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The Existence of God is Self- Evident
Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

Great Spiritual Beings, Great Spiritual Teachers and their disciples are spiritual energy transformers.

PRANA- January 2010

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Happy New Year 2010
On behalf of West African Pranic Healing Foundation The Gambia, We wish each new day in this New Year bring for you more happiness, prosperity and continued success. Wishing all of you a Very Happy New Year 2010.

Full Moon and New Moon Days in 2010
Meditation experiences on Full moon and New moon days are blissful; to get the maximum benefit we are practicing the Twin Hearts Meditation in a group as suggested by Master Choa Kok Sui. Join us for the Mediation with your friends
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and family on the following days at West African Pranic Healing Foundation-The Gambia at 6:00 Pm. New Moon and Full Moon in 2010
Date 15-Jan 30-Jan 14-Feb 28-Feb 15-Mar 30-Mar 14-Apr 28-Apr 14-May 27-May 12-Jun 26-Jun 11-Jul 26-Jul 10-Aug 24-Aug 8-Sep 23-Sep 7-Oct 23-Oct 6-Nov 21-Nov 5-Dec 21-Dec Day Friday Saturday Sunday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Wednesday Friday Thursday Saturday Saturday Saturday Monday Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Thursday Saturday Saturday Sunday Sunday Tuesday 2010 New Moon Full Moon New Moon Full Moon New Moon Full Moon New Moon Full Moon New Moon Full Moon New Moon Full Moon New Moon Full Moon New Moon Full Moon New Moon Full Moon New Moon Full Moon New Moon Full Moon New Moon Full Moon

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Complementary Healing
Srikanth Jois

Today my friend and colleague Lamin, was not seen with normal enthusiasm, He was sad and withdrawn. When asked for the reason, he informed that he had lost his close friend last evening. It is as if a there is no control of birth or death, I can recall my father explaining me about death using an example of an ant and different dimensions. An ant uses two dimensions to move, it can move forward or side ways, and in other words it uses Length and Breath. Even if an ant is scrolling on a wall, it is still using only two dimensions. When we push an ant from a table, it falls on ground. It was on a table which was of certain colour, temperature and texture, but suddenly there is a change. It would be surprised. An ant uses Length or Breath to move and not the third dimension, height. When there are changes done in height it can not recognize. For an ant this is nothing less than a miracle. As humans, we are well aware with a three dimensional world, we can walk forward or backward, sides and we can also use height. In other words we use Length, Breath and Height. But if
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there are any changes done using fourth dimension, a common man may not be able to understand. When somebody dies, his consciousness is shifted from a physical body in a three dimensional world to fourth or higher dimension. These higher dimensions are more subtle, refined and potent. Some of you might have noticed that, when a spiritual leader projects his blessings on a physical, emotional or financial issue, the problems would soon be resolved. Blessing of supreme passing through the spiritual leaders has life transforming capacity. These miracles are possible by energies coming from higher dimensions. Miracles do not happen in contradiction to nature, but only in contradiction to that which is known to us in nature. There are simple experiments suggested by Master Choa Kok Sui which can enable us to experience energies of higher dimensions. We can be aware of some of these energies as we are alive. These energies can be used as complimentary healing from minor to major ailments, also helps in relationship healing. We all are having great potentiality, let us realize the light within us to manifest our greatness in Lives. For more information contact West African Pranic Healing Foundation Pipeline Avenue, The Gambia. Mobile: 7564196 web:

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By Arthur E. Powell Once the student has satisfied himself of the possibility of thought-transference, will not be content either with academic experiments such as have been described above, or with merely sending out kind thoughts to his friends, useful as these may be in their own measure. It is possible for him to use his powers of thought to far greater effect. Thus to take an obvious example, suppose the student wishes to help a man who is under the sway of an injurious habit such as drink. He should first ascertain at what hours the patient's mind is likely to be unemployed –such as his hour for going to bed. If the man should be asleep so much the better. At such a time he should sit down alone and picture his patient as seated in front of him. Very clear picturing is not essential, but the process is rendered more effective if the image can be pictures vividly, clearly and in detail. If the patient is asleep he will be drawn to the person thinking of him, and will animate the image of himself that has been formed. The student should then, with full concentration of mind, fix his attention on the image and address to it the thoughts which he wishes to impress on his patient's mind. He should present these as clear mental images just as he would do if laying arguments before him or pleading with him in words. Care must be taken not to attempt to control in any way the patient's will; the effort should be solely to place before his mind the ideas which, appealing to his intelligence and his emotions, may help him to form a right judgment and to make an effort to carry it out in action.

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If an attempt is made to impose upon him a particular line of conduct, and the attempt succeed, even then little, if anything has been gained. For, in the first place, the weakening effect of the compulsion on his mind may do him more harm than the wrong-doing from which he has been saved. In the second place the mental tendency towards vicious self-indulgence will not be changed by opposing an obstacle in the way of indulging in a particular form of it. Checked in one direction, it will find another, and a new vice will supplant the old. Thus a man forcibly constrained to be temperate by the domination of his will is no more cured of the vice than if he were locked up in prison. Apart from this practical consideration, it is entirely wrong in principle, for a man to try to impose his will on another, even in order to make him do it right. True growth is not helped by external coercion; the intelligence must be convinced, the emotions aroused and purified, before real gain is made. If the student wishes to give any other kind of help by his thought, he should proceed in a similar way. As we saw in Chapter VIII, a strong wish for a friend's good, sent to him as a general protective agency, will remain about him as a thoughtform for a time proportional to the strength of the thought, and will guard him against evil, acting as a barrier against hostile thoughts, and even warding off physical dangers. A thought of peace and consolation similarly sent will soothe and calm the mind, spreading around its object an atmosphere of calm.

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WAPHF-Gambia Calendar January 2010
Date Day Event Time Prerequisite All

2nd & 3rd Jan 15th Jan 23rd & 24th 30th & 31st 30th

Saturday & Sunday Friday

Basic Course

9:30 to 5:30 pm 6:00 pm

New moon Meditation Basic Course


Saturday & Sunday Saturday & Sunday Saturday

9:30 to 5:30 pm 9:30 to 5:30 pm 6:00 Pm


Advanced Course Full Moon Meditation

Basic Pranic Healers All

Arhatic Yoga Purifications and Meditations will be practiced on Tuesdays at 5:30 pm.

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What is the purpose of having big chakras? To do service! When you do service it is like giving your chakras muscles. The greater your service, The greater you’re Spiritual Development.
Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

PRANA- January 2010

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