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 Aspendale  Gardens  News  
The  Official  Newsletter  of  AGRA,  
2014   Aspendale  Gardens  Residents  Association  
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5000  Trees  Planted  in  
 Aspendale  Gardens  

Mordialloc  Bypass  
Construction  Announced  



Local   MP   Lorraine   Wreford   and   Coalition   State  
Government   have   committed   to   building   stage   one  
of  the  Mordialloc  Bypass  (also  known  as  the  MPFE)  
starting  in  2016,  should  they  be  re-­‐elected.  

This   is   very   big   news   for   Aspendale   Gardens.   Our  
unique   geography   means   that   Wells   Rd   is   a  
bottleneck   for   massive   volumes   of   peninsula-­‐city  
traffic  during  peak  hour.    

AGRA   community   surveys   have   consistently   shown  
traffic   safety   issues   are   a   very   real   problem   that   our  
residents  experience.    

AGRA  has  campaigned  for  all  major  parties  to  commit  
to  extending  the  Mornington  Peninsula  Freeway.  The  
upcoming   state   election   will   determine   whether   or  
not   the   freeway   extension   goes   ahead   in   the   next  

In  this  issue,  we  review  what  was  achieved  locally  by  
our  MPs  this  time  around.    
We  also  ask  the  known  election  candidates  (as  of  30th  
October)   questions   on   key   issues   from   our   resident  
surveys.   Two   candidates   were   game   enough   to  
respond.   We’ve   published   their   answers,   unedited.  
Check  it  out.  Ed.  


What   happens   when   council   gets   together   with  
Melbourne  Water,  community  and  volunteer  groups?  
Just   add   seedlings,   sunny   afternoons   and   a   sausage  
sizzle,   and   watch   Aspendale   Gardens   Southern  
Reserve   start   to   transform   into   a   River   Red   Gum  

In   this   issue,   Tony   Collins   from   City   of   Kingston   tells  
us  his  secret  to  the  task  of  transforming  the  reserve.    

Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Spring  2014  –  Page  1  


President’s  Report  

Editor’s  Bit  
We   sometimes   get   asked   “who   are   AGRA?”   and  
“what   do   we   do   for   the   community?”.   Both   are   fair  
questions,  so  here’s  a  primer.    

AGRA  started  as  a  residents  association  over  20  years  
ago   when   Aspendale   Gardens   was   mostly   empty  
paddocks   and   a   scattering   of   houses.   The   residents  
came   together   to   campaign   for   all   the   things   that   a  
growing  suburb  needs.    


Photo:  Tony  Firman  (AGRA  President)  getting  his  hands  dirty  

Welcome   to   the   2014   Spring   edition   of   “Aspendale  
Gardens   News”.   After   more   than   20   years   service   as  
President   of   Aspendale   Gardens   Residents  
Association,   Ken   Carney   has   elected   not   to   continue  
his   role   on   AGRA   in   order   to   spend   more   time   with  
his  family.  

I’m  sure  everyone  in  the  community  would  join  with  
me  in  thanking  Ken  for  his  many  years  of  dedication  
to   AGRA   and   the   outstanding   achievements   that   he  
and   the   AGRA   Committee   have   been   a   part   of   over  
many   years.   The   facilities   we   all   take   for   granted   in  
and   around   Aspendale   Gardens   might   not   have  
happened  without  determined  people  like  him.  

As   incoming   President   I   am   pleased   to   be   able   to  
continue  the  great  work  and  you  will  see  a  revitalised  
AGRA.   A   new   look   is   only   part   of   what   you   will   notice  
as  being  different  about  AGRA.    
AGRA   is   your   residents   association.   Please   take   the  
time   to   contact   us   when   you   have   an   issue.   We   will  
help   wherever   we   can.   If   you’d   like   to   be   more  
directly   involved   we   welcome   any   resident   who  
would  like  to  help  out.  

Kind  regards,  Tony  Firman,  AGRA  President  

Today’s   AGRA   is   a   non-­‐party-­‐political,   grassroots  
residents  association.  We  work  with  our  community,  
council   and   MPs   on   both   sides   to   make   Aspendale  
Gardens   a   great   place   to   live.   We   strive   to   be  
practical.   We   campaign   to   solve   local   issues   such   as  
internet   access,   postal   services,   bike   paths,   sporting  
facilities   and   traffic.   We   hold   a   community   festival.  
We   plant   trees.   Our   success   or   failure   depends   on  
how  well  we  work  with  our  councillors  and  MPs,  and  
how   well   they   compete   for   project   funding   on   our  

So  now  you  know  what  makes  us  tick.  If  you  have  any  
photos  from  the  early  Aspendale  Gardens  days,  we’d  
love   to   see   them.   Post   them   up   on   our   Facebook  

Cheers,  Andy  Bearsley,  AGRA  VP  and  Editor  


Your  AGRA  Committee  
Tony  Firman    

President,  Chairperson  
   Andrew  Bearsley    
Vice  President,  Editor  
   John  Zeccola      
   Mark  Bruce      
Assistant  Treasurer  
   Helen  Smithwick    
Minute  Secretary  
   Barbara  Hasseloff    
Deputy  Minute  Secretary    
   Serge   Yan,   Adam   Bedikian,   Henry   Warren,   Reny  
Frighetto,  Cameron  Davies  
AGRA  meets  on  the  last  Tuesday  of  the  month  
except  December.  All  welcome.  7:30pm  at  the  
Aspendale  Gardens  Community  Centre.      

Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Spring  2014  –  Page  2  



Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Spring  2014  –  Page  3  


Progress  on  Mordialloc  Bypass  

been   waiting   for   this   project   for   a   long   time.   It   will  
take   enormous   pressure   off   Wells   Road   and   get  
trucks   off   local   and   suburban   streets   –   and   that’s   a  
great  outcome  for  families,”  Ms  Wreford  said.  

Photo:  Donna  Bauer,  Paul  Peulich,  Dennis  Napthine,  Lorraine  Wreford  

On  12  November  2014,  Premier  Dr  Dennis  Napthine  
committed   the   Coalition   Government   to   building  
stage  one  of  the  Mordialloc  Bypass  starting  in  2016,  
should  they  be  re-­‐elected.  

 “More   than   50,000   vehicles   a   day   cross   the   end   of  
the   Mornington   Peninsula   Freeway   at   Springvale  
Road,   clogging   suburban   streets   and   contributing   to  
traffic   queues   on   Wells   Road   which   can   exceed   280  
metres   in   peak   times.   Investigations   carried   out   to  
date  show  that  a  Mordialloc  Bypass  is  the  best  option  
to   reduce   congestion   on   surrounding   roads   and  
improve  liveability  for  locals,”  Dr  Napthine  said.  

Lorraine   Wreford   MP   welcomed   the   announcement.  
“I   have   lobbied   my   colleagues   to   commit   to   this  
project   on   behalf   of   my   community,   and   I’m  
delighted   with   this   announcement.   I   know   that  
residents  and  businesses  in  the  Mordialloc  area  have  

The  $200  million  first  stage  of  the  Mordialloc  Bypass  
will  include:  

Approx.   4.5   kilometres   of   new   six-­‐lane   roadway  
(three   lanes   each   way)   from   Springvale   Road   in  
Aspendale  Gardens  to  Lower  Dandenong  Road  in  
• upgrade   of   at-­‐grade   signalised   intersection   at  
Springvale  Road;  
• two   new   traffic   signalised   intersections   at  
Governor  Road  and  Lower  Dandenong  Road;  
• access  at  Park  Way  Braeside;  
• grade   separated   road   crossing   over   Mordialloc  
Creek  and  Bowen  Parkway;  and  
• at-­‐grade  walking  and  cycling  path.  
In   the   2014-­‐15   State   Budget,   $10.6   million   was  
allocated   towards   the   planning   and   preconstruction  
of  the  Mordialloc  Bypass,  for  special  consideration  of  
the  wetland  areas.    
Subject   to   planning   and   environmental   approvals,  
early  works  on  the  Mordialloc  Bypass  will  commence  
in  2016.  

AGRA   comments:   We   desperately   need   this   bypass  
to   be   built.   The   position   of   major   parties   is   starkly  
The   Greens   did   not  
respond   to   the   AGRA  
questionnaire,   however  
at   the   last   election   in  
2010   their   response  
stated:   “The   Greens   do  
not   support   these   road  
Labor   has   currently   not  
committed   to   the  
The   Liberal   party   is   the  
only   party   to   commit   to  
the  bypass.  

Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Spring  2014  –  Page  4  



How  did  our    
State  MPs  perform?    

“Our  political  institutions    
work  remarkably  well.      
They  are  designed  to    
clang  against  each  other.      
The  noise  is  democracy  at  work”    
~Michael  Novak  

The   Victorian   state   election   is   coming   up   on  
Saturday  29  November  2014.    

The   redrawing   of   state   electorate   boundaries   in   2014  
moves  us  from  Carrum,  represented  by  Donna  Bauer  
MP,   into   the   seat   of   Mordialloc,   represented   by  
Lorraine  Wreford  MP.  Both  seats  are  recently  Liberal  
and  narrowly  held.    

AGRA  would  like  to  thank  both  Donna  Bauer  MP  and  
Lorraine   Wreford   MP   for   their   service   to   our  
community   in   the   past   term.   Putting   politics   aside,  
both  MPs  have  proven  to  be  accessible  and  tenacious  
when   it   comes   to   listening   and   helping   us   deal   with  
organisations   like   Telstra,   Australia   Post   and  

In   AGRA,   we’re   keenly   interested   in   local   projects  
that   affect   real   life   in   our   community.   We   look   back  
at  what  our  MPs  have  achieved  with  local  projects  in  
the  past  four  years.    

