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1. Userful Expressions to order Meals
When ordering a menu, people use special expressions. For instance, would
like is useful expression to ask something to eat or to drink.


What would you like?

Id like a cup of coffee

What would you like?

Id like a glass of milk

What would you like?

Id like a slice of bread

What would you like?

Id like a bowl of soup

What would you like?

Id like a piece of pie

What would you like to drink?

A soda, please

What would you like to eat?

Chicken and French fries

Some other questions could be:

What would you like a cup of tea?

Yes, Id

What would you like ice cream?

No, thank you

2. Useful Expressions when dealing whit Food and Restaurants.

How much? cunto (a)?
How many? cuntos (as)?
Use how much whit uncountable nouns: uncountable nouns are cannot count.
Example: sugar, salt, patience, sand, water, money.
Use how many whit countable nouns: countable nouns are nouns you can
Example: a ton of sugar, three pounds of sugar, two spoons of salt, glasses of
water, dollars, pesos.

Structure for questions whit uncountable nouns:

How much
How much
How much
How much
How much

Uncountable Noun

Yes/ No Question
Do you lunch?
Do you want?
Does she prefer whit his coffee?
Does she prefer whit the soup?

Structure for questions whit countable nouns:

How much
How many
How many
How many

Uncountable Noun
Glasses of water
Spoons of sugar

Yes/ No Question
Does he have whit his lunch?
Does the TV cost?
Do you prefer whit your coffee?

3. Practice.
Exercise 1
Choose the correct from of the verb to complete the following sentences. If
possible use frequency adverbs.
a. Jose and George usually have breakfast at home, but George never
has dinner at home. (have)
b. On Mondays, my friends always haves lunch together (have)
c. Dinner is the main meal for Americans (be)
d. Supper indicates an evening meal. (indicate)
e. A snack is a light meal. (be)
f. People usually eat breakfast at 7:30. (eat)
g. People always have lunch at noon. (have)
h. People usually eat dinner at 6 or 7 pm. (eat)

Exercise 2
Use the correct form on the verb to complete the following sentences.
How does a person normally eat dinner?
A person normally put (put) a napkin is his/her lap, cut (cut) a piece of meat
with a knife, eats (eat) meat, salad, and vegetables with a fork, and stirs (stir)
the coffee or the tea with a spoon.
Exercise 3.

Use always, usually, often, sometimes, seldom, never, and write sentences
following the example:
My friend drinks coffee all of the time.

He always drinks coffee.


My sister drinks water all of the time. She always drinks water.
Mary drinks tea three times a week. She sometimes drinks tea.
David almost never dinks coffee.
He seldom drinks coffee.
I dont drink beer.
I never drink beer.
My teacher doesnt eat breakfast. My teacher never takes the
f. I almost never have dinner at night. I seldom have dinner at night

Exercise 4
Use how much or how many to complete the questions

How much money do you need?

How much bread do you eat?
How many napkins do you need?
How much tea do you want?
How many classes are you taking this semester?
How many friends do you have at the moment?
How many sandwiches do you eat a day?
How many students do you have in your class?

Exercise 5
Organize the following words and expressions in sentences. Remember to start
the sentence with a capital letter.
a. Various properties/ all materials (glass, wood, rubber. Steel)/ have /
All materials (glass, wood, rubber, steel) have various properties.
b. Is/ brittle/ extremely/ glass.
Glass is extremely brittle.
c. Resilient/ very / is/ polythene.
Polythene is very resident.
d. Strong/ wood/ is/ fairly.
Wood is fairly strong.
e. Rough/ quite/ is/ rubber.
Rubber is quite rough.
f. Not/ paper/ is/ strong/very.
Paper is not very strong.

Listening Practice
Escuche el vocabulario correspondiente al captulo 5 (food) que se encuentra
en la pista (track 1) del CD que acompaa el texto gua.

Exercise 1
Listen to the story in track 1; then, answer the questions.
a. In which country does the conference take place?
b. What do the engineers want to do?
They want to order international food.
They want the host to order for them.
They want bandeja paisa for everybody.
c. What is the nationality of the conference host?
d. The Colombian engineer is interested in learning how to prepare
e. Who orders fist?
The Colombian engineer
The Mexican engineer
The Japanese engineer
f. Who orders Italian food?
The Colombian engineer
The Mexican engineer
The Italian engineer
g. What type of restaurant do the engineers go to?
A Japanese restaurant
A Colombian restaurant

An international restaurant
h. Who orders salad?
The Argentinean engineer
The Japanese engineer
The American engineer
i. who orders dessert?
The Italian engineer
The Japanese engineer
The American engineer

Exercise 2
Listen to track 2 and fill the blanks.
When we travel abroad, for example, to United States or to Europe, it can be
difficult to find the food we are used to eating. Beef can be very expensive,
whereas ______and chicken tend to be cheaper. Chinese food, pasta, pizza,
and hamburgers are also favorable options.

