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Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled has been
working since 1997 to empower the visually impaired,
disabled and underprivileged people in India.
Samarthanam is working to support the visually
impaired, disabled and underprivileged to keep in
pace with the rest of the society by providing quality
education, accommodation, nutritious food,
vocational training, placement based rehabilitation
and achieve personal independence. Samarthanam
works towards creating an inclusive society which
provides opportunities -without any discrimination -
for the development of the visually impaired, disabled
and underprivileged people.
Our Genesis

To promote primary and higher education of the

visually impaired, disabled and underprivileged
To increase the educational and employment
accessibility of the people with disabilities by using
assistive aids/ technologies and comprehensive
vocational training.
To reduce malnutrition related disability through
nutritional supplements.
To promote and spread art, cultural and other
recreational avenues for people with disabilities.
To encourage Sports and Games of the people with
disabilities especially the visually impaired.
To promote eco-friendly living and sustainable waste
management practices as an innovative vocational
opportunity for the disabled.
To establish and run community based rehabilitation
centers for special target group like destitute women
and neglected children.
To work with organisations of people with
disabilities in national and international level for
achieving the objectives of UN Convention on Rights
of Persons with Disabilities.


Our mission is to empower the visually impaired, A inclusively society free of discrimination against the
disabled and underprivileged people through disabled, where the people with disabilities especially
developmental initiatives focusing on educational, the visually impaired enjoy equal opportunities and
social, economic, cultural and technological aspects. enhanced quality of life.

Mission Vision

Education & Nutrition

A secure shelter under vigilant supervision, hygienic A residential co-education high school and a primary
and nutritious food for the disabled and school are functional at Hulimavu near Bangalore. In
underprivileged children is the primary focus of our the primary and high schools Samarthanam follows
hostel and boarding facilities. Our aim is the all-round qualitative education methods to enhance the
development of a child therefore Samarthanam learning experience of students from rural areas. We
provides free tuitions, training for extracurricular focus on all-round personality development of
activities, specially recorded course materials for the students by enabling them to acquire technical skills
visually impaired students. and extra curricular activities.

Hostel Facilities Residential Schools

Samarthanam is playing a dynamic role in enhancing

the learning experience underprivileged children
studying in government school. With the support from
Child Vikas International, USA, Samarthanam has set
up libraries in six government schools in Bangalore.


Tejaswini 6th Std from Hulimavu High School:

“ I have been studying here for the last 3 years and I like
my teachers. I like science the most; and I struggle with
social studies but my teachers help me to do the best.

Dhanush 4th Std Hulimavu Primary School:

” Integrated Education for the Disabled is an initiative of
the Ministry of Human Resources Development,

“ I like studying here. It feels at home because of good

food, lovely teachers and sirs who care for us at the
Government of India. The programme aims to bring
the disabled children on the same educational
platform that every other student enjoys in this
country. Samarthanam is instrumental in enrolling

over 350 children in over 70 government and private
schools. We have trained and placed special teachers
to support the schools in teaching special students.


v yaprasaD
Education & Nutrition

Malnutrition is one of the root causes of disability

among the growing children in many developing
countries including India. Samarthanam Vidyaprasad
The Samarthanam Vidyaprasad programme is
aims to prevent the malnutrition related disability by
committed to child development through nourishing
providing nutritious mid-day meal to school children.
meals. Samarthanam values secularity therefore serves
food to children irrespective of their religion, caste, or
creed. The mechanized kitchens ensure hygienic Why Vidyaprasad?
cooking process. A well equipped fleet of vehicles
esure timely delivery of meals to the school children
during their mid-day meal hours.

About Vidyaprasad

Head Mistress

St. Francis Xavier's Higher Primary School:
We receive our mid-day meal on time. You provide our
students with good quality and sufficient quantify of

food. They enjoy it.

Vidya, Banvasi village

10th Std, Indira Priyadarshani Girls High School:

“ I like the food...they serve different and tasty food items

daily. I don't miss my school, don't fall ill because the
food is served fresh and clean.

• Nutritious mid-day meals 6 days a week, throughout

the academic year.

• Mid-day meals to over 35,000 students in 123

government schools.

• Aim to reach one lakh students by 2011.

