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EDUC 2220- Educational Technology Lesson Plan Template

Podcast for Product

Morgan Johnson
English Grade 9

Common Core Standards:

Lesson Summary:
The students will create a podcast or powerpoint trying to sell a product that they use frequently.
Estimated Duration:
This lesson will take about 3-5 hours, or one week of 50 minute classes. I will break the lesson into small
sections so that it can be completed efficiently.

I plan to approach this by introducing students to what a podcast is and how to create one. I plan to show them
how to create a podcast, have them pick a product that they use frequently and try and sell it in the podcast. I
anticipate the challenges to be students having confidence in using a new type of technology or not being able
to find the right things to say in their podcast. I will get them hooked by having them advertise a product that
they love because they will have a lot of information and will be able to include personal experiences in their

Instructional Procedures: (This will be one of the most detailed sections of this assignment).
Describe the instructional steps that will be taken to implement the lesson. For each section of the lesson,
document how much time it will take and what students are expected to do. Make sure to cite your uses of
technology as often as possible.
Please take the time to provide a clear narrative as to how the lesson will unfold.
Day 1:
First 10 minutes: Introductory activity- Students will discuss with me and their classmates what products they
enjoy using.
20 minutes: Students will listen to podcasts, radio commercials, and watch a few commercials that are trying to
sell a product that they had previously mentioned.
In the first 10 minutes, the students will talk about products they enjoy using. Then, they will listen to podcasts
and watch commercials of the products they previously mentioned.
After that, they will list 5 products that they will be interested in selling and provide 3 things that will be key in
mentioning in the advertisement.
Day 2:
In the first ten minutes, students will narrow their list of 5 product ideas into 3, get into groups of 3 and begin
to design their advertisement. The students will have to write a script for the podcast, figure out if they are
going to add music, sounds or just have it be their voice alone. The students will then turn in their scripts and
the scripts will be edited.

Day 3:
The students will begin to record their podcasts and edit them and make sure that they make sense and
their product is being advertised to the fullest extent. The students will observe their classmates podcasts and
offer advice on how it could be improved.
Day 4: Students will finalize their podcasts and make sure that they are satisfied with their podcast and make
sure that they have covered all of their points. The students will have to also come up with a way to present it
to the class effectively.
Day 5: Each group will present their podcast and give the class information on why they chose that product
and describe their product.

In order to pre-assess my students, I am going to ask them what they know about podcasts and advertisements.
Scoring Guidelines:
I will use my own judgment to determine if the students are ready for this lesson. If a majority of the class is
unaware of what a podcast is, I will show them what they are,
Teachers should conduct ongoing teacher assessment and student self-assessment throughout instruction (this
is called formative assessment). These can be planned or conducted as opportunities for observation or
reflection arise. If planned, describe here.
The post assessment will be the students' final podcast and the presentation of it to the class.
Scoring Guidelines:
Each student will be scored on how well they followed the instructions and executed the project. Each
student will also be given a participation grade based on peer evaluation from the other group members.
The grade will be a percentage.

Differentiated Instructional Support

For the students who are accelerated:

The accelerated students will be asked to incorporate more detail and more information into their podcast and
have more digital aspects included. These students will also be asked to help their peers develop a podcast.
Discuss additional activities you could do to meet the needs of students who might be struggling with the
Provide tutorial videos and completed podcasts from previous classes.

This site provides explanations on how listening to different types of media is beneficial and how each way
works and does not work.

Homework Options and Home Connections

The students will be asked to find at least 3 commercials that they enjoy watching/listening to and explain
why. The students will also be asked to explain how they can incorporate elements from the commercials they
found into the podcast they are making.

Interdisciplinary Connections
Tell how the lesson can be integrated with at least two other content areas to strengthen student learning. The
podcast lesson can be integrated with a technology class and psychology/sociology. The technology class is
important because it is a class solely focused on technology. Psychology and sociology would explain why
certain commercials appeal to people.
Materials and Resources:

For teachers

List the materials you will need to teach the lesson.

Podcast Software

For students

Podcast Software
Presentation Software

Key Vocabulary

Additional Notes