looked back at Jake, his fangs were all bared. Jake‟s eyes had strong hints of confusion.
No Jake, no attacking this time. I silently hoped. I shot him one hopeful look.

“Nahuel YOU FAILED ME!” The vulture shifter Raul screamed. He let out a piercing
cry that actually hurt my ears. Nahuel was still staring at me, and I was unexpectedly
staring back. Aunt Alice began sharing her predictions. At first it wouldn‟t sink in.

“Edward, Jacob, Bella, everyone, Clive!!!” Aunt‟s voice cracked. Wait a minute? Clive?
Where is he? What!!? Oh my!!! I felt a very strong grip on both my shoulders. If my body
wasn‟t slightly granite I would have died of pain. I looked up and saw an awfully familiar
face; the shifter that had a crush on my mom; the shifter that almost killed Leah, the
shifter that I dread the most.

I was already air born when I heard Aunt Al scream. “He‟s here!!!”

I didn‟t know I was capable of fainting, but when you lose sight of the ground underneath
your feet, when everything becomes too finite for you to see, you just loose it. I did. I
woke up in the arms of a female winged shifter. I easily picked up the scent. It was none
other than Clive‟s twin sister, Corrine, who was supposed to have turned her back on her
brother. Well, some double-crosser two faced monster babe she is.

Jacob‘s POV

We run after Nessie and chase the scavenger-birdies. That‟s „d amazing plan.‟ I
announced to my pack.

If I knew this was going to be a Gran Turismo; I would have just bought myself a rocket
launcher. Seriously. I didn‟t exactly know what happened between the alliance of the
vultures and Nahuel‟s coven, but by the looks of it, it‟s seemed NULL and VOID now;
terminated, ended, non-existent. We launched into a running spree. As the wolves ran
like the gashing rivers in Nevada , the vamps soared against the Northern winds.
Everyone was on the move, while at the same time, having this delightful conversation.

I‟m not so sure about that Jacob. What if all this is a mere set up? My uncle interjected
between my flight of ideas.

I didn‟t know if Nahuel had supernatural abilities, it was only until we started hearing his
voice in our heads. He wasn‟t actually speaking; his mouth was tightly shut. I kind of had
to admit…he‟s very much like Nessie. Amazement from both camps arose. I‟m not sure
if he was thinking „out loud‟ on purpose, but it seems he was still in zombie-land, Nessie
got him hit pretty hard.

If the hybrid child chooses to be with me, I will fight with all my strength and power side
by side with you against these vultures. Nahuel spilled his thoughts on us.

“We cannot decide on that yet Nahuel; she isn‟t freaking with us!” Alice spat at him,
Blondie-style, annoyed with his mental broadcast.

None of us could really give him a straight answer. It was a lose-lose kind of situation.
And after all I‟ve been through I couldn‟t just let him lay claim on Ness like that!!! It‟s
hard staying objective if your rival‟s such a prick.

I don‟t care if a wolf imprinted on her, a vampire is made for a vampire! And if I will not
have her I will with no second thoughts kill you Daniel Black! H-How could you do that,
my sister adored you?! His thoughts trailed off and bugged on.

Hell with him! We were running to get to a freaking death match and heck he kept up
with his sucky treats. I was about to phase on him, it was entirely legitimate, first he
demanded for Nessie and now he‟s threatening Daniel, but then his last words just caught
me off guard.

Daniel? I thought Raul was her mate? My senses were starting to short circuit.

I don‟t have any idea what that freak is talking about! Daniel roared taking his stand.

As the trees that surrounded us turn into a blurry green hurl, Eddie began with his
extensive report, interrupting whatever that was going on.

“Okay listen I read their minds, there are at least fifty of them. Most of the vultures have
left Gideon‟s tribe, and turned rebels. Clive had found a way of averting them and
promising them a life of immortality, same old crap, as before. Persephone Nahuel‟s
sister was infatuated with Daniel, no illicit affairs involved, so relax. Clive and Raul are
pissed with Nahuel, so our main target now would be Clive‟s flock.” Edward paused and
turned his volume on to Nahuel.

