Through The Eyes of a Prophet

Kingdom Builders For Christ

Melania Adams

Melania Adams- was born in 1974 to Willie Mae Wilson and Donald Ray Adams. She grew up on the south side of Chicago, Illinois, in a neighborhood called Englewood. Even at a ripe young age, Melania had a spiritual connection with the Lord. At the age of five she began to have, prophetic visions about her life and the things around her. The Lord truly had something special in store for this young lady. As she got older her gifts began to grow, but without spiritual guidance, she had a lack of understanding as to what was going on with her. As the years went by, her confusion grew; leaving her vulnerable to the attack of the enemy. Melania no longer wanted to see these visions and began to suppress them. As a result, Melania went through a series of trials such as molestation, and child abuse. As she began to approach her adolescent years, more trials seemed to come her way than ever before. With having an unsaved mother and an absent father, Melania had enough of the abuse and decided there was no other choice but for her to run away. At the young age of thirteen, the streets were no place for a child as herself, and the harshness of her situation began to slowly tear away at her psyche. With nowhere to turn, she found refuge with a local street gang. They became what she thought was her family. Melania quickly realized that there were repercussions to joining a gang, and found herself being abused more than ever.

The years went by and her need for love and support grew stronger, so she began to look toward older men for support and affection. This led her deeper into mental and

emotional confusion and she found herself being introduced to a lifestyle of prostitution and an addiction to crack cocaine. By the age of sixteen, she found herself pregnant with her first child; a baby boy. Given her current lifestyle, she decided that it would be best if he were raised by someone else and turned him over to the custody of her grandmother. Melania continued to live on the street where she carried on a life of gang banging, drug trafficking, and drug abuse. By the age of 22 years old, Melania had already given birth to her fourth child, two of which were in the custody of her grandmother. Melania began to sink into a deep depression, giving up on her life completely. She was ready for a change. She soon would accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. As her relationship with the Lord grew stronger, her visions returned and he began to use her as a prophetess in his kingdom. God gave her a new career, a career she could be proud of. She began to show a lot of promise in the ministry of Evangelism and Prophetic word. She began to undergo spiritual training under some of the most prestigious spiritual leaders in Chicago. Once her training was complete, she began to travel all over the area ministering to God’s people in different churches. Melania now knew that God had a tremendous calling on her life. She set out to explore her gifts and how she could be used to further God’s kingdom. She then began to reflect back on the torments and strongholds that Satan put in her own life and developed a strong passion for setting people free from spiritual captivity. She started asking the Lord on how to set people free and began to take classes concerning deliverance ministry. Soon Melania obtained a special gift from the Lord to cast out demons and spiritual wickedness. It was not long before God had given Melania everything she needed to fight the enemy. He made her sword long, and her armor strong. She was ready for war. She began to deliver people by the multitudes in the name of the Lord. Satan grew angry with her and placed attacks on her life like never before, but it was too late. The Lord had already given her everything she needed to defeat him and she could not be moved. Over time, the Lord increased her gifts and made her countenance bright. Through many prophetic words, Melania was told that it was time for her to bless the people with the ministry given to her by the Lord. Having an overseer that was in agreement with her mission, She began going out

on the streets and minister sometimes all night. She developed a church entitled Kingdom Builders for Christ that she Co-Pastor with her husband, Apostle William Thomas. With this ministry her goal is to minister to the outcast , and the broken hearted. This ministry is also for women that have been broken. {Rich women, poor women it does not matter to Prophetess Melania, in her eyes, brokenness is all the same.

If Prophetess Melania is needed for any event or teaching she can be reached by message or email: 773)905-3461 William & Melania Thomas Ministries P.O. Box 368942 Chicago, IL 60636-8942
All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced by any means without written permission from Kingdom Builders for Christ Ministries. Address all permission requests to the ministry.

Melania Thomas is co-laborer in ministry with her loving and devoted husband, Apostle William Thomas. They are the pastors of Kingdom Builders for Christ Prophetic Deliverance Ministry in Chicago, IL. Together they have blessed

the lives of many people by opening their home to those in need of food, prayer, deliverance or an encouraging word. Their ministry holds classes in the areas of the Prophetic, Deliverance, and Evangelistic Ministry to those that have a desire to learn in the school of the Holy Sprit given to them by the Lord. Her main goal in life is to bless the God’s people through her life experiences. Melania is working in stride to birth her visionary projects such as {Daughters of Destiny Boarding House for young women} {Kingdom Builders for Christ life Center Temporary Housing Program}{Food for Thought Feeding Program}{Ambassador’s for Christ Youth Recreational Center}{Safe House Independent Living Program for Young Adults} just to name a few. Melania has been activated in Prophetic Deliverance Ministry through Christian International Ministries. She has received training from House of Prayer Ministries (Apostle David Rodgers). Most of her prophetic training comes from a father in ministry (Pastor Ricardo Patterson/ For My People Ministries). Melania expresses appreciation to the many people who have pushed and encouraged her all the way. Melania has also received impartation from many sources such as tapes, books, conferences, motivational speakers, mentoring classes, and different ministries. She is very

passionate about Street Ministry and giving back to less fortunate communities. One of her visions is to travel and witness throughout the world evangelizing and winning the lost for Christ.

INTRODUCTION Before you read this book I encourage every reader to understand that this book was totally inspired by the Holy Spirit. The Calling of a Prophet is not just a calling, but, also a life’s journey. These pages are full of true testimony. I believe that the reader will gain a deeper understanding of the calling that is upon their lives and others. This message is not only for the church, but it is a universal message of healing for the world in hopes that gaining a glimpse at the trials the Lord has delivered me out of, will inspire the hearer to make Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior. My prayer is that this book is read in churches, group homes, prisons, Battered Women Shelters, and wherever else the Lord sees fit. There are so many people called of God struggling with past abuse, past hurts and addictions. The enemy has told them that they’re worthless. I want to let them know that the Lord loves them and that he has a purpose and a plan for their lives.

