A Business Plan on Crab Fattening & Exporting

Prepared For:

Mir Semon Haider
Senior Lecturer Course: MGT 368 Sec: 02

Prepared By: Ahsan Uddin Sharif Omi ID: 053 052 030 Muktadir Irtiza Miraj ID: 053 353 030

Shahriar Rashid Rafi ID: 053 049 030 Rockyb ul Hasan ID: 061 508 030 Farzana Afroze Zerin ID: 052 515 030

April 6th, 2008 North South University

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Mr. Semon Haider Honourable Instructor, Course – MGT 368 (Entrepreneurship), Section - 02, School of Business, North South University, Bangladesh.

Dear Sir, We would like to submit the project on the "Crab fattening & exporting". It is really an enormous opportunity for us to prepare this "Business Plan" project. We would like to recall with gratitude, the tremendous support and encouragement, which we received from you. We have tried our best to implement the relevant theories that you have taught in the course- MGT 368 (Entrepreneurship). As an Instructor and Advisor to the report, you made critical reviews of various earlier reports, provided valuable insights and academic training to improve the quality of the work. We are grateful for your stimulating guidance and

encouragement during the period of preparation this project. Without your guidance, this would simply not have been possible. There may have many omissions and errors on our part but we have tried our level best to prepare this report to the required standard. We are looking forward for your kind appraisal on this project. Thanking you in anticipation,

Ahsan Uddin Sharif ( 053 052 030 )

Muktadir Irtiza Miraj ( 053 353 030 )

Shahriar Rashid ( 053 049 030 )

Rockyb ul Hasan ( 061 508 030 )

Farzana Afroze Zerin ( 052 515 030 )


We are indebted to many people for providing us encouragement and support during our learning and working while making this project and we want to show our gratefulness to these people.

We are very much grateful to Mir Semon Haider, our respected course instructor of Entrepreneurship”, who assigned us this challenging project. He always guided us to take and overcome this

challenge successfully. Without his help in every step it was quite impossible for us to finish this project properly in time.

At every moment we remember all of our classmates who really encouraged us in every stage of this project with their support, encouragement and suggestions which really helped us a lot to make this project to be successful. Without their guidance and friendly co-operation, this project would not be possible.

Also we are grateful to all the fellows who provided us with their utmost effort. Without their help it would not have been at all possible. They have provided us with all the information and also supported us a lot.

Executive Summary: Our business plan is a partnership business, which is named “Kaynra”. The core activities of our business would be fattening and exporting crabs. It is a lucrative business which has a great potential ahead. Scylla serrata (mud crab) is an economically important crab species found in the estuaries and mangroves of Africa, Australia and Asia. These crabs have a huge demand in South Asian countries where they are often bought alive in the markets. Moreover, there are huge demands for frozen mud crabs in the European and US market. According to the EPB export data of the financial year 2006-07 Bangladesh has exported about 8000 tons of crabs in various markets all over the world. Statistics say that Malaysia alone imports two tons of crab every day. Besides, Malaysia there are countries like Thailand, Singapore, Sanghai, Kungming, Taiwan, HongKong where there are huge demand for live crabs. Kaynra will do fattening and exporting of this mud crabs to those countries. We would be serving two segments defined by geographically with our two types of products, live crab to the Asia and frozen crabs to EU and US. We are starting up with a total investment of BDT 75,00000. Initially we are going to start with a farming land of 40 bigha at Ghumatoli in Moheshkhali, Cox’sbazar where we would be doing farming and initial processing of exporting. We will have a building consisting of two rooms and the pant of farming besides the building. We intend to employ around 20 full time employees for the farming plant. The employees will be trained very well according to the scientific method of fattening. We will also have our head office at Uttara in Dhaka where we would do the final processing and paper works for crab exporting. We will collect the crablets

that weigh around 180 to 200 g. from the fishermen and wholesellers. After fattening them for 20-25 days they will be ready for exporting. We will fatten them with appropriate feeding and maintain them by following scientific procedures. For technological operation we will need some machineries like, pump machine, ultra-violet ray machine, heater, generator, oxygen pump which will cost little more than two lac taka. As far as our pricing strategy is concerned we will do the competitive pricing because the demand for crabs in international market is so high that we don’t need to follow a low pricing strategy initially. Kaynra will follow integrated direct marketing in order to promote its crabs to international buyers. We will send brochures through fax and emails, have its own website where orders can be taken online. We will follow the percentage-ofsales method for our promotional budget. The feedings normally used include trash fish. But recently there has been a new feed available in the market. For the frozen crabs, quality control board of BFDC will certify the quality of the product. As part of the monitoring of the proper proceedings of our business we will ask for regular reports from our farming plant in Ghumatoli, may be once in a week. There are two departments working in Kaynra: Production and Sales and promotion. One CEO will be elected from the owners who will be responsible for both the departments. Other partners will act as the role of Managing Director. The CEO will be elected democratically voted by all the share holders. Impediment in transportation and production constraints can be risky for the business sometimes. Flights for the destined countries may not be always n hand, for the last decade natural calamities have become frequent and new-fangled diseases may occur often. In addition to the fattening of crabs we are looking forward to breed quality crablets in future. More and more quality crablets can be produced and exported outside the country because of low mortality rate. In our business plan we have set the target to sale 113400 Kg of live crab by end of third year of our business operation, where we assumed to sale per kg for 700 Taka. We have planned to achieve our target in three stages. At the first year we would try to sale 50% of our third year's target and at the second year we would try to sale 75% of the third year's target. According to our proforma income statement we would be able to generate the profit of 2,124,385.00 Taka, 4,051,201.70 Taka and 12,138,648.11 Taka within three consecutive business years. The demand for seafood is rising day by day creating a vacuum that the suppliers cannot meet. In a scenario like this, seafood producers are the one who are getting the best out of the situation. In Bangladesh there is a huge scope for aquaculture using currently unutilized resources. Tapping into a billion dollar market with the resources we already will surely be a big boost for the economy of our country.

