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Ijab qabul ratify two permissible for one person and lainnya.Men and Women who
have been bound in the final offer is valid qabul as husband and wife.
Ijab qabul brings so many consequences for both parties, which among other
obligations and rights that we must live to reach a peaceful family and blessings.
But behind the rights and obligations there are so many rewards that we can gather
for our final day of the wedding. Call it, if we perform our duty of course, we
will reap our rights.

Kalo we departed from the love that we have on our husbands, of course it's light
do something that would please our husbands, for example, the husband is very
happy reply he got up every morning has been available for breakfast that will
start intensive activities on a full stomach, a sense of joy satisfied that the
husband is considered a great reward for us satiety istri.Tentu just makes us
happy and willing to contribute up early to prepare breakfast. Instead the wife
must be very happy if invited to eat out by the husband, wife karna husband felt
tired all week and this Wochenende not need to cook dinner karna diluarJ

Remember the saying of our time a little girl who gives him will receive, how much
we love the husband so much love my husband did to us .. aminJ
In the Qur'an was already written:

All things have We created in pairs so that you realize (the greatness of God)
(Surah Al-Dzariyat [51]: 49).

Glory of God who has created all the pairs, both from what is grown in the earth,
and their type (human) or from (the creatures) that they do not know
(Surah Ya Seen [36]: 36).

"And among the signs of His power is that He created for you wives from jenismu
itself, so you tend to be and feel reassured him, and made him among you a sense
of love and affection. Verily in this is truly there are signs for those who
reflect. " (Ar-Rum: 21)

Sense of love and affection is such a beautiful favors given by God to humans and
also in other mahluknya. Rahman and Rahim is the nature of God who shows love and
affection of God to us. We will be very happy if God loves us, we always pray for
our soul mate to lengthen to a sense of love and affection among us * eternal
husband and wife until the end of the day .. amen therefore departed from the
pleasure of love that God gave to a husband and wife become the root of the
strongest in living obligations and reap our rights in marriage.

To quote from the book "Guide Sunnah and Everyday Manners Complete" by HA
Abdurrahman Ahmad. There are rights with the husband and wife include
- Husband and wife, should grow each mawaddah atmosphere and mercy. (Ar-Rum: 21)
- It must be mutual trust and understanding the nature of each partner. (An-Nisa
': 19 - Al-Hujurat: 10)
- Let adorned with harmonious relationships. (An-Nisa ': 19)
- It should be comforting each other in goodness. (Agreed alaih)

The husband should realize that his wife is running a test in religion. (At-aubah:
24). It may be that a wife can become the enemy of God to obey her husband in His
Messenger clan. (At-Taghabun: 14). Therefore always pray to God asking sholehah
wife. (AI-Furqan: 74)

Liability husband against wife, among others:

1. Paying dowry,
2. Giving a living (food, clothing, shelter),
3. Menggaulinya well, gentle, fair Applies if more than one wife. (AI-Ghazali)
4. If the wife did 'nushuz', it is recommended the following actions in sequence:
(a) To advise, (b) separate rooms, (c) Hitting with a punch that did not hurt.
(An-Nisa ': 34) ... 'Nushuz' is: perfidy wives to their husbands in obedience to
God's hat. People most perfect believer is faith, the best and most friendly
conduct to use ruqyah to her / his family. (Tirmudzi)
5. The husband should not be miserly in spend their wealth to his wife and son.
(Ath-Thalaq: 7)
6. Husband is forbidden to be rude to his wife. (Tirmidhi)
7. Let the wife do not always obey the household life * overage excessive desire.
Menyelisihi sometimes they should. In menyelisihi them, there is blessing.
(Bayhaqi, Umar bin Khattab ra., Hasan Basri)
8. The husband should be patient in dealing with her bad attitude. (Abu Ya ^ la)
9. Her husband must mix in a good way. Lovingly, with no rough and zhalim. (An-
Nisa ': 19)
10. The husband must give her to eat what he ate, gave him clothes, do not hit her
face, do not insult him, and not part of the bed except in their own homes. (Abu
11. The husband must always give the sense, religious guidance to his wife, and
told him to always obey Allah and His Messenger. (AI-Ahzab: 34, At-Tahrim: 6,
Agreed alaih)
12. Must teach her husband sciences related to women (menstruation laws,
istihadhah, etc..). (AI-Ghazali)
13. The husband must be fair and wise to the wife. (An-Nisa ': 3)
14. The husband should not disgrace his wife open to anyone. (Nisaa'i)

If the wife does not obey her husband (disobedience to the husband), then the
husband must educate and take it to obedience, even if by force. (AIGhazali)

If the husband was about to die, it is recommended intestate prior to his wife.
(AI-Baqarah:? 40)

Neither the wife should realize and accept with sincerity that the men are women
leaders. (An-Nisa ': 34) and his wife realized that the right (position) husband's
higher level than the wife. (Al-Baqarah: 228)

Liability wife against her husband, is:

a. Deliver himself,

b. Obey her husband,

c. Not out of the house, except with permission,

d. Living in the residence provided by the husband

e. Husband with a good mix and be gentle.

Some Hadith regarding the adab wife include:

(Al-Ghazali) The wife should always satisfy her biological hunger, despite being
in a rush. (Nasa 'i, Agreed alaih) - When a husband invites his wife to bed for
menggaulinya, and his wife refused, then the population will curse the sky that
meridhainya husband.

(Muslim) - wife of the husband should be put right over their parents. God
Almighty. forgive the sins of a wife who put her husband's rights than the rights
of parents.

(Tirmidhi) - It is very important for the wife is the husband pleasure. Wife who
died in the pleasure of her husband would go to heaven.

(Ibn Majah, Tirmidhi) - The interests of the wife to obey her husband, had the
Prophet PBUH.: "If allowed to prostrate humanity, then I'll tell the wife to her
husband's bow. ..

(Timidzi) - The wife must maintain her husband's property as well as possible.

(Thabrani) - The wife should always make him always interesting in front of

(Thabrani) - The wife must honor her husband's good to keep in front of him or
behind him (the husband was not at home).


If a wife, keeping the five daily prayers, fasting in the month RamAddhan, guard
their chastity, and obey her husband, Allah swt. will put him in heaven. (Ibn

Sholehah wife was more frequent in the home, and very rarely out of the house.
(Al-Ahzab: 33)

The wife should perform the five daily prayers in his house. So wake of
defamation. The prayer of a woman in her home more important than prayer in the
mosque, and the prayers of women in the main room more than a prayer in his house.
(Ibn Hibban)

Finally we should make the wives of the Prophet. as the main model in life science
tangganimba homeless households to achieve the purpose to create a peaceful
family, happy in love come together.