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 Place

Place refers to marketing activities that make products available to consumers at the right
time in a convenient location. Place refers as distribution Channels .IT is the process of moving
products from the producer the consumer. Amul has developed federation and Amul parlors
located in several parts of country. Amul have identified certain potential locations such as
Railway, Airports, universities, and shopping malls. The GCMMF(GUJARAT CO-OPERATIVE
MILK MARKETING FEDERATION) handles the workers relating to Managing of stocks and
distributors to in the country. Thus GCMMF looks offer the disbursement of products to the
various Marketing channels.

 Product

A strong emphasis on target costing, design-to-cost, value engineering, and design
for manufacturability. Minimum product variety. Significant manufacturing and
accounting involvement in development. Suppliers are well-integrated into the
development process. Factory uses high volume equipment specifically oriented to the
product; automated material handling.

Quality /Reliability /Dependability
A disciplined and rigorous product development process. Strong focus on
understanding customer needs and providing products that meet those needs. Heavy
emphasis on testing and qualification. Processes are oriented to self-checking and
adjustment and use of computer- aided inspection and test equipment.

Use of modular design approaches. Sufficient resources to undertake development
processes underway. Continuous surveillance of the marketplace and understanding of
customer needs. Well-defined development processes based on tightly integrated design
automation tools. Well-planned and managed programs with clear definition and

A starting point is to define and understand the company's marketplace. Policies to invest in training and development of personnel to master new technology. Culture open to new ideas and taking risks. Effective technology management process to review new technologies developed outside for applicability internally. customer needs and competition.acceptance of responsibilities. FMS. Once this is done. . Process equipment to handle a wide range of work envelopes. product and process design based on IPD can be oriented to implement this strategy. Effective process to deploy new technology to development programs. the company's primary competitive dimensions can be selected and a strategy defined to develop and enhance these competitive dimensions. Based on this assessment. State-of-the-art design and analysis tools to support requirements of new technology. quick set-up and changeover. Investment in new process technology.  Innovativeness/ Technology A technology plan and roadmap based on the business and product strategy and plan.

a company might want to start on deciding on a good marketing of a product.Positioning Strategy When the list of target markets is made. There are however methods for creating a positioning statement for both B2C and B2B segments. But an important step before developing the marketing mix is deciding on how to create an identity or image of the product in the mind of the customer. When the positioning statement is created. Dreher and Gabriel-Ritter (1994) Distribution Strategy . Decides on a different positioning concept for each of these segments. Although most variables used in segmenting the market are based on customer characteristics.  B2C and B2B The process described above can be used for both business-to-customer as well as businessto-business marketing. one can start on creating the marketing mix. This process is described at the topic positioning. competitors and abilities of the company are necessary to create a good positioning statement. The process-data model shows the concepts resulting from the different activities before and within positioning. The Process of Positioning the Product of a Company:  Identifies the differential advantages in each segment. here different concepts of positioning are given. so different customers with different ideas of what they expect from the product. business characteristics can be describe during the variables which are not depending on the type of buyer. Every segment is different from the others. The analyses done of the market. One of these methods is MIPS: a method for managing industrial positioning strategies by Muhlbacher.

For example you could carry out market research early on and not wait until you are almost ready to enter the market. When acquisitions do not work out. the company adopted the consumer response hierarchy model so that. you can use this information in planning the build-up of your business. These are things like: Acquisitions and Integration Buying companies is a popular strategic tool used to fuel growth strategies. an approximate figure has to be arrived at for getting the initial orders & to ensure adequate supply so that any delays or resultant losses are avoided. however. For starting up a business there are a few things should be found out through market research in order to know if your business is feasible. all other effort can be in vain. . often putting it in a worse financial situation than it was before the acquisition. It can also involve discovering how they act. For this purpose. the seller and the customers. try to reduce risks at the earliest possible stage. Market Research Strategy Market research is discovering what people want. in whose industries they have sufficient experience. This is highly essential to support the huge promotional budget. it is ensured that all the company enters the market with a bang avoiding any problems of late or inadequate supplies. acquisitions can be a win-win-win for the buyer. When done right. the buying company can incur significant financial loss. or believe. increase operational efficiency and grant you access to additional talent and customers. need. Buying or merging with an existing company can boost your organization's market share.In order to ensure a continuous & efficient distribution. Once that research is complete it can be used to determine how to market your specific product. since if the supplies aren’t at the right time. If early market research reveals that your business idea has real potential. Whenever possible. Companies should only acquire organizations they fully understand.

But for this. makes customers loyal to us. the right way and our way" whichever may be your way the ultimate aim is to achieve the results and implement them to maximize customer satisfaction we all know competition is intense then why not take it positively so that it helps us to improve our product quality. "For a chief executive. awareness and liking among customers for the products of Amul and analyze the situation and provide them suggestion to improve the situation. "There are three ways of doing a thing—. unless he knows where he is going no one can take him there". knowing the right problem is extremely essential otherwise hitting the target in dark means nothing. Therefore. This will help you to not only know your pitfalls but also what your customers want and their likes and dislikes and while doing so build a good rapport with your customers. to detect the problem areas and try to solve them. To know the customers’ expectations towards Amul. While conducting such surveys you can also advertise your products among those customers who are not much aware of it. What's the use of Marketing & Advertising if it does not reach the right people and yield desired results? Therefore it is necessary for every individual who has something to sell but no one to buy. Once you know your drawbacks only then you can correct it.the wrong way. The best way to overcome your competitors is to give your customers what they expect or probably more than that. helps us know our shortcomings and rectify them. They should be asked to bring out your drawbacks. . These suggestions if implemented would definitely yield results and "Ultimately the results matter. how and who does it is immaterial". Therefore. to know your drawbacks you need to conduct a survey and get information right from the ultimate users of your product. it is rightly said that a "well defined problem is half done". I had conducted a market Research of the existing customers.CONCLUSION Competition will never end so let's not avoid it but face it confidently. which helped me to know the satisfaction.

but for the existence in the local market Amul must use aggressive selling techniques. Butter and Cheese. Nestle. The survey resulted into following conclusions:  Amul must come up with new promotional activities such that people become aware about Amul Chocolates like Chocozoo. are provide a better availability and give competition to the hilt. People have believed in Amul’s product and they will accept its chocolates also if effective actions were taken.  People are mostly satisfied with the overall quality of Amul Chocolate. Bindaaz.  Quality is the dominating aspect which influences consumer to purchase Amul product. With the help of research. . the other players such as Cadbury. company can find out its week points in chocolate product and can increase its market share through rectify mistakes. As we know Amul is a co-operative organization but chocolate industry is a profitable industry we can’t ignore it. It has maximum market share in Milk. but prompt availability of other chocolate brands and aggressive promotional activities by others influences the consumer towards them and also leads to increase sales. and Fundoo.As we know that Amul is very big organization and market leader in dairy products.  In comparison to Amul Chocolate. which are its main/core products.