“We cannot hand over our daughter without her choosing you willingly.” He looked to
check on my reaction. I kept my cool. Killing him on the spot would just delay this chase.
“And besides you know it‟s not going to be easy to get through me. Anyways, since the
shifters broke off with you, do you know where they are taking my daughter?”

Still he answered us through mind broadcast, Of course.

Daniel Black‘s POV

The vultures that once surrounded us flew back to their lair. I am positive that they
wanted us in their territory, to gain an advantage. I know Jacob was also aware of that.
But he will never abandon Nessie.

I myself would not allow a child to offer her life in my place. The mere thought of it
disturbed me terribly. I would not be able to forgive myself if something bad happens to
Jake‟s first imprint.

Edward raised his hands signaling that we stop. We had reached the Olympian borders;
we were almost crossing over Quebec . “They are scattered around the area.” Edward

The topography of this mountain was flat, too flat (actually), too open, the trees were
almost all dried up, and there are signs that snow‟s gonna fall soon. Some evergreens
were scantily scattered around the mountain sides, but mostly the clearing was bare. It
almost felt like we were in a stadium, during the times of the gladiators.

This instantly rang a bell. A stadium is a place where the accused are being watched til
they got devoured by savage animals and eventually die.

Edward‟s eyes shot at me, concluding my thoughts before I could do it myself. Jacob
caught a lot from my imaginings as well. He let out a long ghastly howl; I knew he felt
our impending doom.

“The place, it‟s all wrong! These freaks are messing up with my head!” Alice cried.
Bella‟s eyes shook; she wrapped her hands around her husband‟s firm hand.

Carlisle wasn‟t able to find the words and Emmett since hour one couldn‟t find the
chance to explode into his happy-go-lucky self. The rest of the pack began to howl.
Letting the people back home hear our battle cry.

Seth, please tell Leah that I love her... I asked of Seth.

Jared, and Collin, the war is about to begin. Stick to your guards. And tell the people
back home, we‟re going to try giving it our best shot. And that…and that we love
them…especially Billy, Sue, Charlie… Jacob declared, weakly trailing off afterwards. It
almost felt like a eulogy. Seth was already screaming frantically in our heads; that little

And of course I shouldn‟t dream that I‟d be hearing Leah‟s voice inside my head now.
She can‟t phase to her wolf form yet. I already miss that voice, that first voice that
resounded in my head.

“Run to the trees!” Edward commanded. “These freaks are planning to feast on us,
ALIVE! It‟s all a trick; they knew we would follow Nessie!”
That was exactly what I meant. But it was too late for us to go running back; black
streaks of angry flocks stormed right on us like deadly arrows falling from the sky, and
just like Alice predicted, they were aiming hungry for our hearts.

I revisited the noise going on inside my head and suddenly realized it wasn‟t only Seth
who was screaming.

A/N: I‟ve been dreaming to write this chapter since the day I fell in love with the concept
of shape-shifting, with the myth of the Quileutes, and with the animal kingdom. I had this
in mind since I started writing Full Circle. Now it‟s here, I hope I conveyed it the way I
saw it happen in my head. Warning! LONG CHAPTER!

With the magic in the Quileute‟s blood, and with the help of the spirits of their ancestors,
I just thought possibilities are endless.

There was a time before (early 2009) an author affirmed this concept I had of other tribes
shifting into different animals…I‟ll have to thank her for that.

Thanks for my proofreader extraordinaire LORI!!! Thanks for Steph for sharing some of
her suggestions regarding banner making!

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39. The Spirit Warriors

Part 3- ―Ephraim‖

Daniel‘s POV

There was no way back, and there was no way forward, the only thing left was a damning
impasse, that horrible feeling of being stuck some place you don‟t want to be.

