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A personal story from Dr. Lester Grinspoon Cannabis Health Journal
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Dr. Ethan says good-bye to Cannabis Health Journal and its readers Cannabis and a Hempy New
Year! Go Green!!
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Publisher of speaks out The Cannabis Health Foundation was formed in the spring
of 2002 as a non-profit foundation.
From a Jamaican Green to a Canadian reality...........................................10 The foundation is dedicated to:
The story of • Promoting the safe medicinal use of cannabis.
• Research into efficacy and genetics of cannabis.
• Supporting and protecting the rights of the medical cannabis users.
Courage .............................................................................................................................11 • Educating the public on cannabis issues.
A tale of the courage of Grant Krieger The first initiative of the foundation is this complimentary hard copy
publication of Cannabis Health.
Providing the right environment for a Sativa .............................................14 Other activities will include financial and practical support for low
Klosit King talks about growing the sativa strain income patients and the establishment of a legal defense fund.
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Cannabis Health Journal talks with Valerie Lasher and Dr. Richared Viau
Interview with Prairie Plant Systems ...............................................................22
Brent Zettle explains what it’s been like, in charge of Canada’s first grow On the left, Cannabis is sold
to pharmacies in containers
Got Shake???.................................................................................................................25 similar to those used for
Book review of Ed Rosenthal’s book “Trash to Stash” other pharmaceutical
starting materials in the
Detailed results of nutrient research................................................................26 Netherlands.
The results are in from the “Brian Carlisle Grow Off”
On the right is a sample of
the vacuum-packed pouch
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Sovereignty for Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota been approved to receive the
government supply of
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It’s hard not to marijuana program, into an interview are being asked who they trust more,
notice that most with their supplier, American expatri- their government or their dealer.
of the major US ate, James Burton, from the Dutch com- Yesterday I had an intriguing discussion
and Canadian pany SIMM, then use that to try to with Lester Grinspoon. It started with a
financial journals interview their counterparts,Valerie comment he made several weeks
have now cov- Lasher from Health Canada and con- before where he cautioned us not to
ered or are plan- tracted Canadian supplier Brent Zettle make the mistakes the other publica-
ning to cover the from Prairie Plant Systems. Somewhere tions had made.We talked at length
“economics of between Willem Sholten’s submission about the evils that threaten the
marijuana”. and our first interview with Brent integrity of neophyte journalistic inno-
Brian Taylor Numerous US Zettle, Canada released its first legal cents. Most of all we talked about the
Editor-in-Chief states are even cannabis to the medical users and the boundaries that we still need to bridge
paying economists to give them the post- fireworks began. in the marijuana debate. I realized that
marijuana prohibition picture. Here in BC Rather than joining sides, (not to say we have indeed been so focused on the
where the grassroots economy is estimat- we have no opinion), we think the hard core medical issues that we have
ed to be in the 4 to 6 billion dollar range, most constructive role the journal can neglected an important part of
we cannot get the attention of the gov- play is to help bring out the facts and cannabis and health. Health is creativi-
ernment opposition. I know now what define the problem.When the heat is ty, talking to your loved ones, laughing
drives Marc Emery to stand on soap on, most government representatives at funny stories, writing songs, painting
boxes on street corners and shout,“My look for cover.We particularly want to pictures and making time to explore
fellow businessmen.Wake up!!” thank PPS and HC for being accessible. the beauty of your garden.
Two months ago when we first consid- For those who read this and say we The whole staff voted and our new
ered the 4 corner story idea, we never could have gone deeper with this issue, year’s resolution is to pay more atten-
imagined we would find ourselves keep your tickets.This situation has tion to the enhancement and creative
stuck in the middle of a raging scientif- become world news and the story will aspects of cannabis in the coming year.
ic and emotional controversy. Our ini- continue to unfold. Thanks for the reminder Lester.
tial strategy was to parlay our new To borrow a thought from James From all of us at the journal,
found friendship with Willem Sholten, Burton, Canada has reached the point Merry Christmas North America
the head of the Dutch government’s where chronically ill and sick people

We underestimated the response! from the streets and suppliers who don’t Thank you Cannabis Health for letting
Our branch managers love the fact that care. me tell my story of one man’s journey,
they will continue to receive the Thank you Hilary Black and all the who is no longer standing alone.
Cannabis Health magazines all of the members and staff for saving my life. Michael
time! I really have underestimated the
response... our Winnipeg branch has
given them out to several palliative care
agencies in the Winnipeg area. They are
quite happy to be receiving them! When
can we expect the next shipment???
Thank you again
Grant and Marie Krieger
Krieger Foundation

No longer standing alone!

I have used marijuana for depression
for 3 years now and I sure feel so much
better. When I didn’t have any support
for finding ways to get medical grade
marijuana, times were grim. I bought my
marijuana on the street and sometimes it
wasn’t flushed or would still be wet and
I would buy because there was no choice.
Now I have found the BC Compassion
Club Society, a place of peace, truth,
kindness and caring. It has saved me
cartoon by Glenn Smith from Osoyoos, B.C.


Where can we go for help? I to do? Local hydroponic suppliers, alter- where I can function. Otherwise I am
I’m an individual who smokes cannabis native health care providers, family and bedridden.
for pain relief/control. I’m a full blown friends are sympathetic, but I have to I am starting to think I am in a sadistic
chronic fibromyalgic, who had an injury unlawfully attain this medicine and it is pipe dream where I can only attain med-
at work in January, and has graduated like, no one gives a damn! icanal cannabis unlawfully. So, tell me,
from the world’s best pain management I prefer to live within the law but my am I going crazy, or is everyone else hav-
program. Still I can’t get support from any life will only be an unfortunate exis- ing trouble finding support for a Section
doctors for medicinal cannabis, not even tence if I can’t use this medicine, which 56 patient? If so, where is the support?
from those in the pain program. What am I use daily to provide relief to the point Randy

Studies Canceled! Canada's first cannabis

Dear Editor: (RE: cancellation of CRIT cannabis research study) I HIV/AIDS study suspended
think the crowning irony is that, while Canadian clinical trials are
stalled, not one but several similar research studies are being con- TORONTO, June 19 /CNW/ - The Community Research
ducted at the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research in California. Initiative of Toronto (CRIT) today announced the cancella-
tion of the first Canadian study evaluating the therapeutic
Canada had a chance to be a world leader on this issue, but has not effects of smoked marijuana, a direct result of Health
only dropped the ball, but essentially has flung the ball down on the Canada's decision not to renew funding for this ground-
ground and stomped on it. I think it is grotesquely ironic that the breaking project.
war-on-drugs United States has taken the lead on the very kind of
high-calibre clinical research that Anne McLellan is calling for. This study was to have assessed whether smoking
They'll probably be announcing their results while we're still trying cannabis can alleviate the debilitating nausea and weight
to find the starting gate. loss experienced by many persons living with HIV/AIDS.
Research was to have begun this spring as a pilot study in
Derek Thaczuk, Treatment Resources, Toronto People With AIDS Foundation
Toronto, involving a total of 32 individuals.
and former chair, CRIT Scientific Committee

Our invitation to do business in friendly BC quest for intelligent pain relief solutions.
has resulted in numerous inquiries and we have I broke my back on my last fire call in “95 and
made an increasing number of "drop sales" have been in terrible pain ever since. The pain
arrangements with suppliers. That is where we doc has me on 80mg/day of oxycotin and it’s not
sell and mail out a wide range of products. enough, although I am thankful for the bit it
Uncle Gord who runs the shipping dept is does provide. My wife almost ordered the
ready to answer all your ordering ,shipping and Raydiator pipe without asking me if I would
product questions. want one.
Heart of gold, bite like a dog Any how, my best to you and my best wishes
for a long and successfull business for you
God bless
Thanks Uncle Gord
I hope that the exposure you received in
Rolling Stone generates as much business as you
can handle. I also hope that the exposure does-
n’t generate any problems. Of course Canada
seems to be further ahead than the US in their


First of all, fire had to be mastered. Then Having now become an industrial product,
mankind was ready to discover that inhaling tobacco has lost all sacredness. Condemned
the smoke of certain plants had a particular as harmful and addictive, cigarettes have
effect, casting a different light over the fallen into disrepute, where as cigars, hemp,
world. and a whole new range of smoking para-
From the native Americans who gave us phernalia are gaining popularity. All in all,
tobacco to the pious saddhus of India who smoke has retained its mystery.
sacramentally puff on ganja, smoke is holy. The Smoking Museum presents a practice
It connects mankind to the divine element, as ancient as mankind. It also provides a
inviting the gods to descend among mortals. vantage point for the observation of chang-
It inspires human beings. "Before answering ing behaviors.
a question, one ought to light a pipe" com-
mented Einstein.
French Cannabis activist Michka vistiting Grand Forks in Mid August

