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Human Rights In

The Streets
Project by Human Rights Youth
Organization H.R.Y.O.
General Project Guidelines

• It is a cinefestival about Human Rights and Nonviolence that

aims to involve participants in making a documentary about
real condition of Human Rights in our local context (Palermo,
• Young participant will develop and create a video-
documentary on the situation of Human Rights in the street in
the city of Palermo (Italy) getting in touch with local
communities, native and immigrant;
• The documentary will be increased with resources available on
Human Rights Youth Organization and all activist who worked
in Palermo (Italy) for Human Rights, in particular illegal
migration and segregation of disadvantages neighborhoods
Why the idea was born?
• Human Rights In The Streets was born from the
enthusiasm of young people who work on Human
Rights in Palermo (Italy);

• It was born from the necessary to motivate young

people about Human Rights issues al local level
(Palermo, Italy) and consequently make them
responsible actors of social life through
innovative methods of investigation with the
support of new technologies and new media like
cinema and internet.
General Objectives
• To give visibility to situation in our city where the problems are oft silenced
because omertà that characterizes culture in our area (Palermo, Italy) and it is
preferable not to reveal the truth;
• To know and to recognize Human Rights as a values of every societies.
• To point out situations of social exclusion and implement projects ideas for future
• To urge young people to take alternative paths of knowledge;
• To develop capacities and desire to analyze of young people our city;
• To develop active citizenship through investigation journalist methods;
• To create a video-documentary about territorial analysis of the problem of social
exclusion ;
• To start a process of investigation that may be proposed every years;
• To involve local governments;
• To develop the working relationship of Human Rights Youth Organization with all
organization and associations working in the field of Human Rights and legality in
the city of Palermo (Italy).
Non-formal learning:
• To increase knowledge of Human Rights;
• To increase knowledge of Youth In Actions Program;
• To develop organizational skills;
• Teamwork;
• To resolve crisis during the group work;
• To increase knowledge and use of social networks;
• To increase knowledge about the city of Palermo;
• Making documentaries.
Creative Lab

• Creative lab aims to create a working group where it is possible achieve

several objectives:
• To develop teamwork;
• To stimulate creativity in business;
• To start operating processes on mutual projects;
• The non-formal and formative lab is constantly monitored by a committee
that does not take part directly in the lab; this is to prevent further conflicts
within the lab and to facilitate the work of the facilitator; the role of
facilitator is played by who have experience in the field of psychological
and social development;
• The Committee of the lab reports directly with the facilitator in order to do
an analysis as objective as possible about the relevant development and
achievement objectives.
Youth for Europe
Project realized within the Youth In Action (Community Program
for non-formal education and youth mobility)

It is a Youth Initiative, Sub-Action 1.2

Presented at the deadline of 1 September 2009 at the National Agency (Italy)
for Youth by H.R.Y.O. Human Rights Youth Organization and approved by
project number IT-12-252-2009-R4
• To Ensure proper promotion of Youth In Action it has been
provided informative activities during the implementation of
the projects; promotion of Youth In Action is also helpful to
search addition participants of the projects; it will be realized
workshops in the city of Palermo (Italy), in the largest youth
gathering places, where it will be give out the material,
previously produced, in order to promote the program
(Sticker, Flayer, T-shirt, etc…)
Human Rights In The Streets