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August 2013 One Word Current Affairs

Awards and Honors

1. Who was chosen for the 21st Rajiv Ghandi National Sadbhavna
Award for year 2013?
Answer: Ustad Amjan Ali Khan
2. Which Malayalam poetess won the prestigious saraswati samman
2012 for Manalezhuthu on 2 Aug 2013?
Answer: Sugathakumari
3. Which cricket player was honored with Arjuna Award for the year
Answer: Virat Kohli
4. Which hockey player was honored with Arjuna Award for the year
Answer: Saba Anjum
5. Which billiards & snooker player was honored with Arjuna Award
for the year 2013?
Answer: Rupesh Shah
6. Which badminton player was honored with Arjuna Award for the
year 2013?
Answer: P.V.Sindhu
7. Which chess player was honored with Arjuna Award for the year
Answer: Abhijeet Gupta
8. Which golf player was honored with Arjuna Award for the year
Answer: Gagan jeet Bhullar
9. Which table tennis player was honored with Arjuna Award for the
year 2013?
Answer: Mouma Das

10.Which squash player was honored with Arjuna Award for the year
Answer: Joshna Chinnappa
11.Who was honored with Arjuna Award for the year 2013 for
Answer: Rajkumari Rathore
12.Who was honored with Arjuna Award for the year 2013 for
Answer: Chekrovolu Swuro
13.Who was honored with Arjuna Award for the year 2013 for boxing?
Answer: Kavita Chahal
14.Who was honored with Arjuna Award for the year 2013 in
Answer: Ranjith Maheshwari
15.Who was honored with Arjuna Award for the year 2013 in Athletics
Answer: Amit Kumar Saroha
16.Which female boxer was honored with Arjuna Award for the year
Answer: Neha Rathi
17.Which male boxer was honored with Arjuna Award for the year
Answer: Dharmender Dalal
18.Who won the Gujar Mal Modi Award for Science and Technology
Answer: Vinod Prakash Sharma
19.Who was presented with the Prem Bhatia Award for best political
reporting of the year 2013?
Answer: Shalini Singh

20.Who was selected to receive the Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain

Legacy Medal 2013?
Answer: Harshwanti Bisht
21.Who was recommended for the Rajiv Ghandi Khel Ratan Award
Answer: Ronjan Sodhi
22.Who were names as the recipient of 2013 Lifetime Achievement
Answer: Vijay Singh
23.Which former US president is one of the recipients of US
presidential Medal of Freedom for the year 2013?
Answer: Bill Clinton
24.Which veteran artist were conferred Lifetime Achievement Award
2013 by Delhi Government?
Answer: Abdul Rashid Khan and Anjolie Ela Menon
25.Which American talk show will be conferred with the US
presidential Medal of Freedom 2013?
Answer: Oprah Winfrey
26.Which writer won the Kusumanjali Sahitya Samman 2013?
Answer: Ramesh Dave and Gopichand Narang
27.Which USAs former secret Agent has been awarded by German
Whistleblower Award 2013?
Answer: Edward Snowden
28.Who has been honored with Rajeev Gandhi Wildlife conservation
Award 2009?
Answer: S P Yadav
29.Which Afghan woman was recently awarded with Ramon
Magsaysay Award 2013?
Answer: Habiba Sarabi

30.Which poet was recently awarded by Shailendra Samman 2013?

Answer: Nida Fajli

31.Who has been awarded with the kirti chakra in National Bravery
Awards on 67th Independence Day?
Answer: Mahesh Kumar, Abhilash Tomy, Lohit Soniwal
32.Who was recently awarded with Ashok Chakra in National Bravery
Award on 67th Independence Day?
Answer: Prasad Babu
33.Who has been awarded with National Trust Spandan Award?
Answer: Mahish Ranjan
34.Which Malayalam Novelish was recently awarded with Hindhi
Ratan Samman 2013?
Answer: An Arvindakshan
35.Who has been awarded with Dutch Kids Rights Foundations
International Child Peace Award?
Answer: Malala Yousafzai
36.Which South African person was recently awarded to Mahatma
Ghandhi International Award for Peace and Reconciliation 2013?
Answer: Brigalia Bam
37.Who has been awarded with Yash Chopara Memorial Award 2013?
Answer: Lata Mangeshkar
38.Who has been awarded with the Utam Jeevan Rakshak Padak by
Jharkhand Government?
Answer: Prasannata Shandilya
39.Indian NGO SEWA has been honoured by Jacques Diouf award in
38th Summit by Union Nationas Food & Agriculture organization.
SEWA stands for?
Answer: Self Employed Womens Association

40.Who has been awarded with Lok manya Tilak Award?

