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Knock Out Brewery

I. Marketing Plan Outline

A. Marketing Objectives
Target Market
Target market of this company is every brewpub, beer bar, beer store, retail stores in Germany.
Expected Sales and Profit Yearly
5 percent increase in sales every year. Because we become established and known on the market
we project sales to increase at a faster rate than the past year.
Market Penetration and Coverage
As we started in Bamberg, Germany, and successfully introduced by giving promos on the caps
where there is a word 1beer and next time on the bottom of the cap. When it says 1beer you can
exchange it to authorized knockout partner pubs. We now are preparing to expand our coverage to all
brewpub, beer bar, beer store, retail stores in Germany.
B. Product Adaptation
Core Component

Features of KnockOut:
1. Appearance:
Bottle: Parjs Beer uses Glassware for their product.
Color: Transparent
2. Aroma:
The smell of Parjs Beer is bitter stench.
3. Mouth feel:
Yeasty Flavor
Prickly sensation but It gives thick and creamy feel

4. Strength:

KnockOut Beer beers have strong alcohol content.

o It contains 20-30% of Alcohol

5. Specifications:
Size: KnockOut Beer offers 8oz only
Flavor: Natural
Packaging Component
Our bottle is no ordinary than other beer bottle because it is easy to open that you do not to open
it with bottle opener. It works like a water bottle, so that customers will not struggle on finding a bottle
opener just to open a beer.
We also sell our beers on six packs, 12 packs and kegs.
Support Service Component
We have a customer service available for 24 hours that you can call if you have any problems,
suggestion and clarification on our product. Our telephone line will be 636-DRINK/ 636-37465. Or you
can go or send mail to our main office here at 192 Ontario, Bamberg, Germany. Email us at
C. Promotion Mix
We are projecting advertisements on Televisions with famous celebrities. Getting billboards on
populated areas, highways, etc. with the slogan, You are not German, if you cannot drink two of these.
Sales Promotion
We will apply the same sales strategy/promotion that built sales in Medford: remove all obstacles
between you and the customer. Once the customer tastes the product, he or she will know the quality and
craftsmanship that goes into every bottle.
KnockOut Brewery will be available in bars as well as retail outlets, such as local markets and
corner stores. It will also aim to distribute through supermarkets.
Personal Selling
This is undertaken in the form of sales calls whereby our sales person will go out to potential
customers and distributors informing them what products we are able to offer them. In addition our sales
person listens to clients needs at close hand, so as to ensue product is delivered timely and that it is the
right product as demanded by the surrounding community. Close analysis is also undertaken the
consumption patterns of the respective communities that are whether they prefer larger or smaller
containers. With this, it ensures that our products are customizing as much as possible to the surrounding
communitys needs and wants. In cases where there is the opportunity of obtaining large order it may be

necessary for the top management to go out personally, especially considering the fact that we are still a
relatively new firm in the market.
Other Promotional Method
Event: These are increasingly becoming important as more firms establish in the country and
hence the need to be known. Our organization is participating in trade shows and quality taste tests. Not
only will these increase awareness of the product, but if particular product were to gain recognition.
Undoubtedly with the help of Events, it adds confidence and pride in our staff complement as their hard
work would be recognized often at the highest levels.
D. Distribution
Port Selection
We have a 47 hectares warehouse that can contain at least 500,000 bottles with a right humidity,
temperatures for fermenting and producing a quality strong beer Germans will love.
Mode Selection
We use trucks with the updated technologies so that we can deliver a quality beer to every
brewpub, beer bar, beer store and retail stores.
KnockOut Beer intends to utilize every resource it has to the fullest possible extent. We realize
that there shall be a lot of by-products that will be produced from our production of the main product
lines. However not wanting to pollute the environment, and our community at large, we plan to utilize byproducts whenever possible. This will ensure that our resources are fully utilized.
Documentation Requirements
We have submitted Gewerbeanmeldeschein (commercial registration form) and were approved.
Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (FOAF) checked our brewery and warehouse and passed. And
we follow the German Beer Purity Law or commonly called Reinheitsgebot that every beer which only
permitted four ingredients and that is water, hops, barley and yeast.
Insurance Claims
We are covered by Allianz Company where if there are fire, flood, earthquake or our products
was heavily damage, they will cover the expenses.
E. Channel of Distribution
We believe that through our obsession for improvements, and commitment to a leadership
position in our respective markets, we can overcome the traditionally-binding constraints of resource
base, firm size, and narrow conceptualization of our business domain. This shall be undertaken through
coordination and logical integration of our distribution operations. We aim to reduce cycle time for key
processes eliminate rework and waste, and optimize our human resources utilization.

Trade Channels:

Wholesale Distribution Channels

Retail Distribution Channels

We intend to ensure that our breweries are located close to our major distribution centers not only to
minimize costs but also to enable our products to be easily available, in the best condition, in the different
markets nationwide. By engaging and establishing good relationships with owners we intend our products
to be readily available to our target MARKET. In terms of actual delivery for every vehicle the daily fuel
used, kilometers driven, repairs and maintenance costs must be recorded and compared with the set
Import Export Agents
We have our Import and Export Agents, their job is to operate as an intermediary, facilitating the
purchase or sale of our products between our domestic client and overseas companies. We make sure that
our import and export agents have a bachelors degree major in Finance, Business, International Business
or Supply chain management.
F. Price Determination
Cost of Shipment/Transportation Cost
Cost of shipment and transportation is covered by the company delivering to brewpub, beer bar,
beer store, retail stores.
Retail Price
The retail price would be 1.5 EUR, but we will be giving it to brewpub, beer bar, beer store,
retail stores for 1.2 EUR.
G. Methods of Payment
It could be paid through cash on hand on our agents, checks, and wire transfers on banks.
II. Performa Financial Statements and Budgets
A. Marketing Budget
1.4 million as we are expanding nationally for profit as the product is now beginning to get a
name on the beer industry. We will use the money for expanding warehouses and the brewery.

III. Resource Requirements

A. Finance

B. Personnel
We have almost hundreds of employees. It includes:

Bottling and Shipping Manager

Brewing Managers (6)
Marketing/Sales Manager
Bottling Staff
Shipping Staff
Packaging Staff

C. Production Capacity
Originally, we can only make 600,000 liters, as the demand grows on our product it became
900,000 liters and now we are expanding again to make 1.8 million liters.
IV. Executive Summary
Knock Out brewery has been a successful brewery in Germany for the past four years. Located in
the city of Bamberg, the company has increased sales by 20% each year. The companys product line is
KnockOut Beer.
KnockOut Brewery handcrafts its beer in small 20 barrel batches under the close personal
attention of brewers. The latest brewing equipment and technologies are seamlessly combined with
traditional brewing methods to ensure consistently excellent taste, whether packaged in bottles.
KnockOut Brewery is planning to expand its distribution to selected metro area within the state of
Bavaria. Over the last four years, KnockOut Brewery has become one of the citys most popular
breweries, and aims to repeat this Bavaria-wide. KnockOut Brewery will remove all obstacles between
you and customers. Once customer tastes the product, he or she will know the quality and craftsmanship
that goes into every bottle of Knock Out Brewery.
KnockOut Brewery will be available in bars as well as retail outlets, such as local markets and
corner stores. It will also aim to distribute through supermarkets, but it is envisioned that getting shelf
space in national supermarkets will be more difficult and more expensive.