The Lord has revealed to me that there are gifted individuals with supernatural callings on their lives locked up in Mental hospitals. Some have never been taught the Word of God or knew and never had relationship with Jesus. When a person is destined to be used greatly for the Lord, problems arise to hinder them. Most of our children are not crazy but gifted and called of the Lord and they lack understanding. So many kids in fosters homes have been mishandled and sexually abused so their self-esteem is very low at this point. They have been or are still apart of gangs, sex and violence, God is calling for them, wanting to use them for his glory and it’s my job to let them know it doesn’t matter how far they have gone, the Lord desires to pull them into his family. This book is also for leaders. It is time to get the churches in order. My prayer is for deliverance and healing to go forth in the lives of every one that read what the Lord has inspired and to also tap into the spirit of Christ and to get out of the flesh.

THE PROCESS OF COMPLETION I remember when I first got saved. I was so anxious. It was me against the world. I jumped out into the deep too early. I was a vessel that wasn’t quite ready. God loves us so much, He will mold us more than once, and then I came to understand that the second time was more painful than the first. Being in the potter’s hands will cause you to deny yourself and forsake your ways. The potter will get you to a place where its not about you any more. The first time I was in the potter’s hands I buckled under the pressure from the church. I couldn’t go through anything without crumbling. I lost friends and family along the way. When I told them about my new life in Christ, they wanted nothing to do with me. This second time around, I will stand up straight for the potter. When he sends me I’ll go, and when he tells me to pray, I’ll pray. When you have been in the potter’s hands, you will automatically operate in obedience to him. I’ve learned that pottery is a very intimate art. The

person doing the pottery has to be very familiar with the clay. The hands of the potter are in the clay making and molding the clay. The clay goes through a process of being punched and squeezed until it’s ready for the wheel. The potter puts the clay on the wheel and it’s turning around and around. I remember a time in my life when I felt as if I was on a pottery wheel. The potter’s hands have to be in the clay molding and shaping the clay while the wheel is turning. My life was in a place were it seemed that I was going through the same old stuff over and over again. I always found myself saying, ”I’ve been here before”. But what God was doing was shaping my character and building integrity in me. When I got off the wheel, I loved people the way Jesus Christ wanted me to love. I started praying saying, “Lord I’m ready, I won’t buckle when the pressure comes”. The very next day, there was a trial waiting for me. The Lord had to remind me that just because the process of the wheel is over, does not mean that I am ready for the weight of the ministry. After the clay has been taken off the wheel, its still soft and can’t stand upright at this point,. still able to fall. So I began to pray and ask the Lord for a greater revelation and for strength.

At this point I was beginning to understand that the weight of a ministry was very heavy. When its time to dry the clay, it’s left alone under the heat of the sun to dry. The potter puts the clay down and then walks away. I felt as if God stopped talking to me, but he was only teaching me that one day I may have to stand alone. The clay is hardened, now it can stand, but the process is still incomplete. The potter walks over to the clay, picks it up, and he smiles; then he dresses the clay with the finest jewels. The potter is very pleased with his creation. He lifts the clay up and says, “You’re not clay anymore, but a vessel ready to be filled with the gifts and used.” I’ve learned that the process of completion is on-going, and that we forever need to be in the potter’s hands.

THE PROCESS OF COMPLETION 1. Who is the potter?

2.Why is it so important to allow the potter to complete the process in your life.

3.Read Jeremiah 18:1 and explain what the Lord is saying to you.

4.Name the fruit of the spirit and were is it found in the Bible. NOTES------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

HEARING AND OBEYING HIS VOICE As you have known by reading Chapter 1 about my childhood, I was seeing in the spirit already, but hearing his voice is totally different. I wasn’t walking with the Lord yet. When my oldest son was about eight years old, and my middle son was three, I needed someone to baby-sit

while I went shopping. I called a close friend of the family over and he sat with the kids until we came back. Everything appeared to be fine when I got back. I was tired when I returned, but before I went to sleep, I heard a voice say look in the bathroom. I got up and noticed the towel racks was pulled from the walls. I said to myself those kids! But the voice said rape. I thought it was all in my mind, so I laid down went to sleep. I dreamed that the person I left to baby-sit my kids tried to rape my oldest son. My son was pulling on the towel racks trying to get away. He had my son’s pants down, and he was trying to have anal sex with him. In the dream an Angel told my middle son to run in the bathroom and scream. I jumped up out of my sleep frightened about what I dreamed. I woke the kids up and asked them if any thing happened while I was at the store, and my baby told me everything that I had dreamed. The person who baby-sat did try to rape my oldest son but wasn’t able to (thank God) because of the Angel giving my middle son instructions. It’s very important to hear God’s voice. I listened, but I didn’t really hear. (Gen 3:8-14) Hearing God’s voice should be a normal everyday occurrence for a Christian. (Proverbs 20:12) Since I’ve been saved, I have disobeyed the Lord more than once.

But this incident taught me to walk in total obedience to Him. I planned a trip to a conference and the day I was to go, I heard the Lord say, “don’t go.” The only thing that was on my mind was the fact that I paid my money and I needed to get to this conference for an impartation. I also felt that I needed a vacation it was all about what I needed. That’s the spirit of pride! I went anyway! I said, “that wasn’t God speaking, that was the devil.” The conference lasted for a week, but I went only one day because I had gotten a phone call that my uncle was stabbed in his lung and that he may not make it. I was not able to get a flight out so I stayed in my hotel room all week praying. God knew what was going to happen, that’s why He told me not to go to the conference. Hearing and obeying His voice is a must because you never know whose life could be on the line. I thank God for His grace, and my uncle made it out alive. I never got to go to the conference but that one night. My place was on my face interceding (Acts 9:4) God does not speak to everyone in the same way, but we have to learn to discern his voice. (Hebrews 5:4). When you pray, worship, and read the Word of God, you

will be able to discern His voice more and more. (1 Peter 4:10)


JOHN 10:3 3 To him the porter openeth; and the sheep hear his voice: and he calleth his own sheep by name, and leadeth them out

1. Why is it so important to hear and obey.

2.Have you ever disobeyed the Lord and suffered actions.