The voices continued inside our heads…Seth‟s and Jared‟s inexplicable panic. Jacob and
the rest of the pack, including me harassed them with our many questions.

What on earth is happening Seth? At least try making sense! Jake asked mirroring Seth‟s
Seth, is Leah alright? It was my turn to bombard him with my worries. I looked up at the
sky and the bird shifters started hovering on each of us, three or two winged freaks
against one wolf or vampire. We did our best to avoid and outrun them; all this
simultaneously happening as we probed more into what was happening at the Cullen

Seth? Paul implored.

Dude, hey?! If this is wolf lingo, then hell I can‟t understand a single bit of it! Embry

But Seth‟s preoccupation couldn‟t be interrupted. I bit one shifter on his arm; the vulture
shrieked but hovered on still.

Jacob used his ALPHA tone then…the one that once robbed me of my free will.
Everybody shut up and just listen. Jacob decreed. I can see that Jacob was trying to shake
off two vultures, but he was so distracted by what‟s happening back home. The vampires
did their best to ward them off.

Like a radio being finely tuned, we heard Rosalie‟s, Esme‟s and Leah‟s voices echoing
inside Seth‟s head. The battle of death and the battle for life synched with the movement
of time.

Her water just f*cking broke!!! Esme, uh-mom…quick, grab Carlisle‟s OB kit!
Rosalie called out panicked.

Is she having them right now now?!

Esme asked.

YES. SHE. IS. HAVING. THESE. WOLFIES. RIGHT. NOW! Rose‟s voice sounded

Guys, get these angels of death out of my fricken uterus…Aww…they are killing me!!!
Ah!!Now that would be my Leah.

Leah!!! No-no!!! Don‟t phase! Jasper she‟s trembling! Are you using those calming
waves now?! Coz from the looks of it, IT.ISN‟T.WORKING! Esme‟s panicking.

Leah! Honey, you have to push real real hard, you‟re crowning, I can already see the
head…push hard…there you go…more Leah, more…yes that‟s it! Just think of how much
you love to have them, and…it wouldn‟t be that hard at all… one more hell of a push
sweetheart and this babe‟s gonna be your first born… Rosalie coached and consoled my
fiancé all at the same time.

And then there came a piercing cry; a baby‘s cry. It felt like my soul was resurrected. It
almost felt like I was born again. Words are simply not enough to express this inner bliss
that‟s taking all over me right now. Jacob‟s gone catatonic, shock pelted down his being.

Jacob, Leah‟s giving birth! Quil noted.

He freaking knows that snail-head. Paul snapped.

Jake, Dan, congratulations. Sam expressed.

Jake remained silent, but I let out a victorious howl. The wind that escaped my throat was
exhilarating. In the same manner, Jacob followed me.

I took a look at his wolf face and saw a stray tear roll down his eyes. Congratulations,

He barked happily in reply. Same to you unc! You heard, right? The first baby out was a
boy. Does he already have a name?

I had indeed heard Rosalie note that the first one out was a boy, it was our first born.
Ephraim…we want to name him after your grandfather, my father. We saw little Ephraim
crying for the first time through Seth‟s head. Thoughts of home flooded my mind; all I
wanted to do was to run home and cuddle my first born.

Just then Jared broke into our little bubble. Jake…Jared here…I think we‟re being

WHAT!!!?? Jacob chorused with me.

With a brief exchange of gazes Edward threw us a nod. “Go back and protect Leah! Go

Jake let out a gentle yelp. But what about Nessie Ed?!

“I‟ve got it.” Edward Cullen reassured. “We‟ve got her!”

Jacob‘s POV

Daniel and I were the only ones who headed back to the Cullen Mansion. What the...-?! I
can‟t believe Leah‟s bringing these kids into the world, in the middle of a war!!! Man,
she imprinted on you in a middle of one hell of a fight. The stars must be really mad to
play with her life like this. Running our way back to Forks, I heard Dan‟s heart
drumming. We‟ll get there in time, unc! I reassured him, but all I saw in his mind was his
obsessive thoughts of Leah, alongside with the fear of losing her and the new born cubs.
Nothing will happen, if we have to die to save her and the babies, I am more than
I know that Jacob, it‟s just that…sigh…come on, let‟s just keep on running… A few
seconds after the small talk, a dark shadow fell over us both.

