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Cola®Liquid DL

CTFA/INCI Name: Lauramide DIPA

CAS # 54914-38-4
EINECS # 259-395-5, TSCA Listed

Cola®Liquid DL is one product in a new generation of liquid non-ionic surfactants from
Colonial Chemical. The new Cola®Liquid product line consists of completely liquid non-
DEA amides that perform like traditional alkanolamide surfactants. Colonial Chemical
started this new product line with the goal of developing naturally derived, consumer
acceptable, non-DEA amides that remain liquid and give performance similar to that of
the traditional amides. Cola®Liquid DL is manufactured to strict specifications yielding
less than 5% total free amine. Cola®Liquid DL can be used in any application where
traditional alkanolamide surfactants have been used. Cola®Liquid DL is effective in a
wide variety of personal care products, including:

• Body cleansers • Hair colorants

• Bubble baths • Shower gels
• Facial cleansers • Shampoos

• Foam boosting • Wetting
• Foam stabilization • Detergency
• Viscosity control • Emulsification
• Skin emolliency • Solubilization of solid actives

Density 8.3 #/Gallon
Color, Gardner 3 max
pH of 10% Solution 10.0 – 11.5
Flash Point (open cup) >200°F
Form at 25°C Yellow Clear Liquid
Type Nonionic
Acid Value 1.0 Max
Free Amine < 5%

225 Colonial Drive South Pittsburg, TN 37380 Ph: 423-837-8800 Fax: 423-837-3888
Cola®Liquid DL will boost and maintain foam levels over non-amide systems and other
personal care formulations. The use level for Cola®Liquid DL is typical for similar
alkanol amide surfactants, generally in the range of 1% to 5% in personal care products.

Cola®Liquid DL consists primarily of lauramide DIPA, as the main component of
coconut fatty acid is lauric acid. Evaluation of the Cola®Liquid DL product shows it to be
very mild when compared to other traditional primary personal care surfactants.

The evaluation of the Cola®Liquid DL as an eye irritant was performed using the
chorioallantoic membrane technique, commonly called HET-CAM test. The test was
performed with Cola®Liquid DL diluted to 5% activity. This test utilizes the inner
membrane of a hen’s egg to gauge the irritation potential of a compound by visual
observation of injurious changes in the membrane. Cola®Liquid DL was found to be
non-irritating to the eye utilizing the HET-CAM test.

Cola®Liquid DL received a score of 2.0, which means that is Cola®Liquid DL has no

eye irritation. Comparatively, typical coco MEA amides and coco DEA amides cause
mild moderate to severe eye irritation.

This test was performed by Consumer Product Testing Co. of Fairfield, NJ.

To evaluate the potential irritation to skin, a study was performed adhering to ICH
Guideline E6 and 21 CFR parts 50 and 56. Fifty-two (52) volunteers, males and females,
ranging in age from 16 to 77 were subjected to a “patch test”. The “patch test” was
performed with the Cola®Liquid DL was prepared as 10% dilution, using distilled water.
A 1″ X 1″ absorbent pad was moistened with 0.2 ml of liquid and applied to the backs of
the subjects between the scapulae. The patch sites were inspected at 48 hours for gross
changes. It was observed that there was a complete absence of skin change. The test
sites were evaluated again at 72 hours. Once again the observation was negative skin
changes. Under the conditions of this test, Cola®Liquid DL did not indicate a potential
for dermal irritation.

We conclude Cola®Liquid DL product is mild to eye and skin at moderate use levels as
tested. Further conclusion is Cola®Liquid DL is non-irritating to both skin and eyes in
personal care formulation use concentrations.

This test was performed by Consumer Product Testing Co. of Fairfield, NJ.

Shampoos with COLA®LIQID DL
Water 50.20 49.20
Colonial ALES-60 20.00 --
Colonial ALS 20.00 --
Suga®Nate 160 -- 35.00

225 Colonial Drive South Pittsburg, TN 37380 Ph: 423-837-8800 Fax: 423-837-3888
Cola®Teric COAB 5.00 5.00
Cola®Liquid DL 3.00 3.00
Cola®Det LPC -- 6.00
Salt 1.00 1.00
Fragrance AN 128870 0.50 0.50
Na2EDTA 0.20 0.20
Kathon CG 0.10 0.10
100.00 100.00

pH 5.5 5.7
Viscosity # 3 @ 12 3000 2600

Available in bulk, tote bins, 55-gal. drums and pails.

Cola®Liquid DL provides excellent foam boosting, viscosity building and foam stabilizing
properties. It will readily solubilize most fragrances and essential oils into anionic
systems. The product is liquid and very mild to eyes and skin. Cola®Liquid DL contains
no DEA, MEA or TEA.

LAST UPDATED 01/07/2008

Colonial Chemical guarantees that its products meet published specifications. No other warranties or
guarantees are expressed or implied because the use of this material is beyond the control of Colonial
Colonial Chemical, Inc.

225 Colonial Drive South Pittsburg, TN 37380 Ph: 423-837-8800 Fax: 423-837-3888