3. If yes explain

4. What did the author mean when she said we should hear his voice every day. And why is it so important


Walking Alone

There will be times when you walk alone. I used to look for people to pray with me and couldn’t find anyone. My spirit was troubled a lot because the Lord was birthing His anointing and ministry in my life. I learned that when you have a revelation gift Judas will come. When people came into my life in the past and betrayed me, I would cry for days. Then I noticed every time they came to destroy me it only made me stronger. I got closer to the Lord by crying out and seeking His face, finding what I was going through in the word of God. The lord was teaching me to protect the anointing. I was using the gift that was given to me by the Lord to bless his people without asking Him first. It was as if I was buying friends, not realizing that prophets walk alone in seasons at a time because we need to hear God’s voice for his people. Most of our time is spent in the face of God. Prophets live a Holy life style, and its not to say that we don’t have friends because we do. In some seasons the Lord will cause us to walk alone. You can be living in a house full of people and still feel lonely. That’s when the Lord is drawing you to Himself. Always protect the anointing and don’t allow people to deplete you. We are to seek God and ask Him before you make a move. I had to learn the hard way, and I thank God for teaching me early. I remember staying up all night praying and prophesying. People came and pulled on the anointing, and when I needed a friend I couldn’t find one. I felt as if I was dying on the inside and I didn’t understand the pain. It wasn’t the kind of pain you go through when you’re hurt, it was a pain that I had in my belly longing for the Lord. At this time I needed someone to talk to, I went to the same people

that I was running to their houses praying for their families, and the ones that kept me up all night prophesying and praying for them. But when I needed prayer or an encouraging word they were not available.

alone >adjective & >adverb 1 on one's own; by oneself. 2 isolated and lonely. 3 only; exclusively. –PHRASES leave (or let) alone 1 abandon or desert. 2 stop interfering with. –DERIVATIVES aloneness >noun. –ORIGIN from all + one. 1. Why do God call us to be alone at times?

2. Why do we need permission by God before we use our gifts?

3.What did the author need that she lacked?

4. Is it possible to drained by people spiritual?

THE PASSION OF CHRIST I’ve learned through the years of extreme warfare, that Satan wants to kill your passion for the things of God. There’s so many times that he tried to kill my passion. As you read you will understand that when your passionate about the Lord, people will see that passion and desire it. To know the Lord is to love Him, and when you can honestly say nothing else matters, I believe that’s a sign that you’re called to do a work for the Lord. I want to let you know it’s going to cost you something to be truly called by God. The anointing is birth out of pain. How can you tell a dying world about what He has brought you out of if you never went through anything? I know Him to be a Healer, a Deliverer, a Savior, and also a Father. I didn’t always understand the call, but now I do. He birthed a love in me for all kinds of people. Sometimes I take a look back and can’t believe what He’s brought me through. I know none of it was for me but others that are stuck in a place where they can’t seem to get out of. Just thinking about all those people that they don’t know about His shed blood or about his undying love, brings tears to my eyes. I believe that a true calling demonstrates the heart of Jesus Christ, which means everything that He did you can do. Jesus did everything He saw the Father do, and we should do everything that the word of God says we can do. We should be

close to the heartbeat of God, and I know this because, before I knew about Jesus in this natural realm, in my spirit I knew Him. He was the one that didn’t allow me to kill myself, and He was there when my mother’s boyfriend wanted to kill me. It was Him that didn’t allow my kids to die. He was also there when I was in the gang, and He was there with me the whole time they beat me; He was waiting on me to receive Him. Now I run after Him. It’s the passion of Christ that won’t allow me to give up. That same passion that drove Him to the cross, the same passion that drives me to look past what I see when I’ve been hurt by fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. It rolls off of my back and I forgive them right then, because I pray for that same passion Jesus had. The passion to save this dying world. All that was done to Him, He never once said a word. When you’re living in a place where no one understands your passion, and every day they work on breaking it down, sometimes it’s hard. When false brethren are all around saying that they worship the same God, but have no desire for His love or for the things in the spirit it’s time to walk away. There are people out there that wants to go higher and deeper in His glory, with these people, just being saved isn’t enough. They want Him in all His wisdom. When I was searching for the passion, I would long in the pit of my belly for Him to fill that empty void that was in my spirit. I wanted to be in that place where Moses experienced the weight of His glory. I longed for a touch, my heart cried out to Him. I said, “Lord how

can you love some like me?” Teach me to love like that. Give me your heart. When you have been through hell, you have nothing to lose. There’s a people that God has hidden and now is the time for them to come forth and they have nothing to lose. Their hearts will belong totally to the Lord. They will seek out for His passion and find it. These people will be transformed into His image and when you look on the countenance of them you will see Jesus Christ.

The Lord wants all of us to get to a place of nakedness. No more covers. He wants us to be open to who He is. A lot of us say we love Him, but what will we sacrifice in order to walk in His passion? You got to be willing to give up something. He went to the cross, and its about time that we pick ours up. The reason these people are going to be used so greatly for the Lord is because they have been at the very lowest place in life, and when they find that He’s real and will take all of the pain away, they will worship Him in spirit and truth. Psalm 42: 1 “As the deer pants for water brooks, so pants my soul for thee, O God my soul thirsts for God, for the living God.”

passion >noun 1 very strong emotion. 2 intense sexual love. 3 an outburst of very strong emotion. 4 an intense enthusiasm for something. 4 (the Passion) the suffering and death of Jesus. –DERIVATIVES passionless >adjective. –ORIGIN Latin, from pati 'suffer'.

1. What is your passion?

2. Why do the Lord want us to be naked?

ONE TOUCH I find myself often saying one touch from you Lord will make everything all right. I have come to realize that I never get enough touches. I am head over hills in love with Jesus. When I enter into His presence, I always want more. He understands me and I desire to constantly worship Him. I long and chase after His glory. One touch is never enough. He is love, and to be consumed in His love is addictive.

