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The Convention (1) There shall be a Convention of the Party;

And composition (2) The Convention shall be the supreme organ of the
(3) The Convention shall be composed of:
(a) All members of

the National Executive

(b) All members of Parliament who are Party

(c) Ten delegates from each of the Provincial
Executive Committees;
(d) Five delegates from each of the District
Executive Committees;
(e) Five delegates from each of the Constituency
Executive Committee
(f) Two representative from each of the Provincial
wings of the Women and Youth Organisations;
(g) Such number of delegates not exceeding four
from each affiliated Organisation as the National
Executive Committee from time to time decide
(h) Two representatives from each Associate member

Powers and
functions of
National Executive

The National Executive Committee shall have

following functions and powers:



to be the Chief Political and Organisational

Organ of the Party;


to be responsible for policy formulation;


to implement decision, resolution and directives

of the Convention;


to report to the Convention on its own work and

the work of all the other organs of the party;


to appoint a Secretariat which shall execute

day-to-day work of the party under the charge
of the National Secretary;


to be the highest organ of authority between

two Conventions;


to convene the Convention of the Party;


to consider current issues in so far as they relate

to and affect practice and operations of the


to determine the most appropriate ways of

promoting political education;


to formulate rules and regulations to enforce

norms and to maintain operational standards;


to ensure periodic examinations of revenues and

disbursement of funds and other properties of
the Party;


to have the power to suspend any member of

the Party for serious misconduct or violation of
the Constitution;


to supervise and control the use and

maintenance of the Party funds and books of
accounts at the Headquarters, the Provincial,
District and Branch levels of the Party;


to deal with disciplinary matters of all members

for serious misconduct or violation of the
constitution and where necessary expel any
member from the party;


to summon extra-ordinary meetings of the

Convention as well as the Provincial and
District Conferences;


to meet at least once a quarter or as often as it

may be requested by the Secretariat or a
Provincial Executive Committee; and


to appoint to Sub-Committee Secretary of said


Establishment of the


There shall be the Secretariat of the Party;


The Secretariat shall be headed by the National



The National Secretary shall propose, and the

National Executive Committee confirm the
appointment of personnel to the Secretariat;


The National Secretary shall propose and the

National Executive Committee shall confirm
the Conditions of Service of the Secretariat


There shall be a Deputy National Secretary of

the party who shall deputise for the National


In addition to the National Secretary and

Deputy National Secretary of the Party there
shall be establishment at Secretariat the
following offices:

Administration Secretary
Legal Secretary
Financial Secretary
Publicity Secretary
Organisation Secretary
A number of office staff

Powers, functions (1)
and duties of

The President of the Party Shall:

(a) be the head of the Party;
(b) discharge his duties democratically and shall be
required to consult with the National Executive
Committee and any other relevant Party
functionaries on all matters relating to policy.

National Secretary
Functions, powers The National Secretary shall hold office on full time
full duties
basis and shall have the following powers, duties and

to be the Chief Executive Officer of the Party for the

supervision, co-ordination and efficient administration
of day to day activities of the Party;


to be responsible


To be the Secretary to the National Executive

Committee and Party Convention.


To maintain a register of the partys membership;






To be in constant liaison with all the Branch,

Constituency, District and Provincial Executive


To keep records, minutes and correspondence of

meetings and decisions of the National, Provincial,
District, Constituency and Branch Organs as well as
of the affiliate organisations.


In the absence of the National Secretary the Deputy

National Secretary shall deputise for him.