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issue 8 | october 2014

Postcards from Bihar: field trip experience

The shy but infectious smiles, the zest for life coupled with a slow pace of everything out there, the gang of women at the Seva Setu Sewing Center in
Vaishali, were pretty excited while they shared the paper cuttings & the sample pieces of petticoat & baby dresses they had stitched. They are from
the current batch of trainees undergoing the training program at Seva Setu sewing center.
Seated on the only chair available (and feeling guilty about it) in the middle of around 10 women, in the middle of a small village in Rajapakar Block
of Vaishali district of Bihar, I discussed various aspects of micro-credit, savings & self-help groups . Generally, the social conventions dont allow an
outsider male to be surrounded by so many women in a village, for me it was an exception of some sort. And why so? Because, I was supposedly somebody senior from Seva Setu team (the local Seva Setu team surely had done some home- work in creating that air of importance for somebody like
me..:)), the same Seva Setu team who had helped these women form a Self-Help-Group to promote savings & guide them in developing their own local micro entrepreneurial ventures.
Above two & many such experiences during my last field trip, bring forth few common observations as listed below:

The women from the villages seem to be more open & dynamic (compared to men) in embracing new ideas, exploring things & working hard for the development of their children &
their families.

They are generally happy people.

If guided, supported, without being intrusive, they will mingle well with you, share things
(including food.) and would not hesitate in walking along with you to work hard & bring
changes in their lives.

They can be vociferous in making noise for their rights, if they know about them.
Unfortunately many of the villagers are not educated & quite a few of them have given in to
their current existence status, accepting it all as their fate. They dont want to take initiatives to change things. And thats where consistent effort
in making them aware & exposing them to a world beyond theirs is required from people like us. This will surely take us one more step forward in
breaking the shackles of fatalistic thinking which has become a part of many of their lives.

The focus of the villagers is mostly on immediate well-being & survival but they dont seem to be spending much time/energy/money on the education of their children as a long term well-being of their families & future generations. The importance of good education in changing the fortune of families in the long run is still not realized by the villagers.
The list is long, but above are the main observations of a volunteers field trip to few villages where Seva Setu works. And the volunteer says thank
you so much to Seva Setu & team..)
-Ajay Kumar Ojha

SevaSetu contributes to Swachh Bharat

"We conducted an essay competition at High School, Palanga,
Phulwari Sharif, Patna on 20th October, 2014 as a part of our initiative under "Swacch Bharat Abhiyan". The topic for the essay was
"Aapka Vidyalya Swacch Hai, Isko Aur Swacch Banane Ke liye
Kya kya Kiya Jaa Sakta
Hai". Around 75 students of
class 9th & 10th participated in this essay competition. This is one of the many
that we have
planned around the cleanliness drive that we intend to
conduct in various high
schools in the areas we
work. The enthusiasm & excitement shared by the students & the
teachers, in a not so wellmaintained & clean school,
was quite infectious. Many
impromptu speech, dance,
song performances from
individual students followed the essay competition. All of it didn't end
there itself. At the end, we
all picked up brooms from
the school premises and cleaned the class-rooms, surroundings
etc. True to our bias towards
action, we did manage not
to limit the cleanliness drive
to mere words on two page
sheets, but could engage
the students to actually do it.
The essays are under evaluation & top three were
awarded with interesting
prizes on 18th November

In Conversation with our Call Champions:

Bharti is a mother, a wife, a
home-maker (when away from
her office), is an IT professional,
an avid reader & painter, and
very importantly a Call Champion under Each One Reach
One initiative of Seva Setu. She
lives in Delhi. She shares her
experience of numerous interactions on phone with pregnant &
lactating women from far off villages of Bihar
Hello everyone.... Its very difficult to share the experiences working
for Each One Reach One in words but i will try my best how it exactly feels like connecting to the masses and especially Mothers and
Would be Mothers...!! In Short I would say : They (Mothers) Need us,
Need our support, our Knowledge, our guidance, our care and our
little time and it brings huge difference in their life. It doesnt take
away anything from us in-fact being a mother myself, I understand
how it feels when someone takes care of you when you are in process of being a mother . The latest call that I had was with Nibha
Devi and her husband. They were very excited and welcoming and
completely unaware of Aaganwadi Center, MCP card and the
schemes available to them by Government. They were very delighted by the details that I shared with them and they called me back to
understand more and asked me if I can keep in touch with them.
Thanks a lot to Seva-Setu which empowers people like us working in
virtual world to reach out to real lovely people far away from us in
remote areas. I feel Connected with our people .


differently abled citizens

identified for beneficiary

Registered Office:
Arpana Bank Colony, Phase-2,
Ram Jaipal Nagar, New Bailey Road
Contact: Nishant Ojha (+91 9663367484)

programs updates:
mother care
In October, Mother Care call champions tried
reaching 240+ expecting/lactating mothers,
resulting in 480+ minutes of Baat Cheet
(information exchange). 20+ call follow-up support extended in the field through field representatives.

kids care
In the month of August, we identified 61

(SAM) kids in Phulwarisharif, Samastipur
and Vaishali and admitted as many as 11 in
the Nutrition Rehabilitation Centres (NRCs)
for treatment

citizen care
In the month of October, apart from our regular ongoing activities on information dissemination & facilitation front for various government welfare /development schemes, certificates etc. we took a campaign approach in
identifying all differently abled poor individuals in
Phulawarisharif block in Patna & Rajapakar & Jamdaha blocks in
Vaishali, in Bihar. With our on-field survey, so far, we have been
able to identify 170 in Phulwarisharif & 140 in Rajapakar & Jamdaha. Most of them are eligible for various state & central schemes
meant for differently abled individuals, however in the absence of
required documents (disability certificate from recognized medical
practitioner, other relevant documentation etc.), most of these eligible individuals have not been able to benefit from the welfare/
developmental schemes designed for them. This is another example of, benefits not reaching the desired prospective beneficiaries
because of the loop-holes in the form of information asymmetry &
absence, in the complete supply-chain of transfer of benefits under
such state/center welfare-development schemes. Monthly Stats:
Facilitation Provided to: 246 beneficiaries under Citizen Care


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.... -



NRC Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre


, ...

...NRC ...
2 ... NRC
, ...
- ,
NRC ...
... ...


Head Office:
54/1, Block-UA2, Jawahar Nagar,
New Delhi-110007
Contact: Neeraj Saransh (+91 9868425466)
Ajay Kumar Ojha (+91 9873738043)

Beneficiaries facilitated
with Auto Aid
Regional Presence:
Bangalore (Karnataka)
Gurgaon (Haryana)
Alwar (Rajasthan)
Patna (Bihar)

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