My improbable cannabis enlighten- new skepticism, I wrote a book,

ment began in 1967. I was concerned Marijuana Reconsidered, which was
that so many young people were using published in 1971 by Harvard
the terribly dangerous drug, marijuana, University Press. While writing the
so I decided to review the medical and book, I considered trying marijuana, not
scientific literature on the substance and because I thought it would inform my
write a reasonably objective and scien- work, but because it appeared to be an
tifically sound paper on its dangers. interesting recreational experience. I
Young people were ignoring the warn- decided against it in order to avoid com-
ings of the government, but perhaps promising my objectivity.
Lester Grinspoon circa 1971 some would seriously consider a well- After publication, I began to explore
By LESTER S. GRINSPOON documented review of the available data. marijuana as a drug for relaxation and
Published on Monday, September 15, 2003 for
the Harvard Crimson Online As I began to explore the literature, I recreation, and I was not disappointed.
Dr. Lester Grinspoon is an emeritus professor discovered, to my astonishment, that I In fact, it soon displaced alcohol alto-
of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. He had to seriously question my own under- gether. I was 44 years old in 1972, when
is the author of Marijuana Reconsidered and standing. What I thought I knew was I experienced my first marijuana high. I
a co-author of Marijuana, the Forbidden based largely on myths, old and new. I have found cannabis so useful and so
Medicine. He currently manages the website realized how little my training in science benign that I have used it ever since-as a and medicine had recreational drug, as a medicine and as
protected me an enhancer of some capacities.

Cannabis Health journal

against this misin- I am one of more than 12 million
formation. I had Americans who use it regularly. We
become not just a smoke marijuana not because we are
Is proud to announce victim of a disin- driven by uncontrollable "Reefer
formation cam- Madness" cravings, as some propaganda
our membership in paign, but because would have others believe, but because
I am a physician, we have learned its value from experi-
one of its agents ence. Yet almost all of the research, writ-
as well. ing, political activity and legislation
To share my devoted to marijuana has been con-
BCAMP represents, connects and promotes the BC mag- cerned only with the ques-
azine industry by uniting the talent, knowledge and skills of I am one of more tion of whether it is harm-
its publishers. ful and how much harm it
than 12 million does. The only exception
The British Columbia Association of Magazine Publishers Americans who use it is the growing interest in
(BCAMP) was established in 1993 to serve and promote regularly. the exploration of
British Columbia magazines. BC magazines foster award- cannabis as a medicine,
winning talent and represent some of the best periodicals but as encouraging as that development
published in Canada. The BCAMP membership includes is, it represents only one category of
arts and culture, news, business, lifestyle, leisure and spe- marijuana use. The others are some-
cial interest magazines. These titles represent the diversity times grouped under the general heading
of interests of British Columbians and are read by more of "recreational," but that is hardly an
than one million people around the world. adequate description of, say, marijuana's
capacity to heighten the appreciation of
Contact Information: BCAMP, 1604 - 100 West Pender music and art or to strengthen the sense
Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1R8 / phone: 604-688-1175 of connection to the natural world. It
fax: 604-687-1274 email: can deepen emotional and sexual inti-
macy, crystallize new ideas and insights,
and expand one's capacity to appreciate
new aspects of life. Experienced users
know that ideas flow more readily under
its influence. Some of these ideas are
good, some are bad; sorting them out is
best done while straight. Now, whenev-
er I have a difficult problem to solve or
decision to make, I try to think about it
both stoned and straight.
I often wonder whether, if I had begun
to use cannabis earlier, I would have


avoided making some choices I now years it was not difficult for me to to the contrary. Anyone who attributes
regret. The worst career choice I ever understand why I made the decision to more than recreational and medicinal
made was to enter psychoanalytic train- leave high school early in my senior year value to marijuana runs the risk of being
ing. Although I became skeptical about to enter the Merchant Marine. What I derided as a vestigial hippie. So it is not
some aspects of psychoanalytic theory could not understand was why my lov- surprising that many people who use
during that time, my qualms were not ing father (since deceased) so readily cannabis do so behind drawn curtains.
sufficient to dull the enthusiasm with acquiesced to this plan; he never lifted a If more people in the business, academ-
which I began treating patients psychoan- finger to try to prevent his promising ic and professional worlds were known
alytically in 1967. high school stu- to be marijuana users, the government
It was not until the We smoke marijuana not dent son from would not find it so easy to pursue its
mid-'70s, shortly because we are driven by uncon- abandoning our harmful and wasteful disinformation
after I began to shared dream campaign. That campaign continues
smoke marijuana,
trollable "Reefer Madness" crav- of my going to
ings, as some propaganda would college. One partly because of the widespread false
that my emerging belief that cannabis smokers are either
doubts about the have others believe, but because evening while irresponsible and socially marginal peo-
therapeutic effec- we have learned its value from stoned many ple or adolescents who "experiment" and
tiveness of psycho- experience. years later it "learn their lesson." These lies are per-
analysis began to came to me, petuated when those who know better
make me uncomfortable. The evenings and I now understand what had seemed remain silent. The gay and lesbian out-
when I smoke marijuana provide, among so inexplicable about his behavior. of-the-closet movement has done much
other things, an opportunity to review Would I have eventually figured it out to reduce homophobia in this country. It
ideas, events and interactions of the day. without the subtle alteration of con- may be difficult in the current climate
This cannabis review-of-the-day is almost sciousness that cannabis provides? where dissenters are intimidated and
always self-critical, often harshly so, and Perhaps. profiled, but if the many people of sub-
its scope is broad. In 1980, the cumulative There is no denying that many people, stance and accomplishment who use
effect of these stoned self-critiques finally especially young people, use marijuana cannabis could find the courage to "come
made me decide not to accept new psy- mainly for "partying and hanging out". out" in the same way, they could con-
choanalytic patients and then to resign And most non-users (at least until they tribute greatly to the diminution of
from the Boston Psychoanalytic Institute. learn of its medical value) believe that is "cannabinophobia" and help to end the
I had been puzzled for many years over all cannabis is useful for. This stereotype harassment, persecution and prosecution
one aspect of another bad decision I is so powerful that reactions ranging of innocent marijuana users.
made, this time as an adolescent. In later from puzzlement to outrage greet claims



A Note to Canadians at the forefront in seeking afford me better opportunities to promote
Cannabis Health compassionate and just answers for its research and development of cannabis
and its Readers: people. We have discussed its use in sen- medicines, and help more people more
It has been my iors, cannabis in kids, and even veteri- quickly in the long-term.
great pleasure nary indications. Thus, I expect to be extremely active
and honor to I regret that I need to move on from the and involved with cannabis health issues,
write the “Ask position at this point. Summer's end in if more behind the political scenes, in
Dr. Ethan” col- 2003 finds me in the midst of many tran- future years. I am very grateful to the
umn for Can- sitions: moving our household, closing staff of Cannabis Health, and its contrib-
nabis Health in my neurology practice after 20 years, and utors and readers for their dedication and
the year of its inauguration. During this taking a new position as strategic medical devotion to a worthy cause. The chance
time, many patients and their families advisor to the Cannabinoid Research to contribute to this endeavor has been
submitted questions about the healing Institute. Because that organization is most rewarding to me. I look forward to
benefits or side effects of cannabis as privately funded by GW Pharmaceuticals, reading each and every issue, and wish
medicine. Together, we have been able to it is clear that many people will assume everyone concerned the very best.
explore the issues related to this ancient, an unavoidable conflict of interest. It is Sincerely,Ethan Russo, MD
venerable, but controversial remedy, the my belief that the new position will
study of which finds Canada and

