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CAD/CAM Question Bank Unit Wise

7th SEM, MECH.

Faculty: K L KURREY

Unit I
1. Discuss the conventional product life cycle. How CAD/CAM accelerates the
product development.
2. Explain the various phases of product design.
3. What is CAD/CAM and what are its applications and benefits?
4. What is concurrent engineering? What is its significance in the product design?
5. Differentiate between Concurrent & Conventional Engineering
6. Explain the common database as linkage to various computerized
7. Explain Product Life Cycle in CAD/CAM Environment.
Unit II
1. Explain the modeling method with Example
a)B-rep b) CSG
2. What do you mean by rapid prototyping, what are different methods of Rapid
Prototyping explain any two?
3. The Co-Ordinates of four points are givenP0=(2,2,0) , P1=(2,3,0) , P2=(3,3,0) ,P3=(3,2,0) find the equation of a Bezier
3. Explain Data Base Management System
4. Explain 3D representation of surfaces and solids; Plane surface, surfaces of
5. What is geometrical modeling explain in brief?
6. Explain creation of data files in application programs and Relational database
management system.
Unit III
1. Define Numerical Control with Practical Example
2. Explain Adaptive Control machining system
3. Differentiate between CNC and DNC?
4. Write a program to drill four hole in a work piece using a drilling machine as
shown in fig the work piece is rectangular plate 200mmX100mmX15mm. the
diameter of holes is 10mm. take feed rate of 0.10mm per revolution and
spindle speed of 800 rpm assume target point is located X= -10mm,Y=10mm,Z=10mm the work piece surface is fixture such as that its bottom
surface is 30mm above the machine tool table surface for sufficient clearance?

5. Explain advantages & disadvantages of NC system?

6. Explain different code used in manual part programming?

7. What are MACRO statements?

Unit IV
1. Explain group technology.
2. What is FMS? With the help of neat sketch, explain the different elements of
3. Explain three parts classification and coding systems
4. Explain the four elements of CIM.
5. 10. What is CAPP? Explain the retrieval (variant) CAPP system.
6. Define the following terms
1. Part family 2. Hybrid code
7. What is group technology machine cells, write benefits of group technology
Unit V
1. What are the various types of analysis done in FEM?
2. What are the advantages of FEM
3. Explain the procedure for finite element analysis.
4. What are the different types of elements used in FEM?
5. Write short notes on:
1. FEM 2. Stiffness matrix
6. for a Axially loaded member shown in fig determine nodal displacement

Given that area of aluminium rod = 39X10-4 m2 area of brass rod = 13X10-4 m2
Modulus of Elasticity EAl= 70 GPa , EBrass=100 GPa Axial Load P2=280KN , P3=
7. Explain CIM ?