God wants His people everywhere to tap into a place of longing to know Him. There are so many of us that think just because we've been saved for so many years we know Him, when there’s so much to know. It doesn't matter how long you've been saved, is your heart in a place of fellowship with Him? Do you bow before Him in worship? Do you find yourself reaching for Him weeping for more of His presence, having His anointing destroys every yoke in your life? Whenever He touches you, the old man falls away and you become more like Him. I encourage every reader to chase after His presence and be humble under the weight of His glory. Seek the Lord, there’s so much to learn about Him and levels to His undying love. 1. Time of worship

HOW MUCH DO WE LOVE HIM What can we give back to the Father, and how much do we really love him? Are we willing to go through being in prison or even take the beatings of this world? We need to ask ourselves will we still love Him without food or clothing; when our friends turn their backs on us; or when we run across false brethren. Will we leave Him or will we stand? It’s easy for us to say He first loved us, and that’s fine. But how much do we love Him? You have to hunger and thirst

for His righteousness every hour of the day. When I go to the throne with my heart beating fast looking up saying, “Lord I need more. What I have of you is not enough”, I realize that I need to get to that place were Apostle Paul was (2 Cor 11:22-33). In spite of all the things you go through, it doesn’t matter, I am not saying that it won’t get hard; you may even get off focus and want to give up, but the love of Christ will pull you back up again. We need to get to a place were nothing can separate us from His love. Then the passion will over take us. I remember tears running down my face as I called out to Him and said, “I need thee, I want more, show yourself to me, touch me, let me smell your sweet scent, I bow down and kiss your feet, I long to have you near me Lord, what can I do to take this hunger away”? I asked the Lord what would be able to fill this hunger. He’s so good and powerful. He’s everything that I need and more. I am hooked and I won’t let go. He wants us to get to a place when we wake up in the morning, and the first words that comes out of our mouths is Lord what do you have for me to do. A place where He tells you what to wear, and who to pray for. That place of total submission to Him. The place where your life is no longer your

own, and everything that you are belongs to Him. It was His grace and love that brought me out when no one else thought I was good enough to wipe the mess from their shoes. He looked down on this hurting soul and delivered me. 1.Time of prayer and worship NOTES--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2.Pray for more love more passion for the things of God.

3. Praise your way in.

DON’T COMPROMISE THE ANOINTING It’s so many prophets that compromise the anointing for self gain. A spirit of prostitution has been released in our

churches to the point that the sheep are paying the overseer or guest speakers for a prophetic word. My husband and I were invited to minister at a church that was well known in Chicago. When we got there, we were instructed to call a one hundred dollar line for a prophetic word. When we refused, the pastor took the microphone, and told the people that my husband and I needed to be taught how to get money out of the people of God. I saw the hurt in these people, and they needed real ministry, and a true word from God. I was instructed by the Lord to bless the people with a prophetic word and deliverance ministry. The pastor got very angry because we were not going to allow him to prostitute the anointing that is on our lives. I don’t care if I never get an offering! That’s not the reason why I minister. I minister because I love God’s people, and I want to see them in a greater relationship with Jesus Christ. After the pastor started to call the hundred-dollar line, God gave my husband and I a word of judgment to speak over that church. The pastor didn’t receive the word. About three months later, I was told that the church was closed down. The Lord wasn’t going to let His people sit under a pastor that was all about self

gain any longer (1Peter 5; Titus 1:10-16; 1 Sam 8:3). We are not to let others use the anointing on our lives for self gain, we are not to use the anointing outside of what the Lord has commanded us to do with it. Such as equipping, edifying the body of Christ for the work of the ministry (Eph 4:11). The anointing on our lives is for the purpose of casting out devils, healing the sick, preaching the gospel, and to recover sight to the blind (Luke 4:18, 61:1). The anointing is not for sale!!! (Matt 6:25-34). As people of God, we are not to worry about MONEY, because the Lord will supply ALL of our needs according to His riches in glory. We first have to seek after God and His righteousness, and then everything else will be added to us. If you are using the anointing to gain things, and money, that means you don’t believe the word of God and you are at a back-sliding state. You can be up before the people running a church, or sitting on a church bench and have your heart so far away from God because the anointing has been compromised.

Anointing– The gift of the Holy Spirit as an efficient aid in getting knowledge of the truth (1 JOHN 2:20). Not that the work of Jesus was imperfect, but the Spirit helps us to understand the truth that He taught. And we must glorify

Him in whom the full revelation of God has been given (JOHN 16:14). Anointing– To anoint, smear, consecrate, GEN 31: 13 illustrates the idea of anointing something or someone as an act of consecration. The basic meaning of the word, however, is simply to smear an oily or viscous substance on an object (EXDOS29: 2, ISA 21:5, JER 22:14).

Anointing- Elisha was anointed to a Prophet (1KINGS 19:16). More typically, kings were anointed for their office (1SAM 16:12 1 KINGS 1:39). Anointing is a word that is important both to the old and new testament. Anointing is for a special office or function. David refused to harm Saul because God anointed him (1 SAM 24:6). It is important believers have an anointing from the Holy One indicates that this anointing renders them holy, separating them to God. The passage teaches that the gift of the Holy Spirit is the all-efficient means of enabling believers to possess knowledge of the truth. compromise >noun 1 an agreement reached by each side making concessions. 2 an intermediate state between conflicting opinions, reached by mutual concession. >verb 1 settle a dispute by mutual concession. 2 expediently accept standards that are lower than is desirable. 3 bring into disrepute or danger by indiscreet or reckless behavior. –DERIVATIVES compromiser >noun. –ORIGIN Old French compromis, from Latin compromittere, from promittere 'promise


In the book of 2 Corinthians, Apostle Paul had many trials to face. When he chose to follow Christ, he paid a price. What we fail to realize is, there’s a price to pay to be anointed and called of God. Apostle Paul was like you and me. He once lived on the other side of the fence and gave sin his all, so don’t you think the enemy know when you have confessed Christ? You’re going to give a hundred and ten percent to tear his kingdom down. Satan is doing his job to put many trials in the lives of believers. Paul went through much persecution when the Lord changed his life. He chased after Christ with all that he had. When the Lord revealed himself to him, persecutions came. Your focus must be on being sold out for Jesus Christ. That’s why it troubles me when Christians walk around with offense on their sleeves, always finding something to complain about, when we have it so good. Stop criticizing people when you see them being used of the Lord. I am speaking from the Holy Spirit, because it’s too late in the game to be so judgmental, when people that don’t know Jesus and are dying and going to hell.

