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"The World (live in this world) is a fun and best of pleasures in this world is a
good wife (sholehah)." (Sahih Muslim, Book 14, Chapter 17, Hadith No. 1467).

There are some things which should be noted by a sholehah wife in the family,
including her social to the husband. Some of this is:

1. Being a good wife is so important that from the standpoint of Islam, a good
wife is seen as the best thing in the world.

2. The role of women in the household is very important. In fact he is a decisive


3. Wife should do their best to keep her husband remained happy.

4. Ideal wife must combine three things: He can be happy if the husband saw her
husband, by way of taking care of themselves in order to always look pretty
attractive in front of her husband. He must obey if she told him; He did not
oppose her husband's good wishes regarding his wife's self or property by doing
something that denounced him.

5. Refused to sleep with her husband when he asked her to sleep is the one big
mistake that should be avoided.

6. When the wife intends to fast circumcision, he may do so only after permission
from her husband. If he does not get the permission of her husband, the husband
has the right to make him break the fast that was lived. The reason for this is
that maybe he wanted to have sex with him, which of course he could not do if his
wife fasted for granting permission.

7. Is the duty of a wife to not allow someone, who does not want her husband to
enter the house without his permission.

8. Wife can not give something that might be her husband's property without

9. A wife should not ask for additional money from her husband or what he does not
have or can not give it, and he must show gratitude for everything he gave.

10. A wife must acknowledge any assistance given him in the house.

11. A good wife is one who obeyed the orders if he asked her husband to do

12. By the time my husband came home, she should greet him with friendly and good
looking and beautiful.

13. Wife should try to not ignore the needs of her husband or neglect its demands.
The more a wife watching her husband, the greater the love for him. Most of their
husbands - factually, at his wife's attention to them as an expression of love.

14. A wife must be careful to not submit to her husband, when he came home, about
family matters, or complaining to him about the children, and others. Instead he
should try to create an atmosphere of peace which he needed it after a days long
and exhausting.
15. A wife should discuss family issues with her husband at the right time.

16. For a wife who respects her husband's close relatives and treating them kindly
is - indeed - a sign of appreciation and respect for her husband.

17. Often leaving home is a bad habit for women. He also must not leave the house
if her husband objected he did so.

18. Wife should not be chatting with foreign men without regard to the objection
of her husband.

19. Wives must attentive to her husband when he spoke.

20. A wife is not entitled to lend anything from her husband's property against
his will. But he may lend his own right.

21. Demanded a divorce from her husband without any reason is prohibited.

22. If a friend asked about her husband, she can answer, but without having to
engage in lengthy conversations.

23. Too much arguing and debating with her husband, an error calculating the
husband, in fact only hatred will grow and worsen the relationship.

24. Maintaining the house and perform the duties of household is the
responsibility of the wife. Therefore he must do the tasks keep a house,
furniture, etc. and also be economical.

25. A wife must not give charity from her husband's property without his

26. Talking about or telling others about sexual matters between husband and wife
is a sin according to Islam.

27. A wife should not feel afraid to express love and affection of her husband. It
would please him and make him closer to his family; other than that if he does not
find a woman attractive and loved at home, he may well be motivated to seek
entertainment anywhere, outside the home.

28. Leadership in the family is a husband's rights. For women who demanded full
equality with her husband and perfect, will result in the existence of two leaders
in the family and it was not known in Islam. Even so husbands should not act in an
autocratic way and abusing his position. He must show love and affection and
treats his wife as a life partner