We lifted our heads to see half of the flock stalking us. They wanted Dan really bad. This
flock was being lead by that Raul guy. We didn‟t want to lead them to our trail, but they
JUST WOULDN‟T LEAVE OFF. We came to an abrupt halt.

“Daniel, Daniel…why the haste? I know that your wife is in labor… right now… in the
middle of this game. Hmmm…newborn wolfies would taste so much better than your
brittle flesh!”

Daniel reacted on that and immediately pounced on the shifter, taking his arms off on the
first attempt. All in all, they were fifteen. Soon we were locked in combat. I really didn‟t
know what to do with seven flying freaks pecking on my flesh. I shook them off but
whenever I tried to launch at them, they‟d just flap away. If only I could bite their wings
off. One of them lifted me twenty feet from the ground and tossed me in the air, I crashed
on the gravel, breaking two of my legs, and dislocating my freaking spine!!! But soon the
healing took over, inching it‟s way all over my damaged body. Dan on the other hand
was just doing gr-…

DANIEL!!! DANIEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was too occupied and busy shooing, crashing and biting the other birdies off, while not
really making progress at it, aiming to just escape this flock of freaks, and finally make
our way back home. I quivered defeated on the ground. But then I saw the blood gushing
out of Daniel‟s chest. Alice‟s prophecy of Dan‟s heart being the target of this evil faction
of shifters had just played out before my very eyes. He will not die, as long as I live
Daniel shouldn‟t die!!! Leah, oh my poor Leah…no!!!

I prepared to attack. I felt my blood boil to the highest centigrade, as if I would explode
into pieces. This felt very different from phasing. It‟s as if I was splitting, and dividing
into two. I took a look at Daniel, already lying limp on the ground, being bathed in his
own blood. Hot tears flowed out of my eyes like a restless river. He hasn‟t seen his babies
DOWN AT ONCE. But the feeling of being divided went on, it lingered still, I didn‟t
want to give in to the sensation, until I felt myself being pulled out of my own body, I
resisted but then I heard a voice.

“Jacob, Alpha of the Quileute tribe, do not resist the way of the Spirit Warriors.”

What the?! Grandpa? I saw myself naked in a place that resembled an Elysium.

Everything was white and bright. Could this be paradise?

I looked around and saw Daniel, naked as well, standing a few meters away from me.
“Grandpa?” I gasped.

“Father?” Daniel whispered.

“Listen, Daniel and Jacob. I am giving both of you some options. Since you were able to
separate from your physical bodies, and thus talk to my spirit that now dwells in the vast
heavens, I must now inform you, that the only way to defeat these winged shifters is for
you to have wings yourselves. But Daniel, your wolf heart has been damaged beyond
repair, eaten. I can only offer you a temporary dwelling place to be with your beloved for
just one more day. I‟m sorry about this loss my son.”

“Father, can I not take its body and dwell in it permanently? I cannot leave Leah… Father
…I have sons with her?”

“Even if you permanently take hold of this particular animal body, you can never shift
back to your human form; your human heart is completely destroyed. It can never grow
back, nor heal. Its parts have been dismembered and absorbed. You can watch over her
while in that particular animal form…or you can join me and the other spirit warriors as
we give aid to the pack whenever situations like this arise. You need to know that when
you surrender yourself to an animal, you will eventually lose all your human attributes…
in the end everything‟s going to be useless. Unfortunately we cannot replicate what our
Chief Taha Aki was able to achieve before then…unless…”

“Can I give him my heart, grandpa?” I didn‟t like the sound of any of Grandpa‟s offers to
Daniel, both ways are an end to itself. I can‟t make Leah suffer like this…I just wouldn‟t
allow her to suffer another blow. I just can‟t let it happen AGAIN.

