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harnessing technology for adult learners: beliefs and decisions.

The article exposes three different views of filling some particular needs regarding technology.,
based on three cases presented.
The first teacher, Ivanna, established a self-access resource; the second teacher, Susan, provided
for individualized or differentiated tasks; and Vida, the third teacher, provided for learner-
centered collaboration.
Ivanna used an eclectic approach to assembling and adapting resources. She finds that published
online materials are very important and impressive due to its flexibility and the option to create
interactive tasks. She sees CD-ROM or web-delivered material as a way of providing differentiated
interactive tasks for groups of learners. She uses the moodle to manage all resources for in-class
and beyond being a negotiated process in which learners can decide what to be left in the moodle
for future reference.
Susan negotiates formal language learning and life beyond the classroom. She teaches ESOL and
her views on technology for language learning are clear, she uses only if it is relevant to her
students. She uses an interactive whiteboard to guide a learners through a language review and
practice. Even when she based her lessons on course book content, she concerns to nurture more
constructivist learning. She uses frequently Powerpoint which serves for multiple roles such as
structuring the class, giving feedback, a resource for those that are absent. She uses different
technologies to give learners a sense of direction. She makes her classes teacher-student
centered. She thinks that reported speech revision class is fun and very productive and uses lost of
Vida, the third teacher, is aware of the English for Specific Purposes context in which learners need
to use their language. Students need to develop familiarity with specific language to deal with
content. We could say it is a type of CLIL cause she is using Sociology to teach the target language..
She uses wiki as a home based for collaborative and project based learning. Vida still prefer the
use of the backboard for students to give input to her lesson.