Samarthanam Vidyaprasad is partially supported by
At a glance the Government of Karnataka. You can contribute to
this programme by sponsoring mid-day meals.
For more information on donations please write to us

Feed a child
Swadhara A home for women in distress

In 2007 with support from Ministry of Women and

Child Development, Government of India, Swadhara, a
home for women in distress and disabled was
established. Samarthanam provides shelter, food,
vocational training, counseling and suitable placement
options for the women at Swadhara.

About Swadhara

Rehabilitation & IT
Vividha enterprises
To promote a social entrepreneurial enterprise.

To provide the disabled and underprivileged

with massive employment opportunities and
support their financial self reliance.

To advocate and re-emphasize the professional

Vividha capabilities of the disabled or a disadvantaged
enterprises persons.
To mobilize financial resources for the welfare of
the people with disabilities.

To support social issue like environmental

conservation through appropriate business
Vividha Enterprises, an initiative for Samarthanam to practices.
provide massive employment opportunities to the
disabled and disadvantaged people. We, through this To comply with the best standards of production
initiative, intend to create a successful enterprise which and marketing, both qualitatively &
would generate revenue for carrying out several social quantitatively.
projects of Samarthanam.
About Vividha Objectives

ec v s on
Mission through the eyes of technology
Rehabilitation & IT

Samarthanam has been helping several visually

and physically challenged students to find gainful
employment placements with a variety of
companies. Our focus through Samarthanam
TechVision is providing advanced computer
training, training for Digital Accessible
Information System(DAISY), English speaking
courses, and personality development classes.
Samarthanam TechVision is an active member of
DAISY Forum India.
Our Focus
Advanced Computer Training emphasizes on
Windows (2000 and XP), MicroSoft Office (Word /
Excel/PowerPoint/ Access). The students will be
trained for Internet browsing, website navigation, e-
At the age of 11 Rajani was diagnosed for Steven mailing, utility software such as data compressing
Johnson's syndrome; a condition that leaves a media playing, CD writing, installing software and
permanent impact on a body organ. In Rajani's case successful troubleshooting.
she lost her eyesight. She says, “I found my way to Duration: 220 hours
Samarthanam; where I learned working on the
computers with a screen reading software. I learned
MS Office and the Internet with the help of screen
reading software and supporting volunteers.”
Rajani Gopalakrishna is the first visually challenged
woman to have qualified as a chartered accountant.
She says gratefully, “Incorrect execution of medical Excellence through Communication in English
advancement took away my eyesight; and with the Language (EXCEL) concentrates on the language
help of technology it gave me a new lease of life.” training in a three level strategy: 1.Foundation level 2.
Grammar level and 3. Accent neutralization. Duration:
Success Story 180 hours.

Library is to reach out and catalyze education for the

print-disabled persons (visually impaired, slow-learners Personality Enrichment and All-round Learning
and dyslexic children). The prime focus is on school and (PEARL). Besides technical and language skill
college students so we concentrate on making the enhancement Samarthanam TechVision gives
course materials available through digital means. importance to development of soft skills for all -round
Under the guidelines of DAISY the books are scanned, development of its students. PEARL includes various
edited, typed, recorded and edited by our team aspects of personality development, life skills
ensuring optimum quality of work so that people with education, motivation, communication, leadership,
disabilities can access the content in audio mode of the team building and team work, career guidance,
screen reading software. employability and entrepreneurship.
Duration: 80 hours.
Digital Book Library PEARL
During a Test Match in 1922 in Australia, it occurred to
local residents that people who have visual impairment
would enjoy playing cricket. They put pebbles in a tin
and began playing with it; instead of a normal ball.
Blind cricket has since developed into a highly
competitive international sport.

About Blind Cricket

Samarthanam is promoting sports for the visually and

physically disabled to instill awareness and importance
of physical fitness, confidence and team spirit thereby
opening a window to prove themselves. . It enables
them to travel across the country and the world to gain
better understanding of the various hues of the people,
culture, languages etc.

Samarthanam Sports

Sports & Culture

Shekhar Naik is one of the talented
Indian cricketers who have made us
proud by being a part of the special
Indian Cricket Team. In the 2007
World Cup, as a part of the special
Indian Cricket Team, Shekhar scored
an unbelievable 623 runs with four
centuries, 21 wickets and three Man
of the Match awards in seven
matches that he played.

