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Have you ever worried about your air conditioner falling out when you were

installing or removing it?

The risk of a window style air conditioner falling during installation, use or removal is
substantial since these units can be heavy and awkward to handle. You deserve peace of
A/C equipment caused an annual average of 2,346 home fires according to (NFPA)>
The NFPA data doesnt distinguish between room A/Cs and central air conditioning. But
the data does indicate that 27 percent of fires start in the bedroom, while just 11 percent
start in a duct. That suggests that room A/Cs are the bigger culprit. An earlier report by
the U.S. Fire Administration confirms this, showing that room units account for 55
percent of all home fires, even though theyre just 35 percent of installations.
Electrical and mechanical failures, such as a short circuit, are the leading cause of A/Crelated fires. Routine inspection is the best defense against electrical mishaps, especially
if your home has antiquated wiring. And make sure smoke alarms are installed
throughout your home and that they're in good working order.
You also need to maintain your A/C equipment, which will minimize the risk of fire
while also improving its efficiency. With room A/Cs, that means cleaning the filters once
a month during the cooling season, and replacing filters that are damaged. Also, regularly
vacuum coils and fins with an upholstery-brush attachment. And avoid short cycling by
waiting 5 minutes after shutting off the unit before restarting it. That will allow pressure
in the refrigeration system to equalize, avoiding stress on the compressor.
Ready for a new A/C? Check our Ratings of several dozen models, as well as buying
advice on sizing the unit to your space.
If you have central air conditioning, have a licensed professional change all filters; clean
and flush the coils, drain pan, and drainage system; vacuum the blower compartments;
and check the refrigerant and mechanical components.

High Chair designated Don't Buy: Safety Risk due to strangulation hazard
Consumer Reports designated the Babyhome Eat high chair as Don't Buy: Safety Risk
because it lacks key safety features designed to prevent an unharnessed child from sliding
out of the seat or pos..

Behind our refrigerator Rating?

Dimension, freezer usage, energy cost/yr, temperature performance, noise.

The use of any booster seat will improve your child's safety, and likely his comfort as
well. Chances are, however, that a high-back booster seat will be better on both fronts
than a backless booster.
Don't Buy: Safety Risk because it lacks key safety features designed to prevent an
unharnessed child from sliding out of the seat or possibly being caught and strangled
during a fall.
Safety first when buying toys
Avoid magnets and toys that have them.
avoid marbles, small balls, and small pieces
Follow age recommendations
Clean up packaging immediately
Answer the following 5 questions and then press the Mark Quiz button below.
A lead acid battery may be considered fully discharged if the specific gravity
reading is a) 1150 or higher
1150 or lower
between 1250 and 1150
between 1250 and 1280
The electrolyte of a lead acid battery is
concentrated sulphuric acid
concentrated hydrochloric acid
dilute sulphuric acid
dilute hydrochloric acid
Dirty battery terminals may cause
a decrease in terminal voltage of the battery when on load
an increase in charging voltage
excessive gassing
a decrease in the discharge current when off load
When maintaining lead acid batteries, protective clothing should be worn because
there is risk of electric shock
volatile gasses may be emitted
the battery compartment may be in a dangerous location
corrosive electrolyte is used

What should the temperature of your hot water heater be set to?
a) 110 degrees Fahrenheit
b) 120 degrees Fahrenheit
c) 140 degrees Fahrenheit
d) 150 degrees Fahrenheit
Carbon monoxide ...
a) is safe
b) is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas
c) can be detected with a smoke detector
d) b and c
Smoke detectors should be...
a) placed near bedrooms
b) located on the first floor of your house only
c) inspected and have their batteries replaced every two years
d) all of the above
Window guards are...
a) only needed if you live above the 6th floor of a building
b) dangerous because you can't get out if there is a fire
c) important to prevent children from falling out of windows
d) not needed, because screens can keep children from falling out of windows
Choking hazards can include...
a) uninflated rubber balloons
b) coins
c) marbles or small balls
d) all of the above
The combination of water, electricity, and slippery surfaces makes bathrooms potential
danger zones.