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Piano/Conductor The 25th Annual Putnam County | 12 Spelling Bee I SPEAK SIX LANGUAGES MARCY: Well it should, and it should say. +. Brightly RONA: Ab, Six 2 3 ‘ Pic 2. SPEAK SIX LANGUAGES: Spelling Bee 6 7 8 Every lan-guage ca = sy, easy as the re re-ci-pe for ma-king syn. ' +Shekeré (as before) speak six lan - gua-ges, — Syn + Xylo 16 RONA: Ii does say you're an athlete, in at least se-ven more, FISyn.Xylo,Vel. (1506) g w/Syn (LH) PIC 3. ISPEAK SIX LANGUAGES Spelling Bee cel in ath le-tics is not “dif -fi-cult if one has the tem - _ perament.— Ap +FVel Sya,Xylo we the tem. pera-ment Syn.Xylo Syn +#Vel (arco) ey 25 20 eo I goals. So. un-fazed am 1, Sym (va) \ 7 ‘Syn (LH - 8vb) w/Syn (LH)