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Table of Contents
Table of Contents ( 2 ) Executive Summary ( 3 ) Campaign Strategy ( 4 ) Research ( 5 - 15 )
Target ( 5 ) SWOT Analysis ( 6 ) Primary Analysis ( 7 - 10 ) Focus Groups ( 11 - 15 )

Non-traditional Media ( 22 - 37 )
Flyers ( 23 - 25 ) Posters ( 26 - 32 ) Other Non-Traditional ( 33 - 37 )

iNTUITION Campaign Events ( 38 - 50 ) Public Relations ( 51 )

Timelines ( 52 - 53 )
Value of Advertising ( 54 ) Post Campaign Analysis ( 55 - 58 ) Organizational Chart ( 59 )

Creative Strategy ( 16 ) Traditional Media ( 17 - 21)
Print Ads ( 18 - 20 ) Radio Ad ( 21 )


Executive Summary
Subaru Defined Subaru is a brand name that is widely known, but narrowly defined. After years of branding rugged cars such as the Outback and Forrester, Subaru is left with the task of connecting with the fast-paced lives of modern-day consumers. The Subaru Impreza was designed with these consumers in mind, and in terms of logistically achieving this goal, the automobile is more than adequate. In other words, the Impreza is a perfect match for the target consumer, they just do not know it yet. Getting Impreza's name out to the right people is the current task at hand. Research First The first step in our challenge was to begin research and then come up with a campaign theme. We were successful at sending out more than 700 pre and post campaign surveys. These surveys helped to provide us with insights about Gen X and Gen Y on the U of I campus, their attitudes about Subaru as a brand, and cars in general. We also held four focus groups, where we tested some of our campaign ideas. Overall, the open ended environment of the focus groups aided us in evaluating Subaru brand perceptions, while the surveys assisted us in determining brand awareness. Campaign Strategy After completing our research and much brain storming we came up with the campaign theme Subaru Impreza. Adventure is Waiting. This exciting campaign theme was always presented in our advertising and served to set the tone for the fifteen events hosted by our promotions, campaign strategy and implementation departments. Results With a budget set at only $3,000 and aimed at grabbing the attention of more than 40,000 students, we had to be strategically cost effective in every aspect of our campaign, including our ad placements and the cost of our events and promotional materials. Our PR team not only sent out press releases to many newspapers and media outlets, but were also extremely useful in getting sponsorships to save money at our events. With the efforts of the advertising department promoting both Subaru brands and our events, along with the constant consideration of our research, iNTUITION was able to increase brand awareness and reinforce positive brand associations so that students would consider a Subaru Impreza in their decision to purchase their next car.

Campaign Strategy
iNTUITION was responsible for completing an integrated marketing campaign beginning in the fall of 2007 and ending December 5, 2007. Subaru of America Inc. required iNTUITION to strategically market to students with the following five objectives:

To promote Subaru brands and products within the target market as a desirable present and future consideration choice. Identify and measure Gen X & Y attitudes about vehicles and how they fit into their lives Generate creative marketing strategies for the Subaru Impreza product line, appealing to the target market at our university but also relevant to overall target Develop a plan to engage the target audience and invite them to be a part of a brand dialogue utilizing the internet and other interactive communications Generate positive media coverage for our university, class, and relationship with Subaru

Target {40,297}

(74% Undergraduate

22% Graduate)

Males and females aged 18-29 University educated
Greek Life 38 Sororities/63 Fraternities 6600 Members Largest Greek Community Big Ten 21 NCAA Teams Intramural Sports Most students are from in-state (89.2%) 60.5% currently own a vehicle 47.7% have a job Brands convey identity

SWOT Analysis


Primary Analysis - Media
97.62% said they access the internet on a daily basis 29% of respondents stated that websites are their preferred media outlet for information was listed by 25% of respondents as a website they cannot live without The Daily Illini was listed as the top source for information on upcoming events on campus and in the community 66.15% of respondents enjoy online social networking (i.e. MySpace, Facebook) The internet is an extremely popular media outlet, especially websites such as


