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1 Documentation to select and recruit a new staff of Azura Apartment:

Azura Apartment are going to hire a new position of salesman who will bring us new customer
on a monthly basis. The HR department have responsibility to prepare the documentation to
select and recruit new employee.
1.1.1 Job Advertisement: It is one of the most important of recruiting process in organization.
The job advertisement will give a candidate overview the position that they apply. Therefore,
they have good information to understand and write a good CV.


Department: Marketing & Sales
Location: Danang, Vietnam
Positions: 2
Type of job: Full time
Age Range: 22-30
Gender: Women
Experiences: Minimum of 2 years sales or customer relationship experience.
Salary: Roughly 10 - 15 million VND per month depending experience with a fixed term for the
first 16 months
Apply by: 25 September 2014
Contact information:
Developer VinaCapital NRE
Telephone: +84511396088
Address: 339 Tran Hung Dao St, An Hai Bac ward, Son Tra Dist, Danang City, Vietnam
The interview from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm

1.1.2 Job Description (JD): It is the important document to describe the position for which it
going to hire new employees. In addition, JD is necessary for every organization because the
organization cannot change the position of the post after it is advertised. Azura Apartment should
prepare carefully to avoid the miss information. The position description includes the duty and
responsibility of the position, the works have to be done and activities involved with the position.


Job Title: Salesman of Azura Apartment
Department: Marketing & Sales
Dates: 25 September 2014
Responsible: Marketing & Sales manager
Job Purpose: Serves customer by selling apartment and meeting customer needs.
Main duties and responsibilities:
1. Services existing accounts, obtains orders, and establishes new accounts by planning and
organizing daily work schedule to call on existing or potential sales outlets and other
trade factors.
2. Adjusts content of sales presentations by studying the type of sales outlet or trade factor.
3. Keeps management informed by submitting activity and results reports include daily call
reports, weekly work plans, and monthly and annual territory analyses.
4. Monitors competition by gathering current marketplace information on pricing, products,
new products, delivery schedules, merchandising techniques, etc.
5. Understanding the apartments information
6. Resolves customer complaints by investigating problems; developing solutions; preparing
reports; making recommendations to management.

7. Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops;

reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; participating in
professional societies.
8. Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.
Working condition: Work is performed in an office and outside environment to meet customer.
Bachelors Degree (or equivalent work experiences) business, marketing and sales
IELTS 6.0 or equivalent certification
Proficient using in Microsoft Office
Strong communication and interpersonal skills
Ability to work in a fast-paced and highly growing business
Strong in the presentation skills
1.1.3 Job Specification (JS):


General office procedure





Wide range of sales skills

marketing or behaviour of customer

Minimum of 2 years sales or Collect data and information to


customer relationship experience

identify the potential customer.

Typing quickly

Database management




Microsoft Ability to work under high pressure

Good telephone manner
Ability to work to deadlines
Good communication skills





Bid and tender experiences

and Good dealing with customer


Good problem solving




Flexible and adaptable attitude to Can focus on the task or mission

Personal qualities


Setting new personal development

Cheerful and positive outlook


Hard working
Professional approach
Team building skills
Table 1 Job Specification

1.2 The impact of legal, regulatory and ethical considerations to the

recruitment and selection process:
The job description describe clearly information and activities to ensure candidate understand
their position that they will apply in Azura apartment. Therefore, the recruitment and hiring
process need to follow some legal implication and ethical considerations to avoid some areas
below which could cause the legal violations, unless which is directly related to the job.
Sex discriminatory act: It does not matter candidates is men or women, if he/she meet the
companys requirement then Azura will recruit them. For the job description of Azura present is
very clearly about it that candidates can understand.
Impact of sex discriminatory act:

Azura Apartment is bound to maintain the sex

discriminatory act. If any candidate is qualified for their job whether the person is male or
female, Azura Apartment is bound to recruit him/her so it cannot discriminate in the ground of
Impact of race relation act: If the job advertisement calls for particular race or nationality, it
will break the provision of race relation act. The person who has legal work permission in
Vietnam is qualified for the job of Azura Apartment regardless to his/her nationality or race.
Impact of equality (age) regulation: Both young and old citizens get same benefit in
recruitment and selection process. If the human resource managers of Azura apartment gives
special privileges to any of two group, it will be unlawful and break the provision of equality
(age) regulation.
Impact of law in Advertising stage: When the human resource manager give advertisement of
job, he/she should make sure that it is not discriminatory against any sex, age, race, ethnicity,

gender, nationality, etc. He/she should make sure that advertisement does not break the law and
make sure all information of job advertisement is right. The advertisement process is going
beyond obeying law.
Impact of law in Interview stage: Interview process of Azura apartment must obey the Vietnam
employment law. The interview board should not ask any question that affect one`s religious
view or nationality of candidates. In addition, the group of interview should treat people equally
and avoid personal biasness because it will effect on their behaviour.
Impact of right to employment: The interview board should check whether the candidate have
legal right to work in Vietnam or not. It is very necessary for Azura Apartment check the
criminal record of the candidate to ensure the liable.
Impact of statement of employment: The new employee has to get a statement of employment
that includes all terms about his salary, hours of work, holiday, etc. All information need to
present very clear in the employees contract to help employee understand the responsibility and
legal right. The ethical considerations relate to the process of recruiting, avoiding discrimination
and providing natural justice and fair treatment. Moreover, Azura Apartment must treat all the
candidates equally. In addition, interviewers should only ask question on job related information
in selection process of company. Especially, the recruit and hiring process will no discrimination
in terms of race, religion, gender etc because it is the equal rights legislation principle for a
positive attitude to all organization.
The disability Discrimination law: Organization is not allowed to discriminate worker against
their disability. If that person are capable of doing the job regardless they are disable the
organization are not allowed to disqualify them as long as it will not disturbing the company
operation. For example applicant that are blind are capable to answering and taking order
through phone but they are not inconvenience to deliver the orders as it will slow the business
The Azura job description is very easy to understand and help candidates know their
responsibility with jobs. Azura Apartment always follow Vietnam legal that they hire the
employees under working age from 22 to 30. In addition, the job description provide the main
duties to help applicant know about their task and mission in the workplaces. Working hours and
workplace condition is also very important for Azura to show the candidates know the interest of

employees. Furthermore, the company also is liable to employees for wages and salaries that
Name of Interviewer: Mr. Tran Anh Dung



present in job description. It is very important for Azura Apartment ensure the lawful right and
interests of employees to follow the Vietnam Labour Law.

1.3 Take part in the selection process:

Applicants Name: Ms. Gemini

Position applied for

Salesperson in Azura

Applicants CV
Her CV has good grammar and information is very clearly. The content is not good with
many errors about her information. Firstly, she need to improve the format and structure of
CV to qualify the interview. In addition, she should change her photo because it not
professional and could not accept. Next, her personal profile is wrong with unclear
information. However, her education background is good with IELTS score 6.0 so she can
communicate with foreigner and using good office application. In addition, she got
experience about customer relationship at construction company
Applicants Demeanor/Impression/Personality
She arrives the interview on time, have well-dressed that make me impress about her
professional. The first thing she greet all interviewer with good voice so she show her
friendly. She has a good looking and soft voice that make me feel comfortable. In addition,
her manner speak well present a professional courtesy. During the interview, when she
answer my question I noticed she change her behaviour such as she cross her leg, put her leg
up, move her finger and sometimes change her eyes view. It show that she may not confident
about her answer. Sometimes, she missed the question then she got wrong answer.

Interviewers Overall Judgment/ Impression

In the interview, she sometimes do not focus on the question so she cannot hear clearly. She
always use body language may be she get a little bit nervous when interviewer ask question.
However, its normal for all candidates and her attitude is good that can accept by all
interviewer. She look like kind and honest when answering my question about skill and
experiences working with foreign customer then it show how she use and speak English in
daily. She also talk about her skills and ability about sales and marketing. Her experiences
may bring more potential customer for Azura. However, she doesnt has a good and
professional attitude during interview that make me disappointed. In addition, she should
improve her CV if she want to impress interviewer in the future. Therefore, she need to
improve and practice more to become better. This is the reason why make her cannot
qualified the Azura qualification. Finally, I cannot hire her for new position of salesperson in
Azura Apartment.

Signature of Interviewer: ___________________________________________________