While some of us sit in our churches with the spirit of jealousy, someone else

is going fourth in the things of God. Woe to you! Never once do you take a look and see the price that person had to pay for that anointing. In my own life there have been many rejections, nothing compared to what the Prophets and Apostles had gone through in the Bible. I am not giving up because I asked myself, “Who am I doing this for”. It’s not about you, or your mess. It’s time to grow up in the body of Christ (1COR 13:11). Let’s put away childish things and tap into the bigger picture. Instead of being so faultfinding, let’s come together and take our cities back from the pits of hell. There’s enough work for all of us. Our neighborhoods and children are being destroyed by this world’s system, and were sitting back in our churches confessing to know the Lord, but can’t come together with the church down the street.

We have to do better if we say we’re called of God. What that means is all eyes are on us. The Lord never promised us that it would be easy; lets take response ability and over throw Satan by coming together in love and unity, and get all of the foolishness out of our churches.

price >noun 1 the amount of money expected, required, or given in payment for something. 2 something endured in order to achieve an objective. 3 the odds in betting. >verb decide the price of. –PHRASES at any price no matter what is involved. at a price requiring great expense or involving unwelcome consequences. a price on someone's head a reward offered for someone's capture or death. what price ? 1 what has or would become of ? 2 what is the chance of ? –ORIGIN Old French pris, from Latin pretium 'value, reward'. 1. Take ten minutes and pray for the churches..

2. If you see yourself in this chapter , in the area of sin or have any of these spirits get delivered right now.

3.If your stuck in religion, get free


We serve a loving God that answers prayer. There is a story in the bible about a woman named Hannah who couldn’t have children. She labored in prayer, longing for a child. She thought her desire for a child would never come to pass. Being a woman of prayer and faith, she prayed to God for a child, and vowed to give back the child as her promise. While she was waiting on the prayer to come to pass, it built her passion and love for God even the more. When the Lord blessed her, not being selfish, she knew when she conceived that first child that she wept. When words could not explain her pain, she gave that child back to the Lord. We need to ask ourselves a question, “do we love God more than the promise”?

We make our petitions known onto the Lord as if He’s some kind of Santa Claus. With our selfish nature, after we get what we want, we hold on to that thing for dear life, never once thinking that God is greater than any thing we have or could ever imagine. Sometimes the Lord will bless us with things to see if He can trust us with another blessing. What are we willing to give up? Not that the Lord needs it, because He’s the one that gave it to us in the first place. Hannah, a woman that never had a child got blessed with one and gave it back. How faithful was that. She loved God and understood sacrifice. After giving the promise back to the Lord, God blessed her womb even more, and the promise was able to go some places she could have never gone. Abraham was another faithful person that loved God more than the promise (GEN 22). We are not asked to do much. But what if you had to make a sacrifice? Would you do a little thing like giving when the Lord puts it on your heart? Even your last? I’ve learned that when God blesses you, and you give it away, it only makes more room for a bigger blessing.

DO YOU LOVE GOD MORE THAN THE PROMISE 1 (in Christianity and other monotheistic religions) the creator and supreme ruler of the universe. 2 (god) a superhuman being or spirit worshipped as having power over nature and human fortunes. 3 (god) a greatly admired or influential person. 4 (the gods) informal the gallery in a theater. >exclamation used to express surprise, anger, etc. or for emphasis. –PHRASES God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost (in
Christian doctrine) the persons of the Trinity. God Save the Queen (or King) the British national anthem. –DERIVATIVES godhood >noun godlike >adjective godward >adjective & >adverb. –ORIGIN Old English. promise >noun 1 an assurance that one will do something or that something will happen. 2 potential excellence. >verb 1 make a promise. 2 give good grounds for expecting. 3 (promise oneself) firmly intend. –ORIGIN Latin promissum, from promittere 'put forth, promise'. God >noun

1. Are you a giver .

2.Do you understand the blessing in giving.

3.Stand up and prophesy a blessing over your class mate.

I’VE LEARNED I’ve learned through the years that in order to come out, you must go through. I’ve seen so much in my lifetime, some good things, and some bad. I love and respect the Lord for both experiences. If it had not been for the rain, I wouldn’t have sunshine. I praise the Lord for my pain. I don’t own it any more, but when I look back it keeps me humble. Sometimes I find myself crying out for those

that are lost. Just because you’re in the church, doesn’t mean that you’re free. I look all around me and the Lord will show me the pain of the saints. So many Christians are covering up the fact that they’re bound. Some are bound to sex but stand in the pulpit and preach, prophesy, and lay hands through them the people are healed, delivered, and set free. The guilt can get unbearable. They love God and His people but are addicted to sex. They are too embarrassed to even get prayer or ask for help, because the body of Christ is full of critical, judgmental leaders. Drug abuse is flowing rampant in the lives of some of our spiritual leaders, as well as homosexuality. We are the ones that are supposed to lead by example. Can those spiritual leaders that are struggling with sin find someone to build them up? If they come to us in confidence, we are to strengthen one another no matter how great we think the sin maybe. If spiritual leaders confess their sins and get delivered, our churches will have a stronger foundation. And our communities, and the people in the world will look at the church and see no differences. If the saints are at the club and the dope houses, how are we going to win the world for Christ? No one will respect a leader that preaches holiness on Sunday, but all through the week they’re full of hell. None of us are without fault, but strive to be. I encourage

the leaders in the body of Christ to get delivered. Whatever the babes see you do, they will do also, and the blood of those souls will be required at your hands. To the leaders that are not bound to sex, or drugs, if you’re judging your fellow brother or sister in Christ, what’s the difference? It’s critical, judgmental people like you that’s stopping true deliverance from going fourth; not only in the lives of leaders, but those that’s coming off the street also. They don’t want to come in the church because of dirty looks. And we say that we love God; some of us can be so evil that we need to get saved all over again.


learned >adjective having or characterized by much knowledge acquired by study. –DERIVATIVES learnedly >adverb learnedness >noun. 1.If you are one that judge your fellow brother or sister pray for deliverance today .

2. If any of these strongholds operate in your life, deliverance is available.

strongman >noun 1 a man of great physical strength, especially one who performs feats of strength for entertainment. 2 a leader who rules by the exercise of threats, force, or violence. stronghold >noun 1 a place that has been fortified against attack. 2 a place of strong support for a cause or political party.

