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1 bachillerato Review!

Verbs: Choose verbs from the list below. All

Learn boil
not buy.
1. Laura . Cooking.
2. My friends and I .how to drive
3. What temperature
4. They the books for the new school
year yet.
Run Decide
1. My friends were shouting encouragement
while I the race.
2. They offered me more tea, but I ..
already .enough.
3. By the time Mia .which jeans to buy,
she had tried on seven pairs.
4. The shopping is only a few years old. It
. in 2010.
Finish/ go/
study/ not rain/
1. Linda and I . To a great club last night.
2. According to the weather forecast, It
3. .you .everything by 8 o
clock tonight?
4. I.. at Lindays house tonight.
5. I see you are interested in piano lessons, so I
.. you my teachers phone
1. Be careful! You .
2. Dan . at a comedy club.
3. This time next week, We . To Paris.
Be/ know/ go/ pay
1. As soon as we get to the theme park,
we.. on the roller coaster.
2. If the service were better, this a
fabulous restaurant.
3. Unless you directions, I wont
know how to get to your house.
4. if you . Attention in class, you
.. what the teacher said.
Complete the sentences with the correct
1. Jack is afraid ..spiders.
2. She is not very good driving.
3. Vegetables are good your health.
4. Im not interested ..your opinion.
5. She apologized . Arriving late.
6. Its difficult for her to concentrate .. her
7. I havent heard . Your date with
Gwen yet! How was it?
8. They havent listened.. their phone
messages yet.

4. Rewrite the sentences using have things done

1. The hairdresser cut my hair yesterday.
2. The mechanic will repair my motorbike soon.
3. Sam painted the corridor for them.
4. My suit was cleaned yesterday.
5. Somebody stole my keys two days ago.

Passive voice.
1. - Rosalyn is drinking a glass of milk.
2.-Harry washes the dishes after dinner.
3.-The dogs are eating some bones.
4.-Miriam took beautiful photos last Sunday

Rephrasing. All tenses.

a) When I was young I played the piano, but
later I gave it up. (used to)
b) That is the hotel. I stayed at that hotel.
(relative clauses).
c) Did you borrow this book? (relatives
d) Bob may attend the meeting next week. He
will go if Mary goes, too.
e) Did the archeologist discover a new tomb?
(passive voice).
f) It is possible that I left my bag on the bus.
(modal verb).
g) Theres no obligation for you to wear a suit.
(modal verb).
h) I think you should buy the black jeans.
i) It is against the rules to arrive late for the
exam. (modal verb).
j) Ron didnt like the food, so he didnt eat it.
k) Lana was upset because she lost her mobile.

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