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Lesmanifestations.aif 7 October, 2002, 00.00.00 - 00.37.

Rest In Peace, Jim McGrane. We came to work but the corridors were barricaded by metaltubed chairs with pale veneer seats and backs; upended tables blocked doorways. Leaving the
classrooms we headed towards the sounds of chanting. Bodies close enough for warmth, you
with a scarf and a smile, making new friends and sharing old memories of other times on the
streets with flags and whistles and the songs of several generations. The crowds parted
around two men in boiler suits striking flares against the tarmac, burning streaks of black,
reeking carbon and sudden red lights vivid aloft, billowing, crackling.
File0143.wav 4 September 2004, 00.00.00 -
Through a ragged hedge and over a ditch, the sloping field. The chess piece church spire on
the skyline, below which the sun had dropped just far enough for light to cast shadows in the
stillness behind and to halo the mist from the farm sprinklers in front. A daughter’s laughter
from the garden, the chugging sprinklers, the blackbird calling alarm from its roost, my
nipples sticking clammy to the shirt, the miniature drumming of fine droplets on the fresh
maize leaves and stalks, the bigger beads of water splashing down to clay-streaked puddles,
the presence of circuits and cables.
STE-003.WAV 9 April 2012, 00.08.080 – 00.17.423
The scuff of rubber sole on the driest soil; a cricket chirping at fixed intervals, faster to a single
whine, falling to nothing; a human breath – my own – caught up in a wind straight down from
the high mountains that pops on arrival like an ear in a landing plane. Camera shutter click. A
bluebottle busies its way through a circle and leaves. A metal rhythm, its beat given in three the third shadowed by a softer repeat - withheld and then released. Slow scratches of
tightening and twisting, still metal. Perhaps a dog at the edge of things.
File0289.wav 30 January 2007, 00.02.03 – 00.03.04
Can a hayayah k’wy yon, nuh? A la layo yeh ma way o sent me ma la gwa; da way layos a new
wa. Ahha! Wu hayo hango dayo tan. A dabba dan u dabba do. Uderat, see may o ditta cabloos,
on dey ga. An caboo. A la la la e why e why e waddata e wa. Gon ya gon, ya, gon ya. Gon ye cow
cow eye wing ya. Bau. Goresh an a; e wa areddeen o raydeen a. Ay yay yay a a aa imma wa. ay.
Oh noy coadji la. Bin jun maddy dor gey.
teeth_brsh_etc.wav 29 November 2006, 00.00.00 – 00.04.37
Hangover, sour, sulphur, ache, bulge, clasp, shutter, rasp, wooden, widen, croak, grain, gape,
belt, hairs, shiver, rinse, scrub, bristle, cheep, hollow, splay, split, spit, shame, gums, circle,
tighten, tear, tap, tube, stair, squeak, squirt, tinkle, rumble, dribble, chug, rub, caw, drain,
metal, grind, rough, raw, hem, pot, pop, pat, pad, throat, totem, turn, ajar, Autumn, mat, bare,
twist, tilt, lift, crinkle, glass, scrape, shelf, scratch, breathe, bleed, rinse, whisk, clink, sniff, seep,
enamel, chain, bubble, pace, fade, foam, peter, wrap, knock, chirp, push, place, recede, open,
bump, balance, brush, shuffle, leaves, wade, red, gold, lake, evening, forest, stillness, mountain,

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