(Ed.  I’m  sure  we’ve  missed  some,  but  the  following  list  
provides   a   reasonable   idea   of   what   was   achieved  

Local  things  that  got  done  
ADSL  Upgrade  in  Aspendale  Gardens  
50  additional  ADSL  ports.  It  sounds  small  but  it  makes  
a   world   of   difference   for   families   with   school   age  
children   who   were   stuck   without   decent   internet   A  
great   example   of   working   with   council,   AGRA   and  

Parkdale  Secondary  College  facilities  
The   new   school   gymnasium   and   theatre   is   amazing.  
At   4pm   every   school   day,   the   community   centre  
takes  over  the  facility  for  basketball  and  theatre.  It’s  
become   a   real   community   hub   and   hive   of   activity,  
and  is  open  until  10pm  each  night.  

Funding  for  Aspendale  Gardens  PS  classrooms    
$1.2M  budgeted  for  classroom  upgrades.  


Mordialloc  Bypass  (MPFE):    
1.  Retain  reservations  
2.  VicRoads  Feasibility  of  Mordialloc  Bypass,  
Completed.   The   Mordialloc   Bypass   was   found   by  
VicRoads   to   be   feasible.   Summary   of   study   can   be  
downloaded  from  the  VicRoads  website.    
3.  Mordialloc  Bypass  back  on  Vic  Transport  Plan  
Traffic   is   the   number   one   issue   in   this   community.  
The   Mordialloc   Bypass   will   alleviate   traffic   on   Wells  
Rd,   White   Street   and   Nepean   Highway.   VicRoads  
have   concluded   a   feasibility   study   into   transport  
needs  in  and  surrounding  the  Mordialloc  Bypass  area,  
including   Aspendale   Gardens.   They   report   the  
building  of  the  Bypass  is  feasible.  The  summary  of  the  
study   outcomes   can   be   found   on   the   VicRoads  

On  this  topic,  Lorraine  says:  “I’ve  fought  hard  for  this.  
Addressing   traffic   issues   is   what   the   community   has  
asked   me   to   do.   I’m   representing   them,   that’s   my  

Commence  construction  of  the  Dingley  Bypass  
Construction   has   started   for   the   Kingston   leg   of   the  
Dingley  Bypass,  and  a  prerequisite  for  the  Mordialloc  
Bypass.   We’re   expecting   this   will   be   complete   in  
Red  light  and  speed  camera  on  Wells  Rd  
Done.   We’re   all   driving   more   carefully   along   Wells  
Road  now,  as  are  the  late  night  racers.  

Mordialloc  creek  dredging  
10,000  cubic  metres  of  silt  was  removed.  It  helps  the  
recreational   boaters   to   use   the   creek   safely   and  
improves  the  flow  and  local  environment.  
Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Spring  2014  –  Page  5  

Edithvale  Recreation  Reserve  (Edithvale  Rd)  
Grant  promised  for  recycled  water  on  the  grounds.    
Commence  Mordialloc  Life  Saving  Club  Upgrade  
Funding   and   planning   is   done,   construction   is   about  
to  start.  The  life  saving  club  needs  a  new  home,  and  
State   Government   and   Kingston   Council   teamed   up  
to  provide  them  with  new  digs.    
PSOs  on  Aspendale  and  Mordialloc  stations  
The  train  stations  are  now  a  safer  place  at  night.  We  
take   it   for   granted,   however   four   years   ago   people  
were   worried   about   using  
trains  at  night,  especially  on  
the   Frankston   line.   PSOs  
keep   passengers   safe,   and  
the   police   are   freed   up   to  
focus  on  policing.  
Improve  Train  punctuality    
Punctuality  improved  by  
29%,  now  consistently  over  
Station   and   line   rail  
upgrade   at   Aspendale   and  
Mordialloc  stations  
repainting,   refurbishment,  
new  seating,  new  markings.  
Still   to   come:   extra   shelters.  
A   lot   of   what   was   spent   you  
can’t   see   –   it’s   in   the  
signaling.   The   best   thing   is  
now   you   don’t   need   a  
timetable   –   you   go   down  
and   the   train   comes   every  
10  minutes.  
More   Postal   Services   in  
Aspendale  Gardens  
Petition   done.   Australia  
Post  Point  started.  
Edithvale  Childrens  Hub  
State   gov   partnered   with  
Kingston   Council   on   this  
initiative.  The  hub  will  open  
around   Feb   2015.   It’s  
modern,   convenient   and  
will  have  maternal  and  child  
services,   kindergarten   and  
daycare  all  in  one  place.    

There  is  of  course  always  more  to  do…  the  Mordialloc  
Bypass  needs  to  happen.    

