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FULL CIRCLE By: Stregoni Benefici
By: Stregoni Benefici


By: Stregoni Benefici (Precious Mauna)

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Stephenie Meyers the Twilight Saga, except for those new ones.

A Fan Fiction

Book 1: Full Circle: A New Beginning’s End/How Far Would a Half-Human Go to become Immortal (Chapters 1-11)

Would a Half-Human Go to become Immortal (Chapters 1-11) Book 2: Full Circle: Jacob Black, Going

Book 2: Full Circle: Jacob Black, Going Against the Nature of Imprint (Chapters 12-49)

become Immortal (Chapters 1-11) Book 2: Full Circle: Jacob Black, Going Against the Nature of Imprint

Book 3: Renaissance (Chapters 40-End)

Book 3: Renaissance (Chapters 40-End)

a/n: This starts of as a Vamp Story (Book 1) but as the story progresses (Book2-3) it‘ll be more of a Wolf Saga. I want to acknowledge Lori, my proof reader. Dedicated to all my friends; Sabine, Nicole, Liz, Allie, Yolanda, Lori, AJ Castro, Letisha, Donna, Stephie, McTigger, Lily, Joan, Cynthia, Vanessa, Danielle, Melissa, Melinda (of Australia), Jessica (the one that promoted my banner on her site), and to all team Blackwater. Also thanks to Team Cullen for the being there when I was still groping.

What if the series continued? What if they move on to New Hampshire and pursue college? What if in the normality of their lives a doubt re-enters to make the Cullen family question the choices they’ve made? What if someone tries again to take this dream away? Is this what Bella really wanted for her life?

With every end there is a new beginning.


It scared meAm I still capable of getting scared? No more dreamsI can not dream anymore as if I desired ever having them… never? I was never rested before, never once in my humanity were my dreams kind to me. They tormented me, as hell would. Yet now this is more than even dreaming, far better than any woven fantasy. My reality…my world is my husband and my daughter and with the pleasant possibility of having so much more.


It never changedIt was still very green outside

The only difference is: we aren't in Forks anymore; we‘ve moved onto a greener pasture… I guess we could put it that way though. The wildlife here, as predicted, reported, and expected was tremendously a better substitute, better than my ideas of penguins and polar bears. I suppose. Alice and Jasper lived next door. We still had to stay away from town. Rose and Emmett, only God knows where they went this time. I'm still very much a newborn, but a very self-controlled and unique one, I haven‘t yet come across a scent that would totally corrupt my being. My days, yes…all my days are still all about Edward. I tried kidding him once, that he is my major in college. Tried convincing him to try a new degree, wondering when he will really start practicing medicine. I jokingly suggested the conservatory, but what for?! That is why it's supposed to be funny.

I still need my husband to tutor me sometimes; I haven‘t been a vampire for long and my

memory isn‘t used to holding this much info. I hope to be an equal to any of my new family and I can say that my extra senses are helping me a lot. We had agreed that I need to keep my brain shield constantly unlocked, as I call it, for him to know where I am. Our courses are in separate buildings, howeverof course, the same university.

I almost did not consider college, until I actually realized, <b>re's really nothing left to do</b> I could love my Edward for all of eternity, which of course would seem not to end, but then what? It was actually his notion, to bring the idea of college in my head.

"Where's the thrill in that?-just hanging around, but of course I won't mind, its me who is in advantage anyway.", he told me in one of our endless debates, which would end up in our room, particularly in bed, so yes, resorting to "just hanging out" definitely he's in advantage.

What major? Another dilemma. A vampire, that's what I am, but I still feel far from perfect. I still get surprised looking at the mirror seeing a stranger smiling at me, not to mention my voice, it‘s still eerie. And yes people do turn their heads, not in a subtle way, but extremely expressively, like their necks are going to snap. So, I look like a model. Edward convinced me that jealousy will not be in his vocabulary this school year; well it may be in mine. Ok, I don't feel perfect, really.

"So what major, still wanting to be a librarian?"

I answered "Please, you‘re omniscient enough that‘s not what that course meansyou're degrading me."

"Me? Never

have the pleasure of spending a lot of time by reading, don't you thinklove?"


just feel you're too talented for Comparative Literature, you can always

So that word still sends one heck of a shiver running through my skin, erotically of course. "Are you trying to bribe me to apply for Medicine instead? You're just going to beat me. Besides there's already you and Carlisle, we have too many doctors in this family!" He still uses the dazzling technique, but I already mastered the counter technique for it. I avoided his eyes. He has several degrees in medicine already. This is his first time in Dartmouth. "And besides, I wanted culinary arts (the only thing I thought before I was good at compared to him), but what for? I can not imagine a vampire cooking show?!"

He let out the loudest howl I‘ve heard from him this month. "Bella, you sure haven't lost your touch -you can still me make me laugh like crazy!" Still counter attacking. "And you cheat, when we argue, you suddenly shut your mind off to me"

"Well, you cheat too." I just glared.

The phone rang. Edward quickly tossed the Dartmouth prospectus and answered the phone call. I could hear it even from this distance. It was our daughter, Renesmee. She stayed with Esme and Carlisle in North Conway, a town of less than two thousand people, nearest to White Mountain, where we feed. Jacob had some friends living there. Nowadays I had a compulsion of counting town populations. Jasper's story of vampire history stuck in my head. Towns with smaller populations are better. Less sunshine are even better still. We cannot graduate from this habit; it‘s a Cullen habit.

"She misses you love."

"Let me talk to her." I got the phone from his alluring hands. "Baby, how are you? Enjoying the holidays with Carlisle and Esme?" (not to mention Jacob -ugh, its still there, the irritation)

"Yes, mommy, I also miss Charlie. I hope he can visit, and Rene too."

Rene. Hmm. I still cannot imagine the look on her face right now. It tugs my heart, so badly. "Oh, baby, Charlie wants you to call him grandpa, you know? You're too young for the 'Charlie' thing, and well we‘ll see about your grandma." (I only think that Rene would object to being called that.)

"I'm kind of bored"

"You can take a look around White Mountain, ask Jacob, I know he's there" And so I heard him shouting, cheering actually. Edward suddenly grabbed the silver phone, always quicker than me. "Take care, if anything happens to you, I'll throw Jacob into the Sahara!"

"Dad, you're such whiner!"

He almost grinned. "Oh, so I am the whiner" he gave me a look-at-this-kid look. I just smiled, wanting to grab a kiss from him. He saw that, no! He heard my mind, oh silly me.

I did not notice I let my guard down. "Renesmee, your mother and I love you; we will be

there at twilight. Wait for us, ok?" he said, sounding suddenly impatientUnjustified


Renesmee laughed, turning off the phone.

Edward suddenly attacked me with caresses, aggressively.

Oh my God. We still haven't had enough of this honeymoon stage. I sat on a long sofa, those ones that are worth two dining table sets in Russia. The interiors of the house were pretty much like Edward‘s room way back home. The only difference is that it is bigger, longer and lovelier, its walls monochromatically painted with five unique shades of indigo. A baby grand piano stood near the glass wall, which gave us a breathless sight of

a canyon. The living room had a black and white Siberian cat fur on the floor, a very late

wedding gift from the Amazon coven. The kitchen was mostly white being contrasted with black Zen floor tiles. I insisted we have a kitchen, we‘ll never know when Rene or any human loved one would drop by for a visit. We would not want to starve them would we? So we had a heating system installed alongside with the other unnecessary commodities. Just in case. Our bedroom now, had more earth colors in it, warm greens, olive touches, and golden limes. A familiar bed centered the area. I insisted on bringing it along… our old bed, mostly for sentimental reasons. I can‘t imagine anyone buying or using it aside from us. Even if its‘ springs stuck out of its mattresses –I‘d still love it. This piece of heaven we have here in Enfield was one of the many candidates we considered from all over Hanover up to Littleton, debating over mileages, population and food supplies. But of course, we instantly fell in love with this nook on earth. Spacious but never ostentatious.

―Bella, ok now, I am giving in…‖ Edward exasperatedly said. He‘s very impatient now, since I did not allow him in my head again. ―—well, I would love to read anything that has to do with your compositions‖ He said, trying to convince me, he‘s liking the idea of Comparative Literature.

―Hmm, I‘m not even a bit of an inch there, but yah –I‘m a very good reader…‖

―I‘m supposed to be the melodramatic one here, the 1920s would call for such a personality, but you the modern woman would still prefer books…I‘m just free forming here, what if, a possibility existed that your works would get published, if you really plan on writing of course, and you get to be uh-famous? A vampire never gets to be that popular?‖ My husband just did a five-second speech. I heard him crystal clear, his magnetic voice, always beautiful.

This is a quarrel, so I need to stay firm. But really, its still so anti-vampire of me, feeling very human right now, I can not make up my mind. Ugh, if I could just bury the human- Bella in me! My list of majors, which is almost empty… ―Honestly dear, I did consider

medicine, say neurosurgery? I probably should ask Carlisle to do some stitching or transplant on my brain‖

Another inside joke. Edward took it seriously. He knocked me over on a farther side of the long sofa. ―I honestly would gravely object to that! Besides, a scalpel won‘t cut your new skin, you know!‖ The dazzling technique began once more. ―Now, where were we?‖ His aggressiveness, never toned down, ever since my vampire existence started, always throwing fits of passion, so very glad that we are alone today, no visitorsno one, the place is exclusively ours.

I whispered. ―You can start anywhere you please love…‖

He twitched his lips into his undying lovely smile. Across the living room, I could see rain showering moderately through the glass walls. Definitely a scene that would intensify this moment.


"Are you ready Bella?" Alice asked who seemed perplexed seeing me oblivious. She was sitting on the piano stool. She just sang an Italian piece, I was aware of that; it‘s her audition song for the College of Arts. We'll be going to the same college, a few buildings away from the College of Medicine. We are at Conway now, Carlisle's new abode using Emmett's Hummer to get here. Edward, Jacob and Renesmee are still out hunting. Alice and I retreated early; she halfway complained about my mood. "Are you sure you are ready to face the human world Bella? And live in it again? It‘s a different story having tons of humans filling up a classroom, and the scent can be suffocating!" This thought of hers was making me nervous. I did not worry much before; I was surrounded mainly with vampires in Forks, only the coven filling my lungs with familiar scents. It was just Charlie, Rene and some other friends who we visited and meet up with regularly. And I wouldn't have too much trouble with them at all, they are my heart. We never went strolling around malls, or restaurants, or complexes, or hotels, nor any place infested with humans, I'm just with Edward, with the Cullens, and so going back to the human world, unexpectedly and surprisingly is very new to me once again. "Are you worrying that there would be so much of them? And that you'll loose your control?" If I could cry, I would have. "Did you tell Edward about this?"

I moved my head from side to side. "We were so excited about this, all of us, right? I just don't want to ruin the bliss."

Alice let out a sigh. "Well, but I can't see anything silly you'll be doing so far." She winked at me. "That's why you have me for a best girl friend; I'll watch your back." I groaned. When will I stop being babysat all the time, when will I not be a burden for my amazing family?

―Well, maybe we can rehearse? Alice lets go for a walk this morning. Let's visit all the possibly crowded places we can find here in New Hampshire."

She beamed, probably thinking of doing what she knows best, shopping. She leaped from the stool. "This is splendid." She paused. "Oh come on Bella, what else can we do. Besides, you left your closet at home full. How many set of clothes do have here exactly? You ignored all the Armani I gave you!?"

"Alice, I'm going to do this because I want human scents to be diluted into my system, let's not forget our goal, ok?! Ten humans at the most is fine with me, but say 50? A hundred?! Kill me!"