Primary Analysis - Planning
Only 12% of those surveyed are planning on buying a car within a year vs. over 50% planning on buying a car in 1-4 years. 50% of those surveyed wish to buy a Sedan when purchasing a vehicle The top three brands that interested those surveyed were 1. Toyota 2. Honda 3. Dodge Interest in purchasing a Subaru went from 1.8% in the first survey to 1.56% in the post survey Only 13% of those surveyed were interested in purchasing a performance or wagon vehicle


Primary Analysis - Awareness
The majority of those surveyed are: Not familiar with the Subaru brand or the Impreza model. Most familiar with Honda and Toyota brand vehicles, specifically the Civic and Grand Cherokee. Planning on buying a vehicle in the next four years and are most likely to buy a sedan model. Those familiar with the Impreza: Were exposed through television ads or from family and friends. Believe Subaru to be practical, well-made, and capable for off-roading.


Primary Analysis - Perception
People overwhelmingly perceive Subaru as an all-wheel drive (35.8%), outdoor oriented (39.8%) vehicle. More than 74% of all respondents who rated Subaru on youthfulness thought the brand was either good or very good in the category.


Focus Group Results


Focus Group Mock Ads

The design and color of this advertisement were regarded very favorably. Participants noted that this advertisement looked the most professional. They also liked the thought of a big company targeting U of I students that specifically; however, many participants found the copy to be confusing and attributed “Lincoln” to Lincoln cars and not Lincoln Hall Room 196.

Focus Group Mock Ads
Participants found the idea of “First in its Class” to be eye-catching, but possibly too similar to the airline slogan “first in class”. Because there is not an image of the car, this spot assumes people know something about the brand. Still, some participants did not understand why the advertisement was referring to graduation during fall semester.


Focus Group Mock Ads
Participants found design and color of the Subaru Pit Stop ad appealing, yet needed more contrast between the blue car and the blue background. Some participants wanted a more realistic approach with real buildings, but they commented that it looks more professional than most of the other ads.

There was a general liking of the specific reference to a University of Illinois setting. The absence of people in the ad was off-putting to some, but the most frequent comments concerned mixing drinking and driving. Participants responded favorably to the slogan “Dressed to Impress.”

Focus Group Collage
There were a multitude of image types that participants associated with the Subaru Impreza, and some of the common themes, such as “off-roading” and “outdoors,” were expected. However, many collages hinted that Subaru’s perception is becoming more stylish, with the display of modern looking models and new products such as PDA phones.


Creative Strategy
Subaru is more than just a car brand, and drivers get more than the ordinary ride when they turn on a Subaru. They get the total driving experience, filled with power and control that only a Subaru can offer. The Impreza 2.5i embodies the essence of what this generation wants when they purchase a vehicle. Complete with sleek styling and impressive engineering, Subaru is a force to be reckoned with. From our research, we learned that students are looking to purchase a car shortly after they graduate. We wanted to position the Subaru Impreza 2.5i as a car they will definitely consider when they make their first vehicle purchase. By targeting the University of Illinois campus, we were able to encourage students to have a relationship with the brand, through traditional advertising and grassroots efforts like fun events and cool giveaways. The creative strategy of our campaign was based on the idea that the Impreza 2.5i personifies adventure. Our advertisements aimed to increase brand awareness for Subaru and introduce students specifically to the Impreza 2.5i. We designed eye-catching ads that are informative about our events and the Subaru Impreza 2.5i itself. Using the blue Subaru color from the logo, we made sure that all of our ads fit together under one cohesive theme. Utilizing the slogan, “Subaru Impreza. Adventure is Waiting.” on all advertisements, the campaign was easily recognized by students on campus. We also chose appropriate media outlets for each advertisement to ensure that it would reach our target audience.


Traditional Media {378.20}
As a part of the traditional advertising for our campaign, we chose to advertise in the Daily Illini, the University of Illinois student newspaper. The Daily Illini is the only local morning newspaper in the Champaign-Urbana community, circulating 18,000 papers during the spring and fall semesters. Both students and faculty rely heavily on this newspaper because it is a free publication and there are news stands conveniently located at 300 locations on campus. We also bought four radio spots on the student run radio station WPGU. Many students listen to this radio station while driving or while they are surfing the web, via WPGU’s live internet broadcast option.