By Richard Cowan a very limited de-penalization of posses- Although several of Canada’s major
Richard Cowan is the publisher of Marijuana- sion of very small quantities in exchange newspapers have endorsed the full legal- and a former National Director of for a major increase in penalties for culti- ization of cannabis, the quality of the
NORML in the US, and a consultant to the vation and a huge increase in funding for reporting and commentary seldom rises
Free Canadian Party
prohibitionist propaganda. to the level of mediocrity. The same is
Canada’s cannabis communities should Around the first of even truer of the politi-
unite in calling for an international the year, the cal debate. Nowhere in
debate on prohibition. Canadian Supreme Our ultimate objec- the public discourse is
Sometime in the next 6 months the
Court will rule on the tive is obvious: full there any visible
constitutionality of prospect of considering
government of Canada may or may not legalization. informed public opin-
the various aspects of
change its cannabis laws, depending on ion, much less the
prohibition. The
what the politicians feel like doing. It views of the cannabis
provincial courts are forcing Health
will also depend on how badly the community. As things stand now, the
Canada to come up with a workable med-
Canadian police and their US allies can freedom of millions of Canadians may be
ical cannabis program. In fact, only court
frighten them. decided in ignorance behind closed doors
rulings may force the politicians to con-
The proposed “modernization” of the front the issues in any realistic way. in the Liberal Party Caucus. We are to be
laws is a complete fraud that would trade the targets, not the participants.
To a degree, this is our own fault. Sadly,
Canada lacks any nationally coordinated
challenge to cannabis prohibition. Part of
this problem arises from the highly alien-
ated and individualistic nature of
cannabis users. It would be rather like
herding cats, but as Benjamin Franklin
said of an earlier challenge to authority,
“We must all hang together, or assuredly
we shall all hang separately.”
Our ultimate objective is obvious: full
legalization. However, there are also
some immediate objectives, such as a
Groups of up to 100
GROW Reasonable rates & special arrangements for
workable medical access program and an
ending of Health Canada’s monopoly on
small groups. medical grade cannabis.
SEMINARS Exciting multi-media and hands-on learning.
Level 1 Basics: 1.5 hours.
The Justice Ministry should also call
for an end to any arrests of users any-
by Cannabis Research Level 2 Intermediate: 1.5 hours where in Canada, and Immigration
Institute Inc. & Cannabis Inquiries phone: 1-866-808-5566 Canada should stop trying to kill medical
Health Foundation cannabis refugees by sending them back
or visit
to the US. These are simple common-


sense moves that have overwhelming movement on the Internet, so that the If Walters can demand that Canadians
public support. politicians and the media know where to give up their freedom, I would like to
Despite this support, the only way that start looking. offer my help to Canadians to defend
we are going to be able to participate in Fourthly, we should seek strategic allies everyone’s freedom.
the process and influence the public, the in other areas of Canadian society, I want to tell the politicians in Ottawa
media, and the politicians is by calling for notably in academia and supporters of and the people of Canada that if cannabis
a public debate on the issues. In March of progressive and libertarian causes. Last is important enough to justify arresting
this year, Justice Minister Martin year, the Canadian Senate report exhaus- people, then it is important enough to
Cauchon actually called for just such a tively analyzed the issue and strongly have policies based on informed public
debate, and we should take him up on his called for full legalization. Senator Pierre opinion, rather than demonizing anyone
challenge. Claude Nolin, who chaired the committee with real knowledge of the subject.
As Mark Twain observed, the process that issued the report, is a very articulate Most importantly, Canadians must con-
of lawmaking can be as unappetizing as and intelligent advocate. front the fact that their police use public
sausage-making, but it is really no mys- Finally, given the blatant official US funding to lie to the people and the politi-
tery. Influencing the future of the interference in Canada’s internal cians. That appalling practice itself
cannabis laws is little different from affairs, Canadian reformers should not should be the real cannabis issue, here
influencing how any other laws are made, be bashful in seeking support from and everywhere. Prohibitionists always
and because Canada has such a small pop- their American allies. The best place to want to talk about cannabis, but never
ulation, I think that it may be possible to start would be in the entertainment about how cannabis prohibition really
do this for as little as $250,000. industry. Vancouver is famous for works.
First, we need a realistic survey of the being “Hollywood North,” and Steve and Michele Kubby have created
situation in Ottawa. We don’t have any Toronto’s recent film festival drew the the Free Canadian Party as a vehicle, and
idea about how either House will divide, glitterati, many of whom are Advanced Nutrients has provided the ini-
or how the leaders really feel about the “cannabis-friendly” – most notably tial funding, but this must be an inclusive
issue. Woody Harrelson and Canadian docu- effort. We will win, but only if we unite
mentary producer Ron Mann. and make ourselves heard.
Secondly, we will need some presence
in Ottawa. “Out-of-sight. Out-of-mind” is Recently in Seattle, US Drug Czar, John Canada is the perfect forum for an
especially true in politics. Walters even echoed Cauchon’s call for a international debate on cannabis prohibi-
debate on the legalization of cannabis. tion, and I urge those who want to help
Thirdly, no modern political movement
Because of the US policy of interfering in launch this debate to get in touch with me
can succeed without the Internet, and
the internal affairs of countries that devi- at
this is where we are strongest, especially
ate from the prohibitionist orthodoxy, the
in comparison with our opposition.
debate will necessarily be international.
However, there should be a hub for the


Providing a legal, Jamaica in the ‘70s & ‘80s. Cannabis was
therapeutic cannabis to being used in most of the homes for many
the Canadian market different ailments, ranging from influenza
has been a dream come to arthritis, and for more serious disorders
true for the founders of such as chronic pain.
Med Marijuana Inc., When Canada finally cracked open the
Michael and Melanie door to total legalization by allowing the
Patriquen. They have production and distribution of low THC
seen first hand the cannabis, Med Marijuan Inc. was born.
health wonders of the From years of accumulated research
cannabis plant during between them, they knew that low THC
their time spent in cannabis had been effectively used to
treat high blood pressure, arthritis, high
cholesterol and weakened immune sys-
tems. Research determined the most
benefical type of low THC cannabis to
grow, as well as the best area in Canada
for doing it. Then a licensed cannabis
grower was chosen to provide raw
cannabis for the company’s product. At
the same time, financing, marketing, dis-
tribution, production and packaging was
being set up and coordinated.


In the Summer of 2001 the first crop with an agent to provide global mar- Syndrome” and along with their cannabis
for Med Marijuana Inc. was harvested, keting via the internet. epidermal lotion, are expected to be on the
the oil was extracted from the plants in The success of the product has been market later this year.
an “inert environment” (on a cold proven through its personal benefit to our For more infomation visit
press in the absence of oxygen and clients, some who have become wholesale
light to preserve the delicate medicinal distributors themselves. Age has never
qualities). After micro bioligical test- been a barrier for the inquiring customer.
ing is completed, the extract is packed
In our expanding business we have
into vegan gel caps and then into plas-
recently introduced a new veterinary
tic containers to be distributed
suplement, Medi-Paws™. Med Marijuana
throughout Canada.
benefis all mammals and is guaranteed to
Med Marijuana Inc. has been moving make your “critter fitter”.
forward ever since. They have whole-
Under development is a cannabis weight
sale and retail distributors in every
gain product for those suffering “Wasting
province as well as a recent agreement

There are words in the English language that we all Then there are words that we all think we know
COURAGE know by definition and immediately understand. and that are bandied about to a point where the real
There are plenty of words that we have to look up meaning is obscured. I think that ‘courage’ is one
in the dictionary if we are to learn what they mean. that falls into the latter category.
Is a soldier time he’d be shot if he refused to fight. with life as long as possible? Is survival
courageous if he When there is no alternative is it really really about being courageous?
follows orders courage that is involved? What about police and firemen? They
and goes into How many times do we hear, “So and are often offered up as examples of
battle? I’m not so fought a courageous battle with can- courage but, let’s face it, they receive
sure about that. cer or some other disease”? What specialized training and have all the
What other choice does a victim of a life threaten- equipment to do their jobs and they are
choice does he ing illness have except to get as much paid well to do it, so isn’t their situation
have? In war- medical help as they can and carry on more about having nerves of steel?
by J. B. York
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actual size