To  keep  up  with  the  latest  news  in  
Aspendale  Gardens  go  to  



Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Spring  2014  –  Page  6  


Things  that  still  need  doing  
Aside   from   the   Mordialloc   Bypass,   there   are   a  
number   of   issues   that   need   doing   on   AGRA’s   list.  
There   are   some   issues   outstanding   at   the   council  
level   which   require   support   from   a   state   level   (eg.  
with  Melbourne  Water)  to  keep  the  pressure  on.  For  
• Traffic   signals   at   Boundary   Rd   and   Governor   Rd  
intersection.   This   is   recognised   as   an   issue   with  
VicRoads  that  needs  to  be  addressed,  and  is  now  
on  the  VicRoads  required  works  list.  This  does  not  
mean  that  it  is  funded  or  timed,  though.  
• Duplication  of  Governor  Rd  
• Traffic   lights   between   Burdekin   Parade   and  
Braeside   Park.   Council   is   in   negotiation   with   the  
developer  to  undertake  the  work  on  their  behalf.  
The  developer  is  to  fund  these  works.  
• Advancing   Chain   of   Parks   concept   in   South   East.  
This  still  needs  attention.  We  believe  that  funding  
needs   to   be   provided   to   buy   and   remediate   land  
as  it  becomes  available  when  the  current  licenses  
for  the  rubbish  tips  expire.  
• Screening   of   Mordialloc   Creek   Industrial  
Development   between   Waterways   and   Wells  
Road   Bridge.   This   needs   renewed   focus   and  
coordination  with  council  and  Melbourne  Water.  

We  live  in  Waterways  and  Aurora’s  mum  still  lives  in  
Aspendale  Gardens.  
Why   this   business?   Sam:   They   called   me   Dr   Sam   at  
school  and  I  always  wanted  to  be  a  doctor,  however  
missed   out   by   a   few   marks.   Maybe   it   was   meant   to  
I   have   worked   in   My   Chemist   outlets   in   Aspendale  
Gardens,   Keysborough,   Mt   Waverley   and   Glen  

How   long   is   your   week?  I  work  50-­‐80  hours  a  week.  
Crazy!  I  take  off  every  Sunday,  it’s  family  day.  

Why   should   people   support   local   business?   Sam:  
Because   the   quality   of   personal   service   will  
disappear.   Like   anything   in   life,   you   don’t   miss   it   until  
it’s  gone.  

What   is   your   favorite   place   to   holiday?   Sam:  
Anywhere   away   from   the   norm.   Queensland,  
Broadbeach  tends  to  be  our  favorite.  I  love  to  be  on  
the   beach,   near   water,   Mountain   bike   riding   and  
spending  time  with  friends.    

Sam’s   tip:   “Always   know   when   your   body   gets   run  
down   or   exhausted…   prevention   is   the   best  


Get  to  Know  Your  Neighbours  
Our  local  traders  in  the  Aspendale  Gardens  Shopping  
Centre   are   the   heart   of   our   community.   Nathan  
Arrowsmith   from   Ray   White   Mordialloc   finds   out  
what  they  love  and  what  makes  them  tick.    

Meet   Sam   and   Aurora   Bassaly,   owners   of   My  
Chemist  at  AG  Shopping  Centre.  
Sam   met   his   sweetheart   Aurora   at   a   Pharmacy   in  
Clayton   over   20   years   ago   while   looking   for   work.    
Aurora   was   the   Manager,   Sam   got   the   job   and   the  
rest  is  history.    
Sam   and   Aurora   have   four   children,   three   currently  
work  in  the  business.  

What   do   you   love   about   Aspendale   Gardens?   Sam:  
It’s  just  a  lovely  community  and  a  country-­‐town  feel.  

Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Spring  2014  –  Page  7  


Victorian  State  Election      
Candidate  Q&A  
Before   every   election,   AGRA   tries   to   identify   key  
issues   from   our   resident   surveys   and   prepare   a  
questionnaire   for   all   known   candidates.   Each  
candidate   is   given   an   equal   opportunity   to   consider  
those   needs   and   respond.  Our   objective   is   to   inform  
all  candidates  of  the  issues,  and  share  responses  with  
the  community.    

AGRA   distributed   the   questionnaire   to   all   known  
candidates   on   30th   October   which   included   Liberal,  
Labor,   Greens   and   Independent.   The   Liberal   and  
Labor   candidates   responded   by   the   deadline   of   6th  
November.   AGRA   does   not   edit   responses   –   what  
each   candidate   said   is   what   you   see.   The   AGRA  
editorial   team   keeps   all   answers   to   themselves   and  
does   not   pass   any   information   onto   anyone   before  

We   note   that   the   Liberal   announcement   for   the  
Mordialloc   Bypass   came   out   on   12th   November,   so  
Lorraine   was   unable   to   reference   details   in   her  
response  at  the  time.  

Question   1:   The   traffic   along   Wells   Road   and  
surrounding  streets  is  a  constant  cause  of  concern  to  
our   residents.   The   construction   of   the   Mornington  
Freeway   Extension   and/or   the   construction   of   the  
Boundary  &  Governor  Road  roundabout  are  seen  as  
possible   solutions   to   this   problem.   What   will   your  
Party   do   to   alleviate   traffic   congestion   on   Wells  

roundabout  with  signals.  I  won’t  stop  lobbying  until  I  
have  a  solution.  Mordialloc  Bypass  is  the  preference.  

The   Napthine   Government   has   plans   to   improve   the  
south-­‐east’s   transport.   We’re   making   road   and   rail  
travel  faster  and  safer.  

