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Request for Presentations

11 Annual Clean Rivers, Clean Lake Conference

Thursday, April 30, 2015
Harley-Davidson Museum©, Milwaukee, WI
Sweet Water is issuing this request for presentations from interested applicants who would like to lead a
workshop session at the 11th Annual Clean Rivers, Clean Lake Conference, planned for April 30, 2015. Each
year, the Clean Rivers, Clean Lake Conference gathers a diverse group of more than 300 participants to learn
about key water quality challenges and projects in Southeastern Wisconsin and to strategize together about
ways to improve our rivers, their watersheds, and our impact on Lake Michigan. The conference provides an
important forum for participants to learn about the latest restoration issues, to network at one of the largest
annual gatherings of the best friends of our rivers and Lake Michigan, and to plan new tactics to advance local,
regional, and national watershed restoration goals.
This 11th edition of the Clean Rivers, Clean Lake Conference offers a great opportunity to gain broad exposure
on a wide range of issues facing our rivers and Lake. Any person or organization with an interest in the waters
of Southeastern Wisconsin and the Great Lakes of which they are a part is invited to submit an application to
conduct a workshop at the conference. Submissions must be received no later than December 19th, 2014.
A. Suggested Presentation Themes and Topics
Past Clean Rivers, Clean Lake Conferences have addressed a very broad range of the critical issues facing
our region’s watersheds and Lake Michigan. Proposals that emphasize practical, readily applicable solutions
in the thematic areas below will receive the most favorable consideration. Drawing from the feedback from
participants at the 2014 conference, the Clean Rivers, Clean Lake Conference Planning Committee welcomes
presentations in these specific themes at the 2015 conference:

TMDLs: how municipalities and agencies are preparing for the 2015 release of allocation numbers
Climate Change and its Impacts on our Waters (e.g. FEMA mapping change impacts, infrastructure
Water Quality Trading/Phosphorus Rules Implementation
Sustainable/Green Infrastructure
Low Impact Development (LID)
Stormwater Quality Issues
Beach Impairments – Recent Challenges and Successes
River Restoration Projects
Developing successful strategies for educating and informing the public about TMDLs or other water
quality programs/efforts
Agriculture Runoff/Nonpoint Source Pollution Topics
Transportation Projects and Watershed Management
Building Greater Diversity into Water Quality Efforts
Areas of Concern (AOC) Delisting Progress in the Region
Water Quality Projects Funding Innovations and Partnerships
Economic impacts of improving water quality (including recreation, jobs and tax base)
Innovative approaches to specific pollution reduction (e.g. chlorides, phosphorus, etc.)

Please note, this solicitation is specifically for workshop presentations but the Conference Planning Committee
may select particular workshop options for use as possible Plenary Presentations, made before the entire
conference audience. This shift would only occur with the approval of the proposed presenters.

B. Presentation Submission Information and General Instructions
1. Workshop Session formats are flexible but should fit within one of the following models:
a. 35-minute sessions:
i. One speaker and one moderator
ii. Should leave 10 minutes for discussion/questions
b. 75-minute sessions:
i. Two to three speakers and one moderator
ii. Each speaker is allotted 20 minutes to present
iii. Should leave at least 15 minutes for discussion/questions during the 75-minute period
2. Submissions must be received no later than December 19th, 2014.
3. All presentation applications must be submitted using the application form provided by Sweet Water
and must be sent to Sweet Water at Paper submissions will not be accepted.
4. Conference presentations cannot be used to market particular products or services, though particular
options can be addressed in outlining a range of approaches or solutions.
5. Presenters will have access to the standard audio/visual equipment provided by Sweet Water and/or
the Harley-Davidson Museum©, which includes computers, LCD projectors, screens and podium
microphones. Any additional audio/visual needs must be provided by the presenter, working with
Sweet Water staff and within the requirements of the conference facility.
6. Applicants will be notified of receipt of submission by e-mail. Notification of acceptance for conference
presentation will be emailed by January 31, 2015.
Please use the attached 2015 Clean Rivers, Clean Lake Conference Presentation Application.
Completed applications must be emailed to Sweet Water at
(Mailed applications will not be accepted).
C. Application Evaluation
Your application will be reviewed by the Clean Rivers, Clean Lake Conference Planning Committee.
Applications will be judged based on the following considerations:
1. All applications must follow the format provided in the application form. Incomplete applications will not
be considered.
2. Preferred applications will closely match the Presentation Themes and Topics lists provided above.
3. To the extent possible, preferred applications will include a creative interactive component that
effectively engages audience participants.
4. Preferred applications will include speakers with demonstrated expertise in their field.
5. Preferred applications will include creative visual presentations (exhibits, models, charts, handouts,
6. Preferred applications will examine water quality issues in a compelling way that underscores the
impacts of water quality improvements in Southeastern Wisconsin.
Please direct inquiries about your application to or by calling 414-382-1766.
Sweet Water, the Southeastern Wisconsin Watersheds Trust, Inc., is a unique partnership established in 2008
to achieve healthy and sustainable water resources throughout the 1,100 square mile Greater Milwaukee
watersheds through coordinated, collaborative efforts. Its partners include independent units of government,
special purpose districts, non-profit organizations, local residents and representatives of business and
academia, all sharing common goals for our shared waters. More info is at

11h Annual Clean Rivers Clean Lake Conference

Presentation Application
Thank you for your interest in the 11th Annual Clean Rivers, Clean Lake Conference. Please complete all
sections of the application form. Incomplete applications will not be considered by the review team.
Upon completion, applications should be emailed to Sweet Water at
Presentation Format (select one):
) 35-minute presentation (one speaker)
) 75-minute presentation (two to three speakers)
1. Applicant Contact Information:
Phone Number:
2. Presenter/s: Please provide the Name, Title, and Organization/Company/Agency of each presenter.

3. Workshop Title (8 words or less):

4. Workshop Description: Please provide a description of the proposed workshop (500 words or less) that
demonstrates how the workshop ties into one of the presentation Theme or Topic areas.

5. Engagement: Please describe how the workshop will utilize interactive components to engage participants.

6. Visual Aids: Please describe how the workshop will utilize visual aids to engage the audience.

7. Presentation Summary: Please provide a short workshop summary (50 words or less) for use in the
Conference program if your workshop is selected.

8. Presenter Biography/s: Please provide a short biography (150 words or less) for each presenter.