CANNABIS HEALTH Jour nal page 11

Some people look at daredevils and that is a danger to you and, even eased by marijuana. Why would anyone
think they must have extra amounts of though it’s not your job or responsibil- who is suffering every moment of every
courage to be able to drive that car over ity, you decide to do it anyway because day, take it upon himself to be a martyr
the Grand Canyon or bail out of an air- of the greater need. It is the element of and publicly smoke pot on the front
plane and free fall from tremendous choice that has to be present for steps of the Calgary courthouse? Why
heights. Again, is that really what courage to be tested. would he do it? He had to know that it
courage is all about? I don’t think so. Am I being courageous taking what would end with his arrest. He wouldn’t
Don’t misunderstand me. I have great may be an unpopular stand on this sub- be able to smoke pot in jail, so he’d end
respect for all the people I’ve just men- ject, having the courage of my convic- up suffering excruciating pain. His leg
tioned; it’s just that I don’t think tions? After all, I expect that most peo- muscles would knot up and he’d have to
courage is what they are examples of. ple will want to discuss examples of live with continuous Charley Horses for
what they see as heroic deeds by great days on end. This is such unusual
When it
individuals. You know, stories of saving behavior that most of us don’t recognize
comes to
lives and great sacrifices by those special it for what it is: raw courage. He had
real cou-
people we only hear about but will never the choice to continue to buy the pot
rage, I
know personally. That is all fine but the quietly and keep to himself and avoid
think there
stories of ordinary men and women tak- trouble but he elected to take a stand
has to be
ing extraordinary measures to make life that he knew would bring him hardship,
an element
better for their families and even their even agony. He was trying to achieve
of choice.
communities intrigues me. something for his brothers and sisters in
You have
pain and now that the federal govern-
to under- Take Grant Krieger for example.
ment is moving to de-criminalize simple
stand that Here’s a man who has suffered for years
possession, he may have succeeded.
there is with Multiple Sclerosis, a disease that
Grant Krieger is an example of courage
something robs you of your life by sapping your
about what energy, screwing up your insides and
you are taking away your ability to walk. Most Individuals
Grant Krieger at home doing or of its victims have known for some time who try to save
going to do that the symptoms of this curse are a drowning per-
son, stop a thief
or ‘give’ their
lives to the serv-
ice of their fel-
low man or
those who elect to become police, fire or
emergency medical personnel in an
effort to save lives, sometimes at the risk
of their own, display tremendous
courage. Their contribution to our soci-
ety is invaluable and as far as the hun-
dreds of thousands of victims of
Multiple Sclerosis here in Canada and
perhaps to others throughout the rest of
the world, Grant Krieger’s contribution,
I believe, is also one of great courage.



There are marked differ- ening to 11 hours and lengthening the

ences when growing the 2 night to 13 hours, which allows the
branches of the Cannabis hormonal buildup that will trigger the
family. Since the Indica plants to begin blooming.
plant grows in the Their size means a Sativa can be very
Northern and Southern lat- difficult to tend, making them less like-
itudes, its short-day trig- ly to be cultivated inside, except in a
gered flowering reaction is ScROG type of grow where the height
well documented. An 18 can be kept in check at all times. Often
hour day and 6 hour night they are over 8 feet tall, and the largest
will promote vegetative can reach 16 to 20 feet tall, easily out-
growth which is triggered growing the normal garden space.
by a 12 hour day/night Clever gardening is needed to surmount
cycle. The same cannot be this. For example, a seedling can be
said of the equatorial Sativa grown to a good size and many clones
varieties (which are now made of it to provide the right output
being sown by medical for a medical garden. Using small pots
growers for their ability to and a floor tray, a “sea of green” (SOG)
relieve symptomatic and can be made from clones which grow
severe clinical depression, into big bonsai buds as well, each yield-
and help ease withdrawal ing up to an ounce.
from hard drugs such as
The length of the flowering cycle is
heroin and crack cocaine)
much longer than an Indica plant, the
This giant is a little more
shortest being around 12 weeks, and
difficult to grow, requiring
some others stretching to an unbeliev-
extra experience and time,
able 20 weeks depending on the genet-
but offering spe-
ics of that particular variety. It is best to
cial curative
know in advance what the length of the
effects. Its medic-
flowering time is. Timing is everything,
inal properties
and if you are providing herbs for med-
are usually
ical patients you need to know that you
uplifting, cre-
can be on time to fulfill their needs.
ative, and pleas-
(Being a compassionate grower and
antly enjoyable.
med MJ provider means being on time.)
Its flowering
If you have gotten used to growing an
cycle typically
Indica on a schedule, and realize a good
occurs after a
consistent yield, then all you will have
long vegetative
to do to be successful with a Sativa
phase at an even
grow is adjust your expectations and
light/dark ratio,
adopt a new set of rules to govern the
(13/11 to12/12)
flowering behavior of the sub-species.
and the change
All of the same general rules for grow-
in light length is
ing Cannabis still apply other than that.
actually very
slight indeed.
After 6 months
Vegetative growth may be done under
of growing
12 to18 hours of lighting, but on the
through the sum-
equator it is likely to be:
mer season, the
Vegetate at: 13 Light / 11 Dark
change in length
Trigger at: 12 Light /12 Dark
of the day, short-
Flowering at: 11
Light /13 Dark
Enjoy your Sativa!!
Klozit King


T he BC Vapor iz
Your Healt
hy A lt

www . bcvapor iz


pictures below and left illustrate controlled environment and sanitary
conditions under which PPS produces its research-grade marihuana.
Right: A member of staff at the Office for Medicinal Cannabis hand-
ing over the first harvest of Bedrocan cannabis, May 2003

James Burton and his crop growing at

SIMM, the Dutch contracted grower.
by Willem K. Scholten Bedrocan, are required to comply with to the OMC is gamma-irradiated to
Willem K. Scholten PharmD. MPA, is head of the rules of Good Agricultural Practices reduce and virtually eradicate bacteria
the Office of Medicinal Cannabis of the (GAP) for the cultivation of medicinal and moulds. The procedure eliminates
Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, The cannabis. These rules were laid down microbiological contamination, which
Hague, The Netherlands.
by the Dutch Minister of Health, may be harmful to immune-compromised
Cannabis has been available on prescrip- Welfare and Sport and are based on the patients. The cannabis is laboratory test-
tion in the Netherlands since the 1st of GAP rules formulated by the European ed for identity, purity and content, using
September 2003. Following a government Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal an analytical monograph drafted by the
decision taken in autumn 2001, prepara- Products. Additional rules were intro- National Institute for Health and the
tions were made to cultivate and distrib- duced to standardise the cultivation and Environment (RIVM). It is tested to
ute cannabis under government control. drying processes and to prevent diver- ensure purity from microbiological con-
After tendering, the Office of Medicinal sion. Standardised cultivation ensures a tamination, heavy metals and pesticides,
Cannabis (OMC) contracted two growers, constant cannabinoid content in and to establish the dronabinol, cannabi-
a laboratory, and a packaging and distri- cannabis products. As the two growers nol and cannabidiol content. Finally, it is
bution company. Cultivation started last employ different methods and cultivate packed in polypropylene containers hold-
March and the first batches were ready for different varieties, their end-products ing five grams each. We made grateful use
sale in August. differ from one other. As a result, pre- of Canadian documents when designing
The OMC is a government agency with scribers and patients are offered a our quality control system. They prevent-
a monopoly on the wholesale of cannabis. choice of products. The Bedrocan vari- ed us from overlooking important factors
It is also responsible for granting any ety contains approximately 18 percent and helped us to harmonize production
licences required for cannabis or dronabinol (the official WHO designa- and international quality requirements
cannabis resin. The fact that it holds the tion for THC) and the SIMM 18 variety right from the start.
monopoly means that all cannabis is around 15 percent. Both are low in On the basis of the laboratory results,
owned by the state from the moment the cannabidiol. The OMC is considering the OMC approves batch release for pack-
harvest is bought from the growers until expanding the product line in future by aging and distribution. The company
the final product is sold to a pharmacy in adding varieties with a higher cannabid- responsible for packaging also does the
sealed five-gram containers. iol content or a high cannabichromene logistics on behalf of the government, tak-
The contracted growers, the Institute or cannabigerol content. ing orders by phone, fax or email and for-
of Medical Marihuana (SIMM) and The cannabis delivered by the growers warding them to pharmacies within 24