Tim  Richardson,  Labor:    
Traffic   congestion   is   an   ongoing   issue   for   our  
community.   Population   in   the   City   of   Kingston   is  
expected   to   grow   by   over   10%   in   the   coming   fifteen  
years.  As  a  result  we  need  to  invest  more  in  our  road,  
rail  and  bus  infrastructure.    

The   extension   of   the   Mornington   Peninsula   Freeway  
has  been  road  reserved  for  several  decades.  A  recent  
community   consultation   and   feasibility   assessment  
was  undertaken  by  VicRoads,  which  was  supposed  to  
be  released  in  November  2013.  It's  very  disappointing  
that   the   current   Liberal   government   has   refused   to  
release   the   full   feasibility   study   to   better   inform   the  
community  on  this  matter.    

Labor  is  committed  to  improving  our  local  roads  and  
easing   congestion.   As   part   of   our   Project   10,000   Plan,  
Labor   will   invest   $1   billion   for   suburban   roads.   If   I  
were   fortunate   to   represent   our   community   after  the  
election,   I   would   work   with   our   community   to  
address  these  traffic  challenges.    



Lorraine  Wreford  MP,  Liberal:    
Only   the   Napthine   Government   is   committed   to   the  
Mordialloc   Bypass   (Mornington   Peninsula   Freeway  

News & Lotto


Last   election   we   promised   a   feasibility   study,   which  
we  completed.  Following  that,  we  included  $10.6m  in  
the   2014/15   budget   to   plan   and   prepare   for   the  
bypass.  Preparations  are  underway.  

I’m   lobbying   hard,   extremely   hard,   for   our   election  
commitments  to  include  the  construction  of  this  vital  

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It’s   a   stark   comparison   to   Labor.   In   1999,   Labor  
promised  to  complete  the  extension  within  ten  years.  
In   eleven   years,   they   never   committed   funds   to   it.  
They  still  aren’t  committed  to  it.  

Further,   I’ve   also   had   discussions   with   VicRoads   and  
the   Minister   about   duplicating   Governor   Road   and  
replacing   the   Governor   Road   -­‐   Boundary   Road  
Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Spring  2014  –  Page  8  



Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Spring  2014  –  Page  9  

Question  2:  Local  natural  entities  like  Port  Phillip  
Bay,  Edithvale  Wetlands,  Yammerbook  Reserve  and  
the  Green  Wedge  are  important  local  environmental  
resources.  What  is  your  Party’s  policy  to  protect  and  
maintain  these  environmental  resources?    

Lorraine  Wreford  MP,  Liberal:    
Edithvale   Wetlands,   Yammerbook   Reserve,   Green  
Wedge,   Bay   and   Braeside   Park   are   big   reasons  
Kingston’s  a  fantastic  place  to  live.  

Premier  Napthine  recently  announced  a  $65m  Better  
Bay   Plan,   including   Bay   trail   extensions,   more   bins,  
extending   Mordialloc   Pier,   buying-­‐back   commercial  
fishing  licenses,  and  more.  A  significant  program.  

Labor   haven’t   matched,   but   their   Bay   West   shipping  
promise   requires   extensive   Bay   blasting   so   bigger  
ships  can  reach  port.  It’ll  forever  change  tides,  erode  
beaches  and  destroy  marine  life.  

Question   3:   AGRA   has   over   a   period   of   time  
requested   that   Australia   Post   issue   a   licence   to   open  
a  Post  Office  to  a  retailer  in  the  shopping  centre.  It  is  
seen   as   an   essential   service   for   our   area,   (Parcel  
Post,   paying   bills   over   the   counter,   passports…etc)  
especially   as   Australia   Post   seem   to   be   closing   down  
nearby  post  offices  like  Braeside.  Even  though  it  is  a  
Federal   issue,   what   will   your   Party   do   to   assist   in  
obtaining   this   post   office   licence   for   our   local  
shopping  Centre?  

Lorraine  Wreford  MP,  Liberal  
As   readers   know,   I   fully   support   a   Post   Office   in  
Aspendale   Gardens.   I’ve   been   working   hard   with  
Australia  Post  and  AGRA,  with  some  success  to  bring  


I’ve  helped  attain  many  grants  for  local  park  groups,  
and   offered   other   support.   Recently,   Minister   Walsh  
and   I   announced   another   $20,000   for   Yammerbook  
Reserve   and   creek   plantings.   I   passionately   support  
our  local  environment.  

I’m   a   Friends   of   Edithvale   Seaford   Wetlands,   and  
Kingston   Conservation   &   Environment   Coalition  

The   Green   Wedge   should   be   healthier   with   a   chain   of  
parks   and   trails   for   the   community.   We   should  
encourage   Council   to   end   policies   inspiring   rubbish  
dumps  to  proliferate.  

Tim  Richardson,  Labor:    
Kingston   boasts   many   environmental   wonders   from  
our  amazing  beaches,  to  our  green  wedges  and  open  
spaces,   to   our   RAMSAR   listed   wetlands   in   Edithvale.  
It's   important   we   preserve   these   environmental  
assets   for   the   future.   Labor   will   always   promote   the  
health   and   wellbeing   of   our   local   environment   and   I  
am  keen  to  work  with  our  local  community  to  protect  
these  treasures.  