Alice had an altered look in a split second. ―But you still should tell him Bella‖

―Let‘s just drop it.‖

―Honesty is still a Cullen policy, sis! And besides-‖, she continued ―You know Edward and me. He‘ll instantly know-

I cut right through her statement. ―Come on Alice, just sing any Irish or Icelandic hymn in your head!‖

She quickly retorted. ―He‘ll still be suspicious. I just know him thoroughly well. Ugh! I can‘t believe you‘re making me do this. AGAIN.‖ Alice was in trance for a fraction of a second. ―They‘re heading back.‖ Dawn is breaking now through the dusky morning clouds. And Alice saw my husband, my daughter and my daughter‘s imprinting friend (I still shrug at the thought of future ―son-in-law‖)

I hope the hunting was still as fun even without the mountain lion loving mother. Alice was now designing her website, just right after her singing a long while ago. And I‘m just finishing Bram Stoker‘s Dracula, while we were doing our dynamic talk of course. This book appeared to be ‗historical‘ but already comical to me now –compared to before. I was repulsed even with the mere idea of reading it. I pleaded to her again ―Alice, please block your thoughts, just this last time.‖

―Ok, just assure me, you will be the one to tell him. There‘s no other bargain I would accept. I‘m giving you 2880 minutes.‖ That would be two days.

―Alice…!‖ I whined

―I don‘t feel very materialistic today Bella, are we still on to the mall today?‖

I nodded weakly. I can sense the wisdom behind her bargain, it‘s mature and right. I still tried. ―A blue Porsche?‖

―Edward will still be suspicious, besides you‘ll be using his card.‖

―Dress me up any way you like for two weeks, as soon as classes start‖ There was a glint of gleam in her eyes.

―Ok, I‘ll consider that‖ I felt hopeful, only partly. Then she disappeared.

I felt Edward‘s arms encircling my waist, his scent earthshaking. Or is it just me? ―How

have you been love?‖ I felt guilt. I opened the curtains of my thoughts, thinking ways to touch his body. ―Isabella…‖ I felt I blushed (of course I didn‘t) on how he breathed my name. The guilt was still there clinging in some corner in a compartment in my mind. ―So are you ready for Dartmouth, or are you still feeling, how do the humans say it, uh

‗butterflies‘ your stomach?‖

That was also synonymous to Alice‘s question. I buried my head in his chest, thinking again my response to him. Let’s go somewhere private, I just want to be with you right now.

―Is there something I should happen to know love?‖ I answered in silence. ―Let‘s go somewhere peaceful then, if this isn‘t peaceful enough for you‖ He swung me behind his back when we reached the front door. I gave him a weird look. ―I just miss this Bella and you‘re still a featherweight for me, just don‘t choke me with your hold, or break my neck?!‖ He smiled, I wryly responded. Well, I was in the same mood of wanting him to treat me somehow again, as a weaker being. I muffled a small laugh. ―On my way back here I saw this stupendous cliff, right under the full moon, actually reminded me of our meadow. Mind me taking you there?‖ I was about to agree, but I suddenly had Renesmee‘s face flashing in my head. He saw this picture. ―I asked her to stay in Alice art studio. I told her we needed time for some ‗adult talk‘‖ He continued. ―She has highly sensitive senses. She actually asked if vampires are capable of getting ill.‖ Edward burst a short chuckle.

I sighed, and groaned exasperated. ―She‘s a good reader, just like her father. And Jacob?‖

Edward‘s smile turned into a semi-frown. ―Asleep. As always…‖ Jacob finally accepted the idea of having a comfortable nook made especially for him in Carlisle‘s home. He somehow got tired of sleeping around, since he stuck around like forever. With that Edward took off. ―We still have about three hours to enjoy the moonlight dawn is nearing.‖ Edward started running, seemingly chasing time backwards.

Momentarily, we stood on the cliff, a wide expanse of grass fields, like a sea of green ferns, while patches of wild flowers were scattered around randomly. It has the familiar aura of our meadow. Silvery it glowed under the moon. Although, the sky was no longer

black as night, it was of weak black, mixed with grayish purple. The wind was blowing hard, very cool, but not cool enough to chill a vampire to any extent. He put me down, so

I was standing up straight. ―What do you want us to do here, Mrs. Cullen?‖ He started

unbuttoning my shirt. He did it very slowly; I gulped, for this is not his style. We were always quick. A new approach? I desired tasting his lips, his tongue. He read my thoughts and he neared my mouth, and then held back again. I see now, he‘s making me hunger for

him. Edward. I pushed so he‘d fall on the grass floor. He brushed my thighs ever so gently like it would break anytime. The blurred veil of my humanness showed itself in my memory. He was like this when I was human, he‘s reliving it. I was deeply moved.

―Let‘s indulge in this moment of desire, and then let‘s talk.‖ I nodded as I guided his hands and arms around the back of my waist, pushing my lower body tight against his, careful enough to fill my head only with thoughts of his glorious indestructible beauty. We made love in this hour.

―Edward, Alice and I…we‘ll be going around town as soon the malls open today.‖

He rose from the grass, half sitting. ―Since when did you adore shopping?‖ He was looking intently through my eyes.

I defensively guarded my thoughts. ―Just trying new things, for a change.‖

―I don‘t want to break this magical moment –but I feel something‘s bothering you.‖ I felt the same, why would I like to ruin the moment? Then I reminded myself, we literally had forever ahead of us. ―Just worried about college, freshmen jitters?‖ I gave him an unripe truth. He was buttoning my shirt up. His was still open.

―I think I know why. I don‘t need to read it from some other‘s mind, nor from yours. You‘re still very much of an open book love and I know you too well, don‘t underestimate me.‖ I felt like melting ice. He did not verbalize my exact fears, but his knowledge of it is evident. He went on, ―Do you want me to drive you both? Not that you really need it, just wanting to be the good husband…‖

―You already are.‖

―I‘ll be parking near the mall. I‘m a call away. I trust things will be fine, I would want to be around especially in these new phases of your existence…rather your life‖ Always being babysat, the hell with me! ―Of course not Bella, you‘re the heart of the Cullens, we love everything we do for you, and you‘re never a burden. Just remove that nonsense from your head.‖

I nodded, defeated. My own apprehension defeated me. I looked intently at him. His red lips were magnificent. ―Hey look, we still have what? A few minutes before sunrise… Maybe you can unbutton me again?‖

Body over mind.


A familiar high pitched voice resounded in the hallway, filling the living room, reaching our ears as we reached the wide lawn facing the porch, also seemingly arguing with Carlisle and Esme. Another thunderous yet controlled voice hushed the shrieking voice. ―Rose, calm down.‖

―So they‘re both going to college?! What do they plan to do with Nessie?!‖ She never lost that distinct sharpness in her way of expressing herself. ―Where are they anyway!?‖

―Rosalie you know we cannot send Renesmee to a regular school, not now, we‘ll wait until her growth stops.‖ She already knows that, she might be simply worried. Edward looked at me and appeared to agree. We began to double our pacing. Carlisle and Esme doesn‘t deserve to catch all her retorts.

Edward was quicker; he was already in Carlisle‘s office before the doctor was to say a word. ―Of course we have plans. Aunt Rosalie, thanks for the heartbreaking concern.‖ He smiled at his beautiful sister. I remained outside the office, in the living room, planning to just eavesdrop.

Carlisle grinned and shook his head gently; he kissed Esme‘s lips for the shortest while. ―Emmett, Rosalie, welcome home. But I need to go, I hate to be late. Edward, my children, I trust this talk will be over very soon.‖ He marched passed through me, and tapped my shoulder.

―We‘ll talk before you leave for Enfield, ok?‖ He smiled and was out of sight.

―So what are your plans omniscient one?‖ Rosalie‘s heels tapped the floor compulsively, getting impatient with Edward‘s conceited reactions.

―Rosalie dear, the floor, you might break the floor tiles.‖ Esme reminded crossing her arms over her chest.

―We‘ll send her tutors. Visiting our daughter wouldn‘t be much of a problem. I for one can be her piano maestro, or Science or Biology, unless Bella wants to do it.‖ He gave me a quick glance, love spelled on his lips. ―Rose, you can actually teach Nessie some fencing, or your favorite, archery?‖

Emmett who was just standing on safe grounds laughed ever so loudly, the ceilings shook. ―Bella, come on in.‖ Emmett boomed. ―There‘s a lot of exciting stuff that happened on our trip, right Rose?‖ She was still fuming. Esme raised both palms to say she‘s had it. She began gliding up the stairs to check on our daughter. I already know she‘s asleep in Alice‘s room. I know her scent very well. Emmett slapped Edward‘s back, giving him a bear hug after. ―Tibet‘s awesome bro! And the wildlife? Oh you better go there some time?!‖

―You smell awfully Mongolian, Emmett!‖ he hugged his brother back. Rosalie followed closely behind Esme, stomping and making it obvious. I stood there motionless, like a

granite statue, no longer surprised by my own stillness, a bit love struck still from our moment in that special cliff.

―Rosalie?‖ I managed to say. She was already in the utmost staircase, she glided backwards to check me again.

―Bella, I know you understand me.‖ She paused. ―By the way, I‘m confident you‘ll remain in control of yourself wherever you go.‖ She then continued gliding upstairs. I buried my head on palms. Why does everyone seem to be hypersensitive today?!

Edward was embracing me again. ―Bella, we‘re all family, we all got to know you very well. Like I said a long time ago, there are no secrets here.‖ I leaned my face on his chest.

―She‘s awake!‖ In that particle of time, we were all in Alice‘s room greeting Nessie a good morning. Rosalie was so elated she hugged her. It was a beautiful sight.

―Aunt Rose! Uh, I missed you! And Emmett too!‖ I excused myself to give Rose some time with my daughter; they also have this special bond. I checked Jacob‘s nook, surprised not to find him there, which was so very unlikely.

―Love, I think he took off already, he went back to White Mountains, I heard him well, that he found a reservation there.‖


―And probably he instantly recognized Rosalie‘s scent.‖ He said. I laughed, that was more convincing.

―I‘m glad the dog‘s out for today!‖ That was Rosalie celebrating.

Is he with his pack?

―Only Seth.‖

Alice popped out of her studio, wearing a new coat. ―Rose got me this, quite exotic isn‘t it? Are you set? You‘re coming Edward, I knew that. Jasper and I are going to use the silver motorcycle.‖

―We‘ll use Emmett‘s jeep, Alice.‖

Alice gave me a quick nod, was that to encourage me? ―At least wear jackets? People might wonder.‖ Alice added pointing at our crumpled shirts.

Edward gave her a dry grin. ―We left ours inside the jeep.‖ He breathed, and shot me a heated split second stare.

My eye‘s narrowed. Stop it Edward. We’re going outside, I can‘t feel all gooey and ogled. He chuckled and covered his mouth.

―Where you heading?‖ Emett cried.

―Shopping!!!‖ Alice exclaimed almost jumping.

―And Alice, keep an eye on those two, it seems they haven‘t gotten over their honeymoon phase. They may end up out of sight. Look at those shirts!‖ He laughed again, like a bear bathing with honey. Then outside I heard Jasper‘s motorcycle letting out a boisterous roar.

If I had a heartbeat, it would have made a hole out of my chest right now. We are nearing town. Edward drove as he always have drove me before, gazing at me, holding my hands, over speeding but never close to any accident. ―It‘s all right.‖

―I‘m all right Edward.‖

Jasper and Alice were in front of our jeep. Both of them wearing those cycle shades, too big for any size of face. Soon we were parking. The scents of different humans diluted in fresh cool air began filling my lungs. Alice chose the most popular shopping mall around. ―Inhale Bella, although it‘s also effective if you simply stop breathing for the meantime …it depends, which is more convenient for you?‖

―Mind over matter.‖ Edward ran his lips around my collar bone and neck. ―Yes, mind over matter.‖

Edward, I hate to agree with Emmett, but we might end up in a hotel. ―Ok let‘s go.‖ We abruptly went out of the car. Alice and Jasper were already waiting.

Edward put his arm on Jasper‘s shoulder. ―You women do your shopping, I prefer sitting in some coffee shop.‖

Jasper nodded in agreement with Edward. ―Delightful.‖

Alice pouted her lips. ―Ok then. But we might need opinions ok?‖ She turned to me and hooked my arms. She started walking, like dragging me. Yet I walked briskly, with grace. We immediately drew attention as if we were out of town models. But Alice looked casual and used to it. I still wasn‘t of course. And swiftly their scents intoxicated my system. ―First Bella, focus, if we‘re here to shop, the goal is to shop. Look for things that interest you, these scents, think of it as a distraction like a neighborhood, cooking, grilling different courses for a feast, but you can‘t eat these courses, cause you‘re vegetarian‖

Her words drowned in my head as I feel the venom rising to my tongue and mouth. We were still walking. I was aware of what‘s happening, but the scents were overflowing.

