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What shall I bee????

Whoever switched on the wind yesterday evening on the river Fal got it really wrong!!!
Wayward ships moored halfway across the Carrick roads, swayed listlessly as life boat
after life boat left the safe havens of Falmouth bay to respond to infinite SOS calls. As
the wind howled past the hollow twittering masts of lonely working boats, a sudden twist
of fate landed me amongst a nest of half smashed, and windswept sea gull eggs.

By now your intuitive enzymes must have started to twitch your guts, as to what exactly
is my subject of origin. Well afterall, every good story teller gets to divulge its identity in
the first few formative words!

Strange things do happen in strange lands, during the strangest of times!!!

So, landing upon my back side,( well actually being that young I had only partial control
over my senses) amongst a pile of half cracked sea gull eggs, my chances of survival
were thin.Beleiving in the voice of my royal ancestors,( who I had not mortally seen yet,
and only heard of in broken conversations) I gathered strength and rolled over to my side,
hanging precariously into the rumbling waters of a vengeful river Fal.

The following hour was living hell. Saving myself from the jaws of a meandering river
snake, to dodging a wayward flying twig only to be edging close to a sharp cliff end,
reminded me of all the blessings I have had in my previously rather uneventful life. A
few of my half a dozen siblings were already earth citizens, discovering their senses and
the joys of eating locally sourced food, while there I was fading progressively into
oblivion, solely because of my laziness to evolve.

A little slip of grip aided by another sharp gust of wind and torrential rain, ended my safe
land experience and forced me to become a fellow traveler on the manic wave raft of the
gregarious Fal.
Never had I thought in my wildest of dreams that, one day I would be braving the
vagaries of nature along with thousands of sea creatures. Be it curious looking one armed
crabs, to sluggish spotted seals and lusty barnacles, everyone was a traveler in the tide of
uncertain times.. As the wind picked up in speed, so did the obedient waves, howling in
unison…as if there was an unfinished job to be done. A strange streak of fear ran down
my spine as I almost lost consciousness.

God only knows when I dozed off, partly aided by fear and partly by exhaustion. The last
amount of energy reserve was fast combusting, as a sudden tapping sound on my head
woke me up from my deep dream of unease. In the first instance, I sensed the end!!!
Perhaps this was the way to go: being trounced under the weight of some wayward wild
bird. Moments of excitement slowly gave way to spans of sudden comfort. The cause of
my so called end was infact Rosen, a wayfaring bumblebee that had lost its way in the
fiercest of storm and landed on me as a final floating resort to rest its tired wings..

Unsure of my own future, I promised to keep afloat as long as my skin held turgid.
Misery had created a bond of the odds. Dried up honey drops from the summer, on
Rosen’s tattered wings, gave away an occasional wave of scent to the rather unsettled air,
as the weary indefatigable lamp of the nearby lighthouse provided distant comfort. Tales
of succulent Kea plums and romancing around the tea vines of Tregothnan almost
masked away the effects of a rapidly dying storm. Rosen, had an excellent gift of the gab
mind you, and a deep insight of the Life around Fal.

Amidst counting what a blessed life Rosen, had lived and countless beautiful flowers she
had pollinated, calm had finally returned to the Falmouth bay. Dawn was breaking
reluctantly over the silent hill of Roseland as I finally had found a comfortable little
sandy beach to rest my much battered structure. Although emotional, Rosen the bee
parted on a rather sweet note.

A mixed feeling of pride and insignificance fills up my weary self. Giving up sometimes
is not an option, I guess! And I better get on with it ….and if I do not camouflage myself,
chances are, I will soon end up as an exotic omelette on a local restaurants foraging

Hah! So much to be a wild duch egg!!!

“Red sky at night shepherds delight

Red sky in the morning……..”

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