Plot# 8, Road# 12, Sec# 10, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka- 1230 (02)8916083-5

Co -possessors:
Ahsan Uddin Sharif, Muktadir Irtiza Miraj, Shahriar Rashid, Rockybul Hasan, Farzana Afroze Zerin

Trade portrayal:
As the country’s first commercial crab producer, KAYNRA will produce crabs in a controlled process to ensure quality, both in size and health and supply them to the Global market. This business falls under the seafood industry. The company will be utilizing aquaculture technology to farm crabs. Full control over the process will allow production of quality crabs and supply at a competitive price. This will make The Company unique in producing disease free crabs in a standard size, which is the main requirement of the importers. KAYNRA is mainly targeting the Asian market comprising of Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc.

Start up costs account for a total value of BDT 90, 000, 00. These values show that we can move in on a plot of land and prepare it for the purpose of rearing and breeding crabs and other marketing and selling costs. Funding will be through a combination of owner investment and long-term loans.

This statement is confidential and is the property of the co-possessors listed above. It is projected only for use by the persons to whom it is conveyed, and any imitation or divulgence of any of its contents without the prior written authority of the company is strictly prohibited.


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Description of Venture 4 Production Plan 7 Marketing Plan -
























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Organizational Plan 15 Assessment of Risk 17 Financial Plan 19 -

















III. Industry Analysis:
In 2003, the total world production of fisheries product was 132.2 million tons of which aquaculture contributed 41.9 million tons or about 31% of the total world seafood production. The growth rate of worldwide aquaculture is very rapid (more than 10% per year for most species) while the contribution to the total from wild fisheries has been essentially flat for the last decade. The rapid increase in the demand for sea food has created a new market for seafood products like shrimp, lobster, crab etc. Statistics say that Malaysia alone imports 2 tons of crab every day. This indicates a growing market for the company in coming years. After 3 to 5 years crab industry would become one of the most important and feasible industry for Bangladesh. Though the industry is growing slowly but it is projected as a highly prospective sector in terms of exporting. Existing Shrimps & Lobsters exporters are already showing interest in exporting Crabs. Eventually it proves the responses of the exporters to the escalating demand and potential high profitability of this sector.

In Bangladesh, the trend of crab exporters is to simply gather the crabs from nature and export the ones that meet the weight criteria. Only about 10% of the total export is fattened crabs from different farms. But even so, they do not practice any scientific method in doing so. The crablets they use are collected from nature and there is always a scarcity.

As the company is targeting the world crab market, the competition will also be global. The major competition would be from countries like China, Indonesia, Philippines and India. These countries have a set distribution chain and are exporting at a much larger scale. Even after using scientific

methods to fatten crabs, they too are dependent on nature for their crablets, making it the major bottleneck in producing crabs. In the current scenario, there is no existing crab farming company which, directly export abroad. The whole operation is carried out partially step by step with the help of intermediaries. As the country’s first commercial crab fattener and exporter, Kaynra will have a competitive advantage over competitors. From fattening to exporting the product, the whole process is controlled. This results in a lesser mortality rate, uniform size and overall better size and quality of the product. The product pricing is very competitive and the company is dealing directly with the importers. Furthermore, geography of Bangladesh allows the culture of a better species of crabs, which is widely appreciated by consumers. This eliminates all the advantages the competitors have over Kaynra products.

The company’s segment definition, most value for products is based on geography. Kaynra is not intending to reach the global market as a whole, but rather the markets that offer the greatest value in return. That is why the company is offering two different types of products to two different segments. They are targeted towards different geographical locations. The product with the most demand is live crab, but the company is only targeting the Asian crab market with this though the US and EU is a huge market as well. But due to problems such as Flight schedules and time involved, the product cannot reach the market. So Kaynra is aiming to serve the US and EU market with frozen crabs which is another segment.


