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SYLLABUS EE4365 Introduction to Wireless Communication

C.P. Bernardin
Tues-Thurs 11:30-12:45 ECSN 2.126
First Class: Tues, Jan 8, 2008

The details of this Syllabus are subject to change at any time during the course (see web for updates)

WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS, Principles and Practice, 2nd Edition, by Theodore S. Rappaport,
Prentice Hall 1996. ISBN: 0–13–042232–0

Scope of EE 4365: Introduction to Wireless Communication

(3 semester hours) Introduction to the basic system concepts of cellular telephony. Mobile standards,
mobile system architecture, design, performance and operation. Voice digitization and modulation
techniques; PCS technologies.

Prerequisites: EE3350 - Communications Systems

Attendance: Attending the lecture sessions is required and may affect your final grade. I will use
attendance to decide the final grades of all students who have borderline marks. Attendance sheets
will be collected randomly. Your attendance grade will be measured both objectively from these sheets and
subjectively by me.

Homework: Homework (5 assignments) is about 25% of your grade (Homework ~ 1 Quiz). A list of
problems will be assigned in class. Working through these problems diligently will help your grade in the
course because these problems and similar ones will appear on the quizzes. Students are encouraged to
collaborate on these assignments. Homework is due on the stated due date. Late homework will be
marked as a zero. Occasionally homework is lost during the grading process. Students are required to
make a copy of EACH homework before submitting it. If homework is lost before it is graded, the
student must produce a copy of the original for grading or get a zero.

Due Assignments and Quiz Dates: As we progress through the course, these will be announced regularly
and posted on the WEB in the “Assignment Due Dates.xls” file. Students are responsible for checking this
file frequently for updates.

Two Quizzes and Final Exam: There will be two Quizzes (each are about 25% of your grade), composed
of traditional problems taken from the book and my lectures. The Final Exam will be cumulative, but only
in the sense that the course builds upon itself. I won't go out of the way to ask a question from the
beginning of the semester on the first quiz. The Final Exam (about 25%) will be comprehensive and will
include the same type of questions covered on the quizzes, although it will treat the subject matter in
somewhat more depth. The quiz dates and Final Exam date will be announced at least one week in advance.
There will be no makeup quiz/exam or repeated quiz/exam.

Grading Distribution:

Attendance “It depends”

Homework ~25%
Quiz #1 ~25%
Quiz #2 ~25%
Final Exam ~25%

Student Learning Objectives:

(a) Demonstrate a mastery of advanced concepts in theory of wireless communications
(b) Articulate advanced concepts in applications of wireless communications
(c) Apply knowledge of wireless communications to formulate and analyze practical problems
(d) Learn emerging concepts in theory and applications of wireless communications

Preliminary Schedule
Assignment Due Date
Read Chapt 1 & Additional Reading by 1/15
Read Chapt 2 and 3 by 1/22
Hmwk 1 Chapt 1-3 Tues; Jan 29
Hmwk 2 Chapt 3 Thurs; Jan 31
Quiz 1 Tues; Feb 12
Hmwk 3 Tues; Feb 26
Spring Break Mon-Fri; Mar 10-15
Hmwk 4 Chapt 5 Tues; Mar 4
Hmwk 5 Chapt 4 Tues; Mar 18
Quiz 2 Thurs; Mar 20
Read Chapt 6 Mar 25 - April 1st
Industrial Guest
Lecturer* Thurs; Apr 10
FINAL EXAM Thurs; Apr 24
As new assignments are made, and old assignments are collected,
the details of this schedule are subject to FREQUENT change as we
progress throughout the course (check web regularly for updates)