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1. Participation is open to the following:

College students enrolled in Business, IT , Engineering or any related


2013 college graduates of Business, IT , Engineering or any related


Third and Fourth Year Students (Science or ICT High School)

2. The business pitching and prototype demo competition must be undertaken by teams
composed of two or three members each and must have the following:

One (1) Student Leader: The members must appoint a leader from
amongst themselves.

One (1) Student Presenter: He/she will represent the team in the pitching

1. The entry must be a proof of concept that clearly demonstrates technopreneurship
an enterprise that is both technically viable and has market potential. The business plan
must show the applications promise in terms of feasibility and marketing.
2. Teams will undergo a pre-screening process prior to the event which will be done by
IdeaSpace. Organizers will announce the ten qualified teams during the event who will
move on to final pitching by defending their project to a panel of judges, selected by the
organizers, who will identify the top three (3) winners. The deadline of submission of
entries is on July 6, 2013. Teams must send a softcopy of their entry to and typewritten hardcopy in a sealed short brown
envelope to AUF Organizers (c/o Ms. Janice V. Macaspac, Assistant Dean, College of
Computer Studies Deans Office located at the 3rd Floor of ITTC Bldg., Contact No.:
(045) 625-2815; 0920-922-2118, E-mail:
3. The Idea Submission Form shall be provided by IdeaSpace and will be given together
with the invitation letter.
4. All decisions of judges are final. Scores will not be made public.


1. Bring your own laptops for your team.
2. All teams will get to work to refine their business ideas and consult with mentors. The top
10 teams who will get the chance to pitch before the panel of judges will be announced
before the pitching sessions.
3. Each presenter is given three (3) minutes to explain the entry and two (2) minutes to
answer questions during the Q&A.
4. The criteria for judging will be as follows:

Need : the market need or clear customer pain



Market Potential : business model and size of

local and global market


Team: the ability of the Team to execute their

vision into reality


Technology : how unique and innovative the

technology being used and implemented


Synergy : how it can represent synergy and

scale across various industries such as
telecommunications, power, infrastructure,
media, healthcare, agriculture, food,
manufacturing, mining, ICT, and the like