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First meeting. Introduction

Objective 1 Their recruitment plans.
Objective 2 - Who is the MAN (meeting HR- National Head)
Objective 3 Pitch in our Paid/Premium services.

11 Nov14



Meeting Person:

Bajaj Finserv

Rahul Sabnis
(National Head HR)
Tarun Nirula (National
Head TA)
Sunandita Bose (Sr.
Manager TA)

Account Background:
Into consumer finance, SME finance, commercial lending and wealth advisory.
Have never posted, though sunandita has an account on iimjobs. Jobs posted on
Naukri, Monster, Timesjobs, Shine, Indeed. Many jobs listed on their career page,
senior manager, manager, and AM positions. Majority of Sales and Operations

Account Status:

Sales Person:
Vanshaj Anand

Opening Statement:
Thank you so much for giving me your time. I am glad we could meet.
So, how about we begin with knowing what your hiring structure is? What kind of
people you look to hire, any specific details that you would want to share to give me
a general idea.
Introduce iimjobs, run them through the website. Showcase premium services
offered by us. Run them through our database, live search.
One saved search for a job posted on their career page.

Understand their need.

Present one saved search query for one of their jobs posted on career
page (showcasing Database)
Offer to fiddle and run some live search (Try and pitch in).
Take their feedback on the relevance of database.
Ask them the way forward.



How will I know that I have got the

resume of an applicant through iimjobs

Showed and gave a run through of

Recruiter landing page.
Showed with example of a recruiter
profile at Myntra, with reports option on
their landing page

I specifically want to reach out to

passive seekers.

You can use our Database (gave a run

through) and also Premium postings
wherein we send customized mailers to
people matching your requirements.

We already receive lots of applications

through other sources.

(They are using Naukri, Monster,

timesjobs, Linkedin.)
Ok. I understand, but how about you
get all together a different quality of
applications, and showed them a saved
query for a job posted on their career
page (search results of 2800
candidates matching their requirement)

This position is of lower CTC and is

irrelevant on your job board.

So, lets do a live search for any position

that would fit with such target audience.
Did a live search for Risk Analytics
and 1000 results turned up. Having a
look at the results he was impressed a
bit now.

But I personally use Linkedin as well

and all these profiles can be searched
easily there.

LinkedIn is primarily a networking site,

you might find such people and they
might connect with you but it is highly
unlikely that they would apply to your
current job. They might connect with
you keeping in mind future
expectations. And then, you spend your
time and energy on all this exercise,
however people on come
explicitly to apply to your postings. This
saves your time and energy and better
likelihood of closure.

Started off negatively, probing each and every thing and negating the relevance.
But gradually, after handling all his objections started taking more interest.
Was happy to see good results for that live search of risk Analytics (I guess they
are looking for such person, overheard his conversation with his colleague
regarding that position)
After the discussion, asked for price specifically only for premium postings and DA
Wants a customized offer on premium postings tweaking the number of days
associated (discussed with ramit, we cant do that)
Asked for proposal for 2 logins. If they liked it and fits their need, they might go with
6 logins next year.

Account status after the call:

Trial and Offer