SPIRITUAL SIGHT In the beginning God breathed the breath of life into man’s nose and man became a living soul (GEN 2: 7). What that means is the spirit of God was in man, and he had spiritual sight. The fall of man caused spiritual blindness and allowed man to have natural sight. (GEN 3:7) Spiritual blindness affects the truth, the truth to the things of the spirit, and to whom Jesus Christ really is. I know how it feels to walk around blind to the things of spirit, just carnally minded.

I used to always feel that there’s more out there but I couldn’t see it. I was always looking for a touch, but I was in a place of darkness not knowing about the light, the light of the world (JOHN 9: 1-11). There was a man blind from birth the Lord spoke to me, and said, “there will be afflictions in our lives that we have no control over, but some afflictions are there that I may get the glory.” I used to wonder why I had to go through so much at such a young age. I thought the Lord didn’t love me, or did He even exist. Because it seemed as if He wasn’t there when I needed Him. That was a lie from the enemy. The Lord never left me, He was right there all the time; I just couldn’t see it. We don’t want to go through, but we have to go through in order to come out a better person (JOHN 9: 6-7). This verse in the Bible talked about Jesus spitting on the dirt and making a piece of clay. God is full of revelations. In GEN 2:7, man was made from the dust of the earth, the very thing that man was made of, caused man to fall (himself). The serpent didn’t cause the fall, the temptation of man caused the fall. The Lord is teaching me that sometimes He will use the thing that brought fourth blindness, to cause us to see. The fall of man brought forth a carnal sight. Jesus spat on what we once were, dust formed of clay. Just like in the beginning

God’s DNA mixed with dust brought forth life, Jesus Christ’s DNA mixed with dust brought forth a spiritual sight, which is what we lost with the fall. God wrapped Himself up in flesh, and redid all that He did in the beginning. God will use the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. We want to be used of God, but we first have to come down out of the clouds and allow God to deal with our blindness. We walk around professing to know Jesus, but spiritually blind to whom He really is. Some of us go to church all week long and never once reach out to someone else. Blindly walking through the church doors, never seeing that great big world that’s full of pain. If we had spiritual sight to see who Christ is, we will begin to look past our stuff and see the needs of His people. Jesus Christ is love, and we as spiritual people must demonstrate that same love (JOHN 9-7). Jesus put the anointed clay on the blind man’s eyes, and told him to wash in the pool called Sent. After he washed, he came back seeing. Some of us walk around talking about how anointed we are, and never been sent. When you have been truly sent by the Lord, He will confirm the anointing that is on your life. How can the lost souls hear, except you are sent (ROMANS 10:15)? When you receive Jesus into your life, and allow Him to open your spiritual eyes, everything you thought you knew goes right out the window. After you receive your sight, truth always follows (JOHN

9:8). Spiritual blindness effects your position in the kingdom of God. It’s a fact that not only was he blind, but he also was living way beneath his means. When you’re blind to the truth of Christ, you can’t step into your inheritance. Allow the DNA of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to live on the inside of you, which is the Holy Ghost.

SPIRITUAL SIGHT sight >noun 1 the faculty or power of seeing. 2 the action or fact of seeing someone or something. 3 the area or distance within which someone can see or something can be seen 1. How is this lesson speaking to you?

2.Pray for spiritual sight. .

3. Worship and thank God for new sight.

4. Demonstrate the gifts of the spirit.

5. Pair off and prophesy

GOD IS EXPOSING HIS LEADERS FOR DELIVERANCE How can we truly call ourselves leaders when we spend most of our time dealing with damage control? We get up before the people, preach a good message and after church we can’t even speak. How did we get to be untouchable? We are the ones that the people look to. It’s our job to point them back to God, but at the same time we must show love. How can we honestly say that we love the Lord and treat His people so badly? It’s not possible. This is the time and season that God is exposing His leaders in order for us to get truly delivered. There are too many superstars in the body of Christ, when we haven’t laid our lives down for no one. Where do we get off thinking were so great, to the point we turn our noses down at others? There are people who are hurt badly by leaders to the point they say they will never step foot in a church. We need to come together and pray for deliverance for our leaders. We are not supernatural men, we just happen to serve a supernatural God. People are dying and going to hell while we sit in our big churches and argue about who’s going to sing lead. Shame on the Body of Christ that has a mind set that the Lord of host owes them something! God doesn’t owe you anything! Clean up your act

and get it together! I want to let you know its not about you, its about those that don’t know about a Risen Savior. You claim to serve Jesus Christ and are full of pride, I don’t think so. You have let Satan deceive you. Seek the Lord for deliverance and do your first works over.

GOD IS EXPOSING HIS LEADERS expose >verb 1 uncover and make visible. 2 reveal the true nature of. 3 (exposed) unprotected from the weather. 4 (expose to) make vulnerable to. 5 subject (photographic film) to light. 6 (expose oneself) publicly and indecently display one's genitals. –DERIVATIVES exposer >noun. –ORIGIN Latin exponere 'present, explain', but influenced by expositus 'put or set out' and Old French poser 'to place'. leader >noun 1 a person or thing that leads. 2 a person or thing that is the most successful or advanced in a particular area. 3 the principal player in a music group. 4 Brit. a leading article in a newspaper. 5 (also Leader of the House) Brit. a member of the government officially responsible for initiating business in Parliament. 6 a short strip of non–functioning material at each end of a reel of film or recording tape for connection to the spool. –DERIVATIVES leaderless >adjective leadership >noun.

1.Take time to pray for yourselves, then your leaders.

2.Have open conversations about the lesson.

HAS DISOBEDIENCE CAUSED YOUR EYE’S TO WAX DIM I have noticed a lot of church leaders flow in the fleshly realm. We as spiritual leaders need to look in the realm of the spirit. (1SAM11-14). Here’s an example of how spiritual leaders can harm God’s elect people. The Priest Eli accused Hannah of being drunk. If he was looking in the realm of the spirit, he would have seen that she was a woman troubled in her spirit. As leaders we have to practice seeing in the spirit realm, because it’s so easy to damage, and cause immature saints to run because of church hurt (1SAM-3).