Answer: E Sridharan
41.Which Indian person has been awarded with Sir Edmond Hilary
Mountain Legacy Medal 2013 for her various acts meant to spread
harmony in Mountain Areas?
Answer: Harshwanti Bisht
42.Which state started a new sports award names Prabhas Joshi Award
in sports in Malkhamb?
Answer: Madhya Pradesh
43.Who has been awarded by Indugural Mahathir Award by Global
Peace Foundation of Malaysia?
Answer: Nelson Mandela
44.Which classical singer has been awarded with a special music award
by Maharashtra Government?
Answer: Pandit Jasraj
Books and Authors
45.Making peace with the Earth is written by?
Answer: Vandana Shiva
46.My Chaplin is a book written by?
Answer: Paul Allen
47.The Chuckoos calling is written by?
Answer: J.K Rolling
48.The Moonballer is a book written by?
Answer: Nirupama Sanjeev
49.Gitanjali, the collection of poems (song offerings) by Rabindranath
Tagore was released in 14 different languages at Kolkata. Who has
released it?
Answer: Mamta Banerjee

50.The Lowland is a book written by?

Answer: Jhumpa Lahiri
51.My Journey: Transforming Dreams into Actions is written by?
Answer: Abdul Kalam
52.The book entitled An Agenda for Indias Growth: Essays in Honour
of P. Chidambaram, was released by?
Answer: Prime Minister: Manmohan Singh
53.Politics in India is written by?
Answer: Rajni Khothari
54.Prakash Jha, the veteran film maker of bollywood on 28 August
2013 released a book titled?
Answer: Satyagraha: The Story Behind the Revolution
55.Upbhog ki Lakshman Rekha is written by?
Answer: Ramchandra Guha
56.The Virgin is a book by?
Answer: The Virgin is a book by?
57.Book Smiritiyan is written by?
Answer: Garima Sanjay
58.A book 'Fault Lines' is written by?
Answer: Raghuram Rajan
59.The New Bihar: Rekindling Governance and Development has been
written by?
Answer: Lord Nicolas and N.K.Singh

60.Who has been appointed as deputy defense minister of Saudi Arabia
by Saudi king Abdullah?
Answer: Siltan bin Salman AI Saud

61.Who is elected as the president of Mali on 12 Aug 2013?

Answer: Ibrahim Boubacar Keits
62.Who took charge as the new commissioner of Delhi Police on 1 Aug
Answer: Bhim Sain Bassi
63.Who took over as the new foreign secretary of India on 1 August
Answer: Sujatha Singh
64.Who will be the new Governor of Reserve Bank of India, as
announced by Finance Minister on 6 Aug 2013?
Answer: Raghuram Govind Rajan
65.Who took oath to the office of the Irans president on 4 Aug 2013?
Answer: Hassan Rouhani
66.Who is appointed as the acting prime minister of Tuvalu on 1
August 2013?
Answer: Enele Sopoaga
67.Who has sworn in as the new United States ambassador to the
United Nations by Joe Biden on 1 Aug 2013?
Answer: Samantha Power
68.Who appointed as the chairperson of the National school of Drama
society on 19 Aug 2013?
Answer: Ratan Thiyam
69.Who is appointed as the head of Atomic Energy organisation in
Answer: Ali Akbar Salehi
70.Who is recently appointed as new president of Central African
Republic, a country in central Africa?
Answer: Michel Djotodia
71.Who is recently appointed as new chief of SBI (State bank of India)?
Answer: Arundhati Bhattacharya

72.Who is appointed as Indias envoy for Trinidad and Tobago?

