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Subject + HAS / HAVE + Subject + HASNT / HAVENT HAS / HAVE + Subject + Past


+ +


Participle Participle + Complements + ?



Have you done your homework?

I have lost my keys.

I havent seen him.


He has gone on holidays.

She hasnt bought any shoes.






When we use the present perfect there is a connection with now. It is used to describe
actions which started in the past and continue to the present.
They have been here for an hour.
We use the present perfect simple to describe actions completed in the past that are still
relevant in the present.

She has lived here since 1998.

EVER: It is used in questions and means in your life.
Have you ever flown in an aeroplane?

o Ever
o Never
o Just

NEVER: It is used in negative sentences and means not in your

o Already
o Yet


o For

I have never swum with a shark.

o Since

JUST: It is used for a short time ago.

Are you hungry? No, Ive just had lunch

ALREADY: It is used to say that something happened sooner than expected.

Dont forget to send the letter Ive already sent it
YET: It is used to express a period until now. It shows that the speaker is expecting
something to happen.
Has it stopped raining yet?
FOR: It is used to say how long an action has continued.
We have been here for a week.

SINCE: It is used to say when an action began.

We have been here since Friday.

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Use the Present
Perfect Simple.

The volunteers _____________ (knit) thousands of jerseys.

The conservation group ________________ (not use) all of the jerseys yet.

We ________________ (watch) many programmes about penguins.

My sister _______________ (work) with many of the penguins.

Martin ______________ (try) to solve the problem.

We _________________ (not visit) Australia this year.

I ______________ (not clean) the kitchen.

Fill in the gaps of this conversation.

SPLODGE: ________ you ever ________ (eat) a mud pie, Lionel?
LIONEL: No, I havent. But I _______________ (eat) some delicious fish. I love fish.
SPLODGE: I hate fish. __________ your friends ever ________ (go) to other countries?
LIONEL: Yes, of course! My friend Hector ___________ (travel) round Australia three
SPLODGE: _________ he ever __________ (see) a kangaroo?
LIONEL: Yes, he has. But he ________ never ________ (meet) a koala. I know lots of
koalas. There is a very friendly koala at Wibble Zoo.
SPLODGE: Great! Can we go and see him? I want to talk to him. I ________ never
_________ (speak) to a koala in my life.
LIONEL: No, we cant. He ______________ (go) to New Zealand.
Complete the sentences with the following words: yet, already, ever, never, just.

They havent bought a car _______.

Have you __________ been to Alaska?

We have ___________ slept in a tent. Is it fun?

Have your friends arrived ________?

He is probably outside the door. He has ___________ left.

I havent finished my homework __________.

That was the most frightening moment I have _________ experienced in my life.

Mary has _________ put on her make-up and now she is ready to go.

I have ________ been to the USA but I want to go one day.

Carol has _________ baked the cake. She baked it yesterday.

You havent done your project _________.

Mum has ________ left the house. Maybe she is outside.

Have you __________ volunteered in an organization?

Circle the correct answer.

They have known each other for / since a long time.

We havent spoken for / since Monday.

He hasnt played football for / since he hurt his foot last week.

I havent eaten anything for / since hours.

Fish havent lived there for / since the oil spill.

Real fur coats havent been fashionable for / since years.