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more than 10 million years. Many of the disaster predictions for the earth are absurd. Some say that the rotation of the earth will suddenly reverse, with the Sun rising in the west. This “pole shift” has never happened and never will. others are worried that the magnetic poles of the earth will reverse. This is something that happens every 400,000 years on an average, but there is no reason to expect such a reversal in magnetic polarity in 2012. one legitimate but exaggerated concern is over solar outbursts. The Sun goes through an 11-year activity cycle. near peak activity, there are solar flares that can cause some damage to space satellites, although engineers have learned to design their electronics to withstand such events. The next solar maximum is predicted for 2013, and it is expected to be unusually weak. There is nothing about the Sun to cause a doomsday fear. none of the doomsday predictions has any scientific validity. Yet many people are still afraid of december 2012. The only reason this date is selected is that it represents the end of one of the large cycles in the ancient Maya calendar. Scholars who study the Mayan culture say that this calendar event does not predict anything, let alone a global disaster. it is sad that so many people are falling for this doomsday hoax. Many who write to me are genuinely frightened. children are especially vulnerable. i think, it is ethically wrong to promote a hoax that causes so much distress.
Professor David Morrison is the Director of the NASA Lunar Science Institute and Senior Scientist for Astrobiology at the NASA Ames Research Center. Asteroid 2410 Morrison is named in his honor.

Nostradamus expert JohN hogue preseNts the seer’s take oN 2012

The world will end in 3797 Ad!
there Is no connectIon wIth nostradamus and the mayan solstIce ProPhecy of 2012...
will not find one astrological iota or prophetic reference to the Mayan date. on the other hand you will find intriguing astrological conjunctions that apply to early 2009 and later for the 2020s, but nostradamian French and codes match one's Mayan machinations. As i see it, there is definitely a reboot of an age going on, but such triggers do not fall on the second, the solstice happens in winter in 2012, any more than you can mark the second you move from being young to being an old woman or a man. At what point does the great and fully grown Bodhi Tree arise from the sapling? Great ages, great "Yugas" are gradual like the growth of great trees. But try to tell that to the fast food-fast factoid obsessive western scholars of prophecy!


have been recently seen on a number of documentaries concerning 2010 and nostradamus' connection. in each one, i have stated that there is no connection with nostradamus and the Mayan Solstice Prophecy of 21st december 2012. For the most part, my statements are "left out" of the sympathetic, ProMayan doomsday documentaries. These documentaries avoid a stark fact that the 16th-century French seer categorically dated the end of the physical earth happening on a date nearly 1,800 years after 2012: the year 3797 A.d. Anyone who had studied his writings

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Nasa scieNtist, professor david morrisoN dispels the myth surrouNdiNg the apocalyptic prophesies of 2012

The dooMSdAY 2012 hoAx
over the world could see it. The idea of a large nearby planet that remains invisible is just silly. other doomsday stories concern so-called alignments. Many in the public think that when planets line up, something terrible will happen. But astronomers know that such alignments don’t have any effect on us. Besides, there are no planet alignments in 2012. what does happen is that every december, the Sun, as seen from the earth, is in the direction of the centre of the Milky way galaxy. There is nothing mysterious about this, as it happens every year. The galactic centre with its black hole is 30,000 light years away, and it has no effect on the earth. others claim that the solar system will pass through the plain of the Milky way galaxy, and that this will release some dangerous forces. But the solar system is now far from the galactic plane, and we won’t cross it again for


Jehovah's wItnesses had PredIcted 1914 as the year the world would end
agined that it was a result of God’s wrath and that the whole world was to go up in flames. The year after, 1666, was also believed by european christians to be a year of doom, as 666 is described as the number of the Beast in the Bible. Sixth June, 2006, saw a revival of the same sentiments. Jehovah's witnesses, a christian offshoot, had predicted 1914 as the year the world would end. when it did not, they predicted that it would end ‘shortly’. in 1997, a UFo was supposed to follow the comet hale-Bopp, and though nothing of the sort occurred, 39 members of heaven's Gate cult did choose to commit mass suicide, so that their souls could board that aircraft. More recently, we were all supposed to have perished when the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn fell in line with the Sun and the Moon on 5 May, 2000. despite all the panic caused by end of the world soothsayers since hundreds of years, the world has happily continued. will the world continue to spin post 21st december, 2012? considering how previous prophecies haven’t affected our world one bit, we’d say it most probably will. As Yogi Ashwini says, “nothing would happen in 2012 and we have to stop looking for reasons to panic and start hoping for peace and spreading joy.” Anu Gulmohar

tories circulating on the internet about the “end of the world” or various disasters in december 2012 are a hoax. nothing will happen in 2012. There is no science behind any of these doomsday claims. one widespread assertion is that there is a planet or brown dwarf or perhaps even a “second sun” (called Planet x or nibiru) that will hit the earth or pass close by in december 2012. But there is no evidence that such an object exists. if it did, astronomers would have been tracking it for at least a decade, and by now it would be visible even without a telescope. This is not something that could be kept secret, since even amateur astronomers from all

prophets of doom Never give up, so why should we?

dooMed ProPhecieS
pher Seneca, who had prophesised that the world would go up in smoke. So in Ad 79, when Mt. Vesuvius erupted, they believed the apocalypse was here. in 1665, when the Great Fire of london set the town on fire, londoners im-

“scholars who study the mayan culture say that thIs calendar event does not PredIct anythIng”
the sunday indian 50 27 december 2009


t’s been a while since people have been running around like frightened chickens expecting the sky to fall on their head or the earth to split wide open and gulp them down. The romans, for example, believed philoso-

the sunday indian 51 27 december 2009

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