Political Factors • Government is providing ample tax incentive in this business sector. So there is no concern of tax payment regarding crab export. • Employment laws will definitely be favorable in terms of dealing with the employees. • As we’ve planned to do our fattening process in scientific way so there wont be any environmental issues. • Political instability of our country might be a serious problem as far as the transportation and other processing of shipment are concerned. Economic Factors • As we have decided not to take any loan initially, so we don’t need to be concerned about the interest rate. • As we are part of international business we the exchange rate and inflation rate have a definite impact on our business. • • •

Social Factor As we are not selling our product inside of our country so we don’t have any so we wont have any social or cultural barrier; however, the fact is that the demand of crab in our local market is increasing. People from different classes are willing to taste crab as sea food item.

Technological Factor Basically our business is not totally dependent on technology. We don’t heavily depend on the technology part as far as fattening is concerned. However, in case of processing and transporting we would be depending on technology; so

As the fluctuation of inflation rate is high in our country so it could cause negative effect on our business.

further improvement in these sectors might increase our efficiency and profitability as well.

IV. Description of Ventures
Kaynra anticipates fattening & export preeminent crabs to set a benchmark position in international market.

There are basically two kinds of mud crabs in Bangladesh: the king mud crab (Scylla serrata) and the rare green mud crab (S. paramamosain). The company chose the king crab for its fast growth and flavor and for its high demand in the international market. Kaynra will collect crablets of mud crab (Scylla Serreta) from local distributors and fishermen and culture them.. Primary focus will be placed on the fattening by following a scientific and structured process. Kaynra will offer high quality mud crabs both live and frozen. The company may also consider the local markets. All the offerings will be healthy, high quality and disease free. Live mud crabs will be offered in batches of 100kgs in both 400 and 500 grams per piece categories.

Frozen mud crabs will be offered both in plate freezing in numbers and IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) formats. The company plans to start production of frozen crabs after six months from the initial venture. Initially Kaynra will establish a farming plant of 40 bigha land at Ghumatoli in Mahashkhali. The main reason behind selecting Ghumatoli is that water salinity is very good in there. We will have enough land to fatten around 115,000 crabs by the end of third year of our business

Office Equipment
Computer-Office-------------------------1 Cabinet-------------------------------------2 Chair & Sofa (executive chair, double seated sofa, guest chair) Table-------------------------------------- 3 Air Conditioner---------------------------1 Fans----------------------------------------2

Personnel Required:
There are two departments working in Kaynra: Production and Sales and promotion. But the CEO is the one who manages both the departments. Under the production manager there is an accountant, his assistant and labors for the processes. The labors have to be hardworking. Under the sales and promotion manager, there is another account, his assistant and labors.

Table 1: Personnel requirement chart

Position Production Dept Manager Labor(full time) Mechanic(part time) Security Subtotal


Position Sales Promotion Dept & 1 1 1 6 4 13

1 20 1 4 26

Manager Accountant Assistant Staff Security Sub total

Background of entrepreneurs:

Name Ahsan Uddin Sharif Muktadir Irtiza Miraj Bba in

Degree North University Bba in North South University

Concentration South Marketing (Minor in International Business) Marketing & International Business Finance & Accounting and Human Management Finance & Resource Accounting

Shahriar Rashid

Bba in North South University Bba in North South

Farzana Afroze Zerin Rockybul Hasan


(Minor in Marketing)




South Finance & Accounting and Human Management Resource


V. Production Plan:
• Manufacturing Process
As we our main purpose of the business will be fattening the crabs, so we have to concentrate more on the crablets which will be considered as our raw materials. We will collect the crablets from the local distributors, which will be weighing on an average 180-200 grams.

Food production
Mud feed crabs on

phytoplankton and zooplankton. The first step to phytoplankton culture is obtaining an algal starter from laboratories or institutions that are selling them. Chlorella, Nannochloropsis, and Tetraselmis are the common algae. We start culturing them in one-liter capacity bottles. When the phytoplankton has bloomed and the density is 3 to 5 x 105 cells/ml, we transfer them to ten-liter carboys. Upon reaching the same density, they are transferred to a 0.5 to 1 ton- tank where they are allowed to bloom more.

In culturing phytoplankton, the water temperature is maintained from 20-25 °C for indoor culture and good aeration is provided to give enough supply of carbon needed for plant growth. And filtered seawater with a salinity of 25-30 ppt is used for the culture and sterilize all the containers after use. Also, for bigger

culture, urea (21-0-0) and ammonium phosphate (16-20-0) is used to supply the essential nutrients needed by the algae.
• Crabl ets

Fattening pond readying
Ponds specific for fattening have to be at least 1 meter deep. 1 Bigha or 40 square meters of land is used for a single pond. Kaynra is using 20 ponds round the year in different time periods to keep production steady. These ponds are readied before every harvest. The sides are partitioned with bamboo with up to 20 centimeters underground. Lime is applied to control the alkalinity of the water. PH level is kept between 7 and 8. Manure is used on the ponds on the basis of 500 Kilograms of cow dung, 20 Kilograms of Urea and 10 Kilograms per Hector. Salinity level is maintained between 10-12 PPT.