Exercise 3
Listen to track 2 and fill the blanks.
Vegetarians are people who do not eat meat. They can be divided into two
group: those who do not eat meat, and those who do not any animal products at
all, including _____, eggs, and cheese. These people are known as not begins
vegetarian have various, reasons for not eating meat: some feel that vegetarian
is a healthier were my life ; some want to protect the animal; and others think
that raising care is to protect environmental
Exercise 4
Listen to the dialogue in track 4. Answer the questions based on it.
a. Where does this dialogue takes place?
It is a phone call between the costumer and Dominos pizza
b. Is the customer in the restaurant?
No, she is in the apartment.
c. What is the customer order?
A large cheese pizza
d. What kind of dessert does the customer order?
I have Chocolate coke.

e. How much is the order?

Fifteen dollar and delivery change.
f. How long will the order take?
Between fifteen or 20 minutes

Exercise 1
Read de following paragraph and select the main idea.

In Latin America countries there is only traditional dish

Mexico offers a variety of dishes
In Argentina and Chile find excellent meat and wine
In many central and South American countries, people their special

Exercise 2
Read de following paragraph and select the main idea

In foreign countries you tip in restaurants only

In Colombia you tip porters only
In a near future, tips will be mandatory.
In Colombia everybody pays suggested tips

Exercise 3
Read de following paragraph and select the main idea

Jerry Hoover is a writer

Jerry Hoover has proposed four groups of food for staying healthy.
Jerry Hoover recommends only the first and the third groups of food
Jerry Hoover eats only grains, vegetables, legumes, and fruit

Exercise 4
Read de following paragraph and select the main idea

a) Ms. Havala states that plant foods contain all amino acids necessary to
make protein
b) Ms. Havala is the author of the book Natural Medicine
c) Dr. Hooves notes that animal products are necessary for healthy eating
d) Dr. Hoover states that eating meat is based on culture and habits.

Exercise 5
Read de following paragraph and select the main idea

There is not evidence that mans body is equipped to eat meat

Dr Hoover compares animals and humans.
Dr. Hoover supports that carnivores are will equipped to eat meat
Carnivores have better digestion that men

Exercise 6
Read de following paragraph and select the main idea

Refined food is good for our health

Many people over 40 need refined food to stay healthy
Dr Hoover supports that refined food is dangerous for our health.
Many Americans eat healthy food

1. Main idea
The main idea of paragraph can be placed beginning, in the middle, at end, or
need to be inferred.
2. Practice
Choose a main idea for the following paragraphs, select from the ones provided
and write it on the line at the beginning of the paragraph.

Paragraph 1

They argue that dogs are friendly, faithful, and good companions. They say that
dogs keep and protect the house and that they dont eat a lot; consequently,
they are not expensive to keep.

Children are allergic to dogs

Children dont like dogs
Children consider dogs excellent pets.
Children think dogs are difficult to keep

Paragraph 2
There are many restaurants which sell Mexican food in the main cities in
Colombia. Although Mexican food is spicy, many Colombian people love it and
prepare it. Colombian people are learning to like Mexican food.

Mexican food is famous in Colombia.

Colombian people dont like spicy food
We can find Mexican food in small towns
Only Mexican people eat spicy food

Paragraph 3
In Colombia, businessmen invite to business meetings normally at noon. In
Argentina, business meeting are the evening, but in other countries, especially
in the East, they invite to business meeting early in the morning.
a) In business trips, is important to keep in mind the culture about
invitations for business meetings
b) Countries have different ways to hold business meetings.
c) Argentinean people prefer business meetings in the morning
d) Asian people like to have business meetings in the evening

Paragraph 4
Although it is a dangerous sport, many people practice it: children, youngsters,
and adults. En every school, high school, or college there are soccer teams.
There is a soccer team and sometimes two in every state. Many people go to
stadiums or Sunday or during the week, if there is game. Soccer teams have
fans and sometimes bigots. Many people in Colombia live around their soccer
a) Soccer is a popular sport in Colombia.

b) Soccer is not a popular sport in Colombia

c) There is a soccer tram in every state
d) Colombian has many popular sports.