Here’s another example of how spiritual leaders need the gift of discernment. When the little prophet Samuel came to Eli and asked him if he called him, it took the priest three times to discern that it was God calling the boy. There’s so many of us that the Lord has called, but we don’t have the spiritual discernment to know it. That’s why it’s very important as overseers we pray that our discernment is sharpened. Without discernment it’s easy to mislead someone. It’s time for the people of God to appreciate the spiritual gifts that Jesus Christ left for us (1SAM-3-1). In that day the word of the Lord was very rare, but now in our time we have become very spoiled and unappreciative. The precious Word of God has been given to us in many different ways such as, His holy Prophets. Some of us don’t take heed to the words that’s given, and we look up and find ourselves in a place in life and we don’t know how we got there. Warning always goes out before destruction. Sometimes we take advantage of spiritual gifts and of our freedom in Christ. We need to honor the fact that Jesus Christ died that we may live, and we also have his Holy Bible, which is the Word of God. We can hear freely from the Lord, we don’t need a priest anymore because the veil has been torn ( SAM3:2).

Eli’s eyes were waxing dim. The worst thing that can happen to a man or woman of God is they lose their vision (MARK 3: 22). The scribes did a lot religious duties, but lacked the spirit of God. If they had the spirit of God, they would have known that the Hope of Glory was right in their faces. Religious minded people look with the eyes of the flesh. I’ve seen it happen, a lot of leaders calling forth witches thinking that they’re prophets (MATT 7:15). So many pastors allow false prophets to speak over God’s people, and we wonder why the church and the world look so much alike; because of so much falseness (2PETER 2). We need spiritual insight in a twofold perspective. One is that we won’t offend the flock, and another is that we may know good from evil (ACTS 16-16). A girl followed Paul and Silas around. She was prophesying and all that she said was true. These are the men of the Most High God, they come to show us the way to salvation. That was true, but can we for once look past what a person is saying out of their mouth and see their motive. This girl was possessed with a spirit of divination. She even followed them to prayer. What that means is this spirit is active in the body of Christ. It comes to choke the anointing, but Paul having the gift of discernment commanded that the unclean spirit come out of the girl. It’s time for some of us to turn around and confront some spirits that’s been following us around. The Bible

also says that this girl was bringing her masters much gain by fortune-telling. There’s so much of that going on in the churches. It’s beginning to be all about gain, and you seldom hear about Jesus Christ and His shed blood. It’s a spirit of prostitution in our churches to the point that people pay the leaders for a prophetic word. Leaders are allowing the people of God along with themselves to be bewitched. FOOD FOR THOUGHT!

HAS DISOBEDIENCE CAUSED YOUR EYES TO WAX DIM 1. Have you lost your gift do to disobedience? 2. If yes, repent 3.Restoration of gifts

4. Expound on your experience NOTES--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Noah was an upright man before the Lord because he obeyed God by preaching, and at the same time building the ark (Gen 6:9). He shouted it’s going to rain! I could imagine the people laughing from unbelief, but in total obedience to God he never stopped. Some of us are the same way. When the Lord speaks, we walk in obedience to Him because God has prepared us for the storm to come. What happens when the storm is over? When the warfare isn’t as great? When there’s peace? Where will your mind lead you? When we as leaders are on an assignment for the Lord, our focus is just that. We are made to please the Lord, but when the dry place comes what then? What happens when we don’t have a preaching engagement? Or when the ministry is at a stand still, what then?

Some leaders like myself have to do ministry at all times because that’s all we know. Helping others is my destiny. When I am not doing that, I feel incomplete. After the flood was over, Noah planted grapes and got drunk. How did this happen? He got drunk and he was uncovered to the point of nakedness (Gen 9:20). We need not have an idle mind, but at the same time thank God for the nakedness for being exposed. Because there’s about to be a great shift taking place in the world, and as leaders we need to lead by example. The Lord is exposing our nakedness so that we can get delivered and tap into the greater anointing. If we’re not exposed, we will never really know what is secretly hiding in the inner most parts of our souls. Yes you can preach, cast out devils, heal the sick and raise the dead, but still have hidden sin that has yet to be uncovered. Not only was Noah drunk and exposed, but also his son saw and looked up on his nakedness and did nothing to cover him. Not only that, he went and told the others (Gen 9:22-23). There will be people that see your nakedness, and instead of covering you with prayer and fasting, they will go and spread it to others. But Noah had two good sons that did not look up on his nakedness, but they covered him. God will send some to cover your nakedness and He will deliver all that have a heart of repentance.

judge >noun 1 a public officer appointed to decide cases in a law court. 2 a person who decides the results of a competition. 3 a person able or qualified to give an opinion. >verb 1 form an opinion about. 2 give a verdict on in a law court. 3 decide the results of (a competition). –ORIGIN Old French juge, from Latin judex, from jus 'law' + dicere 'to say' 1. Right a sermon and preach it in the next class for fifteen min) on GEN 9



I can remember asking myself questions like, “how can one moment I prophesy into a person’s life commanding that cancer dry up, and the next minute be full of fear and depression crying telling the Lord that I don’t want to move in the supernatural gifts and anointing anymore”? People called me for prayer and I refused to pray, I closed the ministry down that was given to me by the Holy Spirit. How did I get here? I would ask myself that all the time. I was at a place of giving up on everything. As I write this, my heart is overflowing with compassion for leaders everywhere. The warfare is great, but the Lord is greater. We need to get back to a place of just loving on Jesus. The prophet Elijah went through some spiritual storms too. One moment by his words he spoke a drought (1Kings 17), he revived the widows son moving in such power from God (1 Kings17: 17). Elijah was a prophet that didn’t play! He was obedient to the Lord and at the same time, very bold. He didn’t take any mess when it came to the things of God. I am also a very obedient prophet. I love the things of God. Every day I looked forward to new spiritual levels. I thought that I would never find myself sitting at a bar stool getting drunk because of depression. All the