Element Salinity Temperature Oxygen CO2 PH Ammonia Nitrate

Level 10-22 PPT 22-28 Degrees >4-8mg/liter 0.04-10 mg/liter 6.5-8 <0.02 mg/liter 0.1 mg/liter

Crab fattening
The crablets weighing 180-200 grams are stored in the fattening ponds of 40 square meters at a density of 2 per square meter. Though denser fattening is possible, this provides better growth. Using a smaller density will result in a wastage of space. Proper feeding with 10%

of body weight takes about 20-25 days for the crabs to reach full size. Using different ponds for male and female and proper feeding eliminates cannibalism among the crabs. Measures are taken to prevent viruses and other diseases. Chlorinated water is used in the ponds.

Capturing and Transport
When the crabs are full grown, they are captured. Whole ponds are captured at once. Their claws are tied on the spot and they are brought to the work area for cleaning and packaging. They are carefully packaged into plastic baskets so that too much pressure is not put on them. 25 Kilograms of crabs are packed into each basket. These baskets are transported to the sales and promotion office in Dhaka. Transportation is usually done during night. The temperature at that time is better suited for crabs and mortality rates for transportation are drastically reduced.

After sending the consignment from the farm, it is received in Dhaka office in next day morning. Then the goods are sorted as per order of the buyer. Certain grading systems are followed to sort the crabs. Then they are packed using the preferred packaging instructed by the buyer. For packaging option plastic box, foam box and bamboo boxes are used. After finalizing the packing, the consignment is sent to the airport using pick-ups. It is received the product there necessary actions taken for the shipment procedure including duty, loading etc. After receiving the shipment, the client will inform about the mortality rate and then the sales figures are adjusted

Frozen crabs are brought into production after six months from the initial operation. The crabs are taken to the freezing plan in the same manner as in case of live crabs. They are graded and frozen in blast freezers in both plate and IQF formats. Then they are put into freezer containers and shipped to the countries using sea.

The crablets are marketed almost in the same way as live crabs.

Physical Plant

We are providing a sketched plant layout just for the understanding convenience below:

• Machinery and Equipment:

Generator Ultraviolet Ray Machine Heater Pump Machine Oxygen Pump

• Raw Materials:
Our raw materials will primarily be the crablets. Because Initially our business will be fattening the crabs & then export them. So as far as it is not concerned with the crab breeding process, we have to rely on the crablets & rear till the actual size obtained to be sold.

VI. Marketing Plan

• Pricing
In other words, Kaynra will follow competition-based pricing approach. The demand for mud crabs is found to be so high that this strategy will successfully capture a certain share of the market without compromising the price. Kaynra’s pricing strategy will vary according to the price charged by the competitors. There is a trend of fluctuations in the price of crabs in global market. As a result, we will fix the price of crabs according to the current global pricing trend. However, we have a intention of keeping our price stable as long as we can.

• Distribution

The existing distribution channel consists of 6 intermediaries each of which gets a very small portion of the selling price as profit. The intermediaries include fisherman, arotder (wholesaler), bapari (middleman), and finally exporter who makes the bulk of the profit. On the other hand, Kaynra has a competitive edge regarding distribution channel by undertaking direct marketing channel which eliminates all the intermediaries. It has its own distribution system so that the business can deliver the crabs directly to the buyers.

• Promotion
In order to allocate promotion budget, KAYNRA will abide by percentage-of-sales method. A promotion budget of 10 percent of sales has been allocated for promotion budget. As our sales increases, KAYNRA will attract new clients and capture new markets. Consequently, additional promotional activities will be carried out which would increase the promotional budget. Since the customers of KAYNRA consist of buyers, the business will adopt integrated direct marketing in order to promote its crabs. The business will send brochures through fax and e-mails, have its own website where orders can be taken online, and contact its clients through telephone or e-mails to maintain a profitable client-producer relationship. In addition, Kaynra’s crabs will be advertised over internet through international web portals like www.alibaba.com and www.ecplaza.net. It will also advertise its product through business magazines that are sold internationally. KAYNRA will also collaborate with the local shrimp companies in order to use the existing marketing channels to attract buyers. As a business promotion tool, KAYNRA will attend trade exhibitions organized by Export Promotion Bureau. Bangladesh Export Promotion Bureau publishes a directory of exporters to foreign countries. KAYNRA will collaborate with BEPB to get listed in the directory which will help attract more buyers.

• Product Forecast

Kaynra’s future prospect regarding crabs would be breeding crablets to illustrate a chain of crab production with own facilities. Another vision in suspense would be revealing by introducing different species of crabs through product R&D.

• Controls

The possessors of Kaynra will have effectual control over the whole operation from production till the export function. It will not be possible for any of the owner to stay consistently on the production plant. So a weekly report will be taken by all of the members of the ownership from the production manager. Owners will be present in all other official dealings all the time. So the direct response to the official matters will reflect a clear control over the administrative structure.

VII. Organizational Plan

• Form of ownership

Kayran is a partnership business formed under the Partnership Act 1932. All the partners will equally contribute the investment amount & the profit will

also be distributed equally to all the shareholders. For details, Please follow the contract deed.

• Identification of partners

Apt#1B,Plot#44,Road#18,Uttara, Dhaka-1213

An enthusiastic and goal-oriented personal with mantle of innovation. Able to work under strenuous situation and meet the deadline. Have the high degree of communication skill and my workaholic attitude is proverbial to everybody. Proven record of setting the ball rolling without waiting and can cater to the emergency by means of belongingness.