We were bumping to some of them, passing through some, and phasing with some. Unnerving as Edward would say it. I was biting my lips, grinding my teeth, and pinching my fingers.

―Think of clothes.‖

I began thinking of what to shop. It was taking little effect. We entered the building now. The scents were even more outrageous. I didn‘t make any eye contact with any human. I might snap their necks before their very eye.

―Think of Edward.‖ She said, a little frantic already.

I did think of him. The urge slowly subsided. ―Ok. And hold you‘re breath. It‘s really difficult; this is your first time. Let‘s devour some Victoria‘s Secret and Givenchi, what do you think?‖ She tugged me along and I nodded. The boutique she chose wasn‘t much filled, only with its‘ crew of sales people. I held my breath. ―Focus Bella, what would

Edward love to see on you, I wonder?‖ A lady approached us. This was bearable. I broke free from Alice iron hold and scanned through the lingerie. I still did not breath, but faked

I was breathing. Alice was watching me as she went through the darker shades of

undergarments. She was taking loads of them and giving them to the assisting lady. I still

avoided any eye contact. I might lure them, and might kill them. These monstrous instincts are getting on my nerves. I took one pair of lingerie per shade, checking unconsciously the sizes. ―What a loadful.‖ Alice said. ―We‘ll take all of them. Here‘s my card.‖

The lady nodded, she smelled like oranges and peaches. ―Yes ma‘am‖

She quickly packed our stuff and did a quick card swipe. I also gave her my card.

―Where to next?‖ Alice mimicked.

―Alice, I hope Edward‘s here. He can distract me.‖

―He‘ll be here, and Jasper too I see them coming. Just be prepared, a lot of women around here will be swooned. Two male vampires are hard to look at not drooling.‖ Alice was so cool, I‘m envying her right now. ―Bella, be preoccupied with something else. That‘s one way of ignoring the scents.‖ But all of I could think of beside scents is Edward.

―Bella.‖ My man was already here. He smacked my forehead.

―Bella, you‘re doing fine.‖ Jasper ringed gently a few inches near my ears. He took Alice and wrapped his arms around her waist. ―Just tell us if it‘s too unbearable.‖ Jasper began spreading his calming mood.

I look so much like a nauseated woman, pregnant maybe, reminded me of Edward in our Biology class way back in my humanness. My nerves were improving thanks to Jasper, yet the scents seem to get stuck in my throat making a loci map in my memory. I finally placed my palm over my mouth. People looked at us, as if we escaped from Hollywood, some really drooled at the sight of our men, and I was actually getting distracted. Edward had this controlled worried expression on his face, Alice simply rushing through and Jasper managing a smile, far from grim. We were making our way out from the crowd and soon I spotted our messianic vehicle.

<i>We‘re out! Thank heavens!</i> I started gasping for some air.

―That wasn‘t too bad‖ Alice lied, turning to her partner for support,

―Quite.‖, he justified.

Edward was trying to hear my thoughts, I allowed him unanimously. ―We‘ll, it‘s somewhat all mixed up, her thoughts.‖ Edward began smoothing my hair, kissing it, trying to relax my throbbing thoughts.

―Guys, I feel lame, honestly.‖

―Well that‘s still nothing compared to ours, particularly compared to me.‖ Jasper consoled soothingly.

a/n: This fourth chapter introduces a new character, a shapeshifter, a winged creature


―Did I look pathetic?‖

―You looked, well, people were thinking of you pregnant. I did not need to read their thoughts, you practically heard their murmurs.‖ I did hear them, no doubt about it. We threw brief questions, Edward unsure to reveal his fidgety. ―What I‘m specifically ‖

concerned about is Dartmouth- tone.

he started, toning down more. I responded in a similar

―I can handle it.‖

―We can still cancel you know?‖

I gave my husband a stab of a glare. ―No, please.‖ I was controlling my temper, resisting throwing a fit. My Edward, he never ceased being that overprotective monster, although most of the times I‘m more of such creature. ―They were all strangers, all of those people

in that complex, it would be different in Dartmouth, I would know this people, I will make effort knowing who they are, particularly those in my class. We can have night classes if you want, the lesser the class number, the better, we will make ways work Edward.‖ It was a breathless speech, not that I needed air, it was simply very fast.

He caught all of it. It‘s just the way I am now, the way we are, rather. Alice and Jasper proceeded ahead of us in Hanover, arranging schedules, attending to her audition, she promised to fix ours to, with bribe this time. She would do errands for us indeed, but never without a bribe. Edward slightly rubbed his long fingers on the crease his brows that are now forming, apprehensively, yet still timeless in his manner. ―Bella, you can‘t blame this apprehension I have, you know all I care about is you. My every though is consumed with you. Your pain is my pain.‖ It is true, his words penetrated through my skin and bones.

―You see, I am doing my best, just assist me, I will be fine, and I‘m just starting, I‘ll get the hang of it –you‘ll see!‖ After I answered him, another compartment of my mind drifted away, back to the scene this recent morning, to this sensation that undeniably befell the four of us, an awareness of our fifth sense, the strengthened instinct and intuition that we possess. There was yet another being apart from human, apart from vampire and apart from our wolves present that pause in time. The scent was very novel.

Edward hushed these brewing memories. ―I am aware of that Bella; it surprised me as much as it did you.‖ In that moment while still near the vicinity, we avoided to speaking of it. We knew, at some haunch we had that this being may have heightened senses similar to us. I was bothered, and bugged, but not scared. I felt ready to fight at any signal of its attack. Being a part of the Cullens and those others of our kind feel this way at the first sight of trouble. I was getting accustomed already to this. And sometimes I‘m beginning to sound like Edward. ―Carlisle, he‘s on his way.‖ Edward noted. I remembered him telling me he wanted to talk to me before we left for Enfield. ―Of course.‖ I gave my man a weak smile. ―My endless Bella…‖ he sighed, boring into my eyes the golden aura of his irises sending impulses to my spines. He will forever stun me. And then he retreated. Edward walked towards the exit of this white vast room. ―I‘ll check on Nessie, she‘s with Jacob downstairs.‖ Twilight was fast approaching. Edward was now gone. A soft knock cradled on the Nara door.

―Bella?‖ Carlisle was not slow in entering.

―I‘m sorry Carlisle.‖

He gave me an abashed look. He paused then expressed himself. ―Well, Edward was the one to tell me about it.‖ He paused again. ―I trust you Isabella Marie Cullen. We all trust you.‖ He flashed a handsome confident smile.

―You can have me monitored…if you want? I really just wanted to live this life I chose to live, I want to be like you Carlisle; Edward admires you so.‖

Carlisle poured out the most satisfied look. ―Bella, you need not mention…but, well I would bring those words you told me in this life of eternity, I would hold on to them. May these words you spoke motivate you to coexist with humans with love, as we were once part of that race.‖ He kissed my forehead. ―Study well. And have a safe trip back!‖

A handsome scent, a sweet scent and a rugged smell came soaring in the halls. ―Bella!!! Missed me!?‖

Ugh. Not in a million years! That peevish creature! Edward carrying our daughter laughed along with Jacob, a man of overflowing sunshine, filling every corner with humor altering grim moods. Carlisle cast a discreet smile on the three.

Renesmee jumped onto my lap, hugging my waist. ―I want to sleep on your bed mommy?‖ ―Why not?‖ I replied raking her curly hair with my fingers. <i>She‘s our life. </i>

―She truly is.‖ Edward commented. I burned a smile. Then his face turned sourly on Jacob‘s face, intently listening to Jacob‘s noisy mind.

―Yah-yah, I got that!!‖ Jacob vociferated. ―I‘ll say it, that‘s why I am here, unless you want to do it? You‘ve read me already.‖

―What is it Jacob?‖ Carlisle asked. Fearing the coolness of Edward‘s creator, Jacob hurriedly relayed his discoveries.

―Doc, Bells, listen to this. Well, seems I found another bunch of…‖ He raised his fingers to emphasize a quotation mark ―shape shifters in that reservation in White Mountains.‖ As soon as I was to dismiss the thought, it came back abruptly, of course the scent this morning would have to do with that presence.

―They aren‘t wolves Jacob?‖ He disagreed at me by shaking his head. ―What are they?‖ Carlisle followed up.

―I did not ask yet, they were very guarded and defensive, I‘m a war freak, but this wasn‘t the time for it. But they smelled like air born animals, like some sort of bird or something.‖ Edward was pointed towards Carlisle, who was in deep contemplation. ―Unless you want to pay them a visit –we didn‘t talk about vampires but it appeared they were that sensitive too. I do not know their history yet.‖

All these conversation made our Nessie sleepy. Edward laid her in between us on the king size bed. She turned to her father and took his hand.

―Night Jacob.‖ She whispered. This sent our friend to seventh heaven.

―Get a grip Jake!‖ I cried. He sheepishly stared at me.

―Oh come on Jake!‖ Edward remarked after. Seems he heard Jake‘s unspoken words again.

―What a wonderful family!‖ Jake replied sarcastically.

Carlisle broke in, ―We may pay these folks a courtesy visit, would they welcome it possibly?‖ He turned to Jacob. ―I guess that‘s the right way…meeting them, rather than them sneaking up on us.‖ In a fragment of a second all of our eyes were on the window. We all felt that, that sensation again, that beginning to be familiar scent, yet still quite new.

―How long?‖ Carlisle asked Edward.

―Just now, maybe, half a second, he‘s gone. He was just curious, his thoughts, his language, I can not decipher its foreign, I‘m not even sure if it‘s a he or a she. This is stranger than I expected.‖ Every word spoken was never longer than a eighth of a second. Jacob began launching from that same window, ready to phase back on his wolf form. ―I‘m chasing that thing.‖ He exclaimed leading, and leaping out. Carlisle and Edward tailed fluidly.

―Love, be the one to tell the others.‖ He darted a loving gaze. I grabbed his arms and stole a melting a kiss, then let him fly into the ebony night. I noticed a fallen gray feather resting on the window ledge, picked it up and draw my nasal to smell it. Disorienting. I felt once more a pair of eyes on me, turned back outside the window, up to the ceiling, and finally on the dark roof. A beautiful angel was looking at my direction. Its scent is disorienting, mixing up with all the scents outdoors. Its own scent got lost somewhere, deluding and hiding among the sharp fangs of the woods. My vampire eyes allowed me a clearer view, yet as I was beginning to see what made its face up my vision was also getting disoriented. I thought they were chasing after it, why is it here? I quickly posed in

a crouch ready for its vile attack. Then it was gone. The wings it possessed flapped vehemently, covering the moonlight.


Edwards POV

Her lips that winces at my every stare, her eyes softly yet appallingly animating, her voice that resembled the gentle winds and thunders, her eyes, just about everything, infinitely intoxicating me, eternally annihilating me with that inexpressible wholeness and beauty. I know these words are all too much. But who am I? Just an unworthy being without her, without her existence in this maddening world, who am I?, just a leech to humanity, a cold blooded animal, a monster.

I feel she owns my power, and an apprehension continues to overshadow every thought

that would provoke of danger lurking not so far behind, or ahead, or from any side

directed towards her. I know right now, in this time of the millennia that we live on the same timeline, which is dated from here to forever that she is incredibly strong; capable of defending what I thought before was of a puny self. Her character if she chooses, can extinguish any harmful threat. But sometimes, I am vexed. The man she met the first time, the man who hid in Denali, the man who fears, the man who is unsure, that man from a hidden box in my soul rises up and knocks at my door.

