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A Good Partnership

is Built on Trust
Distributor Program

voestalpine Bhler Welding

Join Solidity
As pioneers, we are at the forefront of innovation and developing
new solutions that are unique in the market. This moves the welding
industry forward. Our objective is to achieve more benefit for all.
This is why we build on team work, involve partners and customers,
and share knowledge across all borders. Together we can achieve more.

Premium Filler Materials

voestalpine Bhler Welding (formerly Bhler Welding Group) is a leading
manufacturer and worldwide provider of filler metals for industrial welding and
brazing applications. With more than 100 years of experience, the enterprise has
decisively influenced the development of welding technology, setting the
benchmark with its innovative solutions.
As a part of voestalpine, Austrias largest steel manufacturer and one of the
worlds leading suppliers of specialized steel products, we are a part of a global
network of metallurgy experts. Our customers benefit from:

Comprehensive welding and steel know-how under one roof

Coordinated complete solutions comprised of steel and welding filler metals
A partner offering maximum economic stability and technological expertise

A Renowned Market Leading Brand Operating

in the Welding Consumables Market
Customers and partners in over 150 countries place their trust in our
products and solutions. The applications expertise gathered on-site
worldwide in more than 8 decades makes voestalpine Bhler Welding
(formerly Bhler Welding Group) the preferred partner of leading
companies in various demanding industries and market segments. As a
leader in innovation we always work in collaboration with our
customers and partners to develop innovative products and welding
solutions for the future. It is our intention that as a voestalpine Bhler
Welding distributor you should share in our success and business
development. We are steadily working to further enhance this channel
to the market whether it is for joining, maintenance & repair or brazing.

demonstrate our commitment to you, our

position within the distributor channel
and the overall market. We ensure that
our distribution partners grow bigger and
more profitable selling our products and
services thereby enhancing their position
in the welding industry. Our Distributor
Program is based on the following

The key cornerstones are a certification process, marketing and sales

support, market communications, supply chain logistics and training
programs. All of these components must be put into place to

to create strategic alliances

to work with robust local and global
welding products distributors
to develop long term partnerships and
win-win relationships
committed to developing and investing
in our distributors
committed to providing technical

Together we can Serve the

Welding Industry with
Best-in-Class Service
In order to fulfill this program in an optimal way
we are aiming for excellence in our own
performance and we are looking for the best
partners in the welding consumables industry.
These are added value partners for supplying a
broad range of customers in specific market
segments which we as voestalpine Bhler Welding
are not in a position to service cost effectively or
efficiently. We develop relationships with selected
partners with a view to providing the best service
to end customers using our products as well as
providing expertise and technical know-how.

We are Committed to Partnership

As a leading consumable supplier we will focus on long term
relationships with our distributors. We deliver quality products
together with technical support and training by relying on more than
100 years of experience in the welding industry.

Long Lasting Connections is our Aim

We look for reliable long term distributors with adequate
geographical coverage, sufficient market presence, the ability to sell
the full product range and provide suitable logistics facilities.

Join Excellence
We Strive for Excellence for Products and People

Experienced Employees
We rely on committed employees who have been
trained to the highest standards. It is their knowledge, skills, and personal commitment that ensure
the long-term success of our company and our
customers. In combination with our premium
quality products, the individual technical support
provided by our globally acting application
technicians and specialist welding engineers
empowers our customers to master even the most
difficult and challenging welding tasks.

Research and Innovation

Driven by market needs, our technologically
groundbreaking developments bring our customers
peace of mind and advantages in future competition. To that end, we work in our own competence
centers within the R&D network of voestalpine and
collaborate with more than forty industrial and
academic research partners worldwide.

Networked Competence
We have established global and regional competence centers. Our global R&D competence centers
focus on applied research and general product
development.Our regional competence centers are
situated close to our local markets. Building on the
results of global research, they develop solutions
tailored specifically to local market requirements.
By employing this global+regional R&D structure,
we at voestalpine Bhler Welding have taken
customer proximity to a new level.

In-House Developed Products

We know all about our products performance and
capabilities, compositions and mechanical properties. After all, it is us who develop and produce
them at our 11 production sites. We control the
entire value chain. This is yet another testimony of
our commitment to quality.

Certifications and Approvals

Each of our production sites has been certified to
ISO 9001:2008. In addition, an environmental
management system to EN ISO 14001:2004 has
been implemented. The specific fields of use of our
products, from ship building to the construction of
power plants, require extremely high safety
standards. voestalpine Bhler Welding products are
regularly tested by external testing institutions and
have received all the relevant certifications and

An excerpt from our list of certifications and approvals


Gaz de France
Bureau Veritas
TV Nord
TV Rheinland
Germanischer Lloyd


Lloyds Register

Join Specialists
Filler Metals for Demanding Industries
We focus on industries with high technological standards and deliver products tailored to industry-specific
requirements. In the development and optimization of filler materials, we collaborate closely with customers,
manufacturers, and research institutes. Whether destined for use in challenging scenarios or in standard applications
our high quality filler materials are ideally suited for all applications in the following industry sectors: Oil & Gas, Pipeline,
Chemical, Power Generation, Transportation & Automotive, Maintenance & Repair and Brazing Industries.