Labor   has   announced   that   we   will   lock   down   the  
boundaries   of   Melbourne's   green  wedges,   ending  
incursions   into   our   open   landscapes.   Green   wedge  
boundaries   will   be   preserved   for   the   life   of   a   Labor  
Government,   providing   certainty   to   the   community  
and   preventing   inappropriate   development   from  
deteriorating   the   areas.   I'm   also   eager   to   see   the  
establishment   of   Kingston's   "Chain   of   Parks"   to  
promote  more  open  space.  

I   would   also   like   to   acknowledge   the   work   that  
Aspendale   Gardens   residents   undertake   to   protect  
and   promote   the   Yammerbook   Reserve,   which  
continues  to  flourish  and  improve  each  year.    
Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Spring  2014  –  Page  10  

it  to  fruition.  

The   2400   name   petition   AGRA   and   I   put   together  

Whilst   others   say   there   is   no   chance   we’ll   get   any  
postal   services   or   it’s   a   Federal   issue,   I’ve   proven  
them  wrong  by  getting  a  commitment  to  an  increase  
in  services.  

Whilst   it   is   not   easy,   Aspendale   Gardens   will   soon  
have   an   official   Post   Point   as   a   first   step.   Parcel  
collection  lockers  are  coming  too.  From  there  we  will  
see  other  services  come  on  board.  

By   this   time   next   year,   Australia   Post   will   have  
enough   data   to   accurately   assess   the   viability   of   a  
Post  Office,  so  use  these  services.  

Whilst  Australia  Post  is  facing  very  challenging  times,  
and   are   generally   not   expanding   services,   we’ve  
managed  to  buck  the  trend.  

Tim  Richardson,  Labor  
The   Aspendale   Gardens   Residents   Association   is  
correct   that   the   provision   of   a   Post   Office   for   any  
region  is  a  federal  matter  and  a  decision  of  Australia  
Post.   We   have   seen   in   the   last   year   that   Australia  
Post   continues   to   reduce   its   postal   services   with   the  
recent  decision  to  close  the  Braeside  Post  Office.  

The   provision   of   a   post   office   in   Aspendale   Gardens  
goes  back  to  the  early  2000s  and  commenced  with  a  
community   campaign,   which   involved   the   former  
member  for  Isaacs,  Ann  Corcoran.  This  campaign  has  
continued   with   Mark   Dreyfus   making   several  
representations   and   meeting   with   Australia   Post   to  
put   forward   the   need   for   a   post   office   in   Aspendale  

It’s  hard  to  choose  one  thing,  because  I’m  working  on  
several  things  for  the  community  already.  

We’re   upgrading   Aspendale   Gardens   Primary  
($1.2m),   we’ve   provided   the   kinder   funds   recently,  
I’ve   helped   secure   more   ADSL   services,   I’m   fighting  
for   the   Mordialloc   Bypass,   reviewing   youth   facilities,  
and  improving  postal  services.  

However,   the   one   thing   to   most   improve   life   in  
Aspendale   Gardens   is   the   Mordialloc   Bypass.     It   will  
make   travelling   to   and   from   Aspendale   Gardens  
quicker,  decongest  local  roads,  and  make  them  safer.  

The   Napthine   Government’s   good   management  
means   we’ve   made   record   investments   in   health,  
education,   infrastructure   and   Kingston.   Only   the  
Napthine   Government   can   actually   deliver   the  
Mordialloc   Bypass.   Despite   what   Labor   says,   they  
cannot   be   trusted   to   manage   the   economy   and  
deliver  the  projects  and  services  you  need.  

Tim  Richardson,  Labor  
 There   are   several   things   that   I   would   strive   to  
improve   in   Aspendale   Gardens   and   the   Kingston  
community,   including   schools   and   TAFE   funding,  
better   funding   for   hospitals   and   our   paramedics   and  
addressing  our  jobs  crisis,  which  sees  46  people  lose  
their  jobs  each  day  in  Victoria.    

However,  a  major  issue  raised  by  Aspendale  Gardens  
residents  is  public  transport.  A  recent  major  concern  
has   been   the   Liberals   decision   to   remove   Richmond  
and   Flinders   Street   train   station   from   the   Frankston  
train  line.  Labor  will  oppose  this  decision  and  ensure  
the   Frankston   train   line   runs   services   to   these  


Despite   the   current   challenges  
and   the   reduction   in   Australia  
Post   business   across   Victoria,   I  
would   strongly   advocate   on  
behalf   of   Aspendale   Gardens  
residents   for   the   provision   of   a  
stand-­‐alone  post  office.    
Question   4:   As   our   elected  
state  member,  what  is  the  one  
thing   you   will   improve   in  
Aspendale  Gardens?  
Lorraine  Wreford  MP,  Liberal  
Aspendale   Gardens   is   a   great  
place  to  live!  

