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Stage Technology Effective use

Facebook was used to seek permission, in making sure that her

Facebook song was copyright free and we could continue to use it aswell as
ask her if she would be willing to be in the video herself.

Myspace Myspcae is where he song was avaiable to listen to this is where

we were able to l to be aware of what song we would be using.
Once given the permission to.
Pre Production Glogster
(Research and To brainstorm our final ideas and begin to form our representation
Planning) of our artist
The most oblivious site yet very useful in finding images of other
Google artists style

Flip camera The most oblivious site yet very useful in finding images of other
artists style

To receive audience feedback about our idea and to gain further

knowledge on our target audiences perspective on music videos in

Tripod Used to hold the camera in still position while filming.

Monopod Although we tried having a go and using the monopod in case of

failure with the dolly it wasn’t as efficient as we hoped and still the
shots were smooth

Camera Effective in filming the music video however the one problem that
came in the way was the battery other than this this technology
was very useful, without it the filming of the video wouldn’t have
happened as well. The shots came out really clear and it was
steady, this due to the fact that it was on the tripod.

Lighting- Blue Gel

Production The lighting was particularly effective in the studio scenes where
(Construction) we needed it to be relatively bright which therefore gave the
effects of a studio. video using

Extremely effective in the making of the magazine advert and the
DVD cover. Also for the DVD cover on the back where there was
images included of the other music video we were able to add the
blue light effect to make it seem as though it was a different
I movie video.

Final Cut Originally what we were going to use to import the footage
however we found it would be easier to just upload straight onto
final cut

Used in the editing of the music video. Comples yet vital effects
that only final cut itself has which made the music video more
effective and therefore have a more professional outlook to its
target audience helping to make it even more appearling..

Post Production Facebook & To receive audience feedback. Youtube was used effieiently as
(Evaluation) Youtube people worldwide are able to view the video and feedback
according to the questions set.

Flip Camera When presenting our final ideas to the class to record the
feedback the flip camera was used once again. This was useful as
we were able to look over it when evaluation our products and
thinking of its weaknesses and strengths.