Fear of the unknown, fear of being fearsome. It is absurd, that is why I leave it unspoken. Only Aro or perhaps my daughter would learn to know it. Why did I even think of that Volturi? Yes, absurd, that was my state before I found my soul living in her heart. I might as well be dead right now. A hundred years is too much of the endless agony, she appeared before I was about to give up, I was already too close in reaching that borderline. I felt I owe her everything.

I noticed the significant vanity of sunrises and sunsets, I heard the waves crashing, the

autumn leaves never looked the same, and

my back. It seemed she sent electricity through her touch. I hated so much the next question she had to ask. ―How was the chase?‖ As much as I was trying to distract myself with all aspects that concerned her being.

―Edward?‖ Her smooth fingers played on

The night was long, one of the longest I suppose, long because the chase was unsuccessful, long because fear began to creep back into my vocabulary, fear of the unknown. It was here, I heard my wife‘s mind say. ―What was here?‖ The thing that you were chasing it was here. ―How is that possible? We were under its shadow, and the three of us, without being of utility, lost it. That thing, has the capacity to disorient, to camouflage its scent to the environment.‖ We were again as a family, discussing this pissing matter. Jacob stood as disappointed as I am. ―Was it here Bella, we were chasing it, unless there were two them?‖ My Bella nodded, as tough as she is, I can sense a bit of worry in her countenance, as she responded to Carlisle.

He continued, ―We ought to go to that reservation Jacob found, on to know the reason they would not leave us be. They can not blame us for being suspicious, why do these creatures have to spy on us? First thing in the morning, we will visit their tribe.‖ I stared at each one, and left my eyes on Bella, she was about to speak. ―Edward‘s right, I experienced that disorienting feeling as well, I can not even remember the face of that black winged creature.‖ She shook her head. "How can two creatures incapacitate us?‖ Esme wondered. ―It is because we have no knowledge of these beings.‖ I emphasized.

―But I can presume they are half human, as Jacob discovered, similar to him, but their capacities, and motivations are still foreign to us.‖ Jacob commented on my assumptions.

―I think they‘re simply curious.‖ Emmett nodded his head to neutrally agree. Rosalie was to speak, suddenly Bella‘s eyes looked sharp; she poured her thoughts on me. Let us not talk about them, since they can disorient and camouflage, they could be around, eavesdropping. This is definitely the time Alice talents are needed. I signaled my forefinger on my lips, requesting silence on Bella‘s behalf. All of us in the hall doubled

our capacity for sensing, nasal, olfactory, visual heightened to the peak. For about a second, one can hear a hair fall. ―Guys, I think they aren‘t around, I can‘t even follow close enough to your conversation, I simply try very hard and spill my guts out.‖ Our eyes were all on our wolf friend. ―It‘s just good to be careful wolf man.‖ Rose snapped.

―So I am promoted now from puppy to wolf man?‖ Esme and Emmett shared a short giggle. ―So I guess danger shouldn‘t be exaggerated.‖ Emmett mused. Each one gradually retreated to their convenience. The room grew very quiet, as Jacob brushed our daughter‘s loose strands of hair. He left at once when Bella glared at him to death. I took Bella‘s hands. ―How was the wind outside?‖ She asked trying to make things light.

―Boring as ever.‖ My wife laughed, the weariness clearing out. ―Well, are vampires even licensed to get scared, not in a million years right?‖ She burst with life. ―Then stop worrying Edward, my drop dead gorgeous husband?‖ I did not fear for my life, it‘s truly different if you‘re the man of your own family, the smallest pixel of trouble becomes a boulder of Hades. I tried diverting the topic. ―Tomorrow night‘s our first day in college…‖

―Yes, I am aware love. Just can‘t wait‖ Sometimes her sarcasm is adorable. Sometimes I just loathe it. But these black winged creatures crept back again to my memory of ancient old. The failed mission kept on replaying. ―Edward, I can‘t figure you out right now? Why that face again?‖ I hesitated, but just gave up. ―Bella, they won‘t call me omniscient for nothing, why didn‘t I know that such creatures existed! What do they feed on? Why do they hover on us? What‘s their reason?‖ She embraced my back facing her chest, pulling me tighter towards her body. ―Morning is almost here, a little later we‘ll be going up White Mountain. And we‘ll get our questions answered.‖ I suppressed my restlessness as she spoke her thoughts and brought her to face me, ―We can open this school year with good humor, can‘t we?‖ She was smiling again, good heavens! She presses her lips insatiably on me. Now this is a real distraction. I pressed on the remote control to shut of all the blinds. Silently Edward, our daughter’s asleep. Her thoughts danced as it reached me.


Bellas POV

Alice wore her hair long; shoulder length and somehow curling at the sides which for me was heavenly. Her spikes worn her long enough all through high school. Although she still misses it as she admits most of the time. The conservatory was calling her for such romantic fashion. Too much for the hair, I dialed her cell phone number. ―Where are you?!‖ I whined, maturely. ―Guess?‖ ―We summoned you guys for like three hours already, Edward‘s well, he‘s waiting, we really need you, now‘s the perfect time for your foresight.‖ She let out a sigh after my infinitesimal speech. ―Yah, yah, we‘re almost there. I could even see your lungs from down here.‖ I suddenly felt stupid, and like she

said, I saw them not less than ten miles from where I stood. I was actually by the attic window, Edward and the others were at the front door. Rose volunteered to stay with Nessie, since we also badly needed Jacob, he‘s our foreman in this courtesy visit, not that we plan to really be courteous at all. They started this, and I can‘t believe that I‘m this excited, the warrior in me has resurrected. But Edward, as indestructible as we are was still low in spirit, it didn‘t fit the atmosphere at all. ―Alice? Didn‘t you see these things coming?‖ With that question her line was cut dead. ―That woman!‖ I stomped down the elliptical staircase and reached the receiving area of the mansion. Jasper was already parking the motorcycle, that silver one Edward got supposedly for himself, it did suit

Jasper more than ok, he was like a white fox, like a lightning, like a gashing winter storm, like he was the god of the northern winds. ―We almost missed the hunt.‖ He escalated with a satisfied smile. Edward continued in his solitude, expressionless. ―That‘s the way of calling it!‖ Emmett boomed with a high five. Jasper felt Edward‘s tension. ―For once ‖

letting Jasper finish. Jasper shook very slightly his easy head. Alice was all at once

serious. ―Why‘d you cut the phone?‖ I complained jogging out under the dawning sky.

brother, let us enjoy. And Bella, she isn‘t that frail-

―I know.‖ Edward muttered not

―We‘re here, what‘s the use of using mobiles?‖ I felt my question bothered her, that‘s why I think she didn‘t answer my question. Soon Carlisle and Esme were on their bikes, Harley bikes of course. It has been a trend since Jasper got really engrossed with Edward‘s piece. ―Alice?‖ Carlisle killed the beast‘s engine. Only the breeze filled in the gaps of silence. We were all still as granite monuments. She was filtering her visions, what a cheat! Edward already figured her out, rather read her out. ―They look like the pale faces those who live up in that mountain, but not as pale as we are of course, they aren‘t natives of America. Yes the two creatures, both with black wings, they are fighting, arguing about, wait a pair of sea green eyes.‖ Then Alice screamed for about an sixteenth of a measure. ―It‘s looking, just looking.‖ Jasper held her shoulders. Then she smiled showing she was ok. ―We‘ll talk Alice, later.‖ Edward uttered. I wanted so much to inquire Edward of his mind readings but, the time doesn‘t call for more pressure. ―Are they planning to attack?‖ Carlisle questioned. ―They‘re planning to watch, that‘s all.‖ Alice sighed again. ―These creatures are beyond weird.‖ She rode again the silver bike. ―Can I drive this time?‖ She turned to her mate, he nodded in agreement. Edward‘s hands are now around my waist, we got in the truck. ―I‘ll drive this beast!‖ Emmett interposed. Edward sat beside the driver‘s seat looking at me through the front mirror. My man, my dear, I love you! Good morning! I let him hear my thoughts. He smiled tenderly. ―You two, I‘m not dumb you know. Cut those love bites, it bites me real bad!‖ Emmett interrupted. ―Ok, ok just drive.‖ My husband gazed beyond and across the icy slopes, a little listless than necessary.

Jacob was silent the whole morning, except for all the howling and barking. In human form, he maintained an unattended hair, lengthy and black. Leah and Embry were with him today, only Edward can follow their line of thoughts. We run altogether with Jacob‘s condensed pack taking the lead. ―Jake says we should be slowing down by now, this speed would startle the sleepy town, and they are phasing back. Bella, the bag of clothes please?‖ We started following the instructions to slow down. I threw the knap sack to the

wolves. And in a little while, we were gliding with them getting a hint of the strange smell from the forest. ―We‘re getting near the town.‖ Jacob remarked. Like a royal coven Carlisle led us into the entrance of the small town, side by side with Edward and Jacob.

―Let‘s enter the east gate, it leads directly to the tribal chief.‖ Jacob added. Only a few humans were up. Indeed, this was a surprise visit. Fog and smoke surrounded the primitive alleys. From not a so far distance I could smell carcasses. I‘m sure the others were able to detect it too. We were wearing physiognomies. I know Edward is learning more than anyone here. And I can see he is absorbing all the information through the unaware open minds in the village. The houses were of gray stones. Desolate is one word to describe the atmosphere. Jacob approached the biggest stone house and spoke a tribal language.

The massive door was opened for him. Leah and Embry were by the walls outside the gates. ―The language Jacob just used was the local lingo for all shape shifters, yet the one I heard from last night‘s stalker was more ancient.‖ Edward noted, in a speed only vampires can comprehend. ―I‘m hearing more.‖ He whispered like a breeze. Not later a pale old man faced us, with stunned eyes yet fierce lips. He was overwhelmed with our presence. ―I can not believe my own eyes. These are your friends Jacob Black?‖ He expressed not missing a face. ―These are the Cullens, your winged sons are bothering a lot.‖ When will Jacob learn to nullify his frankness? Edward was in deep absorption.

―Sons?‖ The old man asked taken aback. Carlisle stepped forward. ―Sorry to have dropped by without prior notice, my name‘s Carlisle and this is my family, Edward, Bella, Jasper, Alice, Emmett and my wife; Esme.‖ ―Sons?‖ He mused again. ―I believe there are these two winged beings belonging in your tribe that had been doing some surveys on us.‖ The old man seems to wake up from his daze. ―Oh I see.‖ He‘s eyes wandered around. ―Let‘s take these matters inside the house.‖ He signaled his fingers and we followed him in. We noticed uniformly the little tremors running through his skin, due to nervousness, I‘m not really sure. ―I was planning to deny your inquiry, but there‘s one thing that pushes me to speak.‖ He paused and took a long look at all of us. Edward was still intently eyeing him. ―And what pushes you to speak old chief?‖ He worded out precisely with depth, it was the cold hunter in his being asking. ―By merely seeing you,‖ he remained on Edward. ―There‘s nothing I feel but fear.‖ He fell on his seat, a wooden throne near the hearth. He too had waist long hair, almost silver, his fingers were like candles, and his eyes as dark as the starless night. No one was at this area of his house, but we can hear all their voices surrounding us. ―I am moved to speak, because you are superior beings, I can feel that, and even my body reacts. Now please, sit down, I am so overwhelmed that you are a very big group to have come here.‖

―And that you‘re plan of attack will be halted because of this fear?‖ Edward revealed. His eyes grew in astonishment, and then nodded his head. ―And you are Edward? Correct? Mr. Cullen you have a very interesting son.‖ His voice was still somehow shaking.

―Edward.‖ Carlisle glanced peripherally on my husband. ―When you say superior, what do you mean by that?‖ Carlisle asked for clarification.

―I can see that you are immortals.‖

―And you are what?!‖ Jasper interposed growing impatient.

―We have a long history, but not really that long. Like Jacob Black‘s tribe, we were descendants of the spirit warriors.‖

―And you‘re half creature would be what?‖ Jasper interrogated. He meekly grinned. ―Mr. Edward seems to know already.‖ We turned to Edward.