Print Ad - 22 Illini Pick-up
Day of distribution: November 8th Place: Daily Illini Amount distributed: 18,000 Cost: $32.00 Impressions: 45,000 Key Details: We used the headline, “Don’t worry, it’s not considered hitchhiking” as a witty method of getting the audience to continue reading for the details of this promotional event.


Print Ad - Subaru Pit-Stop
Day of distribution: November 12th- 13th Place: Daily Illini Amount: 2 advertisement placements Cost: $182.00 Impression: 45,000 Key Details: We ran the ads over a course of two days in the Daily Illini, with the simple, attention-getting tagline “Subaru Pit Stop. Free Food, Free Music, Tons of Giveaways!” along with a caricature of the Foellinger building (one of the most recognized historical buildings on campus) and an outline of the Chicago skyline in the background. We felt that this print ad captured the journey that graduating seniors typically take from Champaign to a city like Chicago, and that students would consequently be able to identify more easily with the Impreza.


Print Ad - Dress To Impress
Day of distribution: November 26 Place: Daily Illini Amount distributed: 18,000 Cost: $130.00 Impressions: 45,000 Key Details: We decided to use the visual of the Subaru car in front of a bar with the tagline: “For once, you’ll want to be the designated driver.” We used this visual and tagline to play off the fact that college students tend to not want to be the designated driver when going to the bar. However, the new Impreza changes things, as students would want to be the designated driver just to get a chance to drive the Impreza.

Radio Ad
Subaru Pit Stop

Day of distribution: November 13th-14th Place: WPGU 107.1 Amount distributed: 4 Cost: 43.20 Impressions: 3,000 Key Details: The spots promoted the Subaru Pit Stop and were 30 seconds in length. The tone was fun and energetic, and told listeners to stop by the Pit Stop.

PRODUCTION SCRIPT "Subaru on Campus” 11/05 ANNCR: Looking to break up your day? Like to listen to live music, eat free food, and collect tons of giveaways? Come to the "Subaru Pit Stop," the on-campus event in front of the Illini Union on the Quad. Wednesday, November 14th from 12 until 4PM. And check out the new Subaru Impreza 2.5i. Keep an eye out for the Subaru street team for more chances to win, because it's Subaru week on campus and you are invited. Subaru Impreza, "Adventure is Waiting". 11/06ANNCR: Subaru is throwing a party for all the Illini! On Wednesday November 14th on the Quad, Subaru will be having a party from 12 until 4PM to launch the new Impreza. So come check out the live music, get free food, and take home plenty of giveaways. And remember to watch for the Subaru street team on the quad for more chances to win. Subaru Impreza, “Adventure is Waiting.” 11/07ANNCR: It's Subaru week on campus and to celebrate, we're throwing a "Subaru Pit-Stop," an all out party in front of the Illini Union on the Quad. So come on by today, from 12 until 4PM. We'll be giving out food and plenty of giveaways. There will also be live music, dancers, and cars to check out. We hope to see you on the Quad, Wednesday the 14th from 12 until 4PM. Subaru Impreza, “Adventure is Waiting.”

Non-traditional Media
A variety of non-traditional media outlets were used to promote the Subaru Impreza:

Posters Direct Mail Facebook Promotional Items Websites Intuition website

Flyer - Bike Protest
Day of distribution: October 22nd -26th Place: Bike racks located on perimeter of Quad Amount distributed: 300 Cost: $0 Impressions: 600 Key Details: The fliers had slits in them that we used to hang on bike handles, and had either one of two catchy taglines: “Manpower or horsepower?” or “Four wheels or two wheels?” Along with little blue ‘Subaru men’ which we attached to the spokes of the bikes, this campaign was meant to catch the attention of not only bike owners, but passerby’s as well.


Flyer - Discover Subaru
Day of distribution: November 12th Place: Handed out on the quad. Amount distributed: 50 Cost: $0 Impressions: 100 Key Details: We placed fliers in balloons handed out on Green Street and on the Quad. We used the informative headline, “Unlock your prize at Subaru’s Pit Stop” in order to explain the significance of finding the key. It is supposed to get the audience to attend the event to claim their prize.