hours. It invoices customers monthly and or produce excessive side effects. inspectorate for any adverse effects.
collects payments on behalf of the OMC. In the Netherlands cannabis is recom- The Netherlands is thus following the
Cannabis is supplied only to pharmacies; mended only for the conditions listed example set by Canada, where cannabis
patients cannot order it themselves. below, for which there is most evidence of has been used for medicinal purposes for
Dutch policy is based on the principle its efficacy: some years. Though not identical, the
that cannabis is a medicine, like mor- • nausea and vomiting in cancer policies of the two countries are similar in
phine or any other controlled narcotic. chemotherapy, radiotherapy and HIV many respects. Above all, both recognise
Hence, there is no reason to prohibit its therapy the medical potential of cannabis but
use for medicinal purposes as long as it is • palliative treatment for cancer require more evidence of its efficacy. In
prescribed according to the rules that patients (i.e. as an appetite stimulant the meantime, Canada has allowed
apply to all controlled substances and that and for pain relief and well-being in cannabis to be used on compassionate
it is used in a responsible manner. general) grounds, but without giving it medical
We refer to our products as cannabis or • spasticity in combination with pain status. The Netherlands allows doctors to
hemp (hennep in Dutch). We choose not (e.g. multiple sclerosis or spinal cord prescribe it as a last-line medicine. Both
to use terms like ‘weed’ and ‘marihuana’, injury) countries encourage research. Few clini-
which are associated with the recreation- • chronic neuropathic pain conditions cal trials were carried out during the
al use of drugs and may stigmatize • Tourette’s syndrome. decades of worldwide prohibition, and
patients as drug abusers. Under Dutch information is sorely needed. As
law, doctors are Canada and the explained below, Canada has so far been
The product information provided by
not prohibited Netherlands are more successful than the Netherlands in
the OMC notes that the efficacy of
from prescribing the first and, at generating research.
cannabis has not yet been proven,
although it is recorded as a treatment for cannabis for present, the only Canada and the Netherlands are the
other condi- countries to first and, at present, the only countries to
over 200 conditions. It should therefore
tions, but they allow the medici- allow the medicinal use of cannabis, and
be used only if the conventional treat-
are answerable nal use of both have to do the groundwork. This
ments prescribed in medical protocols cannabis, and
prove ineffective, and not as a first-line to the medical may change in the future, as several
council or the both have to do other initiatives have been launched.
treatment. In other words, it is indicated the groundwork.
only if other drugs offer insufficient relief health care The UK-based company GW


Pharmaceuticals plc, for instance, has legal to supply Dutch patients with phar- Standardization, laboratory testing, pro-
developed a sublingual spray based on a maceutically approved cannabis. fessional packaging, pharmacy services,
cannabis extract. It has applied to have it Canadian patients are also critical of the a 24 hour delivery service countrywide,
licensed in the UK. The government of strength of the cannabis they receive. plus a 6 percent sales tax make prescrip-
New South Wales in Australia recently However, I do not believe that strength is tion cannabis far more expensive than
announced its intention to make the main issue. Patients who used to buy the illegal product. On the other hand,
cannabis available for clinical trials on a medicinal cannabis illegally in the our product is constant in strength and
relatively large scale. Cannabis will be Netherlands expressed satisfaction with a available at all Dutch pharmacies. But
supplied to all patients suffering from cer- content of 10 percent, although stronger the two products cannot be compared.
tain specified conditions. Several varieties were also available. I have no And if we regard it as a medicine,
European countries, including Belgium, illusions on this score. Dutch patients are cannabis is not expensive.
Germany and Luxembourg, are reconsid- also critical, and it will be impossible to To its credit, Canada is one of very few
ering their positions and may ultimately satisfy everybody. The point is that we countries to fund clinical trials. The
accept cannabis as a useful medicine. know so little at present and it will take results of their research will be invalu-
Some patients in Canada are evidently several years to obtain the information able, and I wish we could afford to do the
dissatisfied with the distribution of we need to produce the best possible same in the Netherlands. However, we
cannabis in their country and are under treatment for specific conditions. are in the throes of an economic recession
the impression that the Dutch are doing The Canadians are also dissatisfied and the government is not funding
better. However, they may be overlooking with the price of cannabis, which I con- cannabis research. As a result, almost no
the fact that the Canadian government sider quite low. Although we market our research is being done.
authorised the possession, cultivation products at cost price, they are twice as More information will be available
and use of medicinal cannabis several expensive in the Netherlands. It is shortly on The
years ago. The Netherlands followed suit expensive to produce cannabis that Dutch site, is
only as of 1 September 2003 by making it meets all pharmaceutical requirements. now open.


Cannabis Health: James: There is no reliable THC testing. to this situation is the further stigmatiza-
Do you feel compe- Regardless of your methods, testing can tion of an already highly stigmatized
tition from the cof- be manipulated. Given a certain target issue. Becoming the direct distributor of
fee shops or other and access to a lab, it is conceivable that cannabis is without precedent and sends
illicit distributors? one could pick the % you wanted to test the message to patients that this plant is
James Burton: Director
Stichting Institute of James Burton: out at. Using HPLC for instance will even more dangerous than any other
Medical Marijuana Not at all. We pro- always show THC levels 3 to 5% higher. chemical drug, and so dangerous that it
duce a medicine. HPLC will give you a different reading can only be managed by the government.
As medicines go, this is a very affordable than testing by MSGS Each method will To receive a normal medicine, you do not
choice. The dangers of the illegal product give you a different reading on the same have to fill out special government forms.
are the same everywhere: no idea of sample. I am aware that Canada was forced to act
potency, how it was grown and what con- Even though this is one of the most stud- by the courts, but they did have some
taminates it might contain. We deliver a ied plants on the earth we know so little choices. Now they have created a situa-
safe medicine to people who would never about some things. We are still learning tion where the patients have to choose
buy from a coffee shop about pre-heat temperatures and cannabi- who they trust more, their government or
CH: Would you comment on the reported noid vaporization levels. their dealers.
criticism of the newly released Canadian The most insidious mistake that Canada CH: So tell me more about the issue of
cannabis. has made, and likely contributing factor quality

20 C A N N A B I S H E A LT H J o u r n a l
James: Quality is in the whole process, James: In Holland, the more affluent CH: Can you comment further on your
the growing, trimming, curing handling who have private insurance will have relationship to the Canadians?
and storage. Getting rid of the chlorophyll the cost of their cannabis covered under James: We have had a number of visits
is just the start, we use dark and temper- their insurance, but those on the public and an ongoing relationship with our
ature and time not unlike a wine maker plan are not at this time covered. I would Canadian officials
to bring out the best of the strain. predict that they will be include in the
next few years. We were disappointed that Canada did
I refer to what I call my cookbook which not take us up on the offer we made to
contains formulas for each strain or culti- CH: Looking forward a few years, where
assist them with their start up. We offered
are you going?
var. In it I have the plant and strain spe- some genetically stable seed strains and if
cific organic nutrient and other environ- James: I have a few old cannabis medi- they wished for even more control, we
mental variables required to produce a cine bottles from the early 1900s and I offered to share cloned stock.
perfect healthy plant in dirt. Regardless of remind my friends that this is not new,
this is the reintroduction of an old medi- The option to acquire Dutch cannabis
the lighting companies claims of wide was also available. I am not aware of
cine. I see our cannabis industry creating
spectrum coverage, real sunshine is still what seeds were finally chosen. Patients
a vigorous and healthy debate and I pre-
the healthiest and the best for both the assisted in the selection of cultivars that
dict over the next 2 or 3 years, you will
plant and the people who use it. see increasing levels of acceptance of were chosen for distribution here, and we
CH: I have heard some conflicting reports medical cannabis in the European com- even offered to supply Canada with
on the acceptance of cannabis as a medi- munity and new opportunities for our cannabis grown in Holland to make it
cine by the insurance companies? company and others. possible for them to begin research.


Health Canada was the final interview Valerie Lasher is with the Office of and recent criticism by some
in this series and for the sake of brevity and Cannabis Mecical Access and Richard patients.
clarity the interview with Valerie Lasher, Viau PhD. is Director of Drug Analysis Richard made it clear that quality was
and Dr. Richard Viau has been organized Service, Health Canada. important, but, he was not convinced
into topics. Comments on the quality of cannabis that stronger was better, pointing out


