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Metz Ecuador

Since October 2004 Victor van Dijk (30) a Dutchman from the Westland area, famous
for it's flower production, has been running our Quito office in Ecuador, he has lived in
Ecuador for 7 years and has vast knowledge of the growers and transportation. This
familiarity with the area has worked well and Metz are now sending flowers to USA,
Canada and Europe. These are of the highest quality being sourced from our own
partner growers and packed by them in Metz Ecuador boxes.

Ecuador has many climate zones so a large variety of flowers can be produced from
large headed roses, tropicals to summer flowers. The trend at the moment is for garden
style, large headed roses and these can be obtained in a variety of colours and the
highest quality. A capital E on the pricelist tells you that these are sourced from
Ecuador and you will see are competively priced. So why not give them a try or some of
the beautiful range of tropicals and summer flowers that are presently available.


Has revenue of circa 300 million Euro and supplies to 25,000 customers in Europe and
North America. The group has 54 cash & carry’s and utilizes the worldwide Internet
ordering system Iris. At Fleura-Metz 1,000 people are employed. Fleura-Metz is a
member of MFI.

The florist is the focus.

Together Fleura and Metz are better able to support and strengthen the market position
of the florist. Fleura-Metz wants to be the best partner for the florist and achieves that
for this segment by unique economies of scale and the presence of knowledge in terms
of sourcing and logistics;

Fleura-Metz wants to intensify its efforts in terms of market support for the florist.
Specific know-how must be developed further. Innovation in marketing is our mission,
whereby present services such as workshops, focus groups, demo’s and Scala Verde
comprise the early stages.

We are a flower company to offer consistent quality; because we buy and work always
to the same nursery freshness about we meet the highest standards offering more than
1200 articles on flowers, plants and 800 articles in over 1,000 accessories.
Metz want to be leaders in the market merging with Fleura florist to support and
strengthen our exports remain the largest flower exporter in Europe and North America,
adopting the name of Fleur - Metz, innovating our product range.

Our constant aim is to supply flowers and plants of the highest quality, packed in a
professional manner.
• Implement advantages in the scope of supply, logistics, technology and marketing
• Improve the position of the florist in the market.
• Renew online shopping.
• Optimize the international distribution of ornamental horticulture products for its
members through the union of knowledge and buying power.
• Transport and florists that specialize in supplying Western Europe and North America.