Paragraph 5
Cartagena, Barranquilla, Santa Marta, San Andrs, Boyac and Quindo are
some of them. In Cartagena there are castles, city walls, and festivals in
November. In Barranquilla there is the famous carnival, and Santa Marta and
San Andrs beautiful beaches. These places are good if you are looking for the
weather. For cold weather you can choose Bogot city, and Boyac state which
has beautiful towns to visit such Villa de Leyva. Moniquira, etc. in Quindo state
you can visit farms and beautiful parks.

There are many beautiful places for a vacation in Colombia.

Cartagena is a wonderful place for a vacation
Boyac has beautiful towns
There are nice parks and farms in Quindo state

1. Have and have got
I have. Ive got (I have got)
These two expressions are used indistinctively; for example: I have s stomach
ache; Ive got a stomach ache.
Examples: My niece has got blue eyes; she has blue eyes.
My brother has got two daughters. He has two daughters.
Questions: How much time have you got?
How much time have you have?

2. Practice.
Exercise 1:
Complete the following sentences whit have, has, havent, hasnt.


My car has got two doors, but it hasnt got a radio.

My house has got a second floor, although it is a big one.
Has she got a boyfriend? No, she hasnt
My daughter has got a new car. She has got a white one.
Has he got anything is his desk? No, he hasnt

Exercise 2:
Ask questions for the following answers. Use the word or words in bold for the

I have got a new tape recorder. Do you have a new tape record?
He has got four nieces. Has he four nieces?
She has got three sons. Has she three sons?
They have got the flu. Have they the flu?
My nephew has got a new job. Has your nephew a new job?
I have got my ticket downtown. Do you have ticket downtown?
I have got my pen at J.C Market. Do you have pen at J.C Market?
My grandmother has got a beautiful watch for her birthday. Has your
grandmother a beautiful watch?
i) My sister in- law has got a motorcycle for Christmas. Has your sister in
law a motorcycle?

Exercise 3:
Complete the following sentences whit information from family tree number one.

Family tree N 1

Dereck Jackson

Jennifer Jackson


Pat Eanes

Erik Jackson

Laura Jackson

Donna (Smith) Jackson
Dereck Jackson is Pat Eanes husband


Pat Eanes is Dereck Jackson wife

Jennifer and Laura Jackson are Dereck and Pat sons
Eric Jackson is Donna (Smith) Jackson husband
Donna (Smith) Jackson is Eric Jackson wife

Exercise 4:
Answer the following questions according to family tree N 1.
Who are the parents?
What it Mrs. Jacksons maiden name?
Who are Mr. and Mrs. Jacksons
Who is Laura Jacksons mother?
Who is Eric Jacksons wife?

Dereck Jackson and Pat (Eanes)
No, is married name
Are Jennifer, Eric and Laura Jackson
Is Pat Eanes
Is Donna (Smith) Jackson

Exercise 5:
Complete the following sentence according to family tree N 2

Family tree N 2

Tom Eanes


Marylin Eanes

Beth Redford

Jack Eanes
Eve Peterson

Alice Eanes
Jane Shack

Drake Peterson


Tom Eanes is Beth Redford husband

Jack Eanes is Tom Eanes and Beth Redford son
Marilyn Eanes is Tom Eanes and Beth Redford daughter
Drake Peterson is Marilyn Eanes husband

Lex Shach

e) Eve Peterson is Drake Peterson and Marilyn Eanes daughter

f) Jane Shack is Tom Eanes and Beth Redford granddaughter
g) Alice Eanes and Lex Shack are married

Listening Practice.
Listen to the vocabulary corresponding to unit 6 (Family). It can listened to in
track 1 CD 2, Unit 6.

Exercise 1.
Listen to track 1 and fill in the blanks.
Family members
In England there is a nuclear family and an extended family: In the nuclear
family we find parents: father and mother, brothers and sisters, and children:
thousand and son.

In the extended family, we find grandparents, grandfather and grandmother,

uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews, brother in- law, sister in- law, son-in-law,
daughter in- law, and

Exercise 2.
Listen to track 2 and fill in the blanks.

My mother has a sister; she is my aunt

My father has a brother; he is my uncle
My uncle has two children; they are my cousins
My sister has a daughter; she is my niece
My brother has a son; he is my nephew
My sister is married; her husband is my brother-in-law
My brother is married; his wife is my sister-in-law
My mother got married. Her husband has a daughter, she is my mothers
i) My brother is not married but he has a child; he is a single parents
j) Davids mother died; his father got married again; his fathers wife is his

Exercise 3.
Listen to track and fill in the blanks
What is your marital status? I am single but I have a child. Her mothers lives in
New York and visit her every year. My child wants to live whit her and is
planning to go New York next year.
My friend Donna is divorced. She has two daughters. Donna wants to married
again and plans to have two more children.
David is married but he does not have children. He and his wife are planning to
adopt two children from Colombia, now they are in the adoption____. They want
to adopt two children: a ____child and a ____child.