Flyer - Leaflet
Day of Distribution: During all Subaru events Place: On table with promo items and opt-in cards Amount Distributed: 600 Key Details: This three-fold leaflet was used as a supplement to anyone who was interested in learning more about the Impreza 2.5i. It gave specific information about the car like its interior and exterior standard features. The leaflet also gave the price for the 4-door and 5-door Impreza. On the other panels, we listed the days, times, location, and a description of all the Subaru events and promotions. It gave a nice and simple overview of our campaign. It also used the tagline, an image of the Impreza, and the Subaru blue color.

Poster - Tailgate with Subaru
Day of distribution: October 19th Place: All buildings on the Quad, CRCE and IMPE (campus recreation centers) Amount distributed: 80 Cost: $0 Impressions: 52,720 Key Details: We chose the illustration because we wanted to include the car in the actual tailgating event. We added the tagline: “Tailgate in Style”, because we wanted to demonstrate how tailgating with a Subaru is not only stylish but also fun.


Poster - Subaru 500
Day of distribution: October 29th -30th Place: All buildings on the Quad. Amount distributed: 300 Cost: $0 Impressions: 160,000 Key Details: We provided remote controlled cars for students to race around the quad in promotion of the Subaru Impreza. The illustration depicts an example of how the cars looked like and the headline promoted the idea of adventure mentioned in the tagline.


Poster - 22 Illini Pick-Up
Day of distribution: November 8th Place: Bus Shelters located on campus Amount distributed: 80 Cost: $0 Impressions: 42,720 Key Details: We used the same ad that we placed in the Daily Illini for the 22-Illini event.


Poster - Subaru Pit-Stop
Day of distribution: November 12th -14th Place: All buildings on the Quad.
-Six block strip of Green St. in Campus town -5 Major Apartment Complexes in Champaign -6 Dormitories

Amount distributed: 500 Cost: $0 Impressions: 267,000 Key Details: We chose the taglines: “Need a Study Break?” or “Hungry for an Afternoon Snack?” because they were direct and right to the point. The copy offers free food, live music, and giveaways. All three of those, especially free food, are a good way to attract college students because, stereotypically, is offer something to them for free. The design is basic, showing the car and the logo: “Subaru Impreza. Adventure is Waiting.”

Poster - Dress to Impress
Day of distribution: November 27 Place: Buildings on East and West side of Quad and Green Street Amount distributed: 80 Cost: $0 Impression: 42,720 Key Details: We used the same ad that we placed in the Daily Illini for the Bar Night event.


Poster - Graduate with Subaru
Day of distribution: November 29th Place: Subaru Impreza on 6th Street and Wright Street Amount distributed: 80 Cost: $0 Impressions: 42,720

Key Details: We decorated a parked car with a graduation hat with tassel and a giant diploma and then placed the poster with the headline “Earn your Degree in Adventure.” It was to signify the end of the Subaru campaign on campus, and the fact that the students have successfully learned about the Impreza 2.5i.


Posters - Classroom Campaign
Day of distribution: November 12th Place: Buildings on the Quad Amount distributed: 40 Cost: $0 Impressions: 10,680 Key Details: These advertisements had catchy headlines that were be humorous and quirky. The students sitting in the classroom could directly identify with them because they were geared to the structure of the particular classroom or classroom activity.


Direct Mail - Student Mailer
Day of distribution: November 5th- 9th Place: Graduate Student Mailboxes, in six strategically chosen department offices. Amount distributed: 300 Cost: $0

Impressions: 600 Key Details: We used the headline, “Throw your i-Trip out the window” in order to incorporate the Impreza’s new features with the elimination of the device that connected an iPod to a car.


Facebook Banner - Subaru Pit-Stop
Day of distribution: November 12th 14th Place: Amount distributed: 37,500 Cost: $75.00 Impressions: 37,500 Key Details: We hoped to reach each prospective target a U of I through the use of a flyer. Our aim was to target the entire campus, especially the graduate student body. Many people within our target groups frequent daily, and with 37,500 page displays for $75.00 was a great deal. The flyer appeared on the left side of the page and consisted of the logo, car, and the text “Subaru Pit Stop” on the top, the day and times in the middle, and some more information below the actual flyer.


