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Feelings, thoughts, ideas, images or concepts that we
become conscious if observed calmly are only results of
our perception of sensations. They seem and engage our
minds as though true. There is this physical light that
makes sight possible. We can move into darkness or shut
off lamp to be unseen. There is that Light omniscient, Personality
omnipotent and eternal that we can’t hide away from,
disregard forever or live without. The only playing field Surrounds
where in we erect worlds of our making. All forms of The Reality
energy are spectra of vibrations partly visible and pliable
and mostly invisible and inaccessible, making our
perceptions always and surely relatively real and distinct
from absolute Reality.


The other day the Pressure cooker was on

Wonder, where was the stream of steam to be?
Could not see it being there, when upon
I put my hand above, instantly felt the burn
Invisible does not mean there is none

Wonder why I heard not hissing noise

Pulled ear-plugs off I had since the Sun set
Rejoiced was I at the sound of jetting steam
When we are not ready to listen
Wrong to surmise no one has spoken

Above in the corner near the cooker

Was there hanging a string of colorful lights
Seen in the stream of steam were glowing colors
Bearing those of lights down the hanger
In several segments in splendor as I wonder
Color segments in the stream are not of steam
Reflections of glowing bulbs down the hanger

The fluttering flag in the harbor park is quite a sight

The rumbling noise and the curly motions very evident
Almost certain I was to think of the flag in adoration
For the beautiful sight and wavy sounds of its creation

Something said, haste not, the flag is only the actor

But by the rapid moving breeze is acted upon
Hold on! Do not credit the air as the prime doer
There is this energy moving with force it along

Churning the air into powerful gusts as it travels on

Moving the medium, the cloth, in turn in wavy pattern
Look deeper and we will know the source of action
Do not bother and we think the outer medium is the doer

Surprised was I when my supervisor gave me the firing letter

This after praising me and my contributions in good measure
Never did he mention if he were unhappy or displeased ever
Confused and sad was I that he let this happen to me for sure

It was the Board that initiated the action, he was telling me

He was to do this being at the giving end, though sorry
The company needed to get rid of me at an investor’s advice
I would have wronged had I cursed him in haste for life

Such unaided flight all by my-self I never had

Like a balloon aloft in breeze unhampered
Over the meadows and the hills and the sea indeed
Without fear felt the body to be as light as a feather could

Surfing pleasantly along the current of a mighty river

Wondered how skillful was I never known before
Seemingly about to dash against a rock or fall flat on water
A thrilling and scary feeling all the while on the stream

Not until I was jolted out of sleep

Did it become clear they were mere dreams
Almost believed I was capable of skillful fetes
Concluded the mind had its play within
While it was shut off the world without

There is this physical light that makes sight possible

We can move into darkness or shut off lamp to be unseen
There is that Light that is omniscient, omnipotent and eternal
One we can’t hide away from, disregard forever or live without

The Source of all life, the substratum of our desires, intentions

Perceptions, thoughts and feelings, actions and reactions
The playing field where in we erect worlds of our making
The Light of Awareness, the reason as well as the holder of all
We experience in spiritual, transcendental, mental or physical spheres

Feelings, thoughts, ideas, images or concepts

We become conscious if observed calmly
Only results of our perception of sensations
Revealed in enlightening media, awareness
And projected products of our minds
The moment to moment consciousness in flow
They seem and engage our minds as though true
Only flowing transient events relatively real

Modulated Awareness is individual-consciousness

That happens through sense- perception of sense objects
In the absence of sense objects internal or external
We perceive none as consciousness becomes pure

Mind seems vacant in pure steady awareness

In pure knowing not being an ego-infected self
No thoughts, ideas, images or words, and no feeling

Words would not arise with the ego-bubble merging

In the ocean of Awareness, alive but witnessing
Water-bubbles burst to be part of the sea, no foaming
Knower, known and knowledge all together or none

Unless and until we come to unwavering understanding or firm conviction

That all forms of Energy are spectra of vibrations part visible and rest invisible
Part audible and mostly silent, part sensible and mostly not
Partly usable, pliable, and controllable leaving most inaccessible
Ultimately leaving our perceptions, with or without aids,
Always and surely relative only and definitely distinct from absolute reality,
We do not give up counting stars in the sky or sand particles on the beach.
Unfortunately, even these are not steady in quality or constant in quantity.
Mind is perhaps the intruder between the personality and Divinity

P.S: This is purely based on theoretical understanding and the composer claims no
knowledge based on experience