―But I will be the one to say it. We are far more damned than any creature because we descended from vultures. Immortals, the last time I‘ve met one was a hundred years ago.‖

Now that explains the smell of carcasses. Edward suddenly stood up, growled, Alice followed him. Carlisle raised his hands, I touched Edward‘s back. The man shook.

―Please calm down, these two who were following you got attracted to your scent, they are twins and the other one is more wayward, the male. They are the most talented in this tribe. They have never seen anyone like your family. I am the only one in this tribe who knows about your existence.‖ He knew the secret does he? ―And they‘re going to eat us?‖ Emmett said coolly. ―Warn them. Please.‖ Carlisle requested. ―Warn them because we do not think twice to kill whenever threat comes our way.‖ Jasper snapped. I can not talk myself to speak. But I really had one question. ―What is this talent?‖ He looked at me.

―You may have experienced it already. They can confuse the senses, disorient. You can never catch their scent nor see the exact details of their faces. They can even give false visions of the future. Their father is a warlock. He‘s gone already.‖ The old man continued. ―Only I, my daughter Zillah, and the twins Clive and Corrine can phase as great birds.‖

―Are they here?‖ Carlisle asked.

―Last night, they were here. But they left this place a few years ago already. I‘m just surprised they came visiting us again not too recently.‖ Carlisle led him to another train of thought, by chance of intuition I guess.

―Have you encountered by any chance a being named Aro?‖ Carlisle followed up. The old chief‘s eyes were stricken with anguish and fear. Hesitating to some degree, but then he gave in. ―Yes. He gave me a task down south during the great wars of your kind.‖

Edward appeared more stricken than the man is now not to mention Jasper as well. ―An appetite for dead vampire carcasses Gideon?‖ Edward thundered from his seat. Carlisle eyes grew vast. At last the vampire temper can not be held in control anymore, I got now

the reason for Edward‘s lack of manners. ―You vile creatures! Are those twins anticipating us to become corpses?!‖ He hissed. All of us were in crouches, except for Carlisle and Jacob. Gideon the chief released his wings from the arches of his back, his flesh tolerating such stretch and tear. It was gray silver. His daughter was also now by his side who flew from an opening in the roof. Her hair was a very very pale scarlet, having the same eye color as her father‘s. She seemed pleased to see Edward. I wanted to grab for a second there. ―People, let‘s be civil enough to finish this discussion without tearing each other into pieces, shall we?‖ Carlisle commanded. ―Let us make an agreement.

Unless anyone wants to see Aro and his guards settling matters for us?‖ Some seconds passed before anyone started acting civil again. ―Let us preserve ourselves by not attacking each other.‖

Gideon raised his hands to invite Carlisle to a handshake. ―I believe Edward has heard me enough, he can share with you all my sentiments I can not speak out loud. And yes, I will adhere to family preservation.‖ Carlisle lifted his hands for a handshake. ―Now we have a treaty.‖ Although a treaty was made this didn‘t make any of us less complacent with our guards.


Jaspers POV

―I saw your vision of Bella covered with black feathers. Was this suppose to be figurative? Tell me?‖ Edward exploded in near hysterics, trying to get a hold of his impertinent temper. I have observed he has been like this with Alice about the time we knitted good relations with him, as soon we became a part of this family. Where is his wife anyway? Then I heard her voice outside, playing with Nessie. We‘re about to leave for Hanover, and Edward took the brief opportune time Bella would be outside the house.

His intensity hastened. ―You heard the old man, those monsters can alter visions of the future, so much for the old confidence on my talent. This pisses me off as it pisses you ok?!‖ She was throwing a dozen of perfume bottles inside her enormous Kipling sack. ―I know you‘re worried, but hey, we‘re vampires, and Bella too? Hello wake up? Have you ever heard of the here and now? Now‘s the good time to apply it, let‘s try living in the present ok?! ‖ She hissed back. I watched from a fair distance their bickering, but my capacity tells me a presence of deep seethed apprehension he has, where in the world did he gets it from? Edward‘s exaggerates, but to keep it up? For how long? Through eternity? He needs a damn break. I felt again his tarry burning through me, oh brother. I approached my bronze haired sibling. ―Bro, we watch each others back, am I correct?‖

He turned to me. ―You can never understand these worries Jasper.‖ ―I can not you may presume, but I can feel a hell lot of them.‖ Alice placed her hands on my shoulder. I continued. ―I pledge my word to you, as long as we are existing in this undying life, we‘ll watch each other‘s back. You are no longer alone Edward, as much as you have us, you

already have Bella. Don‘t underestimate her.‖ Oh for mercy‘s sake when did I become a shrink? Edward let a whole sigh out. ―Yeah, well. Yes, thanks Jasper. You leave me with nothing to say.‖ Was that my talent or my true empathy? I wonder. It gets mixed up sometimes. Alice and I, we live inside this uninterrupted bubble, a total opposite of Edward‘s complex mind, we have this career of pacifying his tempers. But I do have my own unnerving displays.

This family really worked hard to keep Bella alive, and to keep her. She is Edward‘s treasure, so is ours. I hated her before, until I learned through her how one‘s human heart can fight for a vampire‘s love. It was devastating, catastrophic and very rewarding at the same time. I can not imagine it possible, my human memories are not very strong though it haunts me at times, but through her and Edward I saw miracles. I wasn‘t a believer but they made me one, me and Alice. Surprisingly, it‘s inspiring. The four of us are packing up the little stuff we can always buy, but out of habit, we still pack. Today we have four motorcycles up the garage, a trend Bella started with Jacob. As to Jacob, well it‘s just humorous, our relationship with him. I hated him too long ago, but he earned the trust of this family. I can see Bella can built bridges. Once foes she have turned to be friends. I must say, she is our treasure. I felt Alice fingers around my neck. ―Mr. Hale, are you ready to go?‖ I wonder if she has considered the concept of marriage. ―As soon as you are Ms. Cullen?‖ I turned to Edward and Bella‘ direction. Nessie wouldn‘t let go of his father‘s hands. She was crying. Such an adorable creature, and smells very nice too.

―Guys, visit us, you can stay in our place any time.‖ Bella called out. After kissing Nessie she rode up her bike. ―As soon as possible I hope.‖ Alice continued. In synchronicity and in full gear, the four of us drove our way out of Northern Conway.


Bellas POV

Exhaustion. Mental exhaustion. ―I can not agree less.‖ Edward said. These twins make me feel paranoid. Probably just the distraction I was looking for. I can not even preoccupy myself with my previous worries, worries of drinking human blood. I wanted so much to be with Edward‘s family right now, it comforts me to think we can outnumber any harmful threats. The unknown can really stir fear up. But since we‘ve heard old Gideon‘s history, these creatures aren‘t too much of strangers. ―They can not harm us Bella, we aren‘t even corpses in any way.‖ ―I just can not imagine how Aro let them dispose the dead vampires, knowing they were torn into pieces and tossed to the fire.‖ I reacted. What a good conversation to have in our travel back to Enfield. We can (even) have this talk while on our motorcycles. ―You should have probed more, if you want answers.‖ ―Do you really want to hear everything?‖ Alice and Jasper drove behind our bikes on purpose, but catching up pretty well. ―This task was to scavenge whatever vampire body part they would find within the area-‖ ―And eat it.‖ Jasper interposed, continuing Edward‘s revelation. ―So those birds I saw during the vampire wars, weren‘t merely animals, they were part of the shape shifters society as well, a disgusting job, I

must say.‖ Alice wasn‘t contributing to the discussion. ―Alice?‖ ―I‘ve got nothing to say,

it may be wrong, as I said, my talent isn‘t very helpful right now. I‘m still finding ways to adjust. So please.‖ ―But I‘m agreeing with Jacob, these beings could be simply curious, since only their chief knew about beings like us.‖ Jasper went on. ―And that they are playing hide and seek with us.‖ Edward snarled bitterly. ―The chief wanted sympathy, he felt guilty but I doubt it. He already knew I could read his mind, he may have just given me what he thinks I would like to hear.‖ And then, I could see the roof of our twin houses. We were in Enfield. ―Guys, lets let the topic off the hooks for a while. I guess we‘ll know what to do when we learn more about it.‖ We started leading our bikes inside the front garage. ―Let us just do that‖, said Jasper, wrapping his arms around Alice shoulder proceeding to their pad. She really had that disappointed look. I did not want to express any consolation, she‘ll hate it, I‘m sure, so I just smiled. Edward made a sudden shift of topic, a sudden shift of mood.

―Love, want to drive the Ferrari to Dartmouth?‖

―Darling wouldn‘t that make a scene?‖

―I think this isn‘t a place to hide how rich we are. Going to that college costs quite a fortune, you know.‖ My Edward‘s lips turned upward, showing giddiness. I just hope its real giddiness. ―We‘ll use the Ferrari then.‖ I exasperatedly agreed. ―And I‘ll let former- Bella Swan do the driving.‖

We went straight to Dartmouth. And believe me, we made quite a scene. It‘s good to expect it, to avoid getting overwhelmed, at least after we parked our cars the stares gone down to a few good number of murmurs. I do not want to magnify the reactions we receive. It was surreal actually to walk hand in hand with a deity, through the university hallways. I never received attention this much, which is way too much. I‘m not loving it, for the most of it I am simply enduring. But of course the owner of the hand I‘m holding I do love deeply. ―You‘re a goddess‖, this deity whispered under my ears, his lips almost touching my neck. Stop it Dracula! He laughed briefly and resumed the to-die-for face.

Did I really see myself studying here? Unlikely. I was set for going to a community college, and this was a beyond-good dream I am living. An alternative jazz live band was playing at the college park to open officially the first day of classes. ―Very welcoming.‖ Edward remarked, pleased. Our colleges are very near to each other only Edward‘s quite some strides away. ―Bella, I left something in the car.‖ Edward said eagerly jogging away from us. ―Do you want us to walk you to your class, you‘re building‘s already here?‖

Alice asked as she was to shift to another pavement. We halted for a while. She again had

a glint in the corner of her iris. ―No, no, I‘m good.‖ I faked a chuckle. ―You sure?‖ I

nodded too enthusiastically. ―Well, we‘re a dial a way, or just think loudly, Edward will

be on guard with your thoughts. You‘re class is in 2nd floor‖ I already know that. I glanced at my wristwatch what I felt I did awkwardly, but I of course didn‘t. A minute is passing from five pm. I‘m late. I plugged the earphones into my ears and dosed myself with my husband‘s play list. I walked briskly and ended in front of my classroom door.

The class had scarcely thirty people in it. It‘s a relief. I did not breathe, gave a half smile and handed my pass and found a sit at the back. I forgot what subject this is, crikey, so Bella. The professor passed around the syllabus, and started discussing a presentation projected on the wall. Ok, so this is an introductory subject, at least I now remember. A soft knock interrupted his part one of the slide. I heard a too familiar voice, and realized too late. It was Edward. ―Another Cullen?‖ the professor scanned his registration card. He whispered something humans would not normally hear from this distance. I heard him crystal clear. ―She‘s my wife.‖ The professor nodded and went on to his introduction. His smile reached his ears, as if he had fooled me or something. My heart cart wheeled hypothetically, but I tried relaxing. Bad bad husband. He sat beside me. ―I almost shifted to this course, but I just took this as an elective, a subject I‘m not really allowed to take…‖ He whispered ever so lowly, very inhuman in quickness. ―Grateful?‖ He asked. I rolled my eyes. ―Just wanted to give you the strength to resist.‖ He inched his mouth closer to my ears. I thought out loud. You’re impossibly amazing. His smile soothed all my jumping nerves. I love you. He smiled more.

What was the professor talking about, some Pulitzer winner author? Or was it the German Bernard Schlink? Another late comer came in. Compared to other students, she had an enchanting aura. She noticed the both of us in a split second, and pretended she did not make a meaningful glance. I memorized her face, in case I‘ll need it as a reference. Edward posed as if he was listening to the professor. He was now discussing about our reference books. It was all in the syllabus anyway. How could I concentrate with Edward here?