Facebook group - U of I Subaru
Day of distribution: October 3rd- Present Place: Amount distributed: 11,100 (every person in class(37) invited all U of I friends, average amount of friends =300) Cost: $0 Impression: 11,100 Key Details: We set up an online group using the popular social networking site, Facebook. As of December 1, 2007, we had a total of 170 members in the group. We posted a list of events on the group’s site and regularly updated the site with information about events as well as all the pictures and videos taken at these events. Students were encouraged to ‘tag’ themselves on the photos and write comments on the group’s ‘wall.’ This was a great nontraditional medium as it also attracted non-U of I students to post comments on the wall.


Online Exposure
The Subaru Pit Stop was posted on the calendars of popular ChampaignUrbana websites. This type of media allows consumers to browse through events and gather information about the specifications.


Promotional Items
The promotional items that were given away at our events were chosen with the target audience in mind. Frisbees, koozies and pingpong balls get the Subaru name into the homes of college students through interactive means.


iNTUITION Campaign Events
Tailgate with the Impreza Bike Blitz Subaru 500 Mario Kart Racing Discover Subaru Subaru Pit Stop Blue Cookie Pass Out Night out with Subaru Letter Writing Campaign DEFROST - Hot Chocolate Pass Out Graduate with Subaru

Tailgate with the Impreza


Bike Blitz


Subaru 500


Mario Kart Racing


Discover Subaru


Subaru Pit Stop


Subaru Pit Stop


Blue Cookie Pass Out


Night out with Subaru


Letter Writing Campaign

When: Thursday November 29th 11-2pm Where: Quad area What: A Dear Santa type of letter to for students to fill out and send home, requesting a Subaru for the Holiday season Highlights Collected 63 opt in cards. Occurred during end of the campaign once students were familiar with the Subaru brand and the new Impreza 2.5i The letter sent home involves the parents of the future car purchaser who may be influential in their decision process


DEFROST - Hot Chocalate Pass Out


Graduate with Subaru


Public Relations


iNTUITION Timeline


Media Timeline


Value of Advertising
The value of advertising lies in our ability to increase brand awareness and create positive lasting impressions on our target market. We maximized the value of our advertising campaign by being cost-efficient as well as resourceful. As proactive students of our university we strategically advertised and held events where our target would be reached most effectively and in the greatest numbers.
A few resources used: Approximately 3000 color flyer/ads printed Our Cost = $0 Actual Cost = $700+ Thousands of promotional items along with donations: Customized Subaru Impreza T-Shirts, ping pong balls, koozies, pens w/ highlighters, dry erase boards, tape measures, carabineers, frisbees, balloons, cookies, hot chocolate, etc. Our Cost = $609.04 Est. Value = $4,387+ Volunteer entertainment: Appeal and increased connection between target audience and Subaru. Est. Value = $700+


Post Campaign Target Market Awareness


Post Campaign Focus Groups
One Post Event Focus Group comprised of 10 graduate and undergraduate students The participants created collages describing SUBARU as a person following our campaign implementation “If SUBARU walked into a room right now, what would it be like?” “What would be its personality?” “What image would it convey?” Common Collage Themes: The word “FAST” High technology Outdoor image Adventure Nature Style


Campaign Success!
Our main event attracted the most people (37.3%) 33.5% had a great time while at the event 33% of event attendees would recommend a Subaru event to a friend 24.86% of event attendees stated that they learned a lot about the Subaru Impreza at the event 23.78% of event attendees would consider purchasing a Subaru Impreza


To promote Subaru brands Identify and measure Gen X & Y attitudes Generate creative marketing strategies for the Subaru Impreza Develop a plan to engage the target audience Generate positive media coverage for our university, class, and relationship with Subaru
With the efforts of the advertising department promoting both Subaru brands and our events, along with the constant consideration of our research, iNTUITION was able to increase brand awareness by 10%, and reinforce positive brand associations so that students would consider a Subaru Impreza in their decisions to purchase their next car.


iNTUITION Organizational Chart