again that scientific research was not used for plant food products was, the Valerie announced that new other
available on this and other quality issues. absence of the use of pesticides and her- research initiatives were under consid-
He used the example of personal taste bicides. Richard pointed out that if this eration and that research at the
and preferences in whisky, beer, and cig- definition is used, then the PPS product University of McGill was proceeding
arettes and went on to explain that no qualifies as organic. "However, the use of using PPS product and she was opti-
real science exists to support these prefer- such a nebulous term in a scientific con- mistic that the work initiated by CRIT
ences or some of the personal preferences text is problematic since it is not clear would be continued.
expressed by cannabis users. what is meant if anything". On Insurance coverage:
Valerie stated that only 2 patients have We asked Richard if the THC testing Valerie said an issue for insurance com-
returned the product, and she expressed was as easily manipulated as James panies was that cannabis is not an
her regrets that some potential cannabis Burton had indicated in his interview. He "approved drug" which explains why
users might be frightened off by the confirmed that yes, manipulation of insurance companies will be reluctant to
reports of basically two patients. results is possible, and sometimes desired, cover the cost.
Richard reported that product that they but, properly calibrated testing of the type
Valerie expressed her desire to improve
ordered from PPS was to be grown as used in the testing of the PPS product was
communications with the medical
close to the desired THC level as possible extremely accurate in establishing
cannabis community. Those of you who
and then blended to achieve a THC level cannabinoid levels and detecting any
have followed our journal over the past
of 10% plus or minus 1.5% adulteration.
year will realize that granting this on-the-
Reduction of the THC levels was On the future of compassion clubs: record interview is in itself a break-
achieved by adding minimal amounts of Individual US states and other countries through.
lower THC leaf and stalk or small sticks. have chosen to work with the existing Thanks to Richard and Valerie for the
When asked if this made the product less club or other group distribution system. interview and their co-operation.
smokable, Richard reminded me that HC Valerie made it clear that the distribution
did not recommend smoking anything. networks that have been set up in Canada
When questioned on the slippery issue of are illegal and the responsibility for deal-
"organic" his opinion was that since ing with this issue will be with the police PRAIRIE PLANT SYSTEMS
there is no official definition, the one and the justice system. not HC
(Editors Comment) In early 2000, a year
On patient Involvement: or so before the start of this journal, I led a
Both Valerie and Richard were happy team for the Cannabis Research Institute
with having 2 medical patients on the that responded to the Canadian federal gov-
committee. Valerie indicated that patient ernment's call for a company to grow med-
input was also happening at the patient ical quality marijuana. I was elated at the
advocacy group level with the involve- chance to interview Brent Zettle the head of
ment of patients through their advocacy Prairie Plant Systems, the company that
groups like HIV Aids, and the Arthritis landed that first Canadian contract.
society. They pointed out that the com- Cannabis Health: In general terms
mittee was already large, and dealing with Brent, how have things gone?
a highly sensitive issue affecting the
Brent Zettle: This project has been a
whole community, a large number of
total personal challenge, and by far the
stakeholder groups want representation.
easiest part has been the growing of the
On research cannabis. Dealing with the regulations,
Over the course of the interview the exhaustive analyses and testing has
Richard made numerous comments on been demanding, but frankly, communi-
the need for more scientific data and clin- cations with, and the expectations of
ical trials, specifically in relation to Health Canada has been the biggest chal-
strength/potency and on smoking and lenge. This is a sensitive political issue
vaporization. He indicated the same con- and the high turnover of staff has made
cerns in relation to the impact of specific communications more difficult.
cannabinoids like CBDs and the whole CH: The marijuana that was sent out
strain efficacy debate. from Health Canada to a select number of


doctors in Canada has now been tried by seeking variety and saying that some CH: Those who are aware of the RFP
some of the patients. Considering the strains work better. You have to under- are interested in how PPS is doing finan-
obvious frustration with Health Canada stand that we are working within a new cially with this contract and question who
expressed by some medical users, one and sensitive field. Under the rules and will own what at the end of the contract.
could argue that being rated as 6 out of 10 restrictions established by Health Canada Brent: No windfalls, on this project,
is not a bad a rating for your introducto- and other regulating agencies, PPS is pro- PPS is just holding their own. We have
ry product. ducing the best quality product possible.
Brent: I am pleased at the reception our We could provide variety, but right now
product is receiving. Using cloning to the order is for one strain with a stable
reproduce the same genetics in each cannabinoid profile, and 10% THC.
plant, we can produce our marijuana very Health Canada has established the cost to
close to the limit of 10% THC that Health the patients.
Canada requires. In this release of prod- CH: I am interested in the delivery and
uct, we have chosen a strain that pro- packaging.
duces very close to 10%, and we have Brent:: Our product is delivered in heat
been required to make minor potency sealed air locked plastic bags. The mari-
adjustments. juana is manicured, the moisture level is
CH: How would you compare the prod- controlled and the plant material is pre-
uct being delivered by the Dutch govern- dominantly mature female flower. As you
ment to your product? I understand that are aware, the federal RFP called for the
the Dutch product will test at 15% with delivery of rolled joints. Pre rolling is not
the higher potency, better quality reach- attractive to the consumer. Holland and
ing 18%. Canada both concurred that patients
Brent: To be fair, we have genetics and want the freedom to custom roll their
can produce plants with 25% THC but at joints or to use the product in a pipe or
this stage we are being told by Health other delivery choice.
Canada to produce 10% THC and we are. CH: What do you think about the cur-
Also you have to consider the testing rent nutrient war, and, do you favor a
methods and the accuracy. PPS uses the particular nutrient company?
LCMS method as opposed to the standard Brent: PPS treats cannabis like any of
GC test and we provide a profile of 5 the other plant we are asked to grow. It is
cannabinoids, THC, CBD, CBC, CBG,and interesting how some factions would like
CBN. to convince you that growing cannabis is
The safety of our a mystical and
product is the major magical process.
To be fair, we have genet- We approach
concern for our com-
pany. Our testing
ics and can produce plants cannabis as an
identifies a broad with 25% THC, at this elastic and highly
range of potentially stage we are being told by adaptive plant, but
dangerous mold Health Canada to produce in the end we look
spores and residuals at the necessary
10% THC and we are.
that could negatively 13 macro and
affect patients with micro nutrients
compromised immune systems. As well, that all plants require and we prepare our
our testing provides the most accurate own nutrient formulas. The other science
cannabinoid profile. we introduce is when you feed, how much
you feed and in what nutrient ratios you
CH: How about the issue of variety and
feed the essential nutrients. In short, we
cost? Patients are saying that some strains
have great lab facilities and we do not get
are better and variety works best.
involved in the politics and the competi-
Brent: We are aware that patients are tion over cannabis nutrient.


seen changes and additional testing been in the spotlight, far less under the CH: What do you think is happening
requirements, and again security costs hot lights of weekly national television. here?
that have kept our costs up. For instance, CH: So what can we do better? Brent: I hesitate to point fingers at any
money saved from rolling has gone into one individual, however the persons that
Brent: I see many of the problems as
packaging that delivers a product that is have released the so called results of
communications problems. Again, we
sealed and moisture controlled and safe. secret testing are way off the mark, and
are a company that is working within
Health Canada owns the genetics. The frankly most appear to have a vested
very tight parameters set by the govern-
intellectual property is owned by PPS. interest.
ment. Lots of details are being worked
As far as the future goes, we see the out and I am well aware of the cautious The agenda of this group appears to be
potential of the industry and we are pace. These are my tax dollars being organic growing and anger that the gov-
looking at developing strains with spent. The most important improvement ernment has chosen not to support the
cannabinoid profiles that address the would be to introduce more openness, distribution by these clubs and groups.
increasing sophistication of research more transparency; be positive, the pub- Our product has gone through exhaus-
into cannabis and specific illness. lic is ready, they just want to know what tive analyses with both inhouse and inde-
CH: How do you deal with the poli- is going on. pendent testing.
tics? Between the time of this first If it wasn't for the fact that this emo-
Brent: From my perspective the interview and our print dead- tional attack reflects so poorly on the
changes that are unfolding are driven by credibility of the attackers, we would con-
line a number of medical
the courts. Allen Rock had a vision for sider legal action.
how this program would evolve, he was patients and other cannabis
activists took exception to the CH: What do you think of the pictures
open and expected feedback. Ann
they have posted on their web site?
McLelleand brought another approach, cannabis released by Health
less open, more cautious. But to under- Canada and grown by Prairie Brent: I can only speculate on what
stand how the problems develop you may have happened Is it our product, or
Plant Systems. We reconnected has it been tampered with? Who knows?
must look at the whole reality. HC is
forced to deal with a new hot issue, few
with Brent to discuss the nega- Emotions are running high and people
rules, no history and nervous politi- tive reactions of some medical have attitude and a vested interest.
cians. Many of their people have never patients.


shopping lists, reviews of products and Need to know how to make kief, hash or
other invaluable information. Ed takes cannabis butter?? That’s here too!! Ed
an in depth look, in an easy to under- includes many methods for doing great
stand format, at alternative administra- things with bud and shake.
tive methods for cannabis. Do you know anyone who can’t always
Sometimes smoking cannabis can be afford high grade, but needs help? Why
obvious and inconvenient. Trash to not save a big bag of shake from harvest
Stash shows how to make edibles and and include a copy of Trash to Stash?
tinctures that come in real handy for You will have given someone an invalu-
someone who doesn’t want to smoke or able gift.
needs to be discreet. Also included in Thanks, Ed, I never knew what to do
this book is information to regulate with that bag at the back of my closet.
dosage (titration).
Five Leaf Award
Ed fully explains how to take shake
and turn it into something very valuable.