Man of the match

On the occasion of the 12th foundation day,

Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled, organised The
National Open Chess Tournament the for the Visually
Impaired. About 150 visually challenged persons
across the nation participated in the tournament. The
tournament turned out to be a huge success and a
wonderful platform for the visually challenged to
exhibit their talents in chess.

Chess for the Blind

suna a

Samarthanam established the cultural group Sunadha

to encourage talent among the visually impaired,
disabled and underprivileged youth to nurture their
skills and confidence to perform in front of an
audience. The troupe has presented its talent across
India, the USA and the UK. Samarthanam aims to
establish a National Cultural Academy as a center for
excellence in order to provide opportunities to the
talented disabled artists to fine tune their skills and
exhibit their talents on a national platform.

About Sunadha
Sports & Culture

“Disability is a lifestyle and not a

handicap. Attitude is everything.
You are only handicapped if you
refuse to use your God given talents.
Being physically challenged is not
an obstacle to ambition” says Suma;
an accomplished dancer, a
passionate chess player, a keen
student, and a dedicated assistant in
the HR department of at
Samarthanam. She says,
“Samarthanam is like my mother,
who taught me to dream, pursue
them to turn them into reality. My
next dream is completing my MBA.”
Suma has performed all over India
and even abroad. Dance is her
passion, a way to show her

Success story

Bangalore Dry Waste Helpline

Samarthanam Parisara is a Waste Management
Programme initiated in 2003. It has emerged as a
reliable waste management partner with its state-of-
the-art waste management technologies, transport
and handling equipment, and prompt service, Parisara
has the unique distinction of being a trusted partner of
various corporate houses and apartments.
To create a waste-free environment and
About Parisara environmentally friendly cost effective, innovative
and sustainable technologies.
To provide end-to-end waste management solutions
for the corporate organisations to achieve
sustainable waste management practices and
reduce environmental footprint.
To become leaders in the collection and recycle of of
old newspapers and magazines and provide a
sustainable source of revenue for the Samarthanam.
To ensure a safe, scientific and eco-friendly disposal
of dry waste; especially e-waste.
To utilize our natural resources in an efficient and
effective manner.
To ensure employment opportunities for the

Objectives of Parisara

• 88 Companies,
• 3 Schools,
• 10 Apartments and
• 100 Residences.
We serve

• Shredded papers - 10000 kilogrammes,

• Newspapers 4500 - kilogrammes
Samarthanam Parisara will collect dry waste as a • Dry Waste 27000 - kilogrammes
donation from you and recycle or safely dispose it off.
Please write to us at
We recycle
Donate your dry waste
*Data as of June 2009.

Corporate services

Bangalore Dry Waste Helpline

Samarthanam Parisara offers clean and green 9449864680

environmental services to its clients through a Zero
Waste Corporate consultancy / advisory. Unlike the
three “R”s of Reduce, Recycle and Reuse a Zero Waste
Corporate considers the whole life-cycle of a product


and processes and reduces the inefficiencies at all
stages. The wastage of resources can be minimized

. RE
during design, pre-production, production and

distribution through well designed and optimally US
followed processes based on full life-cycle thinking. The E .R
Zero Waste Corporate also re-designs the waste
materials, if any, so they have future applications
through effective recycle process.

Zero Waste Corporate

Samarthanam Parisara plays a major role in creating

awareness among the MNC's and Financial Institutions
about the three “R”s Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. In the
last few years we have been collecting dry waste from
corporate organisations and recycling it through safe,
scientific and eco-friendly methods. Samarthanam
Parisara has emerged as a trusted partner for Dry
Waste Management for corporate organisations in and
around Bangalore.