Career Objective
To flourish my career in my own company where I can translate my acumen and potentiality into making significant contribution towards the growth of the organization.

Work Experience
1. Chancellor

English Learning Centre Location : Uttara.

Tel Position Held

: 8919871 IELTS tutor.  Demonstrating tips & techniques regarding students’ problem & building communication skills among them.

Job responsibilities

Name of the degree

Name of the institute

Session 2005 – contd.

Concentration/Backgroun d

Bachelor of Business Administration

North South University, Dhaka

Marketing & International Business

Govt. Commerce College,Chittagong Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) 1998 2003 – 04, Commerce Chittagong

Dhaka Chittagong Collegiate School,Chittagong 1998 – 2003, Chittagong Science

Secondary School Certificate (SSC)

In My BBA So far I have taken these related courses:

1. Accounting Principles 3. Business Law and Ethics 5. Principal of Economics 7. Organizational Behavior 9. International Business 11. Production Management

2.Business Statistics 4.Managerial Accounting 6.Business Communication 8.Marketing Management 10.Consumer Behavior

Computer skills
– – MS Office (MS Word, MS Power Point, MS Access, MS Excell) SQL Server, Database Management System in Visual Basic.

Extra curricular Activities
Have competed in an Advertising Competition titled ‘PROMOLOGIC’. November 2007, North South University, Dhaka.

Personal Information


Father’s name Mother’s name Sex

: : :

Md. Imam Uddin Minu Momtaz. Male


Date of birth


21st March, 1987

House No - 18, Road No - 5 Dhanmondi, Dhaka - 1205 Bangladesh.


Vitae of Phone:


Cell: 013-053049030

hriar Rashid Email: shahriar123 @gmail.com

Objective :
Contribute ownself with the business of “Kaynra Private Ltd.” in such a way so that in near future it can become one of the top crab exporting farm of Bangladesh and also become well known beyond our national boundary.

Educational Background :
➢ I have completed 7th Semester of my Bachelor of Business

Administration from North South University. Now my 8th semester is continuing and willing to complete graduation in 2009.

1st Major: Finance & Accounting
2nd Major: Human Resource Management

Related Courses: Entrepreneurship, Business communication, Organizational behavior, Intermediate accounting, Human resource management, Human resource planning, Environmental studies, English reading and writing courses, Computer information systems and many others.

➢ Completed O level and A level from Master Mind International School

Strengths in:
• • • Interpersonal skills Negotiation skills Work under pressure

Furthermore quick learner, consistently keeping abreast with new technologies, combined with rare levels of enthusiasm, commitment, and drive; able to work under pressure and adverse situation.

Computer literacy:
• • General computer operating, under windows 95,98 and XP Capable to work with Microsoft word, Access, Powerpoint, Photoshop, internet browsing and so on

Also capable of fixing of moderate kind of computer problems

Personal information: Father Mother Date of birth Mamunur Rashid Salma Akhter Jahan 22nd december, 1985

Riligion Nationality

Islam Bangladeshi

Language skill:
Bangla (native) English Hindi (verbal)

References would be provided upon request

East Nasirabad, 1206(by lane) Zakir Hossain Road, Chittagong Telephone: 031-659155

Rockyb ul Hasan
To build a career enriched with the capability to adapt different organizational cultures or environments through the knowledge I have gained in my educational life and with my honesty, punctuality and effective communication skills as well.


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) (Continuing the 7th semester and about to complete graduation within November 2010) Major: Finance, Minor: Accounting, North South University, Bangladesh Higher Secondary School Certificate H.S.C-2005, Ispahani Public School & College, Chittagong Group: Commerce, CGPA: 4.2. Secondary School Certificate S.S.C- 2003, Ispahani Public School & College, Chittagong Group: Humanities, CGPA: 4.13.

Leadership: Have the leadership skills to influence positively the members in a group effort. Led many research works conducted for different courses.

Skills and Capabilities

Language: Proficiency in reading, writing and speaking in Bengali, English. Adaptability: Adapt easily in new environment, concept and responsibility.

Presentation: Possess effective presentation skills (multimedia, slide, and oral) Communication: Basic understanding of writing business letters, memos and proposals. Coordination: Able to coordinate and work effectively in groups. Stress management: Able to work in a strong and demanding corporate environment. Computer: Able to operate MS Word, MS Excel, MS power point, SPSS and very skillful in browsing internet.

Personal Information's

Date of Birth – 06.12.1986 Nationality – Bangladeshi Religion – Islam Permanent Address – East Nasirabad, 1206(by lane) Zakir Hossain Road, Chittagong Father – Abu Zafar Mother – Runa Zafar

Curriculum Vita
Residence: 157, Journalist Housing, Mirpur-11, Dhaka-1216. Mailing Address: c/o Mr. Mostafa Kamal Majumder, 157, Journalist Housing, Mirpur-11, Dhaka-1216. Phone: +880-02-052515030, +880-666-052515030 Cell phone: +880-052-515030. Email: fxzerin@yahoo.com

Farzana Afroze Zerin


A position that will lead the partnership of crab firm.