by Lisa Smith
Ed Rosenthal has done his homework
again. Trash to Stash shows us how to
use the full potential of a harvest.
Understand your harvest and you’ll
never throw out shake again.
Trash to Stash is the how-to book,
everything is in here, including recipes,



by Brian Carlisle

Grow Tech: Were stunted and had largest colas yet the plants stayed small.
nitrogen and sulfur deficiencies and GT: Had potassium and nitrogen deficien-
were 5th largest plant in size. cy and the plants only grew to 2/3 size.
Editors Note: Advanced Nutrients: Had no deficien- CA: Had nitrogen and potassium
In September/October issue 6 edition of cies and had the largest plant size. deficiency and the plant only grow
Cannabis Health Journal, we published a FLOWERING CYCLE; to 2/3 size.
nutrient comparison study conducted by GH: Was Phosphorus, potassium and AN: Had a slight amount of tip burn.
Brian Carlisle. In response to critiques nitrogen deficient with largest colas but Even though the group was given 2
that this was funded by Advanced the plants stayed small. small plants unlike the other groups
Nutrients, we repeat, this article was DM: Was manganese deficient and had which received only one, even those 2
not published as a clinical study. the smallest colas but the tightest colas plants grew into full size plants and
We believe the general public are confused although the plants stayed small almost the group produced the largest and
at claims and counterclaims, and in the “dwarfish”. most abundant colas.
absence of other hard data, this, at least, is SN: Had nitrogen burning, the 2nd
a positive approach to the problems by a
group of medical users.
General Hydroponics: Calcium, zinc,
and potassium deficient and were 3rd
largest plant in size.
Dutch Master: Manganese deficiency
and 4th largest plants in size.
Super Natural: Were stunted and had
sulfur and calcium deficiencies and
were 6th largest plant in size.
Canna: Calcium, nitrogen and sulfur defi-
ciencies and were 2nd largest plant in size.

omI Cp Sa n -y C
R eovm
i epwa n y R e v i e w

Sharon and Frank realized early in their medicinal growers, they can offer com-
business venture that the Northern passion discount to those in need.
Ontario Market was greatly under serv-
iced and they allow customers from dis-
tant locations in the north to be serv-
iced by bus and mail orders. They have
always maintained that if they don’t
have a product they can probably get it.
Green & Clean has remained independ-
ent and deals with a number of suppli-
Owners, Frank Beaudoin & Sharon Shaw ers offering the best selection, best
Green & Clean Hydroponics has been products and best prices in the North.
in business since July 1997 in Sudbury, Green & Clean believes that it is all
Ontario. It originally started off with a about choice, and due to the increase in
500 square ft. retail location. Two years
into the business, owners Sharon Shaw
and Frank Beaudoin realized that
expansion was necessary in order to
supply the Northern Ontario Market. A
wall was torn down and the unit next
door became an additional storefront.
This allowed Green & Clean to build a
self-contained grow room for display
purposes. Customers can experience
first hand live tomato and herb plants
growing hydroponically year round.
Meals prepared by Alta and Rita, Debra Hemphasis Magazine.
White Plume's sisters, and neighbor, Betty The final panel at the seminar focused on
were authentic Lakota fare - buffalo stew, applications of hemp fiber and seed. Shaun
fry bread, and choke cherry pudding. Crew of Hemp Oil Canada has a successful
Thanks to the crew from Prairie Dust Films food and body care company and offered to
we enjoyed a dinner, offered interviews and send 500 lbs. of seed when the legalities for
participated in filming sessions. David the cultivation of hemp have been estab-
Frankel, Tom Ballanco, and Johanna lished. He explained that it is not difficult to
Schultz shared some great vegetarian foods. process seeds for oil, nut, meal, and flour.
Hemp granola, hemp bread, hemp chips, An investment of $60,000 usd would set up
hemp oil salad dressing, hemp ice cream, a facility. Craig Lee from Madison Hemp
hemp sodas, and hemp protein powder and Flax in Kentucky spoke about using
were donated and enjoyed by all. hemp seed and meal for feeding beef and
On Friday, August 22nd a Hemp Seminar fish. The high protein and omega fat con-
in Hot Springs, SD was presented - a hemp tent is perfect for animal feed. University of
luncheon with speakers, a benefit auction, KY research results are available. Hemp
Joe American Horse & Tom Cook and demonstrations. Attendees were enthu- fiber used for horse bedding has also been
Gathering at Kiza Park on the Pine Ridge siastic in supporting the many uses of researched and a market targeted. Albert
Reservation in South Dakota, fifty hemp industrial hemp. Joe American Horse, in Lewis of Hempy's, a clothing and acces-
entrepreneurs and activists were welcomed full headdress, led with the opening prayer sories company, shared his experiences
by the White Plume family to their Lakota and song in Lakota language. Panel One with managing growth in the textile sector.
cultural center. We came with intent to sup- began with Tom Cook and Alex White A lecture and demonstration was held out-
port sovereignty for all people, and specifi- Plume who gave a historical overview of the side as Agua Das from Original Sources
cally for this tribe whose laws allow indus- hemp movement on Pine Ridge. Attorney showed how biofuel can be made from
trial hemp cultivation (one of sixteen in the Bruce Ellison spoke about the DEA case hemp fiber using gasification. A spinning
USA). Alex and Debra White Plume's fam- against the White Plumes. Tom Ballanco wheel and hemp break were also demon-
ily was terrorized by the DEA three years and David Frankel, also attorneys, shared strated, showing a primary use for hemp.
ago and today they continue to fight for the their involvement with the tribal sovereign- Hemp products donated by HIA members
right to grow a plant that can feed, clothe, ty issue, citing treaty breaches that will be were auctioned and raised $2900 for the
and house their family. used in the legal challenge. The tribal presi- White Plume Defense Fund. Thanks to all
dent, John Yellowbird Steele, then spoke, who contributed! And a special thanks to
The Hemp Industries Association (HIA)
offering his support, and a tribal represen- Carol Koski and Ron Holton for receiving
held their tenth annual convention on
tative from the Cheyenne River included the goodies and organizing the auction.
native land, sleeping in tipis, eating buffalo
his remarks upholding the right to grow
stew, listening to Lakota singing, and join- Marie & Teresa Mills - Navajo Hemp Rug
hemp on the reservation. Gloria Castillo, co-
ing in prayers of thanks. Some rode horses, For Mother Earth - hemp jewelry Living
producer of the seminar, ended the first
while others hiked the beautiful hills and Seed Products, Merry Hempsters, and other
panel with a clarification of the expanded
communed with the buffalo. We visited Oregon companies - Hemp Lip Balm, Hemp
meaning of sovereignty - freedom for all
hemp buildings - one house built by Tom Zap, Dolly Mama Doll, Hemp Chocolate
Cook and crew for his wife, Loretta Afraid Bars, Hemp Bag, Hemp jewelry, Hemp
of Bear's family, a greenhouse, and another Representing the newly formed Canadian Candles, Naked Clothing hemp shirt and
earthship being built by Henry Red Cloud. Hemp Trade Alliance, Arthur Hanks of hoodie. Hemp Trivia - Hemp Tshirt,
Their Slim Buttes Land Use Association Saskatchewan talked about the progress Postcard set, Hemp Farmer Notepads,
has developed over 400 vegetable gardens and set backs the Canadian hemp industry George Washington was a Hemp Farmer
on the reservation. Gorgeous beadwork was has had in the last five years. The expertise Posters, Presidents Rolling Papers. Chic Eco
offered by skilled craftswomen. gained was offered to those who will grow - 2003 Directory Hempcore - Hemp
hemp on the reservation in the future. Skateboards Hemp Hound - Dog collars
Stories were shared by Milo Yellow Hair,
David Bronner, HIA Food & Oil Chairman, Smith Center - Organic Cotton Tshirts Intl.
Alex White Plume and Tom Cook of the
gave a brief rundown on the phenomenal Hemp Association - Journal of Industrial
struggles the Lakota have endured and con-
growth market for hemp foods and body Hemp Kashmir Gold - Goddess Kit:
tinue to fight. The Black Hills were taken
care, the development of the Test Pledge Evening purse, silk/hemp & lace handker-
by the government because there was gold
Program, and introduced attorney Patrick chief, rosebud, candle, lavender oil, and
and oil to be mined, so the Lakota's seven
Goggin who elaborated on the HIA vs DEA soap. Paul Benhaim - Fields of Green music
sacred sites are unavailable for their cere-
case pending in the Federal 9th Circuit CD - hemp plastic tray. Hemp Starzz - Lip
monies. Through all the challenges (85%
Court. Prospects for processing hemp in balm, Uncle Betsey Tshirt and CD - High
unemployment, alcoholism, etc.) the Lakota
neighboring North Dakota were presented Hopes - We Want Hemp Now! Minawear -
remain strong and several families have the
by Robert Robinson of Modern Hemp. Bob Hemp shirt Magellan - Race Around the
courage and determination to keep tradi-
Newland of the SD Industrial Hemp World Game Hempy's - Shorts, hats, bags
tions and maintain their language, and sur-
Council spoke about legislative efforts and Sativa Hemp Wear - Zipper purse, stickers
vive with dignity and respect for each other
encouraging polls taken in the region, and Pure Hemp - Cigarette Papers Global
and Mother Earth. It was a special meeting
his partner, Jeremy Briggs, announced the Groove - Hemp Waist Belt Candi Penn -
and we thank our hosts for the precious
beginning of a new industry publication, Hemp Fabric from Thailand Living Tree
time spent with them in their homeland.
Paper Hemp Oil Canada - Roasted Hempseed, wonderfully successful event!
Company - Shelled Hempseed, Hemp Flour, Body care Respectfully submitted by Candi Penn HIA
Circle of products. Ruth's Hemp Foods - Hemp Oil & Executive Director 8/28/03 2003 Convention
Life Poster Balsamic Salad Dressing Vote Hemp - Committee Alex and Debra White Plume -
signed by Brochures, VH Reports HIA - 2003 Tom and Loretta Cook -
Julia Calendars, HIA T-shirts. Gloria Castillo -
Butterfly, Upon return to the reservation that night,, Ron Holton and Carol
2004 we were met with a grass fire, out of control Koski, David Frankel -,
Protest with 50 mile an hour winds spreading it Tom Ballanco -, Craig
Poster Art toward Kiza Park. The community fought Lee -, Candi Penn -
Calendar, the fire and it stopped just over the hill. The info@thehia.orgC. Penn, HIA Executive
Movie horses and buffalo were ok. The house and Director Hemp Industries Association, PO
Poster camp were ok. It was another awakening Box 1080, Occidental, CA 95465 Tel: 707 874
"Scorched" for us to the daily struggles of the Lakota 3648 Fax: 707 874 1104 Email: info@the-
with Woody people. They will experience a spiritual,, http://-
Harrelson. emotional, and physical model of a beauti-,
Hempola - ful, truthful, loving way of life.
Tom Cook Temporary
Thanks to all who helped make this a
Tattoos Co-
op America - Community Lender
Brochures James Pollock - "Grow a Field of
Hemp" Tshirts Cool Hemp - Hemp Seedee
(Canadian hemp songs & stories) Santa
Barbara Hemp Company - Hats and
Tshirts Original Sources - Hemp I Scream
Sandwiches Humbodlt Hemp Foods - "Oh
Mega!" Organic Blue Corn Hemp Chips
Nature's Path - "Hemp Plus" Granola
Cereal Hempzel Pretzel Company -
Hempzels, Flour, and mustard. Nutiva -
Organic Hemp Protein Powder French
Meadow Bakery - Hemp Sprouted Bread