Dry Waste Collection


Various reputed corporate houses in Bangalore are

donating dry waste regularly to Samarthanam Parisara.
Information Technology : IBM, Google, iGate, Microsoft,
Qwest, Emc2, Microland, Cisco System,Cypress,Symphony
Services,Sun Microsystem,Iwaves systems.
Financials Sectors: Axis Bank,Deustche Bank,ING Visya Bank,
AXA business,Northern Trust,KPMG.
Institution: Indian Institute of Management, Banglore.
Services: Sonus Network Services, First Source,CitrixR&D
WNS Customer Solutions, Sodexho Pass Services, Teamlease,
And many more
Corporate Partners
You volunteer
Let us make a better world together

• Tutoring students
Samarthanam immensely values your contribution in • Arts & Sports
bringing positive changes in the lives of the disabled. • Computer training
We firmly believe in the philosophy of volunteering, • Soft skills and spoken English training
which forms its operational core and making each • Promotions and fund raising
volunteer act as a catalyst in altering the life of the • Helping visually Impaired children to write exams
disabled. If you have passion to make a difference to • Participating in awareness campaigns
the society, you can start by sharing your valuable time • Supporting the research team with expertise
and skills with us. • Scanning of books
Volunteer with us • Editing scanned books
• DAISY voice recording of printed books
• Job placement assistance
• Counselling
• PR and Fund raising

You can volunteer for

We shall be happy to know more about a variety of ways

you would like to contribute through volunteering.
Please feel free to write to us at volunteer

Share your ideas

Ashalatha, Bangalore

“ Volunteering with Samarthanam changed my

perspective towards life and social work. I enjoyed
working with Samarthanam for editing primary school
books and providing reader service the the visually
impaired students. As a mentor, while teaching
Renuka, I found that it was the toughest thing I had
Get involved

ever done. It was entirely a new experience for me, but

as I started interacting her enthusiasm made me more
confident. When she scored 76% in her second
semester exams, I felt as if I conquered the whole world

…….the happiest moment in my life.
You Donate Let us make a better world together


We, at Samarthanam, have changed the lives of hundreds of disabled people. You
can support our effort. Its not too difficult…

You can donate online through our website or you can
write to us at

You can send cheque or DD infavour of Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled.

Call us +91 9449864784, +919449864775.

Your Support

Vidyaprasad Mid-Day Meal Programme (Donations for the scheme

Have 100% Tax Exemption under 35 AC)

Provide mid-day meal to 3 government school children for one year: Rs. 3600
Provide mid-day meal to 6 government school children for one year: Rs. 7200
Provide mid-day meal to 9 government school children for one year: Rs. 9800
Provide mid day meal to 12 children for an year: Rs.14,000
Provide mid-day meal to one school for one month: Rs. 75,000
Provide mid-day meal to one school for one year: Rs. 7,50,000
Education and Hostel (50% Tax exemption under 80 G)

Sponsor a disabled child's school education for one year : Rs.15,000

Sponsor a disabled student's college education for one year :Rs. 18,000
Sponsor breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in our Hostel for one day :Rs. 6,500
Sponsor one time meal in our Hostel :Rs.2500
Sponsor the computer education expenses of a disabled child :Rs. 6000
Make a general donations to our education programme : Rs.5000

Building and Corpus fund (50% Tax exemption under 80 G)

Build a class room for our new disabled friendly school : Rs.7,80,000
Build a library to in our proposed integrated school forthe Rehabilitate
disabled : Rs. 7,80,000
Make donation to our corpus fund: Rs. 5000Make a general
Donations to our education programme : Rs.5000

Donation options

You can reach us at : Bidadi Division Dharwad Division

Head Office Bangla Gate, Kadumane, Bidadi Circle, Anandha Bhavan,
Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled Ramnagar Taluka, Beside Spandana Hospital,
Villa Suchitha, 1st Cross 17th 'A' Main, Ramnagar District, Karnataka,India Saptapur, Dharwad,Bangalore-03
Behind Giri Apartments, J.P. Nagar Prakash: +91 9449864691 Rajshekhar: +91 9449864782
2nd Phase, Bangalore 560 078,
Karnataka (India) Peenya Division HSR Layout Division
Tele-Fax : +91(80) 2658 2570 Vividha Enterprises, No.66, 6th Main, #39, 15th cross, 16th Main,
E-Mail: 3rd phase, Peenya Industrial Area, Sector 4,H.S.R. Layout,
Website: Bangalore - 560058. Bangalore,Karnataka,India,560 034
Jatin: +919449864778 Devraj: +91 9449864780