Working in The Independent, a leading English daily in the country, as a contributor since April 20, 2007.


Gathering news and views from different sources, writing features on national and international events.


➢ Completed 8th Semester on Bachelor of Business Administration from North South University. Now I am in 9th semester and wish to complete graduation in 2009. Major: Finance & Accounting Minor: Marketing.

Related Coursework Intermediate Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Business Communication, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Production Management, Organizational Business, International Business, Applied Mathematics, Applied Statistics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Advanced Composition, Computer & Information System, Environmental Science etc.

➢ Completed Higher Secondary Certificate with GPA 4.70 under Dhaka Board from SOS Hermann Gmeiner College in the year 2004. ➢ Completed Secondary School Certificate with GPA 4.63 under Dhaka Board from Ideal School And College in the year 2002.


Member & Achieve Manager of NSUYES (North South University Young Entrepreneurs Society).


Operating System 98/2000/XP Software Applications: Microsoft Access, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Explorer, Photoshop & Internet Browsers.

Extra Curriculum Activities

Volunteer: National Career Fair-2007. Contributor: The Accolade (Newsletter, NSUYES).


Introduce to new people Reading Book, Singing, and Listening Music.


Father Mother Date of Birth Marital Status Religion Nationality


Mostafa Kamal Majumder : Rehana Kamal


November 11, 1987. : Single

: :

Islam Bangladeshi

Personal and professional References gladly furnished upon request.


• Authority of principals
Name Ahsan Uddin Sharif Muktadir Irtiza Miraj Shahriar Rashid Rockybul Hasan Farzana Afroze Zerin Designation CEO Managing Director Managing Director Managing Director Managing Director

VIII Assessment of Risk

SWOT Analysis Strength – – – – Practice of Scientific method. Existence farm. Strict quality control. Strong preventive measures against diseases. Threats – – – Lack of flights available to destination countries. Natural disasters. Outbreak of diseases. – – – Opportunities

Weakness – – Limited production capability. Transport delays may result in loss of shipment.




Nonexistent Bangladesh.




Low mortality rate. Better size and quality of products. Incorporating newer and better technologies in our processes.


In every 10 years there is a natural calamity in Bangladesh and the private insurance companies are unwilling to insure the fisheries industry. As a result, Kaynra had to come up with its own plan. Kaynra has a certain amount of reserve money to use as provision for disaster.

Diseases are a major risk in the crab market. Special precaution is taken to tackle the problem. The water used in the ponds is chlorinated as a preventive step against diseases. The mother crabs are washed in

a solution of formalin to disinfect them. A disease free environment is hard, but not impossible to maintain.

Another major risk involved is inflation. The price at which an agreement has been signed may change over time due to inflation. That is why we have decided to do agreements taking the conservative pricing strategy in mind as well.

In case of low incidental production, the crablet market will be compromised and production will shift towards the frozen crab market due to higher margin in the frozen crab.

One of the major risks Kaynra will run under is transport delays. In order to counter this problem we will have a long term business agreement with a transportation company named MASTER TRANSPORT & TRADING AGENCY which is a very renowned transport company owned by one of our partners. The partner will make sure that the transport we use remains fit and we have enough transports for backup purpose.

Kaynra Pro Forma Income Sheet Three Year Summary

Year 1 Sales Live Crab Cost of Goods Sold Gross Profit Operating Expenses Office Rent Marketing Expenses Salaries Utilities & Other Transport Conveyance Web Maintanance Depriciation Baskets C&F Charge Freight Ammortization of Organization cost Provisions for disaster-damage Miscellaneous Total Operating Expenses Profit Before Taxes Taxes Net Profit After Taxes 39,690,000.00 15,079,385.00 24,610,615.00

Year 2 59,535,000.00 27,000,577.00 32,534,423.00

Year 3

79,38 30,95 48,42

220,000.00 4,373,800.00 770,000.00 240,000.00 450,000.00 245,000.00 21,000.00 10,840.00 28,350.00 630,000.00 12,600,000.00 42,440.00 2,494,800.00 360,000.00 22,486,230.00 2,124,385.00 0 2,124,385.00 Kaynra Pro Forma Balance Sheet

242,000.00 5,025,981.00 847,000.00 260,000.00 542,605.00 302,500.00 26,400.00 12,840.00 40,956.30 831,600.00 16,632,000.00 42,440.00 3,286,899.00 390,000.00 28,483,221.30 4,051,201.70 0 4,051,201.70