“No Jacob. NO! I choose the second option Father. The first is just going to cause me to
forget all my memories of Leah, I would borrow a falcon‟s body. I want to be the one to
kill Raul and get the Cullen child out of Clive‟s hands… and then I‟ll go to Leah… and
after that… you can do what you want with me…”

It happened as quickly as one would snap his fingers. As soon as Daniel declared his
choice, I felt myself back on all fours, but also felt a new accessory weighing not too
heavily behind my back. I tried to get rid of the weight, but the more I tried getting rid of
it, the more I felt my body elevate from the ground. Then I heard Ephraim‟s voice in my

“Jacob, I and the other spirit warriors are going to „borrow‟ your bodies for a while. We
had to grow wings on you, same as with the rest of your pack. Look up!” I looked up and
saw the clouds within my reach. A half falcon, half man soared across me, Daniel.

His mind could still link with me. Jacob, I‟m going to take Raul down! Can you go ahead
and check on Leah? I ignored him and flew to follow his lead. He flapped his wings at
me. It felt like I was being blown by a tornado. Go Jacob! Go!!!
NO. I am going to fight here with you! Daniel fell quiet so I‟d take that as a yes.

The other voices that belonged to the other members of pack began filling my head.
There were too many of them that I found it difficult to know who‟s who. It felt like I
needed a brain-transplant. Just like me, they were disoriented to have found themselves
air born, with a spirit warrior voice talking in their heads and a bonus of strange pairs of
wings that had grown out of their backs.

Man, what‟s up with the wings, and who the hell is this DJ zombie speaking in my head?!
Embry whined.

Jake, I have wings!!! Seth practically squealed.

Dude is this permanent? That was Jared.

I freaking smell like chicken sh*t! Paul complained.

Daniel, we‟ll still see you around right? Quil mushed on Dan. My flesh shook at that.

Now, we gained the upper hand! Sam celebrated. Insensitive mutt.

Monitoring the scenes flying in and out their heads I could conclude that they were
winning. Edward, Nahuel and the others are on their way to Clive‟s lair. Dan was busy
de-feathering Raul, I just know he‟s going fast so that he could get to Leah. I eyed my
uncle for a while and felt dread, pity, love and anger all at the same time. He‟s just a
phantom now. My chest tightened.

Daniel, Jacob? Out of nowhere a female voice inquired. Man it was FREAKING LEAH!


Daniel‘s POV

Raul was screaming that I end his life once and for all. After borrowing a falcon‟s body, I
shifted to a falcon, but I wasn‘t fully animal. For some reason I felt I would soon reach
full bird state, and by that time I should leave the animal‟s body and join my father
Ephraim as one of the roaming spirit guides in the sky. I only got ONE DAY LEFT. The
thought punctured my chest. The bitterness that engulfed me made me pummel on Raul
all the more. He doesn‟t look like a man now. All I see is a mess made of blood and flesh.
I saw my wolf body lying lifeless on the ground. How I would miss being a wolf, and
miss making love with Clearwater…feeling her skin against my skin and the wind from
her lips whenever she speaks my name. How can I love her, if I‟m nothing but a ghost? I
heard from part of the pack that‟s with Edward Cullen that they were gaining the upper
hand. I was about to fly up to help them find Renesmee when I heard Leah.
Daniel, Jacob…? Daniel, my love? She went asking again and again in my mind.

I didn‟t want to answer, I was simply as good as dead, a mere spirit now, with one more
day to live, so to be with her. Could I borrow Jacob‟s body so I could make love with her
for the last time? Alright, that‟s just silly and way perverted. Holy freaking mother of
god!!! It only sank in, just now! She‟s talking in our heads; that means she shifted. She
just had our babies and now she‟s already up and about? Leah, what the hell are you
doing here?!