Exercise 4
Listen to track 4 and fill in the blanks.
My niece has a girl born in Brazil, a boy born in USA, and twins born in France.
Her husband is British and she is Colombia. In her house, we can speak in
several languages her daughter speaks Portuguese, her son speaks English,
the twins speak French, her husband speaks English, and she speak Spanish.

1. Summary

The summary is another technique uses in extensive reading

To summarize, it is important to apply skimming, topic, and deducing
word meaning from context, and main idea.
A summary is a list of main ideas.

2. Practice.
Read the following text and make a summary.

Reasons to Study Foreign Languages

There are many reasons to study foreign languages. In the first place, it can
result in a personal again. To learn a foreign language increases intellectual

capacities because we have to analyze, summarize, and user our memory and
attention. If we learn a foreign language at early age, it develops willpower and
self discipline. If we can understand text in the language they are written, we
can have first hand information and can also enrich our cultural background; it
can also help to improve understanding of our own language and our own
culture. It can improve a better knowledge of the world and different cultures. In
the second place, it is sometimes necessary as part of our course of studies;
consequently, we will meet the requirements the new course of study demands;
we can communicate whit peers and share knowledge and consequently be
part of a scientific community throughout the world. In the third place it provides
better employment opportunities. If we manage a second language, we can
offer an additional service through languages which results in better opportunity.
In the four place to know a foreign language gives the opportunity to meet
people from all over the world, so we can travel without communication
difficulties, and finally, to manage second or third language is becoming a must
in the new globalized world. Most books are published in foreign languages and
research papers are also published in foreign languages.

Deducing World Meaning from Context.

Read the following paragraphs and choose the appropriate word to fill in the
Exercise 1.
My mother loves_____ ; she waters them every day, plants them, and takes
care of them.


Exercise 2.
My sister likes celebrate her_____. She invites friend, cools a special dinner,
buys some wine, sings, receives presents, and enjoys being the center of the


Exercise 3.
On ____, people get together, have dinner, sing, and exchange presents.

Independence Day

Exercise 4.
People who like cats as
have a lot of arguments to defend them. They say
that cars are helpful at home because they kill mice, are clean, and do not eat a
lot of food. But people who do not like them argue that they are noisy and kill


Answer the following questions about reference words.
Exercise 5.
My daughter is in England at the moment. She is now living in a small flat. She
is very happy there. She shares her apartment whit who friends. They are form
Italy and form Vietnam.
a. What does the subject pronoun she refer to on the first line? She refer
to daughter
b. What does the word there refer to on the second line? There refer to
c. What does the subject pronoun she refer to on the second line? She
refer to daughter
d. What does the subject pronoun they refer to on the second line? They
refer to friends

Exercise 6.
Sports are good for our health. They keep our body in good shape, our lungs in
good condition, and our heart working well. Old and young people like to
practice sports. They practice sports mostly on weekends.

a. What does the subject pronoun they refer to on the first line? They refer
to sports
b. What does the subject pronoun they refer to on the last sentence of the
paragraph? They refer to peoples

Exercise 7.
There are important marathons every year, but one the most famous ones is on
December 31st, in Brazil. My cousins always participate in this marathon.
a. What does the word ones refer to on the first line? Ones refer to
important marathons

Exercise 8.
Every four years there is a soccer championship worldwide. Soccer players long
for participating in this championship but many soccer teams have the chance
to participate on it. Countries like Brazil have won several championships.
Colombia has never won any of these championships.
a. What does the expression this championship refer to? This refer to
soccer championship worldwide
b. What does the object pronoun it refer to on line 2? It refer to soccer
c. What does these championship refer to line 3? these championship
refer to soccer championship worldwide

1. Indefinite pronouns.
Indefinite pronouns such as someone, anybody, each, either, everybody,
everything, neither, no one, somebody, something, which seem to refer to
plurals, should be treated as singulars.
Example: No one knows about his father. Everybody knows his mother.
Collective nouns should be treated as singular nouns. These are collective
nouns: committee, club, audience, crowd, class, family, coupe, and sheep.
Examples: The crew meets in the evening.
The troop is in the jungle.
The jury favors the child.

2. Practice.
Choose the correct form of the verb to complete the following sentences.
a. My family ______seven members: my father, my mother, two brothers,
two sisters, and me.
b. Somebody _____what you dont know
c. Everybody ____ ______ the new house.
Is enjoying
Are enjoying
d. Everything ____cheap in this store
e. None of my brothers __________to get married