Answer: Gauri Shanker Gupta
73.Who is appointed as new president of East African Country Kenya?
Answer: Ibrahim Boubacar Keita
74.Who is appointed as Indias envoy for Hungary?
Answer: Malaya Mishra
75.Who is reelected as president of Zimbabwe for continuous seventh
Answer: Robert Mugabe
76.Who is the new chief of National Investigation Agency (NIA)?
Answer: Sharad Kumar
77.Who is appointed as director in prime ministers office?
Answer: V. Sheshadri
78.Who is the new chief of CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force)?
Answer: Dileep Trivedi
Persons in News
79.Who was the prime minister of the Czech republic who announced
his resignation on 7 Aug 2013?
Answer: Jiri Rusnok
80.Who is the president of Benin who dismissed his entire Cabinet on 9
Aug 2013?
Answer: Thomas Yayi Boni
81.What is the name of UN Secretary General who attended
Independence Day celebrations on 14 Aug 2013?
Answer: Ban Ki moon
82.Name the Egyptian vice president who resigned to protest killing of
protesters by security forces?
Answer: Mohamed ELBaradei

83.Which veteran Music Director known as Swamy died on 2 Aug

Answer: Venkateswaran Dakshinamoorthy
84.What was the name of military analyst Ait commodore, who died on
4 Aug 2013?
Answer: Jasjit Singh
85.What was the name of the prime minister of Tuvalu who is removed
from office on 1 Aug 2013?
Answer: Willy Telavi
86.What was the name of Indias renowned naturalist & ornithologist
who passed away on 11 Aug 2013?
Answer: Zafar Futehally
87.Which Nobel laureate statue was unveiled in New Delhi?
Answer: Dr. Norman Borlaug
88.Who took over as the Ambassador & Permanent representative of
India to UN Conference on Disarmament?
Answer: D. Bala Venkatesh Varma
89.Who is the Afghanistan vice president visited India from 20 22
August 2013?
Answer: Mohammad Karim Khalili
90.Which tennis player topped the Forbes list of highest-paid female
athletes for the ninth straight year?
Answer: Maria Sharapova
91.Finance and Economic minister of Sudan recently visited India.
Name of that minister is?
Answer: Ali Mahamood Muhammad
92.Nouri al-Maliki recently visited India. He is the prime minister of?
Answer: Iraq

93.Joe Biden recently visited India. He is vice president of which

Answer: USA

94.Zafar Futehally, who passed away, recently was a famous?

Answer: Ornithologist
95.Name the first famous British who performed a space walk and who
just retired from NASA?
Answer: Colin Michael Foale

96.Which country blocked the import of milk powder from New
Zealand in the month of August 2013 after it discovered bacteria that
can lead to botulism in some of its dairy products?
Answer: China
97.Which country court has disqualified the countrys largest Islamic
party from taking part in the next general election?
Answer: Bangladesh
98.China started worlds highest altitude civilian airport namely?
Answer: Daocheng Yadin
99.American Govt. started a new scheme to encourage its youth to
study in Indian Universities. What is the name given to that scheme?
Answer: Passport to India
100. Which country changed its weekend from Thursday and Friday to
Friday and Saturday?
Answer: Yemen
101. Who has declared Incheon city of South Korea as World book
capital of 2015?
Answer: UNESCO


102. Which country completed a trail run of Worlds Deepest Rail

Tunnel on 6 Aug 2013?
Answer: Turkey

103. Which tribal community of Sri Lanka was felicitated on World

Indigenous peoples day by its president?
Answer: Vedda Community
104. The population of which BRICS nation crossed 200 million
marks recently?
Answer: Brazil
105. Ministry of new and renewable energy has decided to set up a
new wing called NOWA. What does NOWA stands for?
Answer: National Offshore Wind Energy Authority
106. Currently, how many countries in European Union shares euro
as a single currency?
Answer: 17