I shifted, I‟m so worried about you and Alice‟s prophecy. What were you saying about
borrowing Jacob‟s body? She sounded so confused.

I tried to avert her attention. How are the babies Lee? And the shifters? What happened?

Oh-of course, our little angels? Rosalie‟s feeding them. I left some of my milk kept inside
feeding bottles. That‟d be good for a couple of hours or so. The shifters? Jared and Seth
took them down, I just didn‟t know how, Rose was with me all the time, Jasper killed the
last shifter on our doorway the time Rose took little Lee-lee out. She paused and resumed
to her former question. Why‟d you want to borrow Jake‟s body, that‟s odd? And …where
are you, I‟ve been running like forever and I can‟t find you?

I‟m with Jacob, we were supposed to be there…well, we‟re twenty miles away from the
Quebec borders, Lee, umm…try to feel your back, the rest of the pack grew wings just a
few minutes ago.

Oh, freaky yeah. Guess I could fly my way to you…I miss you Dan, it‟s good to hear your
voice, I was afraid I would find you not…alive…

The pack grew silent when they heard her mention that. I shot a look at my lifeless wolf
form which was still drenched in blood in the ground, I got anxious.

Jacob finished off the rest of the vultures; we didn‟t know exactly how to dispose them,
so we resorted to burning them to the ground. Since I stood on twos, looking like angel
Gabriel I did the honor of setting the pile of dead shifters ablaze.

Part 4-―Ghost‖

Leah‘s POV

How I wanted so much Daniel to be the one holding my hands when all the babies were
delivered. Of course, Jake too…I wanted him to hear Little Lee-lee‟s first cry, for him to
be the one to hold her for the very first time. But everything and I mean EVERYTHIN G
seems to be in jeopardy whenever something good is about to happen to me. It could be
the stress that made me give birth ahead of my due date. I almost phased, but I guess
Jazzy‟s emo-influence increased a thousand times. But as soon as I fed the four of them
enough, I phased to wolf. I just felt Dan drift away, as if he was calling my name. And as
soon as I heard him answer me, I was relieved that my Daniel is alive. He was saying
something about borrowing Jake‟s body.

Why‟d you borrow Jake‟s body, that‟s odd? And…where are you, I‟ve been running like
forever and I can‟t find you? I asked, excited, no-no make that elated! My Dan…oh…I
almost thought I lost him.

I‟m with Jacob, we were supposed to be there…well, we‟re twenty miles away from the
Quebec borders, Lee, umm…try to feel your back, the rest of the pack grew wings just a
few minutes ago.

WHAT?! So I double checked. Oh, freaky yeah. Guess I could fly my way to you…I miss
you Dan, it‟s good to hear your voice, I was afraid I would find you…not…alive. I
dreaded using the word DEAD. Although he kept ignoring my first question; I‟ll just ask
again when the timing‟s right.

I‟ll see you then …is Clive still alive? It‟s kind of weird though. The pack was awfully
quiet. At least they could‟ve congratulated me or something. Jerks! The silence ate at me,
I expected Paul to bite at me, I just called ALL of them JERKS. Hello…jerkos, assies,

He‟s alive. Daniel answered as if agonized. Then let‟s kill him together, and go home
right after…

Sure mi amor…I‟ll wait for you.

To be continued…

A/N: “In memorial of my uncle who passed away on the 2nd of August year 2009…”

For everything there is a season,

And a time for every matter under heaven:
A time to be born, and a time to die;
A time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted;
A time to kill, and a time to heal;
A time to break down, and a time to build up;
A time to weep, and a time to laugh;
A time to mourn, and a time to dance;
A time to throw away stones, and a time to gather stones together;
A time to embrace, And a time to refrain from embracing;
A time to seek, and a time to lose;
A time to keep, and a time to throw away;
A time to tear, and a time to sew;
A time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
A time to love, and a time to hate,
A time for war, and a time for peace.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

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