30 6,00 99 29 1,37 31 2 1 8 1,13 20,68 24 4,38 45 36,29



Start Up

Year 1

Year 2


Assets Current Assets : Cash Prepaid Rent Inventories Total Current Asset Fixed Assets : Organization cost Less: Amortization Total Land Building Less: Accumulated Depriciation Total Furniture (farm) Less: Accumulated Depriciation Total Furniture(office) Less: Accumulated Depriciation Total Machinery-Farm Less: Accumulated Depriciation Total Total Fixed Assets Total Assets 350,000.00 100,000.00 450,000.00 213,000.00 213,000.00 6,000,000.00 307,000.00 307,000.00 36,500.00 36,500.00 98,500.00 98,500.00 395,000.00 395,000.00 7,050,000.00 7,500,000.00 Three Year Summary 6,973,771.00 100,000.00 204,000.00 7,277,771.00 213,000.00 42,440.00 170,560.00 6,000,000.00 307,000.00 35,500.00 271,500.00 36,500.00 4,460.00 32,040.00 98,500.00 13,840.00 84,660.00 395,000.00 57,700.00 337,300.00 5,382,214.00 12,659,985.00 9,050,000.45 100,000.00 664,020.00 9,814,020.45 169,760.00 42,440.00 127,320.00 6,000,000.00 307,000.00 51,000.00 254,000.00 36,500.00 8,920.00 15,080.00 98,500.00 27,680.00 58,320.00 395,000.00 115,400.75 254,600.00 11,349,781.75 21,163,802.20


1 12


18 30

Start Up

Year 1

Year 2


Liabilities & Owners' Equity Current liabilities : Salaries Payable Taxes Payable Rent Payable Marketing Expenses Payable Conveyance Payable Total Long Term Liability : Provisions for Disaster-Damage Total Liabilities Owners' Equity Capital; Ahsan Capital; Irtiza Capital; Shahriar Capital; Rockyb Capital; Farzana Total Retained Earnings(allocated in the share of capital) Net Profit(current Year) Total Owners' Equity Total Liability & Owners' Equity

0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 1,500,000.00 1,500,000.00 1,500,000.00 1,500,000.00 1,500,000.00 7,500,000.00 0.00 0.00 7,500,000.00 7,500,000.00

70,000.00 0.00 30,000.00 415,800.00 25,000.00 540,800.00 2,494,800.00 3,035,600.00 1,500,000.00 1,500,000.00 1,500,000.00 1,500,000.00 1,500,000.00 7,500,000.00 0.00 2,124,385.00 9,624,385.00 12,659,985.00

77,000.00 0.00 32,000.00 547,816.50 27,500.00 684,316.50 3,286,899.00 3,971,215.50 1,500,000.00 1,500,000.00 1,500,000.00 1,500,000.00 1,500,000.00 7,500,000.00 6,259,885.00 3,432,701.70 17,192,586.70 21,163,802.20





1 1 1 1 1 7 13




Kaynra Pro Forma Balance Sheet Three Year Summary

Cash Flows from Operating Activities Net Income Changes in Accumulated Depriciations: Building Furniture

Year 1 2,124,385.00

Year 2 4,051,201.70

25,500.00 4,460.00

25,500.00 4,460.00

Furniture(office) Machinery Ammortization of organization cost Taxes Payable Salaries Payable Rent Payable Marketing Expenses Payable Conveyance Payable Prepaid Rent Inventory Financing Activity Provisions for disaster Net Increase In Cash

13,840.00 57,700.00 42,440.00 0.00 70,000.00 20,000.00 415,800.00 25,000.00 0.00 (204,000.00)

13,840.00 57,700.00 42,440.00 0.00 7,000.00 2,000.00 132,016.50 2,500.00 0.00 (154,000.00)

2,494,800.00 5,089,925.00

992,099.00 5,176,757.20


APPENDIX I: Organogram…………………………………………………………………………………………… …………….. APPENDIX II: Trade License…………………………………………………………………………………………………… …. APPENDIX III: Business Contract Paper………………………………………………………………………………………. APPENDIX IV: Other certificates……………………………………………………………………………………………… …..

APPENDIX V: Land Acquisition Papers………………………………………………………………………………………. APPENDIX VI: Brochure………………………………………………………………………………………………… …………. APPENDIX VII: Price List from Suppliers………..... ……………………………………………………………………… APPENDIX VIII: Price Quotation... ………………………………………………………………………………………………… APPENDIX IX: References……….. …………………………………………………………………………………………………..

Appendix- I

Appendix- III

Partnership Deed

• Ahsan Uddin Sharif (Omi) son of M. Siraj Uddin Sharif- 1st party/Partner House# 09, Lane# 07, Ward# 08, Purbachal Road, North Badda, Dhaka-1212. • Muktadir Irtiza Miraj son of Md. Imam Uddin- 2nd party/Partner Plot# 44, Road# 18, Sec# 07, Uttara, Dhaka-1213. • Shahriar Rashid son of Mamunur Rashid- 3rd party/partner House#12, Road# 03, Dhanmondi, Dhaka- 1212. • Md. Rockyb ul Hasan son of Abu Zafar- 4th party/ partner House# 21, Road# 02, Nikunja-02, Dhaka- 1212. • Farzana Afroza Zerin daughter of Mostafa Kamal Majumder- 5th party/ partner 157, Journalist Housing, Mirpur-11, Dhaka-1216.

