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Regd. Office: Shakti Bhawan, Sector-6, Panchkula.
O/o Sub Station Engineer, 220 kV S/Stn., HVPNL,
Bhadana, Jhajjar. Tel. 01251-210575,

The Executive Engineer,
TS Division, HVPNL,

Memo No: MPB-06


Dated: 07.08.14

Requirement of JE Incharge at 132kV S/Stn Badli.
In this context it is intimated that 132kV S/Stn Badli was commissioned during the month of
Jan 2014, presently feeding 33kV S/Stn Badli and 33kV S/Stn Bhupniya. The complete duty
staff posted at S/Stn is on contract bases which are being trained from time to time by
undersigned in order to maintain continuity of power supply. Every time during small problems
i.e. computer stopped working, 33kV Line tripping, Isolator operation problem through SCADA
etc. undersigned has to move on S/Stn which takes a lot of time (no board vehicle is provided
to SSE 220kV S/Stn Bhadana) to rectify the problem as there is no independent JE Incharge
posted at 132kV S/Stn Badli. The additional charge of S/Stn has been given to JE Incharge,
220kV S/Stn Bhadana whereas 220kV S/Stn Bhadana is the most important S/Stn in Jhajjar
district as it feeds the 132kV S/Stn Badli, 132kV S/Stn Jhajjar, 132kV S/Stn Machhrauli (near
60% of jhajjar district).
During July 2014 from promotions of GSO to JE, Sh. Karambir Sharma, promoted as JE,
was posted at 132kV S/Stn Badli vide SE Admn-II office order no 600/SEG-159NO-I4
dated 16.07.14, who joined at 132kV S/Stn Badli as JE Incharge on dated 01.08.14 but later
on Sh. Karambir Sharma was transferred to 220kV S/Stn, HVPNL, Rohtak (where he was
already working as GSO before promotion) vide your good office order no- 248 dated
05.08.14 and the additional charge of 132kV S/Stn Badly was again given to JE Incharge,
220kV S/Stn, Bhadana. To maintain the continuity of power supply in Jhajjar district area and
in the best interest of Nigam it is requested to free JE S/Stn, 220kV Bhadana without giving
the additional charge so that JE S/Stn can concentrate only at 220kV S/Stn Bhadana
maintenance activities without any delay.
Presently at 220kV S/Stn , HVPNL, Rohtak, 3 No. JE’s are working –
1. Sh. Surender Singh- JE S/Stn
2. Sh. Ramphal- JE

600/SEG-159NO-I4 dated 16. . Sh.JE 3. Sh. Rohtak.JE S/Stn 2.14 and later on transferred to 220kV S/Stn Rohtak vide XEN/TS office order no. This is for your kind information and further necessary action please.08.JE (was posted at 132kV S/Stn Badly as JE vide SE AdmnII office order No. Karambir Sharma. Tirth Singh. Smt Jyoti. 3 No. -sdSSE. 132 kV S/Stn HVPNL.14) At 132kV S/Stn Sector 3. HVPNL.07.248 dated 05. JE’s are working1. Rohtak for information and necessary action please. Badli Cc:1. Rakesh Kumar.JE So in order to maintain the continuity of power supply in jhajjar district area and keeping in the view of best interest of Nigam it is requested to depute independent JE’s at 132kV S/Stn Badli and 132kV S/Stn Machhrauli.3. SE/TS-Circle.

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