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Central Hydroponics
“No System too Small
or too Large”
3444 River Rd., Chemainus BC
Ph/Fa x: 250-246-1379
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Barristers and Solicitors
Barrister and Solicitor
2459 Pauline Street
Abbotsford, B.C.
Canada V2S 3S1
Ph: 604-852-5110
E-mail: Toll Free:1-877-852-5110
Website: Fax: 604-859-3361


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The FMJP seeks to remove all penalties for adults 21 and

over who choose to consume cannabis in a responsible man-
ner. We demand an end to the war on productive and other-
wise law abiding citizens by the powers that be who claim to
protect us. We demand the right to use any medication our
healthcare providers and we deem fit without government
interference. We demand the release of all people imprisoned
on marijuana charges and that their criminal records be
expunged. We demand that all property seized in marijuana raids
be returned to the rightful owners at once. We demand that our law
Are you seeking that unique Christmas gift?
enforcement officers make more efficient use of our tax dollars and
Green Aid. The Medical Marijuana Legal Defense
Fund (USA). Contributions welcome. Check out the great selection of gifts for the use the resources they have at their disposal to go after violent crim- or call 1-888-271-7674 discriminating cannabis consumer at inals and crimes that actually have victims. We demand the right to
(US), 1-415 677 2226. Donations are tax The perfect place grow marijuana on our family farms for personal consumption, just
deductible (US). to get the perfect gift. as alcohol can be brewed at home legally so long as it is not sold
Colorado Med. Users: Colorado Cannabis is SHAKEDOWN STREET
untaxed. We demand that you stop treating us like second class cit-
helping people join the Colorado Patients For all your psychedelic needs, 276 King St. W.,
Registry. We offer grow advice, registration Kitchener Ont. Twisted smoking accessories,
izens for consuming something that is less dangerous than alcohol
assistance and referrals. Contact us at 519-570-0440 Wholesale Available www.shake- and tobacco, both of which are legal and cause numerous deaths each year. Cannabis has never caused one.
The Medical Marijuana Mission Real stories &
valiant struggles of Federal Medical Marijuana ONTARIO The Florida Marijuana Party
Exemptees in Canada Cool Hemp, Delicious, nutritious, all natural Contact: Jason Cole
U.S./Canadian medical marijuana benefit con- organic vegan Canadian hemp foods. Email:
cert, Hands Across the Border: Persons interested RR#4, Killaloe, ON, K0J Phone: 239-848-0135
in the organization of a major musical event in the 2AW Email:
fall or late summer of 2003 please contact Cannbis Budda Budda,Oakville’s Cannabis Smart
Health, attention “Benefit Concert”. We are seeking Shoppe 135 Kerr Oakville, ON KRIEGER FOUNDATION
organizers, volunteers, bands, financial backers, 905-337-1149 1-800-784-5815 The Krieger Foundation is dedicated to bring-
etc. This is a call for assistance with this project. ing you the most up-to-date information on
The organizers are open to ideas and suggestions. medicinal cannabis through links and news.
Canada’s Medical Marihuana Resource Island BRITISH COLUMBIA
Harvest P.O. Box #5 Duncan, BC, Canada V9L HEAD OFFICE
3X1 250 748 8614 Highway Hydroponics - 1791 Tamarac St. PO Box 85055, APPO Calgary, Alberta
Campbel River, B.C. 1-250-286-0424 Fax:1- Canada T2A 7R7 - Tel (403) 235-1244
250-286-0420 - e-mail:
Blossoms Hydroponic Garden Supplies - 8460 Fax: (403) 770-8131 - e-mail
ANNOUNCEMENTS West Granville St. Vancouver, BC, Alberta - Calgary (403) 272-5204 Edmonton (780) 474-7958 -
Ph: 1-604-266-5582 Lethbridge (403) 328-4264
THE HEMP SEEDEE - Songs and stories about Saskatchewan - Regina (306) 359-0357 Courage
industrial hemp in Canada.
BRITISH COLUMBIA Manitoba - Winnipeg (204) 785-8613 story Ontario - Kenora, (807) 467-8651
For the 4th time, Paka Organisation and its
pg 11
JJ’s Hemp Hollow Coming soon: Saskatoon
Global Hemp Store “Chanvre & Cie” organize the 420 TCH West Salmon Arm, B.C. V1E 1S9
Hemp and eco-technologies Festival in Paris NEW MEMBERS ARE WELCOME
ph/fax 250-833-1414
(France) from 7 to 9 of November 2003. / The TO OUR COMPASSION PROGRAM
place chosen is the scientific museum named
“La Cite des Sciences et de l’Industrie”, a perfect
place to show the aspects and potential of the
Cannabis plant


Effective, energetic herbal help for chronic, seri-
ous imbalances: wounds/rashes, frostbite/sun-
burn; arthritic/rheumatic, bone, muscle, liga-
ment problems; immune system boosting.
Flying Hands Farm Herbals 1-250-265-4967 use

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