Hereby declaring to form an equal partnership business under the Partnership act 1932, titled Kaynra, which will be situated at Ghumatoli in Maheshkhali, Cox’sbazar. This business will be involved in crab fattening and exporting. All the investors will have an equal share of 20% on the profit. The initial investment of 75 lac will also be provided by the investors (15 lac each). Terms & Conditions: 1. All the investors will be affiliated with the operations of the business. 2. We also agree to meet in general body meeting after every two weeks. 3. There will be joint accounts in several banks and no one will have individual access to accounts.

4. In case of any partner’s inability to participate, his successor may take control of his shares and the partnership will continue with the previous deed. 5. All decisions will be taken democratically. 6. The CEO will be elected in a democratic order from the owners.

7. The CEO will receive a pre determined salary for his/her service to the business along with profit. 8. If the business requires additional investment it can be provided by the consent of the partners. 9. If there is any misunderstand among the parties, discussion of the majority consent will be considered. Any of our member wants to withdraw the partnership s/he must be informed us before three months.

Considering all the information & conditions stated above we, all the partners consciously do agree with the deed. Spectators:

Signature of the owners

Ahsan Uddin Sharif Muktadir Irtiza Miraj

Shahriar Rashid Farzana Afroze Zerin

Rockyb ul Hasan

Appendix- IV

CERTIFICATES NEEDED A. Business incorporation 1. Trade license(Issued by the municipality) A. Export license (Issued by Export Registration Bureau) Required documents for export lisence: 1. Trade license 2. Bank certificate A. Frozen food export license (Issued by BFDC) Required documents for export lisence: 1. 2. 3. 4. A. 1. 2. 3. Trade license Export certificate Deed of agreement with BFDC Quality Control authorization Other certificates for exporting GSP HACCP Other certificates varying from country to country

Appendix- V

First Party Mr. Imam Uddin 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Second Party Ahsan Uddin Sharif Muktadir Irtiza Miraj Shahriar Rashid Rockyb ul Hasan Farzana Afroze Zerin

The first party demands to sell the land on 60 (sixty) lac taka cash to the second party. The second party agrees to possess the land on the demanded amount.


Signatures: First party Second party

__________ Imam Uddin Miraj

______________ Ahsan Uddin Sharif

_________________ Muktadir Irtiza

______________ Shahriar Rashid Hasan

_________________ Rockyb ul

_______________ Farzana Afroze Zerin

Appendix- VI

Kaynra (Pvt) Limited

Price List

Price List

Our business name is “Kaynra Private Limited”. The core activities of our business would be fattening and exporting crabs.

XXL (500g+) $ 10.2/kg F1 (350g+) XL (400g+) $ 9.0/kg F2 (300g+)

$ 8.0/kg

$ 6.5/kg

F3 (250g+)

$ 5.0/kg

KAYNRA Private Limited.
Plot# 8 Road# 12, Sec# 10, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka- 1230 Phone: (02)8916083-5 Website: www.kaynra.org

Appendix – VII

Plot# 8, Road# 12, Sec# 10, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka- 1230 (02)8916083-5


Price list for crablets

180-200gms 120-150gms

200tk/kg 120tk/kg

Sources: all the information’s are collected from local wholesalers.

Contacted person: 1. Mr. Biplob (local wholesaler) Al-Kaderia Hatchery Hatchery Zone, Cox’s Bazaar

Plot# 8, Road# 12, Sec# 10, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka- 1230 (02)8916083-5

To whom it may concern

Dear Sir

Sub: Export price quotation for crabs.

We are one of the major crab exporters from Bangladesh. We are the pioneer in scientific crab farming in Bangladesh. We ensure highest quality throughout the farming by close monitoring.

We are capable of supplying as per your need and we have expertise in handling big volumes. Approximately we have a production facility of 15 ton which can be extended as per order.

Our price is competitive and reasonable compared to the quality of our crabs. Though it may vary from time to time but we try to maintain stability in our product’s price.

We provide quality packaging and customized packaging as per our buyer’s requirement. We have an option to select from bamboo basket, plastic basket or foam box. Goods are packed 16-17kg per 20 kg capacity box to avoid high mortality. Though there is some mortality rate in the transportation. We accept highest mortality rate than others.

The basic price of different grade of the product is given below.



XXL (500g+)

$ 10.2/kg

F1 (350g+) $ 8.0/kg F2 (300g+) $ 6.5/kg F3 (250g+) $ 5.0/kg

XL (400g+) $ 9.0/kg L (300g+) $ 7.7/kg

SM (250g+) $ 6.5/kg

Please note these prices are for references only. Unit prices are confirmed upon negotiation and current market price. Price includes all cost excluding freight.

Please place us your order via our website email or telephone. We will take earliest possible measures to fulfill your demand. Normally we take around 1 week to deliver from the date ordered. Final price is depending on the mortality rate received by the buyer.

Please feel free to ask us about any query, we will try our best to satisfy you.

Thanking you

Appendix- VIII
Price list for crablets

180-200gms 120-150gms

200tk/kg 120tk/kg

Sources: all the information’s are collected from local wholesalers.

Contacted person: 1. Mr. Biplob (local wholesaler) Al-Kaderia Hatchery Hatchery Zone, Cox’s Bazaar

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