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Bui Thi Xuan High School

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Subject: ENGLISH 10 - TYPE A

I. Multiple choice: Choose the correct answer (4 ps)

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Cu 1: __________his homework yet?

A Does he do
B Has he done
C Did he do
D Had he done
Cu 2: Choose the word that has the underlined letter(s) pronounced differently from the rest.
A today
B Shirt
C about
D other
Cu 3: He did finally come with us, although it took a long time to..........him.
A persuade
B take
C permit
D believe
Cu 4: ________is the physical part of the computer system.
A Software
B Hardware
C Footwear
D Sportswear
Cu 5: Hi, honey. How's it going?' 'Great. ...................... fishing with Grandpa tomorrow'
A I'm going to go
B I will go
C I go
D I'm going
Cu 6: Choose the word that has the underlined letter(s) pronounced differently from the rest.
A sport
B walk
C doctor
D ball
Cu 7: Some of the more time consuming jobs can now be done by machines
A odd
B not affected by time C taking much time
D taking. little time
Cu 8: Many people were killed in the plane crash. The bodies of______were taken away;______were taken to
A the death - the injured B the dead - the injured C the die - the injured D the dead - the injury
Cu 9: Choose the sentences or phrases that best complete these conversations.
A: What will we do when we want to call the Fire Service?
B: ___________________________
A Dial 115
B Dial 113
C Dial 114
D Dial 116
Cu 10: The computer was the most wonderful__________in the 20th century.
A Invention
B invent
C inventing
D invented
Cu 11: He has not developed mentally as much as others at the same age. He's__________
A mentally ill
B mentally alert
C mentally restricted
D mentally retarded
Cu 12: A: _______________________________ .
B: Let me see, since September 2003.
A How-often do you attend this school?
B Since when did you study at this school? C When
did you attend this school?
D How long have you studied at this school?
Cu 13: People .................. live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
A Who
B whom
C which
D whose
Cu 14: Your tour includes a the Grand Canyon by air.
A camping
B travel
C visit
D excursion
Cu 15: She gives her children everything . they want
A whom
B what
C that
D who
Cu 16: 'Look at those dark clouds!' `Yes, It looks like ................. any minute.'
A it's going to rain
B it rains
C it's raining
D it will rain
II/ Read the following passage then do the tasks that follow. (2 pts)

Last summer John went on holiday for two weeks to the island of Sardinia. He stayed in a hotel which had a
wonderful swimming pool and beautiful views of the sea. It was a village where the local people went fishing in
the winter, and foreign visitors came in the summer.
John spent his first day on the beach, but on the second day he felt very ill. First he was very hot, then he was too
cold. He couldn't understand why he felt like that. So he went to see the local doctor, who was a very nice man, and
whose English was excellent.
"Summer is a time when people often feel ill". The doctor said. "It's too hot for most of us! Take this medicine, and
stay out of the sun."
John took the doctor's advice, and stayed in his room for the rest of his holiday. He soon felt better. "What a cheap
holiday!" he thought happily.
A/ Deciding which sentence is True or which sentence is False
1/ John went to the city for a holiday last summer_____
2/ The village is for visitors only ______
3/ According to the passage, the weather in summer is not good for
people's health _____
4/ According to the passage, the local doctor can't speak English very well________.
B/ Answering the following questions:
1/ What happened to John on the second day?
2/ Is it inferred from the passage that John was satisfied with his holiday?
III/ Writing: (2ps)
Dear Lan.
1/ I / be/ happy/ to hear / that/ you/ are going to have/ house warming party/ at 8 pm on Sunday evening.
2/ First, let/ congratulate you/ your new house.
3/ Certainly, I/ help you/ to buy everything / that you need/ your party.
4/ Fortunately, I / be having/ a day off / Saturday morning.
I will be waiting for you at 9:00 a.m
IV/ Grammar: (2ps)
1/ I dont mind traveling by train now. (Write a sentence using used to or didnt use to)
2/ We need to provide more shelters for people who are without place to live. (Rewrite the sentences using a phrase
with the + an adjective instead of the underlined phrases)
3/ The bus is always crowded . I take it to school every morning. ( Combine the following sentences, using who,
which, that)
4/ Someone has stolen some of my books (Turn into passive voice)