while I was sitting at the bar stool, prophetically receiving words for everyone there, but I couldn’t flow because of condemnation. I was drunk and no one would receive anything from me. So I sat and asked the Lord how did I get here? The prophet Elijah stood in the faces of four hundred and fifty false prophets and told them to choose their god. He asked them how long will they be caught between two opinions? Some of us need to ask ourselves that same question (1 King 18:20-21). After asking the question, he challenged them and their gods. The Lord caused fire to fall from heaven so that the people would know there’s only one true living God (1 Kings 18:22-38). The false prophets cut themselves put on a show and nothing happened. Elijah told the people to grab the false prophets, and he killed them all (1Kings 18:40). I know for a fact that Satan was very angry. Now his main goal is to find out Elijah’s weakness. He’s looking to see if there are any doors open. Remember, after every great accomplishment the enemy is coming with everything he has. First of all, you’re at a place where you need to be restored. Elijah out ran a chariot with supernatural power from on high. The anointing was resting on his life, so how can we explain how fear over took him causing him to run from a woman named Jezebel (chapter 19). After all the miracles, signs, and wonders, how could this be? How did he get to

a wilderness place of depression that over took him to the point he prayed that he might die? Elijah said to the Lord, “take my life. I am no better than my fathers”. Some leaders go wrong in the fact that just because the Lord chose to use us in supernatural abilities doesn’t mean that were greater than any one else (1 Kings 19:4). The Lord sent an angel to minister to the prophet strength after going into a battle with the forces of hell. We have to be restored, or we will crash under the weight of the calling. After a journey, the prophet went into a cave (1Kings 19:9). So many times as leaders we find ourselves wondering into caves, the darkest dampest places, thinking we’re the only ones living right, and the only ones standing in obedience to God. Another lie fed to us by the enemy, Elijah was speaking to the Lord about the children of Israel and how they have disrespected His loving kindness (1Kings 19:10). We as leaders sometimes take on the tasks that have not been set before us. We can’t do the Lord’s work on our own, because we are human men with a supernatural God.

depression >noun 1 severe despondency and dejection, especially when long–lasting and accompanied by physical symptoms. 2 a long and severe recession in an economy or market.

3 the action of depressing. 4 a sunken place or hollow. 5 Meteorology a cyclonic weather system. 1. Explain in the words given to you by the Lord of why did Elijah run.


I‘ve noticed a lot of leaders make mistakes of sharing their dreams and visions, It’s a fact that every one isn’t glad about what the Lord has shown you. Some leaders get jealous when someone comes to them with a dream or vision from the Lord. We need to use wisdom and ask the Lord if it’s okay to share, and who to share with. When people see that you have found favor with God, or man, some will get jealous and despise you. Remember jealousy does not have an age or a social standard (GEN 37:3). Joseph found favor with his father, but his brother’s were very jealous of him. Sometime ago I made a big mistake of sharing the dreams and visions given to me by the Lord because I was excited about what God was doing in my life. After sharing the dream with my pastor, I got put out of a church where I served as a prophetess. The pastor told me that I had a vision outside of the vision that he had set in place, as if the Lord wouldn’t have given me a vision outside of what I was doing in the church (Gen 37:5-11). When Joseph told his dreams, the hearts of his brothers grew angry because they didn’t understand that God was giving Joseph a foreknowing of what was going to happen, and that his dreams were out of his control but

inspired by God. If I had known years ago what I know now, I would have used more wisdom. I didn’t stop sharing my dreams until I was hurt so badly by the treatment of some leaders in the body of Christ. I’ve been put out of churches, lied on, talked about, and hated for sharing my dreams (Gen 37:27). Jealousy is a very dangerous spirit. It will lead to murder; some physical and some spiritual murder. But spiritual murder is just as bad. I know that Joseph’s spirit was broken when his brothers talked about killing him and when they sold him. There’s so many broken spirits in our churches. Don’t be a murderer of someone’s dreams. As leaders, if someone comes to you about what the Lord is showing them, it’s your job to pray and teach them to use wisdom, because their dreams can get them in trouble if shared with the wrong people.

HOW DID MY DREAMS GET ME IN TROUBLE Dream >noun 1 a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep. 2 a cherished ambition or ideal; a fantasy. 3 informal someone or something perceived as wonderful or perfect. >verb (past and past part. dreamed or dreamt) 1 experience dreams during sleep. 2 indulge in daydreams or fantasies. 3 contemplate the possibility of: I never dreamed she'd take offense. 4 (dream up) imagine or invent. –PHRASES like a dream informal very easily or successfully. –DERIVATIVES dreamer >noun dreamless >adjective. –ORIGIN Germanic. 1. Are you a dreamer if so explain

2. Right down one dream


There have been times in my life when God promised me something, and it wasn’t what people thought it should have been, So I compromised and tried to help God out. We all know, that God doesn’t need our help (Gen 15: 2). God made a covenant with Abram, and promised him a son. But instead of waiting on God, he listened to the voice of his wife (Gen 16:2). So many of us lose patience waiting on the Lord, when it’s in His timing not ours. Abraham’s wife told him to go and sleep with her maid. God never confirmed what Sarah had spoken. As leaders, it’s very important to wait for a confirmation from the Lord before stepping out. I remember the Lord spoke to me and said, “I am going to make your ministry great. People all around the globe will come for deliverance”. When the Lord spoke this to me, I had a service coming up, and I heard the Lord say, “the time isn’t now”. I spoke to some fellow ministers about the word that was given to me from the Lord. One minister said, “the date of the service is coming up, don’t cancel, have the service.” I felt to wait for an okay from the Lord so that the service will be blessed. I didn’t wait on God, I stepped out had the service and no one showed up.

Why do we put our faith in man, when the Lord has spoken? If Abraham would have waited on the Lord, he would have known that in God’s plan his wife was to bare a child (Gen 17:1516). We so often step out before time not knowing there’s a blessing in the wait. We so often listen to the voices of men and some of us go astray, we tell God that we have more faith in man than Him. As leaders, be careful that in everything you do, hear His voice, because his sheep know His voice and a stranger they will not follow.

HOW DID MY FAITH IN MAN BECOME GREATER THAN MY FAITH IN GOD faith >noun 1 complete trust or confidence. 2 strong belief in a religion. 3 a system of religious belief. –ORIGIN Old French feid, from Latin fides. 1.What did you get out of this lesson?

2. Repentance , prayer, worship .


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