107. Mount Rokatenda Volcano, which erupted recently, is located

in which country?
Answer: Indonesia
108. Recently, US International Trade commission has imposed ban
on importing and selling of which mobile in US market?
Answer: Samsung
109. According to the latest survey, which of the following topped
the list of most livable city in the world?
Answer: Melbourne
110. Recently. IT department has conducted searches on business
premises of members of NSEL. What does NSEL stands for?
Answer: National Spot Exchange of India


111. As per the latest estimates of NSSO the highest unemployment
rate in 2011-12 is in?
Answer: Nagaland
112. What percentage of petroleum is imported into India on an
average manually?
Answer: 80%
113. Lok sabha passed the National Food Security bill on?
Answer: August 26, 2013
114. Union government has set up a Tax Administration Reform
Commission under the chairmanship of?
Answer: Parthsarthi Shome
115. Which is the first state in India to bring in a law banning black
magic, witchcraft and other superstitious practices?
Answer: Maharashtra
116. Which of the following Indian cities does not have metro train?
Answer: Bhubaneswar
117. Which of the following is the third largest import item in India
after crude oil and gold in 2012-13?
Answer: Electronic Hardware
118. The Delhi police has apologised and withdrawn a newspaper
advertisement on street children following a notice issued by child
rights panel. The advertisement was?
Answer: Help him learn how to chop an A onion before someone
teaches him how to chop a head


119. Which union territory of the country celebrated its 60th

Liberation Day on 2 August 2013?
Answer: Dadra and Nagar Haveli

120. Ministry of Communications and Information Technology

inaugurated Data portal of India in New Delhi on 8 August 2013. Name
the URL of the website?
121. Janata Party led by Subramanian Swamy has merged with
which party on on 11 August 2013?
Answer: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)
122. In the month of August 2013 Which State Government has
decided to revoke the suspension order of mining leases in the state?
Answer: Goa
123. Gujarat to have 7 new districts. Now the total number of
districts in the state is?
Answer: 33
124. Which state government has recently decided to introduce 11
different colored strips for the three-wheelers based on the zones?
Answer: Delhi
125. Which state became the only state of India to have increased its
forest cover in the past two decades, as announced recently by the
state govt.?
Answer: Sikkim
126. Indias first 6 D Theaters is installed at Delhis Indira Gandhi
International Airport. Name the 6 D Theatres?
Answer: IRIDO 6
127. Which state become the first to pass the Anti Superstition
Ordinance Bill?
Answer: Maharashtra


128. Toll free helpline is started by Minority Affairs minister to

provide information about welfare programs for minorities. What
does that helpline called?
Answer: Khidmat
129. Which state started a new land fertilization program Bhoomi
Sena to fertilize the infertile land?
Answer: Uttar Pradesh
130. For the first time in India, Election commission has planned to
use Voter Verification Paper Audit Trial (VVPAT), system in the
election of which state?
Answer: Nagaland
131. Which telecom company has launched one of its kinds One
Rupee Entertainment Store?
Answer: Airtel
132. Name the person who creates history by winning the Bronze in
world badminton championship?
Answer: PV Sindhu
133. Who won the Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2013 held in Kerala on
9 August 2013?
Answer: Shree Ganeshan Chundan
134. Who became the first Indian woman to enter Semi Finals of
World Badminton Championship on 9 Aug2013?
Answer: P.V. Sindhu
135. Who won the 2013 FIBA Asia Championship on 11 August
Answer: Iran
136. Who won the 2013 PGA Championship played at the Oak Hill
Country Club in Pittsford, New York?
Answer: Jason Dufner


137. Who won 2013 Rogers Cup Men's Singles title on 11 August
Answer: Rafael Nadal
138. Who won 2013 Rogers Cup Women's Singles title on 11
August 2013?
Answer: Serena Williams
139. To which channel International Olympic Committee sold the
broadcasting rights for 2014&2016 Olympics?
Answer: STAR India
Important Days
140. Friendship Day is held on?
Answer: Aug 1
141. Worlds Youth Day is held on?
Answer: Aug 12
142. Worlds photography day is held on?
Answer: Aug 19
143. National Sports Day is held on?
Answer: Aug 29
144. Hiroshima Day is held on?
Answer: Aug 6
145. Nagasaki day is held on?
Answer: Aug 9

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