Three Competences Three Brands

In order to provide the industry with the best in
competence and efficiency, we have built our
proven products and solutions around three
areas of competence:

Joint Welding
Creating lasting connections is the most important part of the
welding process. More than 2000 products for joint welding in all
conventional arc welding processes are now united under the
Bhler Welding brand in a product portfolio that is unique throughout the world. And therefore our customers benefit even more from
our personal application consultations, because we are also past
masters at creating connections between people.

Repair & Maintenance Welding

Decades of industry experience and application know-how in the
areas of repair, wear and surface protection in conjunction with
innovative and tailored products guarantee our customers an increase
in their productivity, protection, service life and performance capacity
of their components under the UTP Maintenance brand.

Soldering & Brazing

As an insider, we have insight into processing methods and
understand how to apply them as the essential factor for optimum
soldering results. Our expertise has been formulated over many
years of experience providing solutions and the knowledge gained
from countless application challenges. The Fontargen Brazing
brand offers you knowledge and successfully solved application
experience for your soldering processes on the basis of proven
products Engineered in Germany.

Complete Product Portfolio

We offer you

voestalpine Bhler Welding is fully focused on

consumables for welding and brazing and offers
its customers a complete range of alloys and
properties. Due to their high quality, our products
perform effectively in both demanding
applications and standard use scenarios.


covered electrodes
flux cored wire
MIG/TIG wire
sub-arc wire and flux
solders, pastes, and fluxes
strips for strip cladding
post-weld cleaning chemicals
and pickling pastes

Alloys and Properties


high strength
corrosion resistant
nickel, copper, cobalt,
aluminum based
stainless steel
mild steel

Join Full Service

We want to create true value for you, so you can do the same
for your customers.
We consider absolute customer focus to be the key to success. We support
the end customers comprehensively so that they get not just any, but the
best possible solution. With our services, we create true customer benefit competently, swiftly and straight forward.

Marketing Support

Prequalification Testing

Your business is supported with technical

handbooks, sales literature, global advertising,
merchandising and POS material to help you
competitively position yourself as a competent
supplier of the best metal fillers in the world. Selling of technical products in a B2B environment is
for sure a matter of technical supremacy and
good pricing but dont underestimate the power
of the emotional bond and branding principles.
Customers who come looking for your brand
significantly simplify the purchase decision and
allow you to secure a fair price premium. This
also enables you to concentrate your efforts on
your core business of sales and local service. You
will especially benefit from the advertising
campaigns surrounding new products as they
bring new business and regularly forward
prospects and sales leads directly to you.

It takes effort and is time-consuming to prequalify filler metals for welding applications. Yet, it is
necessary in order to standardize processes and
predefine quality targets. Our experts conduct
welding tests and field trials. They have the
relevant experience to assist you in making the
right decision.

Our state-of-the-art laboratories are internationally certified and accredited, our experienced
experts enjoy international recognition. They
provide customers with detailed chemical and
mechanical analyses that are managed using a
process controlled global IT system and guarantee a high level of reliability and assurance.

After-Market Support
Application Support
Our experts clearly address all issues that matter.
Benefit from their experience and expertise in
metallurgy, welding processes and industry
applications to enhance and upgrade your

Throughout the industry, we have earned a

reputation for always being there for our customers and solving even the toughest tasks - before
and after a purchase. Our competent and
knowledgeable engineers are always at your
disposal to attend to your questions and concerns,
however challenging they may be.

On-Site Support
International Logistics
Our bags are packed! Not all challenges can be
solved remotely. In such cases, our experts will
travel to your site immediately. We also provide
individual product and application training for
your engineers, welding and sales staff.

Ensuring the supply of materials to international

jobsites is a challenge. Drawing on their vast
experience and country-specific knowledge, our
logistics managers design your steadily functioning supply chain. This helps you avoid delays
and material shortages.

Join a World of Benefits

A well-known and attractive brand sells itself. Customers will approach your
store with a clear picture in mind of what they can expect from a Bhler
product. You dont need to explain and reason to convince them they are
already convinced by themselves in believing in a product brand of
voestalpine Bhler Welding.

Increase Foot Traffic and Cross Selling in

your Store
As our product brands are well-recognized and
highly appreciated in the welding industry, and
as we are doing a lot of marketing, the brands
and products are highly demanded by welders
and engineers. They are seeking Bhler
products and if you are the local Bhler supplier
customers will come looking for your store.

Decision Making is Easy

You will start from a higher position in the sales
argumentation. Customers know that Bhler has
its price, quality is second to none and properties are excellent. What remains is to find the
right filler metals for the required application of
your customer. Identify needs, select product
and sell making business couldnt be easier.


Profitability through Strong Price Premium

Our products are recognized for their quality
and reliability and a higher price is a valid
indicator of the delivered value. Our research
shows customers expect to pay more for Bhler.
Even purchasers will understand that quality
reduces risk on the construction site and not
everything is just about price. Use this effect to
gain a higher price average and secure your
high profitability today with Bhler products.

The information and product properties contained in this printed material are non-binding and
serve the exclusive purpose of technical orientation. They do not replace individual consultation
provided by our sales and customer service teams. The information and product properties
contained in this brochure are guaranteed only when specifically and contractually stipulated.
Not responsible for printing errors or technical changes. Duplication in part or in whole is subject
to explicit written permission by voestalpine Bhler Welding GmbH.


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