The woman stole a look from us, very quickly, I caught her eyes, she too was surprised I did catch her. She had washed tangerine hair, chopped wildly but was in a half ponytail, her eyes, green. Her skin was freckled yet very pale. Do you know her? Edward shook his head. I began being desensitized of the various scents inside the room. Or was it because he was there? (

He can convince anyone with his antics, he was really intently listening, which was an act, his lips in a half crooked grin, he was writing something on his white stack of small pad, while doing so, I could see every movement in the classroom, somehow making itself aware in one preconscious compartment of my head. He slid it, under my white palms. On one corner of my vision, I could see the noticeable woman putting a jacket on her summer clothes. Summer clothes, hmm, we weren‘t even in that season of the year yet.

She thinks she knows us. But she’s telling herself not to think of us too much, good grief what do I get out of that?, were his words scribbled in flawless calligraphy. I let Edward hear my response. Well, let’s not get too paranoid, I can smell her, she’s human all right, probably just curious.

The professor was oblivious, since I need not to look down for too long to read Edward‘s notes, we could pass as statues. This woman was more careful now, not to look at us

since the moment I caught up with her green eyes. Although she was very tense, there was this indescribable vibe surrounding her. Edward wrote something again, Loving the scents? It asked. Well, it’s not as overwhelming, and you got me distracted. I thought in return. He swallowed a laugh. He forced a serious expression. Remember, you’re in Reed hall, my college is west of north from this building. I can’t believe this, even though you’re already who you are now, you still get what? Preoccupied, lost? Aside from that, the professor mentioned learning one foreign language.He passed this note again. You don’t need to give me directions, I can smell you across the miles, and I can track you easily. Ok, is Japanese good enough as a secondary language or German maybe? I let my thoughts shout. ―Haughty!‖ He vociferated in a suppressed muse. Edward passed a note once more, like we‘re still in senior high. Just this last time Bella, I found a serene spot near the Connecticut River, you’ll love it. My husband was in high spirits, and less anxious, I should pretty much indulge in this, a shift of attention from our previous worries.

We had to stay in an inn within the university at least for the day, to get a feel of the campus, and to appear more ‗humane‘ and sociable, as Alice puts in, and besides she wants us to watch her audition at the Hopkins Center. Sometimes I wonder do we ever get to exist as vampires yet try so very hard to fit to human ways. A paradox I should learn through the course of my unending days. My phone started to vibrate, as soon as my Introduction to Comparative Literature class came to a close for the night.

―Yes? Jake?‖ What could he want now? Ok now I‘m worried Jacob never calls.


All weirdness is in me. The only wolf in the family of blood sucking beautiful noble vampires. Nessie has this magnetic pull on me. Although it still isn‘t easy to put on a straight face and totally put every single memory of her mother Bella, aside. Weird. Infinitely weird. Love is weird. It makes people weird. Can I laugh at myself? Ha-ha. Fate is funny, and tragic, but as for me, its‘ strangeness is something I can take. What a word to use. I would sell my soul and flesh (dog flesh?) for Nessie, anything for her.

When I see her daisies, and all kind of flowers start to bloom, wherever. Apart from her, gloom takes over me. (Am I really saying this?) Even as I look at her, objectively, I see so much of Edward and yes, Bella, but take note I can swallow all my pride and heart ache down through my throat. Stupidity is my middle name, everyone should know that. Imprinting sounds like an agri-thing, but it made me a slave of unconditional love. What am I saying? I‘m beginning to sound like some Shakespearean idiot or something, someone? Argh!

Imprinting makes me helplessly devoted to one person, but my memory of other affections stays, cause hey, I‘m still a stinking imperfect human (probably Edward‘s the ‗epitome‘ of that perfection), so my love‘s imperfect, but this imprinting it lasts though, it do lasts until the last breathe. I could kill anyone for Nessie. Another sonnet? Uck! How

long will I live on this world? In this world wherein I hear Leah (ugh!), Seth, Sam, Embry, etcetera and etcetera voices. Should I try writing ―Journals of the compiled Pathetic Wolf Drama‖? Anyways, just this afternoon I confirmed something to Carlisle, I can not particularly smell the vultures, but we learned their smell from their cottage in White Mountains, and I know now exactly how they stench. And he asked me, no he specifically instructed me to call Bella, or Edward? Bella or Edward? They‘re together anyway. I actually miss her company. What a stupid thought. Oh my God, her phone is ringing, did I speed dial it? Oh yah, I unconsciously did. I was on the roof, wanting to get a solid signal.

―Yes? Jake?‖

―How‘d you know it‘s me?‖

―Of course I have your number idiot. Are you ok?‖ She must be thinking what an imbecile I am. Of course my name will appear!

―Bella, ok, here‘s the catch.‖ I went on. ―These vultures, the ‗twins‘, we discovered a way to outsmart their talent, we learned of their scent through their shack in White Mountains.‖ I was expecting a, ‗really, that‘s so great, but her respond was not that. It was a ―Jake, it‘s supposed to be good, right?‖ In an instant, Edward‘s voice came out of my mobile‘s speaker. He must have scooped the phone from Bella‘s hand. ―Is it true?‖ he raised again. ―Yah, I did not tell you right away without double confirmation. Now, I‘m sure. If they stalk us again, we‘ll stalk them back, that‘s for sure. It seems their scent becomes distinct once they‘re gone.‖ I assured him. ―Absolutely, in their presence, we get disoriented, but of course they leave traces after they have gone. Indeed. I think its best you tell the others to come over, any time they would see possible. Classes have started, we wouldn‘t want to cut-it‘s too early. How‘s Nessie?‖ My beloved Nessie. ―Oh, she‘s doing some reading with Rosa-leech?!‖ Edward was laughing at the other end of the line. ―Quit it Jake, that‘s just about harsh.‖ Edward‘s voice sounded like a character in an old movie. ―We‘ll call you when we get to the inn, and tell me whatever plan you can conceive of.‖ ―Well, sure man!‖ With that the line was off. Oh, I‘m a confused man, or wolf? ―Jake!!?‖ Nessie called out, and I ran to her before she could tell what she needed me for.


Leahs POV

Phasing to and phasing back, is there nothing left to do? It seems, waiting takes 100 percent of my daily routine. I‘m here waiting for the sun to rise, then to set then to rise again. Just think of the monotony! It just excites me though, it‘s like we‘re going to have another search party, to stalk the stalkers, if you know what I am talking about. At least there‘s something to do. Being a part of Jacob‘s pack makes waking time a life less

ordinary. Since he is Conway, we might as well be in Conway. Esme lets us stay in one of the many guest rooms to choose from, painted with different shades of warm colors.

I‘m actually liking it, but I do only sneak in when everyone‘s busy doing something, I still hate to show my you know, ―agreeable side.‖ Jacob‘s kind enough to leave food for us in our rooms. The Nessie thing is really a pain, but, well, they‘re really kind, making Jacob so damn kind too, even it‘s still hard to accept. It‘s funny to see his mushy side.

What‘s taking him so long to phase back? I want to get in his mind, as soon as possible, it became a compulsion to see his thoughts, to race with his roller coaster emotions, emotions that never involved even a single strand of my hair (or fur?) Ugh! Stupid me, but even more, stupid Jacob! First it was that vampire lover Bella, and now the half vampire Renesme (a hell lot of taste for blood suckers), will the world never be the same as before, ever again? Or was it this way ever since? When will anyone see me? Dream on, I‘m a dead end. And Jacob, he‘s very happy, he‘s stubborn and tacky, but very happy with that kid, just like the others who already imprinted. The soil beneath my paws was getting cooler as night came. Conway is like Forks, green. Wait he‘s in, I better shut up.

―Jake.‖ Oh Leah ―What are you, why are –never mind. You ate already?‖ I better not think too much. ―Later, I already had a hare. So, what are we going to do? What‘s the plan?‖ It‘s good to hear his voice again. Oh shut up. Stop thinking. Aww. Leah, stop it.

―I‘m stoping, ok, I‘m stoping right this mo ment.‖ What plan, wait there’s no plan yet. ―Where are the others?‖ Yes, Edward told me to plan, or whatever. Is Nessie all right up there? She should be. He was worrying again. And I saw Bella‘s face in his memory, then Nessie, ok it‘s more of Nessie now. When will he see himself apart from them, when will he learn about his, what you call it, these person that my eyes see? ―Leah, I said stop it, or do you want me to lick your face for you to stop?‖ Teasing would be a good way to stop her. Stop it Jacob, what a crude animal!. I love Nessie, but she’s still very young, I can kiss anyone I want. ―Listen to yourself bozo!‖ I cried. Well, it hurts though, how disloyal I would be. So, ok I’m crushed. I‘m wolf turned counselor sometimes, he slips up some things no one hears. Or was it he‘s just really teasing me, to have my mouth shut? Naïve. You‘re cruel. Embry was now in, and Seth? ―Shut up Leah.‖ ―Shut Jacob!‖ ―Don‘t shut up me Leah, I‘m Alpha here.‖ Just don’t even try. I’ll do what I want.

―Guys, guys, guy, we should have phased earlier‖ Ok Seth. You have my clothes? I asked. Yes it’s in the house already. Good, Alice clothes have a strong bleachy hint in it. I don‘t like it. Can’t a girl get more annoying than this? Don‘t start with me again Alpha.

―Chill, let‘s all be in harmony…chill relax!‖ Hippie Embry. Sure Emb. ―We tracked a scent traveling west. It could be one of the twins.‖ ―How new?‖ ―An hour old.‖ ―Ok, the plan is, to track it down.‖

Only the rustling of the leaves and grass were to be heard as we followed Embry‘s lead, since he was the one who found the track. ―The scents are on the branches and barks.‖ Jacob called. Keep moving, we’re still right on track. North or west, east or south,

whatever, we trusted our instincts and senses. We kept on running, until we sensed a high way nearby; we did not draw too close. Probably Bristol. I think we should proceed to Hanover, I just have this bit of an intuition. Let’s head back. I need to call Edward and get into some comfy trousers. ―We need some sleep too, its pass midnight already.‖ Seth yawned. And some hot bath too. ―Leah!!!‖ The three objected. Why? What‘s wrong with me getting in a bath tub? Leah, we’re guys, you’re not. Seth reminded.

We went through a back door, going to our rooms. The other three shared a room, I had my own. Some extended Cullen family we are. We phased back to our human forms, and soon I heard Carlisle talking to Jacob, about us going to Hanover, or Enfield. ―And Nessie?‖ I heard him ask Carlisle, tenderly. ―She‘s asleep in Rosalie‘s room.‖ ―Can I steal a look at her, maybe later?‖ ―Anytime Jacob‖ Carlisle said. Since Emmett and his wife arrived, Jacob was a little free of that kid, since also Rose gave Jake a hard time. A little later, Jacob was calling Edward. I was in a tub, and as I pictured it, I‘m having a good hot bath. Smoke fogged the room. Wouldn‘t it be good to have here Jacob with me- Shut up!!! I almost yelled. ―Leah, you ok?‖ My brother Seth asked across the walls. ―Yah-sorry!‖ Why Jacob? There are other guys less desperate than him, less desperate than me, why such a loser? Why our Alpha? Then there was a knock at my door. ―Leah.‖

It was Jacob, my heart raced, and I felt, naked, which I was. ―Yeah-what?‖ What the hell did he want me for? ―Rest well; we have a long day tomorrow.‖ I loved his husky voice. ―Wait Jake!‖ I got out of the tub, ran to the door, and put a robe on. I just wanted to see the clean Jacob before I sleep, and maybe say goodnight, if he would just smile. I flung the door open. ―What?‖ He had an ugly indifferent expression on his face. I feel I looked more desperate than ever. I quickly closed the door behind me. ―What!?‖ He exclaimed outside. ―Nothing-go away!‖ I have no choice; I‘ll just kiss him in my dreams. He knocked heavily on my door, like it‘s going to break. ―What?!!‖ I cried this time. ―Just open it!‖ he commanded a little frighteningly. I threw the door open again. ―What Jake!!?‖ He stared on my face maybe for one second, was it pity or sadness? He took a deep breathe, what the?! He pulled me too fast and clumsily, but crudely too, for a couple of seconds-I don‘t know, he kissed me, did he just kissed me? My breathe staggered. ―There, happy? Have a good night. And stop talking in my mind. I already gave you what you want.‖ Then he stormed away. I would not be able to talk for three days, or probably for a whole week!