I’ll   continue   working   hard   to  
keep   it   that   way,   and   together  
we  can  make  it  even  better.  

Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Spring  2014  –  Page  11  

Labor   will   also   remove   50   dangerous   railway   level  
crossings,   including   Edithvale   Road   and   build   the  
Melbourne   Metro   Rail   Tunnel,   which   will   double   the  
size   of   the   city   loop.   Finally,   I   want   to   improve   bus  
services   through   Aspendale   Gardens   and   streamline  
timetabling   to   ensure   buses   link   better   with  
connecting  train  services.    
AGRA   thanks   both   Lorraine   Wreford   and   Tim  
Richardson  for  responding  to  the  survey.  

Want  to  advertise  your  
 local  business  here?  Email  


Annual  General  Meeting  

AGRA  held  our  Annual  General  Meeting  on  27  August  
Our   thanks   go   to   visiting   dignitaries   including   MPs  
Lorraine   Wreford   and   Inga   Peulich,   Mayor   Paul  
Peulich,  Cr  Tamsin  Bearsley  and  Labor  candidate  Tim  

We   covered   the   nature   of   the   work   that   AGRA   have  
achieved   over   the   past   12   months,   and   elected   the  
new  committee  for  2014-­‐2015.    
Former   President   Ken   Carney   chose   not   to   re-­‐stand  
and  he  was  thanked  for  his  outstanding  contribution  
over   the   past   22   years.   Incoming   president   Tony  
Firman  was  nominated  and  elected  unopposed.  More  
details  on  AGRA  website.    

Photo:  Paul  Peulich  (Mayor),  Ken  Carney  (departing  AGRA  president),  Lorraine  Wreford  (Liberal  MP),  Tony  Firman  ( AGRA  President),  Tim  Richardson  ( Labor  candidate)  

Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Spring  2014  –  Page  12  



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Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Spring  2014  –  Page  13  


Aspendale  Gardens    
Primary  School  Carnival  

The   Aspendale   Gardens   Primary   School   Carnival   on  
Sunday  16  November  was  once  again  a  big  hit!    
The  day  started  out  with  a  very  wet  overnight  soaking  
(the   wettest   November   day   in   5   years),   but   by  
midday   it   cleared   up   and  was   all   blue   skies,   sunshine,  
excited  kids  and  relieved  volunteers!    
It   was   a   great   chance   for   the   community   to   get  
together   and   celebrate   our   community   spirit.   To  
everyone   who   put   in   the   hard   yards   to   bring   the  
event  together:  well  done!  


Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Spring  2014  –  Page  14  


Aspendale  Gardens    
City  of  Kingston  have  commenced  the  final  stages  of  
the  Aspendale  Gardens  Sportsground  surrounds.  
• The  Kerr  Crescent  Reserve  has  been  planted  and  
• 30  new  trees  added  to  replace  poor  existing  ones  
• Existing  trees  trimmed  and  shaped  
• New  rubbish  bin  installed  
• Water  fountain  installed  
• New  BBQ  shelter  with  two  tables  and  chairs  

• Two  outdoor  bench  seats  
• Increased  mowing  surrounding  the  sportsground  
 The   sportsground   is   now   in   full   use   for   the   summer  
cricket  season.    
To  sports  teams  and  community  groups,  if  you’d  like  
to   book   the   grounds   out,   the   CoK   team   would   love   to  
hear  from  you.  Contact  them  on  1300  653  356.    

To   everyone   from   City   of   Kingston   who   made   this  
possible,  including  Tim  Ford  and  the  City  of  Kingston  
Parks   and   Gardens   team:   we   are   truly   appreciative  
that  you  have  crafted  the  vision  into  a  reality.    

From  all  of  AGRA:  our  thanks  on  a  great  job.  

Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Spring  2014  –  Page  15  


Aspendale  Gardens    
New  Forest  

Tony   Collins   from   City   of   Kingston   came   to   an   AGRA  
meeting  and  gave  us  an  update  on  the  tree  plantings  
in  Aspendale  Gardens  Southern  Reserve  (also  known  
less  romantically  as  the  secondary  drain).    

It’s   a   huge   task,   however   the   City   of   Kingston   prides  
themselves   on   working   closely   with   community   and  
school   groups,   which   is   what   they   did   for   these  
plantings.   Community   involvement   is   their   secret  
sauce  that  makes  the  project  scalable.    

The   site   of   these   plantings   is   part   of   the   Long   Beach  
Trail   corridor,   an   important   link   between  
Yammerbook   Reserve   and   the   RAMSAR-­‐recognised  
Edithvale  Wetlands.  

The   site   is   a   heavily   used   pedestrian   and   cycling  
corridor.   It   features   as   a   part   of   the   ‘Living   Links’  
project  in  Melbourne’s  south-­‐east  involving  Councils,  
Government   agencies   and   community   groups  
working   together.   It   aims   to   improve   the   connections  
between   the   many   parks,   reserves,   open   spaces,  
coasts,   beaches,   pathways,   rivers,   creeks   and  
wetlands   in   Melbourne’s   south-­‐eastern   suburbs   and  
to  make  this  area  a  world-­‐class  urban  ecosystem.  