(The sun rose too early. I barely slept. The traces of Jake‘s lips were on my lips. I did not want to phase to my wolf form and to sneak up in Jacob‘s mind again (although I realized he sneaked up on my thoughts last night) afraid to hear his mind, afraid to hear the real reason for that kiss, afraid to know the truth and the guilt it could have caused him, just afraid of him. It could have been just a dream? I don‘t know now how to show my face, I feel like he stole away my stubbornness, and my soul. I didn‘t know he really can scare me with a kiss. He was actually right. I forgot how to stand up against him. Now he had real power over me. ―Leah, Embry, Seth, I‘m going out.‖ Hearing his voice actually made my skin tremble.)

From the window, I could see him playing with Nessie on the front yard, the very huge yard the Cullens put up. Today she looked like she‘s in fourth grade, must have grew again. He was smiling, as the sun shone, that smile I wanted him to share with me.


Jacobs POV

I just did the ―most‖ stupidest thing. I would not even care mention it. Well, it repels me more to phase back to my wolf ‗ego‘. But I need to; I‘m going to accompany Nessie in her game hunt, before we bound to Enfield, and very soon to Hanover. I can not see the logic yet, but I also feel it necessary that we all stick together, especially for Nessie‘s sake. We don‘t know much of her nature, she‘s most vulnerable to any threat. I could not let any threat come near her, in any possible or impossible way. The morning was breezy, too cheerful and light, and Nessie was always as golden as the rays of dawn. Her curls fell on her shoulders, her eyes danced as if everything was enchanted, like there‘s no problem in the world. My imprinting really got taste, she‘s a soar for the eyes.

And yes, there‘s Leah. Alluring my ass!? She‘s like a ghost in my head, the moment she allegedly joined my pack (which is the only existing pack in La Push nowadays.) Was I her ‗shock absorber‘ of her devotion supposedly for Sam? It annoys the hell out of me, every detail of her thought-ugh! It haunts me, I tried not to care, but, to endure her thoughts every moving hour? It‘s impossible to ignore it, I had to do anything just to make her stop, to stop her outpour of one-sided emotional breakdown, emotional attachment? I‘m being bad. I know. But, it‘s already complicated, I don‘t need another headache. She doesn‘t deserve my anger. She‘s a nice girl, but I had to ask? Why me? Can‘t it be Embry? Or just, anyone? Any Joe or Kenneth? ―Jake, what‘s the matter?‖

Renesme grimaced on my expression. She touched my face, and I felt all gooey inside, her warm small hands playing on my cheek. If I could jut kiss this angel, wit hout being stabbed to death by her parents, or by Rosalie? The whole vampire clan will rip my throat to pieces. She was still too young. I could just shudder at the thought. ―It‘s nothing my beautiful little angel.‖ I pinched her soft cheeks. Sometimes imprinting looks like pedophile, but IT DOESN‘T EVEN have to GO THAT WAY. Nessie‘s voice puts me in an optimistic trance, bringing me to her delightful world of laughter. She‘s the exact opposite of Bella, when she was still human. Bella was like a black hole, sipping all of my energy, wasting me away but is never filled; she was always in need of sunshine, of course this was all due to Edward. ―I love you Jacob!‖ Nessie looked intently to my eyes, also worriedly. She hugged me till I had to catch up with my breathing. ―Nessie, you can choke me to death if you want to, at lest give me a chance to say I love you too!‖

Nessie‘s idea of love isn‘t that of being romantic, she loves everybody in this house. But of course I‘m her favorite guy, she chooses to do everything with me, (unless the others forces themselves to her.) I‘m feeling guilty; would Nessie understand my notion of kissing Leah? It was out of line, and there are times I act before I could even think!

Would she break my bones? She sat on my lap the curious child she was. ―Jake, what is bothering you? You don‘t look like yourself today?‖ I could not break this gentle soul. ―I had a bad night…that‘s all…‖ I admitted, halfheartedly. ―Was it really bad?‖ She was checking the dark lines under my eyes. ―Is it because of those winged people?‖ She inquired. I nodded. ―And a lot more…‖ I did not want to lie. ―Maybe you need to eat, are you hungry?‖ She was sounding like her father now. ―Are you ready to hunt?‖ I asked her. Her smile was ominous. My heart melted on her beaming face. ―I‘ll just call Aunt Rosalie, and the others, they may want to hunt too?‖

She hugged my waist and sniffed my chest. ―I love your smell Jacob!‖ Maybe she should lessen her sweetness, its really making me boil inside. ―Wait for us, ok?‖ Then Nessie ran inside, calling everyone to join the hunt party. After a while, my wolf pack was already sitting on the grass, eagerly awaiting the hunt.

―Where‘s Leah?‖ Embry moved his head pointing back on the high window of the mansion. ―She‘s not coming?‖ Good. The kiss worked. Crap.

Hunting was swiftly over and we were all in a hurry to finish up. Carlisle had an early hospital call from I forgot. Rosalie and Emmett were quite show-offs with their hunting talents. ―I‘m riding with Jacob!‖ Nessie sobbed almost in tears, I could see some already welling up in the corner of her brown eyes. Subjectively I would have ripped anyone who was doing that to my Nessie, but it was her family, so I just stood, trying to be mature, or at least look like one. Esme was attempting to reason with her. ―Honey, we all know it‘s not the question of you not being able to do it, it‘s just that, publicly, you should act your age. It‘s not even a short ride, humanly speaking, and it‘s not even warm enough, humanly speaking again. People will be bewildered seeing you in a Harley riding across the mountains, and you could not blame us, vampires as we are, we‘re parents too…we don‘t want your mother going crazy if you fall –not that Jacob can‘t take care of you…?‖ So that was long. Esme gave me a meaningful look, a signal that I should help her convince Nessie, who was still hugging me. When it comes to being intelligent, she isn‘t much of a child. ―Kid, dear, when we get to a stop over, I promise I‘ll kidnap you, and you can ride with me, like about thirty miles before we get to Enfield? Is that a good deal?‖ Her tears halted, she unclasp me, and walked straight to Emmett‘s jeep, Rosalie was still inside the house, digging her stuff, or whatever, and I‘m glad. She quickly turned to me, ―That‘s a promise Jacob, ok?‖ I nodded, feeling again all so warm inside.

She wants me bad! Oh, if Edward‘s hearing these thoughts he‘ll hit me hard, good thing he isn‘t around too. Esme glared, since I bargained with Nessie, but I can‘t hold back all the things Nessie wants, I still want to give some. ―Where is Leah bro!?‖ Emmett noted, seeing only Seth and Embry on their bikes. Nessie was already sitting between Carlisle and Esme. Rosalie was now out of the house. ―We‘re going back to Forks once this chase is over. Vultures aren‘t even interesting creatures to track down!‖ She exploded sounding very bored with the idea. ―The wolf girl is still sulking upstairs, I don‘t think the house needs tending?‖ Rosa-leech continued. All the others looked at me, like they‘re blaming me or something. ―You‘re Alpha, it‘s your job.‖ Embry reminded, a bit teasingly.

Embry‘s bike roared to life. Mine‘s still dead. ―Seth you ride with me. Leah‘s riding with you Embry, Nessie won‘t like the idea. Seth, come on, call your sister to get down here.‖ Gladly, Seth followed me.

―She said she‘d rather run.‖ Seth yelled from up the windows while returning down. ―Wolf girl, we don‘t have all day!‖ Rosalie was also getting pissed. Emmett started the beast‘s engine. ―Leah!‖ I shouted, ―Unless you want to me to send you back to Forks with Rosalie, you can stay here as long as you like!‖ I continued as I went inside the house and continued my discourse on annoyance. As soon as I heard her drag her feet on the floor I was assured she got tired making a scene. She did not look at me nor said a single word.


She did not look at me nor said a single word. 10. THE TWINS The mobile

The mobile phone finally rang. We transferred to the country club; Alice changed her mind about staying at the Inn. Guess she didn‘t like it. Jacob was calling. ―Jake? How‘s Nessie?‖ It‘s always my foremost question. I had this little nerve telling me to worry. I needed to know. Through the window a full moon shone, lighting up the night sky, separating dark hues from dimmer ones. The serenity helped soothe my raging hypothetical heart beat.

―Asleep in your ‗favorite‘ sister‘s room, beautiful as always!‖ His voice sounded exhausted but blissful as he heard my concern for Nessie. ―Oh she‘s still with Rose.‖ Before Edward could even slip the phone out my hold he asked. ―Dear, you mind?‖ No, of course ―Jake, here‘s Edward.‖

―Jacob? How are things?‖ My husband asked in his matter-of-fact voice. Jake‘s eager voice responded. ―Embry found this exact scent, the exact one we‘re searching for, it was an hour fresh. We were led to Bristol, on a highway. I feel they‘re drawn to your

direction, it‘s just a feeling though? Anyways you need to be familiar with the scent, so we‘re taking off tomorrow, shall we go straight to your house?‖

―You‘re right, ok, tomorrow in Enfield. We‘re in the country club right now, Bella almost hunted three people today –kidding!‖ I think I heard Jacob gasp at the end of the other line. ―Only three? She could attack an entire town with that temper?!‖ Soon the boys were cracking jokes concerning my fury. I could say the three of us had some tough and awkward times together, seemingly today; we could account them all as figments of our memories.

We went to the river right after the conversation with Jacob. Alice and Jasper played poker in the living room. We wanted so bad to get a hotel room for ourselves, but I was kind of hesitant and cautious enough not to do so, to prevent destruction of club property. The woods is still the perfect place for us right now. How I wished to be back in Forks.

The morrow was promising, promising in a sense that the sun wasn‘t out. If last night we were paying close attention and not doodling some love notes to each other we could have caught the girl‘s name from the professor‘s whisper. We were so absorbed inside our self-made bubble. Unless Edward was sharp enough. ―Are you sure you didn‘t hear the girl‘s name?‖ His pair of eyes wandered on my solitary pair. ―The students‘ minds were very active and busy last night. I was not even planning to refine to her frequency, I was very much in tune with you…But I think I can try reviewing my memory…later I might get a better grip on that name.‖ My intuition‘s telling me something, and I know this lead I am having is anciently reliable. I was driving the red Ferrari back home and Edward was smiling to the nothingness of the highway, or perhaps greeting the sky with a pleasant morning. ―I have an afternoon class in Genetics…you mind being on your own? I mean, you‘re class is a little later than mine, so…‖ I held his face. ―I‘m dying to see the University library, the timing‘s just perfect.‖ He placed his hands over my hands which continued grazing his diamond skin.

―I will kill anyone who would dare steal these kind of moments from us, we deserve to experience eternal bliss, at the least?‖

―I will trade my humanity a hundredfold to be able to have this…and to do this.‖ I kissed him passionately. He pulled back from the mighty hold. ―Bella, thank you for believing in ‗us‘‖ Of course it wasn‘t the Cullens he was referring to, it was us, the concept of two people, perhaps soulless and damned (who knows?), without regrets and continuously hopeful. It was still the wee hours of the morning. I drove at 150 kilometers per hour without looking on the road. ―I‘m calling Chief Swan, he should give you an over speeding ticket.‖ Edward remarked. I made a face, before I was the one who kept on whining on his driving. ―Oh yah,‖ Edward recalled. ―I remember, her last name‘s Harper, mm…she‘s Corrine Harper. Corrine, I‘m not sure if it‘s a coincidence?‖ (continued )


Bellas POV

We left the conversation as is. It is clear now, one of the twins is a part of my class, and it‘s a vast advantage, all this while she thought herself undercover, unrevealed, and unidentified. Are they really up to us? I must wonder. It appears they underestimate us.