Melbourne   Water   provided   the   trees,   and   City   of  
Kingston   made   the   events   happen.   Approximately  
5000  trees  were  planted  with  300  people  involved.  St  
Louis   De   Montfort   and   Aspendale   Gardens   Primary  
Schools   had   school   planting   days.   Volunteers   came  
from  all  around  Melbourne.    

Overheard   from   a   local:   “This   is   one   of   those   things  
that  helps  restore  my  faith  in  humanity!”    


Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Spring  2014  –  Page  16  





Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Spring  2014  –  Page  17  


Remote  Control  Sailing    
in  Waterways  
Ever   wanted   to   learn   how   to   sail,   without   getting  

Maybe   you’re   a   seasoned   sailor   who   would   like   to  
brush   up   on   racing   skills   and   tactics…   or   perhaps  
you’re  a  first  timer,  with  a  sense  of  fun!  

Why   not   try   remote   control   sailing?   It   has   organised  
events  held  locally  at  Waterways,  Sandhurst  and  the  
Patterson   Lakes   National   Water   Sports   Center.   The  
Patterson   Lakes   Radio   Model   Yacht   Club   has   a   very  
active   club   which   conducts   sailing   on   Tuesday  
afternoons   and   Sundays,   with   special   events   such   as  
State  and  National  Titles  held  throughout  the  year.  

New   members   and   sailors   of   all   levels   are   always  
welcome   to   join   in,   with   plenty   of   helpful   hints   and  
tips  provided  along  the  way.      
Boats  sailed  at  the  club  range  from  self  made  yachts  
(approx   $500)   to   the   latest   and   greatest   designs  
(approx   $5000)   with   the   main   classes   being   Micro  
Magics,   RG/Dragonforce,   Laser   and   International   One  
Meter  yachts.  

Social   racing   is   generally   held   on   Sundays   at  
Waterways   next   to   the   Nest   Cafe   from   the   jetty,  
generally  from  1  pm  -­‐  4  pm.  

 The   aim   is   to   have   a   minimum   of   10   races   per   day,  
with  a  1  minute  start  count  down.  Finish  placing  are  
scored   and   recorded   for   for   each   series   held   which  
consist  of  up  to  6  race  days.     Both  scratch  racing  and  
handicap   series   events   are   completed   to   give  
everyone  a  fair  chance  of  winning  a  series.     Prizes  for  
club   members   are   award   at   the   end   of   year  
presentation  night.  

So   if   you’re   interested   in   giving   it   a   go   ...   next   time  
you’re   walking   past   the   group   of   sailors   on   Sunday  
afternoon  at  Waterways  jetty,  say  hello  and  they  can  
arrange  the  club  boat  for  you  to  try  out.      

A   club   Micro   Magic   is   available   for   new   comers   to   try  
their  hand  at  sailing,  however  it  can  be  trickier  than  it  
looks   to   keep   the   boat   sailing   fast   and   in   the   right  

Also   worthwhile   checking   out   is   the   web   site  for  up  to  date  information  on  local  
events,   contact   information,   race   results   and   sailing  
calendar  race  days.  
Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Spring  2014  –  Page  18  


Real  estate  agent  
 goes  purple    
…  and  solves  local  mystery    

If   you’re   a   local   in   Aspendale   Gardens,   you   might  
have   seen   a   lot   of   purple   recently.   You   also   might  
have  been  wondering  about  those  ‘I  heart  Aspendale  
Gardens’   stickers   that   mysteriously   appeared  
throughout  the  suburb  two  or  three  years  ago.  

The   local   real   estate   agency   in   the   Aspendale  
Gardens   Shopping   Centre   has   launched   their   own  
brand:   ‘iSell’,   complete   with   purple   cars,   purple  
balloons,  purple  flags  and  purple  pointer  boards.  It’s  
all  a  bit  hard  to  miss.  

Michael   Choi,   Co-­‐Founder,   explains:   “We’ve   been  
working  on  the  brand  for  three  years.  We  wanted  to  
be   different,   and   completely   stand   out   from   the  
crowd.  We’re  big  on  innovation.  

That   said,   we’re   a   small   local   business,   and   we’ve  
been   a   part   of   the   Aspendale   Gardens   community   for  
11  years.  We  try  to  do  as  much  as  we  can.  If  you  see  
us  around,  come  and  say  hi  –  we’re  human!”  

Michael   is   especially   proud   of   his   team’s  
auctioneering  skills,  having  represented  Australia  in  a  
number  of  competitions.    

If   you   attend   local   events   in   Aspendale   Gardens,   such  
as   the   Primary   School   Carnival,   Tree   Planting   days,  
Community   Film   Night   or   Glow   Disco,   it’s   likely   that  
Michael  Choi  and  team  will  be  a  part  of  it.    

One  thing’s  for  sure  –  they’re  no  shrinking  violets.    

Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Spring  2014  –  Page  19  


Aspendale  Gardens  News,  Spring  2014  –  Page  20