We both reminded each one of the need to shop for groceries. A pack of wolves and our half human daughter will be staying over, indefinitely. They are eternally hungry. And my cooking skills intensified gloriously. It was one of those sunless days again; we walked with a slight bounce on our feet, happy to see again the family and the ―extended‖ family, happy to see Nessie. There are some tires squealing from approximately thirty miles from where we stood.

―They‘re coming all right?‖ Edward almost snorted taking all the food out from the back seat with one hand, oh two fingers.

―Can you guess?‖ I got out of the red beauty.

―Sure, two motorbikes, a Guardian and Emmett‘s jeep‖


―Jacob chattering away his wits out!‖ We both orchestrated laughing. Edward was chuckling now, probably imagining Jake‘s sunny jumpiness. Our sense of hearing is really something. In contrast to my husband, I still had a hint of daze and awe with these abilities packaged altogether. Soon enough, as we both docked inside the living room the very vehicles we figured to have been used parked in our garage, ok our garage did have a hard time accommodating it all. All the noisy yet happy chatter soared into the house, like sounds getting lost in a crowded place. Rose and Emmett, Jacob and Embry and of course our Nessie will be staying with us, while Carlisle, and Esme, Leah and Seth will be staying next doors with Jasper and Alice. Leah was preoccupied and spiritless, the only opposing figure to the colorful arrival. She looked at me warily and gave an exhausted and meaningful smile, though it appeared too weak. ―Are you ok Leah?‖ I can not help not to ask. She was still at the door way. ―Of course Bella,‖ ―Come on in!‖ Edward called giving her his smoldering smile. She was surprised to have witnessed it, perhaps first hand. Nessie was still holding Jacob‘s hand then she let go of him and ran to hug my waist. It was a tight embrace; she was getting too strong for a child. Alice led half the family to their house, leaving the half with us. ―Bella, you‘re place reminds me so much of home…‖ Esme mused following Carlisle as they exited. Rosalie and Emmett already found their rooms. ―I like the magenta carpet in this room

Bella!‖ Rosalie exclaimed, thrilled by the interiors of their room. I just grinned. Embry was already nudging Jacob. I discreetly noticed Jacob was quite fidgety, he did not meet

our eyes, and a haze covered his brown irises. Still he managed a smile. ―Edward, are you figuring out the scent right now?‖ He guessed as Edward stared calmly on his face reading his mind. ―Yes, I got it. You have a very reliable memory there Jake.‖ Edward‘s eyes slightly narrowed, a sixteenth of an inch maybe, then his crooked smile melted out.

Jake winced, one fourth of a second. ―Once I get across the scent again, that‘s how every one of us will know.‖ Edward nodded at Jacob. Is there something else their eyes are trying to communicate? ―What‘s going on guys?‖ I thundered, steadily, coolly. Jake was cautious to rebut immediately. ―Nothing Bells, you really are paranoid sometimes.‖ Edward wrapped his arms on my shoulders. ―Let‘s allow Jacob to rest, we‘ll be out again later at night‖ ―Are you two ganging up on me?‖ I cared to ask. In half a second we were in our rooms, Edward arranging some laboratory species into a black case. ―What‘s the matter with Jacob?‖ I unhesitatingly chugged along on my inquiry. ―It‘s really nothing Bella?‖ Edward answered still smiling conspicuously. I glared at him burningly hoping he‘ll turn into ashes. He must have given up, he turned to me. ―How old is Jacob?‖ He‘s whispering now, decibels below normal human hearing, it‘s as if, he isn‘t. ―Eighteen. So?‖ ―You know him well Bella, he‘s very dedicated but tends to slip sometimes.‖

―Where are you leading me at?‖ ―He kissed Leah.‖ ―What!!‖ Now I was screaming decibels above human hearing level. But our windows did not break, it was fiber glass.

―Give him a break, he loves Nessie, he just had to go through these kind of things.‖

―Edward, you have a long rope of patience and understanding cause you‘re a hundred years old-very mature! And I‘m I‘m…‖ I was stuttering.

I ran out of the room. Apparently, Rosalie is also looking for the one I wanted to skin alive. ―Where‘s Jacob?‖ She yelled. Embry was opening the fridge he looked up to us.

―Well, he just got out, a few minutes ago…‖ ―That mongrel!!‖ Rosalie fumed, as I also infuriated with her.

Edward was now calling us both, both of us who were incredelously planning to track down Jacob. Why wasn't Edward even affected at all?! "Bella, Rosalie, allow me to talk

to him. Let me do it, I'll do it soon as possible." He said abruptly caressing my hair, as if we weren't reasonable enough to startle him. Rose turn to him, her eyes, not gaining any kind of calmness. "I'm gonna cut his hair, no! I'm going to burn it!" "Rose, patience. Nessie will get hurt if you hurt him." He was still smiling calmly. I wanted to explode, but, ok, let him handle it. "Trust me on this." He sighed. Embry was just watching downstairs, as relaxed as Edward. "What's angering you guys so much?" He was now munching on a huge baggel. Very nonchalant. "Nessie wanted to see the woods, so they both went out for a stroll. You've always trusted him, so what's the fuss now?" I was determined to follow where they went, but Edward took hold of my hand. "I'll do it. I'm "

making fun of it." He answered my doubting mind. "Patience is a real virtue, and besides

I was the one who read his mind, I saw the emotions invloved in that, er

afraid that you might uproot all the trees

He was still making fun of it. "No I'm not

interaction" He

couldn't use the word kiss. So ok, fine then. "Ok, we'll stay calm." I replied, somewhat defeated. Rosalie was heading back to her room, while Emmett was reading a Mercedes catalogue.

"Let Edward talk to him, he's very good with interrogations." I heard him comfort Rose. Hearing the word interrogation comforted me as well. I hope Edward comes hard on him. Well its a silly little kiss, and its so him to be unpredicatable, still its incomprehensible. "Are you going to tell me exactly what you heard in Jacob's mind?"

We went back inside the room, speaking seemingly unintelligible words, but its just

because we spoke way way too quick. "Leah, shall I say, keeps on uh 'fantasizing' about

him, and Jacob hears it every ticking second, literally

wants." I heard Rosalie react in the other room, screaming her lungs out. Edward still had physiognomy on his face.


stop her, he gave her what she

"It was a whim, an impulsive act he did, well it could be the hormones? Look Bella, he loved you, but did not imprint on you, it was a whole lot of love, you know it. So now, I think its more of him pitying Leah. Leah, is very rare, a female 'wolf', there's no chance for her to get imprinted, a dead end that's the way of putting it. And I think that really sucked her spirit out." I can see Edwardis point, somehow clearly, somehow agreeing to it, but still putting my daughter's sake before anything else.

"I know what you mean Bella, you want him in his best behavior, as Nessie's future,


that you were born middle aged already, so as not to undergo such stages?" so, he's using my mom's old ancient joke. But it made me smile, he was just the most perfect man, husband and father. But the emotions lingered. "Relax, I'll talk to him, or better, I'll read his mind." As Charlie's genes errupted inside me, the natural respond to protect and to

fight, Edward pacified the emerging 'war'. I admire that. Soon he was running like a divine gazelle deeper into the woods.After some fifty miles, I was not able to see him anymore. Still tempted to stalk, I just sat and waited.



say, fiance? But kids are kids, teenagers are teenagers, its not their fault


Edwards POV

Jacob was never a little bit difficult to find, as the trees became walls of green as I run, his scent as well as my daughter's filled into my nostrils, that of wood, spruces, sunlight, sweat, and just about any doggish smell, my daughter's was different, it was like Bella, when she wasn't vampire, and Bella when she is now immortal; sweet, like freesia, marigold, and the like, its too many to enumerate. I was approximately 100 meters away from them, not so much of a distance for beings like us, and I'm confident, he'll sense my presence not shortly than soon. He's mind is still very noisy, crowded, jumpy and is in riot; carrying all the other thoughts of his pack. I know you're here Edward. I heard him

comment. Really, not bad. Show up 'dad'! This thought of his almost triggered me, nearly provoked me, I remained calm. As hard as he was trying to censor his thoughts, it did not work out, it was just a desperate attempt of his. I can hear Renesme cheerfully, collecting wild flowers, asking Jacob to make a crown out of it. Honestly, Jacob's mind was mostly of Nessie's face, her laugh, her voice, and his guilt. I pity him in this area. To tell you the truth Edward, I can smell the winged twins scent here, probably just as fresh as last night

This alarmed me to an extent. I recalled the scent I learned from his mind and yes, I did caught the scent. It was hard to describe, but it was also almost sweet. Almost. We will survey the area, later at twilight. Yet, I need to accomplish my purpose in following them, I practiced my opening line as an excuse for tailing them. I was only a good ten meters away now. "Nessie, mind if I join your walk with Jacob?" She ran to me eagerly, warmly and enchantingly, somewhat magical in her manner. "I would love you to be here, of course daddy!" She was embracing me, like me missing me already. Jacob is really lucky to have found this sweet angel. But, she might be as stingy as Bella, when she gets to reach the appropriate and right age. Jake turned to me, his shoulders slumped awkwardly. "She knows?" He asked pertaining to Bella. "And the others too, except for your pack." Upon hearing that he slapped his face brusquely."What is that daddy, Jake?" "


masked tenderly chiding Nessie. "What can you say about it, you can

statement right there, continuing it in his mind. You can beat me to death you know, if you want you can do worse

Nessie gave a curious stare. "Nothing particularly significant dear, as of the moment "

He cut his

"Well, I would if I were that kind of disciplinarian. Jake, all I want is the assurance of

your never failing affection for

'imprinting' right now, and even in refernce to the act you did, which I pervently hope

will not repeat itself again

referring to, just don't make her hope too much, and I understand that you are still a

teenager." he was intently accepting all the chastisement, but my last phrase took him off "

guard. Almost funny. "I'm not that young. Nor am I

call me a teenager, its annoying!" "Although!" I went on, "this act you did will have a consequence. You will give a detailed report everytime you take Nessie elsewhere, prior "

I continued. "If you don't beat me

in running as we race back to the house, a few minutes after this moment, your hours with Nessie will be awfully shortened." I hate his perfect English! His head murmured. "But before the race, I'll call her mother." I dialed Bella's mobile phone. In a dash of time, she was here with us, letting out a mischievous smile.

upon taking her." That's easy His mind mused. "And


child that we all love. I can not judge this


know you feel alot of pity for her, you know who I am

he gave up. "Probably, just don't

Figure out who won? Well, this is one of the many times I am compelled to compete with Jacob, but I hesitated most of the times for cordiality's sake. I won, half of a millisecond ahead, almost too close to loosing. He cursed me in his mind like, ten times, but although he used my name I know this was really directed towards himself. All the guilt made him submit to our agreement. "How much time can I spend with Nessie?" He was actually grieving, like we stole his light and joy away. "Five hours." I answered. Bella called from outside the window. "Make it four!" The wolf in him snarled bitterly, yet his face turned sour, groaning, almost scowling. "I know I deserve it more than I feel I do, well help me

explain to her the 'curfew' you just imposed!" He marched inside the living room. Well, that's better than skinning him alive? She snapped.

"You're cruel sometimes, this is a person you have loved before." I was too confident to

tease her this way, there isn't even the tiniest ache in any part of cardiovascular system.

Loved before

immovably patient, eternity is already with me and my Bella. My wife frowned, yanking Nessie on her shoulders. "Wanna go for a run?" She asked. "Where is Jacob going?" She pleaded, her head following Jake's sallowing. "And what's curfew mama, haven't heard you use that word before?" "Well?" She turned to me. "Why don't you go to your dad, he's more omniscient than me, he'll give you an intelligent answer." This was her way of telling me,that I should do the explaining. "Ok later mom, I want to go watch TV, you still have classes right?" Nessie crawled down her mother's back, jogging inside the living room, sitting beside Jacob, who was sulking while drinking pulp juice. She wants to be with me, sorry guys. He bragged. "Jake today's grace period, curfew starts tomorrow." I noted getting my black bag, and running to the Ferrari, I shortly kissed

Nessie's hair. "Bella, dear, we need to get back to the university."

my thought suddenly hit me, pinching my chest a little. Still, I will remain